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  1. work all day middle son to new possible school, meet with adviser order transcripts, look at open classes, etc.... make copies and fax info to FedEx for reimbursement put away laundry pack up stuff to bring Tue to work (drinks for fridge, yogurts, trail mix, etc.....
  2. I had to look it up, it was 1994. My doctor was in Northridge. I hate MRIs, ask them to give you a valium or something before going.
  3. no, I didn't. They said they were just going to monitor it. That was before they put X-rays on computers and my slides were all lost in the earthquake. In fact, that entire building with my doctor's office was destroyed.
  4. This was pretty much my experience as well. I had it show up in my 20's. I was told I had a tumor, it showed up on MRIs, I was actually lactating and definitely had not been pregnant. 30 years later, it isn't showing up anymore, but I do have elevated levels every now and then.
  5. Church Lunch with family Afternoon Party for a co-worker turning 50 Print out all of DS's transcripts Print out degree requirements and mark off what he has taken so he can go meet with an advisor tomorrow
  6. WHOAH! VERY long story, but it looks like my son will not be going to the state college as planned. We have spent the day discussing, ordering his transfer transcript, filling out a last min. application, and FAFSA paperwork, and discussing. I honestly think this is a much better choice for him, but I wanted HIM to want it, ya know?
  7. Fill out all the paperwork to get reimbursement for the item FedEx smashed in shipping Shop for a gift for a birthday party tomorrow return some items to Kohl's and buy some different size items for DS Keep trying to find a 2nd hand LaZBoy chair for my bedroom
  8. Work.......BOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ✅ Hopefully a little swim when I get home. ✅ nap ✅
  9. But, it still isn't an iphone! 😁😂😊
  10. I am not dealing with today very well. It is my last day before I start back to work tomorrow. And I am having anxiety over several things: 1. Psychologist's office screwed up billing and said they would fix it but they haven't and they had the nerve to tell me a different story about why it happened than the last story they told me. 2. I have screwed up and changed our cell phone plan when I didn't know that Dh's work won't subsidize the plan I changed to! Now to figure out how to change it back and cancel our phone orders. 3. I cannot get my cable internet company to answer the phone and they say they will call back but they don't, but they have the wrong number in their system for me and it won't allow me to change it online, so it is a Catch 22. 4. There are some other, bigger anxiety producing issues I can't discuss at the moment (extended family stuff) but I am very worried. SOOOOOO: Paid DS $25 to clean ✅ Try to call cable company again ✅ Try to call ATT and cancel ✅ (well, 40 minutes into the call!) Laundry ✅
  11. Well, I have just royally screwed up anyway. Dh just looked at his discount and it does NOT include any unlimited plans. None. And I just signed up for ATT unlimited. OY! Now I am going to have to find a plan B or C or whatever.
  12. Yes, I have read them, thank you. I only need the basic of plans. I am asking about any hidden costs.
  13. We just switched our plan with ATT to the unlimited. It is $190 for 5 phones. HOWEVER, I ordered the plan and the phones on Aug. 4th and they still haven't shipped! The $190 is with DH's 25% discount. I am looking at switching to Verizon. For one thing, they get better service in our area and in my building at work. It says $30 per line (if you have 5 phones) for unlimited everything. That would be $150 plus taxes and fees. Am I missing something? What am I missing?
  14. Dentist for youngest ✅ breakfast out with youngest ✅ plan Friday for work ✅ Lunch with friend ✅ run a few errands ✅ pick up cheese and crackers and fruit for an appetizer tray for tomorrow evening's guests Pick up dinner ($5 meals if you order online! Yippee!)- never mind. too much effort! DH has dinner marinating clean up kitchen a bit- paying son to do it.
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