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  1. This book has lovely Japanese folk tales. I read an earlier edition of it as a child. Years later I taught ESL and mentioned Kintaro to my students from Japan, and they were absolutely delighted that I knew who he was.
  2. I loved Wandavision, but not this one. I do like the interactions between Bucky and Sam, but there aren't enough of those. The new Captain America is a dirtbag. I understand that they are tying up loose ends and setting things up for a new movie, so I'm watching more out of a desire to be prepared for the next stage than I am out of enjoyment.
  3. Really? They told me they were supposed to do it 14 days apart. It was Pfizer.
  4. Did you feel completely better before getting your second dose? They are concerned about getting a second dose in a week if the first one caused so many symptoms (pain, malaise, mental fog) and they aren't completely over it yet. Apparently, they don't have a primary care provider. I wonder if their health insurance has a nurse's line. I'll suggest they call and ask.
  5. A relative living alone in another city was vaccinated last weekend and has been dealing with symptoms ever since. Is there a recommended protocol for recovering from vaccine after-effects?
  6. ((Laura)) It's really hard to be other people's brain. Would you like suggestions of things that have helped others, or are you just venting?
  7. I would award the full Algebra 1 credit in 9th when the course is complete. I would award the full geometry credit in 10th when the course is complete, even if that's in October. If he also earns a full credit for Algebra 2 in 10th, that's fine, but he'll still be in good shape if he finishes the Algebra 2 credit in 11th. If he finishes that halfway through 11th, that will still leave him a year and a half to complete pre-calculus.
  8. I purchased a metal wall decoration, and I'm trying to figure out the safest way to hang it. It's heavy, and there isn't a hook or hanger on the back. It needs to be hung by the design. Do you think a few nails be enough? Something else? It will be above a bed, and we don't want it to fall on anyone!
  9. Thanks for sharing this. How long had you had tinnitus before treating it? Did you treat it under the guidance of a physician or on your own?
  10. I tried it on high, and it spread the smell farther into the house with the air currents. I'll try it again on low to see if that helps. Thanks. I'll see if I can find the citric acid.
  11. We bought a used couch through Craigslist to give to our adult dc. We'll be storing it here for a couple of weeks until we can take it to dc. The previous owners had cleaned it prior to sale, and the chemicals they used are giving me a headache. I have access to a carpet/upholstery cleaning machine and could go over it again, but what would I use to avoid adding even more chemicals? Plain water? Water with vinegar? Making it smell like vinegar wouldn't be much of an improvement, KWIM? Thanks for sharing your ideas.
  12. We have similar windows and cellular shades. We started with valences, but switched to full-length grommet curtains to help block more light while we sleep; they add a polished look to the room, as well. I think the type of valence you linked might look a little too airy with the darker shades and wall color. It's your room, though; pick something you love!
  13. Thank you, Arcadia! I searched and wasn't able to find that page. I appreciate your help!
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