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  1. Ideas for Fairy Tales: - "Recs. for folktales, myths, from around the world" This past thread has a lot of great ideas for fairy tales and folk tales from around the world, to help expand from just 18th-19th century European fairytale collections. And also: - Dover: Chinese Fairy Tales - Golden Book: Chinese Fairy Tales (Ponsot, translator / Rizzato, illustrator) - Golden Book: Japanese Fairy Tales (Marmur, translator / Benvenuti, illustrator) - Japanese Fairy Tales (Ozaki) - The Greatest Indian Fairy Tales (selected by Joseph Jacobs) - The Ocean of Story: Fairy Tales from
  2. Just a quick "quibble" (LOL) about "dark ages" and "Catholic superstition" in the same sentence 😉 : The "Dark Ages" were called that because of the decline of Western civilization (ancient Roman Empire that had expanded into parts of Europe), with the loss of literacy, science, medicine, and the rise of feudalism as the main political system. So it was actually the Catholic Church that kept alive the "flickering candle" of literacy and knowledge during this period of "darkened literacy/knowlege" through their preservation work of hand-copying of books, including surviving ancient works. 😉
  3. "Registered" is not a word I've seen used as the official/legal term. 😉 I just used the word "registered" to connect to "registrar" -- the office that keeps and manages student records. And mostly that was to help differentiate PS classes where the *school* is responsible for overseeing the student's records/transcript (i.e., is the registrar), vs. the option in some areas where the public school allows a homeschool student to join a class or two, while the *parent* continues to oversee the student's records/transcript (i.e., is the registrar). That puts your explanation of the ASU program
  4. People can research their individual universities for the policies about submitting DE and PS transcripts, but In case it helps, here are 2 quotations from general/national sources about DE requires the student to send an official transcript from the school where the DE was earned: "When high school students simultaneously take college courses through a college or university, this is known as dual enrollment... You must still send official transcripts from your high school(s) and any college(s) you attended" -- instructions on the support website for the Common App, the college applicati
  5. Well, first, consider the source (lol) -- FB is often a lot of clueless people (mis)leading the gullible with opinions rather than facts, and neither the clueless nor the gullible are using their online time to do the wise thing, which is to research what are the real policies at real colleges. Especially with so many people suddenly switching to homeschooling due to the pandemic, there is going to be a lot of lack of information and a lot of misinformation going around right now. 😢 In answer to your question: When applying to a college, you must submit transcripts from ALL schools at whi
  6. Financial aid availability for students often drops radically after earning an undergrad degree. There often isn't the same amount of scholarship $$ for post-graduate degrees as for undergraduate degrees. What about possibly going forward for the whole year and use that last semester to start taking courses that will apply towards the Master's degree, to reduce the future cost of the Master's degree?
  7. No personal experience with it, but I believe that is the focus of Killgallon's Sentence Composing series: - Sentence Composing for Middle School: A Worktext for Sentence Variety and Maturity - Sentence Composing for High School: A Worktext for Sentence Variety and Maturity You can use Amazon's "Look Inside" feature to see whether the middle school or high school level is a better fit for your needs.
  8. ANOTHER new poster resurrecting a ZOMBIE THREAD... clearly, the Zombie Apocalypse is upon us... 😂 🧟‍♂️
  9. I guess I am a demon. 😉 I don't see how GPA alone is going to work, what with high schools all over the place with using different grade scales, and differences in how they grade (i.e., % breakdown of tests, quizzes, projects, assignments, homework, etc.) And that's on top of the widely divergent rigor/volume of material covered for a class. Not to mention things like grade inflation, which help to make grades, and therefore GPA, virtually meaningless...
  10. Agree. And don't forget the post-pandemic economic hit that may mean colleges may not have the means to offer as much aid as before, which in turn may mean that college is simply out of reach for a lot of families...
  11. Ah, so the focus is on essay writing of various types... a personal narrative essay; persuasive essays; and a college application essay, plus responding to several readings. Nice! Sorry, no. I can't think of a similar course -- most of the online classes I see either teach beginning essay writing, OR, they solely focus on one type of essay. And, none that I can think of include readings, except for the Brave Writer class: Essay Prep: Reading the Essay.
  12. Do you mean a personal narrative essay and creative nonfiction essay writing?
  13. ZOMBIE THREAD ALERT! ... new poster has resurrected a very old thread... 😉 🧟‍♂️
  14. You might enjoy some films to add to your research for your Cold War unit. NOTE: I have NOT watched all of these, so you may wish to preview some of these: Communist Europe: - The Tunnel (1962) - documentary; escape tunnel that 26 people used to go from East to West Berlin - Night Crossing (1982) -- based on true family trying to cross the Berlin Wall in 1979 by hot air balloon Cuban Missile Crisis - The Missiles of October (1974) -- like a filmed stage play of the White House conversations/decisions during the crisis - Thirteen Days (2000) - Topaz (1969) a Hitchcock Cold War
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