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  1. update: he is awake today, and the bleeding has subsided. They actually said he might be moved out of the ICU tomorrow. So things are looking up. Thank you so much! ——————————————————— He collapsed on campus today. He was skate boarding and they originally thought it was a skateboard accident. But once in the ER, they found bleeding on the brain and a brain aneurysm. He also fractured his skull. They are trying to figure out now if it’s the aneurysm that is the source. My mom died from this and two other family members had this. Please pray!! This is my 19 year old.
  2. This is what I have been thinking. I knew of a bus driver who sometimes lost his way. Parents complained do they put him on a different route. Years later, I heard that some parents thought he might have been abusing the kids, or abusing the last child dropped off, that sort of thing. Nothing ever happened to him, the kids were not incredibly verbal as it was a special education bus. It is horrifying to think of what might have been happening during that missing time.
  3. I need a new iphone. Mine is an XS and I only have 64gb. I need to replace it because I cannot even have normal use apps on it, despite having everything on the cloud and offloading anything I can offload. I have decided to get the iphone 15 but am wondering, if I wait a few weeks, would there be a high likelihood of sales?
  4. Can you wait? If you cannot get the trim you want, then wait. Plus, you might want to look around at other dealers yourself. The dealer might be telling you this to not have to split the commission.
  5. Our local public schools do some sort of geography during this year. Regular level students just do multiple choice tests and that is about it. Then there is preAP World Geography and AP Human geo. The higher level courses have more going on, but not always. It depends on the teacher. I knew a preAP precal teacher that only did multiple choice tests, using a scantron that she ran through the little machine on her desk. AP Human Geo kids will usually have projects and such.
  6. What do you do with top sheets? I have various top sheets from over the years where the bottom sheets are worn out so long gone. I am trying to decide if I should donate to a charity or store them for just in case in the future (daughter likes to sew so maybe they could be used as fabric or something). Is there anything else? What do you all recommend?
  7. She sounds sad. And 81 years old, I would imagine she is tired. I only wish I could go back in time and have more sympathy for my mom when she would be down like this. If I were you, I would have compassion. I am only in my 50's, but I have felt the slow down in the last couple years. It is really getting me down and I think I am finally "getting it" on how much more I should have been patient and compassionate. It is too late for me with my parents, but you still have time.
  8. Eureka, Star Trek (TNG and Enterprise were my faves), Bewitched, there have been many through the years...I will try to think of more. Bridgerton for sure. I liked Friends a lot when it came out, and Good Neighbors, Parenthood, Victoria, Call the Midwife, MASH, all sorts of shows. There are so many that these are quite literally a sampling.
  9. We had intended to teach all the kids to drive on the 20 year old Civic, but that is gone. Now all we have is the 5 year old Honda Odyssey, which already has all those safety features. And we did have trouble with them relying on those safety features. You are completely correct about that! Even the person who gave the driving test to my now 19 yr old told me he did that and it was a problem.
  10. We made our last payment on our minivan last week. We only have 1 car right now as two years ago, my son and husband, in a joint effort, ruined the engine of our 20 year old Honda Civic. (they kept driving it while it was overheating, both of them, and would just pull over when it would refuse to run due to overheating). We have now paid off everything including our home a few months ago. Yay! For the first time since I went to college in the late 80's, we are completely debt free! OKAY, so, we lived with just one car for the last two years. This has been fine. We have had no issues. It was a little rocky the first couple months only because I had a ton of volunteer work and my husband did too (scouts and church and such), but we have re-situated everything to fit a schedule where neither of us needs a car at the same time. We adjusted and I actually like it. Also, he was working from home 100% of the time so he never drove during the day. He used to go on scout camping trips but after he got hurt at one, he no longer does that. That was our main time conflict. Now he goes in to work two days a week. Still, no problems. In fact, I kind of like it. Life has actually gotten more relaxed. I know I cannot go anywhere on the two days he has the car and it has left me not feeling like I have to go somewhere. I get stuff done at home, I read books, spend time with the kids for real, cook dinner, etc. That being said, we can now afford to replace the car that died two years ago. And we do have kids coming up who will be learning how to drive. And the prices of cars have come back down from when there was a shortage and right now, there is a special interest rate. Part of me thinks it is time to just get the second car, and it is a Subaru Forester we have picked. Oh yeah, we would not neccesarily have to finance, but the money we would use to finance is invested and the interest rate is lower than what we earn on our savings. And we would be buying through the Costco auto program so that brings down the price too and we get the lower end models when we buy cars, so we are not paying premium prices. Bonuses to getting a new car: have a second car if anything happens to the minivan, have a smaller car to commute the two days a week in, have a smaller car to teach the kids how to drive in Draw backs: our drive way is weird, 1 lane until you pull in to the garage so the parking will be tight, will no longer be debt free, have to pay for the car, and there are new features coming out on the next years model for the car we selected that we might really like. Maybe don't actually need a second car. It is not like we could not buy one next year (although, we might not be able to get the deals we can get now due to Subaru changing the Forester with next years model). No point in looking at used cars. They seem to cost almost as much as the new car on the Costco auto buying program. We might as well buy new then and have the warranty and all.
  11. I was watching a live auction tonight when my husband came in and watched with me. I only watch for fun. Something was shown that I told my husband I really like and mentioned what I thought it was, as in, history of it. He thought I meant I wanted it and typed in a bid, and won. Okay, the bid is not a huge amount, but I do not want it. I already inherited similar things from my mom and it was not something I wanted more of. He completely misunderstood me. Should I offer to pay a small amount and tell them I do not want it, but need to make good for it? Or should I just tell them I do not want it? or just suck it up and pay for it and maybe give it away? edited to add: I am thinking maybe I should just email the guy and explain the situation and see what he says. Not sure if anyone has any other suggestions or has dealt with this before.
  12. I can tell you this. When the scapegoat is gone, at first, they will continue to rant and rave about the scapegoat, until they are tired out. There is no new material and the target is not around to feel the pain. So, they find someone new. And it is common that the new scapegoat is someone who formerly supported targeted the original scapegoat, so ha ha ha on them. Whatever...been there, and I am just not the current target and would like to keep it that way.
  13. I got the impression they were resellers too, teaming up to make sure no one else could get to things before them. It also leaves me to feel that I do not want to buy from re-sellers either because it just encourages this behavior and I worry that I would be buying from people who are like this.
  14. Last week, I decided to head to an estate sale at opening because I saw some things in pictures that I thought I would like. But once there, once inside, people were aggressive. I had been to estate sales before, but never at opening. In this case, once the doors opened, people were blocking paths from others walking, blocking doorways to rooms to keep others from looking, that sort of thing. Even though I was there early and was one of the first in the door, I was with my daughter so she could look at the craft supplies and some woman zoomed past me and then blocked the doorway to a walk in closet while she went through stuff and would not allow anyone to get past her to also look at stuff. (I was actually there first, but she went past me and then blocked the path). I saw this aggressive behavior throughout the house. It seemed like a lot of people came in pairs or so and would block entire rooms or even a hallway while the people they were with went through stuff in those places. I found it unsettling and upsetting. Later, I saw on a FB page where someone asked about estate sales and someone else said be aware that some people get aggressive there and don't be shocked if someone tries to grab something out of your hands, etc. If this happened to me, and just from what already happened, I do not think I can stomach these things. Does anyone have any experience with anything like this?
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