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  1. Go to where the person is. Sit down. Say, "I need to tell you something" or "We need to talk." And then you'll have to do it. It's really hard, I know. Hugs.
  2. Everything will be okay, Scarlett. I admire you for putting God first. That is Scriptural. Your son knows how much you love him. This too shall pass. Hugs.
  3. Based on my understanding of Scripture, I do not believe tithing (giving a certain percentage of one's income) is a requirement for Christians. Tithing was required for the Jews. (And actually, if you added up all the tithes they were give, it came not to 10%, but more like 25% of their income.) As Christians, we are not under the Old Testament law (see Romans 10:4 and Galatians chapter 3). That said, if your conscience has called you to tithe 10%, you should do it! 🙂Generally speaking, I think it is fine for you to distribute your monetary gifts as you see fit, as long as those gifts are helping others spiritually or physically. However, I personally would not feel comfortable not giving at least a small amount to my local church. Perhaps you could direct most of your tithe to this missions ministry that has touched your heart and still give a few dollars to your church? The New Testament does of course teach that we are to give regularly, cheerfully, and generously. It sounds like you are already doing that with both your time and your finances. Hugs to you, Beth.
  4. You ladies are singing my song. My husband insists on carpet because he is almost always barefoot inside and so my daughter and my dog will have nice soft places to sit and play. I, on the other hand, would love hard floors throughout the entire house, with nice, fluffy, washable rugs here and there. Dog pee, dog poo, dog vomit, kid vomit, kid pee, spilled food, spilled drinks, water leaks--all fairly quick and easy to clean up on a hard floor. But on carpet? What a nightmare. You blot, and blot, and blot, and blot some more. And then scrub and soak and lug out the carpet cleaner. And then you know even after all your efforts some of it is still lurking there--along with soap residue, if you're not careful. Blech. Whoever invented wall to wall carpet was probably someone who didn't have to clean up messes. 🙂
  5. I'm so very sorry for your loss. (((Ottakee)))
  6. My DD11 loves to read and we've been having such a hard time finding new books she likes. Her room is full of books, but she feels like she's read them all "a hundred times." We've had very little luck at the library lately. She is picky: Nothing dark--no death or animals being harmed No mean kids Nothing poorly written (but we are not opposed to twaddle here--not at all--it just has to be well-written twaddle!) No bathroom humor; she loathes it Nothing remotely sexual--even jokes--it makes her uncomfortable (but she likes innocent tween/teenage romance) Nothing too preachy Nothing "too young," but she's not interested in most YA titles yet She likes: Books about the history of toys and dolls Books about clothing and makeup (history of or "how to's") Books about manners and social customs Folklore (NOT scary) Funny books and jokes Personality quizzes Fantasy Middle-school drama Please help me out! Obscure titles are fine! 🙂
  7. I LOVE HIM. Super adorable!
  8. I have that skirt in two colors! This summer I paired them with some nice Style & Co. tees from Macy's. I'm thinking I may wear them with some light, open, three-quarter length sleeve cardigans from Amazon this fall, similar to the Zeagoo ones linked to above. I've also had pressure-induced hives, such a pain! Natural fibers seem to help, too. 🍿 ETA: I like those knotted front tees! I knotted some of the Macy's tees on the side this summer to keep them from looking too frumpy.
  9. So awesome! BTW, you are always quoting the best music! Don Henley, Counting Crows...I'd let you pick the music in my car anytime. 😉
  10. Funny comedy routine about this: p.s. People in my life know better than to just drop in. 😉
  11. I am so very sorry. We once shipped our car cross-country with our household goods. When it arrived, we found that things had been piled on top of our car in the moving truck, leaving huge scratches, and that they had put someone else's lawnmover *in our trunk*, leaving it full of grass! And lots of furniture was scratched up, too, as I recall. But that was nothing compared to your story! Hugs to you!
  12. There's a house in a little town near us that has had the same set of two large dolls in their window for at least 40 years. I think they are Patty Playpal dolls, so several feet tall. They are always waving and their clothes are changed for the seasons. It sounds creepy but it's really not. I loved looking for them as a little girl and still look for them now and point them out to my daughter. There was a story in a local newspaper about them about 10 years ago. The owners said that they've received many nice notes and comments about the dolls. Daily clothes changes, though--that's a commitment! They must enjoy it! Simple pleasures. 🙂 Hmmm. I kind of want something to dress up that's not a goose or a doll. 🤔
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