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  1. SKL, I'm so sorry and pray your brother is okay. I hope all the stress gets better soon! Praying Jean for your trip back!
  2. I've started planning a bit but have more to flesh out. It's hard to believe ds will be a senior and homeschooling will be coming to an end! Here's what I know thus far: Co-Op Classes: Chemistry (I'll teach); Speech (1/2 credit) Dual Enrollment Classes: 1st semester: Composition and Rhetoric and College Algebra; 2nd semester: Intro to Statistics Home: US History (first semester only) and World History (this is being spread over two years) He will look at 2-3 more dual enrollment classes for 2nd semester.
  3. Good morning. Jean, that's a lot of driving in one day. I hope it goes well. Margaret, I hope everything is well with those ewes. Leah, was everything okay since there was a police car? Dh is headed to work after two days off for a mid-winter break. All the other schools around here get the whole week off. The usuals are done. coffee meals walk with a friend school with ds tutor 1 student and he and ds do history together ds to a dentist appointment church
  4. Happy noon! Ds has a job shadowing gig today with our county manager, so I hope he enjoys it! Done: breakfast and lunch dropped ds off at county offices tutored 1 student talked to my big sister To Do: tidy house start dinner later afternoon(homemade chicken noodle soup) look over school and tutoring for rest of week make a list of supplies needed for co-op classes get a gift for a friend
  5. Good morning! Dawn, I'm sorry you're having to prepare for a funeral. May, I hope you get some answers and relief. I slept in today. Ds is having a girl over this afternoon. They aren't officially together yet, but they will be soon. She has never seen any Marvel movies, so he feels he HAS to introduce her to the Marvel universe. This morning we're tidying and cleaning, then I'm running to the store for snacks and food. She'll leave late this afternoon and a friend's ds is coming over to hang out, play games, etc.
  6. We are using the current world history but spreading it out over two years. The dates line up very well with an older Glencoe world history text I already had here at home. My best friend's son is doing it as well. We meet every other week to do a fun activity such as an art project, visit a museum, etc. Sometimes they do a project together, but sometimes we have them do projects separately and present them to us. I really wanted my ds to enjoy learning about history rather than just learning it for a test. I don't expect lengthy answers on every question, but I do expect at least a good paragraph. I pick and choose the parts that I expect more research and writing.
  7. Ds has completed a full practice ACT test this week, and his scores are not impressive. He is slow, so that isn't helping. They are enough to get a small amount of money at the school he wants to go to, but I sure wish he could get more. He's going to start using an online practice program, so I'm really hoping it will help. If anyone knows how to prod a child on to read faster, think faster, I'm all ears!
  8. Good morning! Jean, I'm so excited for you and your dd! Congratulations! The usuals are done, so it's on to today. lunch school with ds laundry tidy house work on co-op classes work on co-op planning for next year dinner out with dh (early Valentine's dinner because ds has a ride to swim and we are having someone else over tomorrow night)
  9. Would someone add this to the list of chemistry courses at the beginning of the thread? Name: Discovering Design with Chemistry Provider: Berean Builders Where to buy: Reg Chem Type: TextbookAdditional Materials: lab kit, audio book, link in book to helpful videos and extra practice problems for each chapterTeacher Resources: answer key, tests and solutionsLesson Plans: includedSecular/Christian: ChristianProgram includes labs: yes Lab kit available: YesMath background needed: Algebra 1
  10. I taught in in our co-op, and I will be teaching it again next year. I really enjoyed the book! I taught dd using his 2nd edition, and I really enjoyed it. She went on to college to make a 97 in her chemistry for nursing class, so it prepared her very well. Be sure to get the 2nd printing because there are quite a few typos in the first. I think he was rushed to get it out because people were asking for it after they didn't like Apologia's newest edition. I had two years of chemistry in high school, but I had not had it since. I feel like his writing style made it very easy for me to pick back up again. The explanations and examples are clear. The labs worked well and reinforced the skills in the modules. In the front of the book, there is a link to a webpage on his site that has tons of resources to help with each module. There are links to videos covering the concepts, extra practice problems, a pdf file of worksheets for the questions in the book, etc.
  11. I just had a discussion with someone about curse words and profanity. I sat at a local college last year listening to a group of students talking. They were laughing and having a good time. They used the f word along with a few other words quite frequently throughout the conversation. My first thought was don't they know other adjectives, but as I listened to them, I realized they weren't "cursing" each other. They weren't being mean or spiteful or hateful. And I started wondering if maybe profane talk is more about your intent than the actual words. I've heard some Christians, who would never say those words, say some much more mean things. I never use curse words because they are not part of my vocabulary. Even when I'm upset or mad, I never use them. I would prefer my children not use them, but I do think that the standard for that is changing among Christian young people. I'm trying to not get too bent out of shape about it. I can't live their lives for them or convict them of how they should live. I'm trying to leave that up to the Holy Spirit now that they are grown and almost grown.
  12. Dawn, hope your day is better than you think! Scout, praying that you can get all this under control and feel better very soon! The usuals are done (dh off, fed cat, coffee, online bible study groups). meals school with ds lunch out with a friend (turned into a birthday week instead of day. LOL!) laundry church hopefully hear from dd about her first day!
  13. Scout, I'm sorry, but I pray you will be able to get it under control quickly and feel much better!
  14. Scout, I'm thinking about you this morning and praying you had a better night and get the results you need to get better soon! The usuals are done. coffee get ready meals breakfast out with friend shopping school with ds tutor 1 student co-op planning for next classes
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