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  1. for several weeks... I would love any advice for our current moving situation. We close on the sale of our home later this week. We can't close on our new home until early August. Our household belongings are going into storage. Ds will stay with our close friends here and keep working his summer job. We will be visiting family and friends in other states and possibly doing a road trip, too. Best way to transport your clothes and easily move them from place to place? Best way to keep medicine safe while traveling? Were there things you put in storage you wished you had
  2. @ScoutTN, glad you are back from your trip! I hope it was all you wanted it to be. Ds is feeling a bit better but stayed home from church. We went because dh was teaching the last time in our SS class. Dd left this morning going back home. pack (The goal is to have everything packed by Monday night.) pay bills/update checking figure out some logistics for the things we are keeping out of storage not sure what else will come up to be done
  3. Good morning! I woke feeling anxious and stressed this morning. Can I fast forward two months and be past all these moves and waiting for things to happen? LOL! meals (dh is cooking potato pancakes as I type this) Dd taking ds to the doctor (He doesn't have a fever now but he is still congested.) pack figure out some logistics for the things we want with us while we are homeless pay bills/update checking
  4. @math teacher, happy birthday to your dh! Met the people to give math books for the year Friend came and we packed a good part of the kitchen. Ds is back from the beach. He is very sunburned and now has a runny nose and a fever. He has to go to the doctor and get an excuse to miss work tomorrow night. He also ate some kind of pre-workout powder straight and has burned his throat. He didn't like the taste in water, so I don't think it was a crazy stunt. We watched Loki and loved it! We played Tiny Towns, too.
  5. Good morning! We have help next Wednesday at the storage facility! meals meet two people this morning to give them math books for next year friend coming to help me pack ds comes back from the beach, dh will pick him up at church more packing watch Loki together laundry play some games more packing (the common theme here!) @TheReader, I saw you asked yesterday about how close we will be to dd. We are almost 3 hours from her now (and through Atlanta!). We'll be just under an hour from her in the new house! Chattanooga can have traffic
  6. Good morning! Dd is coming home sometime later today! I'm so glad she gets to come home one more time before we move. meals pack, pack, pack laundry tidy house before she gets here (move boxes to bonus room and/or garage) pay bills/update checking play some games with dd
  7. Thank you all so much!! We do not want to go to the big parks with such crowds. I'm so glad we asked here first! I really appreciate the advice. We're bouncing around the ideas of visiting some national forests along with a tour of unusual spots around the Great Lakes. We have friends in Wheaton we would love to see, so we might start in Ohio, go up around the lakes and come back down there before returning to the family in Ohio.
  8. @BlsdMama, I hope you really like your new bathroom! @math teacher, how do you cook pork chops? I just can't seem to make myself love them. @Harriet Vane, good luck with meeting your deadline! @TheReader, so glad you had fun with your friend. So get ready to cry with me! One errand today was to rent a post office box in the town we're moving (where my parents are from). I was able to rent the post office box that was used by my grandparents and my great-grandparents! It was in our family for over 75 years. They still had the same old key, too! I literally walked out, o
  9. We are headed north to get a PO Box in our new town and to take care of some other business. I will be so glad the move will mean not having to deal with Atlanta traffic anymore! After we’re back home, packing and church tonight will be on the agenda. Hope everyone has a great day!!
  10. Thank you all so much! The thought of very big crowds does make it less appealing. Anywhere that won’t be as crowded? We might could drive other directions. I should have added this will just be the two of us. Ds has a job for the summer here and will live with his best friend’s family so he can keep working.
  11. Update: We are now considering touring the Great Lakes area as a possibility. Any advice would be welcome! We are going to be "homeless" for several weeks and staying with family and friends. We close on our house next week and can't close on the one we are purchasing until early August. We are both teachers and off for the summer. We normally go to Ohio to see family, so we'd probably leave from there. We are thinking across the northern part of the US to see Mount Rushmore and go to Yellowstone and Grand Teton. Anything else we should see along the way? Is there
  12. The home inspection and termite inspection on the one we are buying are both scheduled for tomorrow and Thursday. We have been packing today. 15 boxes so far! So much more to go...
  13. @TheReader, this is on the house we are buying. We have a contingency to close on ours, which was scheduled for July 1st. They want a kick-out clause because they are concerned something will happen and ours won't close before they need to in August. We accepted their counter and moved up our closing to next Thursday. It's a cash offer, so they can. So we are going to start packing today. We will go up tomorrow and get a post office box there. The next few weeks of our lives will be a summer to remember. I'm calling it the Sojourner Summer since we'll be homeless for about 7 weeks.
  14. Good morning! We're still waiting... Last we heard from our realtor late yesterday afternoon was their agent needed to get their signatures. I hope we get it today! If we do, we may take off and head up there. Dh needs to sign his new contract. We'll get a post office box there, too. I could never get them on the phone to ask if someone else can rent a box in our name. If we don't go: meals pay bills/update checking pack some non-essentials get a plan together for my classes (may need to delay first day to give us move in time) watch my series
  15. Still waiting on the counter details... I did the errands out including setting up the UHaul for next weekend. I can only get a busy signal at the post office there. Not sure what is up with that. I just watched an episode of The Crown.
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