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  1. Yay. Congrats on passing and getting hired. That is awesome. I have heard it isn't easy to get hired there. Ugh about the pay. But from the people I watched on youtube talking about it, it is pretty easy to get the incentives. Ugh about your dh. I think you need to sit down and talk to him about it again. Maybe put forth some numbers. That if you bring in an extra $400 a month how that could impact your debt situation. Sorry but he needs to give up his Saturday nights. He can game at home on the computer and still be in charge of getting the kids to bed while you work. He can give up going out with friends a lot, since he spends a bunch of cash that way. Maybe every couple of months. Can you work an hour before the kids get up? An hour after they go to bed? Friday nights? I am so proud of you for going for it!!
  2. Yep. This was how it was when I got my elementary education at college too. I don't remember if they didn't teach phonics when I was in school or I just didn't learn it. But I learned phonics when I taught my kids to read.
  3. Good luck with Vipkid Heart. I am proud of you for taking the steps to do it.
  4. Oh Heart I am sorry you didn't get the job. I was talking to a mom friend of mine tonight and she works at home grading test for Pearson and ETS. Have you thought about that? Will your dd going to school help at all? Could you get a job while she is in school? We haven't even been close to frugal. My gosh our bills are large this month. Dance recital all last weekend. Another one coming in 2 weeks. Costumes fees for that. All new shoes for all kids. Odd is really dancing on pointe now. Dame pointe shoes are going to cost us a fortune. Paid our monthly tuition at one place they dance. For the 4 older kids it is more than our grocery budget. I need to commit to dance intensives and pay for them. Dh jumped on some tickets to Japan for spring break. It was a great deal. I guess we will save some money because the kids won't be able to be in the spring ballet at their ballet school. I have wanted to go to Japan since college. I can't wait. Funny, I still need to plan a summer trip. Totally forgot we got a bunk bed, new mattress, bedding, some new dishes and plates, and all new pillows. Yep expensive month. Oh vey.
  5. Anyone looking for a good deal on huge tv? Educators get 50% of Republic cell phone plans
  6. Yay for the music savings. What company is that through? Is it only certain instruments?
  7. Wow on all the great shopping deals. That is awesome. I miss doing that. Look at you go girl getting the stocking stuffers now. Yeah the cancellation policy would be hard for me to. Dh travels. The kids get sick. I get sick too. I would hate to have to teach on those days. I have heard that people think they have over hired and they don't get many bookings. I just was at our walmart and these were marked to $1
  8. Yes, when I was really thinking of doing it I was watching youtube videos of people who do it. One was great (Nancy Taylor). She has 2 little kids. I think she started when her oldest was a baby. Then she was pg and had a newborn and was doing it. She would teach in the morning and listen for the newborn to wake up. Take a few mins in the middle of lesson and put back to sleep. Uh maybe one of my kids would have done that as a baby. Not the other 4. Plus I would have been way to tired getting up with newborn to be able to get up at 4 or 5. And then there are the parents of a bunch of kids who do it and they say their kids take care of each other. They just know to not bother them. They would do for a little bit and then there would be fights, yelling, crying. I could only do it when dh was hear to handle things. Maybe in the future it will be more something that I can do.
  9. Your little one sounds like all my little ones. Unpredictable. Glad I am not the only one. I know people say they do it with babies and stuff. I just don't think that would work for our family. My youngest two do wake up and come find dh or I . Even last night was a horrible night with my youngest. Thinking it was growing pains in her legs that kept waking her up all night. I think I was up 6 times with her and then up at 4 am to give some meds. I just don't think I can do anything else. My children's extra curricular takes tons of time and energy for me.
  10. I am so mad for you about the hearing test. UGH. It annoys me that at the dentist they can tell you how much everything will cost with your insurance. But for medical they either can't or won't. Why can't everything be simple? Are there hours when your dd is sleeping that you could work for VIPkid? I was thinking about it, but right now I am not going to pursue it. My youngest is waking up at 6-7 am. I was thinking of working Fri, Sat, Sunday nights. But I am a person who needs 8 plus hours of sleep. I think DH is going to grad school soon, so I just don't want to put a more on my plate. As I assume him going to grad school will put more on my schedule. Fingers crossed about the job. We still haven't gotten the accident stuff figured out. Back and forth with insurance. It is recital season here, so lots of spending on that. It is always some sort of season with dance that requires more $. Audition season, Nutcracker, other shows, Intensives season,and on and on. I have spent so much on dance stuff this week. I need to figure out our summer schedule badly. I also need to just pull triggers on some vacations.
  11. Another deal to Iceland
  12. Congrats. It sounds like a perfect fit.
  13. Icelandair is running a new deal
  14. What a cool thing
  15. His name is Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor Pics
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