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  1. Would you pray for my older sister? She has a vein problem in an area of her leg that gives her a lot of trouble, and she is in a lot of pain. She is scheduled for a procedure on May 1st, but she is calling today to see if there are any cancellations so she can get in sooner. She was born with the cord wrapped around that leg and has had issues her whole life. She had two surgeries in this area as a child and teenager. She has dealt with pain issues for the last 20 years after gallbladder surgery when the laser nicked a disc in her back and caused back and leg pain in this same leg. So this is just one more thing. She is also depressed. She has gained a lot of weight over the last couple of years, and it is starting to restrict her life. She is having blood pressure issues now, too. She realizes she needs to lose weight, and we discussed some ideas when I was with her last week. Thank you!
  2. Good morning! Dh is off to work with his whole day's food with him. He works at the charter school tonight. Bible study coffee meals for me 4 Zoom sessions pay bills/update big budget book prep for students tomorrow work on lesson plans for Wednesday because I didn't finish them all yesterday tidy house laundry go to exercise class with friends shower watch something and relax
  3. @HomeAgain, have fun!!! I wish we could go back to Disney with the kids again soon. Life is so hectic now that they are grown. @TheReader, I hope they can get that resolved for you! @DawnM, happy birthday to the birthday person (not sure who)! We had 20 Kindergarten kids in class this morning. They were all really well-behaved, so it was a good day. We ended up eating at home. I made grilled cheeses since I had a new sliced non-dairy cheese to try. It was yet another disappointment. Thankfully, I got it at our grocery outlet and didn't pay much for it. It seems that Chao's original slices are the only kind I like. I need to do some lesson planning next.
  4. I have a full day ahead. I hope you all can enjoy what is left of the weekend! shower and get dressed leftovers for breakfast church (class dh and I are leading and work in the 5-year-old room during the second service) lunch (not sure what yet) work on lesson plans for this week arts council meeting women's event at church tidy kitchen/house watch something and relax
  5. We really enjoyed going to the school for the play/musical! I love seeing students light up when they see dh.
  6. I'm so sorry for such an awful tragedy!!
  7. @ScoutTN, I did have some fun today and was outside a bit. My dad came down this morning, and I made a big brunch for us. The depot and historic hotel were open today, and he likes to go help host at the depot. The leaders of the depot gave him an enlarged photo of his senior class when they visited Washington, DC. What a great treasure for our family to have! We visited while he was there because dh hasn't been to any of it. My dad's conductor uniform is in the depot, too. I've been doing laundry and grading some homework. We are going to a musical at dh's school this evening, Once Upon a Mattress.
  8. Dh is off to school with his breakfast and lunch. I tried to go back to sleep but could not. I'm having coffee now. 3 Zoom sessions 2 in-person students Bible study work on lesson plans for next week meals tidy house and kitchen pack because I'm going to my older sister's house to spend the night head down to her house
  9. I'm so sorry, Dawn!!! It sounds like you are taking the right steps, and I hope they will consider never using this person again.
  10. Today was packed but good. I enjoyed my women's bible study tonight. I decided to go to Walmart after church, so I'm just getting home. I am still sore from dance class on Monday night, so I think I should keep going. It meets just one night a week.
  11. Dh is off to work, and I have a full day. 5 Zoom sessions 1 in-person student coffee Bible study meals tidy house and kitchen church prep for tomorrow watch something and relax
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