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  1. So far, she gets it done. My daughter is a "rule follower" and does it. But she cries a ton while doing it and before doing it. IF I sent the work back undone, she will be held in from recess to do it.
  2. The home work takes more like an hour total and that is before stuff like reading. She is in first grade. The teacher straight out told me next year will be about double the work.
  3. She ends up crying so much over the home work anymore. And, the teacher has us filling out on a sheet how long each portion of home work takes. In this past week, I wrote that the 10 words that had to be copied 5 times each and given markings on each word for things, took a half hour (that is only about 30 seconds a word) I was told if she cannot handle this, things will be very difficult next year. They said it should have taken her 5 minutes total for that portion (which would have been 6 seconds per word, copied and marked). There are also between 60-100 math problems daily. These math problems, for 1st grade, are to the effect of 34-17, done over and over again. Each page is pretty much the same kind of problem done over and over again. That is supposed to take up to ten minutes. It does not. I hear from other parents that they are having big trouble too, but they feel like they just have to deal with it. On top of this, there is supposed to be reading time, studying for tests, and/or memorizing a poem. There is a weekly poem. So every day ends with her crying hysterically over it now.
  4. My daughter is IN school because she is desperate to have someone to play with all the time. When on break, she is constantly asking me to play school or play LOL or play Barbie, etc.. The public school was awful. I posted about it last year, the "pretty girl club" and extreme bullying. It was a nightmare. Then to add to it, they did not teach anything. They just tested and told the parents that they expected the parents to be "working with the kids" at home. (they don't call it teaching the kids at home). We switched to this classical education school. Everyone is GREAT. I mean, no bullying, excellent education, just really, a really good school. But, there is about 30-45 minutes of homework every night. Then reading on top of this. There are two recesses so that is nice. And big part of me thinks she should not leave because it is difficult to get in. But my biggest problem is, friendships. She is desperate for little girl friendships and going to school does that for her. She is surrounded by brothers. I do not know what to do. I am seriously considering home schooling and just hoping all works out. IF it does not, it can be very hard to get back in to the classical education school. Other parents have already tried to talk to administration about the heavy homework load, but they just answer there is a very long wait list to get in to the school. If we do not like the workload, they have plenty of people to take our child's place. I would love any advice, thank you! (regarding the friendship issue and considering switching to home school). Edited to clarify..she is in 1st grade.
  5. I just have a question about this. I have always used the Primary Edition (US Edition, but do have some 3rd editions). My daughter is in 1st grade at a school that uses Math In Focus. She is bringing home work such as...middle of the school year, first grade... 528+257. She had regrouping in subtraction and addition, up to three digits, in mid first grade. Now, a couple weeks ago, she was bringing home mental math to the effect of 34+56. In my Singapore Math 1B book..the mental math was more along the lines of adding 9's and 8's and kept to adding in single digits. There were no charts that showed to add the tens first and then the ones like in the Singapore Math book. The 34+56 type problems were in 3A and beginning of 3B. I am wondering if it is possible that the teacher has made her own worksheets and maybe did not realize the progression? I know the teacher told me that she used Saxon math when she was growing up and preferred. Honestly, based on what I am seeing, I think I might prefer Saxon over MIF.
  6. I use Spelling Workout, but found I do not care for the new edition as much as the older (1994) edition. If that gets to be too difficult to get, I might go to something like Spelling Power or R&S spelling. I also have used Word Roots software in the past. For some reason, that does not seem to be working on my computer anymore, even though I am trying to use it on the same computer as I previously used it on. I need to toy with that. If I cannot get it to work, I am unsure if I will replace it.
  7. I have changed on the death penalty too. It does more to hurt others, does nothing to heal anyone, and really, if the offender is guilty, is an easier way out.
