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  1. THIS WEEK: 1. Go through at least THREE boxes in the attic and put where it needs to go (trash, donate, or in the house) plus the empty boxes that need to go. 2. List 3 more things for sale (area rugs need to go! gravel bags (may toss), and the cord box) 3. Start to cut up foam mattress to toss (it got mold on it due to a child spilling a drink and not telling me)
  2. I was a bad mom I guess. When my oldest was 11, I left him in charge of the two younger ones on two different occasions, for several hours. He had a phone and a way to contact me, and the neighbor knew us well and was home. Most times it was 30-60 min runs to the store, but there were times it was longer. Once he turned 12, I left them home without too much worry. I had restrictions while I was gone. No oven or microwave use, only sandwiches or cold foods. No answering the door or going outside without me home, keep the doors locked, etc....
  3. Work ✅ After school meeting ✅ Finish the open box in the attic (toss, put away, get rid of the box) Did not get to the box in the attic, had a few kitchen things to do, took a kid somewhere (taxi service), listened to a webinar for National Boards, and looked at National Boards stuff......
  4. I don't know if they are related or not.
  5. My neighborhood just posted to ask who might want to have a yard sale this Spring......hmmmm.......that isn't a bad idea, but I am not sure I am that organized to get it all together.
  6. I cannot do high protein, Keto, any of that, I feel horrible. And I took a DNA diet test a few months ago when they had a $19 special. It was interesting that they recommended the exact same diet to me that my doctor recommended and that I had been looking at: Mediterranean. No processed/packaged foods, limited meats (and fish and poultry if you have it), whole grains, lots of fruits, veggies, avacados, only certain oils, etc..... I haven't ever gotten it in full swing, but DH and I just had a talk about food and he is on board with starting this sometime this week, after we can get a list together and shop. I have also been diagnosed with knee arthritis and psoriasis this year. I am worried I have more arthritis than just in the knee. I am nowhere near your level of auto-immune so I am not trying to compare, but just saying what we are looking at trying.
  7. IKEA Kohl's for returns Pack up jacket to return, label, and have it ready to drop off Tue Laundry Go through one box in the attic Meal plan for the week
  8. Savannah and Tybee Island? Savannah is so interesting. We enjoy walking along the Historic Distict. And Tybee has dolphin watching boats, the original Crab Shack, Sugar Shack, and The Sand Bar (a bar where it is fun to watch people.) Fort Pulaski is interesting. on Tybee. And we enjoy the Lighthouse.
  9. DawnM


    I have thought of doing a fast this year as well. Alcohol would be too easy, I go for over 40 days without it anyway, so it would not be a deprivation. Coffee......most people will want me to stay on coffee......🤣 Probably sugar or chocolate would be a good way to go. I will have to think more about it, and pray about it.
  10. Go through and empty two full boxes in the attic ✅ List coffee maker ✅ hang up clothes fold towels and sheets and put away ✅ Dinner and Bible study tonight -heading that way in a few min.
  11. I may keep certain items, but some have got to go. The backpacks that aren't that great, the duffles, the items we have duplicates of. I may keep the one nicest backpack and the hiking tent and one set of cooking gear and one camp chair. Or maybe I just need to say, "Whatever fits in 2 boxes can stay" and go with that.
  12. I think it is also time to list my camping gear. I admit it makes me VERY sad. My boys camped and hiked and scouting was a huge part of our lives for over 10 years. But now that they aren't scouts, they don't have any interest in camping or hiking at all. I have some nice stuff (oldest and DH went to Philmont) and I have kept it because it was such a part of our lives. But it takes up a lot of room. And no one has touched any of it for over 2 years. I may keep one backpack and the 2 man tent. But I have shelves full of sleeping bags (good ones, military 3 part sleeping bags), backpacks (daypacks and hiking backpacks) and duffles and cooking gear, etc......
  13. Yesterday I threw out more than 5 items, some of them rather large. I loaded the car with about 4 things/bags, but I didn't get anything listed for sale yet other than the phone I listed a few days ago (it isn't selling, may lower the price or just keep it as a back up phone.) Today: 1. Go through 3 full boxes in the attic. Decide what to do with them. (Turns out I am a hoarder of water bottles, plastic Tupperware type items, and tote bags.). I am keeping the expensive items that I like (hydro flask mostly) and donating the cheaper ones we no longer need/want. I think since all 3 boys were in scouts and DH was an assistant scout master for over 10 years, we just accumulated water bottles (by the truckload apparently!) So, time to purge those! Same for the plastic containers. The meal prep matching size I will keep, the Rubbermaid with red lids (set) I will keep, all the rest can go for the most part. 2. Go through cords. I think I have 2 large boxes of cords. One box probably came from CA with us and hasn't been touched in 10 years. ACK! 3. List 2 items for sale. I have decided to just sell my extra espresso machine. It is pretty and I love it, but I don't need two and I would rather sell and then buy something else when my current super automatic espresso machine dies. I will also list a couple of prints for the wall that don't match/go with our new house.
  14. School has been cancelled for today! 1. some work has to be done from home because things are due Mon, so about an hour or so of actual work 2. One hour (min) on attic/stuff to purge, toss, donate, sell ✅ 3. vacuum main floor ✅ 4. clean kitchen 5. Go to bank and close that account ✅ 6. Return some items to Kohl's ✅ 7. book rental car and hotel for AZ trip. -----still working on it 8. Call a couple of retirement places for dad ✅ 9. Launrdry/fold/put away-----will have to wait 10. Clean out car ✅ 11. order outdoor baby gates for sunroom area 12. Start cutting up foam mattress that got ruined so we can toss and get it out of the garage
  15. And I have been blessed with a SNOW DAY (well, ice day) today, so I plan to spend a couple of hours on the house. 1. Toss 5 broken items (2 lamps, 1 speaker, 1 guitar amp, 1 ripped up sheet) 2. Take a load to Goodwill (some framed pictures that don't go in our new house, clothing, shoes) 3. List 3 things to sell (old iPhone, maybe a few kitchen items, need to run it by DH)
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