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  1. Sending some hugs. I hope things look up soon. Is it all financial stuff or just life?
  2. Dh traded in some car seats at Target. I don't really need any carseats. We are almost done with that!!! I remember when I had 5 in them. But I just wanted them out of the garage. Walmart one year did a trade in where you got $30 bucks. But I didn't want to sit on them just incase. Get the stuff out. He stopped for a few things at the store. Hopefully selling some of the chickens on Saturday.
  3. Isn't it odd to get to comfortable? When we first got married and built our home, we had just enough money to pay all the bills. We had such little leftover. I dreamed of getting to where we are now, but didn't really think it was going to happen. Where we have gotten in 13 years is nuts to me.
  4. Pfizer (PFE), BioNTech (BNTX) Confirm Request to Regulatory Agencies to Expand Emergency Use of COVID-19 Vaccine to Adolescents (streetinsider.com) US coronavirus: Pfizer asks FDA to allow Covid-19 vaccine for children 12 to 15 years old - CNN
  5. Oh getting the references is a really really good sign!! Yay.
  6. Mine was through the county health dept and didn't ask for any of that information.
  7. I don't think negatively about you in this situation at all. I understand. I like having other people with me when I have to do visits with difficult family. Buffers. Or can you do group things at her care center? Come and go to a party or class with her. Oh and then treat yourself after the visit. Gentle hugs.
  8. Prince Philip Dead, Queen Elizabeth's Husband Was 99 | PEOPLE.com
  9. Well crap our state just spiked with new Covid cases. My anxiety is through the roof.
  10. If you are not going yourself or not taking the kids, when do you think you will? When you have a vaccine? Will you wait for the kids to have a vaccine before you take them? Or is it covid rates?
  11. Glad I am not the only one who has not gone during this time. Makes me feel less crazy.
  12. Yep I was going to, but since I have so many it is just easier to do when I go in vs over the phone. Just to find spots for all of them since they can't see them all at the same time anymore.
  13. That is kind of what happened over the summer. 2 kids had to go to the dentist and oral surgeon. They said things and when we got there it was not being enforced. Lots of people in the waiting room and all the office staff had no masks.
  14. I asked. They are seeing people in all the rooms. You can come in 5 mins before you apt. They asking families to not come in and wait there. Like I used to bring all my 5 kids at one time and we would just wait while they saw 2 people at a time. Covid questions Cleaning 2 Big air filtration systems Temp check
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