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  1. My future daughter-in-laws will get husbands whose mother did not do that sort of stuff for them.
  2. I have never packed for my husband either. He prefers not to eat sandwiches and likes left overs, so after a meal, he will grab a container and portion out his lunch for the next day and put it in the fridge before one of us puts the leftovers away.
  3. DawnM

    Before HGTV

    Oh, I know what they are now! I just haven't ever distinguished one from the other as they look like they can go in a bedroom to me! Well, that, and I have never had any lights on a buffet before. Have I even had a buffet? I don't think I have, I have had a built in China cabinet.
  4. DawnM

    Before HGTV

    We bought and sold 3 California houses, we didn't stage or fix up or get stuff into storage at all. But this is a very different market.
  5. DawnM

    Before HGTV

    Yeah, she gets a little wiggy over things I just don't think are big deals. It is ok, we will move past the buffet lamps (I have never even heard that term before, that is how NOT a decorated I am!) .
  6. DawnM

    Before HGTV

    Yeah, this wasn't my house, but it was down the street from where I used to live:,-118.07376,34.116494,-118.188086_rect/12_zm/1_fr/
  7. DawnM

    Before HGTV

    And my friend who does organizing/staging for a living is having a fit that I don't see the need to change out my bedstand lights. She keeps saying they are buffet lamps and not nightstand lights. But to me, they hold regular light bulbs and are bright, so what is the issue? I am not spending $70+ to buy new bedside lamps. And she is upset that we are using our current bedspread and not buying a new, plain colored bedspread and new pillow shams. No......just no. I have been viewing homes and even the higher end homes often have patterned bedspreads. Ours is pretty benign.....rectangular patterns, Pottery Barn bedspread.
  8. DawnM

    Before HGTV

    Right? I had a thread a while ago about how I didn't like any of the kitchens I was finding. And then I realized that it is probably because I don't like the current trends in kitchens. I want some character and interest......stone and wood and craftsman-y. Everything I see is sterile and bland or that nasty yellowish with the pickled (darker color) type inlay. BLECH! maybe something like this:
  9. DawnM

    Before HGTV

    And you know what I HATE more than anything? When granite or quartz is slapped onto old cabinets. There is one house we are looking at in a very nice neighbhorhood but it needs some updating. The cabinets are older and the countertop is corian. You know what? That doesn't even bother me! I would rather save up and get new cabinets and countertops than have them rip the corian out and put nice countertops on those old cabinets.
  10. DawnM

    Before HGTV

    How did we ever survive? And remember when we didn't have to rent a huge storage unit to get 50% of our belongings out of the house and redo everything to look exactly like what is the latest and greatest current trend? Yeah, it has been a while. 😏 And yesterday I stupidly watched some Ultimate homes something or other and those people paid $1.5m just for their foundation! And their master bedroom is 2,400 sq. ft., which is larger than any CA home I have ever lived in. Our house is larger in NC, but..... Anyway, I digress......I am paying someone quite a bit of money to make my house look more HGTV and not as "lived in/Craigslist chic."
  11. I have seriously been so overwhelmingly busy that I don't even have time to post what I am doing! Cleaner/stager/organizer has been here 3 days so far, and will come 3 days this next week. Trash cans are full loads of stuff to the storage unit has happened. massive cleaning/moving stuff/getting rid of stuff/shopping Realtor came yesterday to discuss details Appraiser is coming Tue to measure. Photographer is coming Friday to get pictures. It should hit MLS by the end of this week or early the following week. Meanwhile work has ramped up to a crazy level of busy. And I am supposed to take the National Boards test at the end of April. I am seriously thinking of changing that to mid June if I can. Hoping we sell quickly and can move everything out during my Spring Break at the end of April.
  12. DawnM


    Stager said colorful, not plain, so that one won't work for what we need. I got a purple/lavender one. It isn't super colorful, but enough.
  13. DawnM


    You can't even see my house from the street! We are one of 4 homes on a cul-de-sac and our house sits half way up the hill on 2.5 acres, surrounded by trees. But I guess just walking up to the house, it needs to look nice. Google maps took a new picture of my house in December. Here it is. HA! We must have had friends over because from an arial view there are 4 cars at the top of my driveway and none of them are ours! Now I am wondering who was over. I didn't
  14. I have seen that mentioned. Not sure he will take it. He would have to break them open and eat it. He can't swallow pills.
  15. Well, he still has a horrible cough, week 8. And he is still in pain in that area. Just wish it would stop!
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