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  1. Oh yeah, and I also used Keys to Algebra with him too. Loved those books!
  2. I actually bought the book Derek Owens uses from and taught my son himself. My son, that particular one, did much better with workbooks than otherwise.
  3. Hi! My son would like to redo precalculus. Also, he likely knows a portion of it. He took it last school year at a school but he says the class was not very good. I posted about this early in the year when the teacher was still on the first chapter three months in, or something like that. Point is, he wants to redo, or at least learn what was missed. I ,personally, would like for him to like math. He used to like it and now he does not after having this teacher. I do not want to spend tons and tons of money, but am willing to spend some. I used Derek Owens in the past and was happy. But I hear others love Dr D a lot. Even a good textbook might be good. It should not be something where he has to answer to someone as I want him to be able to skip ahead over things he already has mastered. A very good review workbook is good too. Also, we already have the SAT Subject Test review guide for Math 2, not sure if that makes a good review. Maybe precalculus for Dummies? Or an actual textbook? I was seriously considering Dr D except they don't have summer classes. I am unsure if Khan Academy is very good.
  4. 7 yr old daughter wants to share with little brother. I would think it would be fine now, but for how long? edited to add: I was thinking also of putting all three younger children in the bigger bedroom for sleeping as we have a playroom and a gameroom and the teens use neither. The teens want their own space and privacy so they would each have their own rooms in the two smaller bedrooms. But neither the playroom nor gameroom would be appropriate as a bedroom.
  5. I am very sorry you are going through this. (((hugs)))
  6. I had a lot of trouble with my parents. SO..I got a job and paid my own bills. Sure, I did not get to pursue the fun career of acting (believe me, I wanted to). But, I found something practical that I still was able to be okay with and I think this is fine. I think you would be enabling the woman. Sorry she has it rough with her parents, but she is not a child. She is a grown adult. If she is having trouble with her parents and has an associates degree, she just needs to suck it up and get a job and pay her own bills to get on her own. I was in a yucky little one room rental place to begin with. The heat did not really work. But it motivated me to work hard to get to my next step and so on. This girl has the chance to, at 21 yrs old, work her way up in the world. And if you "rescue" her, she will spend her life "needing" to be rescued and never feeling like she can stand on her own two feet. Her anxiety will become ten fold because she will not feel she can care for herself because everyone else will have always cared for her. You would be doing great harm for her if you took her in. If you said she were being beaten or something, sure. But you did not. So no, do not take her in.
  7. Based on my experience having a child with ASD and how the public school treated him and failed to teach him, he would probably be better off home alone than in school, if it is anything like what we went through.
  8. You are not required to disclose a disability. You can if you want, but do not have to. Also, having cancer in the past does not neccesarily qualify as a disability.
  9. My husband was raised Catholic and does not want our children at a Catholic school. University of Dallas appears to have so much that son wants. Is it worth visiting or should I just keep it off the list? We have raised our children in a protestant church. Baylor is Baptist but I would not keep it off the list over not being Baptist. I have heard from people of a variety of religions, including Catholic, that have no problem with Baylor. Would that work with University of Dallas?
  10. My son has received some mailers from this school and it is the only one he brought to me and wants to talk about. I did research online. It is a very small school. It has a preset curriculum, no major choices. Everything is done through Socratic discussions. Also, it is far away. It has two campuses but sounds like the one in Maryland would be the better one. I have never even been to that part of the country. But again, it is the only college he came to me to talk about.
  11. I was curious so I looked it up at our local community college and it lists precalculus as a prereq for calculus and college algebra as a prereq for precalculus.
  12. What would be a good, and not too painful way, to review algebra 1 and maybe even get a head start on algebra 2 this summer? I thought of simply starting algebra 2. Also, I have unfinished Keys to Algebra books he could review from first. I am open to a variety of things, including apps and computer games. This is his biggest struggle but he wants a career in a math related field.
  13. I am trying to say..I get how you feel. I have been going through this, but in high school. He hates his math teacher so he is barely trying.
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