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Welcome to the #2 of 2 "motherlode" of linked threads on high school topics. Enjoy exploring the amazing collected wisdom of The Hive! (In case links break, I have listed threads by their original subject heading, and have also provided the original post date and poster for search in various ways.) Warmest regards, Lori D.

topics & links in post #1 AND post #5 (with 3 response posts in between)

CREATED: June. 2013



page 1 topics:
Transcripts / Record Keeping
Grading / GPA
Honors Courses
Record Keeping / Course Descriptions / Letter of Recommendation / Volunteering
Graduation topics / Diplomas

NOTE: there are 3 pages of poster responses between page 1 and page 5 topics

page 5 topics:
General Threads on High School Subjects (Writing, Math, Science, Electives)
Home-Grown Courses / MOOC Courses
Extracurricular Activities
Online Classes
Dual Enrollment


High School Motherload #1  --  pinned thread at top of high school board
page 1
- high school timetable
- getting started with homeschooling high school
- planning / scheduling / time management
- teen attitudes / expectations
- accreditation / cover schools / state regulations
page 2
- info/experiences with high school tests (PSAT, AP, ACT/SAT, SAT Subject, CLEP, GED, etc.)

Going to College Motherlode  --  pinned thread at top of college board
page 1 = college search / college visits / online college
page 2 = college applications / Common App (including more on transcripts, course descriptions, etc.)
page 3 = financial aid / scholarships / FAFSA and CSS Profile
page 4 = Honors Programs / Internships / NCAA
page 5 = heading to college / at college / overseas studies
page 6 = alternatives to college / gap year / military / career exploration


High school transcript topics (+ one section on middle school transcripts; for specific questions about transcripts and college applications or the Common App, see page 2 of the Going to College Motherlode pinned thread.

middle school transcript
Middle school transcript (examples?) -- June 20 2018, JennyD
Does anyone have a formal middle school transcript put together? (and can I see it?) -- Apr 25 2018, madteaparty
Creating a transcript for high school applications (entering high school, need middle school transcript) -- Jan 15 2018, kagmypts

overview topics
Specific questions about my DS's transcript (how much credit to award, course descriptions, etc.) -- July 11 2017, lewelma
More transcript questions (include test scores? wording for "operated according to state law"? graduation date? weighted/unweighted GPA?) -- Sept 10 2017, TCB
How to get a transcript that colleges will accept? -- Jan 17 2018, krhoads
Comprehensive transcript service? — Jan 27 2018, nancy_wa
Transcript backup (for student's future, in case of fire, loss, or death) -- May 22 2017, MerryAtHope

samples and templates
Sample transcripts (posters linked to examples) -- July 2 2015, swimmermom3
Sample high school transcript? (can someone share an example?) -- Nov 28 2016, Daria
Transcript template (responder links to a website) -- Apr 18 2018, JessReplanted
Transcript template recommendation -- July 5 2017, Shellydon
Transcript form? (posters included links to templates) -- Sept 3 2016, lucky mom

formatting questions
Adding a 2nd page to transcript? Should I? (for achievements and extracurriculars?) -- Jan 17 2017, journey00
Subject-Based transcript (any templates or examples?) -- Mar 20 2017, historymatters
If you do your transcript by subject, how do you indicate planned or in-progress senior year classes? -- July 2 2015, katilac
Transcripts: by subject or by year? — Mar 1 2017, lewelma
Transcript question please (list by subject or grade/year? and other questions) -- Mar 1 2017, Homeschoolmom3
"Official" Transcript? (organize by subject or grade/year? graduation date? bring up credits from middle school?) -- Jan 24 2018, ski momma
Another transcript issue for us: # of credits (what to include/leave off; will it look like padding) — Aug 31 2018, Evanthe
How to transcript this “5th” year due to illness? — July 23 2018, Kendall
Can I just show all 5 years of high school on his transcript? — May 22 2018, Attolia
Question about how to do a transcript for an early graduate (3 years rather than 4) — May 30 2018, rachserra
Transcript format question (how to include summer classes) — May 14 2018, Kim C
Transcript ?: summer college class (how to include summer classes on transcript) -- Apl 11, 2018, RootAnn

what to include
Quick transcript question (what goes on an UNofficial transcript?) — Apr 17 2018, Garga
Graduation requirements on transcript? — Feb 4 2018, daijobu
Another transcript question (sign/signature or not, and how to do it?) -- July 13 2017, Momto5inIN
Transcript signature question (how to do it?) -- Aug 22 2016, quark

