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  1. I'd give the mom the benefit of the doubt for knowing her kid. Not every kid handles sleepiness very well. For some, they need the rest before they can have a meaninful and productive conversation. Some are just plain contrary when they're tired. We've all known babies who fight sleep even though it's the thing they need most. Some young children get like this too. Allowing them to spin out when they are over tired isn't the best idea and making it a nightly habit can make things worse in some cases.
  2. I've worn my Land's End all weather mocs for over a decade. I've been banned from wearing them in public anymore, so they are my go-to gardening shoes now. I bought them before Sears bought out Land's End and the quality eroded. I'm guessing LL Bean or REI would have a similar shoe. They are comfortable, waterproof, and have held up to hard wear for about 12 years. I love those shoes. This is my exact shoe
  3. The advantages are that I can start seeds in the winter and I don't need grow lights. The jugs act like little (unheated) greenhouses. The idea isn't to keep them warm through winter, but to get them going a little earlier in the spring AND avoid the in and out of hardening them off. The individual seeds know when it's time to sprout. I did a lot at the same time, but only the cool season stuff is getting started. The rest will wait until it's warmer. I just use the blocks to keep them from blowing away. That was my onion garden last year, and the closest to my patio, so it's where they landed. I have a few grow lights, but not nearly enough for all of the seeds I started this year. I don't expect everything to work out, but if half of them do it's worth knowing what I can start outside. It's my first year trying this, so it's experimental. There are a couple winter sowning FB groups that are VERY helpful. It's pretty simple and cheap. Finding enough milk jugs is the biggest challenge. I'm a month out from my last frost date in 7a and it's not too late for me to winter sow more seeds. I did ten jugs yesterday and purposely put off starting some of the tender annuals until later. This whole thing is my new toy. I just found out about it in January and it helped me keep winter blues at bay better than a happy light.
  4. I'm thinking kilts and cupcakes were a million of these posts
  5. 20 percent of my seeds have sprouted. Early results are encouraging. I never even plugged in my grow lights this year!
  6. That's a lot of chatting!
  7. Oh no! I'd be in so much pain if I danced with soft baby feet. I guess this is how people keep really pretty feet? I value my callouses!
  8. Buff your feet? What does that even mean???
  9. Yep. Runny yolk and cooked whites. Maybe she should try over medium to hedge her bets?
  10. I think it's strange that she has trouble getting an egg over easy. That's so standard. I order it all the time without issue.
  11. I'd try to find out of it was an anxiety issue or a work ethic issue and go about tackling it from that angle. Over the years, there are so many posts similar to this one (but not this one) where it's very obvious that the mother is somewhat proud that the kid is a perfectionist but wants to fix the parts of that the bother her. It becomes a humble brag post (Again, not THIS thread.) Even without the meltdowns, a kid like this needs coping skills and often needs to be taught about time limits and doing the best you can within those parameters. Sometimes homeschoolers give their kids unlimited time to do things and stuff like this can escalate before we realize it's a problem.
  12. I'll bet that statistically you are more in danger of being killed by your husband than your ex-con neighbor.
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