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  1. It's ok, I should have clarified. I get this question when I just post "my son" and not which one. #1 has Aspergers #2 has ADD #3 is neuro-typical all the way around
  2. Graduation isn't for another 2.5 weeks, so I will have to get back to you.
  3. OK, wanna have some fun? I have spent my evening watching various ways to kill mice on 100s of videos. Mesmerizing!
  4. DawnM


    🤭🤭🤭🤣🤣 Sorry, can you tell I work with middle schoolers all day?
  5. He doesn't have the connections here and I have no idea of any camps that offer this or would pay anything close to this (he did get a call to help with boyscout camp but the pay was miniscule. And it wasn't teaching guitar. This was just one of those "who you know" type things.
  6. ok, ok......I admit I am an extrovert and when I was his age I was always looking for the next big adventure. I guess he takes more after DH than me in this area.
  7. I have a son with ASD, but this isn't the one with ASD. This is my younger son with ADD, but not ASD.
  8. No, my best friend lives there, we go out often. He just is a home body and doesn't want to go away right now. It doesn't matter if it is 30 miles or 3000 miles. And he says he needs/wants a break from full time. But man, I just think this would be so awesome.
  9. Ok, we haven't pushed him to get a job, but he wants to teach guitar this summer for a little extra $$. He got an offer to teach one day a week at a studio, to beginners, for 5 hours. Well, today he got a job offer for full time teaching guitar at a youth camp near Seattle for decent pay and free room and board! And he is saying he doesn't want it. He doesn't mind the working part, but doesn't want to live away from home anymore and just wants to stay home. I get that he is a homebody, but this is a fantastic opportunity, will look good on his resume, and will allow him some travel and money! GAH! Why do my kids have to have their own opinions! Why is that even allowed? We still have a little time to try to talk him into it, but man, can't believe he is not jumping at this. This is NOT my son with Asperger's, just for clarification.
  10. So this morning, I was standing in the hallway and that brazen little sucker ran right past my feet and into my office. One of the secretaries had gotten some decon traps that pull them in, snap, and you throw the entire thing away. She gave me one, we put a PB cookie in it, and then I took a student to another office and left it with my door closed. We caught it! The student was even brave enough to twist it and see the tail to be sure. I am buying more of those after work today. Not sure how many we have, but it worked right away! They are pricey, but honestly, with only 3 weeks left, I am ok with spending a bit more for now.
  11. I think you are right. I have friends with housecats who are very nice to mice and don't hunt.
  12. Update for anyone still following this seemingly never ending saga: Their realtor told my realtor today that they are getting everything together and will need a couple of days and then plan to make an offer. They are a multi-generational family, so they may be pooling funds or getting 96 year old grandma's bank bonds or something! Stay tuned.
  13. DawnM


    I am watching HGTV right now, I know, I know, I am a complete hypocrite.....but one thing struck me. She said she updated the bathroom by adding WALLPAPER! Is it coming back? It was white with huge purple flowers on it. I was surprised. It feels like they are adding pantyhose back or something!
  14. Believe me, that did come up in conversation!
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