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  1. Melissa in Australia

    Skin cancer su@$

    my dh had basal cell carcinoma removed from his face earlier this year. His was below his eyebrow right above the eyelid. he also had 2 patches removed from beside his nose and between his mouth and cheekbone. they were not cancer though . You cannot see where they were removed now without having a good look.
  2. Melissa in Australia

    Weather (skip if you can’t do small talk)

    we got 1.8 mm of rain. 2 of my sons are remote area bush firefighters. They have already been at fires in this part the state. Running bushfires in winter here have not happened in my area before. There have been over 3 so far very close to where I live. One , just recently, was started by a spark from a timber harvester machine. These type of fires usually only occur in the very hottest days in summer . but it is just so dry. They being young, are excited about the prospect of a lot of overtime this summer.
  3. Melissa in Australia

    Weather (skip if you can’t do small talk)

    Send all excess rain to Australia, we have currently just finished the driest winter Aus wide since records started being kept. we ( far East Gippsland, Victoria) are in the second year of a drought. they have started doing fortnightly readings of all the bush (forest) in my part of the state for dryness and it is dryer than it would normally be after a hot summer. We are already on fire restrictions - 3 months earlier than normal. We are dreading the coming summer, we are fully expecting to get burned out. We are not even as bad off as NSW- they are so dry that it is just dust.
  4. Melissa in Australia

    Literature for 5th grade

    All my kids loved the golden goblet. We did it as a read aloud We did the reading lists in TWTM. Some of the books the kids read and some I read aloud to them 🙂 what I also did was look at other reading lists from Sonlite, veritas press etc and found some extra reading books to add to the ancients stack. we did a LOT of read alouds
  5. Melissa in Australia

    It's time for a baby pic thread!!!!!

    so nice you are back. I always enjoyed hearing you. I was only thinking of you the other day and hoping you and your family are well. congratulations on your younger 2 🙂
  6. My DD does an icy stare. I have seen a boy literally back away from her with a confused expression on his face. I don't think he had ever come across something like it before.
  7. Melissa in Australia

    It's time for a baby pic thread!!!!!

    Hi, I haven't seen you for ages 🙂
  8. Melissa in Australia

    Period Underwear

    deleted because too much embarrassing information
  9. Melissa in Australia

    My next unintended challenge

    huge hugs
  10. Melissa in Australia

    Just Because I am Curious

    Book Depository is based in England. I get just about all my homeschool stuff from Book Depository and I am in Australia.
  11. Melissa in Australia

    Life without a microwave?

    I have never owned a microwave. and I don't even know how to use them
  12. Melissa in Australia

    Another one launched!

  13. Melissa in Australia

    cartoon documentary recommendations

    thanks for all the great suggestions. will keep us busy for a while 🙂 While looking up some of these great suggestions we stumbled across Animal Atlas. one of the twins loves it.
  14. for my older kids used an exercise book for the actual student work. I have bought the PDF and are planing to print out for the twins.
  15. Melissa in Australia

    Who's going to tackle Wednesday with me?

    milk cow tidy kitchen clean bathroom 1 load of laundry twins schoolwork twins play therapy/psychologist more twins schoolwork cook tea PD for teaching
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