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  1. well that is what I would call a hamburger as well but they served up regularly round flat disk things that came in a frozen box that they called hamburgers, they served them with veggies. they were a cardboardy colour and consistency. I am sure it was just my inlaws and nothing to do with Canadian cruisine - I was not meaning to insult Canadian eating but rather meaning what I missed when traveling overseas- the only time I have been overseas was visiting my inlaws in Canada.
  2. wait .... are there places where you cannot get dark chocolate ( I need the feinting smiley) remind me to check dark chocolate status of any country I may visit in the future
  3. well they did have pictures..... turned me off ever eating hotdogs again
  4. here they are kept in the fridge part of the supermarket with other meat or in the deli section I read something once in an National Geographic magazine where they were doing an excavation of a rubbish tip in America somewhere. they had dug 20 years down. they found hot dogs that looked exactly like new - so many preservatives that they hadn't' decayed. Not that they would be safe to eat though
  5. I am sure it was my inlaws . I didn't really get to actually see much of Canada just lots on inlaws even their minced beef had "helpers' ( garbage ) added. it was not 100% beef like I am use to they had funny round flat disks that didn't resemble meat in any way that they called hamburgers??? here a hamburger is a bread roll with a beef patty and salad . I am guessing they meant rissoles but they are made out of meat here and there was hot dogs in cans - that really shocked me - hot dogs have so many preservatives why would you need to can them -
  6. I have experienced this for me it was BEEF. Yep Beef I years ago I went to Canada for a month to visit in-laws. they thought they were eating meat but it was all processed (garbage) stuff that really didn't have any resemblance to real food. it was like they didn't know what meat really was. I have anemia and if I don't eat beef at least 3 times a week I am completely washed out - even with taking iron. I don' t have to eat huge amounts just the size of the palm of my hand.
  7. every time I have a cold and don't take things a bit easy I end up getting laryngitis
  8. ds 15 gets between $15-20 per day depending what he needs to do. The 3 dogs are at the neighbour's house. He goes over 2 times a day, put rugs on them at night and takes them off in the morning, feeds them, makes sure they have water and throws sticks for them to run after for 10 minutes. He gets more when he needs to throw hay for the horses.
  9. I think there must be degrees of endometriosis. I must be on the not so bad scale. I didn't know I had it until I had exploratory surgery and half an ovary removed because of a clamp ripping my fallopian tube . I never had trouble conceiving, I get cramps, use to take pain medication before kids ( I seem to tolerate them better now) but not so bad that they put me out of action. My heavy bleeding is due to having several fibroids
  10. plenty of fluids and heaps of rest is the only way to recover quickly from a cold
  11. I know 2 people with very high iron levels. they are male adults. they have to have a careful diet and blood letting every month.
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