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  1. Wonderful! I breathed such a sigh of relief when my husband’s grandparents told me they had their second shot.
  2. Now, I will say I like some songs with kind of illogical lyrics that make a sort of poetic sense. But if you have one good verse and then just junk to pass out the rest of the song, that’s really frustrating to me. and I’ve realized recently recently that some songs with lyrics I consider overly maudlin and sentimental Can be redeemed by good music.
  3. I did not vote in the poll. Just wanted to put my two cents in the thread in case it helped make a big picture.
  4. Thanks! I thought the meatball meatball mush was the end of the story. My 9 yr old is learning ukulele, and “On Top of Old Smoky” is in all of the books, but “On Top of Spaghetti “ is more fun.
  5. I don’t know the verse about a meatball tree. How does it go?
  6. I am not on the spectrum, and I am a very word-oriented person. I love reading and writing. I am totally a lyrics person. Bad lyrics, or grammatical mistakes, have ruined many an otherwise catchy song for me. I am much more lyrics-oriented than both of my siblings, and neither one of them is on the spectrum.
  7. I remember, but from a little later. That was exactly what I thought of when I heard this story.
  8. I have twice had positive initial first impressions of men who turned out to be sex offenders, on the registry for crimes against children. But I’ve had strong gut warnings about people that I never had any proof one way or the other about, and gut feelings about someone who I eventually began to trust, and it turned out that my initial gut warnings were totally justified., Basically, I’ve decided that people just can’t be trusted. Some of them are really good at pretending to be what they’re not.
  9. It annoys me, and I can’t pinpoint why. I menu plan, but I consider it more of a guideline. Maybe we’ll have what’s on it on the day I planned it for, maybe we won’t. So it annoys me to be asked what’s for dinner, but it also annoys me when people say “Oh good, we’re having spaghetti tonight!” When really we aren’t because I decided I’d rather cook something else. i think it the continual expectation that I’m in charge of all the meals that is irritating and i don’t want to hear whining about what I’m making while I’m making it or in anticipation of it. And I don’t want to hear whining ab
  10. Scarlet, I just saw the update after not being on the boards in a few days. I’m so glad to hear your niece is safe and I pray that she’ll be convinced to get help before it is too late. Such a long hard road for your family!
  11. When I was in about fourth grade, the day we were leaving on a big family vacation, I lost my glasses. I was blind as a bat, there was no going without them. We turned the house upside down, but had to leave and just get some at a one-hour eyeglasses store on the way. TEN years later, my dad found them, in the plumbing of the kids’ bathroom toilet. They’d been knocked into the toilet and flushed. He said it did explain some of the plumbing problems that we’d been experiencing in that bathroom over those years.
  12. My dh also hates to cook, yet he loves watching Kent Rollins (cowboy cook) videos on YouTube. If cracks me up, because there is zero chance he’s going to cook these things. Once in awhile I do, but he watches them without me a lot, so his watching is not some ploy to get me to cook them.
  13. It may vary by who is doing the immunizations and how cautious their policy is. My aunt was unable to get her Covid vaccine because she had a flu shot within the last month, I think. She would have definitely gotten the Covid instead and waited on the flu shot if she’d known.
  14. Most of the things that spring to mind are curriculum. I bought so many that just didn’t work, or that I wanted to do but we just never had time and they weren’t core subjects. I once bought a $50 harmonica right before I quit playing harmonica. I still have it in a drawer. i sort of feel like my engagement ring is in this category. I wanted it, and I wore it at first, but after a year or so I realized I’m just not a ring person, and I started wearing only my plain wedding band, and now I have a silicone wedding band, and my good rings are in the drawer with the harmonica.
  15. This must be a terrible time for everyone in your family. I’m praying for your niece that she comes home safely and soon.
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