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  1. That does not seem practical if somebody is under regular medical care and needs to have frequent appointment. I would consider this part of life and accept the small risk as unavoidable.
  2. Do I understand it correctly that she is, and has been, part of your pod? If so, I would accept the small risk of a masked doctor's appointment. If your DH or kid would have to see a doctor, would you feel like you had to exile them from the pod? I am not snarky, just trying to understand the situation. Maybe I don't understand how your pod works, but to me, a family member having an unavoidable medical appointment would be an acceptable risk.
  3. Still thinking about WotY. "Futile" keeps coming up. Doesn't quite have the inspiring ring to it.
  4. Still ain't gonna say it 🙂
  5. Of course I say "Ich bin's" in German. That is the grammatically correct way of saying "it is I" in German. Exactly the same 🙂
  6. Who answers like this to the question who ate/drank/wrote/performed any action other than being? Wouldn't one say "I did"?
  7. I think the tradition already got started last year 🙂 I would send something and would not mind if that became an annual tradition - it seems a rather nice one.
  8. If *I* am the caller, of course I say "This is regentrude". However, if somebody calls and asks to speak to regentrude, I answer "this is she" (or "speaking") - but definitely not "this is her"
  9. I do. But then, I am also one of the few people who still uses "whom".
  10. "Correct" is an arbitrary agreement. One dialect with a certain set of grammar rules has been chosen to be considered "correct" by academics. There are lots of other dialects that use non-standard grammar which, in itself, can be perfectly consistent. In many circumstances it does not matter to the speakers whether their speech is considered academically correct - to the folks who speak the dialect, there's nothing wrong with saying "I have went". Lots of other phrases and constructions would not pass muster with an English teacher: double negatives, sentences like "The horse needs rode". etc
  11. Obviously, this is not what we consider standard English, but constructions like this are common in many local dialects. "Have went" is common in the rural area I live.
  12. Take the lunches because it makes your life easier. Donate money to a suitable cause so you don't feel like you're taking away from the needy.
  13. I am aware that most people no longer itemize, and that charitable donations have taken a dive because of that. But I don't think 300 is enough to really make a difference.
  14. but being able to tax deduct a $300 donation does not give you extra $300 to donate. If your tax rate is is 12%, donating $300 will just give you an extra $36.
  15. $300? That's ridiculously little and will neither encourage giving nor relieve the economic burden of Covid. What's supposed to be the purpose?
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