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  1. for many years my MIL came for a month long visit. She came from Canada- half way around the world . We managed to make it work. eventually she got too old to travel
  2. Melissa in Australia

    Parents of RAD kids - triangulation?

    my twins have been diagnosed with RAD amongst a huge list of other things (intellectual disabilities, ADD, anxiety, PTS, possible Autism, trauma etc) - but the peadiatrician and now I think that they really have FASD. They both really really struggle with any self regulation. once they loose control they cannot bring themselves back to a calm place. I do a HUGE amount of external regulation ( to the outside it must look like micromanaging and controlling). One twin can be regulated by holding my hand. so If I am out shopping I have to be holding his hand at all times otherwise he starts getting sillier and sillier until he is completely out of control. It must look ridiculous seeing me pushing a trolley with one hand while holding a nearly 8 year old's hand. they are all consuming of my time. I cannot even talk to someone for more than a few minutes because they know my attention is off them and quickly become disregulated. It is challenging to keep a united front with DH and myself. We try but it is really hard. they seem to go from one challenging behavior to the next. At the moment we are really struggling with harming and some killing of animals. we are working very very closely with a psychologist who is trained in play therapy. ( we are really struggling with this development because of our experience with an older sibling who did similar but worse behavior to animals) one thing that I tell myself over and over is that FASD is actual physical damage to the brain. it is not their being bad. it is an unseen physical disability.
  3. Melissa in Australia

    Jehovah's Witness Folks - A Question?

    non practicing JW here. They will appreciate this
  4. Melissa in Australia

    All About Reading in Color

    I am sad. the beginning of the year I purchased the whole set of both AAR and AAS. every. single. level. I guess we will be sticking the black and white $15 extra US is over $20 Aus that is a big rise in cost.
  5. Melissa in Australia

    Silent Letter thoughts, philosophy, etc

    we do bossy e. and igh is three letter i
  6. Hate to say this but citizens of USA are pretty well known worldwide for their complete ignorance of even basic geography there are many many jokes about it.
  7. Melissa in Australia

    S/O Abcde - musing on naming conventions

    i knew someone called Winter. I have also heard of many job description names as last names. very common amongst English descent people here - names like Cooper, Baily, Smith , Carpenter etc. I am imagining that other nationalities have something similar but I don't understand their language to know what their names mean.
  8. Melissa in Australia

    My new grand daughter

    congratulations on your beautiful granddaughter the quilt is terrific too.
  9. Melissa in Australia

    So, that just happened...

    that is so fantastic. way to go !
  10. Melissa in Australia

    Are you ready for this mornings baby picture??

  11. Melissa in Australia

    Grammer for WTM Questions

    This is the correct forum to post your questions. I unfortunately cannot help you but I will bump your thread in the hope that someone else can help you. 🙂 Welcome to the forum
  12. Melissa in Australia

    Quiet Time Activities

    I do one hour and twenty minutes nap/rest time with the twins. I put a timer on the ipad and put on a librivox story. I put the ipad up high where they cannot reach it. they play in their room with their toys or looking at their books for the whole time. I do not allow any drawing implements in their room during that time. I love the rest time. I use the time to help ds15 with his schoolwork. the twins absou.tly need the rest time - they have very high complex needs and the rest time helps them be more regulated for the rest of the day. They are so use to it that they automatically go there as soon as they have finished their lunch. I would think 2 1/2 hours a bit long
  13. Melissa in Australia

    so sad whale beaching

    I have always found whale beachings such a sad thing. 😞 this happened just up the beach from where I live the Parks official in the picture is my next door neighbour
  14. Melissa in Australia

    My next unintended challenge - UPDATED In 1st post

    fantastic news
  15. Melissa in Australia

    At least I saved dessert

    Argh! I hate disasters like that. I have sobbed my heart out once when I accidentally destroyed dinner
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