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  1. Was it something else about April that you have to prepare for? Taxes? Easter? Vacation? Someone's anniversary?
  2. Can you think of a movie or a play with a narrator that stands apart from the actors to tell the story, but also reacts visibly to the actions of the characters in the story and in doing so becomes a character himself? I feel like I've seen this, and I can't remember how it was done.
  3. I think you need to know the actual diagnosis before you decide. It will give you an important piece of information in dealing with colleges, and their answers will help you choose the best course. FWIW, college Spanish is much more vocab heavy than high school Spanish, and it typically moves much faster. If you find out she has to take something besides ASL to graduate college, working on it now to get a good foundation is a good idea, even if it's not for a formal grade.
  4. I'm in the later rather than earlier camp. I say 16. By then they've gotten through the overly emotional early teen years and have a better understanding of the risks of social media.
  5. Vionic. Pricey, but very supportive.
  6. In case anyone wants to watch for the deal, the last couple of years JCPenney has had basic dog sweaters on sale for $5 on Black Friday. Usually, they are $20. Besides a couple of those (and our dog LOVES her sweaters), we also have a coat for when it's bitterly cold or raining hard. The dog is a wimp with rain, but she still needs to go out.
  7. While it may be that the OP should see her doctor, the mucus issue isn't about a feeling in the mouth. It's about sinus drainage. It doesn't affect everyone, but it does affect some of us quite profoundly. I test negative for milk allergy, but I react in my sinuses to cow milk products that are from non-Guernsey cows. I re-prove it every time I forget to avoid them. For example, last night I was served pudding at a get-together and didn't think about the milk in it until today when I awoke with my sinuses draining thick mucus and my ears feeling clogged. I am not sick. I don't even have seasonal allergies. There is no infection requiring antibiotics. It's from the pudding. Tomorrow the drainage and pressure will be less, and the next day it will be gone, as long as I don't have more dairy products from non-Guernsey cows.
  8. I test negative for milk allergy, but I react to milk with sinus issues. I don't react to all cow milk; it depends on the type of cattle producing the milk. I grew up drinking milk from the local dairy, which had Guernsey cows, and I didn't - and don't - react to Guernsey milk at all. I don't react to goat or sheep milk, either. Unfortunately for me, most milk in the US comes from cows that are bigger milk producers, such as Holsteins; I do get sinus problems from their milk and have ever since the Guernsey dairy went out of business. I usually stick to goat and almond milk now.
  9. I have no suggestions, but if you find a solution, please come back and share it! I've had tinnitus for 40ish years, and nothing has helped. I was told it was caused by too many ear infections as a child, but I don't know if that's true. I'd love for there to be an effective treatment!
  10. I was just thinking about you yesterday and wondered what you were doing. I'm glad you have found something you love and people to share it with!
  11. The university my dc attended specifically requested homeschool transcripts from students who had spent any time homeschooling during high school, even if they graduated from a traditional school. Perhaps I'm wrong, but I assumed it was because of situations like this one, where the school didn't include those grades on the final transcript. I would think the OP could submit her own transcript as being from a prior school attended, even if the school does produce a formal transcript with P grades.
  12. Is there something about her that makes you think she does not have an owner? Poorly groomed, extra thin, etc.? Outside cats often go visiting, but they still have a home. Inside cats in heat sometimes get out and go visiting. Before you get too attached and decide to keep her, I think you should have her scanned for a microchip, put out a "Found cat" notice via Nextdoor or neighborhood FB page, etc. If you don't find an owner, then enjoy having a new kitty. ☺
  13. I had completely forgotten about an ABC TV show I liked, and I just found it again online. I can watch all this season's episodes if I make an account. If you've done that, have you noticed an increase in junk or otherwise unwanted emails? I'm really trying to cut down on those as much as possible, so giving my email to yet another company doesn't thrill me... on the other hand, I want to watch my show, LOL! Thoughts?
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