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  1. KungFuPanda

    I need new meat meals

    Do you have a sous vide? I use mine almost exclusively for cooking steaks to the exact doneness we like, them I just sear and serve when we’re ready to eat.
  2. KungFuPanda

    Marie Kondo Series on Netflix??

    If you do many little purges you probably never HAVE to do a big one. I like to pretend stuff isn’t there until the planets align and I’m annoyed about it AND energetic at the same time. This phenomenon occurs roughly every seven years. We haven’t moved in 17 years, so we’ve had no motivation in that area.
  3. KungFuPanda

    Sports and Playing a Grade "behind"

    I'm glad I had my children young before my crazy had time to fully develop!
  4. KungFuPanda

    Sports and Playing a Grade "behind"

    I think that if they are following the rules, there is nothing you can do. There's always going to be a kid who is much bigger or better. It's best if you can get your athlete to focus on personal improvement so they can continue to move forward. I have a friend whose child plays UP a year, and sometimes two in basketball. She's STILL taller than all the other girls and she's VERY talented. I'm sure there are parents who believe she is older. Big kids can't help their size. I have another friend whose VERY tall son played in his age group. Other teams feared him until he started moving and he was like an big, uncoordinated puppy. Basketball practice helped him learn to drive this big body that grew faster than he could learn how to use it efficiently. As long as the coaches have an eye to safety and are focusing on each athlete becoming their personal best while learning to work as a team, you have to accept a HUGE variety in sizes and strengths among children.
  5. KungFuPanda

    s/o What's in your house salad?

    I served a salad today that was just a bag of leaves. In my defense, I had a roasted chicken and an assortment of roasted veggies to go with it. I caught some glares anyway.
  6. KungFuPanda

    Is requiring this "to be fine" reasonable?

    So worried that you have to carry or get “vetoed” but not so worried that he’ll accompany you? That just doesn’t add up!
  7. KungFuPanda

    I am going to need a whole wardrobe.....GRRRR

    Teens don’t want just anybody in their photos with them. Clearly they’re seeing something you don’t.
  8. KungFuPanda

    Aggressive men

    My mom always said “feeling his Cheerios.” I thought it was like feeling your oats, but for people.
  9. KungFuPanda

    I am going to need a whole wardrobe.....GRRRR

    Oh yeah, it’s going to rain. It rains every other day now. My layering system is cami, long sleeved shirt, sweater or hoodie, fleece, waterproof shell. (Plus scarf and gloves) This system gets me through most situations because I can mix and match a different way every day. Waterproof shoes are important so you aren’t walking around in soggy shoes for days on end. You can always remove your coat for photos or volunteer to take them. Or do the hug-two-kids-while-sticking-your-head-between theirs-but-keeping-their-bodies-in-front-of-you-pose. ETA: When you’re 80 and look at those photos you’ll be thinking about how young and beautiful you look and wondering why you worried!
  10. KungFuPanda

    I am going to need a whole wardrobe.....GRRRR

    Maybe buy a jacket you like well enough, that will be large enough, but leave the tags on in case it warms up and you don’t need it. Seriously, it could be 2 degrees or 65 degrees. There’s no predicting. Just stand behind the short students. 😬
  11. KungFuPanda

    Kids movies I hate

    We paid to see The Heffalump movie in the theater. It was bad. It was Water World bad. We also paid to see that in the theater. Apparently I can hold a grudge for DECADES.
  12. KungFuPanda

    House buying conundrum (update post 1}

    Do it! Now you’re only 6 months out. Maybe you can con them into packing slowly or renting back for a few months or maybe you can relocate sooner with the kids and get your home on the market without having to live in a show room.
  13. KungFuPanda

    What could this be a ssymptom of?

    In my house that would be a symptom of someone “looking everywhere” but hoping I’d notice their valiant effort and find the thing for them.
  14. I was snowed in yesterday so I made: chicken briyani, samosa stuffed potatoes, hummus, pita, and mulligatawny soup; all from scratch. Today they get leftovers I also put together a terrarium. 😁
  15. KungFuPanda

    Swapping dining room w/living room?

    DS’s bedroom has been in the “dining room” for a year and we still haven’t gotten around to removing the chandelier. I even know how to swap out a light, so it’s not even like I’d have to call someone. It just hasn’t made it to the top of the list. 😒
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