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  1. The remarks about having his penis cut off are concerning. The trans or even gay adults I have known never spoke that way as kids. I completely support the LGTBQ community, so this is not a rejection of being trans.
  2. I have known plenty of little boys to want to wear dresses and makeup and play with dolls, etc, and then end up hetero. Today’s society is too hung up on telling boys that they are not a “real boy” if this, that or the other. Real boys can do anything a girl can do. Interesting how no one would dare tell a girl that she isn’t a real girl if she plays with Legos or wears pants. That may seem like a ridiculous comparison, but it is true.
  3. Is it true that people with bipolar disorder cannot, just never, no exception...get a license? My son is being evaluated next week. This has been a goal of his for a long time. (this and ballet but due to Covid, he dropped the ballet goal). I am seeing on the FAA website that bipolar disorder is a cancelling condition. It sounds like it is something where once diagnosed, it is done, forever. He has already been taking flying lessons and this will devastate him.
  4. What do you all recommend for reviewing/reteaching decimals and percents? I have always used Keys to...series and wondering if this is still the best choice. Thanks!
  5. I recommend Ordinary Parents Guide to Teaching Reading. The people who sponsor these boards, the ones we are discussing this topic on, are the publishers and authors of that book. That book is very easy to follow very clear and very comprehensive.
  6. My daughter, who loves to read a ton, suddenly cannot spell words like inflate or read words like inflation or solve a math problem like 16 divided by 2. She is frequently weepy and about to turn 10 yrs old. Does this just sounds like hormones starting? Or do I need to get her tested for learning disabilities?
  7. I enrolled my son in a virtual school for fall. It is not the local public schools. I have been on the fence, but I know a couple other families using this school and they say they really like it. Okay, so, he ended up placed a grade higher than I considered him to be. Basically, he was born a couple hours before the cut off for school. As in, if he were born two hours later, he would have been in the lower grade. AND, he was taken early by c-sect so he was not actually due for another week. He will be the youngest age possible, in our state, for that grade. They put him in 7th grade ins
  8. My sons love patterns on their socks now. They all love Happy Socks. I noticed at college that all the guys seem to be wearing them now.
  9. Contractors here were booking out through the summer by March. This is not usual though. This is because of the winter storm in February.
  10. Through the years, my children have gotten in to everything. As a result, I have to hide everything. Regardless, my Irish ring is missing as well as my only pair of dangly earrings. BUT, I have to get a step ladder out to reach my make up and crawl in the ground and move some things to reach my jewelry that is hidden in a low spot. AND..I have gained a bunch of weight (despite the fact that I exercise and eat right). So there I am..crawling around trying to reach things, but I have lipstick on. And I am wearing the only sun dress I have for this evening party I am going to. AND....I stand back
  11. What are frog togs? I would love suggestions of other cooling devices. I can eat a higher protein meal in the morning. edited to add: I googled it..I think I will go look for the cooling towels. I see Bass Pro has it. Thanks!
  12. You know...I am not a feminist..but I have considered women's studies or gender studies. I just saw a major in international sustainable tourism.
  13. I also think communications could be quite interesting. That has such a wide variety of things to study.
  14. I have thought about this a lot. I have no answers..but I sure have thought! One thing I have considered is geography. This is so diverse it can include anything from anthropology to archeology to geology etc. My first bachelors was in economics and math. I never liked economics. Is your goal to get a job with your degree? Or to just enjoy the study?
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