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  1. Hugs Twin 2 had a big seizure 2 years ago. It was very scary. We had brain scans etc. The paediatrician said that sometimes people have a brain overload and a shut down with a seizure and it is a complete one off and never happens again.
  2. I use a Window squeegee that I add a long mop handle to
  3. Huge Hugs I hear you. My life seems to be like a soap opera, one of those ones that has some rediculous crisis happening in each week's episode. I garden lots. And in the evening I restrict myself to just watching gardening on YouTube. That way I can sleep better.
  4. End of May here will be last day of autumn, so we could expect a day in the low to mid teens Celsius. So I will need to take a jacket even if I don't wear it
  5. Maybe The same as the bright dark blue in the flowers
  6. I have never bought a new dress before (apart from a black dress for a funeral). Just about all my clothes are from opshops or homemade. It was a interesting experience going into an expensive shop and buying something like that The dress sort of popped out at me and said try me
  7. I bought the dress I am going to wear. I just need to make a little jacket to go with it
  8. what would you recommend? He does get rewarded if he complies and follows instructions
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