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  1. Your description of your godmother made me think of the Bas Bleu catalog. Maybe worth perusing! ETA: Their gift guide has suggestions for Artistic Souls, History Buffs, and Nature Lovers.
  2. Okay, is anyone else thinking of this scene from So I Married an Axe Murderer?
  3. LOL! I had to google it: https://www.bbc.com/news/world-53416247
  4. Just saw this on Reddit and thought of this thread...
  5. I'm trying to collect all of our best mask recommendation threads here. So far, I have: Any other readily available masks I could be looking at? Please help - I don't have time to scan the big thread Ministry of Supply mask review! If I am missing any, please add them below. Also, please post your current favorite masks again, if you are so inclined! Thanks!
  6. Boo. 😉 But I'm happy you figured out whatever it was!
  7. Yes, we have a platform bed from L.L. Bean in my husband's bedroom. It was very easy to assemble. He has a Serta iComfort foam mattress and a bad back and finds the bed very comfortable. It's much more comfortable than my regular mattress and box spring, IMO. No issues in any way. Don't quote, please. 😉
  8. Ha! I tried the exact same thing and it didn't work for me, either. 🤷‍♀️ I am so glad you posted, because I didn't know they had opened the scheduling up for ages 70 and over! Going to call my parents! 🙂
  9. Found this: Are we scheduling second doses at first visit? The registration system will prompt participants to schedule their second dose as soon as they have received the first dose. and I’ve gotten my first shot, but there are no appointments open so I can get my second one. What should I do? The 21 days for Pfizer and 28 days for Moderna to wait for the second dose (shot) is the minimum time to wait. It’s OK if you can’t schedule your second dose until after that time. It will still be just as effective. You may check at a nearby ZIP code for more facilities if you
  10. Yes to the first; probably to the second; probably not to the third.
  11. I know two people in my church to whom that happened. One seemed to change, but now seems, from the little I can see, to be going mask-less again. The other is the friend who just signed up her kindergartener for a purely optional indoor activity. My husband says many people are unable, at this point, to admit they've been wrong, because it would mean grappling with the difficult truth of what they have done.
  12. Right. My county had a positivity rate of *26%* only about a week ago. We are at something like 17% now. And, yet, for most people, life goes on as usual. Kids are playing sports. My church is talking about starting up Sunday School again next week. And a friend just signed up her 5-year-old child for a completely optional, just-for-fun, inside group activity. Yet there are literally no facts I could share with my church, or my friend, or those in my community that would change their mind about the basic rightness of going forward with these activities. My husband and I have literally be
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