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  1. I’m more susceptible to UTIs when I’m dehydrated. It’s possible that you’re more dehydrated than you realize so your body is using a lot of that water you’re pouring into it. TMI, but I exclusively get UTIs if I’m a bit dehydrated and fall asleep after tea without peeing. I found out fairly recently that you should pee before and after. I didn’t realize before mattered. The one time I attempted to treat with d-mannose I was hospitalized with a kidney infection so I was afraid to go that route again Not all utis are the same I’ve had some that were a bit uncomfortable but azo eliminates all of the symptoms. I’ve had others that knocked me off my feet (once the pain was managed) and my body demanded I sleep for a day to recover. If you need to rest to heal, do it. The
  2. I didn't notice that. I don't know if I assumed he was male or if I got it from subsequent posts. I'm also coming at it from the perspective of a mother with a young daughter in college who likes to bop around D.C. on a whim and often by herself, so I have some issues and want people to leave these girls alone.
  3. As for turning into my mother, I've skipped straight to my grandmother. It started with gardening and now I'm paying attention to the friggin birds.
  4. If a grown man demands ANYTHING from a college girl walking alone she can say whatever she likes to him. That's not typical pan handling. That's just creepy. There was nothing "normal" about the request so I'm OK with 20-year-old Margaret not having an elegant response in the holster.
  5. written complaints only (to be filed for future review)
  6. Most people notice if they're the only person who looks like them in any given situation. I don't think most people are thrown by it to the extent that, days later, they bring it up to a random customer in a professional situation. It was a weird thing to do and I'd be afraid of where that conversation could lead if he was encouraged.
  7. This concept is interesting to me because I love food AND organization. I'm not the most organized person, but I find all of the systems fascinating and will watch the shows and read the books. I also LOVE food and I even enjoy cooking when I'm in the mood. From an organization standpoint, repeating the same meals makes sense, but from a foodie perspective, it's a terrible idea. I think you can repeat patterns and cooking methods without doing exact replicas of meals. Before my grill broke, my summer menu a lot of the time was a starch in the rice cooker, meat on the grill, and the veggies were either grilled or in a salad. In the winter I like my meat roasted and veggies in soups. This way I can switch up flavors but keep prep fairly streamlined. As much as I adore all things food, I do NOT like to eat in the morning. and am satisfied with my morning cup of tea for hours. It's noon and my stomach just woke up, but I don't want to sit down to a meal. I'm having my breakfast smoothie that I make 3-4 days a week. It's a banana, plain indian yogurt, milk, almond powder, and oat flour. It keeps my systems running until I do our main meal around 2-3. Dh and DD are breakfast people so they eat actual food in the morning. Ds and I drink tea and put off eating until our mid day dinner time. I can only do the big meal during the day because Dh works from home and DS is homeschooled. Dd in college doesn't live here and cooks and eats at normal times. My household would never go for a completely repeated menu week after week. However, I can have a template and they are oblivious. So, no Taco Tuesdays, but I could do Mexican food every Tuesday and they would never notice. If I freeze leftovers from the week before, I can easily incorporate last weeks beans and rice into this weeks burritos, or as a side for fajitas, or as part of a rice dish even if it was served with tacos last week. I can make sous vide meat every Monday and nobody would notice if I switched up the cuts. I can do pasta every Friday as long as the sauce is different. I think you just need to find a system that works with your personality. My newest goal in life is to put off going to the store as long as possible. I've been shopping my pantry lately and sending Dh for the 1 or 2 ingredients I need to complete a meal. I don't like to shop, and when my garden is producing I don't even like to pre-order for curbside pick-up because I don't know from day-to-day what we'll need to eat from the garden.
  8. You might want to check goodwill. I think a lot of people bought them and never really used them.
  9. I do believe I got the wrong idea from skimming page one. I thought people where saying that was why he left.
  10. "I'm sorry , Secretary, another classroom has first dibs if Teacher can't use them in hers."
  11. I have an over-the-door coat hook hanging with the hooks on the inside of my coat closet. I put all of my reusable grocery boxes/bags in a large canvas tote and hang it on the inside of this door. I don't own more reusable bags than I can possible use in one massive grocery haul. Edited to add photo. My bags go in the red and white canvas tote. Currently they are sitting on my kitchen table because I didn't put them back after last night's grocery run. Three of my bags are those grocery boxes that fold flat. They're so easy to use and store.
  12. You're just pumping CO2 into cold tap water. That's it. If you want to flavor it afterwards you can, but otherwise you just have fizzy water. The containers that attach to the soda stream come in a couple sizes. You can just buy what you want to use and can keep a few in the fridge for different people if they want to drink from the bottle. It stays fizzy as long as any other carbonated beverage. It lasts longer if it's kept cold. It's just seltzer water. You can pour it into anything you want for storage as long as it's air tight, but you'd lose a bit of fizz in the transfer. It's better to just put the lid on the bottle you attached to the machine and pour from that when you're ready to use it
  13. It is my take from my copious research of hearing the book title on this board AND reading page one of this thread. Feel free to file it under opinions that have all the journalistic integrity of a buzzfeed article.
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