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  1. I will cheese tour with you! That sounds better than wine country. I like wine but I LOVE cheese.
  2. It's SOOO easy on a small touch screen while scrolling and I don't think you can undo it. Also, if any of you are wondering who is randomly checking out your profiles, that's also me touching the wrong part of my screen. I always forget that star ratings are a thing here until someone brings it up.
  3. Not quite as good as fried dough, but I do a twice baked potato version of samosas that I found on pinterest. They're easier to make.
  4. You need to walk in my town. We have paved bike paths throughout the woods, leash laws, and zero horse droppings. 😂
  5. Absolutely. I grew up where there was nothing to DO but outdoor chores and high school football. It’s not a life everyone loves and most young people left as soon as possible. Even I we wanted to raise our families “back home” there are no white collar jobs, so most college graduates settled elsewhere. I feel like I live in a city now, but DH is from Brooklyn and assures me it’s the suburbs. 🤣 The country is pretty to visit, but at my mom’s house you loose over an hour of your life just getting a gallon of milk. One doctor’s appointment wipes out half the day. I can’t go back! I’d feel like Sisyphus if I had more land to manage. I like my gardening to be on a recreational scale.
  6. My DH wears a keffiyeh. He already owned them and he’s usually going indoors anywhere. He layers it with a mask to go in a store, but I think that’s only happened twice in the last two months.
  7. It’s not inappropriate for a small kid to use a small mattress. A child under 4 feet tall will fit on a crib mattress as well or better than an adult man on a twin mattress. my daughter would have been past 8 before a crib mattress was literally too small. I only moved her out when her brother graduated from his crib. It didn’t make sense to own a second toddler bed frame.
  8. My daughter had a twin trundle bed that pulled out and popped up to regular height. It was very versatile. We could have a twin footprint, or a king, or two twins when necessary. We’ve even used the trundle lie to the floor when necessary. A bunk can always be secured to the wall.
  9. Awww, thank you. I’m proud of them both. They worked so hard. DS may do a a few CC classes. A full schedule would exhaust him. We may wait until it’s safe for him to do in person classes again.
  10. Tapas or sushi? Not much cooking with sushi, but it can be fun and you can get a kit on amazon. Hummus is easy and better from dried beans. Savory scones are nice if that’s not usual for you. Maybe a full afternoon tea? Savory is my favorite! I’d rather have fondue than cake any day.
  11. Me! I’m DONE. It’s been good, but 19 years is a long time and I’m fried. I’m ready to do something else now. I’m sure I’ll eventually miss it, but right now I’m tired and relieved we’re done. My oldest also graduated from college this same year her brother graduated from high school. I feel like they both missed their milestone celebrations, but I’m glad there are no more tuition payments going to DDs university.
  12. I met one of our oldest friends at a local playground when our daughters were one. We clicked, the kids clicked, and the husbands clicked. That friendship has survived international moves and those babies graduated college this year. My best friends are other homeschooling moms or people I met through my dance community. If I didn’t have an interest of my own outside of what we do as a family, I’d have fewer really great friends.
  13. I have also turned my rice cooker ON but didn’t push the RICE button. It does nothing when you do that. Also, if you don’t hit START on my oven after setting the temperature, it just beeps and turns itself off.
  14. On more than one occasion I’ve had to put my crockpot crock in the oven instead. Usually it’s because I’ve prepped the night before but neglected to pull it out of the fridge early enough.
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