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  1. DawnM

    Grand Canyon Trip - Any Tips?

    Great time to go. I think in Feb you can still drive to each station instead of taking the bus. I go every other year or so. My parents live in Phoenix and my cousin lives in Flagstaff. I just do day trips though. How old are your kids? They have a scavenger hunt thing for younger kids if you start at the main entrance book store. My kids enjoyed it when they were younger.
  2. DawnM

    What's for dinner?

    We cooked a 12 pound turkey with stuffing and mashed potatoes and gravy. We have enough for days.
  3. We are moving into a more expensive house. We think it is worth it.
  4. DawnM

    "Getting a job" woes

    What you have sounds fine. Talk to the people (who you need recommendations from) and ask them if they will write something positive. Wanna know what I did? When I was applying for a job, I hadn't worked in 10 years, and most of my former bosses had retired. So, I found a young pastor who I had volunteered with, and two friends I have done volunteer work with. They each wrote up a nice letter for me. I ended up with a job. You are fine.
  5. I can't even imagine the stress you are dealing with right now. I am sorry. Prayers for you and yours.
  6. DawnM

    For Those with Flat-top Stoves

    We have a glass top stove. If I can't have gas (much preferred) then I like glass top over coil. It just looks nicer IMO. But yes, it does take longer to heat up (than gas, haven't compared it to coil). I am hoping our next house will have gas.
  7. DawnM

    Who's going to tackle Monday with me?

    Jean, you have to make decisions based on how you feel. Rest if you need to. I have the day off for MLK day, so we are working feverishly. Today is going to be busy: Painter coming at 9am, DH will go buy paint as soon as he tells us what we need-✅ Take everything out of the upstairs garage so painter and paint ceiling, and we can go through stuff better, pack a few boxes from there to go to storage/throw out garbage ✅ Contractor also coming at 9am and he will be working in our bedroom, so I need to get a shower here in a minute ✅ All office furniture has been moved to the living room so the painter can paint, but in doing so, we have decided to get rid of 90% of it as it is older and falling apart, SO Run to Goodwill to donate some furniture- ✅ Run to the dump to get rid of some furniture AND yard debris from the weekend clean up outside (and DH will go through garage for more to take).....phooey, dump is closed today for MLK Run to storage unit with a load- ARGH! The lights on our trailer went out, so we can't take a load in the dark......SO CLOSE to ✅ Grocery shopping because we are out of a lot of things-✅ Clean up kitchen better, maybe pack a box or two of dishes/items and get down to bare bones for better cabinet cleaning and showing- Realtor is coming at 3pm for a walkthrough and to tell us what else needs to be done, and we are going to see a house at 4pm ✅ We may have to hire a landscaper. Our friend came up but was not able to stay the entire time we thought he could, so we need to find someone to finish up the job and maybe plant some things. Or we may need to buy some nice potted things for the porch in a couple of weeks to make it look more inviting.
  8. Well, I work full time, and am packing up my house, and am pursuing some further education, and, and, and........and I still miss my kids so much. I want them to move back in my house.....yup, I am *that* mom. And I have a lot of friends and go out a lot with them. Two older ones are gone and youngest is very social and out a lot. We talk but I know he doesn't tell me everything. None of the above is enough. If I ever figure it out, I will get back to you.
  9. DawnM

    Who’s going to tackle Sunday with me?

    Sorry you are not feeling well Jean Today: Take two loads to storage from packing yesterday (including some furniture, so it may be 3 loads, not sure)-✅ but not furniture yet Straighten up one garage, wipe down storage areas-can't be done until tomorrow..... Clean up kitchen, maybe pack some more of the kitchen up......still not sure-cleaned, no packing meeting with cleaner/organizer for a walk through of what she can do and how long it will take (make a list) -✅ church this am ✅ Ended up also: Two back rooms completely packed, organized, and ready for the cleaner New toilet put in Office completely cleaned out, all furniture out, walls wiped, ready for the painter tomorrow Cleaned up master bedroom more
  10. DawnM

    Who's going to tackle Saturday with me?

    Company here to help us Husband did 8 hours of yard work with my husband Wife helped me pack up the office and some of the upstairs I had forgotten about (built in storage under window sills......completely forgot they existed!) TSP-ed the walls in the office, moved all furniture to the center of the room, packed the rest.
  11. I thought much of the same about our local public school. This area is wealthier overall and the kids are snobby and elitist (I thought) and had money to buy "the good drugs." I finally relented and allowed my middle son to attend, and then sent my youngest. We have had the best experience there! I have been pleasantly surprised. Yes, there are some really snobby kids, but there are at our church too! Yes, some kids take drugs, but not nearly the numbers I had been lead to believe. There are some disadvantages (for us) to private school......distance, which includes all activities, getting to friends' houses, etc.....cost, not all teachers are fully credentialed (yes, that bothers me, it may not bother some), and many at the school we were looking at are snobbier than the ones who are at the local PS.
  12. DawnM

    How much should I pay?

    No, it is done now. He came out today. He did not do tree work today. We didn't need any done. He did yard work. I do not have time to call 3 places to come out and give me estimates. We are putting the house on the market in a week or two and I work full time. We hired a person we know, he just didn't want to charge us enough. I asked a question here to get an idea. I did that. I am good now.
  13. but he did start the conversation. I stopped when he wanted to. And we talked more tonight, but he is in a good mood tonight. They went out. I don't treat him like a kid, but I do voice concerns. I am not sure why you thought I treated him like a kid.
  14. DawnM

    How much should I pay?

    I paid him roughly $25/hour. He worked around 8-9 hours and I paid him $230. I asked if that was enough and he said it was more than enough and tried to give me back some of it. I told him no!~
  15. DawnM

    How much should I pay?

    He does tree work. He didn't do any while he was here. He did yard work. I don't really see hourly prices on CL. They have job prices and free estimate postings.
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