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  1. DD13: Edge--she's not familiar with any meaning except the common one, "the place where something ends, like the edge of a table." Edgelord--she's never heard of this term Edgy--she says this term used to mean rebellious and on the edge of what is considered acceptable. Now it still means rebellious but not necessarily on the edge of what is acceptable; for example, it would be edgy to wear a skull necklace [presumably that is pretty acceptable these days]. She says edgy apparel is stylish and modern and not at all old-fashioned. A bit of a rabbit trail: I had a "straight edge" friend in college. He was a skater who eschewed drinking, smoking, drugs, and sex outside of marriage.
  2. MercyA

    Dog food

    We use Purina Pro Plan and our dog does very well on it!
  3. LOL. My DD13 claims that her current fashion aesthetic is "edgy" so I'll ask her later exactly what she means. 🙂
  4. I'm so sorry your mom is being a pill.
  5. Nightly update! Mamu is doing well. More alert every day. He ate five crickets tonight, a record for him. 🙂 He is a chunky little thing and that makes me happy. His upper leg seems to be in good position, although still a little swollen and with skin that needs to heal. The foot I think is not repairable, but I don't see any open wounds on it. I haven't heard back from my vet yet, but they are a conscientious practice and I'm hoping to hear something tomorrow. Their website does say that they are down one vet right now and are not accepting new clients, so I'm glad I'm already established there. I'm guessing they are extra busy.
  6. I've never been career-oriented and have no desire to work outside the home, so honestly my life wouldn't be substantially different if I didn't homeschool. But Melissa, didn't you help your kids through some very difficult times and spend considerable amounts of time on research and on just being there for them? It seems to me that all of that would have been much harder and perhaps not as successful if they had been spending the majority of every day at school and you at work. p.s. Early Childhood Ed isn't lame.
  7. I am in awe of you guys. When I want something handmade, I go to Etsy.
  8. @Dmmetler and @Spryte, thank you so much! When I searched for exotic vets in my area, the first one that came up was...my vet! I will definitely be contacting him tomorrow. If he can't help, perhaps he will know someone who can. @Dmmetler, I also found the website for my state's Herpetological Society. I wouldn't have thought of that; thank you! Looks like their board members are all in our state's capital, which is several hours away from me, but if my vet can't help, I will contact them.
  9. @Innisfree, thank you so much for your good advice and input. @Selkie, I have an excellent vet who does see small animals and who has been in the community since the 1980's, I think. I will call tomorrow and see what they say. I do not live in an animal friendly area, unfortunately. Just in my small area I have seen, among other things: a local leader call cats disposable; a free event in which children are allowed to shoot at released pheasants; lots of laughing and joking about animals coming to harm in various situations; children who are allowed by their parents to torture frogs, and more. I am not exaggerating. 😞 Of course there are some rescues which do wonderful, wonderful work but they are always understandably very busy, very full, and limited in what they can do.
  10. Licensed rehabilitors: I checked the DNR list and there are none in my county. The very few that are in neighboring counties only take turtles, snakes, raptors, and some mammals. There is only one rehabilitor in my whole state who takes frogs, and she is at the other end of the state. There is one local specifically small animal rescue but their website says they cannot by law take wildlife, presumably because they are not licensed for that. I searched for others and came up with nothing nearby. We have an excellent small local zoo but their website says they cannot take animals from the public, and they have a link for the DNR site (which I already checked). Animal control agencies in my area are high-kill. I believe he would most likely be euthanized. You see my quandary!
  11. Mamu is doing great. Alert, hopping, ate three crickets yesterday, poo'ed today. 🙂 Toad and animal experts (@Dmmetler, @Innisfree, @CindyH in NC, @ktgrok, anyone else I missed), can I pick your brain about a couple things? 1. I bought 40 crickets and have been cleaning out about five or six dead ones daily. 😞 I feel badly about that. They have a hiding spot, a ventilated exclosure, and Fluker's Orange Cubes cricket food (combined food/water/vitamins). Is there something else I need to be doing to keep them alive? Is this typical or some poor husbandry on my part? 2. I don't think Mamu's foot is going to heal. It's hangs behind him; it doesn't "fold up" like it should. His leg had a lot of the skin taken off when DD stepped on him. But, he seems to still get around pretty quickly. What is going to be best for him in the long run? Releasing when he is a bit better? Keeping him as permanent guest? I gather that around here, if he is not kept in captivity, he will be looking to hibernate (I know that's not the right word...) in about a month or two. I am torn because I want him to have his happiest and best life, but I worry he will be easy prey with a non-functional foot. We do have animals that prey on frogs here. We love the toads and frogs in our basement window wills, and one year something got in and just slaughtered all of them. 😞 All thoughts very much appreciated!
