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  1. I am getting comments like, "I couldn't do it". I keep thinking, yeah, yeah you could and you would if your family member had a child who would go into random foster homes if you didn't step in.
  2. My uncle was married and had 3 kids. His wife died in her 40s and he remarried. He had what he called an OOPS at age 50+. He told his wife he wanted to name her Olivia Olga Penelope Smith so her initials could spell OOPS! Their last name isn't Smith, but it does start with an S
  3. Except 16 year old was a chosen, special addition too. Only my oldest 2 are bio.
  4. I have always had 3 boys. On places like this forum, I would refer to them as oldest, middle, and youngest. I now have a 4th. Hmmm......Son #1, Son #2, #3, and #4? Oldest, next to oldest, next to youngest, youngest? Those of you with 4, what do you do? Obviously, this isn't for people who know your kids and you can use their names.
  5. One of my favorite snacks.
  6. Our busses often have 3 to a seat. We are very overcrowded on the busses. And our area is kind of rural? I don't really know what you would call it. It is a suburb, but very wide spread.The school is on a country type road, so no sidewalks, and our zone covers over 10 miles in any given direction. So walking is out. The schools start at different times, so riding with a high schooler if you aren't a high schooler, wouldn't work. High school I am not as concerned with. High school students ride the bus as little as possible! But the middle school and Elem schools will be a problem. Elem starts at 7, high school at 8, and MS at 9. We use the same busses and bus drivers and they just run 3 routes in the AM and 3 in the PM.
  7. I think that might work if bussing isn't an issue.
  8. DawnM

    SSI questions

    Following. As soon as we become my nephew's legal guardians, his SSI check will come here. It hasn't gone anywhere for 2 months (will be 3 by the time we are legal) but I don't know if he will get backdated checks or not. He gets roughly $500/mo. However, that MAY just go directly to preschool/childcare, so it may not matter. And, I am not sure we have to log anything, I will need to find out. We are also across state lines (NV and NC)
  9. Well, it isn't as easy as it was in my 30s! But we are doing well. He loves being here and we love having him.
  10. We (faculty) just got a survey to fill out. It is questions and suggestions for remote learning for the 2020-2021 school year. It states that all NC districts must submit a remote learning plan for the entire 2020-2021 school year. That is quite telling to me. I know our admin has been telling us several scenarios they have heard may happen......alternate days for students, on and off plan as Covid resurges and then dies back down, etc....NONE of the scenarios is "school as normal for next year." They also asked in the survey about childcare and how many staff would need childcare and their thoughts on offering free childcare for those with young children. They also asked about those with compromised immune systems, although it was just a brief multiple choice answer.
  11. Pick up a few things people are donating for the refugees pick up oldest from his friend's house Clean main floor of toddler toys and puppy mess (he gets great joy out of getting all the fake moss out of the tree on the is EVERYWHERE!) rest Chore chart for kids for the weekend
  12. A lot of that is simply not doable in my district, but I am sure we will do the best we can. I am guessing alternate days for students. But not sure how to "not switch teachers" for secondary kids. I guess we will see. The bus thing is a huge no-go. Our busses are packed, sometimes even 3 per seat. And they run 3 routes. Elem. starts at 7, high school at 8, and middle school at 9. The bus drives already run 3 round trip routes. We don't have extra busses or drivers or time to do more routes. But that is why I think they will be doing alternate days.
  13. Here is an easy to read synopsis of the CDC guidelines:
  14. Our district told us all along that they would follow CDC guidelines. The only way that can happen for us is to do split the kids and do half time school for each group. I guess we will find out.
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