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  1. There was a fun science kit from Home Science Tools called Magic Chemistry. This ended up being a ton of fun and there seems to be a sale right now.
  2. I have to admit about the just completed house...I am thinking you mean a new build...this would not bother me so much. In new neighborhoods, the builders often continue to show the houses up until they close. People around them are always looking. I went to the new neighborhood next to ours one weekend and was looking at the various houses and found a few other neighbors there. Even when realtors have open houses, they say they expect neighbors to come by and see. Our old house had an open house and some of our neighbors mentioned they had gone and it did not bother me.
  3. I am going to agree with this. I had a cleaning person before who would let anyone in who knocked on the door. It was not okay. And one time, she let someone in who I really did not want in the house. I let her go and never hired anyone else. (I had other reasons for not having a cleaning person anymore though). But I would be seriously miffed that the workers let them in.
  4. They have now called me and said they had been testing out a robo system for the holidays and their robo customer service thing made a mistake telling me this. I had to send them screen shots to show them that their robo system told me this and appeared to be a real person telling me this. Apparently, the instructions were supposed to be in there. But also, so was an explanation of what the crates was about. I did not get that with the first two crates. So they are going to send me it all, but, I never would have realized there was supposed to be an explanation or story of sorts to go with it if the instructions had not been missing from the third crate. And even though they are sending me the story thing that goes with it, we already did the crafts so, well, everything is out of context and not sure if would even get why I am showing him pictures or a story even though he did the craft a month ago. It seems to me he might have gotten more out of the crafts if he had the story or explanations to go with them. I have not seen the "magazine" for the first two crates yet, but as far as I can tell, there seems to be a story to tell that leads in to the craft. And we did the crafts from the first two crates not knowing there was a story.
  5. 99.9% of the people in this world think when someone complains, the complainer (not meant as a negative word) wants solutions. That is not why someone complains, 99% of the time. They just want someone to care about what they are going through. I learned this from watching Parks and Rec. It is an episode where Rob Lowe cannot figure out why his pregnant wife was so mad at him when he comes up with solutions to her problems. (love the boob hats statement). Ever since I saw this episode, I try to tell myself to sympathize and be caring without offering advice when someone tells me about something going on (but still do not succeed often). Maybe what you need to do is tell people you do not want advice, you just want someone to listen and care. But..well..I just gave advice. I hope it helps anyway.
  6. I would love to have a big family holiday. So if anyone wants to invite us, awesome! But, I cannot do a bunch of dogs with a cat and cigarette smoke. So, I would be out also, for the one you are invited to.
  7. Thanksgiving is a big deal here. But this year, it has to wait until the weekend. We have family coming in from out of town on the weekend following and my husband feels an all out Thanksgiving dinner three days apart is a bit much, ha ha ha. Anyway....I will come up with something that is Thanksgiving-ish for Thursday and then the big meal on Sunday. And we can be thankful for everything all week.
  8. I ordered Kiwi Crate. I thought I only signed up for three months so we could try it, but turns out I signed up for 6 months, The first crate was on rainbows. It came with some supplies and a small pamphlet with instructions for three activities. These were done very quickly. Each activity lasted maybe 10-15 minutes. The next crate was on musical instruments. Again, supplies and small instruction pamphlet. We did the activities, but not much excitement for them. The third crate came, some supplies, no instructions. I contact them and they tell me I have to pay an extra $9.95 for a "deluxe" pack that would include instructions. I was upset and told them I want to cancel. I do not want to pay this money just for some supplies with no instructions or anything. Then, it gets worse. I look back at their website and they even say on their website that you get a "magazine" about the topic and extra activities online to do with your child. But apparently, all that is only with some deluxe option that I did not know about. Now, after making a complaint to their FB page, they agreed to send me instructions for the crate I already have, but won't refund my future three crates. I seriously could have just spent $5 at Walmart and have gotten what I have gotten on this. Are all "crates" this bad? I thought this would be something enjoyable where the crafts are set up for us and we could do things together. Instead, I have to google ideas of what to do with the things they sent, AND I could have bought this stuff for so cheap locally.
  9. My children have begged to see snow, but no such luck. We have gone almost five years without. And then I see on the Hallmark channel, these places you can go where it is all about Christmas. Okay, so on the Hallmark channel, the theme is usually a place that is being sold and the grumpy young hot shot business person needs to come see it, coincidentally at Christmas, to make plans for shutting the whole thing down. Only, the person gets there and falls in love with the place, and a person who is there, who happens to be a very successful doctor/lawyer/CEO who gave up everything because they love the place. Point is, are there really places like in the movies...with an inn you can stay in and all sorts of old fashioned Christmas activities and such? And guaranteed snow?
  10. I think she just wants to take pictures and such.
  11. Daughter really wants a smart watch for Christmas. No way am I getting her anything with cell phone type service. But then I found out there are smart watches by companies like v-tech, that are meant for kids. They are like fake cell phones, only in watch form. They are kid of pricey, as in, $60 it seems, take pictures, and so on. I am wondering if anyone has any of these or has seen reviews or such? I saw a magazine type review listing off the various ones and telling about them. I did make it clear to daughter that she will NOT get an Apply watch or anything that connects to the internet or phone service. She still wants one knowing these restrictions. So I would love to get some feedback on what is out there.
  12. My son has already been accepted to Baylor Honors program and is planning to accept there if we can work out the financial aid.
  13. Son is loving TGTB for language arts, but I do not think their history will be for us, only because I really just want to do American History right now. I have seen so much that looks good, Our Land Publications, Time Traveler, and even Notgrass would maybe be okay. I used Notgrass for High School before and did not like it terribly much but the grade school looks like it might be better. I am definitely not wanting a program where I am expected to purchase a bunch of additional literature books to go along with it. I have an extensive library already and while I would not mind purchasing a few books, something like Sonlight or MFW would not work for us. I would love to hear suggestions and/or experiences with various programs.
  14. I love this assessment of Texas!!!
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