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  1. I have Corelle for every day, stoneware snowman dishes (service for 4) for when I’m festive in the winter, and melamine plastic in tropical colored stripes for outside dining. My corelle is the bisque color and they stopped making it, so my pasta dishes are white. I wish I’d bought them in bisque earlier, but I just didn’t predict that they’d discontinue a base color. We’ve never broken a dish, so I haven’t experience the spectacular shatter. I don’t think that would deter me. I like how light and durable they are.
  2. Awesome! I’m excited for you. It sounds like you’re IN.
  3. This isn't a toddler job on any planet. It was a warm fuzzy photo for mom. If someone was shocked by this photo and thought it was a societal norm, I would just assume they have very limited experience with that age group.
  4. Does she keep her phone in her room? I’d try giving her multiple alarm clocks and charging her phone in a location where she has to be up and dressed to get it. I’d also have her shower, lay out clothes, and tend to the litter box at night. I’d reevaluate the situation after trying those two changes for a month. People are adaptable. We adjust to time changes and time zones. I’m not sure switching up an entire society’s rhythm to accommodate the 15-18 year old demographic is the answer. High school is fleeting and most people pull it off. Then they turn around and adjust again to college. Adaptability is a life skill. I FEEL her pain. I’m really truly horrible in the morning. As a teen I had to get up at 5:45 for an early bus and hated it even though I loved school. In basic training (still a teenager) I heard a bugle one morning and wondered what was going on. It turned out they did that EVERY morning and I just didn’t hear it until 6 weeks in! In college my schedule changed every semester. It changed again for work, then again with each baby. Developing coping skills to live successfully with a schedule that isn’t your personal ideal is a good thing.
  5. I'm right there with you in old lady job limbo. I'm only chasing one, but the guy is being flaky so it's looking less likely by the day. It's not a good time. I hope you get a good one.
  6. Your MIL is completely delusional, and I felt that way BEFORE I realized she wasn’t offering to take the kids. Ten days?!?! Maybe when your next is empty or during a break or holiday. Very generous, but WOW!
  7. Nothing impressive to show off. I found some thrift store fabric that weirdly and perfectly matches our plastic outdoor plates so I made some napkins with them. I have more fabric so I may do a hot pad or table runner with the rest. I did find this lady on YouTube and watched this tutorial like it was a movie. I may do a skirt next. I’m so rarely in the mood to sew that I should probably just make everything until the inspiration wears off.
  8. I have one of these. It has a wonderful, very warm heat. There was some sort of smell when I first plugged it in, but nothing that lasted past the first few hours. I don't know what it was, if it's common, or if you'd react.
  9. Can't their father take them in in the morning? Are there any carpool opportunities? I'd also try being the last in the carpool line to eliminate the wait. i feel like school has just begun for the year and it's a bit soon to know if it's really not working out or if you're all just adjusting to a different lifestyle.
  10. Sounds like a quack! Everyone could benefit from a nice nap now and again! I feel you on The Old. I posted here a few weeks ago about throwing out my back for the first time. I am antiquated. I teach dance classes to these cute young things who don't take ibuprofen at bedtime just so they can move a little better in the morning. Ugh. I wanna be young again. I don't even want to look young. I just want to remember what it feels like to not wake up and take inventory of what hurts before you make any sudden moves.
  11. In your shoes, I'd plan my own trip and let Dh and BIL wrangle the kids for a few days. Since I wouldn't be getting nuclear family time, I might as well get a break for myself and see my mom or sister and do a little traveling of my own. It's not like he's in ANY position to complain about travel or notice or anything. You deserve a true day off and you'll have to TAKE it because it's not going to be offered up.
  12. I love to cook and own and use more kitchen paraphernalia than most people. I think pot fillers in non-commercial kitchens are silly and gimmicky. People aren't using industrial-sized pots at home and whether you use it frequently or not you'll have to clean it constantly because of it's location. At home, your sink is just much closer than in a commercial kitchen so you're talking about installing a faucet mere feet from another faucet.
  13. After reading this, I’ve decided going back to bed is my best option. 5:30 is too early to tackle. I don’t belong here.
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