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  1. I think it is a myth. Maybe some people can go, but it seemed for most people, it is either party party or study study. I do not see a ton of study study study and then a little party and socializing and then study study study.
  2. I think maybe I have something figured out that is working for us. Basically, level 4, first semester of TGTB, is only 43 lessons. We have completed it and it really only took 2 months. Anyway, we have not completed the Creative Companion through lesson 43 so my intent now is to work from CAP W&R while working on the Creative Companion. When we get done with W&R, or just tired of it, we will move back in to TGTB. I see TGTB only goes through level 7 and then moves to high school. There seems to be an expectation that level 7 would be completed by end of 8th grade. So I am not worried about the idea that he might start 5th grade still in level 4, but I am guessing that might not even happen. There seem to be about 50 lessons in the second half of level 4. We really like TGTB and it is nice that there is wiggle room to do other things too. What do you think? How have things gone with you?
  3. It is this way in the public high school here. There are no textbooks. The kids are given tons of hand outs. Even at kindergarten level, the teachers are teaching it all by the seat of their pants. They often will print things off of teachers pay teachers. Same thing going on at the high school level. Then they rely heavily on online mish mush. My now 10th grader gave up and I did not care. I have screen shots to show he had completed half a semester of work by early Feb, and it all was scratched. Apparently, his student account gave him work from one system when it was supposed to be on another. Now he is supposed to redo an entire semester of work. it is nuts. He is done and I feel the same way. What is the point? The other option is the charter school. That school does have textbooks and teachers who teach. However, they give hours of homework each night. In 2nd grade, there was an hour of worksheet type home work and then on top of that, reading time and studying for tests and flash cards. By high school, several hours of home work every night.
  4. Janeway

    Phonics help

    There is just a random assortment that has been collected through the years like School Zone and..just, little workbooks from through the years, nothing cohesive. But when he comes to the table, he says he wants his homework too and I pull from one of the workbooks and he scribbles all over it and then shows me. On the ones with pictures, he keeps writing the letter each one starts with, regardless of instructions. edited to add: he is 4 yrs old. I am focusing on teaching him handwriting. I remember what you said specifically about the two going hand in hand. He can read any CVC word, sound out, knows the sounds of each letter and then smooshes them together, but his handwriting struggles. Since he is only four, I am not worried about his phonics, just his handwriting.
  5. Janeway

    Phonics help

    I have OPGTR. BUT, my son really wants to sit down and for me to present him with worksheets, like his older siblings have, and teach him like they are. He colors the pages. I have spare workbooks left over from through the years. I am wondering if I should continue to try to use OPGTR or if I should let it go and just use the workbooks? I will run out of workbooks soon though so I would need to buy more. Also, currently, he is coloring on (and doing) ETC and HWOT workbooks. I could either buy more of those, next levels up, or I could buy something like TGTB kindergarten, or something else.
  6. I love that sweater! It also looks like it took amazing skill and dedication.
  7. When she calls, avoid answering. Then call her back later (hopefully when she does not answer) and leave a message saying you saw she called and wanted to call back, but don't have time right now, very busy, cannot answer phone during school day-teaching kids and all. The less available you are, the more she will have to make things work on her own. She is using you as a sounding board, not for real answers. She wants someone to bounce her thoughts off of. I get it, I have been there so many times. But it would likely help her more now to get a good nudge from the nest.
  8. He needs decent size print without cluttered pages. Do you have a specific book you recommend? For example, Foerster's Algebra and Trig book is a bit too overwhelming for him.
  9. He had completed everything to start algebra 1, but we started with keys to algebra in 7th and continued with Jacob's, starting maybe half way through the year. We only got part way through when he started a brick and mortar school.
  10. How does this notebook look? As in, exactly what did he put in to it?
  11. The last thing I did which seemed to finish off algebra for him was, I had ordered DO and had the workbooks but I also owned the textbook DO based his lessons on. He never really watched the DO lessons, but I had the textbook. DO's lessons were mostly based off the textbook (less and less toward the end, but I was able to figure it out). By teaching him myself, in person, I was able to watch his face and know if he really got it or not, and if he was just guessing or trying to go through the motions. We did algebra 1 at home in 7th grade and only got through the first few chapters. First we did keys to algebra. Then, I think we did Jacob's, but might have done Foersters. Then, the next year, he went to a brick and mortar school and did algebra 1. He did okay but by the end of the first semester, he was struggling. He left that school at Christmas that year and I did DO with him. By "did DO" he did not watch the lectures and I took the book and taught it to him myself. We got through it and then he finished up the year with an online school and earned a 99 on the final. The next year (which was last year) he took geometry in public school. The first semester he was in preAP and earned a 72. To be honest, it was poorly taught. The teacher even told me she was new to teaching that class at that school and felt frustrated with the restrictions given to her in teaching. Basically, she was not allowed to teach certain parts but required to test on them. She said her hands were tied. It was stuff like telling students to make proofs, but then not allowed to list the various theorems and such to use. The students were supposed to figure it out from the course of the lecture without having any sort of summary or review. Regular level students were given a list and better explanations. In the second semester, we switched him to regular level and he earned 89.
  12. It caused no confusion for us. Also, we have a globe sitting out and will point to where on the globe the lesson is each time. I think this really puts everything in to perspective.
  13. It’s not just the math, it’s everything. He is struggling all around.
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