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  1. I think it would depend on your local numbers. If your local numbers are good, I don't see why this wouldn't be a good plan. I think it is very thoughtful and I am pretty sure your dad would love this for his birthday! That is just my opinion though, no facts to back it up.
  2. I wish I could lock down with you guys. My dh and 3 older kids all work outside our house and two go to college one day a week. My nuclear family is great about masking, but my dh’s extended family (who we share farm/ life with) are definitely in conspiracy camp. We have avoided as many family gatherings as we can without causing a huge ruckus (skipped bday parties etc) but I am not looking forward to the holidays with them. My only consultation is that we are a rural county that has had super low numbers, so doing the fingers crossed thing. Your plans all sound do wonderful, but I am definite
  3. Can I just say that as soon as I saw the title in the thread list I IMMEDIATELY hissed "Yes!!!" under my breath! 😀
  4. So glad the restaurant is working out!!!! I wish I could eat there...
  5. One year my dh went as a cia spook. He drew a ghost face on a white t shirt and wore it under his regular clothes, then when requested he showed the t shirt and said he was under cover. Could do the same thing by writer “FBI” on a tshirt.
  6. I have a green pepper, half an onion and about a cup of cubed zucchini and need to make this into a side dish for dinner. Thanks!
  7. We made this today to try it out with sour cream and it got a big thumb's up!
  8. So far I have come up with: Cabbage- fried cabbage (with or w/o the hot dogs or potatoes), cheesy cabbage casserole (like mac and cheese), roasted cabbage slices, chopping and adding to vegetable soup Potatoes- soup, baked potatoes, potato skins (saving the insides for mashed potatoes with or without adding the ricotta), etc there are a million ways to use potatoes hot dogs- with fried cabbage or potatoes, used to substitute for sausage in a pantry jambalaya, sliced and fried served with the liquid eggs Chicken nuggets- served with spaghetti and ricotta like a chicken parme
  9. These boxes are from that program to help out farmers, so a box of fresh, refrigerated ingredients. People who collect these boxes are also eligible to collect shelf stable foods from any of the church food banks, so theoretically, they are receiving this box of fresh food and a box of canned items some where else. There is no income requirements etc, just a first come first served policy. This is a very rural area with a couple of small towns. I would say a lot of the people do have basic things like salt and pepper, given the dynamic that I have seen. It has been a mix of people that the dir
  10. So I have a fun new volunteer job creating recipe booklets for the food boxes our community is handing out! The director said the boxes have been pretty consistent in their contents. This weeks included; apples, potatoes, cabbage, hot dogs, chicken nuggets, ricotta, block cheese, sour cream, 2% milk, liquid eggs. She said next weeks will be pretty much the same. I already have quite a few ideas, but if the boxes stay pretty much the same I want to have tons of ideas so people don't get bored. So, what do you think? Thanks!
  11. Or any other brand of electric canner?
  12. My Dh and I were just talking about this last night. On our first date since March. To Sams Club. Wooh.
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