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  1. The Earth as a system is not running out of water. But we can't control where the water is going to available. It'll rain somewhere, but not necessarily where we need it. The rains that drench Bangladesh won't help the drought in California. That completely aside from question of water pollution.
  2. Not true for me. By that theory, no male singers (except for countertenors) should love violins and flutes.
  3. Make your own in Excel. There is no need to pay a service. Transcript templates have been shared here before; check the sticky thread.
  4. I struggled with the emptiness, but after a few years, I have come to actually embrace it. I love my kids dearly, but man, it's nice not to have other people to consider when making plans - even if it's small things like who is home for what meal. And I now have my own room! Imagine that! A study with my own desk where I can leave everything out and nobody else goes in there. (took me FOUR years before I was able to repurpose DD's room - only when she was close to graduating college and had a job lined up did something shift for me and enabled me to do that). Actually, I am writing quite a bit about that in my book - part of it is about the kids leaving home and reclaiming my life.
  5. I teach to mastery. I do not see any value in my student moving on to the next concept with C level knowledge. So, my kids worked until they showed that they were ready for their comprehensive end-of-semester exam in math. Which I expect them to pass with an A. So yes, they would have As - because anything less would require them to revisit and restudy the concepts they had missed. I designed my own exams that tested exactly what I expected them to have mastered to long term retention, not some obscure facts&tricks I consider nonessential.
  6. Thank you for your kind words, Ruth. I have always enjoyed reading about your unique homeschooling approach and have cheered your DS on in his successes.
  7. That sounds wonderful! I am happy you found something that nourishes your soul.
  8. Thanks, but I do not feel comfortable doing that, for several reasons. But I am deeply touched that people are interested.
  9. Thanks, Catwoman, but that would be against board rules. If anybody is interested, they can pm me.
  10. yes, I do! I am pondering starting up a certain kind of events in my town, just gathering a bit more courage to get started.
  11. Hi all, I have not been around much anymore, but I wanted to post an update because we had this looooong thread three years ago when I was trying to figure out what to do with my life and how to find a new calling (not just something to keep me busy). This one: You all had so many interesting suggestions, and several commented that they were in a similar situation. So, I figure I owe you an update on how it all turned out: As I had posted towards the end of that thread, about 8 months after the initial post, I have gone back to writing. I am still working in my regular job as a physics professor, but have focused the remaining time on poetry. I have - completely accidentally - found community in a very unlikely place. Remember me talking about how this is a small town with few opportunities? I found a cluster of people in an even smaller town near here! I am regularly participating in live events, have gotten work into a few journals, and my first book has just been published through a small independent press! I feel like I have found a new direction and calling, something that defines me and goes beyond merely filling time. I want you to know that life post empty nest can be wonderful and fulfilling, and also that it took me several years of deep searching to figure out my path. I hope this is encouraging to those of you who are starting on that journey and are facing the end of the active parenting years. Best wishes to you all. ETA: Because people asked further down the thread: if you are interested in my book, please pm me. I won't post an advertising link in the thread.
  12. Have a discussion. Spouses can have different hobbies. My DH and I have always pursued a very time consuming family hobby together (hiking&climbing). During the past half year, my interests have shifted and I am now prioritizing something that he is only mildly interested in. I still like to hike and climb, but another area takes precedence and I want/need to schedule around that. We talk about it and compromise, are clear about our priorities, and willing to split up and each do something different. Just because we're married does not mean we have to spend all our free time together.
  13. Depends entirely on the backpack carrier. We had one made by an outdoor company and were able to carry a 4 y/o when he got tired hiking on his own.
  14. Nope, pronounciation is ray-gan-troo-deh with a hard g as in "go" In German, the letter e makes an "ay" or "eh" sound, never "ee"
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