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  1. I would shift the toddler bed away form the ppowerpoint. priority one should be having the room safe
  2. I have had a few very reluctant reader teen boys. All with Dyslexia What I did with them all is put a stack of books on their desk at the beginning of the year ( between 13-15 books) form TWTM reading list that correspond to the year of history we are doing. I tell the child that this is his reading list for the year. I have added 1 extra book so they can swap out 1 book. and they have to read them. I tell them that it is part of the curriculum - called literature.
  3. other. I live in Australia. we only have a single story house 2 story houses are pretty rare here.
  4. lots of people here in Aus get an old caravan and put it in their back yard for their almost adult child. - but we don't get freezing conditions here. Personally I would chuck the dogs and their 3 giant crates outside and have enough room for the children to fit
  5. I would GO. Especially as I had close to 2 weeks away from my family for the first time longer than 2 days in 26 years. Yo will feel so much revitalized afterwards that you will be better able to help your youngest. you can still chat with them every day etc. and offer emotional support that way. 🙂
  6. they have progressed beyond expectations - no more screaming or self harm etc. and struggling beyond expectations - most probably FASD - every day is a challenge but they are very happy boys
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