credits on transcript
Quick transcript question: total credits include planned? (i.e., include courses not done yet?) — Oct 27 2017, kand
Another transcript issue for us: # of credits (what to include/leave off; will it look like padding) — Aug 31 2018, Evanthe
Transcript questions (how to count dual enrollment credit? include test score details?) — July 7 2018, kwhdman
Transcript question about computer course (how to count it? should we include it, or is it a "life skill"?) -- July 5 2018, ByeBye Martha
How to: Driver's Ed program on the transcript -- Mar 7 2017, historymatters
How to give credit for shop/welding on transcript? -- Apr 29 2015, Kile529

semester grades / in-process courses
How do I do this transcript (semester or "in progress" for grades of courses still being worked on) -- Mar 19 2018, Jean in Newcastle
Do you put senior year on the transcript before credits are earned? -- Aug 29 2016, HollyBee
Semester grades on transcript — Jan 20 2018, daijobu
Semester grades on transcript (how to do this?) — Jan 25 2018, Nancy.suzanne70
Transcript question: how do you calibrate grades across multiple providers (who are using different grading scales) -- Aug 7 2017, yvonne
Do I put one minus grade on the transcript (because the dual enrollment/college transcript does? -- Aug 29 2017, Daria

test scores on transcript
High school transcript: test scores question (list on transcript or not?) — Mar 30 2017, Connections
How to show [test] scores on transcript? — Feb 13 2018, Erica in OR
Transcript questions: self-studied for AP exams — Feb 23 2018, omd21
SAT/ACT scores / super scoring on transcript -- June 15 2017, Mamalovesthem
Do you put CLEP on transcripts? -- May 6 2013, MommyThrice

combining transcripts (co-op / public school)
Outside classes in transcript? Esp. co-op? — Oct 6 2017, kand
Transcript question: combining public and homeschool — June 11 2018, Kassia
Transcript question regarding homeschooling after B&M school — May 25 2018, kellebelle

dual enrollment & transcripts
Selectively choose DE classes to list on transcript? — May 5 2018, my2boysteacher
Okay to leave Community College (CC) courses off of the high school transcript (since we are sending a CC transcript too?) -- Oct 5 2-17, daijobu
Quick question: transcript for dual enrollment application for 9th grader (what to include?) -- July 31 2019, Arcadia
Transcript question for dual credit but [done in] 8th grade (how to list it on the transcript) -- Dec 11 2017, MeghanL
List an Associate's degree on the transcript? (an AA degree earned via dual enrollment) -- Apr 25 2017, Melissa B

transcripts & college admission
Transcript question and GPA with Honors, AP, Dual Enrollment, CLEP, etc (how do you count it/show it) -- July 17 2010, distancia
How do they know? (If you “fudge” on transcripts) — Mar 10 2017, kfeusse
How to meet this transcript requirement (official seal or watermark) -- Sept 5 2018, cjzimmer1



specific questions
How many courses in an academic year? 2 maths? — May 24 2018, sbgrace
Question about counting hours (for self-made courses/credits) — May 23 2018, GeoKittty
Rigorous high school transcript for Liberal Arts kid (how many APs, STEM courses, etc.?) -- Apr 25 2017, madteaparty
High school courses/transcript/load questions (is it okay to spread out/double up on credits in a subject area? can I "bring up" courses from middle school? take college classes early?) -- Jan 1 2016, Homeschoolmom3
What makes a course transcript-worthy? (see Sue in St Pete's response for a massive list of "output" ideas!) -- Dec 29 2014, Daria

how to count credits
Understanding credit hours -- Apr 29 2017, deer forest
Do you count reading/homework time as hours (toward the credit) -- July 7 2017, deerforest
Can the same credit hours count toward two classes? -- Apr 28 2016, Garga
Double dipping credits on the transcript (splitting hours vs. counting 2x an hours-heavy activity) -- June 14 2016, shinyhappypeople

"bringing up" high school credits done in middle school
Middle school classes on the transcript (what courses can you "bring up"? award credit and grade or no grade?) -- Sept 13 2017, omg21
Transcript classes taken before high school (include Latin from grades 6-7?) -- Feb 15 2016, ski momma
Awarding high school credits for 8th grade work and high school planning questions — May 30 2018, stacyh270
How do you count middle school coursework (high school courses done in middle school) — Jan 6 2017, wenti
Algebra and Geometry on transcript (do you include high school courses done in 7th/8th grade?) — Aug 30 2018, daijobu
Xpost: early college/Dual Enrollment transcript question (include credits done in middle school? what about CTY intensive study classes?) -- Mar 10 2018, imbue

