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  1. No advice, but lots of (((((Soror)))))
  2. I use this all the time, I can’t remember where I learned it, maybe here, but it is very effective. @Home'scool I’m sorry you are frustrated. @LinRTX I’m sorry about your mom and your dd
  3. You don’t have to ask the farmer, you can ask them what processor they use and ask the processor Eta sorry! I see some else answered that
  4. I thought I was the only one that had to be sedated for routine things!
  5. Thank you! He filled out like 25 applications after he graduated last spring, but God was in it because it is an hour away and in a walkable neighborhood (he doesn’t drive)with an apartment complex three blocks from his job. He is our aspie that we weren’t sure would ever move out, but he has come such a long way. He is far enough away to feel independent, but close enough that we can help him, so quasi independent. God is so good. dh went back to work 🙄I made him a patch he can slide on and off his glasses covering the bad eye because without it he has double vision. They finally have th
  6. Yard saling wins for me this weekend! DS21 is moving out when he starts his new job and we found a bunch of things for his new kitchen pretty cheap! Also brought home all the Easter leftovers and are using them for lunches. Haven't gotten any bills yet from dh's surgery or any of the trips back in, so am seriously dreading that, thankfully we have some savings and got our stimulus check.
  7. You are going to do great on the interview!
  8. Thanks guys! What ratios for the dawn do you like to use?
  9. Ds21 is preparing to launch "YAY!!!" and will move into an apartment with the plastic, for lack of a better word on my part, surrounds and tub. What is the best cleaner for that material? Thanks!
  10. We had quivers cinnamon rolls and hid and hunted eggs. This afternoon we went to my moms for a meal, then this evening we will do our Easter lesson then watch sight and sound theaters production of Jesus. It is phenomenal
  11. I am so very sorry. No advice but Oh my gosh I am so sorry
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