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  1. Unfortunately, there is nothing interesting about them (other than that you better search the room for candlesticks) https://www.expedia.com/Amarillo-Hotels-1Hotel.h16750389.Hotel-Information?chkin=2021-01-23&chkout=2021-01-24&destType=MARKET&destination=Amarillo (and vicinity)%2C Texas%2C United States of America&pwa_ts=1611413550063&referrerUrl=aHR0cHM6Ly93d3cuZXhwZWRpYS5jb20vSG90ZWwtU2VhcmNo&regionId=371&rfrr=HSR&rm1=a2&selectedRatePlan=298174297&selectedRoomType=221738786&semdtl=&sort=PRICE_LOW_TO_HIGH&top_cur=USD&top_dp=33&u
  2. I have no idea what to title this post, but I have to share. Last night I needed to get a hotel for DH and my son, who are driving to CA from NC. I found a hotel in Amarillo, TX that named their rooms. You could choose from Professor Plum, Miss Scarlett, Colonel Mustard, and Mrs. Peacock. I swear, you can't make this stuff up! And no, they didn't stay there.
  3. A year ago I got my husband a Kamado Joe. We love, love, love it. everything comes out so tender and tasty. I got it at Costco when they were selling them. Be careful though, I also got two marriage proposals in line at Costco while buying! 🤣
  4. Not doing a whole lot today, but have a few things to do: box up things to ship back for returns order with the expiring gift card from Kohl's laundry finish cleaning my bedroom list the sofa for sale (probably free). need it out of here have a kid bring the wooden toy box up for 3 year old maybe grocery store......maybe not, that may be tomorrow after church
  5. One of the contractors came out today. He says we will need to get a variance from the county and if they grant it, bumping the space out won't be an issue and we can build up to a 25' x 9' space. I don't think we need that much, but that would be the max. I am thinking that since we will have a little more space, the first few feet could be an entrance/mud room area. He also said adding a circular driveway won't be an issue at all. That way we can drop my dad off right at the door.
  6. I am getting our first quote tomorrow. I have had ideas swirrling around in my head for a few days now. So......I will show him my 2 ideas for the bathroom and see what he suggests. Then I need to know about the driveway/sidewalk. All of our neighbors have circular driveways in our neighhood except a few, ours being one of them. If we could make our driveway circular, we could drop dad off in front of his door. Otherwise the walkway from the current driveway to his entrance will be quite far to walk. If the difference between putting in a sidewalk and a drivewa
  7. Thanks. I think the plan is for DH to stay overnight at a hotel near the airport since his flights leaves at 5:30am. He is flying out of Santa Barbara, an airport we haven't used before. I guess I need to call the hotel, although it looks like I shouldn't have trouble booking.
  8. No, they plan to stop, neither of them is able to drive in the middle of the night. And they have a few stops they hope to make. We have made the trip a few times as we are from CA and still have family there.
  9. Ok, just called the HOA.....apparently it is a city ordinance and in the bylaws, we cannot have a 2nd dwelling on our property. I will look through the documents tonight about parking a trailer or wheeled vacation type home on the property. But it looks like we are going to have to make it work inside the home. I am reading a lot about how popular multi-generational dwellings are though and so it might be a really good thing for resale. The really nice part about that room is that if we were to eventually let a kid use it, the ceiling height would allow for a nice loft area, w
  10. I am not sure our HOA will allow a permanent dwelling to be placed on our property, I think the only kind you can have are temporary, which would mean it has to be on wheels. I am going to look into it further, but the neighbor is on the board and says that is his understanding.
  11. Not driving back. My husband is helping my son drive the car out there and then flying back. My son's job starts next week.
  12. Somestimes you don't have a choice.
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