integrated Great Books courses - how to award credit
The English credit/Great Books/integrating history & lit (how to credit integrated courses?) — Dec 9 2015, Chrysalis Academy
Handling a Great Books or integrated Humanities sequence on the transcript (how to do it so it matches what credits colleges want?) -- Apr 9 2015, yvonne
How to list a Coursera course on the transcript? (or describe in the Course Description document?) -- Oct 27 2017, Nemom

awarding credit for college courses
Transcript questions (award 0.5 or 1.0 credit for college courses?) -- July 7 2018, kwhadman
Awarding credits for college classes [taken] in high school — Feb 2 2018, RootAnn
Awarding dual enrollment / high school credits on transcript -- Jan 4 2018, cassia
Transcript help: assigning credits for community college classes (lengthy discussion on whether to award 0.5 or 1.0, and why) -- Feb 6 2016, Hiking'Mama
Transcript credits for concurrent student questions (how much credit to give for dual enrollment lab science?) -- July 1 2016, Excelsior! Academy

what to call this course / what subject does this course go under?
Transcript questions (what subject heading for Econ and Psych) — Jan 22 2017, Julie of KY
Transcript question (what subject area for a business course?) -- Sept 5 2017, regentrude
Where to put Logic on the transcript? -- Sept 13 2017, TCB
Would you put 3 credits of Bible on a transcript? (and if so, what subject to list it as?) -- Sept 21 2017, susanah4
How to add "work/study" to transcript (list/not list, and how to list Vo-Tech/apprenticeship hours?) -- May 28 2016, busymama7
What would you call this course on the transcript? -- Apr 3 2017, twinkletoesmamma

credit or extracurricular?
Hours for a club on transcript (how many hours needed to list as an extracurricular?) -- Nov 18 2016, Deb in NJ
Transcript newbie: can I give credit for Robotics Club? -- Sept 14 2017, summer reading
Foreign exchange on transcript or academic resume or both? -- Oct 16 2017, ValRN
Transcript extracurriculars question (put extracurriculars on the transcript? or if not, where in the college application?) -- Apr 2 2017, lewber
How to categorize activities for a future transcript (should personal interest/free time activities in included in some way?) -- Sept 1 2016, zaichiti
Volunteer/community service hours (where to put this on the transcript? or not include it?) -- Aug 4 2016, learners4life

credits - graduation requirements
Do you base high school graduation requirements on local public school standards? — May 15 2018, Innisfree
Any NC homeschoolers here? Graduation requirements question — Mar 14 2018, whiteisle



grading - overview
How to determine grade percentages  -- Oct 16 2019, shbucks
Tell me how to grade — July 18 2018, 2ndGenHomeschooler
Grading software — July 4 2018, FairProspects

grading - failed course / credit recovery
If a student busts in an outside course (award the low grade on the transcript? do credit recovery?) — Jan 23 2018, Attolia
Failed Dual Enrollment course/high school transcript (and retook with an "A" -- credit recovery? list both? other?) -- July 6 2016, blue darling

grading scale
Transcript grading scale question -- June 7 2018, Garga
Grading scale on transcript? Plus and minus grades? -- Sept 20 2016, learners4life
Should transcript include grading scale? -- July 13 2015, Juliegmom

grading - with +/- 
Calculating GPA with plus and minus designations — June 11 2018, Reefgazer

grading - pass/fail
Would it be weird to have on “pass” grade on a transcript? — May 16 2018, RootAnn
Transcript with *only* pass/fail marks? -- May 17 2018, Kinsa

GPA - weighted / unweighted
GPA scale (weighted and unweighted discussion) — Aug 26 2018, daijobu
Transcript: weighted or unweighted? -- Nov 17 2017, yvonne
Weighted GPA for Honors class? — Feb 2, athena1277
If you weight GPA, what is the weighted scale? — Sept 8 2015, Sebastian (a lady)
Weighted transcript (explanation; how to calculate it) -- Oct 120 2015, Reefgazer

validation of home-awarded grades
Outside validation -- AP, CLEP, Dual Enrollment, etc. -- Mar 18 2019, Caraway


