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  1. I get it. We go back and forth on moving because in a few years the older ones could be moving out too. I hadn't heard that lumber has gone down until this thread. I am wondering though for a project you are hiring out if there will be an issue going forward from the builders. Like you said being booked for so far in the future. Or just because they don't have people to do those jobs. I was just watching the news this morning about American Airlines cancelling so many flights a day for summer. They reduced staff so much that they can't deal with the influx of people who all now want t
  2. What are you using to replace the deck? I thought I read in someone's thread that the composite decks are cheaper now? I am not in the building industry, but I guess I wouldn't count on prices coming down. The last article I read on some of these issues said this is the new normal. With the border still closed, covid cases rising in the south, people leaving their jobs, extra unemployment. and pent up demand I just wouldn't count on it. That isn't even counting inflation. I would guess too "IF" prices fall there is going to be a lot of other people building houses, decks, and all
  3. Awwww, so cute. So wonderful that you are doing that.
  4. That is a long time. I don't even remember when my last one was. For sure before covid. I end up going so long btwn cuts, hate having super long hair, then cutting it short and liking it. Repeat. I need to keep it short. Short for me is still a little longer than shoulder length.
  5. That is a ton of hair. It has to feel so good right now. Are you donating it? Odd and I just had dh cut a ton of our hair too. I love it. I should stop going so long btwn cuts.
  6. Oh man I am so sorry for your dd. That really sucks. Man I just feel like the school should have given her another chance with that though. It was such a tough tough tough year. I can't even imagine going away to school and dealing with all that the first time away from home. It sucks. I hope her health is doing better and that this upcoming year is better in so many ways. Super nice of your dentist to nock off some money for your bill.
  7. This is the same at my house. Nobody every knows what or how something happened. That is odd.
  8. Not sure if it is a good one for you, but I saw this sale HP 14″ Chromebook Only $149.99 Shipped on Target.com (Regularly $259.99) | Ends at 9am PST! - Hip2Save
  9. I agree. Do one thing at a time if price is an issue. I don't know about the Pax system, but there are some things that look sort of the same as some Ikea things at Walmart.com or Target.
  10. Three dentist apts done for today already. $0 cost because of insurance. Got sent to a different doc for one. Got odd's pointe shoes and they are the right ones. Yeah. Saved $30 on that pair. Every dollar counts on shoes that are over $100 a pair and don't last long. Got the shorts for ds and they work so that is good. Dh got a new winter coat for $10 and then a bike tire repair kit for one of the bikes. Got my mammogram info back and it was normal. Yeah! I was super worried about it. It feels good to start getting caught back up on appointments. However I have s
  11. Yep. That is what I was going to say. Amazon and Target did that last week.
  12. I haven't seen any yet. Free $10 Credit with $40 Amazon Gift Card Purchase! {Prime Day Deal} | Money Saving Mom®
  13. That was our experience bringing our older dog to a hotel too. This was a Homewood Suites, and there were dogs all over in the hallways and at the breakfast and evening meals (this was before covid).
  14. Sending some hugs. If there are things you don't want to talk about with people don't. What you share is your choice. It kind of sounds like you have outgrown these hs friends. Can you look into ways to meet other people that would fit your life better? Friends from things you are interested in now? I think you are into working out, do you have any gym friends? Any mom friends from the stuff your kids are into? Do you do other things where you could meet other people? Volunteering? Book club at the library. I don't have the same situation, but you are not the only person
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