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  1. She is a resuce, that looks like a chocolate lab. She is maybe a 6 to 8 month old dog. We can't come up with a name we all agree on. But she really needs a name.
  2. We have 2 dogs. Just added a puppy 1 week ago. Our other dog would never have done agility, she is way to lazy.
  3. Oh sorry I am on my phone. Do they have pets? I also got them into cooking a meal for the family once a week. We do movie nights a few times a week
  4. Oh forgot to say, my kids have stayed with their usual hobbit dance and violin But they have had more time to do other things than they would normally. They built a dance studio on our basement with a sprung floor Built A huge chicken coop Raised chickens Lots of mountain biking Lots of dog walking Drawing and painting Tons of lego building Voice lessons They did lots of home improvement projects
  5. How old are the kids? Do you live in a cold weather area? Cooking subscription box? Kiwi co subscription box Take an online class Get into biking, hiking, camping Building projects. Start little and go bigger. My kids built so much this summer with dh. Rc cars Rocket Coding Take a music class Cooking class Martial arts
  6. So agree. I think you have to do what is right for your family. Our family culture this is not something that would not be done and hasn't in our extended family.
  7. Sounds like it is time to cook and make his own food. My kids make their own lunch and breakfast and have for years. They clean it all up too. Sure do you have to make sure they are doing a good job, yes. But it is worth it. No complaints. Real life skills. The youngest at 4 gets help, but is starting to make her own things. I am not doing 5 separate meals for every meal. Smoothies are always my go to for get a healthy boost. Fill the house with good options and let the kids feed themselves. The often make their own dinner too on fend for themselves night. They also m
  8. Can you link the dog agility set? We just got a new puppy who might do well with it.
  9. Totally reasonable request. If I could afford it and I wouldn't be bothered by it, this year I wouldn't do it.
  10. I don't think so. You can't be made at someone being late when it is the website having issues. You were on time.
  11. I heard of this on the morning news. How scary. I am so glad the baby is safe and kudos to him and his wife for handling the situation.
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