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  1. I have 4 kids. I found stockings I liked 6 years ago. I bought 12 of them. 2 for us, 8 for my kids and spouses and 2 spares (I don't know why.) We won't do stocking and gifts for the grandkids so they wil each have a giant gift bag we reuse each year which will serve as stocking & gift.
  2. My eldest daughter deals with bipolar. She has be pretty stable for the past 3 years which is great. But recently the dr wants to change her meds due to weight gain and because she should never get pregant on those meds. She isn't spirallying downwards yet but she has had a few "wobbles" and it makes me nervous because I'm just starting to feel like I'm beginning to heal emotionally myself. It is good to know that we aren't alone because sometimes when you are sitting in the emergency room at 3am you do feel very alone.
  3. We delayed treatment. It was suggested we go in when dd#3 was 8. We decided to wait. When she turned 12 we made an appointment to speak with the ortho. The expander was installed and after 4 weeks she was done expanding. She goes in beginning of May for the braces. Ask what would happen if you simply delayed treatment for another year. What would be the pros and cons. One pro might be her maturity to handle the gagging might improve.
  4. If the barking happens every night, I'd send the dog to my parents for a week. So, when the police show up again I could smile and say the dog hasn't even been home. Maybe the neighbor needs a shock collar........
  5. Oh how I wish he had did this in order of how these events happened in the Bible! LOL That was great!
  6. Ellie, my appologies for not posting for over a week. My computer wouldn't let me post. I am back on duty!
  7. I can post again! Whoo Hoo! I cleared my cache and now I'm back in business!

  8. Help! I can't post on the forums. I have screen shots, if that will help Other John.

    1. idnib


      I sent Other John a message letting him know.

    2. OtherJohn


      I got the PM and sent you a response Amy

  9. I can't post on any forum, I'm sad.

    1. idnib


      Oh no! Do you want me to post for you on the Site forum and see if they can help?

  10. My humble apologies for not being present the past few days to keep this thread going. In my defense, I was doing my job as a homeschooling mother. Prepping for High school. After 1 whole stupid week, I am finally done a Geography course. Every time I was interrupted I wanted to play this video. I awoke this morning after 2 weeks of melting snow and warm temps to discover snow on the ground. My dd summed up my thoughts exactly as she looked outside, saw the snow and promptly pulled her comforter over her head and announced she was hibernating until summer!
  11. I just want to say, I love you gals! If I could, I'd put on my pixie wings and bring each of you a plate of cupcakes and a hug. Right now, this thread is more sane than my life.
  12. I will, I'll go milk my cows and makes some fresh cream with my raw milk. You will never go back to pasteurized cream again!
  13. As a Canadian, I think the beautiful families in St. Louis Missouri talk funny! :) As for the fire man picture, we don't have a fire pole in our station, it's a single story fire house. :( Besides, in our Canadian winters, it would be too cold to use in a kilt. :P
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