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  1. Mom2bee, this has been more than I hoped for as far as details, things to use, sequence, etc. Thank you so much! This is for my oldest son, who will be in sixth grade next year, and my youngest daughter, who will be in eighth grade next year. We are part Italian, and have relatives that are as well, but we don’t have any Italian speakers to hang out with. Al though we do have many people that speak Italian in here in our state, I am sure. So perhaps we can look for those opportunities. Thanks also to everyone who replied and for sharing your experiences. I know that many times what works for one kid will not work for another. We are going to try some of this and see what works for us.
  2. Thank you for this great post (sorry I am just getting back here.. it's been a long weekend). Learn to read it first..okay! I agree with attacking language from many directions, and using different mediums. But some of what you mentioned I haven’t even heard of or thought about.. at all. We have done a little of this with Spanish over the years. My oldest in high school just wants to take German online for language, but I am sure some of these ideas will also help her in her studies. That website ielanguages.com is invaluable. Making up our own to match a scope and sequence sounds much better anyway. I agree with Heather, this will be much more than just middle school. Thanks again! I wonder if I can squeak out an Italian 3 as well. LOL.
  3. I have a couple of middle school kids that want to take Italian... starting now and continuing through high school. What did you use? If you used Rosetta Stone or Tell Me More... how did you count the credits? Can we do something like count the last two levels or so of either program, along with a program like The Berlitz Self Teacher, and call it Italian 1 and 2 for high school? How did you do it? Any outsourced classes or other ideas would also be appreciated. Thank you!
  4. Oh yes, specifically the US history core…I found three books in the Lit section I would assign. I hear you on that core. I will have to redo the lit completely. But I don’t mind. Also, two of my kids are fast readers and do have time to do many other things, as well as read many other books. I have to assign my oldest less volume, although she has really built up to reading literature books with great depth (after years of twaddle, historical fiction, and great classical literature as well-lol). Without the fun books, she would not have progressed quite so nicely. Just adding my two cents.
  5. Personally, I like to use both. I mean I do try to limit twaddle when my kids are young. But I never feel/felt the need to eliminate it completely. The same thing applies to historical fiction when they are older. I agree with this statement- good books lead to more good books. We use Sonlight some of the time (as in certain kids, certain years, and I TWEAK), but I never rely on them for all of the books my children read. There are too many good classics, so naturally I would want to include them as well. I have never thought of building my homeschool based completely on historical fiction. I guess it’s just a matter of personal choice and finding out what works best for you (like complete elimination). Some kids are going to balk at reading all classical literature and nothing else. How is that going to work for them? Resentment when reading these wonderful books is not going to give them the desired result… So I do think that one can read historical fiction, as well as classic books, GB, and the like, and still achieve what the Circe thread was addressing.
  6. This is nice. It would be nice…but I think we have been working on ourselves, and we have had minimal success, at best. It certainly wouldn’t hurt to try harder though.
  7. So did mine. I mean, I can’t even reply to that post. Well, I could, but I am not going there. Seriously, OMG! :svengo: :leaving:
  8. I love the Nutribullet! Best points- the ease of use (including cleanup), and the fact that you get all of the nutrition from the fruit or veggie (there is no waste). You can make enough for two people in the large cup. But you can also buy extra cups (they are inexpensive) if you like. That way you can make one after the other easily and quickly. We use ours every day as well. It’s a great way to get things like kale into a kid’s diet (like in a blueberry, banana, and kale smoothie) without them even knowing it. I also feel better physically when using it to drink my veggies with my flax or chia seeds!
  9. That's what I said when I read it too...WOW! :smilielol5: ;) :D
  10. Oh, this looks super lovely and divine. Just scrumptious. LOL! I have been looking for a good educational read! Thank you. :cheers2:
  11. Possibly Language Lessons through Literature- this looks awesome! or we may wait until next year (meaning 3rd grade).. This kid is my youngest of four that I homeschool...the baby. And he has been babied :laugh: ...I have LLATL Red (and MANY other LA programs) but, snoozefest.. I am sooo tired of them now! LOL. I need a change. I am also playing around with the idea that an "LA Progam" is not needed at this age...I don't think it is. We don't do spelling at this age either; phonics is sufficient. Spanish- La Clase Divertida Reading- various readers Handwriting- Zaner Bloser Handwriting Phonics- ETC online Math- Dreambox Kumon math workbooks with manipulatives, math games Main lessons- Bible studies various readalouds, SL, Aesop's, My Book House, etc. we may try out some SOTW and see how he likes it.. Science- something I pull togther from our science library Computer programming- apps many iPad apps for supplementation in all subjects Art w/ his sisters swimming, some type of sports, whatever comes up...
