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  1. knitgrl

    Surprise! Its a school day!

    I've experienced a different twist. DS demanded to know when we were going to do school. "But, sweetie, we've been doing school for the past half hour."
  2. I was starting to feel guilty because I am not at dd's side every minute of the day. We work through the day's math lesson together. We do state history together. I present new material for grammar and Latin with her. I work with her on narrations and writing them down. For all the worksheets that go along with these things, I give her an assignment book to check them off. If I can't check her work that day, I go over any mistakes with her the next day before she starts a new lesson or sheet in that subject. This child is motivated and likes worksheets. This system is working for her, though I am not naive enough to believe it will be how things shake down with her brother.
  3. I'm inclined to believe that you are not allowed to call yourself a veteran until you have homeschooled a kid from primary school through high school. Bonus points if you've done it more than once! 😁
  4. knitgrl

    Name that website!

    I did think of that. I haven't read through it myself (it's on the list of to-reads!) but I know a lot of folks here mention it. The woman in question is thinking about pulling her kids from school, and I think she is at the overwhelm, deer-in-headlights stage, so handing her a 200+ page book might be too much right now. Which is why I thought the cards would be nice because they are easily digestible.
  5. knitgrl

    Name that website!

    That's it! No clue why I can never remember it. Maybe it will stick this time. Thank you!
  6. I am trying to help out a mom who is considering homeschooling for her K'er and 1st grader. I had suggested Cuisenaire Rods with the Math Made Meaningful Cards, but the wooden set is no longer available from Rainbow Resource, and I am having a hard time finding it elsewhere. The plastic rod set is still available, but I like the wood better. I was going to suggest the wood rods, and use that website that everyone mentions here that has videos on it that help you explain various math concepts with stuff lying around the house. Unfortunately, I have a huge mental block. Can anyone help?
  7. For what you pay, Dollar Tree dry erase markers work very well. I get them for my littles. Their quality is quite surprising. They are darker than what I've experienced with Crayolas dry erase. If the stationery gods are smiling on you, you might even be able to pick up a pack of rainbow dry erase markers at Dollar Tree. I have found them once, and keep looking without any luck, so I just get the standard black, blue and red.
  8. Maybe this site might work for you?
  9. knitgrl

    Co Op Classes

    Not free, but I found this Paddle to the Sea study here for $4. The url has "Catholic" in it, but this literature study is not specifically Catholic. The link will take you to a description. I thought it was very well done, and would be fairly easy for you to execute.
  10. knitgrl

    Hits and Misses 2018-2019

    Things are working out well for our 4th grader, but there is nothing new there. For our K'r, I LOVE MEP Reception. The lessons are short, and they are only twice a week. There is very little writing involved. It is just the right level for him. I pull together a mish-mash of mathy things the other days, cuisinaire rods, basic measuring, some RS games, and other games I find on the internet that I can't believe he finds engaging because they are so simple, but it must be what he needs, so we are going with it. I picked up MP Reception because people here gushed about it. And then a month or two later I found out about Torchlight K. I thought I could blend the two because MP tends to focus on older titles, and Torchlight's suggestions are all much newer, and then we would have the best of both worlds. For us, Torchlight has been a bust. The projects have been drawing-heavy, which is not a good match for this particular child. He much prefers the traditional young child crafts found in MP. They also schedule all of the Zoey and Sassafrass books for science, along with units from Be Naturally Curious. I understand why the Zoey and Sassafrass books are popular. They feature a girl into STEM things, and the text explains the scientific method and other concepts in an understandable manner. I have picked these books out for my daughter. However, I cannot stand reading these books out loud. The quality of writing is not terribly engaging, and I just can't do it. Torchlight also has several spines which are not available to me through the library, and each title is at least $30 or more, and I guess I'm too cheap. For us, Torchlight has devolved into an expensive book list.
  11. I don't have any specific suggestions, but you might find the following blog post helpful:
  12. We started homeschooling academic reasons. I saw my oldest go through the same ps I did, and I didn't see that they had improved things; it was a mediocre education. I thought we could do better than the school district. Five years later, we have homeschooled his sister from day one, and now the thought of sending our kids to somebody else for 8 or 9 hours a day strikes us as very weird.
  13. My second grader read all ten million Geronimo Stilton books. I was hoping she would pick up something I "strewed" but not until her aunt gave her Redwall for Christmas the following year did she read anything more challenging on her own.
  14. I wanted to suggest, too, but couldn't for the life of me think of the name of it.
  15. knitgrl

    Word Problems Needed

    Not free, but we use Singapore's Challenging Word Problems. The solutions are in the back, and are broken down into steps. I use it as a non-consumable, and do the work with dd on a small white board.
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