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  1. Hello,

    I am a reporter looking for homeschooling parents who are navigating anti-vax attitudes in their homeschool communities during the pandemic. I came across this thread that you responded to and I’d love to hear more from you about this experience. I know there are a myriad of reasons people homeschool and no two families are alike on it (I myself was homeschooled k-12), but it seems like we don’t often hear from parents like you on the topic. If you would like to speak with me, here is my email and phone:



    I’m on EST and available to talk this week from 10am-6pm. I hope we can connect!


  2. Sometimes. If it’s secondhand, yes, always. If it’s new, if it feels stiff or has a smell, I will. If I just feel like it I will. If I’m lazy and don’t want to do laundry, or excited to wear it before I’ll have a chance to wash it, I won’t. It’s just one crazy unpredictable day after another here at my house. 😜
  3. I have never had a tuxedo cat. I’ve had three Orange cats and I loved them. I don’t know if I’d say they were sweethearts, but they were nice patient cats who liked being petted and sitting on laps. They each had very distinct and fun personalities. I love orange cats, and they’re definitely my first preference if I’m picking a cat. (Most of the time I don’t get to pick. I end up with whatever cat shows up hungry or needs a home.)
  4. Oh man. My aunt has a tortoise shell that is the most psycho cat I’ve ever met. Likes my aunt, but is very territorial when anyone else comes in the house. Used to hide on top of the fridge to attack anyone going by.
  5. The name I would have used If DH hadn’t vetoed it: Reed also Jack
  6. I have a similar but different situation in that my DS is paring down his wardrobe. He has been the recipient of a ton of hand me downs lately. We decided 7 tees, 7 pants, 2 hoodies, three or four long sleeved tees and three or four dress shirts would do it. i say at least 5 short sleeve shirts because it stays hot here into September, so there are weeks he’d need short sleeves every day, plus he Can layer hoodies over them when it’s colder. But that depends on your climate and the teen’s personal preference. My DD has many nice blouse and shirts and cute tees, and chooses 8 days out of 10 to wear tees she gets from church camp or FFA or band.
  7. I am just posting to say, I love the idea of a dog in a scarf for the logo.
  8. I thought I felt in my 20s (I’m 41) until recently when I started working with people actually in their 20s. Now I realize that no, I am definitely a mom, and I keep wanting to give mom advice like use a crock pot and eat more vegetables and buy sensible used cars so you can open an IRA.
  9. Fur-ever Friends Yarn (or Fur-ever Friends Creations) Furbaby Creations
  10. You should take up weaving so it can be Warp and Woof. Other than that I got nothing.
  11. Quoting myself in case I wasn’t clear: this is just what I do with clothes that are still clean enough to wear again. If the clothes are dirty I throw them in the hamper. The hamper is in the bathroom, which is why my pajamas live on the bathroom counter. Get undressed, throw dirty clothes in hamper, put on pajamas. In theory. Sometimes I have work jeans that are dirty but I know I’ll need to get dirty again the next day. I’ll put them beside the hamper because I’ll wear them again for work but won’t put them in a drawer with clean clothes.
  12. I used to pile them in a big pile on the bathroom counter, but I’m trying to reform. I now (try to) hang church clothes back up in the closet the minute I take them off. Clothes that came out of dressers are folded and put back in drawers. Pajamas . . . Still go on the bathroom counter. i try to limit myself to one sweatshirt or sweater to wear around the house when it’s cool in the morning. I hang it on the end of the bed. If I notice that the pile has grown to more than one, I put them back up wherever they came from.
  13. I have a couple too, and even compared to some more expensive wireless bras I have, they are more comfortable, and don’t show under clothes.
  14. Yes, I’ve tried both, and i didn’t like the Flylady emails, but the book I followed a lot longer. It had some very useful ideas I still use even though I don’t do the whole thing
  15. I garden, I cook (I have to cook, but I also enjoy trying new recipes and buying fancy new ingredients, cookbooks, etc), I read, I write, I play the ukulele. I sew a bit. My hobbies ebb and flow a bit. In the past I’ve quilted, done bookbinding, embroidery, knitting, crochet, etc. I’ll try most crafts. Right now my kids are into paracord bracelets, so I’m helping with that, and it’s fun. I used to make hemp bracelets in college and friendship bracelets as a camp counselor, and it’s similar. i enjoy jigsaw puzzles, crosswords, and sudoku, but just in short bursts from time to time. Things like that are good in that you can pick up a book or puzzle pretty inexpensively and when you’re done you’re done, and there’s not a lot of equipment left collecting dust. Give the puzzle to someone else who likes puzzles or to the thrift store. some people like arranging flowers or decorating. Maybe wander through a craft store and see if any kits appeal to you. i didn’t play an instrument until last year. I was 40. People pick up instruments even later. If it’s not something that interests you, that’s fine, but I had always wanted to learn to play something, only after a few failed attempts at guitar though I didn’t have it in me. Turns out I do, though. I wouldn’t have realized it if I hadn’t bought a ukulele almost on impulse.
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