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  1. I am so sad. I don’t know how to even handle this.
  2. No miracles. He died a couple hours ago. I am wondering....I took him some movies and cookies in a plastic bag on Jan 2. He went in to the hospital Jan 14. I wonder if this is my fault. I usually wipe everything down before handing over, but did not this time. Anyone know? It was a plastic grocery bag.
  3. Please pray for my dad. His kidneys are failing. They are talking about us coming in to say our good-byes. But he still has a chance, but very slim. So please pray ASAP.
  4. I think it is the people giving the shots, they are not being careful. The deaths are spread across a variety of assisted livings, no more than one death at any one of them as far as I can tell. But, we were told it was outside contracted staff that came in and gave the shots. The outside staff was from CVS or Walgreens. So the same people who gave the shots at my dad's place also gave shots at the next place over, where there has been a death. On just one day, there were twelve deaths, all in the category of people who had the shots, most in assisted livings, spread across the county. ( chan
  5. I have no conclusion as to what is going on..but here is what has been happening. The vaccinations came to our county after Christmas, before New Years. Pretty much, in our area, the assisted livings have gotten their shots. So my dad has had his shots and my brother did too. Our average death rate for our entire county has been just over 1 death per every two days. Dad has his second shot about ten days ago on Saturday. He is now in the ICU, positive for Covid, on a ventilator (and unconcious). It is not looking like he will survive. Now, my younger sister sent me a text to show me a s
  6. I was just adding to what you said. I never attacked you. You are only attacking me because you know my political opinions so you were looking for any chance you could to attack. Sorry you are so judgemental and closed minded that you feel the need to take your anger to other boards and attack people.
  7. There were five people who died in DC on Jan 6 from the riot. 1 was a police officer, 1 was a woman who was shot by a police officer, and 3 were people with medical problems that died from them. No one from the DC riot went in to neighborhoods and shot children, attacked families, went after businesses. The riot was over within hours and the government has been extremely serious about going after those at the riot. They are even being put on the no-fly list and are being prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. This is in contrast to the BLM riotS. As in, many riots over a course of
  8. Unbelievably small. As in, no bigger than a softball.
  9. Sort of on topic but..I need to buy seeds for something that will be small when grown. This is because son received a small terrarium for Christmas from my dad and needs to grow something in it, but it must be something that is physically small so it fits in there when grown. Any suggestions?
  10. What the heck? Why are you angry? What are you even talking about?
  11. On that note though, in recent years, prior to Common Core, what was algebra 1 years ago started to be spread out over algebra 1 and algebra 2. Now, with Common Core, a lot of the algebra 1 content has been pushed back in to algebra 1. I have always loved Keys to Algebra for an easy but thorough review to hit the main points. The first few books are things they should have mastered before going on to Algebra 1, but, if the student is struggling with Algebra 1, they might need reviewing those also.
  12. CNN, Foxnews, BBC, Wall Street Journal. There was a woman who was shot by a cop, there were three people who died at the riots-but not attacked by the rioters. Over the course of 2020, dozens of people were murdered in riots and in the name of the "cause" of the riots. Billions of dollars in property damage happened. No one, not one media source or politician came out in support of the few hours of rioting on Jan 6, but many media sources and politicians came out in support of the riots and violence in 2020 and spurred it on further. What news source do you think is better?
  13. In 2020, I spent a lot of time in fear of BLM'ers coming in to the neighborhoods and attacking and harming people, which they did, just not my neighborhood. However, it did happen in my sister's neighborhood, which happens to be in south MPLS. Jan 6, people are reporting that in DC, cell phone coverage, even GPS, went completely out. On Jan 6, the riots lasted a few hours and I am not sure, but I have not seen reports of deaths from rioters attacking people. However, BLM/Antifa is responsible for many deaths and vilence going back a while now, from the sniper in Dallas to Landen to Connor Hi
  14. Way more than from riots on January 6. And no one threatened to go in to neighborhoods and attack. My sister lives rights where businesses were being torn down and burned and people were being attacked. She still cannot get mail and is still working on repairs to her own home.
  15. With all the riots, attacks, and violence that happened over the last year, I felt so much fear, anxiety, and emotional pain. I feel like what happened Jan 6 was nothing compared to the fear and pain I felt throughout 2020. And considering the media black out in the area of the attacks on that day, I don't think we will know the truth for a long time about Jan 6, if ever. But I do not really care. What happened Jan 6 was nothing compared to the riots, violence, attacks, that happened last summer.
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