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    Christian mom of 3, homeschooled dd k-2 and 4th, eldest son high school. Priest's wife, too
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    Love to read, bible study, Cursillo group, take walks
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    waiting patiently to see what God has for me

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    Reading, Movies, History, Biblical Archeology, Education (;-))
    I also enjoy Pinterest, tho I'm not crafty, and Bible Study, esp Beth Moore stuff. I like TV, too, but we don't have cable.

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  1. Anyone know of a painting that depicts a biblical scene populated with people in modern 20/21 century dress? Like Veronese's The Wedding Feast at Cana, but done by someone modern.
  2. I will have to look it up but I do recall a story of a fisherman/sailor being swallowed by a whale and found later alive (idk exactly how long later). They thought he was a lump of ambergris.
  3. Whew! After Terebith I only have one suggestion, which was read by my teacher to us in 3rd grade but still holds up--No Flying in the House
  4. Shtisel, Unorthodox (for two different views of Orthodox Jewish life) Arranged (a favorite movie of mine) The Spy with Sasha Baron Cohen in a serious role. We have seen two of the six and love it so far. The Durrells in Corfu Highly recommend. We had to stop watching because of something trigger-y for me but it is fantastic The Syrian Bride ok, subtitles but worth it
  5. I don't know if this is along the same lines, but The Heart of the Sea (sort of, the story behind Moby Dick) was really good.
  6. I had my first Pfizer shot on Weds. Sore arm a couple hours later (felt like an orange under the injection site but not bruised or swollen--we didn't even get bandaids) but only my hubby felt anything else and his was just mild fatigue the next day. I live in Jerusalem. We have several people near who won't take it because of fears of gov't trying to kill/maim the population. It is really sad. Palestinians in the rest of the West Bank and Gaza were only going to have access to the Russian vaccine but that has, thankfully, changed. The Israeli gov't was also denying the vaccine to Palestinian p
  7. Have you tried a "beak" guard? It is fitted to you by a dentist and is basically a plastic cover for your two front teeth only that is built up a little and has a little plastic bump and doesnt allow your teeth to come together. It kinda looks like two Us and at the bottom of the U is the bump. Works great. My dentist said other guards work by covering all the teeth so they don't wear away; this works by preventing any grinding at all.
  8. That does look disgusting😂 Maybe it would be good as a dip with tortilla chips? I can't get past the look of ground beef here--it tastes ok, but there seems to be extra globs of hard fat and white, sinewy things. It looks like it is infested with pinworms.
  9. I can't get some premade items here so I have to try new recipes if I want them. Just tonight I made cream of mushroom soup because I found the Russian butcher who sells pork chops and I thought I would try an old favorite. I had to make Thanksgiving dinner from scratch--no Pillsbury crescent rolls or Stovetop...😊 But I also learned new things for two other reasons. I started keto last year for a while and made a lot of recipes from keto sites, and I am in East Jerusalem so I wanted to learn some Palestinian recipes. I can make a mean lamb and freekah now... Cooking is a fun way to e
  10. Anything I buy will be online from here in Jerusalem and sent to where he is spending Xmas, but it would be good to maybe try a store like Target where he can return them at home if he needs to. I just don't know what brands may be a little trendy or in fashion. Anybody?
  11. I like the Kung Pao and the Butter Chicken from Keto Connect.
  12. Ok, I KNOW a person should feel free to wear whatever they want. I am momming so hard right now. The situation is (and I will delete so dont quote pls) my 31 yo son needs jeans, likes relaxed fit, and gets most of his wardrobe at Walmart. I don't really have a problem with that, but he would like to date and I would like to help him step it up a bit. Of course I would love him to date someone who doesnt care about brands or whatever, but that said, I know there are brands that fit well and dont look quite so cheap and sloppy. I am being rather shallow but maybe ykwim. So, what mid priced
  13. Would love to, but can't. Sending you all a virtual card! @fairfarmhandWe used to keep the cards in a basket on the table after Xmas and pick one out at dinner to reread and say a quick prayer over the sender.
  14. Glad she was able to visit! I wish United had the same policy. We were packed in tight on our 12hr flight.
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