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  1. She is working in my dh’s cousin’s law office. He has been a true mentor to her and has been shepherding her through school. He has been a wonderful influence on her and has been able to see past some of her issues to develop in her a trust in herself. He gave her her first real job with real responsibilities, so there is no way she would leave this job. He is helping her craft a future we never envisioned. So her loyalty is at the utmost.
  2. They have all been taking turns working from home periodically over the summer, but it will be less of an option after August She is mulling this over while having immunity from actually having had covid This is a possibility. They will also be seeing clients in the office again after August Have any recommendations? No, the windows don't open
  3. In January, my dd brought covid home to our family from the office she works in. There are three people in the office, desks spread out but she was the only one wearing a mask. As new variants kick up, how can she protect herself from her co workers, who refuse to vaccinate or take any precautions that are not mandated? Is there an air purifier she could buy to put in the office? Our precautions of vitamins, mask etc did not help last time, and as summer winds down and they are all inside together again, I want to keep more covid out. Thanks!
  4. Glad you were spared the tornado!
  5. Keep in mind these are my personal beliefs and I don’t impose them on anyone else, what ever decisions anyone else makes are between them and God and none of my or anyone else’s business. Adultery or abandonment are the only reasons Jesus gives in the New Testament. It doesn’t mean those are the only reasons to get divorced, just the only reasons to be free to remarry. That and widowed. But realistically, I don’t think I would remarry because if my not hypothetical husband and I got divorced there would have had to be some extreme personality/belief system change and to work through that, I would need to be able to focus on myself and my kids. I believe that Jesus’s teachings on this are in both the vein of honoring our commitment to God and our spouse and rooted in practicality, just like all those Old Testament laws about being clean were God’s way of protecting his people from germs and diseases before they could comprehend germs and diseases. If my husband were abusive to me or my children, yup I would divorce him in a heart beat. but I would have so much trauma to work through to heal us from that, that finding someone to remarry could impede, hamper or distract from that process of healing and open us up to more abuse, so not remarrying makes practical sense. Jesus’s wisdom in this helps to protect us. There are some who believe if the husband decides to remarry after a divorce that is not the result of the wife abandoning or cheating, that constitutes abandonment and the wife is then free to remarry. I can see that logic. Does that make sense?
  6. My reason not to remarry if we divorced is scriptural, but also practical. If we divorced, it means one of us has undergone some kind of major personal change, and that would be traumatic. Between the baggage of that and with having kids, I would just rather not complicate my life any further. If I were widowed, I am free to remarry scripturally, and my kids would probably be grown, so my life would be less complicated, but I’m not sure at that point I would want to be hitching myself up again just as I was getting a taste of autonomy
  7. I am sorry about this. I don't know why they accepted the three they did and rejected the one, but we weren't looking a gift horse in the mouth. I wonder if it has something to do with us having both dh's employer insurance and the state insurance. I think in Ohio there must be different rules for if you also have employer insurance, because even when we eeked over the income limits, jfs has always renewed our coverage. The only downside we have found is that anything Molina pays does not count towards our deductable with our blue cross
  8. I don’t know if this helps anyone, but we have/had 4 kids in braces. Our state insurance (the kids have Molina) covered three of the four kids braces totally. One kid they denied as a cosmetic procedure, which the orthodontist did not agree with but we decided not to appeal since the other three were covered. We did not even know this was a thing, our dental hygienist clued us in. We were go smacked to have the three paid for
  9. I am thinking of going it myself, we have painted these cabinets a few times, but they just look grungy so quickly
  10. I have one like this and worry constantly about it
  11. It depends I think. If I were single because of divorce, no. If I were widowed, maaaayyyybbbbbeeeee
  12. You guys are great, he came over and looked at it and said he would get us a bid in a couple of days. Dh could’ve done the job himself, but he’s has multiple surgeries this summer rendering him “useless” and a leak has developed and brought down the ceiling, so now it is something that can’t wait for dh to be back to himself. We are trying to estimate on our minds how much it will cost, dh could easily figure out the materials but we had no idea what to estimate with labor. you guys are so helpful!!!
  13. Probably just dreaming, but since we are having some necessary structural work done outside the kitchen and getting new linoleum, I’m dreaming about doing something with my cabinets. We’ve painted and painted them over the years but they just don’t stay nice long. Has anyone ever refaced them yourselves?
  14. This is what we will be getting too, materials plus labor itemized. We’ve never hired anyone to do anything before so just wanted to see what other’s experiences were
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