What makes a class "Honors"? -- Mar 28 2019, ByGrace3
Honors courses: what is required for the label? — May 3 2018, klmama
Did you know that Honors courses have more ‘weight’ on a transcript? — Dec 10 2012, Samia
Honors Algebra vs regular Algebra (how to decide/is it worth the time & money) — Feb 15 2018, Kari C in SC
Do non-UC [Univ. of CA] schools weight grades in 9th? (I.e., Honors courses on the transcript) — Mar 19 2018, domesticidyll



 record keeping
One more transcript question (what school work to keep after graduation?) -- Feb 20 2017, TammyinTN
Record keeping for high school work done in middle school -- Feb 26, 2016, lovelearnandlive
Record keeping, lesson planning, transcripts -- Homeschool Tracker or Homeschool Pro? -- July 19 2016, butterfly113
High school record keeping book -- Aug 2 2017, nurse_kris
If I would have started this in 9th grade (manilla envelope record keeping idea and what school work & records to keep) -- Oct 25 2010, Joan in GE

course descriptions
Course descriptions (many topics discussed) -- Sept 7 2016, Learners4life
What goes in a course description -- Oct 8 2016, Reefgazer
Some questions about writing course descriptions -- Sept 17 2018, Joyful
Length of course descriptions? -- Sept 14 2017, mirabillis
Course descriptions: specific order? -- Sept 12 2016, Teresa in GA
Course Description template? -- Mar 3 2019, Roadrunner
Course description: please share online provider/class — June 7 2017, RootAnn
Critique my course descriptions -- Sept 30 2017, daijobu
Are these course descriptions okay? -- May 19 2016, Momto5inIN
Course descriptions (looking for feedback) -- July 11 2016, Murrayshire
Course Description question about grading -- Sept 24 2018, hollyhock2
Course descriptions (ISBN for books or not?) — Sept 16 2017, yvonne
Another transcript/application question (put instructor bio on the course description?) -- Sept 14 2017, yvonne

letter of recommendation / counselor letter
Letter of Recommendation etiquette & ? — Mar 28, 2017, Hilltopmom
Letters of recommendation in high school question (collect in early grades of high school for later college applications?) — Feb 4 2018, housemouse
Guidance Counselor Recommendation for high school program? — May 6 2018, madteaparty

volunteering / community service
Volunteer hours (track/not track, and how?) — Apr 15 2018, MASHomeschooler



graduation topics
Graduation announcements — Apr 25 2017, Attolia
High school graduation party questions — May 22 2017, amyx4
X-post: caps and gowns — Jan 28 2017, Brenda in FL
x-post [high school board]: Where did you buy diploma, cap & gown, etc? -- June 18 2015, katilac
x-post [college board]: Where did you buy diploma, cap & gown, etc? -- June 18 2015, katilac

Do I need to make a diploma? -- July 16 2016, Jean in Newcastle
Diplomas (print your own? where to buy?) — Apr 26 2017, Melabella
Do colleges ask for high school diploma? — Feb 2 2017, Job121
Mom diploma good enough for non-college bound student? -- Mar 17 2017, bluebonnet girl
Homeschool diploma need to meet state standards? -- Apr 6 2015, teeterbunch
Does anyone receive a diploma from the state? -- Dec 4 2014, Farrar
Homeschool diploma for mostly public school educated student? -- Oct 13 2017, Merry
If you issued a diploma, can you tell me what you put for the school name? -- Apr 4 2016, shavan
Name of your homeschool on high school diploma (make a name? use your last name?) -- Apr 6 2017, CaliforniaDreamin'
Name [of student] on the diploma (student middle name question) -- July 14 2017, Daria
Date on high school diploma -- May 21 2015, Nancy in NH
What did you use as a diploma certificate (what kind of paper to print it on?) -- Mar 22 2016, Prairie~Phlox


topics & links continue in post #5 (after 3 response posts)

Edited by Lori D.
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:001_wub: You are amazing!


So if I follow this thread, will that be like subscribing to the thread was on the old board and I will always be able to find this thread for reference?

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continued from post #1

CREATED: June 2013
UPDATIED: Sept 2018


The Great Courses Master Class List -- Apr 30 2014, swimmermom3

Writing / English
Resources for teaching writing for high school (includes discussion on *how* to teach) — Sept 20 2011, swimmermom3
Help! Need best writing program for behind 9th grader — Apr 30 2018, Alicia64
Writing With a Thesis: how do I use this? — Mar 29 2016, morningcoffee
Here is how I am teaching the material in WWS1-3; what are you doing? — Oct 7 2013, lewelma
Bringing Karen’s mention of essay-writing to a new thread (how 8FillTheHeart teaches essay writing) — Jan 22 2011, PeterPan
Transition to original writing — Jan 10 2016, hollyhock
S/o of a s/o: implementing ideas for preparing our kids for college-level writing — Jan 19 2014, g1234
Can we discuss apathetic writers and college prep? — Apr 18 2014, elegantlion
What to do with a defensive teen and writing — Feb 1 2018, Calming Tea
If you’re frustrated with discussing history and literature with a high school student (info about reader response papers/essays) — Nov 27 2012, Tullia
More about response papers and their context (helpful follow-up thread to the above) — Dec 3 2012, Tullia
Wow! I think I fixed my son’s writing! (resources, and the commentary sentence in a paragraph) — June 24 2010, Nan in Mass
Essay introduction: what does it contain? — Apr 24 2018, sbgrace
Footnotes in research papers — April 7 2018, kfeusse
Has anyone here developed their own AP English Literature? — Apr 23 2018, EKS
Writing: My evaluation of numerous writing curricula (master list of elementary/logic writing programs) -- Feb 16 2012, lewelma

