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  1. My fiction books are organized by age level basically and then within that, by series or author. My science books are all on bottom shelves across the many shelves, but by topic. My history books are chronological order, on specific shelves. I recently bought another shelf. It is already full.
  2. There is a list of suggested books, but SWB doesn’t feel those books are superior to others and comprehension questions are not based on them. So if you already have other books, use them. If you prefer the library, use whatever they have on each topic.
  3. I really like UTD. My son loved it when we toured. Unfortunately, his major isn’t too great for UTD (philosophy) otherwise he could be one and done too. He needs financial aid too so he needs to apply more places for that.
  4. I let son try a game called Prodigy and he is loving it. I am wondering what other computer games he might like that are educational. Thank you!!
  5. It is not a different way of speaking, nor is it simply being gender is just improper grammar. Your colleague has substituted a singular pronoun with a plural one. It is also one of the more common grammar errors.
  6. This reminds me of a hospital where I was supposed to give birth and they acted like I was so unreasonable. They put cameras in their postpartum hospital rooms so they could just look in on the mothers any time they wanted. The mom's could push a button that would shut it off for 15 minutes at a time, but otherwise, it was on 24/7. I objected. Then I switched doctors because it was made clear I was unreasonable and my doctor only practiced there. It was so creepy. I am shocked that anyone ever delivered there. I was on the tour and just was in such shock. I was the only one who seemed to object.
  7. I would not do the biology class, that is for sure. Something that jumped out at me is that you said there is a year long biology class that has lab you could not replicate at home. Okay, fine. But she does not need every single thing possible out there. Sounds like the only reason for the biology is because you feel like you cannot do it at home. But the Shakespeare, you would do that because she would love it. So do the Shakespeare. The amazing labs are not going to be life altering. She can get biology in another way and on a future year. I would pick something each child would enjoy. I would also consider combining. So, maybe with the younger kids, if one would enjoy the ranger thing and the other the met, then do the ranger thing one year or semester and the met the other, so you do not have to run two places.
  8. I want to send this video to someone...but I do not know how to get the link to the video. Can you please help me?
  9. It was not clear to if she was willing to allow him to just switch to a different medication or add back in July. I did tell her I wanted him off the intuniv. So it went, in this order..I told him the medication only made him sleepy and gain weight and did not improve his symptoms. She said she could add a medication to counteract the sleepiness and that might help the symptoms more. I said I only wanted to stop the Intuniv and then start something different. It was brought up that it would be best to have a period of time between stopping one and starting the next so getting to the new school year might be a good idea. She said that was fine and to call back to the office when the school year started if I wanted another medication called in. It was never clear, which I only realized after the fact, if she meant instead of intuniv. However, since we did agree to stop the intuniv, it would seem to me it would not make sense to expect us to start the intuniv back up a little more than a month later. When I called back to the office Tuesday, I said he did need to start that other medication, specifically not the intuniv. No one called back so I finally called Wednesday afternoon and they said she had gotten the message and called in the intuniv and does not plan to call me back. I asked "that is it? no call back? nothing? not even to tell me she wanted him back on the intuniv after I specifically said no intuniv?" And the staff member said correct. I told her I thought that was rude and I felt it would have been respectful to at least call me to let me know the request has been denied. She offered to make us an appointment so I could tell the doctor how I feel about no one calling me back and I said no, no point, I do not need an appointment to discuss office policy on calling patients back. I am concerned with the medication and if she has made her decision, I don't need to waste my time arguing how she decided to convey that decision. That was the end. I called the children's hospital back then.
  10. We discontinued the Intuniv in July. I am not willing to start it again but according to the office, she called it in to be started again and I am refusing. If it did not work in May/June/July, it will not work now. He has been off it since early July.
  11. I am also thinking that maybe because she is only parttime now, she is not wanting to do as much. I do suspect there has been miscommunication, but really, she did not bother to call back or anything. So, the conversation has been shut down. If I made another appointment, I think it should be with someone who is fulltime.
  12. No idea, thought it was odd. But I also thought it was very rude she did not call me back. I am going to get him on the waiting list for the children's hospital now, which is a complete pain. It is a long wait and then a long drive. She is only the primary care physician, not a psychiatrist.
  13. He took it for the first half of the summer and gained weight and had no symptom changes. He could hardly even participate in his physical exercise type classes. He would just lay there and then take naps every day.
  14. We finally took the step a little bit ago to get son on medication. The doctor gave him Intuniv. All Intuniv did for him was put him to sleep. So, when we went back to the follow up, I asked for a different medication. She said she would add a medication to counteract the sleepiness. I said I preferred to not have him on multiple medications, especially since the Intuniv was not doing anything for him. She said to go home and think about it and call back up if I wanted her to call in another medication. I went home and thought. It has been over a month and I called back and asked for her to call something different in. Nope. She is only willing to call in Intuniv. She did not even call me back to tell me. I had to call the pediatrician office after waiting a couple days and ask and then get told by the receptionist that she had gotten the message and says we can have the Intuniv.
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