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  1. MercyA

    The after lunch slump

    I nap every single day, unless I'm out somewhere. No guilt. It gives me the energy to work through the rest of the day.
  2. MercyA

    Suspicious mole, what to expect today?

    I've had a suspicious mole removed and like others I can say it really wasn't painful at all, other than the quick numbing shot. I was surprised at how fast and easy it was. Mine turned out to be nothing. Please update us when you can!
  3. What in the world?!? So not cool!!!
  4. MercyA

    My frugal home office clean up

    Ahhh....I'll bet that feels wonderful! Great job!
  5. MercyA

    Snorkeling advice & questions

    The boat we were on provided vests for all--I assumed that they were required to do so. They skeeved me out because they had to be inflated by mouth (communal vests, eww). I took hand sanitizer and wipes to them, but still didn't inflate mine. They also provided pool noodles and sturdier foam-type life vests for anyone who wanted them. They also provided masks, snorkels, and fins. None of us used the fins and we were all comfortable without them. I personally wouldn't bother buying and taking them, but I am no expert! I was so glad to have our own masks. We did have to tighten them more than I expected. Do try them in the bathtub at home and make sure you don't have leakage. My daughter and I used the masks I linked upthread. My husband bought this one, which is very similar, except it has UV coating and attached earplugs: I don't know if those features are important to you. He also bought some magnifying lenses to suction inside his mask, because he can't wear contacts. We were also glad to have a waterproof cover for my husband's phone and got some great pictures! Hope you have an awesome time!
  6. MercyA


    🎶🎶Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday unsinkable, happy birthday to you!!! 🎶🎶 And yes to cake! Or cupcakes. 🎂 Wishing you the most joyful of years! 🎉🎈🎁
  7. MercyA

    Snorkeling advice & questions

    We just went snorkeling and no, you don't have to be a strong swimmer as long as you have a flotation device. We purposely stayed on top of the water and looked down at all the fish and coral underneath us. It was very cool. Even though my daughter and I can both swim, we both used a pool noodle under our arms to help with the floating. We bought these full face masks and LOVED them: You just put them on and go. They allow you to breath normally instead of through a tube in your mouth.
  8. A family member has one near-sighted and one far-sighted eye. It explained why she could see birds very far away in the sky and could read just fine close up, but had trouble clearly seeing a blackboard.
  9. MercyA

    Happy thread

    Here are a few more: Baby bull playing with a ball: This kid playing Smooth Criminal on a ukulele: 100-year-old dead tree turned into a Free Little Library:
  10. MercyA

    A slightly different "would you eat this?"

    The problem in my circles is that I can't get people--adults or kids!--to NOT put their hands in the food. I've stuck spoons in bowls of M&M's or snack mix, tongs in chips and on cheese trays, etc. to no avail. People just dig right in with their hands. It doesn't bother me as much as it used to, but, man, I've seen what little kids do with their hands. Shudder. (I'd much rather a person pet a dog, as mentioned upthread, and stick their hand in a bowl than let their toddler touch the food!) Speaking of communion, at my mom's church they drink from a communal cup. I'd be like, nope, sorry. They'd have to pour me a separate little cup or something. It probably helps a little that they use actual wine and not grape juice. 😉
  11. MercyA

    Kids movies I hate

    The Lion King. Horrible all around, including that stupid Circle of Life song. Swiss Family Robinson. Francis to the baby elephant: "Come on little fellow, I won't hurt you, here's some nice sugar cane..." Ha! Now you're my pet and my house-building slave! Boo.
  12. MercyA

    Let's talk CBD oil

    Okay, peeps. I tried a dose of the Ojai Energetics product. It contained a little over 8 mg of CBD; supposedly it's approximately 20x more "bioavailable" than other products by virtue of being water-soluble instead of fat-based. I felt no effects. Zero, zip, nada. Not sleepiness or relaxation. I also slept horribly but that could have been the result of me having too much caffeine that day. I'll try more later and report back. Not tonight, though--I need a good night's sleep and I don't want to experiment!
  13. MercyA

    Happy thread

    Not mine, but he is adorable, isn't he? He's all like, "Wow, that's nice, but it's not really for me, is it? You can keep it if you want it. Are you sure? I can have it? I'll take it soooo gently. YAY!!!!"
  14. MercyA

    Happy thread

    Random happy / funny things. 😊Please add your own! Such a good grateful boy: Bird Box trailer, The Office edition: (not exactly happy, but amusing) Lion hugs:
  15. This is probably a long-shot, but I wonder if doctors who are known for treating PANDAS/PANS might be able to help. They might be more likely than other doctors to recognize a possible biological / inflammatory role in sensory issues. You can check if there are any near you here:
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