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  1. At some point, probably a few years ago, somebody here posted the rough grade-to-lesson equivalents for this. I wasn't using it at the time, but jotted it down on a post-it note and stuck it in the book, because it seemed like useful information. Here you go: K = Lessons 1-60 1st = Lessons 61-119 2nd = Lessons 120-180 3rd = Lessons 180-231
  2. It's OP, but I adore "East of the Sun and West of the Moon" illustrated by Mercer Mayer.
  3. This is the first year all the kids have been "on the books," so to speak. Last year was a little rough, just adding one in, and I was afraid it would be rough adding dd5....but it has gone surprisingly smoothly. Everyone is old enough to fully participate in morning time now, so that has been expanded from the bare minimum we've been doing for the past year or two. We have done a lot more poetry. I've also created a bird study that we do 2x a week, b/c ds has been fascinated by birds for years. This month, we will be adding a picture/artist study from Concordia University and a character stud
  4. Yes, I can understand wanting to stab the ball. BUT - he WILLINGLY did three pages of math today!!! I usually have to cajole him pretty hard just to do two, or one and a half..... Homeschooled kids do have interesting views of the world....when dd was 7, she said she felt sad for public school kids because they didn't get to learn Latin.
  5. Thanks, Lori! The foot fidgets are intriguing -- the feet on all the children in this house seem to have minds of their own! The only downside of the exercise ball is that dd5 thinks she needs to use it, too, and it really does not help her focus.
  6. Ds6 (almost 7) has a very hard time sitting still. He would much rather play legos or ride his bike than do school. Even at dinner, he has to get up from the table to bounce around the room periodically, because that's just too long to sit. He is able to sit and read comics for 45 minutes at a stretch, but that's completely different. lol. So, sitting at the kitchen table doing lessons with him is challenging, and not always fun. This morning, we started math, and he's half sitting, half dancing, getting up and playing with whatever he can put his hands on, and I had a burst of inspiration. "D
  7. I resisted the whole Brave Writer lifestyle thing, because it just sounded like so much work. But i decided that I would try it for dd10, because thought she would enjoy it. I was right - she LOVES it. While I am not doing ALL the things, I have incorporated the Poetry Tea. Who knew Oreos and tea in the afternoon would be such a hit?
  8. I think there is a distinct difference between a teacher acting as a safe haven for a kid with lousy parents, and viewing all parents as the enemy.
  9. I suspect it would depend on the kid. Oldest dd has a unique temperament, and I sometimes forget that. Also, that sort of game playing was a very new thing in our house at the time. So, you make an excellent point -- it would probably be most annoying for kids who are used to that sort of game mechanics.
  10. I dunno. I think I have gotten a bit jaded about convention speakers. This is year seven that I have been steeped in the homeschool world. I've gone to all the conventions available in my area. I have listened to podcasts and watched webinars and read blogs. All the folks you mention have pretty much only one idea they talk about, which they present in different ways or with a different focus, but in the end, it's all about getting you to buy their product. I understand they have to make a living, but I've gotten so I just don't really pay attention. If I've seen them a few times, I really don
  11. It is not guys in general. My grandfather had the most melodious, deep bass voice and he delighted taking us to the library for the sole purpose of checking out lots of Dr. Suess books so that he could read them to us. I think the thing I miss most about him is his voice...
  12. When dd was maybe 7 or 8, she was a great reader, but poor speller. We used AAS, and her spelling has improved tremendously. She still needs help now and then, but this year we are skipping formal spelling, and just working on the words that give her a hard time.
  13. OP - I second using Prodigy. I think it would be perfect for an 8yo. It's colorful and fun and customizable without costing too much if you can find a group buy. Or not. You can use the free version, too, I think. There's just not as many costume options and such.
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