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  1. Ah, ok. It is a little tricky to make a layout because of the placement of the permanent items like the huge fireplace and the door locations, etc....when I was looking at ideas for a 450 sq. ft. studio, there weren't really any I could copy or even come somewhat close to due to the fixtures. If my older son ends up in that space in the future, we will probably build a loft where the wardrobe is so he can have a little bedroom up there, but of course, Dad can't climb up them.
  2. I don't think I put the wardrobes deep enough now that I look at it. I think they come out further. But the bathroom door will be far enough from the wall that we could put one between the bathroom and the fireplace and one on the other side of the fireplace if we wanted to do that instead.
  3. what did you have in mind?
  4. Here is the current layout idea for the room and for the bathroom. Yellow line is the door to the bathroom. Brown desks up front are for his office, he has a lot of desk space he likes to have. Dark blue represent the Ikea Pax wardrobes (or similar) with TV (cable line is on that wall) Door to enter is lower right He sleeps in a recliner so no bed needed Light blue square represents an area rug if we choose to have one Shower will be 38" corner round shower, but the model only allowed square. Does that bathroom sink seem too large? It is 36"
  5. I think you are right.....I haven't been able to and DH can build beautiful woodwork cabinets, but he doesn't have the time. He hates IKEA stuff because he much prefers real wood. He put in an entire kitchen with his own made Hickory cabinets in CA.....but no time.....sigh. Yes, I have been watching them. DH can do that without much effort, so I am glad for that. I looked into that, but it is much more $$ overall. I didn't configure the entire thing, and maybe I could find used, but prob not in the configuration I need. Yes, I am looking at those too, I li
  6. Trying to decide on dad's storage situation. I like the idea of IKEA's PAX system and how customizable it is, but I am not crazy about the quality for the cost. I have tried to find used but so far, the configuration isn't what we want. "Regular" armoires aren't tall enough or wide enough and seem very bulky for not that much storage. I have looked quite a bit and can't find them unless I am willing to spend several thousand dollars (like 8k or more, and no, I am not willing to do that.) Is there anything similar to the PAX system that is a knock off/different brand? ei
  7. clean up baby's room and purge some toys he doesn't play with (shhh....don't tell him!) make up a weekend chore list for boys baby's therapist 9am notary at 4:30pm figure out wardrobe for dad's new space
  8. You all have made me feel so much better. I was feeling like such a whiney wimp. THANK YOU~
  9. I have had this conversation with my kids about my special needs son. We are still hoping he can find a way to support himself. I told DH we MUST get a trust set up for him by the end of the summer. And we are now looking at applying for disability for him. Isn't there also a lawyer we can hire if we get denied? We haven't delved into it a whole lot yet. Is there a way you could hire someone to come into your home to help, esp while you travel?
  10. I have some of my immunizations on a card, but many weren't recorded (overseas). I have the older two kids yellow cards but they have long been digitized by their doctor. Yellow cards are in the safe with our passports. It is a small fireproof safe and only has our birth certificates, car titles, passports, and such. (Didn't want you to think we have a giant safe with money......🤣.....we don't!)
  11. No. We have 4 drivers in our home. We all have different schedules. I work full time outside the home. DH needs to get the toddler back and forth to preschool even thought he is working remotely. If I weren't working, DH worked from home, and we didn't have a choice, we would make it work, but that isn't our situation.
  12. You guys are going to think I am the biggest wimp on the planet, but I went to the dentist and got some work done. I have never had a cavity in my life and now I had 3. And I have a capped tooth that I have wanted redone for 10 years and finally did that too. It was terrifying. Not gonna lie. But it is done.
  13. I am allergic to penicillin and got Pfizer as well. No reactions other than a sore arm and a headache (which may or may not have been injection related.)
  14. I am going to get stuff stacked in the garage to either sell or give away, and go from there. I had the attic looking pretty good, and then my dad came and we put all his stuff up there. Going up to the attic in a bit and plan to spend an hour today and an hour tomorrow. Hoping to get a good head start on sorting and listing.
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