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  1. I love bagging my own groceries so I can sort them into categories. Aldi's is great for that with the bagging counter. I can't do a big haul at Lidle. It's too much pressure to be in the way and still bagging if the person after you finishes bagging their side of the belt first. I have never heard a bagger complain about my bags once. It might be because my town is crunchy and some off these people have been bringing their own bags since the 70s. 😄 I'm afraid of the handles on paper bags. I never ever hold a them by the handle. I have trust issues. Are the boxes y
  2. I don't remember what too much sun feels like. I don't think we EVER get that here.
  3. OK, I thought it was cold. The temperature wasn't THAT low, but I went to the grocery store that day, and I wasn't out very long, but some of those wind gusts were freezing. It was like they belonged to a whole other day. I'm with Bernie on this one. 1. Tradition! 2. It's a big machine and it takes some time to get new teams transitioned and get it driving it in another direction. 3. No good excuses. I think "Let's Get Loud" is being used politically lately as an anthem for speaking out against oppression. It might not be as out o
  4. I was just thinking while I pasted the link that I need to get more so I can organize my freezer with them.
  5. I've lost count of the number of cashiers that LOVE my grocery boxes. this was, of course, a WTM recommendation. I adore them. https://www.amazon.com/Earthwise-Collapsible-Reusable-Shopping-Reinforced/dp/B01D3OONDE/ref=sr_1_5?dchild=1&keywords=grocery+eco+boxes&qid=1611264574&sr=8-5 ETA: We've only been allowed to go back to using them recently and I really missed them.
  6. Our accessible bathroom is about 5x8 and this is with a roll-in shower that replaced a full-sized bathtub. We could have gotten away with a bit smaller. We put double doors on the bathroom that opened out. This greatly increased the space to turn a wheelchair around because you could use the hallway space, then close the doors when you're situated. We even managed to make our tiny little powder room downstairs accessible by replacing the hinges with swingaway hinges that allow the door to go flush to the wall and not block the doorway. This isn't big enough for a regular wheelchair, but t
  7. Yikes. It would be a HUGE pain in the neck in the short term, but moving might be cheaper and easier all around. Then you can choose a home that suits your needs better. I'm saying this as someone who probably SHOULD have moved ages ago but cannot seem to practice what I preach. 😁 We've just always cobbled together solutions and made it work but would probably be better off today if we'd just relocated years ago. We don't even need a better, more expensive house; just a little bit different configuration.
  8. I would lean in on doing the in-law suit. With those high ceilings and a good design, you wouldn't have to do anything to the exterior. I'd look at floorplans for small houses with that square footage or talk to a designer. They think of stuff I wouldn't, like putting the bathroom back where the kitchen is and moving the kitchen forward into the living space. Those Ikea apartments are smaller than this space, so I'm sure you can do something nice that's cheaper than building a tiny house or expanding the current footprint. I would plan for possible wheelchair use and put in a roll-in show
  9. I have bulk cooking planned. My kitchen is clean, my pantry items are pulled, and my freezer bags are labeled, but I haven’t even made it downstairs yet. 😬
  10. I am deeply sorry for your loss. It just seems like I hear more often that people WANT to talk about the lost loved one more, but others are hesitant to bring them up and this leaves them feeling like their child is being forgotten. I can't imagine anyone ever questioning that the mother's pain will always be in a whole other dimension. I imagine that the daughter in question had a relationship with, and looked up to, her older cousin, but I am guessing here and could be wrong. Cutting her out of this multi-generational gathering of women at a time when they're all grieving a tragic loss s
  11. Finland standardized the population, so that helps. 😆 Their teachers also enjoy better pay, more respect, and fewer work hours. Those things really do make the job market more competitive. Finland has fewer people than Massachusetts. If you just compare the two, does MA really come out that far behind Finland?
  12. This thread has taught me that people sit properly in sofas in their own homes. I never do this. I’m a bit short, but I always tuck my legs up under me and shallow sofas don’t work for this.
  13. I'd stay home with my daughter and plan our own celebration with my mother. It's at your sister's house, so I wouldn't just bring DD anyway. I would be devastated for my sister, but I wouldn't allow her to hurt my daughter because she is grieving. You are ALL grieving. The niece's name will come up and your daughter deserves to be part of this remembering/healing. To lose her cousin and her aunt and her family tradition all at once is tough for a 12-year-old. I'd tell my sister that we ALL lost DN and we should be together to remember and heal.
  14. Oh no. That person is in the Pacific NW thousands of miles from me. I WISH I had her garden. I believe her parents own a nursery.
  15. I'm a winter sowing convert, so I get my seeds early and start planting this month.
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