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  1. So, perhaps the purpose of an evaluation is to qualify for benefits? In my state, we have a specific program for those with an official autism diagnosis. It provides assistance with employment services, disability benefits, and other types of career and financial coaching. We’re just getting started with these services. Many of the clients who use the services are 20-25 years old. It can take a while to work through the qualification process so getting an evaluation could be beneficial. My son really struggled with the evaluation, it was very uncomfortable (he was asked about his friendships,
  2. Yes, sounds like ASD. How is he with reciprocal conversation? I think you’d get a diagnosis; however, how does getting the diagnosis help? Serious question. Does getting the diagnosis open up resources- then definitely pursue a diagnosis. If there isn’t a definitive purpose for confirming the diagnosis, then I’d just move forward as if you’ve been given confirmation. I say this b/c he’s not a student and it sounds like he won’t return to school so I’m not sure if you need a professional diagnosis. Good luck. My ds was diagnosed recently, age 15.
  3. We’ve got one in each bedroom (5 total). One in each of the living areas (2 total). We only run them when we’re in the room. The ones in the living areas are programmable.
  4. It’s weird but when my jaw has locked, I’ve gone onto all fours (like crawling) and moved my head into a position in which gravity helped it release and slide back into place. Of course, it’s extremely tender afterwards (soft diet required) and I’ve need to get a new nightguard when it wears out.
  5. It’s expensive, I think I paid $350-$400 after insurance. It’s worth it because I can not survive without it. I get it replaced every few years. I sure hope you’re able to find solutions that work for you.
  6. If you’ve had the same night guard for a while, then it’s likely time for a new one. I get a new one about every 3-4 years because my symptoms get much more noticeable when the device wears out (is worn down). I can’t tell from looking at the night guard but my symptoms tell me it’s time. good luck
  7. Unfortunately, I can relate to a lot of your situation. My mom was so strong willed and determined that she'd "be fine" even with Stage 4, terminal lung cancer that she had the doctor's delaying their referral for her hospice care. Literally, on a Friday morning I begged them to make the hospice referral or at least read the writing on the wall and send a social worker to talk to my mom about her prognosis- but they felt she had weeks or maybe months- she died very early that Sunday morning. In the end, it was very hard on everyone involved. I recommend following your mom's lead but also hav
  8. About hidden costs- there’s an industry standard surcharge to move in prime moving months May-September. Definitely ask about these fees as I once was quoted a surcharge of 75%. I can’t even tell you how close I was to not inquiring about surcharges and other fees. We ended up doing a uhaul instead. Can you rent a storage shed in MN and unload your stuff, then go to IN to visit family?
  9. Congratulations on a job well done! It’s okay if it takes a bit of time to find your next endeavor.
  10. Dry erase markers Mailing tape (for sealing a box) Scissors Refrigerator magnet/chip bag clips
  11. Maybe yogurt, soup or scrambled eggs
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