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  1. I started having the tiniest tickle in my throat and occasional small dry cough the Sunday before Thanksgiving. That evening, muscle aches and chills began. Next day had a sore throat, fever, headache, muscle aches were worse. I went to get tested (free test through state of New Mexico). Told it would be four to seven days for result. After that day I never had a fever again, but my cough got worse and I had a strange feeling in my chest - not pain, just something different and maybe a feeling like it was slightly harder than normal to breathe. I was also very tired. On Thanksgiving I notice
  2. Curbside pickup is not universal. In my very small town there is neither curbside pickup nor delivery from the single grocery store, and the Family Dollar and convenience store certainly don’t offer it. Now, I’ve got a car and plenty of gas money, so I can go to nearby towns where curbside is available, if I desire (nobody will deliver to my house, as I live rurally) but I’ve known plenty of people through the years who, on a temporary or permanent basis, had no access to reliable transportation , and that small store was it for them If they needed perishables.
  3. Thanks. I was aware of the stereotype, otherwise I might not have thought about it being cultural rather than geographical at all. If I hadn’t come across it so soon after reading this thread I probably wouldn’t have really noticed it.
  4. Ok, what is British vs. English has been a topic of confusion for me for awhile. And you explained it, and I thought oh, that makes sense. And then I was reading Let It Bleed, by Ian Rankin. It is set in Edinburgh, Scotland. And this bit of dialog occurs between an American and a Scottish policeman: American: “Well, that’s hardly fair, is it? Hardly British? policeman: “You’re not in Britain now, Mr. Haldayne.” And so he seems to be saying that Scotland isn’t part of Britain (which I would have thought would have been synonymous with Great Britain). And now I am confused again.
  5. I mean, I see their point. The authorities said they didn’t reveal its location because people would try to find it and would get stuck and lost and have to be rescued, and that’s exactly what happened, along with the littering and failure to deal with bathroom waste appropriately, and destruction of habitat. People are stupid sometimes.
  6. I have heard of those glasses, and seen videos about them on YouTube, which I found interesting and researched a little even though neither I nor my family members are color blind. I would guess your child’s eye doctor is right if he thinks they wouldn’t help, but the en chroma website has an online test that is supposed to determine if they will help/what kind to get, and then they also have a trial period, during which you’re supposed to be able to get your money back if they don’t work. So it might be worth doing just to really satisfy your child’s curiosity and satisfy them
  7. My husband is very stoic when he’s sick, so DD was unfamiliar with the phenomenon. A friend at co-op told her that her (teenage) brother wasn’t there because he had a man cold, and DD was a little confused; I think she thought it was some sort of actual condition.
  8. For $55, a ukulele. Was my birthday present to myself, and it’s been so much fun. My two youngest kids have even gotten a little more interested in music because of it. It has been gratifying to find out that despite several failed attempts to learn guitar, I am not musically hopeless.
  9. In related news, a mysterious monolith appears in the Utah desert.
  10. I’m quite familiar with Mary Did You Know ( and I reallly like it) but I’m gonna have to Google Christmas Shoes.
  11. Well, everyone has their own personal definition of essential cookware. I already have a nonstick egg pan, and otherwise, I assure you that what is in most of the 7 piece sets I’m seeing plus a huge sauté pan will replicate what are most used for me.
  12. Well, maybe my original wording was too restrictive. I’ll probably buy a 7 piece set, since most of them contain equivalent to my most-used pieces, plus a large 12” sauté pan, but I’d like to hear about any stainless steel cookware people have used and like ( not just cookware that comes in sets). Absolutely all of the cookware I have that I like and would want to buy more of is not made anymore.
  13. Notice when you have problems and ask for help? Or, Notice when you don’t understand and stop to figure it out? it sounds basic, but I think for some people it’sa learned skill, picking up on when they go from comprehension to lack thereof in reading
  14. Walgreens is having a site wide sale of 25% off of regularly priced items, free shipping over $35, so now might be the time to stock up on things that usually don’t go on sale.
  15. If you have stainless steel cookware that you like, tell me about it. What brand, what do you like about it, what do you not like about it. I’ve used a mishmash of cookware since we got married. Most of it was bought by DH at his great-grandmother’s estate sale, and it is good quality stuff ( and has outlasted, for the most part, the isolated pieces of cookware I bought here and there over the years) but things wear out and it is time for a change. All Clad is out of my budget, unfortunately, as is anything similarly priced. Also if you have run across any great deals, fee
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