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  1. Thanks. I will keep checking there. They don't have enough in stock to order right now.
  2. I have GOT to help my son with his paper today. Due by midnight and we haven't revised it since he wrote the rough draft 2 weeks ago. He got a C on the rough draft, which will change once he polishes it up, but he is struggling with it. It is an opinion type paper on Ancient Greek art.....NOT my forte either, so I am not able to help him understand it as much as I would like to help. help son with paper- done pick up son from friend's house- done rest because I am still not 100% well from the flu- done (kind of!) maybe put away clean clothing and do a new load of laundry- nah
  3. Gotcha. I haven't seen that in my searches, but I admit I haven't studied it all that much, which is why I came here to learn more. And I have no intention of using it to pigeon hole anyone. People change, but I can find some things useful, for example, knowing your strengths and weaknesses and natural bent is very helpful in finding a major in college.
  4. #bringbackplum Mulberry is ok, but I miss the plum! It was my favorite color! Thanks for the heads up, not sure I need anything at the moment, but I may buy something anyway! 🤣
  5. I don't do MLMs at all. And I don't do life coaches. But what I do look at is that everyone does have a personality. And that personality often correlates to a career/job that you would enjoy. Sometimes people don't have a straightforward direction and it can help to understand who you are and what personality you have. Think it is junk science or pushing people to sell MLMs, but I do think it is helpful to understand yourself better. Myers Briggs has been a go-to for me in the past, although I don't use it all that often, but when someone posted a MB thread in the past people didn't say it was junk science/pseudo psych, but it seems to have brought out a visceral reaction in this thread with the enneagram. I am not sure why this one and not the other one. But the question was, "Who loves it and can explain it to me" not, "What are your personal opinions as to the validity of this and while you are at it, please tell me what an idiot I am, I would love to hear it."
  6. I haven't heard this at all, from anyone.
  7. An administrator is supposed to be present when you hold your IEP. If I were you, I would ask who that administrator will be and request that you can meet with her/him when you go in. That will give that person an opportunity to become familiar with the situation. You have every right to say that you feel the IEP has not been followed and you understand this is a legal issue and you will not want your son to be penalized for the teacher's mistake in following the IEP and you would like the lowest grades dropped or whatever. You also may want to think about the wording of the IEP and specific implementation of it. The example is the vagueness of notes, but there may be other vague things on there you want to firm up. If they use anything that seems vague, ask how it will be implemented and if it sounds very, "oh, maybe this or that" ask that the wording be specific and the implementation measurable.
  8. I don't take them as the end all be all, but they can allow you to understand yourself a bit better. I know they aren't for everyone.
  9. I have Fiestaware in the bolder colors. It is heavy and bulky and makes me feel like I am in a nicer eating establishment. Love it.
  10. Well, I was a teacher and am now a school counselor, so the 2 probably does match me more than just a mom-type. However, I will say that I can handle conflict and directness with kids ages 0-18 much better than with adults. I don't like telling adults what to do and having them argue back, I tend to take more of a, "Ok, let me know how that works out for you" approach with adults. 😋 I also always feel like the questions are SO dependent on the circumstances behind them. Is it is kid or adult? Is it a kid at my job or a friend's kid? Am I in my close knit social group for the social questions or in the general group of people who are not as close? I feel differently about different groups and my comfort levels.
  11. I don't know why I can't seem to quite "get" this personality test. I have always used Myers Briggs in the past. I have spent some time watching YouTube videos and somewhat get it, but I find it more ambiguous than MB and find I fit in more categories somewhat, but not as firmly as MB. I hate ambiguity. But everyone raves about the enneagram test as being more thorough. Maybe someone here can explain it better? FWIW: I scored highest on Type 2 and second highest on Type 6, however, I am reading that your second highest may not be your "wing." HUH?
  12. One of my sons has had a girlfriend so far. Our rules were, "Stay in open areas. You are allowed in the movie room, but the door must remain open and I have the right to come in at any time." (our TV/movie room is the only room they went into with a door that shut, they weren't allowed in bedrooms.) But I don't police other people's kids with their rules. My house, my rules.
  13. I am just reading this thread and trying to catch up. Yes to all MedicMom posted. I don't do IEPs but I am the 504 Coordinator and conduct 504s often. Student refusal is definitely documented and I can also say that accommodations are a team decision. So, if 3 teachers don't feel Johnny needs extended time and can document that Johnny never used it in the last 2 marking periods, it can be removed, even if Johnny's mother is insisting that it remain on the 504. And agreed on guided notes being vague. I would suggest adding in something like "Hard copy of notes" as that indicated the teacher must provide all notes she/he expects students to write. You may need to ask for an addendum to the IEP and pull the team together again. You are entitled to that. I would caution against calling a lawyer at this point. You have gone through the teacher, that isn't working. Go to the next level, cc an AP and counselor on your next email. Ask to speak to an AP by phone. Call the principal. Next would be to ask who the IEP director is for the district and contact that person. If you still don't feel you have gotten anywhere, contact an advocate and as that an advocate attend a meeting with you. THEN contact an attorney. I can tell you that the parents who threaten and contact a lawyer immediately may get the district's attention, but they also end up with teachers not willing to work with them on any level but eggshells and distance. If you want a relationship, go up the ladder gradually.
  14. Granted, I got married at 29, but I have often gone to hotels conferences, visiting people/places/traveling. I would go and enjoy it. But that may just be me.
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