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  1. This guy who did the killing had complaints about him before. The people I know in MPLS say this incident is not isolated and not just one race. Oh, when I said about how I have been treated, I was referencing as a white mom in suburbs. Some ..well, we have words for people like the cops who did this, but I will just put the initials, SPGs who did this have done stuff before and should have been removed. Everyone involved in the coverup should have been too. Did you see the release by the MPLS PD before they found out there was a video? The police chief signed off claiming he viewed the bodycams and backed up the cops stories. This would make me go "hmmm" about a lot of past stuff in MPLS. That city used to be one of the safest in the country, not anymore. I feel so angry over what has happened.
  2. I think it is very simplistic to just claim all police are out to kill black people. I think what happened to this man was horrific. He didn't deserve it. But, it is not a systematic racist issue. Black people kill white people every day. White people kill black people every day. Insert Hispanic on all sides too. Police get murdered, police have murdered too. It is just it makes huge news if a police officer kills a black person or a white person kills a black person. Statistics show this is not owned by one race over another. I, myself, have been on the receiving end of an aggressive cop that should be fired. I have warned my children to steer clear of the police and if ever confronted by one, keep their mouths shut, never fight back, never back talk, don't give any information, and call home as soon as possible. I am not even black and I don't live in a large city. But I also know that most police are good people and most condemn what happened to this man. I do believe if this man had been white/hispanic and everything else leading up to this were the same, the result would have been the same. The officers that did this are evil. My bet is that they have done stuff before and nothing was done to stop them. There should be more accountability for those in those positions, positions of power like that. And the lies spread by the department..claiming the viewed the video. Just no...there should be prosecutions and life in prison. I would go for death on the officers but I am guessing a state like MN would not have the death penalty.
  3. How much of this do you think is real unemployment and how much from prejudice? We have faced so much and have been told the most nasty stuff through the years. I am talking from anyone from educators on over. My sister, who was a high school counselor in our very large district was informed to not allow kids with ASD to enroll in AP or preAp courses. We have been told by more than one educator and person in position of authority, that kids with autism do not go to college and just need to focus on life skills. When my son was in kindergarten, he was reading chapter books before he started kinder and turned 6 in the first month of kinder, yet the teacher demanded that he was not ready for kindergarten because of his special needs and then wanted to hold him back at the end of the year. She made it clear she did not want him in her class all year and knew he would be at a different school then. Public school was hell for my son. I could write pages and pages over how he has been treated through the years, but my blood boils and I think places should be sued and held accountable.
  4. This is not my child. But I thought I would ask because I was unsure how this would be handled or if it would ever come to anyone's attention. This is for the grandchild of my neighbor, but I did speak with the mom and she told me about it herself. They had their child at a private school until high school. Then they sent the child to public school for ninth grade. The child did not do well in a couple classes so they had her do summer school at a private school. Then when they returned her to the public school, the very large public school said that she did not have permission to do summer school at the private school and even if she did, they do not allow retakes of classes where a passing grade was earned. If she had failed those classes, it would have been fine. The parents still sent her for one semester and said they were done with that school. They switched her to private school and she is doing summer school. I am unsure what happened. I could make guesses but honestly, I know the grandma better than her parents or her. I met her when she was young and she has always been sweet and respectful as has her month been. ALso, she is very big in to soccer and is in to come very competitive things with soccer. If I were to guess, her soccer schedule maybe got in the way with school and she needed the time to retake some of the classes. I am unsure which ones she retook. (ok, I have called the grandma now, in the middle of making the post and apparently, she is on something having to do with "preOlympic" for her soccer). The big question is, when she applies to colleges, and she is starting to mention maybe even looking at military academies or schools where she can continue with the soccer, will anyone care that her private school transcript is not the same as the public school one when it comes to the classes she took at public school? Do schools just ask for the final transcripts or do they ask for every transcript along the way even though the final one includes everything taken all along? I had told the mom I would ask my sister, who is a school counselor, but my own sister had no idea.
  5. He only took a couple courses from mid October to December. So they were 9 week courses. And it was through their virtual learning they were teachers who regularly taught through there.
  6. I am unsure. I know he did not like their iPads. Everything had to be done on iPads and there were no books. The teachers usually had several platforms going and did not properly handle them. This includes stuff like listing a site to do work on and then after completing a bunch of work, coming back and saying she meant this other site but he could redo all the work over there.
