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  1. I do know that if my ADDish kid starts the day playing any kind of screen it sets us up for a bad day. I read an explanation that the ADD brain is all wound up and crazy and looking at this and that and sounds and images all over the place. Video games FEED that part of the ADD brain. What we want to do with our ADD-ish kids is to help them wind down that tendency of their brains. So while I allow a little of that kind of thing, I 1. make sure it's after school is done for the day. 2. Make sure he's got plenty of outdoor time to blow off the winding up of his brain in wild play. When it'
  2. Yay! Now I covet a set of stainless steel ones. With lids. My other sets are glass and ceramic. Why shouldn't I have a stainless set too?
  3. Tractor supply company has flattering shirts that hit the hipbone that would be flattering on an apple shape. They're similar to the one you linked above they kinda flow down to the hip. I love them, they wear well and they are cool and comfy, which I think you want in FL. Ive never bought a shirt from TSC that I haven't loved and worn again and again. And I'm like you, easily annoyed by fibers. They have many similar to the style you linked above. https://www.tractorsupply.com/tsc/catalog/womens-shirts#facet:&facetLimit:&productBeginIndex:0&beginIndex:0&orderBy:&a
  4. I have (whispers) Two sets of mixing bowls. One set with lids, one without. I use them equally often. I also own two batter bowls without lids that I use constantly. I am a hoarder of mixing bowls. But in my defense, in the two sets, the bowls are shaped and sized differently. And they dont have spouts, so thats why I have the batter bowls. I have a whole double cabinet that's bottom shelf is the mixing bowl shelf. We don't just use them for mixing. Popcorn and salad are often what they're occupied with.
  5. I have no idea but my mother had that set. Tallest canister held cookies, typically those cheap sandwich cookies with cream filling. Next held flour, next held sugar. Last one held tea bags. ive seen them on eBay.
  6. My kids do get to help us on the FASFA. When they gape at the "huge" (to them) amount of money we make, my dh breaks it down. Yeah we made that much. This is how much went to mortgage last year, this went to insurance. This went to groceries. This went to gas. Until it's gone and that SHOCKS my teens that *so much* (HAHAHA!) money could go away so easily. And when they are young they do see me do my cash envelopes. Every 2 weeks, I get $X in cash for groceries, pet food, music lessons, fuel, clothing, haircuts and such. I have envelopes that I sort the money into for each category.
  7. Not really, but we had NO money. I mean mom clipped coupons and shopped sales and accepted hand me downs. We always had the absolutely most inexpensive everything. So that affected me in that I'm a big saver. And I still struggle to spend money on myself, such as quality over buying the absolutely cheapest whatever that's gonna wear out/tear up quickly. But as far as talking to us about bills, and costs of living and loans and stuff...no, never heard from my parents on that. They didn't even have a mortgage till I was a junior in high school and they bought their first home, so there was
  8. I wouldnt say anything. She's feeling desperate and this will add "foolish" to her list of things to feel. She may try it and figure out it's a pile of hooey. Or, the off chance is that something in the list of foods she'll be avoiding is triggering her autoimmune issues and maybe she'll feel a little better.
  9. We won’t likely be racing them, though eventually we may buy some white ones to release at weddings and funerals.
  10. My grandmother. My mother. Laura Ingalls Wilder (I'd love to talk chickens and milk cows with her) Queen Elizabeth 2 (she seems like a completely fascinating woman. Would LOVE to meet her) Catherine of Aragon (her commitment to her faith and plain old stubbornness impresses me.) (Wouldn't we ladies have an interesting time together!)
  11. That is one of my concerns. From the little reading I've done, it looks like two pigeons could quickly become LOTS of pigeons. I wonder if we gathered the eggs or gave the hens dummy eggs to slow them down...would that work? What kind of pigeons do you have?
  12. So the racing pigeons are amazing. They take the pigeons they want to race, truck them all hundreds of miles from home, and release them. They have computerized chips in their leg bands that record when they made it home. After all the pigeons get home the club gets together, compares data and declares a winner. The guy we talked to says that often the pigeons beat the transfer truck home that brought them to the release site.
  13. Sunday, we found a very tired, very hungry racing pigeon on the farm. We put him up (because barn cats) fed him, and gave him water. We traced the owner and contacted him. The owner says that my son can keep the pigeon if he wants. We plan to find a mate for this one and raise a few birds. This is a project my son is pretty excited about. Anyone have any experience? (I've read that the pigeon will rehome once he's/she's raised a family in the new loft.)
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