Homeschool High School Math (pinned thread with info on tons of options) -- Feb 15 2015, quark
Designing a non-traditional math course for a math-loving, structure-hating child — Oct 26 2011, quark
Honors Algebra vs regular Algebra (how to decide/is it worth the time & money) — Feb 15 2018, Kari C in SC

     curricula ideas - Biology, Chemistry, Physics
Homeschool High School Biology (pinned thread with info on tons of options) -- Apr 13 2013, Dicentra
Homeschool High School Chemistry (pinned thread with info on tons of options) -- Feb 11 2013, Dicentra
Homeschool High School Physics (pinned thread with info on tons of options) -- Jan 25 2015, Dicentra

     curricula ideas - other Sciences 
Options for high school science besides Bio/Chem/Phys — Apr 23 2018, Homemama2
Alternative/creative science ideas for 9th graders? — Jan 30 2018, rzberrymom
Science for a senior — Aug 10 2018, Mom25girls
     Anatomy / Physiology
Anatomy and Physiology courses? -- Sept 4 2017, Jean in Newcastle
What to use for Anatomy and Physiology? -- June 24, 2016, Ggg
Need Anatomy and Physiology course -- May 9 2015, Misty
Astronomy -- July 5 2016, Embassy
Astronomy Recommendations? -- June 2 2008, merylvdm
High School Astronomy? -- Apr 4 2018, Classically Minded
Can you help me design an Astronomy course? -- Feb 12 2016, Miss Mousie
     Botany / Horticulture

Looking for interesting Botany and/or Agricultural Science curriculum -- May 19 2015, susanah4
I've updated my free Botany curriculum -- Apr 28, 2015, jenn&charles
Botany with a focus on hydroponics -- Mar 29 2016, theelfqueen
Suggestions for Ecology/Environmental science programs or books? -- Apr 28 2011, Ann@thebeach
Ecology vs. Environmental Science vs. Molecular & Cellular Biology (for Herpetologist student) -- Dec 10 2015, dmmetler
     Environmental Science
Environmental Science -- Mar 23 2016, Clear Creek
Oak Meadow Environmental Science - 1 semester? -- June 21 2018, BakersDozen
AP Environmental Science with PA Homeschoolers? [online course provider] -- Nov 9 2015, Woodland Mist Academy
1 semester online Environmental Science? -- Jan 15 2018, Faithr
Favorite resources for Environmental Science? -- June 20, 2017, dsmith
     Forensic Science
Forensic Science curriculum? -- Aug 6 2014, Kim C
Forensic Science -- Aug 7 2015, SilverMoon
Forensics -- Feb 25 2013, zippy mom
Forensic Science -- Jun 12 2012, RobinL in Canada
     Geology / Earth Science
Suggestions for Earth Science text and curriculum materials? -- Jan 7 2019, Sblora
Anyone know of an online rigorous Earth Science course -- Mar 23 2017, birchbark
Earth Science for 9th grader -- Mar 2 2016, peaceful isle
Earth Science? -- Jan 12 2016, SilverMoon
Mr Q's Advanced Earth Science or Oak Meadow - opinions? -- July 27 2015, Murrayshire
How do I add labs to Earth Science? -- Jan 18 2015, journey00
     Marine Biology
Marine Biology - what have you used? -- July 3, 2016, zaichiki
Ideas for Marine Biology/Oceanography field trips -- July 11, 2016, zaichiki
Meteorology course? -- Mar 4 2016, charlotteb
High school level Zoology -- Oct 24 2017, FindingMyWay
High school Zoology -- Apr 15 2015, Psittacula

     science labs
Separate credit for science labs? — Sept 14 2018, NCAmusings
How many labs? (to count as “lab science”) — Feb 23 2018, shinyhappypeople
Accepting in-home labs? (do colleges accept homeschool labs?) — Jan 20 2017, Aras
Scientific Inquiry (through a series of updates, she demonstrates how they "do" science) -- Mar 23 2012, lewelma
Science again -- someone shoot me now (lewelma has multiple responses about how they "do" science) -- Apr 11 2011, littlefurfamily

     specific questions

Science + lab credit: help me think this through (and some CA a-g talk) — Feb 15 2018, mirabillis
“Religious” science and credit acceptance — Feb 16, 2018, Paradox5

