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  1. Is it a smoky smell? I've gotten a couple items recently that smelled like wood smoke. Are Happy Masks shipped from an area dealing with wildfires and related smoke? If so, you'd think it would wash out. You could always call to ask about the smell. The customer service lady is very pleasant.
  2. What does the odor smell like? Is it a chemical smell or something else?
  3. I like where I live now, but the city is very different than where I grew up. I miss the wind. I miss drivers waving at the other cars when passing and people greeting each other on the sidewalks, whether or not they knew each other. I miss the stars. I miss the whole community getting together to watch or play sports. What do you miss?
  4. I agree with Bootsie. If she pushes for advice after not following the good advice given before, I don't think it's a problem for your dh to say to his sister, "Gee, Sis, we gave you the best advice we had, and apparently you didn't follow it. We really don't have good advice for where you are now. You should talk to an attorney."
  5. Yes. I suppose parents who need daycare would have to pay someone, but paying the schools for care during school hours so kids can learn via laptop just rubs me the wrong way. Either it's safe to be there or it's not safe to be there.
  6. Don't say a word. The money is spent, and she may learn something helpful from the list of foods. Some tests that mainstream doctors disregard do actually provide useful info.
  7. Our local schools are completely virtual for the first semester to protect everyone. But guess who is providing daycare? Yes, the schools. So, kids can't be there for direct instruction, but they can be there for daycare. Masked and at assigned desks. With a teacher in the room to monitor them as they learn via laptop. Granted, it's not everyone, but still....
  8. ((Tap)) Poor pup. Our dog had a reaction to the first rabies vax - vomiting, swollen face, instability, lethargy, intense panting. She gets a pre-vax shot of antihistamine with all required vaccines now, and some we just skip. I feel fortunate to have a vet that offered a solution; a friend's dog died from a bad second reaction when the vet didn't take the first reaction seriously enough to offer antihistamine with future shots. ETA: It might be a steroid shot.
  9. I talked with them on the phone. They said it was important to wash with a drop of dish detergent, as other products tend to clog the filter sooner.
  10. ???? I'd be curious to know what you are talking about. I just finished Revelation and didn't see anything that implied "China" or "Russia." As for the whole confrontational attitude going on right now, it isn't new. I'm older than many of you and have seen a lot of elections. Every time, someone is convinced the whole world will end if the other side gets elected. One side is devastated by election results while the other is relieved and can finally feel at peace. Then it reverses and the first one is devastated and anxious. It just reminds me that we aren't to put our faith in
  11. Just chiming in to agree. My dc is in Algebra II now and still loves it. I wish this had been available when my older dc were in high school!
  12. I haven't lost any real relationships, but it's been disconcerting to have some friends in the "it's a hoax" group and others in the "it's going to kill us all" group and everything in between.
  13. Have you spoken to your gardening neighbors to find out how their gardens fared? I've found that when I have had a bad year for some type of plant, so did everyone else in the area.
  14. After reading so many positive reviews here, I placed an order from Happy Masks (happymasks.com). They came within a week, and they fit my face well, but... they are so thin! Between the very thin filter and the mesh fabric, I'm nervous they may not be as effective as the company claims. Has anyone seen outside testing (besides that posted on their website) to actually verify the level of protection claimed?
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