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  1. Did she really have schizophrenia? Or was she just locked away because someone didn’t want her around?
  2. Husband and son kept driving car while it was over heating. Husband also skipped maintenance items, like radiator flush. Now the car quickly overheats. Took it in to see what was wrong and how much it would cost to fix. It is basically over $2000 for repairs and then there are some maintenance items. Physically, the car is in good shape with a nice clean interior and exterior. The place we go to is pretty honest and they tell me the rest of the car looks to be in excellent shape and should run us well, as long as we keep up with the maintenance this time.
  3. There are more differences than that. I would suggest starting with 2B and make sure the student has learned some of the math facts multiplication table, all the ones from 2A. I have found that when one has completed a second grade program elsewhere, 2B is a good entry point. This level is strong on mental math and some other topics that are not typical to the usual 2nd grade program. My child who has completed 3rd grade BJU math and MIF through 2B, will be doing Singapore Math (US edition) level 3A next. But it looks like she will likely be able to skip 3B and go to 4A after that. But I will
  4. I would like to combine their writing program. She likes writing (upcoming 4th grader) where as he tries to do the bare minimum. Any suggestions? So far, I am considering CAP W&R and Wordsmith Apprentice.
  5. Mine have story starters. We have used those Usborne and DK books for this. But I also have always given each of my children one by Scholastic that you can only find used now...which is fine, makes it cheap. I will need to go check the name of the book. What I should do, knowing that it is now out of print, is have one copy and then have them write the story starter on their own paper. But I already had the first four kids write in their own books so the last one will write in the last book. It is called "My Writing Book" by Joyce C. Bumgardner. It is this one... https://www.amazon.com/gp/prod
  6. I could definitely go twice a week with no car, even more really. But I have a teen who drives and works. However, that is a double edge sword. He has complained endlessly about having to drive an old car. He also has, many times, just up and gone out without asking first. My husband feels that having the second car gone and not replaced will teach our teen to appreciate what he had and reel him in.
  7. We live in a suburb with no public transportation, surrounded by major roads. His commute to work is 45+ minutes each way. So Uber would cost more than a second car.
  8. Could you last with just one car, a fairly new one, for your family? My husband currently works from home. His non-working 17 yr old car is on the other side of town, not working. It is a 2004 Honda Civic. We are thinking of not repairing it or replacing it. My husband won't always work from home as this is a Covid thing, however, when he does go back to in person work, the current plan is two days a week. I am starting to think that it is not worth paying for a second car for him being gone twice a week.
  9. I try not to lower my children to the level of the state standards. Maybe the state standards from 100 years ago would be good, but not wet is there now.
  10. She loves to write and writes a ton on her own. Then I stop her and make her sit down to do the BJU worksheets. She clearly gets the stuff in the worksheets, but it is just such a drudgery. I feel like the value is gone. Edited to add; this is end of third grade.
  11. I have found that TGTB LA approached grammar from a different direction and it has been highly effective. It will do things like have a picture study and then have the student come up with adjectives from the picture, that sort of thing.
  12. We are doing BJU English. Every other chapter is writing. Each writing chapter explains the type of writing. Then has some sort of graphic organizer. Then moves on to draft, then revise, then proofreading, and then final copy. After that is a chapter review and then a cumulative review. We did TGTB LA2 this year and BJU 3. We have two writing assignments left...a biography and a compare and contrast essay. Thing is..I am now wondering if taking on two programs was too much. It is April and she would love to spend all her time reading. I would like to take it easy for the rest of the year and
  13. Glad it was resurrected. I’d never heard of I’ld before. Neither has Apple as my phone kept trying to correct my spelling.
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