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  1. I have 4 kids. I found stockings I liked 6 years ago. I bought 12 of them. 2 for us, 8 for my kids and spouses and 2 spares (I don't know why.) We won't do stocking and gifts for the grandkids so they wil each have a giant gift bag we reuse each year which will serve as stocking & gift.
  2. My eldest daughter deals with bipolar. She has be pretty stable for the past 3 years which is great. But recently the dr wants to change her meds due to weight gain and because she should never get pregant on those meds. She isn't spirallying downwards yet but she has had a few "wobbles" and it makes me nervous because I'm just starting to feel like I'm beginning to heal emotionally myself. It is good to know that we aren't alone because sometimes when you are sitting in the emergency room at 3am you do feel very alone.
  3. I can't even remember the last time I took time to just read through the thoughts and comments of you wonderful ladies! What have I missed? So, this has been my life. This past weekend dd#2 graduated from college and dd#3 graduated from grade 8. I've completed building three powerpoint courses to teach parents about homeschooling in Ontario (preschool, grade school and high school) so now other parents can teach the classes out in the community. It's been a year and my YL essential oils business is booming. I'm still on target to be able to retire my husband in four years when we are done homeschooling. I discovered by accident that I can do graphics for my industry. So, I'm launching a side business in which I hope to make enough to get the software I really want to use. My biplor dd#1 has been stable and is successfully running her own Social media company. We celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary this summer and the farms 90th anniversary this summer. So, I have less then 70 days to get the party for the weekend all set to go. All the spring planting is in the ground and we have 2 field to finish poking up their heads, hopefully in another day or so. we learned I had a benign nodule on my thyroid so we are going to see a specialist shortly for that. that's all that I can think of! LOL
  4. I got an email that one of the homeschoolers school boards has be suddenly shut down. Anyone out there know what is going on? For those that aren't familiar with Alberta homeschool policy, parents can register with a homeschool school board and received funds from the Alberta government to use towards homeschooling thier children. People frequently in Ontario think we should lobby to get the same thing but I don't want it. With government money comes government input so I'd rather steer clear myself.
  5. If they call back and say they are bring papers to serve you again, tell them to pick up a pizza for dinner since it's on their way anyways. :P
  6. World geography games: Stack the Countries - available in iOS or android USA geography games: Stack the States - available in iOS or android Stack the States 2 - available in iOS or android Canada geography games: Trying googling "Homeschool geography games" for a slew of more ideas :)
  7. Just curious, if you are constantly waking up around 3am and lets say you usually took it around 9am. What would happen if you took it at say noon? Would you wake up around 6am instead? Again, just curious. You have to get sleep, its not good for you physically and mentally or for your family if you aren't getting enough sleep. Have you run your medicine list through something like ? I track all my dd's meds and dosages through that app on my phone so if we ended up in the hospital I can quickly give the dr's access to what she is currently taking because when I'm stressed I can't remember the dosages. This way they see the list of current meds and I have a second list of meds she has taken with notes on if they caused reactions and what happened because of the reactions. This way we don't leave any dr's appointment or emergency room with specific drugs that make her... ... in her words "loopy".
  8. My bipolar dd was on Cymbalta for 5 months. Then they wanted her to change drugs. My dr said there would be no withdrawl issues when I asked in the office. My gut told me this kid never does anything easy. So, I started researching what people did to go off of it. We found so many stories of people who were taking years to get off of it successfully and this surprised me and my daughter. Together we compiled a list of what people did that they felt successfully helped them get off of the Cymbalta. We decided (with the dr who felt we were over preparing) to do all the suggestions and go off cold turkey like the dr wanted. She was at the 30 mg dosage. Worst 9 days of my life. We spend 2 weeks ahead of time take Vit D, staying extremely hydrated, eating a raw veggies, high protein diet to prepare. Then she stopped taking the drug. The first 3 days were ok-ish. I was a nervous wreck. The she came to us crying in the middle of the night, talking gibberish, shaking saying she was cold and her head hurt. Then 10 mins later she was hot, laughing at the worried look on my face and wanting to clean. I had never seen her cycle like this, it was too fast and she was so random. It terrified me. Between cycles - like a mid-way point. She would take my face or her daddy's face in her hands and say, No matter what, I want you to help me get off of this drug. No matter what I say. Don't give it to me. I spent days 4-7 barely sleeping, she slept in bed with me. She never left my side. I made her take epson salt baths multiple times a day, drink water and go for a walk outside with me. Day 8 she was great! She felt like the worst was over, she thought life was great! Day 9 she felt like hell and slept all day, she was pleasant when awake and would sit up and eat and drink when I brought her stuff, but then kept sleeping. Day 10 still very lathargic, but dragged herself outside to basically sleep in the sun. Day 11 started the day vomitting. I thought she had a viral bug. It might have been. After an hour of vomitting off and on. She took a shower came upstairs and said she felt like everything was done and out of her system. Then asked for breakfast. She has never gone back on it. Now, when a dr wants to change meds, we share this experience with them and we investigate what others have had to do to get off the drug before she goes on it.
  9. These last me about 2 years. It would be longer if my kids would leave mine alone! But for the price, they aren't bad to have to replace.
  10. We've just recently started using essential oils and I was surprised to learn that for some people specific oils could cause seizures. With people trying to be organic more often, etc. Take a look to see what products the kids are exposed to and maybe explore if something they are using has become a trigger.
  11. I agree take the placement test and I'd also look into They have a AYOP = At Your Own Pace class for the Saxon Math textbooks. Even if you want him to do the work in a notebook, the videos by Tammy Moore and her team are great.
  12. Never10 Never10 I put this on all my kids computers. It has worked great. Later on when we want Windows 10 then I can remove it. But honestly, we won't make that move until this desktop needs to upgrade. Then I'll upgrade their laptops at the same time.
  13. We bought our daughter a fire proof safe to store her meds in. Like this one: Because of the meds dd is on, we sat down and talked with the Dorm mother about what our dd was bringing with her and she let us know that they have a safe to store larger quanity of meds. So, dd only kept 2 weeks worth in her dorm room at a time.
  14. We delayed treatment. It was suggested we go in when dd#3 was 8. We decided to wait. When she turned 12 we made an appointment to speak with the ortho. The expander was installed and after 4 weeks she was done expanding. She goes in beginning of May for the braces. Ask what would happen if you simply delayed treatment for another year. What would be the pros and cons. One pro might be her maturity to handle the gagging might improve.
  15. We will be using Introductory Horticulture from this website However, I bought the textbook much cheaper on Amazon. I did buy the the teacher and student Materials from CLP. My dd#2 is at Agriculture college and this textbook covers what she learned there. I figured it would give him a good base if he chooses to attend the same college as his sister.
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