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  1. Good morning! Lots to today because we leave town in the morning on vacation with dd. She was able to switch her schedule around! I probably won't be on the board too much the next week, but I'll try to check in. I hope you all have a great week. Done: coffee, bible study groups To Do: meals laundry clean house place Melaleuca order prep more for tutoring session (student just told me her test covers the entire year of material not just the semester's work she's been doing this summer) get things together for a gift basket from our Sunday School class deliver basket go to student's house to tutor ds' girlfriend is coming over for dinner pack for trip take cat food to neighbor that will feed Callie for us while we're gone walk if weather and time permits
  2. Do you know how these do with wearing glasses?
  3. Dawn, that's a lot of good time with your 16 yo! Tutoring student already did statistics unit test, so I'll need to look over her material to review for the final. About to pay bills
  4. Good morning! I never made it back on last night, but the decisions about storing all my school stuff this year is still looming over me. I have more math students than ever and am teaching more classes at co-op than ever. Ds will still have a few subjects here at home, too. Done: bible study groups, coffee To Do: pay bills meals breakfast and lunch are done contact college admissions office groceries contact lady from church about a meal for a funeral go over last part of unit on statistics for tutoring tomorrow clean up dd's room (guest room now) continue Last Kingdom on Netflix
  5. Jean, sorry you had a rough night, but it is good to know meds actually help. I've been busy the last few days and haven't even made it on here. I hope you all are well, and I didn't miss anything important. Done: coffee, breakfast, church, lunch, started a load of laundry To Do: walk more laundry do some tidying and organizing. I keep redoing some of the organizing I've done. I need to get a permanent decision made on how I'm keeping all the school stuff this year. watch some Netflix figure out meal plan and food we need for a few days (We leave town Thursday morning.)
  6. Reader, I pray your migraine goes away with the meds and nap! Scout, so sorry about the fraud charge. Good luck! We actually love burgers cooked in a skillet on the stove, so you might try that. Done: bible study groups, coffee, breakfast, paid bills, walked 2.5 miles with dh To Do: do our taxes (afraid we are going to owe, so I've been putting it off) lunch and dinner ds to guitar lesson study statistics unit for tutoring current student laundry some co-op and tutoring planning
  7. We meet in a part of the church that isn't used as much as other parts. The church used to have a much higher attendance than now. Only two of the classrooms we actually use get used on a weekly basis, so that helps a lot. The fellowship hall and the nursery are the other areas that we use that they would as well, except they aren't having children's classes right now. We meet this Thursday at the church with the pastor, so we'll see what he says is the current status.
  8. I thought I would come back and share a piece of technology I've purchased to write on the whiteboard. Using a mouse felt very awkward trying to write out equations. This is nice. It will still take some practice, but I thought it was very affordable.
  9. Kelly, happy birthday to your dd! I'm sorry I missed that. Dawn, I'm so sorry!!
  10. Good morning! Today is our 29th anniversary. We are going to a Lebanese restaurant that I've always wanted to try! Christina, I'm so sorry about the fall and glad nothing is broken or serious. Feel better soon! Done: coffee and bible study groups Today: get ready to go out lunch with dh then hike at a nature preserve ds do some school while we're gone and then date with girlfriend not sure what else we'll do this evening
  11. Thank you for all the replies so far. I'm hoping I'll see suggestions we haven't thought of or something. We are in Georgia where everything is basically being suggested but nothing mandated. Cases are on the rise here, so things could change in the next month. We are scheduled to start August 7th. We are waiting to hear about local schools as well, which all start before us or right after. We haven't got the final word on requirements from the church we meet in, but the pastor is confident that we'll be allowed to meet and guidelines will be up to us as long as we leave it as clean as we always have. My dh's school just announced that masks will be made available and people will be allowed to wear them, which means they aren't going to be required. His school's county (just south of us) has been a very low hit area. The schools closest to the church we meet in haven't announced plans yet. We have 36 families and 84 students, and we meet every other week for 3.5 hours. We are academic support for middle and high school but only one class will have homework for the 5th grade and 3rd/4th grade classes. We are doing a survey about masks, but I feel most families are not going to think we should require them.
  12. If you are part of a homeschool co-op that plans to meet this coming school year, what safety measures will you have in place? Will temperature checks or masks be required? Will extra cleaning be required? Thanks!
  13. Dd called and is coming home for the weekend! I love that she gets several days in a row off some weeks. I am about to head out to the grocery store to pick up a few things. tutoring student is done; some planning on classes is done
  14. Happy anniversary, Jean! I agree with Kelly, dinner out! My bible study groups are done and the coffee just finished. I'm headed to get a cup after this post. meals quick Facetime with my summer student since she's at the beach and has a question on her homework more co-op class planning got in my new drawing pen and tablet, so I need to practice with it (using it to write on the whiteboard I can share in Zoom) talk ds into playing a game or two and maybe watching a movie (Dh is still out of town, so it's just me and him here.)
  15. Termite guy came and went. No sign of anything. That's always good news!
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