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    Christian mom of 3, homeschooled dd k-2 and 4th, eldest son high school. Priest's wife, too
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    Love to read, bible study, Cursillo group, take walks
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    waiting patiently to see what God has for me

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    Reading, Movies, History, Biblical Archeology, Education (;-))
    I also enjoy Pinterest, tho I'm not crafty, and Bible Study, esp Beth Moore stuff. I like TV, too, but we don't have cable.

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  1. I would love to, but it is $2 to send a postcard, and last time we tried, only a couple got thru. Please know I wish you all a happy holiday season!❤
  2. Prayers for your friend. Something odd--I was literally just thinking of the name Lillian. Dd's ex-bf and she sweetly said they wanted a daughter named Lillian Christine. I was just thinking that won't happen now and was feeling rather sad. Lillian is such a lovely name and has been special to me for a while. It is neither here nor there, but I thought it was interesting to have the name on my heart today.
  3. @Lanny There's an import tax over a certain amount, and I think probably I will just get stuff on Amazon and send it to the place she is staying. I think I will print out covers and wrap them in little boxes, if I can find some, so she doesn't have to cart the books back and forth. Maybe I will put them in a pretty woodcn box or something. But I still need some titles. She liked Little Women, Tess of the D'urbervilles, The Mayor of Casterbridge, other Thomas Hardy books.... ETA Oh, I see some have recommended books--I only saw Lanny's post. Thanks!
  4. We can't order much online here (too expensive to ship and delivery is spotty, and there's some import tax), and although there are bookstores, the nearby ones sell mostly religious or regional-issues-oriented fare. So, I am thinking of ordering on Amazon and having dd bring over her own gifts. I was thinking of 5 or 10 lovely classics she hasn't read, in the Great Books or Should Be A Great Book tradition. She loves and has read several Thomas Hardy books, some of the old standbys like Scarlet Letter and Twain... So my question--knowing she is already well-read, concerned about social justice, wants to be a music educator/plays viola, likes fantasy/mystery/classics (Rebecca was a favorite but hated Austen), and is in need of truth and beauty--What can you recommend?
  5. I am going to go to the tattoo place and get stainless.They may have to repierce because I haven't had them in for two days and I think they may be closing. Thanks all!
  6. I have 3 piercings in each ear. (Bet that is surprising to some...😂) I got the last, "highest" one about 6 weeks ago. The new holes are still in the lobe, but in the upper part (so, not cartilage). I am still experiencing some pain, although they don't appear infected, esp when I lie down at night on my side. Any tips for healing? I actually removed the studs several times after the first month, to clean and reinsert, and to change to a different back in hopes of lessening the ouch. Last night I just took them out all together. Could it be irritation from the silver earring (nickle maybe in it)?
  7. I like Snapfish and Vista p Print. We did Vista Print picture calendars for years and liked the quality.
  8. Friends of ours who have adopted celebrate "gotcha" day. Some do a cake and card, some tell the story of their adoptions. I don't think any of them make it a huge party, just a time of love.
  9. If your son considers your family strangers, I think it would be nice for him to have just them in a small group and maybe they could form a tighter bond.
  10. I want dd to be well and I want to go home. And a new couch.
  11. Daughters can have that influence on their dads! I'm glad he called. FWIW, my dad and two brothers all had their spleens out. It was something that runs in males in our family. ETA--It is spherocytosis, I think. It does cause anemia, which causes severe fatigue. (Our male beagle actually had it, to make light of it) I hope you get it all sorted out quickly. You are one patient spouse, that's for sure.
  12. Well, they came out very dense and "substantial" but taste really good! The batter was almost like cookie dough. I'm still on the hunt for a much lighter muffin (no cake mix here in town, or at least not one I want to purchase).
  13. I ate a keto diet for a few months--you might check recipes for keto buns and crackers. Dd's friend is gluten free and it really isn't as hard if you clean up your diet and forgo packaged foods and mixes.
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