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  1. Journeys through Bookland looks like a great resource for Morning Time, but Gutenberg doesn't have Vol. 1. Does anyone know where an online version can be found?
  2. knitgrl

    Recorder lesson book

    Another vote for the 9 Note Recorder Method.
  3. I know you asked for a website, but once she's ready for a book, I found this one helpful. It was conversational, and made the whole homeschooling thing seem a lot less intimidating.
  4. knitgrl

    Beowulf Grammar printing cost?

    (We were out of town for a few days, so I am just seeing your post now.) You can definitely stretch this curriculum out. It is clearly designed by a homeschooler, for homeschoolers. The TM has lots of suggestions for rabbit trails that you wouldn't find in a more traditional curriculum. We started it late in the fall, we only do 1-2 pages per day, twice a week, and have only gotten through 20% of the kids workbook.
  5. knitgrl

    Beowulf Grammar printing cost?

    I had the kids workbook printed from the Homeschool Printing Company, in color, one sided for $34.48. I don't think you have to have the TM printed out, just look at it on your device, although there are optional sheets there that you can print out at home as needed.
  6. knitgrl

    Rethinking SOTW 4

    Thanks to all of you! Your encouragement was what I needed to allow myself to totally drop the idea of a more formal history, and do US geography and Presidents. I may try to squeeze state history in as well. I had picked up Trail Guide to US Geography earlier this year, and I found something on Currclick that loosely ties in major historical events to the Presidents. I also have a state history text, so I can tie that into the Presidents, or vice versa. Where we live, there are even several presidential historic sites to visit that are not too far, so we can do field trips, too! I am feeling much more confident about going "off-script."
  7. knitgrl

    Rethinking SOTW 4

    TWTM is what inspired me to do homeschooling in the first place and as a history major, it is hard to let go of the beautiful plan of the 4 year cycle. However, the bolded text above sounds like a good idea for this particular child. BTW, what did you use for your Presidents study? Also, it is nice to know that dd is not the only kid who has such visceral reactions to historic figures. As tyrants go, I didn't think Napoleon was all that bad. <Shrugs.>
  8. knitgrl

    Rethinking SOTW 4

    She loves to visit the assisted care facility! She doesn't know any of the folks there, but gives them all hugs just the same.
  9. knitgrl

    Rethinking SOTW 4

    ...And this is why I posted my question -- because I knew you would come up with things I had never thought of. ? I had been thinking of using the Catholic Textbook Project - From Sea to Shining Sea. I haven't been able to look at a copy of it aside from the samples, but it covers US history in a year, and nearly everybody else takes two years to do it, so I am guessing it doesn't cover slavery or anything else in much detail. I figured I could fold in our state history (which NY requires at some point before high school) and US geography, but a year of famous American biographies sounds intriguing, too..... Milknhoney's suggestion is also a good one. One of the local churches has a soup kitchen, and they are happy to have volunteers. Dd definitely has a heightened sense of compassion and justice, compared to the average kid. I would not have thought of American Girls. I tried reading one of those a year or two ago, and she didn't care for them then, but her reading tastes have changed considerably, so it might be worth another try. They would be an easy means to track down crafty activities.
  10. knitgrl

    Rethinking SOTW 4

    Mostly just looking for permission to deviate from TWTM....Dd is a highly sensitive child, especially for visual things. On the other hand, she has listened to the Hobbit and all of Lord of the Rings on audiobook and never batted an eyelash. So I thought I could get away with just reading SOTW 4 with her next year, and then focus on the "helpers." Instead having her write on the Crimean War, I would have her read about Florence Nightingale and have her narrate about that. It seemed like a good plan. Right now, we are reading SOTW 3. Last week, we read about Napoleon and she did the coloring sheet which portrayed him. I looked at it after she was done, and she had written "I hate him!!!!!!!" on the top. Today we read about how the factory system first affected the lives of working people in England, and she broke down in tears. It made me think, perhaps I should just skip to a year of American history (which I was thinking of doing in 5th grade, the year after next.) Of course, my dh pointed out that genocide and slavery are not exactly happy subjects, either. It seems that it would be easier to skim over those subjects in American history and focus on the helpers, rather than trying to rework all of SOTW 4. Any thoughts or suggestions?
  11. knitgrl

    Help me make a list of "extras"

    Simple household repairs? For most people, learning how to fix a toilet would be much more useful than learning calculus.
  12. I was looking for that as well, and ran across a free one online. I put it up on the Free Curriculum post.
  13. It seems like something that would depend on the kid. It's one of those things that sounds oh-so-lovely, but it is definitely something my dd in 2nd grade was not into. She didn't like to draw or write much, and would prefer to sit on the couch to read over most other activities. Her brother will be in K next year, and he is very outdoorsy and very much interested in birds, so I will try the whole nature journal thing again with both of them at that point. I never got the idea that a nature journal was ALL about science anyway -- it seems they also incorporate beauty and wonder.
  14. knitgrl


    Bumping because this is important.
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