Foreign Language
Foreign Language Online Classes (options listed in all of the posts) -- Sept 30 2017, musician mom
Get ‘Er Done Spanish — Aug 13 2018, Sweet Home Alabama
Suggestions for high school French?? — Feb. 29 2016, armo

Social Studies (History, Geography, Government, Economics)
Recommendations for accurate movies/documentaries on historical events — Aug 13 2018, Alicia64
IB History — Apr 20 2018, Roadrunner
US Government and Economics - help please (lots of specific program suggestions) -- Apr 23 2017, Heathermomster
Secular and quick/easy: US Government? Same for Economics? -- Nov 11 2016, g1234
Government and Economics - not rigorous -- Mar 4 2010, oujisan
Which high school government course do you recommend (why? pros/cons?) -- June 28 2016, theflyingbunny
Looking for ideas for documentaries and movies for government class -- Sept 11 2016, mamakelly
AP Government at home? -- Sept 20 2016, hopskipjump
AP Economics texts -- June 24 2015, ssirisha
Introductory Economics text for high school? (for a student NOT interested in economics) -- Feb 2 2015, klmama
Economics from a balanced perspective -- Apr 23 2015, mazakaal
Economics that is not capitalist-focused? -- Dec 18 2013, Haiku

Fine Arts
Fine Arts focused homeschool experience? -- Apr 14 2017, klmama
Fine Arts elective: what is included? (what makes up a course? how much credit?) -- Feb 2 2016, Garga 
Fine Arts credit for high school (wide variety suggested) -- Oct 20 2016, mom2scouts
We need 1 credit of Fine Arts (need suggestions other than playing an instrument or dance) -- Apr 30 2017, susanah7
Options for Fine Arts credit (looking for unconventional ideas, beyond art/music/drama) -- May 14 2016, house mouse
How much time do you allot per week for PE and for Fine Arts? -- May 18 2016, ILiveInFlipFlops

Creative and memorable electives — Mar 22 2018, lexi
Academic elective and credits — Apr 28 2017, Nicholas_mom
Dungeons and Dragons for credit? (turning a special interest/skill into a credit) — Feb 17 2018, sierramv1
High school health — Mar 19 2018, lexi
PE ideas? — Mar 21 2018, skimomma



making your own courses
Interest driven education and *real* tea time (how to design your own course of study) — Apr 28 2010, 8FillTheHeart
Interest-led AND college-bound? — Feb 6 2018, PeachyDoodle
NOT planning for college (options? how would that change high school?) -- Feb 19 2016, shinyhappypeople
How to design theme-based study (including input/output) like 8FillTheHeart, Corraleno, etc. — Jan 13 2012, Ummto4
How do you design your own course? — July 20 2018, hollyhock2
Making high school unique, non-traditional, speciality, out-of-the-box courses (kinds of courses, and ways of doing high school unconventionally) -- Nov 11 2017, sorority
Tell me things you do to give your high schooler a unique experience -- Jan 18 2016, SparklyUnicorn
Out-of-the-box high school courses — Jan 20 2018, hollyhock
"Outside the box" for high school? — Jan 14 2014, swimmermom3
What makes a course transcript-worthy? (see Sue in St Pete's response for a massive list of "output" ideas!) -- Dec 29 2014, Daria

MOOC (Mass Open Online Courses)
High school credit with a MOOC… bother to get a certificate or not? — Apr 13 2018, Alte Veste Academy
Edhesive courses: how do they work? — May 16 2018, alewife



activity ideas
Advice for extracurriculars
(lots of ideas in the posts) -- Sept 25 2017, happy7
What extracurricular activities for the high school years? -- May 24 2011, afuturestrader
Extracurriculars for college-bound students -- Oct 31 2015, Reefgazer
High school and extracurricular passions (how many? how to balance? how to decide?) -- Aug 12 2015, Woodland Mist Academy
High school socialization (activity ideas) -- Dec 7 2014, Mommamia
DS is so, so lonely (activity & social suggestions for teens) -- Jan 4 2010, Osmosis mom

specific extracurriculars
Extracurricular activities for computer-obsessed introverted kid? -- Jan 25 2016, creek mom
Best recreational level extracurricular opportunities (suggestions for all ages) -- Mar 13 2017, maize
Low income people and extracurriculars (suggestions for all ages + ways of cutting costs) -- Oct 4 2012, shinyhappypeople

extracurricular or elective?
Electives vs extracurriculars (how to decide; how to track/keep records) -- May 11 2015, OneStepAtATime
s/o Sporting activity as PE vs an Extracurricular — Oct 9 2017, lewelma

specific questions
Congressional Award discussion — Jan 11 2017, Woodland Mist Academy
Once your child hits middle school, does all the 'fun stuff' stop? (how gr. 7-12 are fun in new ways + ideas) -- Mar 12 2011, dancer67



