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  1. I have used a good number of the ones you listed (just call me a science curriculum junkie 😎), and I think God's Design fits your qualifications the best. When you looked at that one, what did you not like about it? Elemental Science would fit everything except that it usually uses an encyclopedia type of book as a spine. But typically has good activities and a variety of output.
  2. Praying for you and for your daughter, BeckyJo. What a hard situation for you. 💙
  3. My kids are 14, 15, 18, 20. I would not leave my two younger kids home for that length of time, either alone or together. Too much alone time, and I'm not comfortable with them staying alone overnight. A very responsible 16 yo with a license, probably, but for me, not younger than that.
  4. Right there with you! When DS moved two weeks ago we knew we'd be seeing him the next day and then again in two weeks for Labor Day weekend. Now he won't be back for five weeks! Major pep talks with myself over the weekend as I realized how hard it was going to be to keep saying good-bye. Also I'm still sorting through how best to keep in touch, how to keep him in the loop of things going on at home, etc. On the flip side, I know he's adjusting well, making new friends, settling into his classes and routines there, and I'm so grateful for that. It's exciting when our kids have great opportunities, but the changes are hard!
  5. So sorry, I totally feel your pain. My 15 year old ds has been growing like crazy for the past couple of years, and he just. will. not. stop. He used to just wear whatever his older brothers handed down to he is passing clothes down to them! 🤣
  6. I think you got a lot accomplished for one day! Maybe your expectations for your own productivity are too high? Or is the issue more connected to wondering what your purpose is now that your sons are both more independent? That is a hard transition - be kind to yourself as you sort through and adjust!
  7. I think you should go for it! It sounds great to have something that you're passionate about to focus on in your current season of life. Can you work and pursue the master's degree part time? Maybe work part time instead of full time?
  8. Praying for your family! That is a lot all at once. May you have peace as you say good-byes and grieve.
  9. My ds used the Apologia Health last year. He actually enjoyed it (this is my kid who loves soccer & music but never loves academics), and I was really impressed with it. It covers a good variety of topics (in addition the nutrition and physical body, things like mental health, relationships, home safety). The projects are really well done and applicable, not makework. Things like personality/temperament assessment, keeping a food diary and assessing your nutrition, gas/fire/fire alarm assessment of your home are a few examples. He only had about three months to give to it, so I had him read and answer the on your own questions, but he did not do the study guide or tests. My intention was that he would only do a fraction of the projects , but I actually assigned a greater percentage of them because I thought they were so good. I'm planning to have my younger ds & dd (9th & 10th grades) do Apologia Health for the upcoming year. They will also be doing Biology at the same time. We will spend the entire year on it, but spend less time per week. I will also have them do the study guide and tests. I am giving 1/2 credit for what my older son did last year (he also did CPR and first aid). I think if you did the full curriculum and added in some extra (maybe 20-40 additional hours, depending on how you definite your credit), you could award a full credit. I think the curriculum is appropriate for any high school age student. You would want the student to have enough maturity to self-reflect appropriately for the projects. It's not as in-depth as the Advanced Biology/Human Body text, but it's good coverage of the human body, which I think is important it that's not covered in your Biology curriculum.
  10. The actual potato dish with cheese/hash browns isn't necessarily Mormon/LDS, but I've most often seen them referred to as "funeral potatoes" by LDS food bloggers. Also, I'm pretty sure Auguson Farms (which primarily sells "food storage" food items) is an LDS company.
  11. Praying for a good path forward for you!
  12. Yes, totally understand. I'm down to kids #3 & 4, both in high school. I already know what options there are for curriculum and for the most part will use things that the older brothers already used. So looking for new curriculum isn't much of a thing. And I no longer need to spend too much time thinking about routines or educational philosophies. However, I do enjoy learning new things with them and reading good books with them. Since I'm down to two students, I actually have more time to focus on each of them and absorb some of what they're learning rather than just trying to stay on top of managing everything. So I can totally appreciate that part of where we're at!
  13. I'm sad that the school isn't working out, and sorry for the ongoing struggle you're facing. You have every reason and right to grieve the hopes and dreams you had for your son and to experience sadness in the current struggle. Hugs and prayers for you tonight.
  14. I'm sorry for your loss, and will be praying for all of your family.
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