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  1. I can for sure see that. But I think can also open up your mind that stuff you have just sitting around your house can be worth money. I love getting paid for people taking my clutter.
  2. When it first started happening, I wanted to. But we have had a lot of bad interactions with our neighbors, when we have talked to them about issues. So honestly we just didn't see it going well. And sorry, but you would have to be nuts to know know how your insane barking dogs for over an hour at 4:30 in the morning are effecting your neighbors when we all live in small plots of land . Sorry, I am really in a bad mood about this today.
  3. We have that and we are all suffering now. The neighbors let their 2 huskies out at 4:30 or 5 am and they bark insanely loud for hours. Any solutions? We have 4 sound machines running and it still wakes everyone up. Oh and they bark all day too. Honestly it is ruining my day, everyday.
  4. People usually recommend starting buy selling stuff in your house you are not using. You can follow people on youtube and see what they are selling to get good ideas of what you can pick up to flip.
  5. Good sale on leggings, especially the women's sizes. Old Navy Women's & Girls Leggings from $4 (Regularly $11+) - Hip2Save
  6. I am so so sorry for your loss. I am sending prayers to your whole family. This is not your fault. Please don't think that.
  7. Can he just do 2 words? The 3 worded name sounds long to me. I would remember a 2 word store better.
  8. I didn't, I had watched way to many hours of tv at that point. I didn't know there was a night time event on and I feel bad that we missed it. It looked neat too.
  9. This isn't good news Fauci: New data shows Covid vaccines may be less effective against some strains (cnbc.com)
  10. Just saw this in an email from Kiplingers On Thursday, Eli Lilly (LLY) announced that its antibody drug bamlanivimab for treatment of COVID-19 also prevented infections from occurring in residents and staff of nursing homes. Infections in residents were reduced by 80%, and in staff by 57%. This is the first drug designed for treatment that has been shown to be preventative, as well. Bamlanivimab was approved under the FDA’s Emergency Use Authorization back in November. However, a higher dose was used in the trial than was considered under the initial EUA for treatment purposes, so Eli Lil
  11. Checking in~ We have only heard back from ABT. All 3 of my kids who are old enough got in there. I am so happy about that, as they way they have set up how they are handling it gives me peace. My kids all did their online intensive last year and loved it. Very well done. They have another audition this weekend that I signed up for on Monday and then heard from ABT on Tuesday. Boo. I wouldn't have signed them up for it if I had heard back. Oh well. Extra class I guess. Oldest DD got moved up a level at her school today. Next level is trainee! She has worked really hard sinc
  12. I am so sorry. Sending all the prayers to your dad.
  13. Oh I forgot, I got my replacement humidifier. I hope it lasts longer than the last one. 🙂
  14. Grocery pickup yesterday and donated a ton of stuff.
  15. I am sure this is different for everyone based on their past experiences. Because of my experience, I have never asked anyone. And I wouldn't. It normally comes up in conversation when you are friends with someone overtime. People open the door and because we are friends we talk about things. If we are friends I am sure I would have brought up my history, so you would know my racial identity. It isn't something I hide. But I also don't go "Hi my name is Mommyoffive and this is my racial background. But I have had so many people just come up to me and ask me "What are you?" Peop
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