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  1. klmama

    Mammagram vs Thermagram

    Keep in mind that a thermagram only gives you indication of where there is elevated heat in the body. If it shows elevated heat in your breasts, you will still need to get a mammogram and possibly an ultrasound to determine if it's a tumor.
  2. My dentist did it gradually over several years as my teeth needed fillings replaced. I don't notice any difference. FYI, if you have crowns, the mercury fillings in those teeth likely weren't removed to have a crown placed - they put crowns over the previous fillings. I assume that reduces the amount of mercury released, since the crown is glued down and, at least theoretically, there isn't friction there to cause particles from being released and swallowed, but I don't know.
  3. klmama

    Dry Eyes

    Do you know the underlying cause of your dry eyes? The solution is likely to depend on the cause, but here are some possibilities. Taking fish oil with Omega-3 fatty acids is supposed to help some people with dry eyes. Sometimes dry eyes are caused by blocked ducts; using this product helps some people with that. Drinking lots of water can help if the cause is dehydration or dry air. If you want to use eye drops, you need a lubricant, like Systane Ultra or other brand that specifically says it lubricates.
  4. Just popping back in to clarify something dc just told me about the books on riding. Dc says it's probably best for your dd to start with George Morris, as he simplifies and explains everything really well, but not to stop there. To expand on Morris's books, your dd might also enjoy a subscription to, which has instructional videos by Bernie Traurig, George Morris, and other coaches. Next, it would be good to read William Steinkraus's Riding and Jumping. DeNemethy is very advanced; he's trying to finesse a rider, and it takes a lot of background knowledge to be able to understand what he's saying. Müseler is a good read for understanding how everything works between the horse and rider (in flat work specifically), but it's a very academic read.
  5. klmama

    Carry-on question...

    I had to wait quite a while for them to decide my unpopped microwave popcorn didn't contain something sharp. I left the extra at the destination hotel rather than chance dealing with TSA again on the return flight.
  6. There's nothing inherently wrong with starting A at the bottom. You have to decide if your goal is for your dd to have neat penmanship or if it is to follow the "rules" from a particular curriculum. Since she's going to develop her own style of writing anyway when she's around 13, it seems to me that neatness is a more useful goal.
  7. LOL! I saw your title and thought you meant cruising in a car. 😁 Do kids even do that anymore? Sorry, I don't have any answers for you, but I hope you have a great time on your cruise! I've known a number of people who went to those places and really enjoyed the trip.
  8. I counted all barn time as extracurricular. I counted Equine Science as a half-credit science course. I had dc read Parker's Equine Science, take content quizzes, write several papers, and give oral presentations. As a supplement resource, my dc also took the online Equine Health Studies course, back when it was cheap through Landry Academy; it was fairly light for someone already very familiar with horses, but dc enjoyed it and appreciated the emphasis on anatomy and the assignments in the Dover Horse Anatomy coloring book. Dc did a lot of additional reading about riding and training, which I counted as another half-credit elective course called Theory of Horsemanship. Dc read works by DeNemethy, George Morris, Wilhelm Müseler, etc. Dc wrote papers, gave oral presentations, and wrote a final exam.
  9. klmama

    Any dog psychologists here?

    OP here. I've been experimenting and watching carefully to see if I can figure this out. The dog has a long neck and her tags do not go anywhere near the bowl. Nor do her ears. She is willing to drink from a small dessert bowl, but not the Corelle cereal bowl or the ceramic dog bowl. I tried to get her to drink by treating her, but that required holding water in my hand first for her to drink (treat) and then lowering my hand into the dog bowl. She was really thirsty by that point and would lap several times before stopping (another treat), but only over my hand. As soon as I moved my hand away from the bowl, she refused to drink again. More ideas?
  10. klmama

    What else do I need?

    In addition to everyone else's comments - if you haven't already, open the windows and wipe out the inside and outside sills so anyone checking to see how well the windows glide doesn't discover anything unpleasant. I knew someone who threw all their dirty laundry into a laundry basket to go into the back of the car every time they had a showing. Hampers can smell musty.
  11. My dog is getting more and more finicky about her water. A year ago she started refusing to drink from her bowl, so we tried a different kind; that worked... for a while. Then she started refusing to drink from the newer one. She'd stare at it to tell us to fix it. When that didn't work, she'd bark at it and at us. The bowl was clean, and it wasn't the water. If we poured the same water from her dish into one of our cereal bowls, she'd drink it. That worked for a while. Now, she's refusing water from the cereal bowls. She'll drink water spilled onto the floor. She'll drink from a running bathtub faucet. But she won't drink from a bowl. She stares at it and kind of does a nervous dance, then barks at us to tell us there's a problem. She's obviously very, very thirsty. She seems genuinely miserable. But she won't drink unless it's spilled on the floor or from a running faucet. AAAAUUGGGHH! It's driving all of us crazy. Any suggestions for getting her to drink from a bowl again?
  12. klmama

    Marie Kondo Series on Netflix??

  13. klmama

    Marie Kondo Series on Netflix??

    At least try it with the bears. They hibernate, you know....
  14. klmama

    A slightly different "would you eat this?"

    IME, many kids and teens would gladly share the big cookie, but most unrelated adults would only break pieces off the untouched part.
  15. Many music majors wash out their freshman year because they don't already have a good foundation in music theory and can't keep up with the pace of college Music Theory 1. I would explore what he already knows and work from there to be sure he's solid before heading off to college. His piano and clarinet instructors are likely to be good resources, both for evaluating him and for recommending additional resources. FWIW, he may find this website useful for theory and this one for rhythm practice
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