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  1. knitgrl

    What Would You Do?

    I have spent most of the summer as a reluctant activist on a local issue. If I start sassing the school district, people are going to start calling me a trouble-maker. 😉
  2. knitgrl

    What Would You Do?

    This is the other reason I posted this question -- there is a part of me that says, "They are wrong, and they should be told and know they are wrong!" But since I will most likely have to deal with the school system for another 13 years or so, it would probably not be the wisest course of action.
  3. knitgrl

    What Would You Do?

    A timed test would be awful for dd. The PASS instructions said each section should take about 1.5 hours. She finished the language and reading sections in an hour or less. Math took about 3 hours total. I have no idea how to help with calculations. She does a lot of other things slowly. She's smart, she understands the mathematical concepts, but it takes forever for her to calculate.
  4. knitgrl

    What Would You Do?

    Thank you for the suggestions! I had no idea there was test prep available for kids not in high school. The things you learn here....
  5. knitgrl

    What Would You Do?

    I wasn't mentally prepared for it. I have been planning to do it in 5th grade for years now. I wanted to let her have another practice run, because marking the wrong bubbles for the wrong question, or skipping a row of bubbles was an issue.
  6. We are in NY. On the last day possible, I dropped off dd's IHIP to the school district. After some waiting around, a woman came out, (who I assume is the Assistant Superintendent of Instruction), to inform me that since dd is in 4th grade this year, she will HAVE to have a standardized test, not given by me. I am horrible in these sorts of situations, because I do not think quickly on my feet, so she probably interpreted the face I probably made as one of somebody who had never heard of this requirement. However, my understanding of hs law in NY is that standardized tests must be taken every other year between 4th and 8th grade, and that it is possible to put this off until 5th grade. I gave dd the PASS test this past spring, just for practice. She excelled at the Language and Reading sections, and got about 75% on the math, because she is very slow, and we are a bit behind, so there were topics we hadn't covered yet. So far, dealing with the district has been not a big deal. You turn in your papers, and they leave you alone. However, they are the ultimate bureaucrats. Homeschool kids used to be able to take swim lessons at the school pool with the Red Cross, but since the change in Superintendent about 7 years ago, that is no longer the case. They now say that swim lessons are part of the athletic program, so hs'ers can't, plus there are insurance issues. An aunt used to teach in this school system, and she says that they have implemented Common Core in the most draconian fashion imaginable--every teacher has to be on the same exact page of a text every day. I only mention this to illustrate the mindset of the school system. In this situation, do I just acquiesce and have dd take the test this spring, or try to insist on waiting until 5th grade? I thought PASS was acceptable in NY, but the way she phrased it, I am kind of wondering, since I am the one who administrates it.
  7. knitgrl

    Name That Book

    I think perhaps you are looking for Casting the Gods Adrift by Geraldine McCaughrean. Even if it's not the one you are looking for, I thought it was a good read.
  8. Right now, I am loving MEP Reception. It's 10-15 minutes, twice a week. It is not just math; it folds in other skills as well, including playing with blocks, drawing and ripping paper. There are no worksheets. It is the perfect amount of challenge, and perfect length of time for ds. And it's free.
  9. I just checked out an Ed Emberley face book from the library. He was resistant to it, but we did it together on a small white board. He would draw one part, and I drew the next. We did two pages of faces together. Who knew Ed Emberley could be part of a curriculum?
  10. I have been trying to find a thread that was on the general discussion board a year ago, maybe longer. Farrar asked about a kid who had difficulty with executing craft skills neatly and was frustrated by his end results. People provided some nifty links to old out of copyright books that provided a course of instruction for cutting and pasting and the like. Does anyone else remember this and can help find it?
  11. Small legos and play dough go over well, and we do those on a regular basis. Ripping paper is tolerated, but gluing and scissors are welcome activities. I haven't tried stringing beads or lacing lately, those might be tolerated as well. He has zero patience for sorting. He likes money -- the piggy bank is a good idea!
  12. I just started doing kindergarten with ds who will be 5 very soon. He is very boy, and his large motor skills are great. I am not concerned about any learning issues; I consider him to be pretty average in terms of academics, such as they are at this age. His fine motor skills need work. He rarely takes up a pencil, crayons or markers on his own. He has no interest in coloring right now, though he has done so in the past without complaint. If I ask him to draw something, he says he can't do it. I think he compares his efforts to his sisters, one is 4 years older and the other is 18 months younger, but draws a lot. If I can coax him to start with a circle for a face and I praise him, he seems pleased with himself. His pencil grip is usually ok, but his strokes often lack pressure and end up wiggly. I am using Spalding with him, and when I present letters to him and have him practice, it is usually in a tray of cornmeal. I am not worried per se, but I am looking for ways to help him develop better fine motor skills. Any suggestions will be most welcome.
  13. knitgrl

    AAR Rhyming Question

    Our dd at age five could not rhyme for the life of her, but she learned to read despite having that issue and is an excellent reader now.
  14. knitgrl

    Planning, Stressing, and Asking for Advice

    BFSU is great, but the original is cumbersome. You must have missed my previous post. The abridged version is truly open and go. They have it all laid out, you don't have to think about the flow chart or anything. It lays it all out very simply. It is worth looking at.
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