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  1. yes. We were taught that budgets don't work as people then spend all their budgeted money. instead you buy minimal and every single cent left over from everything is put into a container and paid off the mortgage faster or put into savings. if you can get something secondhand then get it that way, don't buy new unless there is no other option and it is essential. nothing every borrowed apart from a mortgage. live well below your means and save save save. that is how my parents lives, that is how their parents lived, that is how we live and my children are living like that as
  2. A funny. My father, when a child found a homing pigeon, he sold it 3 times, each time it came bCk he sold it again
  3. Homing pigeons. We started out with 3. We have over 50 now Ds now 16 made a fancy one way door at the top of their pen so he could 6thd release them and they would fly back and go back into their pen. Sometimes a falcon would find its way in which always caused great excitement trying to get it out. They make nests with their own poo. We thought having limited pigeon holes would limit them, but they then just make nests all over the ground
  4. We have pigeons they are an interesting exercise in exponential growth. We have way way to many and don't know what to do with them
  5. Was he at work when he was injured? Here workers compensation is only for people who are injured at work. If you are injured while not at work then you have about 6 days of paid sick leave. Workplaces may hold a position opened for you but they don't have to pay you. My DH was injured at work in a work place accident. He was unable to ever go back to work. He is now on a disability pension. We live very frugally.
  6. I learned in my foster training that A child who is highly stressed and not feeling safe CANNOT learn. They will either withdraw into themselves or fight everything, or from my experiance do both at the same time. She may be safe now, but being safe and feeling safe are 2 quite different things. My twins still have times of feeling not safe. They have been with us 5 years. In fact our whole focus is helping them feel safe and assisting them with self regulation. These are the very essential skills that they will need to function independant from us when adults. I would sugges
  7. I haven't read any responses. I would strongly recommend that you gave her work that is at least a year below her level. something she can do easily . then gradually make the work get close to her level. I wouldn't require anything that needs any thought. just get a routine established and her complying. She is new to your house, is doing major adjustments and it will take at least 12 months for her to calm down . Working at grade level in schoolwork would be the least thing to focus on. self regulation, working through trauma, starting to feel safe are all way more essenti
  8. I make lots of apple crumble and free them. I think you guys call it Apple crisp though I could be wrong
  9. all of the above plus add shell grit to their food. something like crushed Oyster shells or cuttlefish bone. It will increase the strength of the egg shell. We have had egg eaters in the past. we tried various things but eventually culled the culprit
  10. I just read on the news that their numbers are starting to rise. Apparently they are currently discussing the need to bring in some restrictions
  11. Sheets and pillowcases every week. we use a top and bottom sheet. The whole point of sheets is to keep blankets cleaner. Wool blankets are washed 2 times a year.( Some of my wool blankets are those grey ones. They were made in 1942,) Patchwork quilts 2 times a year Doona covers. Ds 16 weekly, mine every month Everyone else uses patchwork quilts Cotton blankets, every few weeks DH has multiple chemical sensitivities. We have hardwood floors, no floor coverings, minimal stuff in the bedroom and 2 walls of windows. We sleep with windows opened so he has lots
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