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    USPS what?

    I love Informed Delivery! Not only does it show your mail pieces, it will also show any packages that are in the USPS pipeline. Porch pirates are an issue here, so I like having the extra notification of what's supposed to be in my mailbox each day. My only issue is that junk mail shows up, but the statements from our brokerage accounts can't be scanned. Lana
  2. I learned that as basic phone etiquette as a child. When someone says, "Mrs. ___?" when I answer the phone, I always say, "This is she." (And if they say my name incorrectly, I always say, "There's no one here by that name." Saves me the trouble of listening to their spiel!)
  3. I used the advanced pages with a 4th grader and it was just right. My rising 8th grader would definitely not be interested in it. Have you looked at Grapevine Bible Studies? I haven't used it, but it might work better for a middle schooler
  4. I had my dd take the TT placement tests after CLE 600. She passed the Algebra 1 test easily, there were only a couple of things that hadn't been covered in CLE yet. Teaching Textbooks is a great program, but I think you'd need to start in a higher level. We decided to stick with CLE through 8th grade before switching to a new program.
  5. Mostly continuing things that have worked well: Grammar: Analytical Grammar, Season 3 Writing: Essentials in Writing, Level 8 (not 100% firm, but I think she needs outsourced writing lessons, and this one fits the budget.) Literature: Figuratively Speaking with the short stories/links that were posted here Spelling: Rod&Staff, Grade 8 Vocab: Vocabulary from Classical Roots, Level B Math: Christian Light, Level 800 With her 6th grade sibling Science: Guest Hollow Botany History: Notgrass From Adam to Us + read-alouds Geography: Memoria Press Geography 1 (and maybe 2, depending on how quickly we move through) Bible: Bible Road Trip, Year 2 Art/Music: No idea yet Extra-curriculars Homeschool choir Piano/voice lessons Maybe tennis lessons? Lots of good books to read, as well as our Morning Time where we do logic, Shakespeare, poetry, character, etc.
  6. I think I have most of it figured out... Grammar: Analytical Grammar, Season 1 Writing: Wordsmith Apprentice (this is still a little iffy) Spelling: Rod&Staff Level 6 Vocab: Vocab from Classical Roots, Level 6 Math: Christian Light, 600 With her 8th grade sibling Science: Guest Hollow Botany History: Notgrass From Adam to Us + read-alouds Geography: Memoria Press Geography 1 (and maybe 2? not sure how long it will take us to work through) Bible: Bible Road Trip, Year 2 Art/Music: No idea yet. Extra-curriculars Co-op (maybe, we dropped this semester and it has been so nice! We'll have to see what the class offerings will be.) Piano/voice lessons Homeschool choir Gymnastics
  7. Is there nudity in the videos? I can't show anything risque since it is a faith-based co-op.
  8. I'm co-teaching a high school humanities class at our co-op this year. We originally chose Discovering Music from Professor Carol, but those videos are incredibly boring! And we thought there would be more music included in the videos, but it turns out that you have to go listen to the music separately. So, we are searching for a new option. The last time this class was offered, they used one of the Great Courses, but it was really too difficult for high school level kids. Any recommendations? I am open to curriculum, lesson plans, a spine -- anything that will help us get through the next 22 weeks! Lana
  9. lanabug


    I always recommend hot compresses, as hot as you can stand, every few hours. And a drop of oil of oregano twice a day on the spot will clear it up. If the wound is slightly open, the oregano will burn like fire however. My daughters and I have all dealt with MRSA multiple times. It always resulted in having the boil lanced and drained, along with a round of strong antibiotics, until we discovered the oil of oregano. Now, it clears up the spot without ever getting to the point of needing to be drained. I'd also do manuka honey.
  10. Thanks for all the hard work! The boards look great! Lana
  11. This is what I'm leaning towards so far: Language Arts Analytical Grammar, Season 2 Figuratively Speaking Jump In, what we don't finish this year OR Essentials in Writing 7 (also considering IEW SWI B with the 5th grader) Mosdos Jade or Lightning Lit 7 R&S Spelling 7 Vocab from Classical Roots, Level A Technology Typing from Computer technology basics from Possibly some coding, if she's interested Math Christian Light Math 7...or prealgebra, possibly Lial's sticking with what's working! Science Finish Apologia Anatomy, then move into a botany study using a variety of resources History/Geography Uncle Sam and You Draw Africa and Draw Europe Drawing Around the World: Europe, as well as Sheppard Software games Bible Bible Road Trip, Year 2 something for personal devotions Art no clue yet! Extras Co-op Choir Piano/voice lessons Possibly tennis or swimming, if I can talk her into one
  12. These are a little cheaper:
  13. 2006 - The Healthy Baby Meal Planner My oldest was 6 months old and I was beginning to make all my own baby food... which she refused to eat.
  14. We will probably travel for this one. Where I live would get between 90-95% coverage, but totality will happen in one of my favorite parts of our state. We will likely travel there for this one, although with it being in April there is a huge chance of rain. Today's eclipse was only 84% totality. It was well worth the trouble to get glasses and take the time to go outside and watch it.
  15. I agree with checking the "complete stop" rules as it applies to cyclists. There are cities/states that allow cyclists to "float" the stop sign. Some research has shown that is safer for cyclists as they can clear the intersection faster if they don't have to completely stop and lose all their momentum. Lana
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