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  1. We generally don't do lapbooks, but it was a great way for us to tackle dental health this year. We used In the Hands of a Child. The level of detail was just right for our 4th grader. ETA - And yes, it does include all the pics and labels, photos of the finished project, and answers at the back.
  2. We will be folding in little sister for K, so I plan on combining Geography and Science. Geography & Art: Build Your Library Level 0: Around the World. There are so many fun things to add to this study! Science: BFSU Vol. 1 Math: MEP Year 1 Reading: Phonics Pathways Writing: Writing is arduous for him. I'm wondering if HWOT would be a good fit.
  3. This is how we've used MM. If dd is having difficulty with a particular topic, I will use it as another way to explain a concept, or for extra practice.
  4. knitgrl


    We use, too! It's free and has visual appeal.
  5. In first grade, we really enjoyed Kids' Art Works by Sandi Henry. It allows kids to work in a variety of mediums, with materials most homeschoolers have around the house. The results are worthy of social media, but still look like they are done by kids. (I know it's all about the process, but there is a certain satisfaction in having a project come out nicely, too.) The past few years, we have been using for art, which is free. The materials required are not too exotic. The projects are pretty typical of what I would expect to see in a public school. The K level is not a good fit for my K'er, but he is not artistically inclined at all. Since your child seems to have some inclination that way, it would be worth looking at.
  6. We use MEP, which has about 5 weeks of review at the beginning of each year. Since we kind of school year round and don't experience summer slide, I just have dd do one page of each of those weeks, to make sure knows what she needs to, and then we start working on things as written once it starts with new stuff.
  7. We have an "open house" every October and show what dd is working on. Examples of her work are put on tri-fold poster thingies and we lay out the her curriculum for family and close friends. Dd gets up and talks about what she's doing in school in front of everyone all on her own. She has made friends with two elderly ladies from church, and they look forward to it every year and in the fall ask about when we'll be having open house again.
  8. They do come around. My father has always been a strong supporter of public schools, so he was not too excited when we decided to homeschool. We are into it 5 years now, and between what our dd knows and can do, and different policies the public school has enacted, he's thinking it's not so bad. On the other hand, this is a battle he has completely lost. He has two children, one of whom is homeschooling, the other sends her kid to a parochial school.
  9. The metric system is handy to know for science purposes. When we got to a measurement section in MEP, I just supplemented with MM to get practice with American measurements.
  10. Don't you know that if something -- ANYTHING -- is on the floor, that it must be stepped on? 😁
  11. I really like MEP. It's free, aside from printing. It's definitely more spiral, the lesson plans guide you through what you are supposed to show and how to explain things. Since you have experience with teaching your older children, I am guessing you will have more confidence in deciding when your child doesn't need to go through ALL the examples. It is a bit more teacher intensive, but you might want to try a few lessons out for size and see how long they take for you.
  12. We live in western NY, about ten hours away. Despite what the rest of the country thinks, there is more to NY than NYC. : - )
  13. I don't think it's possible to get the books under control.😁 Nearly one side of our home is all bookshelves chock full of books, but there are piles of books in the kitchen, dining room, and all over the floor of the living room. Books continually come in, especially from the library, but also used book sales, and of course, the internets. But, in all likelihood, it's probably just me and my issue of not being able to pass them up.
  14. So we are digging in our heels on this. Our school district is all about following the rules. They can follow the rules when it comes to homeschoolers, too.
  15. Last year, I started an assignment book for dd. The things on her list were typically: Assigned reading Cursive practice / copywork Make Latin flashcards Finish an art project Practice recorder Practice Tae Kwon Do
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