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  1. I am after recommendations for a grammar workbook at grade 1 to 2 level . This is for my twins with multiple disabilities. I am after something like Abeka, it takes a long long time for a very small amount of progress We just go sideways instead of up levels. We are half way throughAbeka 2 and it is now too difficult so we need to move sideways again. We have already done language smart, first language lessons 1 and 2, Abeka 1 and Abeak phonics and selected pages from the good and the beautiful. I am after a write in workbook style . If it is an ebook so much better as I can combine other things as I print it out and make mini workbooks only 20 pages long. The boys need to feel like they are finishing and progressing even though they are just moving sideways. we do reading and spelling separately . Spelling is using a combination of AAS and spellyousee Reading is a combination of AAR and Fitzroy readers (an Australian program) they already have extensive speech pathology weekly. We also do explode the code and several apps like teach monster to read and reading eggs thank you for all suggestions
  2. Australia has also sent some AUSMAT medical teams to help out Fiji gave us so much help during the fires. Our local area had some of the Fijian army here helping with fire cleanup.
  3. Australia has sent Fiji over 600,000 doses as well. I am guessing Astra Zeneca as Australia is manufacturing it now
  4. You understand correctly. They had to be intimate to be able to form a bubble. and as weddings were not allowed unless end of life situations it was tough. hence me encouraging a slight bending of the rules of bumping into each other while out walking along the beach.
  5. The never break a rule is extremely hard. I struggle with that as well. Especially as there seems to be so few never break a rule people. the mental health of young people is a really really hard thing in continuous lockdowns
  6. Last year when we were in stage 4 lockdown. Dd happened to “bump into “ her then boyfriend when out for her daily excercise. A walk along the beach. As they were not intimate so couldn’t meet under the lockdown rules. Unfair on people holding out to get married, I thought. They are now married and happy to lockdown together
  7. It spreads by runners. But if you were to keep it contained… or in a container…. It is a beneficial to insects herb
  8. I use homemade 3 layer cloth. I have a wire bobbypin in the nosebridge for a close fit to try stop my glasses fogging up. I tie behind my head as I find my glasses take up my ear space.
  9. I do the “sorry I am busting “ and rush off trick . A very close relative is right into all the conspiracy theories. They probably think I have a bladder infection because I have rushed off so many times.
  10. Here in Australia there is a newish helpline called dial a friend for people who are incredibly lonely due to strict lockdown. Could you volunteer for something like that. You would be helping another very lonely person at the same time
  11. Garden it could be simple like potted plants or big like veggie gardens, or experimental or collections like different types of orchids or if you don’t have space hydroponics
  12. here exposure to being contagious enough to spread with delta is happening within 24 to 30 hours. Some test positive after just that little time, others only test positive after 13 days
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