  7. I have books in Fortran and Pascal. They were my mom's books. She has two degrees, one in computer science.
  8. He also already has the 2 years of Latin credit at Baylor, so he would just go on to upper level classes if he kept taking classes in it.
  9. He was already notified he earned the outside scholarship. But he had to notify them of which school he wanted it to be applied to and with the shutdown, communication has been impossible. As in, after the shut down, he went back to inform them which school and a secretarial type person gave him bad information and then we had to go back and forth with a supervisor and that is where we are at. There seems to be an issue of did we turn in paperwork in time, which we provided digital proof we did, and whatever. I just wish emails would be answered and things would be dealt with as this was not our fault.
  10. Maybe he does need the year off. And to answer the question about his math skills, he has excellent math skills, has already taken calculus but not the AP exam so he would retake it in college and has taken calculus based physics too, but not the AP exam.
  11. So please help me again on this seriously. I have a lot of software developers in my family, including one at Amazon, one at Apple, one at Oracle, and then a variety of other lessor known companies. They all have told me it does not matter, the BA vs BS thing. BUT, they are all over 40 yrs old so I am thinking maybe this is an "older developer" vs "younger developer" issue. Maybe older people get a pass but younger people who are fresh out of college are expected to have BSCS degrees? edited to add: the one at Oracle and the one at Amazon have BSCS degrees, but say they have plenty of people working with them who do not.
  12. you all are saying he really needs to go for the BS and not the BA?
  13. Yes....yep. Yes yes yes and yes. Want to step in to my life? At least he cleaned the bathroom today. Turns out...his deal was, he does not want to turn things in electronically but he likes programming. He took classes for nine weeks at the local public school and they did a ton online. They insisted on the use of ipads. Honestly, our local public schools seemed confused. For example, one teacher putting out a syllabus and having classes on one platform. Then after completing a portion of the course, realizing this and telling son to just redo the class (this was my other son who took a class there). Another situation-teacher had everything on the wrong platform and no access to anything anywhere. At least with that class, child did not do half of the work before being told it was not valid.
  14. I am wondering if we need a do over? SO many problems! Son did not really know what he wanted to major in before. He was pretty certain of philosophy it seemed. Now he wants to do computer science. But he does not want to do a BS or a BSCS, he only wants to do a BA in computer science because he still wants to be open to taking liberal arts classes and philosophy and such. Stupidly, we did not get out and look at colleges until it was senior year so he has not seen much. AND, with the shut down, he never got to finish seeing the colleges he applied to. PLUS, his original goals have changed. Deadlines are June 1!!!!!! There is even a scholarship issue where he had a significant outside scholarship and we have been unable to verify things with that. OKAY, with the change to computer science, even though it is a BA, my husband, who has a degree in computer science, is starting to think of other schools son should consider. As it stands right now, son is planning to accept the University Scholars program at Baylor. We just cannot afford it without this outside scholarship and I am having a very hard time getting answers. In fact, THIS is the main issue. And the deadline is June 1. There seems to be enough financial aid at Austin College and Trinity University without this additional money (and I already verified I can bring the money in). Southwestern University did not give enough aid (they gave more than Baylor, but less than AC or TU) and I have not been able to verify that this money can be taken to an out of state school (Cornell College and Hendrix). UTD was another school but he really wants to be able to take liberal arts courses. My husband is suggesting we have him postpone college until we are not trying to make decisions in the middle of a shut down. And that during this time, he can visit more schools and apply to a bigger variety of places (like add Rice in). BUT, we have done SO much work!!!! I do not know if it is worth it. Plus, there is a situation where when he first applied, he was attending a classical education charter school and then he left. (story in another post so I will not rehash). If we redo the applications, we have to face doing all that over again, I don't know if he can get the teachers to redo their recommendations, and what additional schools would we consider? My husband would like to see him apply to the school my husband went to. Our son said he has no interest in going across country. My feeling is, that because of the situation of how senior went after he applied, that redoing applications everywhere could be a nightmare. So perhaps, if he does not go right away, he should take community college courses and apply as a transfer student. OR, at least go to one of the schools with good enough aid and apply to transfer if he is not happy. Son says he would like to just go straight off to college, but he is a bit torn about where to go, but at this point would like to just go to Baylor. We only have this week to sort out the financial aid problems and then either put the money down when we don't know if he can go and risk losing it, or forgetting it.
  15. We went to the ped first. He started medication. Then he overdosed on it. We stopped medication and are just doing therapy now. We are going to revisit medication later.
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