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  1. I remember you & your ds. I’m praying for you in the midst of your grief and loss. Thank you for remembering us and taking the time to share the important reminder of our Savior. (((((eaglei)))))
  2. EMDR is fantastic as you don’t actually process the traumatic event- you refocus and move thoughts into a new direction. Absolutely life changing but you need a highly trained person to do it right
  3. The Body Keeps the Score is my best reference on trauma and how it impacts a person. Over the years, I’ve re-read it, highlighted, tabbed, and made lots of notes in my copy. I keep it close by for reference and to refresh my perspective. hugs to you and I hope you find a trusted therapist to help you
  4. My son had to have a sleep study to rule it out. He presented as lethargic, fell asleep on car rides or if sitting at home for 20 minutes or so. He also has very poor sleep at night (restlessness, snoring, lots of waking up). His sleep study was conducted from one evening through the next afternoon.
  5. My grandmother endured this situation. My grandfather was just not ready to let go of his beloved. He felt that he had to care for her by giving her nutrients in a feeding tube when she stopped eating. We tried to get him to see that it wasn't in her best interest but he just couldn't let her go. After a few days, maybe a week to 10 days he realized he had made a mistake. She was restless and clearly uncomfortable with the feeding tube despite being blind and deaf. It was horrible and my grandfather then was overwhelmed with grief that he had caused her to suffer. He asked for the tube to b
  6. I’m so sorry for your loss. The world can feel especially dark & lonely when your mom dies. You have my sympathy and prayers.
  7. Praying for her safety. My heart goes out to you & her parents. Only those who have loved someone with mental illness or emotional instability have lived this type of scenario. It’s an awful experience and you all have my compassion and sincere hope that’s she found safely and quickly. No judgement of your loved one or her parents is ever going to help make this situation better. No one deserves this. ever.
  8. Aleve, especially taken the day before and the day of. Truly a lifesaver.
  9. So, they're probably upstairs. You know they're in the last place you'd think to look.
  10. Just this week I used mine to clean the tile in the shower, the porcelain tub, the grout between tiles of the kitchen floor. I also used it to clean the trim along stairs, floor, and windows. I truly love it and btw I’ve only had it a week!
  11. It's normal to try to reason "how" we could lose someone we love so dearly. I remember when my mom died that I felt I should have done more, done something differently, stayed with her longer, encouraged her to eat more or drink less water or really anything and everything. Your whole world has changed in an instant and it just doesn't make sense, but you're not to blame. I'm so sorry for your loss and the pain you are in at this moment. hugs.
  12. Two of mine were diagnosed by a psychiatrist after they already had been diagnosed with another issue, so for them ADHD was a secondary diagnosis. For one of mine a psychologist diagnosed as a result of psycho educational testing which I scheduled specifically b/c I thought she had ADHD. Our pediatrician has a policy that she will NOT prescribe, diagnose or treat anxiety, depression or ADHD. However, she has helped in a pinch since my oldest received her medical care at college (in a different state than the one we live in) snd they can’t prescribe ADHD meds across state lines. Our pediatricia
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