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  1. Relax and do it. It sounds great. 3 full days as not the mom, yeah that is totally worth it.
  2. Has anyone used coconut oil? I just read that people use this for germ fighting. Coconut Oil Can Kill Harmful Microorganisms The 12-carbon lauric acid makes up about 50% of the fatty acids in coconut oil. When lauric acid is digested, it also forms a substance called monolaurin. Both lauric acid and monolaurin can kill harmful pathogens like bacteria, viruses and fungi (6Trusted Source). For example, these substances have been shown to help kill the bacteria Staphylococcus aureus (a very dangerous pathogen) and the yeast Candida albicans, a common source of yeast infections in humans
  3. Sending some hugs your way. That has to be hard. Maybe switch the trip for Christmas instead of spring. You found some great things to pack for her. I am sure they will get tons of use.
  4. Yes, they did change the screen for sure. If anyone goes let us know how it went. I am still trying to figure out which seats to bring. I should go check the exp dates.
  5. I think your 2 first tips are good, but I have such trouble getting my kids to follow that. We have to eat out in public once a day 6 days a week. Just getting them all to remember to wash hands is hard. They do use their hands to eat. Argh. And touching the face. I am constantly telling them to stop, get your fingers out of your nose or eyes. One day I won't have to say that right?
  6. Does Ziacam work for you then? I haven't ever tried that. And yes to your second one. Although I can't avoid it at all. We are with lots of little kids 6-7 days a week.
  7. I thought I read that it wasn't. Let me search. Valid at participating locations from September 16-30, 2019. Says it on Walmart's site too And it says it when you look up your store too. Each store has the same dates listed.
  8. After a pretty sick free summer, we are back in sick town. We are going on week 3 of having sick kids in the house. I was struck down already, not all the way better. A lingering cough still. And now I feel like I am getting sick again. We had been Elderberry users, but we didn't feel like it worked at all last time. So what are you doing this year? Does anyone use Ziacam? Does it work? We have been using Elderberry, Emergen C, Vitamins, Extra Vitamin C, Honey, and green tea. I went and bought new germ free humidifiers and we will be getting Flu shots. The normal Lots of fruits and veggies, washing hands, lots of sleep, fresh air and sunshine, and exercise. Anything else that you do?
  9. We are headed there this spring and throwing around the idea of going back for the Olympics. Travel tips? Things to do? Disney or Universal, yes or no? Should we go to other cities? Money saving tips?
  10. I am so sorry for your loss. I don't like to walk alone in that kind of area. Around the neighborhood, fine. In the woods, nope.
  11. I don't know what I was typing last night. I meant to ask can you get to Rome to Orvieto by train? This was for me not the OP.
  12. Hugs to everyone starting off the year sick. No fun. We started the school year with that to. It is such a busy time of year and you want to start it off strong. I wish it would have hit a week earlier. We are another family where elderberry didn't do anything much to help either.
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