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  1. The stars, the quiet, the sunset, the sunrise, having relatives, big Christmas's, I actually miss a time when people wrote letters and called each other instead of just signing on the internet.
  2. He should be terminated, or at least put in to a job that is not public facing. But seriously....why does society have an everything goes attitude? Doctors should not have been willing to tattoo his eyes black. This is just gross and there is something wrong with him mentally.
  3. If a scholarship/grant provides a computer, do you return it in the end or if you do not complete your degree? This is one not based from the college but rather an outside one that can be used at any of the colleges in the state.
  4. We are using BJU math for one of my kids. We are on BJU math 5. There are tons of problems each day. If he does half the problems and gets them all correct, is it okay to just move on? Or would should he be doing all the problems each day?
  5. I do not use the HIG for SM. I started teaching it before the HIG guides were out. I also do not use the extra books. I teach from the textbook and they do their independent work from the workbook. At best, I supplement with other things (i.e. computer games regular games, flash cards, etc) to reinforce skills or to drill math facts and such. I do not feel that more and more workbook or worksheets are the way to really learn. I prefer to have a variety.
  6. Something oldest son learned about himself during this time is that he actually prefers online courses. He has actually spent more time online than in person this semester. He wants to move back home and switch to 100% online. However, clearly, this will not be offered at the school he is currently at, once Covid is over. I am trying to figure out if state universities are likely to have enough online that a student could get through four years worth or what options are out there. It is kind of difficult to figure out when every single school has online options right now. He would be doing com
  7. Her parents are very strict. I said I was not sure if ethnicity has to do with it. I don't know if in her culture, dolls were a big thing.
  8. I suspect it is more likely he recorded so he could make fun of them on the internet. Plus, with the cloud and all, he could have recorded and appeared to delete when it is actually on the cloud. I doubt a 12/13 yr old would have realized much about it being inappropriate, BUT, with all the cyberbullying going on these days, I would wonder why he would want to film people he does not know and that is what I would think.
  9. I am not sure if ethnicity matters but, she asked for an AG doll last year, and she is Asian and she did not get one. She has no dolls and no stuffed animals. I did not realize she did not have any of either until tonight. I knew she asked for one last year.
  10. My daughter wanted a birthday party. She has never had one. So, this year, I let her invite one friend and booked the birthday celebration at the American Girl store. This included birthday cake and party favors. The girls had tons of fun around the store and with the fancy dinner and everything. The girl told me she had cash to spend at the store. I guess her dad assumed she was paying her own way. I paid for everything and then the girl wanted to buy a doll dress for my daughter. Well, American Girl is expensive! And it is even more expensive this year. The dress she picked is not something
  11. I have the hard copy version subscription to CR. Thank you so much for this list! The one I bought is the LG. The other two that I considered were the GE and the last Panasonic you listed. The GE was the one out of stock. The LG is the one with the very expensive trim kit. I recall wanting the LG last time but the trim kit cost a lot. Thank you!
  12. Which issue of Consumer Reports has this? I bought an LG, but now need a new trim kit and the trim kit is expensive. I see the Panasonic has good ratings on the Home Depot website and the trim kit is less expensive. I have some Consumer Reports and would like to see how these rated. Our trim kit fits Whirlpool so if I just bought another Whirlpool, I don't think I would need a new trim kit.
  13. On the counter. It is built in to the cabinet but listed as on the counter.
  14. We bought a microwave, installed it, then found out it was defective. We took it back to the store for the same exact one. This one was off at first (steam would stay stuck in the window for about an hour after cooking something that gave off steam) but did not want to reinstall to get a new one. But then it started making loud scary noises. kIt is going back. I look at the reviews and the reviews are not as good as just about anything else any store carried. It was a Whirlpool WMC50522 I am trying to decide if we should give Whirlpool another chance, as the store has Whirlpool in stock,
  15. I just finished the first season of a new series called "Away" and loved it.
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