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  1. The explosive child by Ross Greene for your second request.
  2. My 21 yo shared with her 10-11 yo brother for about 8 months. Neither one of them really used a bedroom for anything other than sleeping. They never have wanted to cloister themselves away and really didn’t require privacy. They dressed in the bathroom. Really it wasn’t that big of a deal but I can see how with other personalities it would be a no go.
  3. Lowe’s has a rebate for paint right now. $15 per gallon of paint through Memorial Day.
  4. Nashville is a beautiful city. In the summer there’s Shakespeare In the park and some free concerts. And the country music awards are great too! Not far outside the city there are some great state parks for hiking and fishing and other outdoors stuff. And the schermerhorn has great music too. Nashville is not just country music!
  5. My dh, me and my 17 yo dd would absolutely turn that down. We love being home. We’d hate being gone and the whole thing would be totally draining. It wouldn’t be an adventure for us. my other 3 kids would probably love it. And the rest of us would probably enjoy the break. God thought it was a great joke to give 3 very extroverted kids to 2 very introverted parents. Ha ha. Seriously it’s just a personality difference.
  6. Yeah me too. I’m like a 3-4. This drives my dh crazy (he’s like a 9-10 on the emotional intensity scale). This conversation is very interesting to me because of the way I process feelings. I can’t really think of someone that I hate.
  7. Are you going to be around tomorrow? Because the Parthenon and the frist are fun too. and you’re just 30 minutes from me! 😉
  8. *whispers* what is a passion party?
  9. James Herriot John maccormack. (He’s a veterinarian from Alabama) I really liked the Mitford books by Jan karon,
  10. I want a green burial. No viewing. No embalming. Wooden casket. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust. This book is fascinating.
  11. So if you’re a preschool teacher and a parent of an infant and toddler, it’s likely that your pay raise would be eaten up by the increased cost of your childcare. Sigh. There really doesn’t seem to be a good answer.
  12. We call them creepy crawliees and they’re in middle Tennessee too. My dd rinsed soap from her hair while perching on the very edges of the tub because one came out in the bottom of the shower.
  13. Old enough to remember talking on the phone connected to a wall. I wish for it when I am hunting frantically for the cordless to find it in some random spot. (Anyone remember how hard it was to have a private conversation?)
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