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  1. This doesn't exactly address your question, but I wanted to share our experience, because I had this kid. At 15, my DS was dead certain he wasn't going to attend college and was heading for a martial arts career. The years from 15 to 18 are years of tremendous growth and development; we were surprised by the magnitude of changes. DS discovered a passion for academics, is now half way to his BS and has firm plans for a PhD. Make sure all doors remain open; your kid may surprise you. I would offer a solid college prep high school education, irrespective of the 15 y/o's current plans. In some sense that is even more important if the kid will not have an opportunity to continue her academic work at college.
  2. The snooper. A person can write whatever they want. A journal is private.
  3. Have the tree checked. If it is found to be sound, I would not offer to pay a cent. Allowing them to cut your tree is already very gracious. Cutting a perfectly healthy tree is sacrilege. If the tree is found by experts to be damaged and a hazard, then I would pay.
  4. oh, the actual flying part does not bother me as much. It's the madness surrounding it, and I cannot see anything peaceful in it: how long is the security line? Will I make my flight? Plane isn't here yet, will we leave on time? Oh no, flight is delayed - if it stays delayed by 60 minutes, I may just make my connection. Oh, flight is more delayed, will I make my connection? How far is it to the connecting gate? Is there a chance I can make it if I run or shall I just give up? Will I get the grumpy immigration officer? What's wrong with the paperwork of the person in front of me; why is this taking so long? Where is the damned luggage? Should I wait another half hour at the carousel or file the lost luggage report?
  5. I hate flying. Nothing makes you feel more insignificant than being herded like cattle and crammed like sardines. Plus the anxiety of missing connections, and the unpleasant experience at immigrations. Unfortunately, it's the only way for me to get to see my family; 24 hour trip with three flights, the longest 9 hours. Hate, despise, abhor it. If there were a way to drive, I'd gladly spend several days in the car and have agency and space.
  6. In my experience as an advisor, all the physics freshmen want to be either particle physicists or astrophysicists. They discover the other, less sexy, but interesting research fields during their studies. There are lots of job opportunities for physicists. It's a very versatile major. But competition for jobs in academia is very high, in all fields.
  7. normally I would use New Name University (formerly OldName). However, since you are specifically talking about an event in the past, I would turn it around and say "BS from Old Name Uni (now New Name)"
  8. Semesters here. Fall semester starts Aug 19. Spring semester starts the day after MLK and runs until early/Mid-May, depending on how MLK falls (this year a week later)
  9. The bolded. I only wear cotton. Never have the problem, even after extensive hiking/climbing. My DS' synthetic workout clothes, OTOH, yikes. Also, line dry outside.
  10. get an SD card for your phone. Then set the settings so that pictures are saved to the SD card and not the phone. Done.
  11. Depends on the quality of your cell phone camera and your compact. My cell takes much better pictures than my compact camera, but not quite as good ones as the SLR which weighs several pounds. I'll never go back to a compact. I would only carry the SLR if I needed the telephoto lens.
  12. Comfortable is fine. I just asked our department chair (who is sitting across the breakfast table from me) - he would notice if the attire were completely out of the ordinary (evening gown or suit), but beyond, what the prospective students wear does not register at all. The bar hangs high. The visiting students who wore Spock ears was memorable.
  13. I recently needed to prove that I have been continuously residing in this country since 2002, so that my children could receive a certificate of citizenship. 17 years of tax returns, property tax receipts, and W2s finally convinced ICE. I am not throwing anything out.
  14. He should ask between now and the end of the semester, so that the teacher could, if they wanted, write it over the summer. Then send a reminder in the fall when he is actually applying, with instructions how to submit. Most likely, instructors will write the letter after the reminder, but it's courteous to give several months heads-up..
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