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  1. Classical Academic Press has something called the Classical Reader, which is just lists of books for general reading levels, though not grade-specific. They are divided up into Lower Grammar, Upper Grammar, and then so on with the classical education divisions. There's a nice mix of old and new. I've decided to just pick from their lists, because one can become overwhelmed with ALL the lists.
  2. I would not call that convenience, I would say that family is your priority. Our reasons for homeschooling have shifted. We started out for primarily academic reasons. Now, it's more for being together as a family. My husband and I both went to ps, as did our oldest child and I know it can be the best choice in different situations, but having homeschooled for five years now, it just seems so weird to send your kids to somebody else for 8 hours a day as default.
  3. I don't think I would ever describe homeschooling as convenient, except the part where we can sleep in and not have to have kids on the bus by 7:30am. 😆
  4. Here in NY, the state took away the religious objection status for vaccines. I talked to a vendor at a homeschool conference this summer and he said that the number of homeschoolers has grown because of that. His comment was, "Whatever it takes to get them out of public school." My thought was, but yeah, they're going to make the rest of us look bad. So there's a bunch of people for whom academics is secondary, because they were fine with brick & mortar until new regulations happened.
  5. My husband mentioned to a mom at Tae Kwon Do that we homeschool. She was interested and the conversation continued. She said, "It just takes a few hours, and there's a computer program for that, right?" 🙁 He was amazed, because earlier that day, I had been telling him about this thread.
  6. You are working on the assumption that I have the whole year mapped out and can shoot off a word document, which I would be very happy to do, but alas, I am not that person. You have a most excellent idea, and if I can manage to put something together in a reasonable time frame, I will certainly share.
  7. Old Fort Niagara is a great history museum, they have some excellent tour guides. (The guy dressed up as a British soldier - "How do you like your taxes WITH representation?") If you are in Western NY, you should try a white hot, since I don't think you can get them anywhere else.
  8. I would love to hear your approach for teaching study skills.
  9. Most of the time, all the things are getting done. Even science. Which says more for me at the moment, than the curriculum, because it is what we have always used. Hits: Treasured Conversations. Dd loves this. She has turned a corner and is motivated to write this year. MEP seems to be working for everybody. Woo-hoo! GSWL - so far, so good. BFSU - I think I got the swing of it? I have had a day or two where we watched BBC documentaries and have tried really hard to bring fungi up (the lessons we have been working on atm) whenever possible. Dd is impressed and is liking science more this year. AAS - We just keep chugging along. Phonics Pathways - We keep chugging. Since writing is such work for ds, I have him do the dictation with magnetic letters. Progressive Printing - Since writing is such work for ds, we are working at half speed. Sometimes, he just air-writes his letters. Go for the Code - Such a relief that I don't have to pull together worksheets. Dd loves having her own book and is eager to work on her letters. Pretty OK: History Odessey, switching out Human Odessey for Story of Mankind - It's history, so dd, is completely uncritical. I think the lessons are somewhat uneven in what is expected for output. Otherwise, it's fine. I am mostly using it to introduce study skills. BYL Around the World - Right now we are reading "Little House in the Woods." The K'r for whom it is intended gets bored. The 1st grader tolerates it well enough. It does what I wanted it to do, which is to offer additional read alouds, since I am pretty sure I read almost every picture book on a K'r list to ds last year. I did the math, it was well over 700. Miss: - So this is partly my fault. I did not read the manual which says you should put in an hour a week. And her practice was pretty random. She has plateaued for the past 7 months, and it is just frustrating for her. I told her we can drop it until January, and we'll find another program for her.
  10. Netflix has NOVA and BBC programs which we have enjoyed for both history and science.
  11. You can throw the link into and get some of the videos. The blog was still up last week or so, but I imagine it has been taken down because so many of the links were broken. It's too bad, because it was a really nice resource.
  12. This has been our experience, although we used MEP and skipped the 5th days, which are review. We are not yet caught up, but dd has made great strides in math. It takes about an hour altogether, not an hour and forty minutes like it used to.
  13. There's Sinbad the Sailor illustrated by Qunetin Blake. I read it aloud to dd a few years ago, and remember it being quite readable.
  14. knitgrl

    Art? is free! We haven't used the whole program, just a few years. They have not required any outlandish materials. No videos, but they often show samples. They are the sort of projects I would expect to see in a ps.
  15. We used ETLT mostly for the copywork aspect.
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