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  1. So much: Everything stopped at 10 and 4 for tea time. Afternoon tea time was the best. It was relaxing and allowed you to visit with friends. White sandy beaches (we didn't live near the beach but we visited a couple times per year.) Hills, tea plantations, green after green rolling hills. The smell of rain. Street vendors in the city. Sitting in luxury hotels for tea time when we were in the city. It was just the thing to do. Rugby games The food. Fresh produce, all organic, available all the time. And fresh spices. And the best tea and coffe
  2. Oh, I am so sorry to hear that. I currently have a toddler whose mom may be losing custody, you might be a person to give advice to me on maintaining relationships.
  3. Our doodle has a red ear and shakes his head a lot. The groomers told us to keep an eye on it and it isn't getting better. He jumps in the swimming pool daily and swims laps 😜 Is there anything over the counter that any of you have used for a mild ear infection?
  4. Looks like he didn't really lose his job, he just got moved to another class. So, I am not sure why this is news. Our teachers are moved to different levels all the time for various reasons. He got his 15 seconds of fame I guess.
  5. Does she pay for it? My mom got MoW for a while and they had to pay $10 or so per meal. That was in Arizona. When my mom died in Dec, my dad moved to SC in June and I tried to get MoW for him and they said no, even if he paid. He doesn't even have a kitchen! He has a fridge and a microwave. It is working out ok, I just make his meals for him and freeze for the week. And we add his grocery list to ours each week. It isn't a big deal. But if I couldn't do it, he would be in trouble.
  6. I don't even like having my camera on, much less having to perform! I don't mind asking questions or presenting if I need to, but being put on the spot, NOPE! Not even sure I could have thought of a song, although Baby Shark might have been my choice! 😂
  7. I wasn't looking to replace the entire set, sorry I wasn't clear. I was just showing the set. I will call when I get home on Monday. Thanks, Dawn
  8. I have an almost 40 year old Tupperware container that cracked. It is part of a set of containers that held flour, sugar, coffee, etc..... I know they don't make it anymore, but is it worth even calling and asking about a replacement? What will they do for me? I can call and ask, but I really would prefer to hear from someone who knows before talking to someone trying to sell me more stuff. Thanks, Dawn
  9. It is going to be ok and it is worth it. It is all stress related to the foster child and court yesterday, dealing with his mother, etc....
  10. I have lost more with politics in recent years. I did get into a huge argument with my dad's cousin on FB about some of this, but it had more to do with him making fun of my uncle for his beliefs.
  11. Work Drive to the beach drink some wine and talk to my girlfriends I am so stressed out, I need this! Don't judge!
  12. Or not having a job, or eating too much, or coming home late, or walking too loudly. I am saying you have started so many threads about the things about this step son that bother you.
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