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  1. When someone says, "I wish blah blah blah..." we say, "Spit in one hand, wish in the other and see what fills up faster."
  2. My dh and kids and I got covid from an exposure at my mother in laws funeral in mid december. (I got sick and they got it from me) That was another small family only funeral too... We'd been so careful up till that funeral. I just really really don't want my dad and sweet stepmom to get sick. They are both 64, so it may be another little bit before they can get vaccinated.
  3. Just got back from my stepmother's fathers' funeral. And I'm hoping that my dad nor my stepmom come down with covid due to that funeral. I know you're not supposed to hug, but when someone is crying and grieving, hugging happens and I get it. During the service, the whole time, there was a man behind me who was breathing very loud, congested chest sounding breaths. I am praying he did not have covid.
  4. I live out in the sticks and this happens a lot. This is likely a dumped dog.
  5. Going to Mr. H’s funeral today. Praying so hard that my dad and stepmom do not get covid there. Why on earth would they plan a public viewing or funeral? But nobody asked me. It’s gonna be a long day—3 hours there, 3 hours home.
  6. Yep. That’s where it’s at. I watched the new pbs All Creatures Great and Small and then spent about an hour outdoors with my young house cow. Felt much better after all that. then I sorted through my seeds and considered my gardening plans and now I’m looking at a seed catalog.
  7. I’m missing my cow that died last summer. She looked just like the one on the show. So I bawled. spoiler: And that was a real brand new calf. That’s exactly what they look like.
  8. So guys...I cried. Really. Won't give spoilers but I don't know if its related to how sweet the show is or my own farm trauma. My dd15 said "So let's watch the next one." She is unfamiliar with the concept that you have to wait for shows to release. No bingeing. Sigh. So sad.
  9. I’m telling you, this is exactly what I need to distract myself from the general state of the world right now. It’s like a sigh for my soul.
  10. You can watch online. we’re watching now and loving it. https://www.pbs.org/wgbh/masterpiece/shows/all-creatures-great-and-small/#
  11. Well, if you're gonna go there, we have dates all the time! Castration dates, AI dates, cutting out calves from the herd dates....but I hesitate to call them dates because they generally consist of lots of running around yelling at each other, swearing at animals, and manure....lots and lots of manure.
  12. If you can find a tech in the next few days, go for it! We do both, AI and bull breeding. AI can work OK. Alternately, if you find someone with a gentle beef bull that throws low birthweight calves, that's an option too. I bred my Jerseys with Angus bulls for a few years and they did fine as mature cows. Any time I tried to AI to get a pure Jersey heifer, I'd end up with a Jersey bull calf. GRRR.
  13. I vote for a better shampoo (Ogx or fructis). My curly girls hate it when I go cheap in that department. Also use a leave in conditioner like fructis. (I know hard water because that’s all we’ve ever had)
  14. Definitely a date. And Jersey bulls are SCARY! WE currently have two Angus bulls that I move, handle, and deal with fairly regularly. They are pretty chill dudes, as long as nobody is in heat (cows I mean.. 🙂 ) There is NO WAY that I would mess with a Jersey bull. I've never had a bull behave in the way that you describe, and we've had plenty out here on the farm. But from what I've read, Jersey bulls are like that. they are CRAZY! Kudos for your dh to keep him busy for you. How much longer does he have to stay? (the bull, not your dh. LOL)
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