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  1. Melissa in Australia

    Those who have RAD adopted kids

    My Permanent care twins have been diagnosed with RAD along with a huge list of other things, but most likely it is FASD. Understanding that it is physical brain damage has helped with my ability to cope with it. it helps tremendously to think nasty thought about birth parents instead of thinking negative thoughts about the twins behaviour. awful thing to voice, but it does help me
  2. Melissa in Australia

    Do you and your children enjoy lapbooks?

    I have only done a dozen or so with the twins. they like doing them. The main benefit I see is a lapbook is visually pleasing for a child to constantly look though. so they are revising their learning often. Whereas something filed away in a folder or workbook is seldom seen again. We should do some more -
  3. Melissa in Australia

    homeschooling help!!

    I completely agree
  4. Melissa in Australia

    homeschooling help!!

    I think this must depend on the child. I tried teaching mine cursive writing. they could do it perfectly if they were copying some text , but it was just patterns or artwork for them, they could not read it at all. We eventually stuck straight with ball and stick very similar to the print in books. no Victorian cursive print script at all. once they got to the age of 10 or so we moved to using computers for just about all written work done by the student.
  5. Melissa in Australia

    What do you have hanging above your bed?

    A very big spider. Bigger than your hand. They don't make a Web, instead roam about hunting.
  6. Melissa in Australia

    What do you have hanging above your bed?

    on the wall behind the bed? nothing. it would make a hiding place for a huntsman. Every single night I check my ceiling for huntsman. I do nit like them in mybedroom and they love to come in there. 😞
  7. Melissa in Australia

    homeschooling help!!

    Welcome to the forum I have successfully homeschooled my dyslexic children all the way through to tertiary level. An important thing I found was to read, read, read to my children. Read all their science, History, math word problems, etc. have as much as you can as oral discussion instead if requiring written answers, and scribe, scribe scribe for them. My children also have Dysgraphia, 2 have dyscalculia, and 1 has 2E We did intensive phonics courses, an Australianised version of Spalding. I am now using All About Reading and really like it. don't compare you child to others and where they are at. I always told my children that Dyslexia is a gift- it is a different way of using the brain. the way of great inventors and scientists, people with average to higher than average IQ
  8. Melissa in Australia

    What window coverings do you have in your bedrooms?

    no coverings at all. DH particularly hates window coverings. we have drapes in the lounge-room and the kids bedrooms. DD has a sheer as well. I have a heavy lace curtain in my dressing room, but nothing in my bedroom. It took a few years for me to get use to it. I would love to have lace everywhere
  9. Melissa in Australia

    Small lost object

    offer a child a big reward in chocolates. works every time for me
  10. Melissa in Australia

    Anyoneone dealing with PTSD/trauma personally?

    Huge hugs I don't think I have PTSD form a child I had in my care, but I do have some sort of trauma transfer. I also have trauma form having to deal with the fallout of the placement failing and DHHS . I cannot go into details but it was very very messy and very awful.It shattered me as a person. I feel like an extremely bitter person now I tell everyone I know who is thinking of doing fostering/adoption to not do it. It will destroy your life.
  11. Melissa in Australia

    Speaking of Vaccines.... Rabies

    so glad we don't have rabies here. We have bats in our bedroom just about every night. We cannot work out how they keep coming in. Dh ushers them out the door . We have a door to outside in our bedroom. Bats here however do have some terrible disease, Australian Bat Lyssavirus and Hendra virus which are deadly. it is pretty rare for someone to get it though.
  12. I saw somewhere that when wearing a big dress you need to sit backwards on a toilet to go. Or have 2 attendants to hold up the dress so you can do your business.
  13. my father was adopted. I have permanent care twins- which is pretty much the same as your foster to adopt. I was adopted by my stepfather after he married my mother. but I am not sure that is the same thing so I didn't tick for that.
  14. Melissa in Australia

    Unexpectedly homeschooling again

  15. Melissa in Australia

    is there something I can do with this space?

    I also was going to suggest shifing the dining table there