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  1. Zookeeper, happy birthday to your dd! Pink and Green, how's your dog? Margaret, sorry about your friend! Sometimes I think my ds can be a bit like that kid you mentioned, except not begrudging things. He's very literal and will do anything you ask but doesn't always see other things that need doing. He never complains about helping with dishes, doing yard work, etc., so I can't think it's a lazy thing. He does open doors for people, so there's that! I tutored one student, and one comes tonight. breakfast and lunch are done ds has done some school but not the stuff with me bills are paid
  2. Good morning! The usuals are done (dh, cats, coffee). meals school with ds tutor two students finish things I didn't get to yesterday (bills and working on stuff stored in dd's room) tidy house
  3. I pray you can get the meds tweaked to prevent that happening, Jean!
  4. Good morning! Done: saw dh off, fed cats, coffee, bible study and posted online (I started today leading a study online with moms from our homeschool group. We're studying Ruth using materials from Love God Greatly.) To Do: meals grocery store school with ds tutor 2 students pay bills/update checking record take ds to swim tonight sort through some school and co-op stuff I have stored in dd's room
  5. Good evening! I've been home all day and getting some things done. I've done: 5 loads of laundry prep for co-op writing class prep for SAT/ACT math prep class (I've done almost 100 problems today!) walked ds through an art history assignment I want him to complete did a math lesson with him Still to go: lesson plans for next week play a game with family do some tidying before bed
  6. I'm not a huge pork fan, but this is actually very good. I've only cooked it in the oven, and in mine it takes longer than the package says to get to the right temp throughout.
  7. Good morning! It's been a crazy week, but I'm going to try and stick to a list today. The usuals are done, now on to the rest of it. meals school with ds tutor 1 student (if he comes, he texted me last night that he hadn't felt well all day) meet a new homeschool mom who has a lot of questions tidy house pay bills special women's service at church laundry
  8. If you don't like to cook, this product turns out very well. It is amazingly moist and tender. I would never be ashamed to serve this as a main dish to company.
  9. Good morning! Done- saw dh off, fed cats, had coffee, entered ds' lesson plans into evernote, researched an online bible study I may offer to our homeschool group To Do: meals school with ds tutor 2 students take ds to swim tidy house work on a list of things to do before fall break (so I can actually enjoy it and not be stressed about not being home doing stuff because we'll go see family and friends)
  10. Tutoring is done. The last load of laundry is in the washing machine. Ds is moving along with school but still a bit behind. He failed to see the list I had made him for work over the weekend while I was out of town, so I guess it will go into this weekend. I figured out dinner, so I don't have to go to the grocery store before I fix dinner. I may go after, though, because we need food for lunch after co-op tomorrow. I'm off to do more math problems for my ACT/SAT math prep class homework.
  11. I taught it last year in a co-op with families who are all about keeping lab costs inexpensive. We spent the first semester on motion, and I used this kit along with some from the actual lab book that goes with the course. I used some from the lab book for the second semester but also found some online. When we got to circuits, I ended up having them do paper circuits with copper tape. It was actually their favorite lab because they got to be creative and artsy with it. I did have them do a few virtual labs online, but mostly everything was done in our class setting.
  12. Prayers for Melissa and her family and for DawnM! I slept in today, but have been up for a bit. tutor 1 student laundry pay bills/update checking account records school with ds figure out dinner (probably need to do a grocery run) finalize co-op classes pack everything for co-op
  13. I'm back from church and lunch is done. Ds and I still have math to do this afternoon, and he's got some more individual work. I need to review my lesson for tonight. Hopefully, I can get some co-op class work done before church, or I'll be up later tonight.
  14. Chocolate would never last that long in my house! Is it that he doesn't want them to miss anything by skipping a grade level for one of them? Or is it that he wants them to have individual attention in science? If you did the next level with the 6 year old over the summer, would he mind if then you had the older two doing the same science? That way the 6 year old didn't miss any standards and is just a grade ahead in science.
  15. Good morning! The weekend with my sisters was great, but I started the week yesterday feeling behind. It's a co-op week, so that always makes it feel more rushed. The usuals are done. breakfast and lunch, dinner at church errands out and meeting at church school with ds plan writing class for co-op look over tutoring for tomorrow church work out the math questions I gave to my co-op students for homework (ACT/SAT math prep class)
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