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  1. Dry cleaners? Property taxes? Car tags? (Because these have odd due dates here and don’t fit neatly into our typical bill paying cycle) pet neutering?
  2. Honestly, when my kids do this it’s because they have too many clothes. Is this the case? Can some tings be hung up? Can seasonal stuff go somewhere else?
  3. This is a great way of framing it. It is polite and gives him a chance to speak up for the things he wants to make time for while still expecting him to contribute.
  4. Rule for our house is : bedrooms must be neat enough to walk through in the dark without hurting oneself. If you don’t have all your laundry together on laundry day and your socks are all dirty on sunday morning, you may have to wear your sisters pink socks to church. (That only happened once.) for your list, I’d tie each thing to a timeline. Like dinner is served when the dining room is tidied from school stuff and the living room is tidy. dessert comes after kitchen is clean. Afternoon movie starts when bathroom is tidy... see the pattern there? Something fun follows normal tidying.
  5. I’ve never heard of chicken broth in gravy. I make killer gravy but never measure anything!
  6. Remember that he’s a kid and it’s really ok for kids to “not live up to their potential.” How many stay at home moms are told this when they’ve trained for another career? I have 3 kids who do music lessons. They could be really really good. They could perform and record and.... and yet, they do music because they like the way of makes them feel. Because they enjoy it. And that’s enough for me.
  7. I have no clue what to do, but I’m sorry for this situation . I have an adult child making poor choices impulsively and it’s hard.
  8. I really think it’s going to be so individual. Like mydh and are introverts so that changes our ideal of alone time and time as a couple. My ideal day 30-45 minutes, prayer and meditation, bible reading stuff 30-45 minutes intentional exercise 30-45 minutes of productive hobby (not something purely recreational like reading, I mean sewing a functional outfit, gardening, that kind of thing) 30-45 minutes per day of down time for rest. (Usually broken into 15 minute segments, I like to sit for a few minutes after a meal reading or tinkering on my phone) 30-60 minutes of family downtime (movies, games, puzzles, documentaries) in the evening. the rest is generally work, including farming, housework, kid stuff , household errands, etc i usially need about 7-8 hours sleep. i do find if I have too much time of just “ free unproductive time” I get depressed and feel aimless.
  9. Bedtime is one thing that I have to handle because my dh can’t even put himself to bed. The man has absolutely no concept of time, particularly in the evening hours. If I don’t say “im going to bed” he will be up till ridiculous hours. I could come home at 11 and my dh and the kids would still be up...however, I dislike being out at night, so I never would be gone at bedtime. and if I was feeling badly, I could ask my dh at the appropriate time, “please get the kids to bed.” And it would happen. So bedtime is definitely my thing. I assume that we’re I to be hit by a bus tomorrow, he’d eventually figure it out. But I don’t want to deal with the fall out of grumpy sleep deprived kids until he does.
  10. My dd was 13 and wanted to finish the last CD of her audio book in the parking lot at the library before we returned the CDs. So I let her. I said, "Be sure to lock the van when you get out." She locked the van. With the keys inside it. "You never told me to take the keys out." (As if it was MY fault"
  11. Solid doors instead of hollow ones will make a big difference.
  12. I am a soprano. I love to listen to the cello. I also love things with a beautiful base. Those deep notes give such a lovely foundation for the rest of the music to build upon. Listen to Piano Guys and listen for John Schmidt's left hand. Beautiful things he does down there in the base.
  13. I’ve had these shoes and they ARE great. They last well too.
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