Overview Discussions
Why outsource? (reasons for outsourcing high school, reasons for keeping high school at home) -- Sept 21 2015, TKDmom
Outsourcing certain subjects (community college? local high school? tutor? online? and how to assess it?) -- July 30 2011, Jean in Newcastle
What are/aren't you outsourcing right now? -- Mar 9 2016, theelfqueen
How much of your high school is outsourced?  --  Sept 30 2015, Pdriskell
Is it possible to homeschool high school with little/no outsourcing? -- Apr 3 2017, EKT
Woke with another thought to ponder re: outsourcing (anybody NOT outsource and do it all yourself?) -- June 7 2010, imeverywoman
Outsourcing is the the BEST! -- Sept 1 2016,  Hilltopmom

What to outsource?
What do you outsource for high school? How? Why? (which subjects, what kind of outsourcing) -- Aug 20 2012, Luckymama
Planning ahead -- outsourcing classes (what do you outsource? how? why?) -- Aug  26 2009, Jennifer in MI
By high school, how much of your DC's work are you outsourcing? (and how much does it cost?) -- Oct 24 2011, HappyGrace
Outsourcing and online classes... best subject to start with and how many per child? -- July 12 2010, sadiegirl
How do you pick for outsourcing? (what to outsource?) -- July 22 2016, Janeway
s/o of a s/o: What have you outsourced? -- Feb 14 2015, Homeschool Mom in AZ

Specific Questions
Outsourcing most subjects vs. private school? -- Jan 27 2015, fast forward
S/O of Early College -- How do you decide when DC is ready for higher classes -- Mar 28 2013, dmmetler
Standards for outsourcing: when to drop a course? -- Oct 6 2015, Woodland Mist Academy
With outsourcing do you create a weekly schedule? -- Sept 3 2017, momof2cowboys 
Outsourcing writing: what do you look for? -- Feb 17 2015, rbk mama

Outsourcing: Suggested Classes
Ideas for outsourcing English (suggestions please!) -- Aug 27 2016, Kassia
Need ideas for outsourcing Writing (affordable; free; anything!) -- July 22 2016, SparklyUnicorn
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various topics
If you could hire a tutor, what would you farm out
(and why?) -- Jan 18 2016, Wabi Sabi
Should I get him a tutor or is self-teaching curricula enough? (to tutor or not to tutor, how to decide) -- Jan 7 2009, momee
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Do you tutor math?
(what does it look like?) -- Feb 2 2018, athomeontheprairie
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Cost of tutor? (for college classes) -- Oct 12 2017, Night Elf
Foreign Language tutor pricing -- July 6 2017, elah

recommendations for specific subjects
Best online remedial English course or English tutor -- Aug 15 2016, ByGrace3
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     Foreign Language
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master lists
Master list of online classes (all grade levels) -- Feb 23 2017, OneStepAtATime
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recommendations for specific online class needs
Looking to outsource: need ideas to make it affordable 
-- Nov 11, 2017, diaper joys
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info / feedback on specific providers
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tech topics
Best durable headphones for online classes? -- Aug 30 2018, Michelle Conde
Internet satellite and online classes (experiences? how well does it work?) -- June 14 2018, mama moose
If you do online classes and then experience technical problems, what do you do? Go to the library? -- Apr 17 2016, Dianne-TX
x-post: PSA: check your child's online presence if they are taking an online class (to see if their name & photo have been posted without your permission) -- Oct 17, 2014, melmichigan


CORRESPONDENCE SCHOOLS (and all-online or virtual schools)

Overview Discussions
Outsourcing most subjects vs. private school? 
-- 27 Jan 2015, fast forward
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Specific Schools
American School - Online/Current 
-- Dec 28 2015, Jennifer Bogart
Starting American School of Correspondence in 11th? -- 20 Nov 2015, journey00
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? about Clonlara -- Oct 21 2013, freesia

Requesting Recommendations
Virtual schools that you have used and recommend 
-- Feb 12 2014, Melenie
What are the best accredited homeschool high schools? -- Apr 20 2014, Vida Winter
Record-Keeping accredited high schools -- Jan 9 2014, DonHomeschool


