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  1. I think your plan is good. Really there’s not a great way out but I think it’s ok. I’m so sorry that you’ve been treated this way.
  2. Also, I have been trying to read gentle fiction before bed. And I clean. A lot. Having a tidy house helps me deal with a lot.
  3. Commiseration here; we've had several Crap Hits the Fan things in our family within the last 18 months. Sunshine. I've been more consistent about working out in the last 12 months than I ever have been and it's been a good thing. It's usually 20-30 minutes but it's cardio so I can sweat it out.
  4. My ds is 5'8" and has the same waist size as your son. So tall and thin! He wears the boys size XL boxer brief. I think these are like a 16-18 size for boys.
  5. Laura, the fact that you feel bad about your dread of this task means that you are a wonderful person. Was your mother always a challenging person or has she gotten that way as she's gotten older? (Only asking because I live in dread of becoming a cranky old lady whose kids can't stand her.)
  6. My ds is 13--he has usually between 1:30 pm to 4:30 p.m. free. School starts at 9:30, he's up at 8:30 and in that time he has morning stuff (breakfast, hygiene, etc.) and morning chores. After 4:30, he often has chores and his dad gets home and they do project (chores sometimes) together. Then supper and taekwondo. After TKD he usually has time for a shower, game with his dad, and a bit of TV time with the family. Dd 16 is up at 8:30, school starts at 9:30 with morning stuff and chores before school. She works till almost 3 most days and has from 3:30-5 ish free. She
  7. Yes, it’s always so hard on the elderly when they lose their decades long spouse. 73 years is a long long time.
  8. Here's what I found: The most important things happen. You end up trading energy, enthusiasm, and creativity for wisdom, patience, and experience.
  9. Wow! That's crazy. There should be pins in the ground at the corners of the lot. I wonder why they didn't just measure from that?
  10. Oh, there's a reason I haven't waded into the world of TikTok. My dd sends me videos every now and then, but I would waste SO much time on that. I'm glad you're enjoying it though.
  11. This is what I use. https://happyforks.com/analyzer I put in the whole recipe components (1 lb ground beef, 15 ounces tomato sauce, 1 bell pepper...etc) Then I calculate roughly the servings that it makes. Then I can easily extrapolate my calorie data. In my FitBit app, I can save the nutritional value of particular items, so it's pretty easy.
  12. For something cold in summer, I like to eat frozen blueberries. They make me slow down and really enjoy them more than the raw ones, they're cold on a hot day, and they're SUPER healthy. They can replace ice cream and popsicles for me. ETA: They're also available relatively inexpensively year round.
  13. Yeah, I think adding some more veggies in there will help fill you up without blowing through your points. I tracked my food yesterday and did ok. Tonight we're eating out for dinner, so I probably want to be more careful through the day so I don't go too far overboard with my choices at whatever restaurant we choose. I do have broccoli and carrots in the fridge to munch on. You're right that having the right foods on hand will help you out.
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