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  1. I'm so sorry to hear this, Scarlett, and am praying for all your family. What a kindness from strangers - that is amazing. Your parents are blessed to have you and other family members willing to drop everything and care for them. Praying for safe travel for your sister and a good recovery for both your parents. 💙
  2. You're not under any obligation to give them a gift (no invitation, no obligation). Since it sounds like you will continue to have a relationship with them in the context of this group, I think what you need to think about it in terms of the relationship going forward. And I don't have a clear answer for what you should do, just that your response will impact the continuing relationship. For example, will this situation remain an unspoken issue/elephant in the living room in your relationship with them? Will giving or not giving a gift make a difference there? What kind of value does thi
  3. I don't have any advice for the situation, but just want to express my sympathy in the loss of your son. Praying for peace and comfort for you and your family.
  4. Praying for you, your family, and your school today!
  5. I would love a PM too, please! This is what happens when I try to limit my time online....hmmmph. @Not_a_numberso sorry you were on the receiving end of bizarre and unsettling actions.
  6. I love David French, so I'll try to listen to that one in the next day or two. It looks like a good one!
  7. What a beautiful tribute! I am sorry for your family's loss. 💙
  8. Yes, so frustrating! I hope you can get it ironed out without spending half your life on it. 🤪
  9. Praying for you right now!
  10. Family vacations are not necessarily relaxing for me, and all my kids are teens and pretty self-sufficient! But they are enjoyable in many ways - I love to see new places and enjoy the time with my family. So they're good, and a break from the normal routine, but can be quite tiring! I don't think it's selfish to recognize that a truly relaxing time for you would be getting away without any responsibilities. And it's wise to recognize what kind of expectations are reasonable for your family trip.
  11. I have tried to time it with a presidential election year, since that seems to raise interest with my students.
  12. Claire, I'm really sorry that things are working out this way for your son's wedding. Praying that you and your family can walk through this with graciousness and peace despite the huge disappointments. And I do hope that one of those dresses from Amazon is just right for the occasion!
  13. Just seeing this tonight - I am praying for your dear little boy, and for you!
  14. Praying for your family. 💙
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