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  1. I cook with it. I know people who use it other ways - taking it straight, spreading it on toast, adding to coffee - but that's not happening here! It also works well for oil pulling, if you can handle the taste. Taking monolaurin works better for those who don't like the taste of coconut.
  2. Now I understand what you meant. Thanks!
  3. We don't do all of these now, but they've all helped at one point or another: daily vitamin D instead of flu shot (or in addition to it) wash hands more often get more sleep don't touch your face except to wash it don't eat in public change clothing after being in public Monolaurin both as a preventative and to knock out something that's just starting zinc and vitamin C when symptoms start hydrogen peroxide on a swab in ears and nose (different swabs!) after exposure to children, crowds, and coughing people, and at first sign of symptoms garlic bread chicken soup with garlic, onion, a dash of cayenne, etc. ETA - More ideas: wear hair over the ears during cold and flu season so germs don't get inside that way disinfect light switches, door knobs, keyboards, phones, computers, and tablets, especially those taken out of the home keep bags that have been on the floor in public off your kitchen table, counters, beds, etc.
  4. Thanks. I just did some of this, and it helped.
  5. I recently discovered that the movie switched several of the songs from the original stage musical to different places/people in the show. The rain storm song sung by Maria and the children in the stage musical is The Lonely Goatherd, not My Favorite Things - that's sung by Maria and the Mother Abbess. I'm sure there are others. Also, Baroness Elsa Schräder and Max Detweiller sing some songs in the stage musical. It's so different!
  6. When there's an interpersonal something you have to do... and you don't want to do it... and you are dreading doing it... and you feel stressed every time you think of doing it... and yet you know you need to do it... how do you get yourself to do it?
  7. Wow. I am SO not you. Despite all the yard work that I really should have done this year, I satisfied myself with just pulling some garlic mustard and cutting a few 3' tree saplings that had invaded the bushes.
  8. I'm curious to know which classes actually require graphing calculators in college. Dc took one to college for calc and stats, but didn't need it for either.
  9. Do you mean how many points the various types of courses were worth or something else?
  10. I like the sunglasses on his head. I was reading the lawn goose posts and thought it was weird that I'd never seen one. Later that day, dh and I went for a walk, and guess what I saw about a block down the street? Yep. A gray lawn goose in a yellow raincoat and hat. It was near a gazing ball and some kissing Dutch kids, which I remembered, but somehow, the goose had never registered in my brain. Maybe because they don't change its clothes....
  11. My dog is an exuberant 3yo, and we're still training. She discovered her bark this last year. Sometimes, it's great, because we do want her to sound scary to someone on the porch (lots of break-ins here start with ringing the doorbell), but barking at people walking their dogs by the house at 6 a.m. or barking in the night to tell us she's bored and wants company are definitely not acceptable! I've found that putting a hand around her muzzle and holding it firmly for a few seconds gets her to stop.
  12. Some nasty illness has been going around here, too, although I'm not sure that it's flu. As for getting sick upon starting back to school, why not? That's what happens to many teachers when they start teaching in schools, even if they just graduated and have been around students at college; I don't see why it would be different for the high school students themselves.
  13. In this context I read "distance learning program" as having live class times and grades and such, so that there is some actual interaction between instructor and student. Wilson Hill or WTM Academy type of classes. I don't think of asynchronous, self-paced classes like Derek Owens' online courses or other courses with no live interaction. Has anyone verified this?
  14. technology allowed clothing and hair styles
  15. I like having a standard literature text to refer to for background, good poetry and short stories, and writing ideas. For example, Prentice Hall Literature: The American Experience is excellent.
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