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  1. I am looking for some reading material, any blogs etc. you follow or recommend? Thanks!
  2. Got seeds ordered for this years garden, and a setup to start seeds as last year's attempt was a bust. Just need potting soil and to get started! Feeling relieved today's transition went smoothly as we have been watching Jericho on netflix and scaring ourselves, haha Our freezers are full, pantry looks pretty good, would like more of a few things, but could definitely do well on what we have. I really need to figure out a way to organize meals out of all of our stuff. If we had to live solely on what we have, like we did in December, I think as we got down to the end, the meals and f
  3. Oh, that stinks it’s so hard, Ohio is pretty easy compared to that
  4. How did you know you could flip that book for so much?
  5. Just google medicaid and your state income guidelines
  6. We have both insurance through my dh's job and medicaid as our income is just on the cusp. I was surprised they didn't discontinue it this last time around (we don't have to re-enroll every year, I gave permission for it to be automatic) since he got a raise last year, I wonder if it is because medicaid is our secondary insurance that we have been able to keep it so long.
  7. https://www.tasteofhome.com/recipes/apple-pumpkin-muffins/ I make these muffins twice a month, in the summer/fall I substitute cubed zucchini for the apple since it is free from my garden. They are heavy and moist and very flavorful. I don't have any fancy pretzel recipe, just use one I found on the internet, they are all pretty close to the same. Try any of them, soft pretzels are good! https://www.onceuponachef.com/recipes/soft-pretzels.html I don't know anything about cheese straws
  8. We use those dollar loaves of French bread to make meatball subs. I mended two more pairs of jeans, we bought zero clothes for anyone in 2020, so I am trying to help them maintain one going out outfit. My kids that work wear uniforms and we don’t go anywhere else so they only need one public outfit. Otherwise they are living in tshirts and flannel pants right now. No one seems to mind and the unique circumstances of 2020 and maybe 2021 are helping keep that part of our budget low. Contemplating taking on a part time job cooking and cleaning for a recent widower. Will have to see how
  9. Recently I was talking with a friend and the subject of jealousy and kids came up. In my family I have one child that is jealous of the relationship a couple of my other children have, which causes conflict and I feel sorry for said child. My friend confided that she realized she is jealous of the relationship her two kids have with each other. They turn to each other instead of to her when they have problems or need help with anything, and she said it makes her sad and jealous. This caused me to think about different times I have been passed over for a sibling and how it made me feel. Ha
  10. For my ds it was mostly his lips, we just used Kroger brand cetaphil on his face and it worked just fine. It seemed to help the non-cystic and he even had almost no blackheads too. Not sure if that was the medicine or a correlated effect.
  11. For no apparent reason is reasonable, it's the sheer number of times a day it is used 😆 "She's drawn down pretty lively, but she'll be allright" is apparently Appalachian for "she's been to weak to get off the couch for a week now, but she'll recover ok." I've heard dh and his dad talk about sick/weak cows being "drawn down", or if really bad "drawn down pretty lively" but never heard him say it about a person before! 😆😆
  12. I just heard my dh say to his dad on the phone in response to asking how I was dealing with Covid "Aww, she's drawn down pretty lively, but she'll be allright" I know what he means but it literally makes no sense. I have one daughter who to this day says "No apparent reason" like it is all one word. Like, she hit me for no apparent reason, or I tripped over that thing for no apparent reason. My youngest says it occasionally too.
  13. I was thinking I heard something about a possible rice shortage back during the summer. Glad to hear that didn't materialize
  14. Dd19 who we are sure brought it home tested positive, Dh tested negative, no one else tested
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