  12. I love this! Thank you for this reminder. There is no need to stress over paperwork (even at the high school level). :) ETA (Although, I still think that if you gradually require a little more output from them, then they will not be so overwhelmed later on. There should be a balance.)
  13. I haven't read all of the replies yet. And without going into too much detail....yes, we have done this for years (but we always used curriculum as well, lightly). My oldest is in high school now (homeschooled) and she is fine (doing great, actually). If you want them to take a typical course in hs, you may want to have them buckle down a bit more a year or two beforehand. Good luck and enjoy!!
  14. *I think* this is the thing that most people don’t understand about Kolbe. You can literally substitute everything- straight across the board. No tweaking required. You don’t even have to be Catholic; you can use your own religious studies (and I think most get this part, lol). You can even use outside classes, as long as you give a sample of written work completed there. So basically they can act as an "umbrella" transcript school; similar to NARHS. But obviously they also have a lot more to offer... if you need it. Happy Homeschooling!
  15. 8th grade dd- (can't believe it!) :laugh: There is so much left to consider... History- SL core? (w/ her 6th grade brother), Oak Meadow?, Notgrass?? Science- really no clue..Winter Promise, something online, or Abeka..it’s her choice- she will do Physical Science or Environmental Science by ninth, in high school (she is on a slower math and science track than her older sister and that’s okay..) Math- Finish TT Pre-Alg and do Key to Alg..and maybe TC or some other supplemental help… Lit- a few GB, mainly undecided, lol Writing- prompts from history, maybe NanoWriMo, and perhaps something else (see Philosophy) Vocab- not sure, if anything…may wait until high school for “formal†vocabulary Philosophy- not sure..although- Philosophy Adventures looks like something we can use loosely; it looks pretty good. Spanish- continue with ACE and VL (I really like the ACE workbooks, but I wish they had a Spanish 2) Italian- Rosetta Stone with the Berlitz Self Teacher Computer- various programming resources and …Youth Digital “something†for a formal class Art- outsourced with her older, homeschooled sister (they are taking the same class, lol) Other activities may include 4H and or theater, swimming, yoga, horseback riding
  16. Lori, I think that's the one I was thinking she may have been thinking of too...but I couldn't find it. :lol:
  17. I'll play, even though I am undecided on many things- Math- TT 7/ Hands on Equations, plus LOF pre alg at the end of the year History- SL Core? (buying IGs to look them over)..this year G was/is a hit but we may do H year after next Science- Memoria Press/ Tiner series (well, maybe just one book) plus a science kit/ kits (which ones? not sure)- relaxed science w/ living books as well Grammar- Grammar Key or? Writing- SL, maybe some IEW (we purposely skip around in writing programs so as not to overwhelm him- this sounds better than saying we don't finish any, don't you think?)... my own assignments- but just a few Spelling- Megawords...love this program-we started spelling in 4th, long after stopping phonics in 2nd grade, and he seems to be in no hurry to get through the workbooks Lit- LCC?, Memoria Press-The Trojan War (we skipped it in SL this year), The Hobbit, Chronicles of Narnia, and Figuratively Speaking (we love FS- thanks, Lori D.!!) Philosophy- study (various books we have) and or PA Art- ? something we have here at home...his sisters have a lot of old curriculums lying around..he has been pretty resistant to art class so far.. Bible-reading for Lit, religious studies Greek- Hey Andrew! 5 He is requesting Italian like his older sister..so we will use RS and/or Tell Me More I would like for him to continue all the way through high school with Italian studies...with what, I don't know..lol Latin- Latin Alive 1 Computer programming etc.-(various sources), Youth Digital (mod design (this year- or this summer), next year-who knows) golf, swimming.. perhaps horseback riding and robotics..
  18. Thank you for sharing this! (I see this is a resurrected thread) We have done a living books Physics study too, but very informally. My daughter has read quite a few of the books you have listed, and she does write papers on them for her own understanding. These will be of interest to her as well, I am sure. Great job. :thumbup1:
  19. Chucki, I was going to say Oak Meadow as well. You also may be able to choose an online school that is not necessarily accredited and then have Kolbe (well, they are only NAPCIS accredited) or Bridgeway (accredited) cover you. They are both very flexible. You could also choose your online classes ala carte if you went with one of them. I am sorry you are going through a lot. :grouphug: Good luck!
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