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  1. Thanks, everyone! Melissa, I so wish I had a lovely window like you do by my table! Instead, I have just a big, plain wall. Thinking on what the rest of you said....
  2. If you have an eat-in kitchen, what do you have on the wall above the table?
  3. Extra pet deposit and extra monthly pet fee are both standard where I live. Children do cause wear and tear, but they rarely damage walls and flooring so badly they need to be completely replaced, as sometimes happens with cats and dogs who mark territory or relieve themselves inside.
  4. My dh loves his moon roof and usually has the inside cover pulled back to see the sky. I'm not sure how much he actually pops it open. FWIW, I hate it. I find it distracting to see anything above me, and I don't like the extra road noise when it's popped open.
  5. klmama


    Since your dd is already drinking, I think the best thing you can do is tell her that you love her, and because you love her, you are afraid for her. You know what has happened to some in the family and to others who were convinced they wouldn't have a problem when they started drinking, but eventually they did. You are sad because of the difficulties they've had to endure, not just in the short term, but over their lives, and you don't want that for her. You don't want her to become addicted or to make stupid decisions or be taken advantage of while she's drinking. You understand she's not getting drunk, but any alcohol is priming the pump, if it turns out she's prone to addiction. You know she's an adult, and you are thrilled and proud to see all of the mature decisions she makes, but you are concerned that this one may be a mistake.
  6. He saw his doctor and was given antibiotics for an infection? How long has he been taking them? It sometimes takes awhile to make a difference, especially if the infection is bad. If he's 3/4 through the Rx and not seeing improvement, he should call the doctor again for further instructions. Did the doctor suggest using nasal rinses or taking decongestants in addition to the antibiotics for symptom relief? Rinses are often helpful, but only if the sinuses aren't already so closed up the water gets in there and won't drain out. That's really painful. For decongestants, pseudoephedrine products are often more effective than pheylephrine; likely he would need to pick up the card from the decongestant aisle for the one he wants, then go to the pharmacy to get it, as it's not over the counter. If he decides to use a decongestant, he needs to be careful to follow the use instructions, as using it too long can actually cause the body to produce more mucus and congestion. You said this happens twice a year, so I assume it's allergy related, but this time it's worse because he has an infection, too. FWIW, I know someone who uses daily Rx nasal steroid spray to deal with allergy-related congestion.
  7. Maybe an image here will give you an idea of how to make it work:
  8. Hair spray helps, too. A light mist, then smooth the flyaways.
  9. I would try Lime-Away. Spray on or wipe on with a cloth and let it sit for awhile, then wipe/scrub off with a slightly more abrasive sponge. If you don't already have it, you could try white vinegar first to see if it helps, but I would expect you to need something stronger.
  10. Here that would cover about 8 pints, so a gallon. It's a lot pricier than dairy! OP, just FYI, the thicker your coconut milk, the creamier the frozen dessert. When I used to do this, I used canned coconut cream from the international foods aisle.
  11. She's direct. You're sensitive. Neither is right or wrong, just different. I think you should let it go.
  12. Keep in mind that many people don't see significant improvement from removing gluten until around three months into the diet, as it can take that long for any intestinal inflammation to subside. Make note of when he goes GF, and be glad for any changes that occur in the short term, but continue to watch for changes up to three months later.
  13. Is there any way to increase his fiber and water intake so that he goes more regularly from now on? FWIW, a friend's ds was only able to go regularly with meds AND fiber. I don't know what meds he took, but he also needed to eat a large raw carrot cut into sticks every day.
  14. I just checked out the book Them: Why We Hate Each Other and How to Heal. Has anyone read it?
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