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  1. Do you mean a slat bed? Made with slats of wood? Is that what you guys call a platform bed? I have never had any other type of bed. DH made ours out of untreated local hardwood. We have an innerspring mattress on.
  2. Hugs I get the shame. We have had some awfully embarrassing to me public moments with my twins. I have had random strangers tell me off for being such a failure of a mother. If only they knew
  3. 2 of my older sons cut their own hair. One just buzzes it all short. The other cuts the front, sides and top. He figures he cannot reach the back and cannot see the back so leaves it long. (It looks terrible - like some rock star from the 80s)
  4. not an 12 egg omelette like a partner of a relative makes himself for lunch
  5. I received bushfire relief money through a very similar card last summer. Though I was directly affected by a raging bushfire and everyone in my area received a card after lining up and registering for it at an bushfire evacuation centre
  6. Also bunching spring onions, at least in milder climates can be cut right at ground level and the plant will regrow
  7. I think bunching onions are the same as spring onions. Some spring onions multiply by deviding and forming new plants right beside the other. This can be referred to as bunching.
  8. Only a GP can give the blood results, but they will often just ring and give them.
  9. I can only speculate that my son didn't ask any questions. And the doctor just read the pathology report.
  10. well DS told me that the doctor said that he is all good, nothing wrong. I asked what about the black blood and he said the only thing wrong was low sugar, but it was still within healthy range. I said but what about the black blood and he said the doctor didn't mention it. I need a head banging smiley
  11. So I did another seed order. I ordered broccoli, cauliflower, 3 types of snow peas, 2 types of orange capsicum, miniorette lettuce, and purple top turnip
  12. Gardening, gardening and more gardening. I have been focusing intently on gardening since last March. I discipline myself to watch at least 3 YouTube gardening things every evening. I try to spend a Min of 2 hours a day in the gardens. And try to keep all my daydreaming on gardening I guess it is a kind of meditation.
  13. I answered as well so if you don't want international votes I voted I won't be rushing, at the moment I am in one of the very few safe countries. Yes I will get it eventually, no I don't think the risk is greater. I will hold off vaccination because of living in such a safe country hoping that it will save someone else in a country that needs it way sooner than me
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