  12. I'm so sorry. Deepest sympathy to you and your family, Scarlett.
  13. Listening, though the tincture I tried didn't do much for me. I had a little more energy, like I had a cup of coffee, but that was about it.
  14. Daily Mamu update! He ate two crickets so far tonight and I left a few more for him. He was hopping some today! He is no longer breathing rapidly like he was the first night. It looks like he was in his pond last night. His injured back leg looks swollen, poor babe, but he definitely improving otherwise. ETA: Just went out and checked on him (DH insists he stay in the garage right now; temperatures are fine for that) and he was soaking in his pond. 🙂
  15. Mamu is hanging in there! Still more alert than yesterday. Mostly just hanging out in his little burrow but changes positions once in a while. He did not want to eat any crickets tonight, but we are not too worried about that. I read that adult toads in captivity should be fed every 2 to 3 days, but I thought we'd try it just in case he was hungry. Thank you for your continued prayers! ❤️🐸
  16. It can be taken to strengthen immunity on a regular basis, or larger doses can be taken if one is already sick. The bottles usually have instructions for maintenance and intensive use. We try to take it when we or someone in our immediate family is sick. We take it until our symptoms are mostly gone. It is too expensive to take regularly, IMHO, unless you raise elderberries yourself!
  17. We have found that elderberry syrup shortens the duration and severity of respiratory viruses in our family. We buy this kind, with added echinacea: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0001C0EA8/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1 It is likely quite safe for COVID patients: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/33827515/ Praying for your DD and her partner.
  18. Mamu is doing well. He is more reactive to me (startles and moves away) whereas before he just sat there when I checked on him, poor thing. He is covered in coconut fiber this morning so I'm guessing he had a nice bath in the night and then dug a burrow. 🙂
  19. Any aquarium without captive marine mammals. Whales and dolphins shouldn't be forced to live in concrete cells. (I'm looking at you, Shedd Aquarium. Boo!)
  20. Another update. I only see one of five crickets left in the enclosure. The fifth cricket walked right by Mamu's nose and he didn't go for it, so I'm guessing he is full. Mamu is a frog in The Legend of Zelda. 🙂
  21. I would say that's the dumbest thing I've ever heard, but I've already said that, like, a hundred times this year.
  22. I used to spend at least 45 minutes once a week in the grocery store when DD was small. That was with a list and trying to hurry. I don't think I'll ever willingly use anything but curbside pickup from now on (quick trips excluded, of course). It's just so convenient.
  23. Happy update today: we moved the toad to a bigger enclosure with soft ground coconut fiber bedding. He immediately dug himself a comfy little burrow and settled in. We gave him five crickets (I read juveniles should have 3-6 a day) and he immediately snapped up two of them. He is also poo-ing. 🙂 DD was very concerned about the comfort of the crickets. We moved them to the smaller enclosure, lined it with paper towel, added an egg carton hiding spot, and gave them some hydration / nutrition cubes. They are 3/8" and seem to be a good size for the toad. Thank you for all your great advice, prayers, and good thoughts. I will keep you updated.
  24. We will stop at a pet store today and get some small crickets (and cricket food), softer substrate, and a larger enclosure. Thank you!
  25. Thank you so much! I was hoping you might chime in. 🙂 He is smaller than he looks in the picture. He's only about an inch and a half long. Last time I bought crickets for a toad it was difficult to find crickets that were small enough, and that toad was bigger than this one. I tried the local bait shop and the pet shop and all the crickets were pretty large. Is there anything smaller I could buy to feed him?
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