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  1. I am sorry that you are going through this situation. Sending lots of prayers and hugs your way.
  2. Yep. IF you don't want stuff to pile up on there, photos.
  3. Great tips. Taking mental notes for when I need one.
  4. We use Credit cards for all our spending to get rewards. Some people I have heard pay theirs off every week. We pay ours completely off every month. And just keep using it. We don't take any time off. We have never payed $1 in interest.
  5. Oh my I am so sorry about all the health issues.
  6. Smart! That will feel so good to have that done.
  7. I know people do what works for their relationship or family. That is great that he is doing it all, but maybe it would be helpful to talk about it once a week. Sometimes a shared job is better than one person doing it. Or if you know what is going on you can be more relaxed. Are you still planning on paying off some debt with tax return or bonus? Once you pay off all the debt it will be so much easier.
  8. Do you 2 talk finances often? That might help to know where things are at. It is always great when a car (van) is paid off. It frees up a lot of money, hopefully with that and the housing situation getting cheaper in the near future would be a weight lifted.
  9. Who drove the people being evacuated from the ship?
  10. If you don't want to answer this, just skip it. Why is it that you can't bring in more income? Can your spouse? There are so many flexible options these days. An extra 100 a week put to savings adds up. Will you be able to comfortably live off Social Security or if you have a Pension?
  11. Can you bring in more income so you can save for retirement now?
  12. What % interest are you paying on your debt? Do you have any efund right now? I would use all of the refund and bonus to pay off debt and then start building the efund. Or maybe the 1k efund and then all debt. Then take one month to pay off the debt, back to building efund. You need a 6 month efund. Call and see if the health money could be written off by the hospital. Do not borrow from your 401k. NO! Can you bring in any money? Can your dh do the second job for a semester? Beef up the efund and be done? How long until you can get down to one house? Will you profit anything at that point? Selling or renting? Go over your bills and see what you can cut. Can you lower insurance, phone, cable, food? You have a lot of things that have happened. Your ongoing medical expenses are huge. Do you deduct them on taxes? Can you get assistance from the hospital or doctor? The same would be thought about the emergency medical bills you had. Can you deduct them or apply for assistance? The housing situation is another huge issue. I would say sell the one you are building and stay in the one you are fixing. Or try to speed the process up. Will you be able to sell the current house and walk away with some money? The ongoing expenses of having a lot of kids is hard. I feel like I am always buying things. Shoes, clothes, socks, and on and on. Can you look for better deals? You say that you shop at OUAC. I have been in there and think their prices are not good. If you hit sales at Walmart you can often get things for $1 each. Do you have friends with older kids who could pass things on? Or freecylcle? Lots of people just want the clothes gone they give them away. Or do you have a community closet in town? We have one that everyone is welcome at in our city. Is there any kind of assistance you can get on? I know it is hard having a bill family. You make a lot of money but when you have 7, 8 , 9 people that still is tight. Is your health insurance through your dh? Would the market place be cheaper?
  13. How long until the prius and the truck are paid off? Can you get rid of one car?
  14. For the medical it sounds like you need to have a sinking fund for that 3k. If you know you are going to reach it every year have it as bill every month. For your cars, do you need 2 cars?
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