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  1. I think her body was transferred to the hospital for the scan then back to the morgue. But I don't really know. I know I spoke to her GP and told him she had passed. The GP contacted the coroner directly and gave medical history. The funeral date was up in the air for a few days as the body could only be released after cause of death found and death certificate made.
  2. When my grandmother89 died at home last year she had an autopsy. But that didn't involve being cut at all. Her body was scanned. The blood clot was visable in the scan. Cause of death was stroke. So not all autopsys involve being cut opened
  3. just regular cornflour - the same as you use for cooking. I have heard that baby powder is extremely bad for babies.
  4. I forgot all about that. Boy that was a long time ago. that boy is 8 now
  5. Yes, I am aware of that. And that is why I said it. Even the Norman history. All hens, rosters etc in Australia are called chooks, until they are dead meat. Then they are called chicken
  6. same A chicken is for a dead cooked chook. same as calling a cow beef after it is dead or deer venison or a pig pork ..........
  7. I get the $39 mystery box of spring bulbs valued at $250 from an online plant nursery once a year. it is always the clear out at the end of the season . I love it. I think once I got the mystery box of rose plants that was fun .
  8. It was today reported that this case was a false positive. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-06-03/covid-cases-melbourne-outbreak-reclassified-as-false-positives/100189226
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