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  1. Melissa in Australia

    Coexisting with roosting bats

    we made a bat house and at night when they were all out flying we blocked the hole that was letting tiem into the wall of our house. They are very happy with the bat house and eat a huge amount of mosquitoes. Our house has noticeably less nbats than our neighbours
  2. Melissa in Australia

    Question for those with big families (5+)

    Update on my relative. - Because she cannot take hormonal birth control or have the operation herself due to medical reasons, and her husband point blank refuses and claims she isn't being submissive etc. AND he refuses to lift a finger to help her with the 10 kids - She kicked him out this week. She now is a single mother of 10 children youngest 6 weeks old. Cannot drive for medical reasons, lives 2 km away from the closest small town. Her church is on her ex husband's side so no more help from them. it is a huge mess
  3. Melissa in Australia

    VENT: A local road lowered its speed limit by 20 mph a while ago...

    maybe if they set up speed cameras and fine everyone who goes over. That is what they do here. Raises heaps of revenue . really slows people down once it hits the hip pocket.
  4. Melissa in Australia

    Things to Keep Kinder Busy -- New to Teaching Two!

    I just remembered that your preschool is what we in Aus call Kinder. that was my 4 year old recommendations. first year of school - what we call Prep or Foundations has a fair bit more seatwork
  5. Melissa in Australia

    Things to Keep Kinder Busy -- New to Teaching Two!

    What I did was sit the kinder kid on the other side of me with their own workbooks. Alphabet colour book, Alphabet maze book, Letter of the day worksheet, Number book. A Kumon cutting book ( for fine motor), a story book with a scrap book. I read the story book and they drew a picture of what I was reading ( beginning narration) and they work through a page of each then get to play a simple counting game then they get to do a reading eggs or whatever on the ipad. The kinder kid felt all big and grown up that they had school too. They were learning basic skills like sitting and working, drawing and some introduction to numbers and letters.
  6. Melissa in Australia

    tell me more . . master's aerospace engineering . . . .

    I really don't know and am only going from a very brief conversation that I had with DS Aerospace Engineer who hasn't actually worked in Aerospace engineering yet ( graduated a year ago) he is/was thinking of doing a masters in Mechatronics Engineering. He was offered the chance to do a PHD Aerospace Engineering, but wants to get some hands on experience first. He is currently working at CSIRO doing research
  7. Melissa in Australia

    Rings - Shiny and Bright. What is the story behind yours?

    I don't have an engagement ring. I do have a wedding band thought Since dh didn't give me an engagement ring my grandmother gave me a ring ( so nice of her) it is a gold band with a solid opal, 4 rubies on either side in a row along the band. it is beautiful. When Dh failed to give me a 25th wedding anniversary present this year then I had this ring restored and adjusted so I can wear it. My mum also gave me her engagement ring from my father (he died when I was 3 and she remarried) (same reason as my grandmother ) a fairly large ruby surrounded by 8 diamonds in a star pattern wide gold band. I don't ear it much because it tends to twist around ( a bit lose) and is very uncomfortable when the diamonds are on the inside of the hand
  8. Melissa in Australia

    Chemistry for 2nd and 4th grade?

    Adventures with Atoms and Molecules is my all time favorite introduction to Chemistry for younger grades.. It basically uses ice, water dye etc in experiment after experiment to explain how atoms and molecules work . It also introduces scientific language in an understandable was
  9. Melissa in Australia

    If you have gray hair...

    I have never dyed my hair. It is almost half grey now. My hair is hip length and I wear it in a braid every day. Dh has MCS so I have to be very careful even with shampoo etc. I have never been to a hairdresser either
  10. here the landlord has to provide a shower curtain and window coverings
  11. Melissa in Australia

    Question for those with big families (5+)

    How can it be rectified? if the husband doesn't rectify himself it is impossible for external forces to rectify him I personally am related to someone who has just had her 10th baby. She had life threatening complications in her last pregnancy that involved extended hospitalisation. Both her and her DH were told by the specialists that another pregnancy will kill her. She asked her Dh if he could get the snip.. He brought the priest or minister or whatever the leader of their church is called to come and have a stern talking to her about being a submissive wife. the husband doesn't even work .
  12. Melissa in Australia

    Question for those with big families (5+)

    I know quite a few very large families. I have noted that the ones that have the mentality that birth control is a sin and they have to keep having babies PLUS a husband who doesn't lift a finger and thinks that making the babies was his one and only role = a family that has the mother struggling and requesting help the father also tends to be an overbearing jerk as well. But other large families where the father pitches in and they have a more realistic understanding of if they reach their threshold of children then it is time for a break in adding to the family tend to cope better. I am talking about families with 9, 10 and 11 children. My own children are so spaced out that I never had more than 5 at a time at home.
  13. Melissa in Australia

    “What do you do for work?” JAWM

    ((HUGS)) for a while I was working one day a week. after the first few times Of coming home, cleaning the house, cooking, etc running myself into a frazzel because I was trying to do all my regular things PLUS work outside the house I decided I could do the big I work outside the house act too. I came home, sat down and read the paper. Asked everyone what was for tea. Didn't do any house work and even went and had a lie down. After a while ( a lot longer than I thought it would take, like more than a month) everyone got the point. On a funny note. lately I have had to travel for medical treatment for twin one 400 km each way, involving days away from home. Dh rang me one evening asking what he should do about tea, everyone was hungry and he couldn't think what to make my problem.... and the kids should have been fed hours ago.......
  14. Melissa in Australia

    WTM History & Science Notebooking recommendations

    the paper we would call loose leaf paper I have looked up an Aus office supply and it called a notebook a spiral bound lined paper book. A4 size
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