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  1. Just because you talked about AA so I thought I would post this if you want to stock up on AA miles fast. Did you travel to Japan and Europe on AA miles? How did you stock up on miles for that?
  2. What credit card were you using? When people talk about getting thousands for travel, mostly they are talking about doing multiple credit cards. Sure you can get a great bonus and use that to buy a ticket that retails for a lot. For example the United card at 70k bonus you could use that to fly to Tokyo on ANA. Depending on the time of year from Chicago that ticket price is $800-$2500. But mostly to get a free vacation for a family, you are talking about opening multiple cards and meeting the spends. Especially if the card you were putting spends on didn't have an into bonus. Or you already got it. Unless you are spending tons on your cc every month you are not going to get 1000s on that. It is opening new cards that have bonus for doing that. But you can get a great deal with the Barclay Aviator card right now. Pay the $95 annual fee and put one purchase could be a buck and get 60k American Airlines miles. That could be worth a thousand. You could use that for one RT ticket to Europe in summer high times.
  3. Ha, I almost did start on blog on that. There are so many out there already. You should start with Chase cards. Where do you want to travel? International? Domestic? What airlines have hubs closest to you? Are you focusing first on the airlines or the hotels? You used to be able to get Sapphire Preferred and Reserve at the same time, but you can only have one now. CSP has 60k points right now after 4k of spending. CSR has only 50k . CSP has an annual fee of 95 and the CSR has an annual fee of $450. But then you get $300 travel credit every year. I totally wish we would have started doing this sooner. As long as you can pay your bill in full every month and end up using the miles or points, it is awesome. We have saved so much money on our trips. I am currently stocking up miles and points for our summer travel.
  4. I hope it all works out the way you want it to.
  5. Yay. Good luck. Would you put both kids in PS if you got this?
  6. Oh there is a ton You can teach English online. There are a lot of companies Vipkids You could sell on Ebay, Amazon, Etsy Mechanical Turk Tons of ideas here
  7. I don't make breakfast. My kids have made their own since they were 4 or so. Older ones help the toddler. They also clean in all up. I need to show them how to make the eggs in the microwave. Normally they eat 1 whole fruit or cup of berries Cereal, waffles, or oatmeal Some cereal really does keep them full like MiniWheats or Shredded Wheat
  8. Me too. Then I just got back and found out the dog's leash is broken. Other than the 9 bucks I spent on Yogurt drinks for the kids, it is normal stuff and we will eat. Just a bigger stock pile of food. Grocery $500 out of $800
  9. Is the on campus housing free? Did you consider Vipkids? I am not sure if you talked about it or not.
  10. So interesting to learn that Groupon did that. I have always wanted to buy one of those packages and have all the work done for me. Good job saving money. I have been to London and Rome. Rome is my favorite. I would go back in a heartbeat just to walk around. We have taken the kids a few times and they love it there too. I am not a Gelato fan. I was hoping it was great, but I didn't like it. You have gotten tons of great tips. My best tip is just to pack light. The less you are lugging around the easier it is to move. We travel as light as possible. Either small school backpacks that are half filled. My youngest and myself shared when we did that. Or 2-3 of us share a rolling suitcase. My kids love the Roma light jackets that you will see everywhere. We usually pay 7 euro for them and they look awesome years later. They get a ton of use out of them.
  11. No idea on adding a bathroom. You live in university housing right? Meaning it isn't your home that you own. I would not spend money to fix that up. I would think that would run in the thousands. No way would I do that for something that they could have me leave in a year or whatever. A friend of mine has a family of 7 in a house with one bathroom. Her she has 4 teens. They make it work. Are there other houses that you could be moved to?
  12. Still doing good. Paying bills and the such. A bit of spending on a birthday. I get to stop renting another violin, the teacher had one we can use. Yay. That will save me $240 a year. Refund hit the account.
  13. Thanks, I saw right before I was going to buy the tickets. It seems like it would be expensive to get us all vaccinated. ARgh I was so excited and now I am talking myself out of this because of the cost of vaccines. Going to Europe would be cheaper based on that.
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