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  1. Yikes, I have no time for all that. I don't want the links, I don't want to debate, and I simply do not wish to discuss. The end. I made one small comment in the discussion Sunday and that lady yelled at me. "Oh yes they ARE!" she said loudly and with defiance, in my face. Who has the energy to debate that crap?
  2. UGH! I was at a wedding Sunday and was seated next to one of these folks at the dinner table and she started in with garbage and I tried to change the subject but she wasn't having it, and then the others joined her in the conversation until the one who started the conversation got a little belligerent and then all the others agreed to change the topic too. I have known the woman for a long time and we don't talk unless we have to because we have had run-ins before. She has a lot of issues and I just can't engage.
  3. These are all the things I need to do, but, like you, I am busy with other people. A 3 year old and an elderly father. My rising senior is pretty self sufficient, thankfully, although we are getting ready to start college applications. Oh, and there is no hunkering down, our schools are wide open. I don't see them shutting down this year at all. I have worked all summer and head back to my reg. job in a week.
  4. DH says he thinks we should stop attending church in person for a while. I agree, although I go back to school/work in a couple of weeks and our district has decided to open wide up and masks are optional. OY
  5. I managed to go grocery shopping and I managed to do a little laundry. Then I napped for THREE HOURS this afternoon.
  6. Ok, he is saying he will apply to 4 colleges, so we will see.
  7. I am going to try this. Wish me luck. I may end up in the emergency hair salon....hahahaha
  8. They have PILED on the demands of teachers and it is so crazy. It is completely different than even 20 years ago. The whole idea of data-driven sounds good, in theory, but then there is data manipulation and far more teaching to the test and blah, blah, blah.
  9. Well, speaking of bio mom: She was a no-show last week for our video call.....completely forgot. 🙄 Then last night she texted that she had a broken phone (again, this is a monthly thing, sometimes more often) and couldn't get the app to download on her computer, then she used a few expletives to say it wasn't her F-ing fault, it was the F-ing computer, so she should get a do-over. The DSS worker said NO. Then the DSS worker told her that we will be on vacation next week so it gives her an extra week to replace her phone or download the app properly. 😉 She didn't like that at all and started saying she didn't give permission for us to take him on vacation, blah, blah, blah. (we got DSS permission and we are good, we don't need her permission.....) So, two more calls???? (if the Lord willing and the creek don't rise as they say in the South!)
  10. with summer school students. My frustrating story: I was hired to be an Elem. Counselor for 6 weeks at a summer school location in our district. The day before school started, the admin in change asked if I would cover an unfilled position in the classroom for a few days. A few days turned into, "Oh, just a week or two" and then, well, you get the picture.....I was a TEACHER this past 6 weeks and never got into the counseling office. I SHOULD have said, "I will do it for X amount of time and no more." I didn't. If I EVER sign up for summer school again, remind me of this post and remind me to be VERY clear that I will ONLY be a counselor. That's all. I am exhausted.
  11. Our Gov. just announced that all educators are expected to get the vaccine and if they don't, they must get covid tested every week and bring the results to their supervisors. I am wondering how this will pan out with some very vocal anti-vax educators in my district. Could be an interesting year.
  12. I don't picture us without kids in the house for a very long time. My child with high functioning Autism (23) hasn't been able to launch, and I anticipate him being with us for a very long time, if not until we die. And I have a 3 year old. So, it isn't that I don't want to be an empty nester, I just don't think it is in the cards for any time soon, if at all in my lifetime. But I also enjoy having my kids around. Right now I have all 4 kids here and I am enjoying it. I work full time outside the home too.
  13. DawnM


  14. I was asked, "What would your co-workers say about you? Give two adjectives". Now, "give 2 adjectives your supervisors would say about you?" UGH. Then I was asked, "Let's say you meet someone on an elevator and they ask you what the most important thing about your job is, what would you say?" They were just weird questions. I had prepped for NOT those questions. 🙄
  15. I have no idea. It would take someone VERY special to sway me into marrying again. And I would have to know the well in order to trust that they would be a good match.
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