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  1. Janeway

    When is it worth it to buy a more expensive house?

    If I could comfortably afford it I would. Yes. Sounds like the other location will save you on gas and wear and tear on the car. And remember, the more you are on the road, the more likely you are to have damages to your car or an accident. Plus, sounds like you would have more space in the other location which you say you need. If it would make money really tight, I would not. Also, consider, the more expensive houses could be more energy efficient. When we moved, we purchased a house a lot more expensive, but, the utility bills were lower because of the area (different utility companies) and I am guessing the newer house was more energy efficient.
  2. Does not bother me at all. Assuming they are not keeping a register of which students are getting condoms of course.
  3. I think I need a storage shed. I want to free up the 3rd car bay in my garage and right now, it is being used to store all these bikes and a lawn mower. I do not need a huge shed and would actually like to fit it in on the side of the house where there is a plenty big space. Growing up, I have built one of these before, but have not built one in decades, or in the south. Not sure if I would be better off ordering one made of more durable materials for the south or what is best. Anyone add a shed to their home? I would love advice!!! Thanks!
  4. Janeway

    Outrage over the area method on social media

    Our local schools do such a horrible job teaching math that anyone who does well in math uses outside tutors and classes. My son came home with a problem written exactly like this and the teacher could not help him and told him to just look at the videos. m>1=m>3, m>2=m>4. I went through the answer key to figure out that the inequality sign was supposed to be an angle sign but the teacher was so unfamiliar with what she was even assigning the kids that she did not know this. It did not take me a long time to figure out the lazy "typo" so makes me wonder what the teachers are doing. But this is typical of our schools. At the lower level, a typical assignment includes writing a paragraph about how something makes them feel or what they can do to pay back society for all they have, etc etc etc.
  5. I am going to chime in on Math U See. I think it is an excellent program. And your son would likely love the variety of also having math games or apps to change things up here and there. The feedback I get on TT is that while the students like the sample lessons, it ends up droning on and on being exactly the same every day and they get tired of the cutesy little guy on the page and so on. Some people love ALEKS math...but I have no experience with it. It was too costly for me but others have said it is great at targeting what needs to be done and moving forward. There used to be a program that was highly recommended called Developmental Mathematics. still seems to be understanding gets to the point and does the basics. I would still add in computer games and apps and such to make things more interesting.
  6. I am already thoroughly familiar with the Black Hills but would like to pick a different cave to visit. We have seen a few caves and were thinking a new one might be good. But on to Wyoming...what are the must see or do things there? The children will range in age from 3 yrs old to 17 yrs old, but we can break off for older or youngers to do different things. Also, is Devil's Tower worth the stop? Because we plan to go to the Black Hills first and spend a few days and then see Devil's Tower on our way to the northwestern side of the state. However, if Devil's Tower (and other things on the eastern side) are just not worth it, we might cut South Dakota out of our list completely. The relatives we are visiting are on the northwestern side. Thanks!
  7. Janeway

    Jacobs Algebra or Key To Algebra?

    Forester's. I cannot believe I forgot the name in my post. I edited my post though.
  8. Janeway

    18 hr road trip, how would you do it?

    Two drivers, so we could go straight through. But 18 hrs seems pushing it..and that is 18 Google hours. I am guessing I would need to add a few hours for gas and bathroom breaks.
  9. Janeway

    18 hr road trip, how would you do it?

    Two teen boys, two grade schoolers, and a 3 yr old.
  10. Janeway

    18 hr road trip, how would you do it?

    That is a similar route. Do you have any hotels you recommend?
  11. I am trying to figure out how to make this 18 hr road trip feasible with 5 children. I thought of trying to find places to stop and see on the way up or back, but am coming up empty handed. I just do not know the areas well enough to figure out what would be a good fit for our family. I know the area I grew up in, which is close, but I am headed west of there. Our past trips were 14 hr drives and I knew the geography and how to make that work. I had that trip down. Big part of me wants to just make the most of our time in Wyoming and not try to make a day stop on the way back to TX but that would mean driving 18 hrs straight through to home at the end. However, unlike before, we do have ipads and such now.
  12. Janeway

    Gymboree is closing

    The one near us is closed too. I looked it up when I read your post.
  13. Janeway

    Jacobs Algebra or Key To Algebra?

    Jacobs covers prealgebra. IF you want to wait on Jacob's until fall, then just work on maybe the first 4 to 6 books of Keys, whatever it takes to finish the year. The first book of Keys to is negative numbers. Also, I have found Keys to Fractions to be invaluable for algebra too as it goes over factors and such, in the form of fractions. Also, I plan to have my 14 yr old finish over the summer the last few Keys to books he did not finish previously before starting algebra 2 next year. My 17 yr old learns quickly and mastered algebra quickly. But, then I found later, some topics were not quite second hand for him so I had him do Keys to also. IF you want to do them concurrently, then just go ahead and start and do both simultaneously or just get 2-4 books in before you start Jacobs. The first book of keys to might feel like it moves slowly. But what I do is have 2-3 of those books going at the same time. might look like this..first day you work from Keys to Algebra 1, and then second and third, from 1, and then on the 4th day, you might start 2, and the 5th day, do a little from 2 and a little from 1 and so on....And you do not need to finish any Keys to book to move on to the next one. I kept them in a standing up file folder and would use them throughout the year as we did algebra for review and also, there are times when the student gets stuck. SOME students seriously do better working through all topics on Keys to before it comes up in the regular algebra program you pick. It will depend on your child. I guess I would shoot for getting to the 4th book of Keys to, and then start Jacob's. Yes, it will be review...but practice is great and it will get your child familiar with the way Jacob's does things. And Algebra is one of the hardest courses of the high school maths so knowing it backward and forward will make the rest of his years much easier.
  14. Janeway

    Target inventory woes?

    Last year, when they remodeled it was like that. So irritating.
  15. I would totally do Clover anything for science. There was a coop that was online that I thought looked great for biology. I need to look for the link....someone here must know what I am referring to.....
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