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  1. Would you be willing to share an example for one course? I can't envision how fitting a course description into one column would reduce overall space, since it would take up more lines to make up for less width.
  2. You are not insane. Keep your boundaries intact!
  3. Search here for previous threads on wisdom teeth. In a nutshell: Ice face 20 min on, 20 min off for 1st day, 2nd day if she's willing. Prevents or reduces facial swelling, pain. Ice packs, frozen peas, etc. Don't use straws. Can cause dry socket. Keep a written schedule for pain meds and follow it for 24-48 hours.
  4. Community colleges still generally want to see transcripts that show courses and grades. When I called to speak to an admissions officer at our local cc about my dc's transcript format, she was grateful, answered my questions, and told me she wished all homeschoolers would follow a standard format for transcripts. She said I wouldn't believe some of the crazy things they received.
  5. I'd try to get it evaluated today, if possible. Regardless, I'd eat garlic several times today - garlic bread, raw garlic between apple slices, etc. One of my dc had a growing staph infection that wasn't getting better with antibiotics, and adding garlic turned it around. (Garlic is a natural antibiotic, antiviral, and antifungal - not always strong enough to handle infections alone, but it can help.)
  6. One of my dc enjoyed a composition course from Jana Bontrager (Big River). Another dc enjoyed a creative writing course with Jess Woods (Excelsior). I have no idea if they are teaching those courses now, but wanted to let you know they provided good instruction. I thought both could have given a lot more feedback on students' writing, but that's typical for online instruction; I gave my students additional feedback, as needed.
  7. I make all appointments for my teens, but have them do almost all the talking upon arrival and at the appointment. Our pediatricians prefer to go over concerns with me in the room, and then they have me step out for the exam; they come get me while dc gets dressed again, so we can talk privately for a minute, and then we go back in with dc. They started that at around 13. One of my teens always wanted me to be there the whole time, and the doctors were fine with that. They've always been very accommodating. Although we started with a male doctor, after he retired they only saw fema
  8. Absolutely! Yes, that part was unrealistic, too. Still, I liked that this year they managed a happy ending for everyone. I don't like the possibility that Claire may be leaving the show, though, assuming that there's another season. It kind of felt like a finale, not just a season finale.
  9. klmama


    I've read there will be six episodes.
  10. I've never heard of it, but I hope it helps you! I've seen a lot of things work that I never would have expected, so if your doctor thinks this is worth a try, go for it!!!!
  11. klmama


    MCU fans, what did you think of Loki??? I'll start: WOW!!!!! What an interesting premise. This is going to be a great series! 😀 Tom Hiddleston is wonderful, as always. I liked Owen Wilson's character, Mobius.
  12. Have you tried listening to audio books instead? You might find it easier to keep everything straight.
  13. I watched the season finale of The Good Doctor. In it, a doctor in Guatemala admits... spoiler below... ... ... ... that when he was last in the US, he was arrested for pot possession, argued and got physical with the police, and then skipped town instead of going to his court date. He suggests that he could get an attorney and "straighten out this mess" in order to be able to move forward with his life, apparently to include a relationship with Dr. Lim. All ve
  14. One of my dc has to put each pill in a spoonful of applesauce to get it down. Yogurt might work, too, but the applesauce has more texture to hide the pill.
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