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  1. Thanks for sharing that D can cause insomnia if taken too late in the day! I hadn't heard that before.
  2. She obviously respects your opinion, or she wouldn't keep asking. Why do you think she's not listening to your answers? Does she have untreated ADHD? Perhaps you should tell her one more time what you think, then say, "Relative, dear, I have explained to you how I would do it, and I have shown you. You know now what I think. But I am not you. My kids are not your kids. We don't have to homeschool exactly the same way. If you want to do it differently, go ahead. We will still love you, no matter how you choose to homeschool. You don't have to run everything past me." And stop speaking to her about it. If she wants to pursue other things that will make her days crazy, that's absolutely her choice. She is going to have to figure out some things for herself.
  3. Do you normally wear custom orthotics in your shoes? It can be hard to find flats that will fit them, but Naot has a removable foot bed. As a cheaper alternative, I bought some Clarks flats and added some Dr. Scholl's arch supports. I can stand or walk in them for about two hours, as opposed to the 30 minutes I would have lasted without the added arch supports.
  4. On the plus side, paper can pass through her without harm. That's not always the case.
  5. I've been doing well with most stuff, but the paper is winning this round. Any tips on paper reduction? It seems like a completely different set of skills must be needed to do this successfully.
  6. Smiling. Speaking kindly to people. Connecting with others.
  7. They have tasty breakfast sandwiches. Hope your day goes well!
  8. I would just give .5 credit for physics this year and .5 next year. If you want or have to show the grades by semester, I'd give this year's .5 credit for 2nd semester.
  9. Huh. Mine tends to be a bit dry after reheating unless I add a tablespoon or two of water. Maybe mine is drier before freezing.
  10. The last few weeks I've almost started to like Carly, but I still don't think she's the right one for Sean. This week's episode gives me hope again! Best of all, there are three more episodes in this season, so there is still time for it all to work out the way I think it should. 😁 If you haven't seen the Feb. 17 episode yet, you can watch on
  11. I freeze leftover rice in small containers for future lunches with stir-fried leftovers.
  12. If possible, I suggest you see if you can borrow it from a friend for a week to decide. It may not be quite what you thought.
  13. OP, have you looked at the Tapestry of Grace curriculum? It is set up for kids at multiple levels, including high school. Even if you wanted to pull things together yourself, looking at the info on the website might give you a clearer picture of how the approach could work for your family.
  14. OP, coconut sugar has low glycemic index, and it measures like cane sugar. The flavor isn't as sweet, but it tastes okay and is fairly predictable.
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