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High School Zoology

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Hi there,


My student is interested in taking a zoology course (she wishes to become a veterinarian). Has anyone put together their own high school zoology course before? If so, could you list the resources you used and how you went through the course?


Here are the books that we might use:

  • "Integrated Principles of Zoology" by Hickman (majors?)
  • "Zoology" by Miller (nonmajors/mixed)
  • "Animal Diversity" by Hickman (mixed)
  • "Vertebrates: Comparative Anatomy, Function, Evolution" by Kardong (majors)
  • "Vertebrate Life" by Pough (majors?)
  • "The Zoology Colouring Book"

If any of you have used these books, how many credits do you recommend for each book? I have been looking at the publisher's website, and I cannot find any information on how many semesters some of these books are designed for.


"Animal Diversity" by Hickman is recommended for 1 college semester, so I would give it 1 credit, but it seems to be a condensed version of "Integrated Principles of Zoology". Should I give "Integrated Principles of Zoology" 2 credits?


We plan to use the quizzes on each textbook's companion sites for assessments, but I would like some more ideas


Thank you all in advance.

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Sorry, I haven't done zoology, but I put together an anatomy/physiology class for my son based on a web site for a public high school course that I found.  I would think you could find something similar for zoology that would give you some guidelines and perhaps some resources you might not otherwise find.  


ETA:  Do you know a veterinarian who could give you some counseling?  This could also be an excellent time to let your own child's curiosity run with the ball--let her design part of her studies herself since she is very interested in the topic.  My unschooling friends have influenced me...  :)  

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Still waiting for some more input, but in the meantime, I have found some useful resources:

I am also considered using "Animal Life: Secrets of the Animal World Revealed" for supplementary reading.


Any other ideas?

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The Zoology Coloring Book is not bad, but it is not as great as Biology or Anatomy. They just chose some rather blah animals. I think they are more coordinated to what is avaliable for dissection, than what is interesting to learn from.


Ds much prefers Animal Anatomy on File from the Facts on File Science Library. Our librarya s this book in the reference section and he has xerox end almost every page. Much more detail. Much more interesting animals. Multiple types of most classifications. If you can find it, I'd either go with that one or use both. Amazon has older editions for cheap sometimes if you stalk the book. Otherwise they are around 200 bucks. Right now there is a 1990 edition for under ten dollars.

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If this were my child, I would also look into opportunities for hands-on work and/or observation of a vet.  We live in a rural community, so my child could shadow a large animal vet or a small animal vet, if preferred.  We also have a lot of people in our community interested in self-sustaining farming, so there are many classes locally about trimming hooves, using road-kill for food (I mention this as a humorous and extreme, but true example!), doing fecal samples on your own farm, etc....  


ETA:  Another possibility:  volunteering or working at a zoo or nature preserve.  


I don't know what's available in your area, but I'm just brainstorming for you.  I really think some self-directed learning is appropriate when a high school student has a strong interest in a subject like zoology.  The Teenage Liberation Handbook  The Art of Self-Directed Learning

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