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  1. Our numbers yesterday were at the same level as December 31. Idiot governor ( but you have that too), rural conservative population that refused any mitigation measures and is largely anti vax (30% vaxed in the county that has the college town; surrounding rural counties below 30)... perfect storm. I am not surprised, the way people have been acting throughout the pandemic, this was completely foreseeable.
  2. Rural conservative area. Vax rate in county 31% . Among the college faculty, everyone I know is vaccinated.
  3. He might for peace of mind, just for the 3 days until he tests, in case he picked up something during the flight. He will have had to test before the return flight, too.
  4. The Robert Koch Institute keeps track of cases and provides the official numbers; they are the most reliable source. They also have a website in English https://www.rki.de/EN/Content/infections/epidemiology/outbreaks/COVID-19/Situationsberichte_Tab.html ETA: I would much rather be in Germany than here; our county's numbers are back at December levels. Germany has currently a 7 day incidence of 11 per 100k; my county has over 400.
  5. My kids used large spiral notebooks with graph paper for math (the large Fivestar ones; regular notebooks are a smaller format and were disliked). They went through several (3-4) notebooks each year for math. Pages were never ripped out. For the other subjects, preferences varied between notebooks and lose leaf paper in binders. It all depends on what the source of their materials is and what they are supposed to complete: Will there be photocopied pages or worksheets that need to be filed? That requires a binder. Will they be taking copious notes? Notebook. Will most of their work be completed on the computer? Then teach them a good organization system for their files but don't have them print out everything. Will their labs come with a designated lab notebook, or are you creating your own? For our home based labs, we taught them to use a bound notebook with the pagers numbered through upfront, like we were required to have in college - you can't rip out a page because the data aren't what you expect, which is an old safeguard against falsifying results. ETA: Binders: one per subject per year. Long term storage: I kept one 1 inch binder per kid per school year with the most important papers: tests, major essays, curriculum outlines.
  6. Saxon is good for students who need bite sized instruction, a lot of spiraling, thrive with drill, tolerate busywork, and don't find it crazymaking when the book jumps seemingly random from topic to topic. It requires a student who easily complies with instructions. Saxon will not be a good fit for a student who is a big picture thinker, who wants to master topic exhaustively before moving on to the next thing, who abhors busywork and thrives on challenge, who prefers a discovery based approach and is a strong self-directed learner, whose nature is rebellious and who tends to question teacher and assignments.
  7. Make sure you carry your prescription meds in the original labeled container. With international travel, you don't want to be caught with a handful of unlabeled pills in a plastic baggie...
  8. Just be prepared that they still might cancel this flight and rebook you on a different connections with layovers.
  9. I can not tell you whether you should go. I can tell you that I have decided against international travel this summer, even though I have not seen my parents in two years and my dad is very ill - because of the uncertainties of the variants and the many people I would come in contact with during the air travel. I am not at all worried about safety at the destination, but I am very concerned about packed planes and airports, and about the possibility that I get stuck either because they're changing some official rules, or because I test positive abroad and am not allowed to fly home. YMMV.
  10. I get that. I am a planner, too. What helped me was to acknowledge that we are in a rapidly evolving situation with insufficient data to make optimal decisions.
  11. I am sorry. You may feel better if you limit how much you follow the Covid news for a while. It's crazy-making. Hope you can feel calmer.
  12. Probably none, seeing that my university system which will not require vaccinations is planning to go ahead with full capacity in-person instruction (i.e. no distancing) without any masks. They hope for students voluntary vaccinating.
  13. Our sanitation department has suspended the collection of recycling and yard waste for two weeks because many workers are out with Covid.
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