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  1. regentrude

    Is requiring this "to be fine" reasonable?

    So that means he requires you to keep exclusively female company? That sounds severely limiting and controlling. I don't think hiking/camping is the actual issue.
  2. regentrude

    The after lunch slump

    A walk after lunch?
  3. They should; they are standard symbol any physicist would immediately recognize as kinetic and potential energy. But I know nothing about your specific exam nomenclature, so checking with a teacher is a good idea.
  4. Then have him use K for the kinetic and U for the potential energy, like any sensible physics text would, until he has mastered the material so that he can easily switch symbols for the final exam.
  5. regentrude

    Is requiring this "to be fine" reasonable?

    For a 1-2 mile hike in a developed park???
  6. regentrude

    Is requiring this "to be fine" reasonable?

    Actually, experienced female solo hikers recommend camping at least 1 mile from a trail head - because the obnoxious drunk idiots don't stray far from the road. Back country camping is safer than camping where people can drive.
  7. regentrude

    Is requiring this "to be fine" reasonable?

    That sounds seriously controlling. WTH is his problem?
  8. regentrude

    Is requiring this "to be fine" reasonable?

    But I assume you would recognize that it is your problem and attempt to handle it, and not restrict your family's movements just because you can't handle it.
  9. regentrude

    Make sure your kids keep copies of their syllabi!

    well, you can save electronic copies, too. It's much easier than keeping track of a piece of paper. I would always recommend downloading the syllabus and filing it to keep.
  10. It should be obvious from the context whether the quantity refers to electric field or energy. I think using subscripts E_k and E_p is very clear and should not cause confusion (I would use K and U and simply have the student use the "required" symbols on the exam only) You can use the vector symbol for the electric field, but only if you are actually referring to the vector quantity, i.e. if it has magnitude and direction. Saying E-vector=5,000N/C is not mathematically correct, since the right hand side of the equation is a scalar. In what kind of a situation is the student confused? I can't think of a problem where the symbols would occur in the same equation.
  11. regentrude

    Make sure your kids keep copies of their syllabi!

    Good advice, but don't panic if they didn't - colleges need to archive syllabi, and the student can always contact the college/professor and ask for the syllabus later. Happens all the time.
  12. regentrude

    Talk to me about lab reports

    There is no fixed number of labs a student needs to do, and no specific requirements re lab reports in high school. Really, it's not rocket science - the student needs to learn to document what he does, i.e. describe experimental setup and procedure, record his findings, write up the results and a conclusion. The goal is for another person to be able to understand and possibly reproduce the experiment. The precise format is irrelevant, since each college instructor will have very specific requirements for their particular lab, and those requirements will differ widely - so the student just needs to be literate and capable of following directions; it makes no sense to drill a particular format. I prefer fewer more in depth labs to oodles of superficial "labs" that are no more than demonstrations.
  13. regentrude

    What else do I need?

    Why can't the last person to leave throw them in the dryer?
  14. regentrude

    Where do you store your files?

    External hard drive for periodic backups. One copy lives in the safety deposit box at the bank. Qnap (network attache storage) hard drive of computer at work. Network storage at work.
  15. regentrude

    What else do I need?

    As pp mentioned, I would not get new dog bowls, but hide all evidence of the dogs. Pets in the house are a major turnoff for potential buyers.
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