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  1. I want all of my dc to be home at the same time.
  2. I strongly suspect his sleep patterns are a wreck; lack of sleep could explain much of what you listed.
  3. Does she have a specific reason for learning Arabic? Any special goals? It seems that would affect the choice of dialect.
  4. We focused on writing formal papers throughout high school, so their senior year we focused on personal and creative writing. We used the Norton Sampler, 6th edition, for ideas. I'm not sure that it helped with the application process, but they both told me it was helpful for their classes, which had a lot more informal writing than any of us had expected. If nothing else, older, used editions are cheap, and many of the essays are interesting or entertaining. FYI, different editions have some differences in selections.
  5. Interesting article. Thanks for sharing. I've not read much about Parkinson's before, and I'm curious about the fact that people with Parkinson's often lose their sense of smell and also develop a particular odor. Are there other illnesses that cause the same problems? I know a family with several people who don't have a good sense of smell, but none have Parkinson's or any other illness that I'm aware of, although they may just not have mentioned it. They do all share an unusual body odor, though. Of course, I haven't asked them about that, but it seems odd that they have that in combination with difficulty smelling things. Ideas?
  6. Thanks, everyone. I was in Walmart today for something else and bought one by Farberware that looked similar to the Oxo one. I tried putting in whole cloves without peeling first, and it worked! Here's hoping this one lasts more than 6 months....
  7. I've gone through several garlic presses in the past couple of years. I want one that's all metal, so it can take the pressure and actually crush and press a clove of garlic. I want it not to be painted, so paint doesn't start peeling off. I want it to be sturdy, so it doesn't break. What should I buy?
  8. Yes. I used to be a mean mom. Then I became smart. Nothing changed in how I did things; the dc just got a bit older and more mature.
  9. If you have sleep apnea and use a C-pap or auto-pap machine, in what position do you sleep best? Do you have a special bed? Pillow? Use a recliner? What about when you have a cold and can't breathe well to begin with? Thanks for any comments.
  10. Read something while you use it, so your mind is occupied on something else.
  11. Whitehawk, thanks for sharing the table. I've never heard of coconut aminos before. How does the taste compare to soy sauce?
  12. Wait, are you saying your city has a sidewalk guy? People don't have to do their own sidewalks? Here the city only clears sidewalks that are adjacent to city property, like parks.
  13. Swollen epiglottis? Thyroiditis? Either would be uncomfortable.
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