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  1. I vote “no because I live far away from their grave site, but I’d visit if I lived closer.” According to my faith in Christ, I don’t really believe there’s a reason to visit BUT when my mom died she was cremated. That’s what she wanted. I’m okay with it but my dad & sister privately scattered her ashes far away from where I live (which was close by where she lived & died) so I quite unexpectedly found myself unable to visit or participate in any closure to her death. I’m still torn up about this and there’s nothing I can do to have that closure so I find myself wishing there was a
  2. Congratulations! I’m so happy for you & your dh. Much to be thankful for after a long, difficult 10 months!
  3. I love making Quiver’s cinnamon rolls too! My kids love them and they’re surprisingly easy to make! It’s definitely a tradition for us- thanks to Quiver and the Hive.
  4. I’m so sorry for your loss. Many hugs & prayers.
  5. Praying for good news & a generous job offer!
  6. Silicone hot pads, gloves that are oven mits, good quality hand & face lotion.
  7. Any suggestions for dark chocolates, hopefully available by Amazon. Thank you!
  8. Not sure how you’d feel about this, but I’ll offer an idea... There’s a wonderful woman near Baltimore who takes clothing (from the family member who died) and makes it into a teddy bear as a way to remember a loved one. I did that once a few years ago for my kids when my mom died. I picked her favorite clothing with lots of color & special patterns so it clearly reminds my kids of their grandma. I don’t know if that would be helpful for you or your boys but thought I’d suggest it. I’m very sorry for your loss.
  9. I also found the book, Being Mortal, to be very helpful. Some cases progress quickly and others linger a long time. Neither is easy.
  10. A life well lived and a big loss. I’m so sad.
  11. Greetings Kinsa! Not sure if you'd remember me but my dh also works for the NPS. Is your dh still with NPS too? It's really good to hear from you and glad that everybody there is doing pretty well, all things considered. Don't be a stranger! We've all missed you! Sue
  12. Yeah, I’ve seen it too. I agree with some of the most foundational principles but it seems way off kilter to go to extremes (in any direction). The intolerance is so clear, yet isn’t tolerance and acceptance what started this movement?
  13. Lifting Ri and his medical team in prayer.
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