DUAL ENROLLMENT  (also Dual Credit, Concurrent College Enrollment)

Overview Discussions
Dual Enrollment? (what is it? how to find out which schools offer it?) -- June 27 2012, sixglides
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Dual Enrollment - experiences
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Online Dual Enrollment with Embry Riddle (if interested in aeronautics/aviation) — May 21 2018, SeaConquest

Dual Enrollment - getting started
Here is a bit of advice about Community College classes (when/what to take; record keeping; transferring; + more topics) -- May 16 2012, Nan in Mass
Preparing for Community College science courses, dual enrollment (how to prepare for dual enrollment) -- Apr 17 2010, Pegasus
How do you prepare you DC for PSEO (post secondary enrollment options -- dual enrollment) -- 6 April 2014, JadeOrchidSong
Dual Enrollment study (how to study/do DE -- tips & experience) — Oct 1 2017, Plum Crazy

Dual Enrollment - recommended classes
Good first class to dual enroll in?— Mar 9 2018, Calming Tea
First dual enrollment class (suggestions, and why) -- Feb 26 2016, Reefgazer
Dual Credit -- which classes? -- Apr 29 2012, crimsonkelley
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Concurrent enrollment question -- how do you decide (which classes, why) -- Jan 14 2009, Miss Marple

Dual Enrollment - $$ topics
Dual Enrollment and 529 plans
-- Sept 18 2017, Donna
Running out of financial aid due to DE? — Mar 11 2018, dmmetler
"New" law: taxes, deductions and Dual Enrollment? -- Jan 4 2017, BlsdMama
FAFSA and Dual Enrollment -- Jan 1 2015, ThelmaLou
Tax question -- concurrent enrollment tuition credits (Amer. Ed. Credit or Lifetime Learning Credit for DE?) -- Jan 30 2012, HSmomNY

Dual Enrollment - how to count credits / GPA
Awarding credits for college classes [taken] in high school — Feb 2 2018, RootAnn
Awarding Dual Enrollment / high school credits on the transcript -- Jan 4 2018, Kassia
Questions about how to count Dual Enrollment -- May 10 2018, BusyMom5
Some basic high school questions, please? (how much credit to award to dual enrollment courses) -- Mar 12 2017, madteaparty
Weighted GPA for Dual Enrollment -- Feb 9 2016, Goldberry
Dual Enrollment grading -- Oct 11 2016, teacher mom2834

Community Colleges
How do you rate a local community college? -- 20 May, 2014, teeterbunch

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Lori, I just want to say that you are amazing! I have had such trouble with the search engine on the new board. Apparently you have it mastered.


What a kind and gracious soul you are!



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Lori, I just want to say that you are amazing! I have had such trouble with the search engine on the new board. Apparently you have it mastered.


What a kind and gracious soul you are!




Yes to all of the above. Sometimes I have better luck with Google pulling up a WTM thread than I do with the board's search engine/

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I now have 100's of hours reading! Thank you for posting all these links! What a huge blessing!

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This is incredible. I started drafting an in progress transcript last night. Tinkered some more this morning. Chanting "I think I can I think I can" under my breath.

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This is a wonderful resource. I have one who graduated already but this will help me figure out where I messed up last time around :-)



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Thank you for this thread. I'm up late tonight freaking out over this journey... and just found this. I've bookmarked it so I can study it. Thank you. 

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I wanted to add a recommendation for Homeschool . I just received ds's diploma. It's so gorgeous I teared up. 


I went with the option that used the wording "High School Diploma" and included our state. I also used the signature for administrator and date instead of parent, as someone reminded me parents don't generally sign a diploma, school officials do. It includes our school name and the cover is well done. 


It doesn't say anything about homeschooling and I did that specifically because ds is considering living/studying abroad and I wanted no one questioning the validity of his diploma should it need to be shown. There is few links listed here with questions about diplomas and international schools. 


Their shipping was quick and it was well packaged. I considered making my own, but would have needed to buy color ink and parchment paper. This probably cost only a few more dollars than that and includes a cover. I'll take a picture when I get it out again. 


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43 minutes ago, Woodland Mist Academy said:

Here's a link to a thread with links to more threads. ?
Common Application Master Thread 2018-2019

Thanks Woodland Mist Academy!

I'm in the process of re-vamping and updating the pinned threads at the top of the high school board, and hope to transfer all of the college topics into a big thread on the college board and request that it be pinned. So this saves a ton of effort, and I'll make sure that your thread is linked onto that thread!

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