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Transcript template recommendation

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Well, I made my own using the simplest word-processing program ever and it was easy, so while I don't have a template to *personally* recommend, here are some resources I ran across and included in the Transcripts and Record-Keeping session I just did for my homeschool group this past spring:

software for record keeping and/or transcript making
Transcript Boot Camp DVD & Transcript Pro software
Homeschool Tracker

online record keeping and/or transcripts
Home School Incorporated
Homeschool Skedtrack
My Homeschool Transcripts
My Home School Grades

How To Homeschool Today: transcript creator -- online service
homeschool transcript template -- download from Day to Day in Belize blog
homeschool high school transcript -- free download from Pros and Cons of Homeschooling blog

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I learned about this tutorial the other day and shared it somewhere else. 

Homeschool High School for College Credit has a free 30 minute tutorial for you.

You get to watch step by step how to use word processing to use headers, and build tables and make the transcript look nice. Designed in mind if you aren't familiar with using those tools in Word or Open Office.

You'll also be directed to use
for an online tool to calculate GPA


It is a basic transcript with the essentials.

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I like My Homeschool Transcripts.  You don't get to make a lot of formatting decisions, so a page break might appear at an inconvenient place and there isn't much you can do about it.  


But mostly I use it because I can use it to keep track of test scores, extracurriculars, jobs and awards (as well as classes and grades) and have it all ready to go for college application season.  It also automatically calculates weighted or unweighted gpa, and you can define how to calculate gpa and honors.  I may not use it for the ultimate transcript I upload to colleges, but I will continue to use it up to the last minute.  

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I am using the one from Lee Binz' Total Transcript Solutions. I bought access when my oldest was an 8th grader. She has lots of helpful workshops and ebooks that are helping me navigate  all the paperwork....




My accountability organization also does transcripts as a service. I do not know if you have that as an option in your state.



Lori D., What an awesome list of resources! You are such a help to so many of us on the forum! Thanks for sharing. :)



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