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    Christian mom of 3, homeschooled dd k-2 and 4th, eldest son high school. Priest's wife, too
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    Love to read, bible study, Cursillo group, take walks
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    waiting patiently to see what God has for me

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    Reading, Movies, History, Biblical Archeology, Education (;-))
    I also enjoy Pinterest, tho I'm not crafty, and Bible Study, esp Beth Moore stuff. I like TV, too, but we don't have cable.

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  1. OP if it was the Kim Kardashian, "post your messy bedroom/playroom" thing, I think the beds without bottom sheets were just "unmade" because kids had taken them off, and it was just part of the general mess.
  2. They are doing it. I think it is harrassment and not funny at all. And yes, if the tables were turned people would be horrified and all over it. Shows how we wink at this kind of behavior when it is naked women. Awful.
  3. When I taught 3yo preschool, we dissected owl pellets as part of a Tree Homes unit. In case anyone finds it interesting, I will try to link a super-short video.
  4. Remember if he pays tax on it he probably has to pay around 30% as an independent contractor (again, if he earns enough to have to pay taxes). I think $200 is good.
  5. Yes, what Plum said. Private music lessons are one-on-one, mismatched power situations (sorry I can't think of the phrase--unequal power?) where there is often ample opportunity for abuse. I have to say it never occurred to me that that was a "risky" situation but abuse happens more often than is thought. I don't know if the research also covers group situations, like maybe verbal sexual harrassment during orchestra or something. ETA Ah--their research surveys music ed majors and asks if they have experienced sexual misconduct at any time
  6. Yes, for sure it affects the individual. I am thinking about the society those individuals live in and how it affects SOCIETY. (lol not meaning to shout...I can't switch yo italics for emphasis)
  7. That's a good point. My dd is researching abuses in the music ed world. Maybe Part 2 to her research could be something of this nature.
  8. I agree--I am just wondering what those effects ARE.
  9. I would hire a babysitter. To be quite frank, I don't understand why families don't fo this.
  10. No I don't mean what effect does/will the bankruptcy have, I mean I wonder what is sort of the "cumulative" effect of having so many men in our society that have be abused. What does it do to a society when so many members have this experience? Maybe some things have been accepted as normal that are not. Maybe it has shaped their interactions and that has shaped our society in some way that wouldn't have been, had they not been abused. I am sure it is similar to the ways alcohol shapes families (Adult Children Of Alcoholics, for example, cope with life differently than people who grow up in healthy families), and that shapes our society.
  11. I jealously guard children's right and need to play, citing research and maintaining visibility on education sites that are visited by young teachers who may not get the administrative support to make play-based education the basis for their curriculum. I am a Christian, so I try to pray to have God "show" me what he wants me to do. I believe he has already laid it out pretty clearly, but I ask for more guidance on specifics. I don't always follow thru, tho
  12. Yes, you are right! Still, not all of Areas A and B are mapped. And we still get warnings, which can serve to keep tourists out of areas that could really use their business.
  13. AM, do you have your debt on a regular credit card, like a Visa? You can call them and ask for a hardship waiver. They will often lower your interest rate quite low for a year. I had terrible credit and got into a big hole. I settled two debts and got a hardship rate for one card. You can always call and see. Even if you lower by a few percentage points it can save a lot per month.
  14. Stunning photos, and dang, Girl, you have great hair!
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