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  1. Done: saw dh off Callie fed bible study groups online packed up book club supplies (we do hands on activities as well as discuss the book) breakfast To Do: get ready to go out errand out go to book club meals possibly tutor a student tonight
  2. Praying all goes well and you get the answers you need!
  3. Scout, I'm sorry about the cramps and lack of sleep. I'm sleeping better without really doing anything except relaxing more and trying to get things darker and quieter at night before bed. I'm still having the shaky feeling. No results of my bloodwork yet, though. Done: dh off, fed Callie, breakfast, bible study groups, taught one class 3 more math classes school with ds prep for book club tomorrow (3rd-5th graders, we read The Year of Miss Agnes) lunch and dinner church
  4. Christina, praying they can get the swelling figured out and taken care of.
  5. We stayed in one almost two weeks ago. It wasn't in a highly visited area, but that wasn't why we chose it. They didn't have the normal breakfast available, only prepackaged things. Other than the staff, we only came near two other guests and even that was at a distance. Attending the college preview we were at was more risky. Masks were required and precautions were taken, but we were in smaller, close groups at times.
  6. Good morning! The usuals are done (dh off, cat fed, online bible study groups). meals breakfast is done tutor 5th grade student school with ds prep for tutoring tomorrow prep for co-op classes next week pay bills/update checking record tidy house meet photographer to pick up prints possibly tutor a student tonight
  7. Thanks for the prayers. I am feeling better! I've taught two classes and have two more to go. Can't seem to get ds moving this morning. He had an overnight campout at church Friday night, and he is still sore and tired. He played rough during some games and came home with a few bruises. He's too competitive I guess. LOL!
  8. I'm going to register ds for both later on today. I haven't done this for 6 years. Anything I should know or tips you can share?
  9. Good morning! I could use some prayer today. My anxiety was high last night, and I'm trying to fight it off this morning. I am praying some answers will come from my blood work and that it's something like hormones or something. meals bible study groups teach 4 classes online register ds for SAT/ACT review chemistry with ds
  10. One load is out of the dryer, another load just went in it, and the washer is filling for the third load.
  11. Good afternoon! Done: breakfast, lunch out after church (I ate slightly spicy chicken that didn't bother me. Maybe this medicine is helping!) saw my sister off this morning church tutoring lesson plans for the week and posted assignment pages in Google classroom started cleaning out laundry room started a load of laundry To Do: 2 more loads of laundry ds' lesson plans for week finish cleaning out laundry room watch some Netflix
  12. Jean, I'm sorry if my comments about my dad upset you. Please don't leave. I guess I thought you meant like conspiracy theories and stuff like that.
  13. Scout, my dad has started volunteering on an excursion train again. I am a bit worried about him getting the virus, but I know he is doing what he loves and it is making him happy. Definitely do all you can with her to encourage her. I think her mental health is most important.
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