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  1. Just to be clear, I’m not defending the heritage argument, just explaining the view that some seem to have.
  2. You will hear some here (in the South) say that the flag is supposed to represent southern heritage, and that others make it into something it’s not. Others do it just to make some sort of statement and seem to be the sort of person you might want to stay away from. The person with the car up on blocks, a dog tied out back, and a Confederate flag hanging off their porch…well they could be of any number of mindsets. Usually, it’s not good. And it makes me sad to say that. This feels like unfair generalizing. But I’ve lived here my whole life. This is just the way it is. 🙁
  3. The mayo and cream cheese recipe is super good. That’s the one my younger ds makes. I remember Ruth’s pimento cheese was the one we had growing up. I had nothing else to compare it to then, but there are much better store bought ones out there. Then, I loved the Ruth’s. Thinking back, it is pretty runny in comparison to some others. The homemade with mayo and cream cheese is super thick, at least my son’s recipe is.
  4. Ok. I have to find that tomorrow! Ds also wants BBQ while he is here. Of course, vinegar-based sauce. I’ll probably have a veggie Moe’s Bowl thingie I make at home.
  5. Oh, that’s not it. Wildflower mom just posted Palmetto. That’s it. It’s in lots of stores here in NC. I haven’t seen the one you mentioned. I’ll look for it tomorrow when I’m out, because my older son is coming in for a long visit. He likes it, so I’m planning to make him a toasted pimento cheese sandwich.
  6. I’m leaning toward vegan these days (or trying) but if I made my own there would have been a time when only Duke’s mayo would do. Since I have discovered Trader Joe’s organic mayo, I wouldn’t dare use anything but this. Lol.
  7. Which brand is it? I have one in mind, but I can’t think of the name. If the one you mentioned is the one I’m thinking of, maybe I’ll recognize/remember it. It’s in Harris Teeter and others.
  8. Unbroken Shackleton Seabiscuit (Warning: Unbroken is super intense). All three are page turners.
  9. Did the bird get back outside safely? I can’t believe it just sat there next to the cat! Did she literally just drag it in through the little cat door?
  10. I was wondering if the bit of white she has technically makes her a calico. In which case that would make her a dilute caliby?🤔
  11. Here is my tortie who has long since passed and is missed very much. I think I may have posted her before, so sorry if I have. Scarlett, your tortie is beautiful and looks like she is very loving and sweet. ETA: Yours does seem to have more of a tabby-like face.
  12. This might help: https://coleandmarmalade.com/2019/05/14/how-to-tell-the-difference-between-torbies-torties-calicos-and-tabby-coat-color/ Maybe you have a torbie or a caliby?
  13. Love the suit and shoes!! Your son is so handsome! Hope they have a nice time.
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