  8. I was prochoice. Now, I am not. I think maybe it is okay to be legal when something is wrong with the baby or something wrong with the mom (physically wrong with the mom that is life threatening, not just a doctor willing to sign off that she is depressed), but not in cases of rape or just don't feel like having the baby. I think it should never be legal after 20 weeks. It should only be allowed for the mom to be induced and the baby to be given all care needed, and this would only be when something is wrong with the mom where she must deliver early to survive. I am very prolife for 99% of the situations and I think anyone who goes against these laws should be criminally charged with the death of the baby. I think smoking should be illegal. It makes no sense that abortion is legal, smoking around children is legal, and then...not vaccination is illegal in some areas. I also do not get why prostitution is illegal. Abortion is supposed to be legal because of a woman's right to control her own body, but then, prostitution is not legal? Our laws just do not match up. Drugs..I think they should be illegal, even marajuana. Whenever I have had to deal with people who use drugs, I have dealt with people who do not have the mental stability to care for themselves. They steal and cannot even hold down a simple day job. The situation is just not good. Using drugs is basically inflicting oneself with a mental illness. Continued drug use leads to a person being too mentally disabled to care for themselves. It raises possibility of laws being broken by the ones using drugs. I so not support legallizing drug use. So when I look at law saying a newborn baby must have a shot like Hep B at birth..I just feel shocked. Why? Why would the government be so concerned with the baby's health supposedly that there would be laws and regulation requiring injecting the drugs in to an infant like that, but no laws to protect the child from the severe damage second hand smoke can cause, or from being exposed to or raise by people who are drug users or from the crimes that result from the drug abuse. Or the drunk drivers who are allowed to go back out on the street over and over again until they kill a family....our laws just do not line up with each other. And in the absence of laws to protect children in so many areas, why the vaccination stuff? I am passed where I needed to be in bed so many I will wake up and find this post incoherent. Hopefully, I managed to express myself well.
  9. He is in a brick-and-mortar school so he does not need a textbook. He already has the Amsco book. But he wants another review guide for AP human geography. Please give me your suggestions thank you.
  10. He isn't trying to memorize the names so much as it is hard to follow the stories when the names are so complicated at the point we were at.
  11. Yes....not personally all of them. One person, they visited my mom's work. This was her coworker. They had recently had a baby and the baby had the 2 month check up. They came by my mom's work to show off the baby. This was a long time ago, maybe 15 yrs ago? I can remember where she worked at the time, just not sure of the dates. Anyway, the baby had had shots that day. By the next day, they got notice the baby had died. No one said it was due to the shots (the support group was held at a hospital so I am unsure if they would have been allowed to say if they suspected it). There was another who was a neighbor. Also, I had a child die (not from shots) and was in a support group for it and met other parents whose children died. Most children from the group I was in had either been premature or had heart defects. But there were a few through the years who died within 24 hrs of shots, not premature or heart defects. The baby of the neighbor was 2 months old. So both where I very clearly remember the age, it was a 2 month check up. From the support group, I do not recall the ages or such exactly, I just recall them being there.
  12. I have a doll waiting to be returned! I wonder if they will cancel my account. I order a ton though them so there have been a few returns. Like a winter coat for my daughter that was too small. I tell you, she is only 44 pounds and this coat was in size 7/8 and yet, it fit her perfectly, as in, if she gained one pound, it would not fit. And I recently bought it so it was only the end of the season. I sent it back and ordered a bigger size because I still liked the coat.
  13. Just during the time I had children, more and more shots became available. More and more shots started to seem to be for things that I had never ever known anyone to get shots for. And I knew some people whose children died within 24 hrs of shots. I was there one night and it was a neighbor. She kept screaming and crying and the ambulance took her little baby girl away. We had a candlelight vigil. That did not change my mind, but later, as I met a few more parents who told me their baby died shortly after shots, and more and more shots would come on the market. I have a few family members working in DC/Virginia. Ok..they live in Virginia and work for the federal government so I only assume they are working in DC, one in congress and two for the CDC, and used to have a friend where I used to live who had worked for the FDA. Just everything started coming together where I no longer trust that just because the government approves the drug and puts it on a list, I should purchase the drug and put it in anyone's body. It may have been the Tamiflu incident that made me look at everything closer. But, really, pieces just kept falling on me and one day, I started putting them together and concluded that I no longer trust doing all these shots. The mere existance of VAERS is a biggie too. There are just so many parts and I guess it all came together for me one day. I am not anti-medication or doctor. I don't spank and I do go to the doctor and I did ask for drugs upon my arrival at labor and delivery (I asked for this in my first trimester, LOL, I wanted a standing order at the labor and delivery, guaranteed). But, every decision should be taken separately. It is not just two bucket for those who are anti-all modern medication and pro spanking and the other bucket for fluid gender rallies and unschooling and whatever else. The first people I knew who did not do shots were not religious. They were heavy liberals. I met them in Le Leche League. Oh yeah..another post reminded me of this...another piece of the puzzle for me was seeing how different the vaccination records were from one country to the next. I think the final straw would be the guardasil. Did I ever tell this board about the time where the PA tried to convince my son who was 12 yrs old (give or take on the age, I do not recall exactly when that happened) that he could get HPV through kissing so he needs the shot, in case he ever wants to kiss a girl? ugh! If vaccinations were so great, we would not need laws to force them on people and we would not need VAERS. We would allow open discussion among doctors and scientists about this stuff.
  14. I wish people who have elective abortions would see the CGI reinactment first.
  15. I was once provax and am no longer. I think there are way too many vaccinations, given too young, and too many at once.
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