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  1. I plan on picking up Music of the Hemispheres for next year. I think it will be a good fit for morning time for all of my kids. I had the pleasure of seeing Mr. Thompson at a convention workshop last year, where he completely convinced me of the worth and importance of poetry. If you ever get the chance to hear him it is totally worth your while.
  2. Is ours the only house where pencil top erasers are not an option? Dd absent-mindedly destroys them within a day of being pulled out. I rarely catch her doing it; I mostly just find the remains.
  3. We only have limited experience with Shulrey English, Level 1. We used it when dd was in 1st grade. It was recommended to us by a veteran hs'r when we first started out. The first half of the year was ok, it moved along at a reasonable pace. By the second half of the year, it just plateaued. It didn't introduce any new information at all. We skipped the writing assignments, because they were expecting a five sentence paragraph from 6yos. And I thought their writing examples were atrocious. The jingles were memorable. In the end, I am not doing any grammar with ds who is in 1st now, nor do I plan to do grammar with him next year.
  4. Our household runs on timers. We've trained the kids from an early age. Sorry, sweetie. It's time to leave now because the timer is going off. Mind you, it's not us, the parents, telling kids they have to do this or that thing, or stop some fun thing -- it's the timer. You can't argue with an inanimate object.
  5. For kindergarten math - MEP. It really doesn't get any better. It's free. It tells you exactly what to do. And it's a low time commitment - for Kindergarten (Reception) it's only scheduled for 2x a week.
  6. In our school district, there is no Home Economics; there is Family Consumer Science, whatever that is.
  7. My understanding is that AR is based on some computer-generated lexile (just counting words and lengths of sentences) and it is STOOOPID. My oldest was in a ps that used it. He could only read things within his tested lexile, so in 8th grade, his lexile was too high for him to read just about everything they had me read in high school. It was so frustrating to try to find things that fit their criteria.
  8. Writing is very hard work for ds6. We sometimes do Ed Emberly faces together. I loved all the Ed Emberly books when I was that age.
  9. I never used LOE, but I seem to recall looking at it and deciding it was way too pricey. At this age, I am reticent to spend a lot of money on something that might not work for this particular child. Besides, you do not need a lot of fancy stuff to teach the basics. With our current 4yo, we are using Go for the Code, but this child is totally fine with workbooks. We start with a different picture book each day from this Letter of the Week book list that corresponds to the lesson in Go for the Code: Then we do two pages. If both pages contain what I consider to be a lot of writing, I will print off a page from one of the numerous pdfs I've downloaded for free. The Measured Mom has a bunch, as well as This Reading Mama. Just search for alphabet or letter pages. Our 4yo is probably capable of doing more than focusing on the sounds of each letter (which is what Get Ready does) and if she were in ps, I'm sure they would have her reading and memorizing sight words, but she's not asking for more. One thing I have learned from these boards is that just because a kid is capable of something, doesn't necessarily mean they should do it. I have seen it with my oldest dd; she seemed ready to plugging on with 1st grade math, but I think taking things at a slower pace would have been better for her. I bring this up because many of us start out so gung-ho and we want to do all the things and check off the boxes and have super smart kids, but sometimes slow and steady, though it's not glamorous, is the better option.
  10. Classical Academic Press has something called the Classical Reader, which is just lists of books for general reading levels, though not grade-specific. They are divided up into Lower Grammar, Upper Grammar, and then so on with the classical education divisions. There's a nice mix of old and new. I've decided to just pick from their lists, because one can become overwhelmed with ALL the lists.
  11. I would not call that convenience, I would say that family is your priority. Our reasons for homeschooling have shifted. We started out for primarily academic reasons. Now, it's more for being together as a family. My husband and I both went to ps, as did our oldest child and I know it can be the best choice in different situations, but having homeschooled for five years now, it just seems so weird to send your kids to somebody else for 8 hours a day as default.
  12. I don't think I would ever describe homeschooling as convenient, except the part where we can sleep in and not have to have kids on the bus by 7:30am. 😆
  13. Here in NY, the state took away the religious objection status for vaccines. I talked to a vendor at a homeschool conference this summer and he said that the number of homeschoolers has grown because of that. His comment was, "Whatever it takes to get them out of public school." My thought was, but yeah, they're going to make the rest of us look bad. So there's a bunch of people for whom academics is secondary, because they were fine with brick & mortar until new regulations happened.
  14. My husband mentioned to a mom at Tae Kwon Do that we homeschool. She was interested and the conversation continued. She said, "It just takes a few hours, and there's a computer program for that, right?" 🙁 He was amazed, because earlier that day, I had been telling him about this thread.
  15. You are working on the assumption that I have the whole year mapped out and can shoot off a word document, which I would be very happy to do, but alas, I am not that person. You have a most excellent idea, and if I can manage to put something together in a reasonable time frame, I will certainly share.
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