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  1. fairfarmhand

    Homeschooling a strong willed child

    Can you do an online school? My strong willed one thrived online. contine the counseling and read the explosive child.
  2. fairfarmhand

    mini update on my son, possible PANS/PANDAS, etc

    How’s he sleeping?
  3. fairfarmhand

    What do you serve soup in?

    This. Exactly. But particularly #2. Because one of my kids would have a bowl of meat chunks, no veggies, and a drip of brother otherwise. And the rest of us would get green beans and broth.
  4. fairfarmhand

    Little brothers never outgrow some things

    So I’m trying this
  5. fairfarmhand

    Little brothers never outgrow some things

    I sent my bro the video. His response “that was bizarre. But I’m impervious to your efforts.” Rats
  6. fairfarmhand

    Little brothers never outgrow some things

    My kids were totally weirded out by it. my theory is that each shatner is using a different substance. Weed, alcohol, etc
  7. fairfarmhand

    Little brothers never outgrow some things

    I’m open to suggestions!
  8. My brother lives in turkey. He texted me this video. It’s dreadful. Not only is it now in my YouTube History, but I’ve been humming rocket man for two whole days. only a little brother can pester a sister nonstop for two days from a totally different continent!!!! now that’s talent.
  9. fairfarmhand

    Speaking of weddings...

    Also, if your son is being a condescending know it all, let your dh handle it. I've noticed that young men frequently get that way with their moms but they won't do it as much to their dads. Also, ask your dh to not frame things in terms of "Your mom thinks..." or "Your mom is worried that..." He simply needs to say, "I believe that..."
  10. fairfarmhand

    Speaking of weddings...

    I know! But this needs to be a line in the sand so to speak. "Ds, we are willing to pay for $x for a cleaning crew. Let's get an estimate from them on the time it will take and then determine ending time based up on their estimate. Otherwise, if our family is officially working the clean up crew, then you need to go with what we're asking for here as far as time to get out of the building. These are your only options. You and ddil will be outta there and dad and I will be stuck in a bad position if things don't go according to plan. Otherwise, dad and I will withdraw our name from the church reservation and we'll allow you and ddil to make it yourselves with you and she not being able to leave till clean up is done."
  11. fairfarmhand

    Speaking of weddings...

    Can you actually talk to a few people who did do the clean up of the church after fairly recent functions? Ask them how long it took them to clean it up. That way you can talk to your son and say, " I talked to Marge, Anne, Ellen, and Christine and NONE of them were able to completely clean it in less than an hour. They had lots of help but it didn't happen." What your ds and dsil don't get is that even if you have lots of people helping, there's only so much that many people can do. Of course, lots of people can stack chairs at once, but if there's only two sinks in the kitchen, only two people can wash up. If there's only one or two vacuum cleaners, the carpet can't be done any faster than two people can vacuum. Also, sometimes more peopel are a hindrance. I've done lots of break down and set up. Often what happens is that people take down all the chairs and I have to come back and say, "Ummm, we were supposed to leave up two big tables over here and leave up 18 chairs in a semi circle." So we work at cross purposes when too many cooks are stirring the broth so to speak.
  12. fairfarmhand

    Speaking of weddings...

  13. fairfarmhand

    Speaking of weddings...

    Is there a function occurring in the church reception area for which your son can volunteer to help with clean up between now and then? I think it may be eye opening.
  14. fairfarmhand

    The after lunch slump

    Oooo. Good idea! I hadn’t thought of that!
  15. fairfarmhand

    The after lunch slump

    Holy cow. Every day around 1:30-2 pm I just can’t stand it. Sooooo sleepy. im sleeping very well at night, bettter than I have in years. But still... mostly it’s probably related to the fact that the sun has retired from service in my area for a few months. Just gray chilly January. So how do you power through the after lunch slump? I really have things I need to do besides doze next to the fireplace like a cat.
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