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  1. She said she has learned jquery and java script. She wants to be game builder. I had her start on Kahn Academy because it was the only thing I know, haha. She started out on Scratch, which led to the Kahn Academy, but I have been very hands off with this subject.
  2. Hey all, My 7th grader has successfully completed all of the coding lessons on Kahn Academy and has discovered a real knack/interest/talent with it (I guess, I have NO clue about coding and just let her have the reins on this). Does anyone have any suggestions for what to do next? Like, I really have no idea in this arena. Thanks!
  3. Thank you, my girls are sharing your responses with the troop. They are definitely looking forward to the eating, so any recs there are super welcome 😉
  4. Thank you!!! That link is super helpful!
  5. My daughters' girl scout troop is planning a trip to New Orleans in June. They are all high schoolers. They would like to stay in a place that is walkable to sight seeing things and are open to Airbnb, VRBO and hotels. They have taken a few trips together before but have always stayed in hotels. They are obviously not into partying, definitely more of a museum, history, experience type of crowd. Specifically they want to eat some authentic New Orleans food, want to do a good walking ghost tour and want a clean safe place to stay. We would really appreciate any recommendations you all have! Thanks
  6. For 1. I told all of my kids a couple of years ago, that once they move out, they are not expected here on Christmas Day. They are welcome but not expected. And that I would love it if we could have our family Christmas on New Years Eve as an open house, no gift exchanges just a stocking from us to them and, that way, everyone shows up when they want, we eat snacks all day and if they have parties they want to attend in the evening, we can babysit. These are all of the things I wish we could have had. Since deciding this, I got us out of the New Years Eve party and started having a "party" of our own. No guests, everyone gets to pick an appetizer that gets served, we stay up and play games, review the year and watch a movie. At midnight we run outside and bang pots and pans and make lots of noise, then bed. 2. My sil tried this and ended up having to sit with mil, help her navigate amazon, and it was a pretty much disappointing thing for them both with lots of stress. My mil is not capable at this point to learn to do things on the computer on her own.
  7. saraha


    Im so sorry ((((OP)))))
  8. I reread your post this morning, and THIS stands out powerfully. We don't fight. Never, and I think it is because neither one of us has ever formed this thought in our own heads like this. Because we love each other and don't want the other to feel like a bad person, which could happen when you vocalize your anger, we don't fight. At least for me anyway, and I am pretty sure that it is the same for him on some level.
  9. So we didn't even talk about it last night, he was home really late 😉. I had offered to take the kids to shop for each other and spend their grandparent money today, so we drove down to the city and shopped all day, had fun, didn't get it all done (because we were having fun) and when I called to update him on our progress said I was going to stop and pick up pizzas for dinner since I was tired and I still needed to make 8 pounds of meatballs for his Christmas party tomorrow. He said not to worry, he would pick up the pizzas and if I didn't feel up to making the meatballs, he would just think of something else. Then he thanked me for taking them shopping. I'm less mad today after that. It is amazing how feeling acknowledged can sweeten ones disposition a little. And a big shout out to Garga and her post!
  10. This thread has really been enlightening, thank you boardie family!
  11. So this relates back to being unsure about my feelings. If he really cant help it, then it is unfair of me to be angry and hurt, I am not angry and hurt when one of my kids doesn't "get" something, I just educate and go on. But part of me says that when I got married, I did not sign on to also be his mom. I don't need him to be my dad (my handyman maybe) so it feels unfair to have to manipulate situations to help him understand. After reading this thread, I am seeing some correlations between some other behaviors that involve "magical thinking". Some how it was easier to think that it wasn't that he didn't listen/ understand, it was that he did listen/understand and we didn't agree. I don't know. And the weird part of all of this, is that I LOVE his parents. I started taking the kids over to clean her house once a week because she was getting to where she can't do a lot of it and acts of service is my love language. She is very appreciative and even gives the kids pocket money for helping. For years, I would just get up and wash all the dishes because my dh is not alone in his idea that the kitchen magically cleans itself after holiday dinners because I didn't want his mom to have to do it herself after everyone left at midnight. Other than her expectations of everyone at Christmas she is such a super lady. My sil does help with dishes now since my mil mentioned in front of everyone a couple of years ago how much she appreciates me doing up all the dishes every dinner 😉 But all of this aside, my problem right now in the immediate is I just want to strangle this man and when we talk about it, whenever that will be, he is going to think I am all happy happy joy joy that he has had an epiphany and I am so not there. And I am ashamed of myself for not being there, you know, I am starting to get what I want. I can even hear him saying that, "Why are you unhappy now?!? Isn't this what you wanted?" So yeah. Feelings.
  12. My mom is so undemanding. When we got married, she told me not to worry about coming to her house on Christmas day, that I needed to carve out that time for "my" family (boy if I had known then) so we travel an 1.5 hours to her house on Christmas Eve after he gets off work. A few years ago I talked her into taking us to her church service since we never got to attend our church's services because of being at the different family things. So we go to church, eat take out pizza or tacos or fried chicken and hang out for a while, then come home and send the kids to bed so that we can wrap presents. He loves to wrap presents so he puts in a movie and we go to work.
  13. I am seeing how my waiting until I couldn't take another thing and leading with all or nothing was counterproductive to my goals for sure.
  14. I am willing to compromise. I guess the running away part always comes out when I am past my point. He has not been willing to compromise. I had to go to his mom and sister to see if we could change the time from 12 to 5 because for years I never got to play with my children for long on Christmas morning because I would be in the kitchen making my assigned foods. Another year I started telling him and the kids to go to his moms the day after Christmas without me just so I can get my house back in order (he doesn't like this but he can't make me get in the car haha). Another year I got the kids to help me create a united front to not go over New Years and have our own party at home. So now we go Christmas Day and New Years Day and whoever wants to goes the day after Christmas. The kids and I also go sometime during the week before Christmas to clean the house for guests because she can't do it all herself. I am willing to compromise, he feels like that is enough compromise
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