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  1. Off topic, but tell me about these bush cherries. I am intrigued! I'm getting a little obsessed with having a food forest. I almost impulse-purchased a persimmon tree. I've never eaten an American persimmon AND we're getting 17-year cicadas any minute, but I still came so close to pulling the trigger. I think I need persimmon, hazelnuts, and a bush or sour cherry (or both). I have part shade, so there are limitations.
  2. In my county, 46% have had their first dose and 30% are fully vaccinated. A lot of people drove an hour or more to make this happen since there are only pharmacy and health department appointments in my county. I live in an area that seems highly motivated (by Hive standards) to get the vaccine. They're about to open a Mass Vax site at a mall that's just a few miles from me. It would have been more convenient to wait for that, but I did the whole Hunger Games scramble to get everyone dosed as soon as possible. My daughter is a high school teacher, so she had the easiest time securing an a
  3. I just planned a small gathering for a person moving to Australia. We could only include a couple people, so I chose based upon who I knew was fully vaxxed. It's not hard to know. There is a lot of public support for masking and vaxxing in my area. Also, it was a bit like the wild west even getting an appointment so people tended to feel like they'd won something and announced it. THAT was interesting. Bless our great big American hearts.
  4. Maybe an image that combines the number and square ideas but is vague enough that you'd have to know to know?
  5. There's a Body Double Ear Theory?????
  6. For the love of all that is decent and holy please DO get a photo. You don't understand how bad I am with names. My personal low was when I blanked on a student's name, and she had the SAME name as me. It's bad. I'm glad I've always been this way with names or I'd be paranoid that my mind was going.
  7. It's a new surprise every time and sometimes I don't remember at all! The N is hard because I am a ridiculously visual person. I've been here 20 years. I'm just not ever going to get better. 😆
  8. Sorry. I've moved into a more general commentary on the topic and will not be tethered by your reality.
  9. Oh good. People can change their name OR their photo, but if they change both it takes me a ridiculously long time to catch on.
  10. Listen, an excess of red meat and cheese never killed anyone . . .oh wait . . . I think they're even rare-ish here just because they don't ship well, but they grow everywhere. I'm thinking of putting some in my allotment. I thought the thornless would be easier to deal with, but I never considered that they wouldn't taste right. I'm not sure I've ever tasted a thornless blackberry. She's been working all through the pandemic and was vaccinated in the first tier. She's actually my most organized friend and after I thought about it I realized that I wouldn't come up wi
  11. Wait. I thought you were an old poster? Do we have two Indigos?
  12. It's my moisturizer that I share with nobody, and since I just washed my face, my hands got clean in the process. I would not add a step to this. I feel like I'm going above and beyond if I remember to wash my face at night. Is this going to be like that time you guys told me I'm supposed to be washing my washing machine?????
  13. I think you just don't get used to something you don't have. You'd heat stuff on the stove or the oven, or be more careful about how you plan your time, or use a crockpot, or have a collection of really fast recipes, or . . . I don't know . . . save time by having only one kid? My parents had 4 kids and we didn't get a microwave until I was in middle school.
  14. desertflower Empress Bee Members 635 2,567 posts Posted 2 hours ago On another note, this thread has been reported twice. Please watch your tone when discussing things. Thanks. Reported for WHAT? (Yes, this is how I quote a moderator. 😁)
  15. I would NOT push someone into home ownership who isn't REALLY interested in it. I know a LOT of people said "we bought young with no regrets" but almost all of those responses were from "WE's." Home ownership isn't all roses, and when people talk about what a great investment it is, they all conveniently forget about how a house will nickel and dime you all along the way, how everything is expensive to fix, how many hours you put into maintenance, how utilities and taxes add up, and how your mobility is restricted by your local market. Taking care of a home can be a burden even for a couple
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