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  1. I made BLT's on this garlic loaf bread I found in the bakery section of the store. It had whole pieces of garlic baked into it. I think the bakery section is very underrated. You can take the simple and ordinary and turn them into restaurant quality items with some of the things you can find there. I just got through grading a geometry test sent to me earlier in the week. This kid did not need to do Algebra 1 in 8th grade nor Geometry in 9th. They are considering going back to do some more algebra and personal finance before Algebra 2. I'm so glad! Why do parents feel the nee
  2. Sometimes I think we mentally really need some lazy days. Enjoy the break!
  3. Reader, I hate saying good bye, too. If we move from here, I'll have a lot of friends to leave. We've lived here for 17 years. Ds didn't win anything in the drawing. There were only 6 that he could have won, so I'm sure the odds were slim. I watched another episode of The English Game. Just one left that I'll watch later tonight or tomorrow.
  4. Reader, that is such a cute gift! You make me want to take up sewing, but I would be starting from scratch. I did our taxes this morning, and we owe $200 less than I thought we would! We watched the college livestream event this morning. The big one is at 4:00 when they give away some scholarships. Ds says he has never won a drawing in his life and won't win. I'm sure there are hundreds of people registered for this, but we can always hope! I got a meal plan and grocery list together and headed out to shop. The rain wasn't bad at all. I'm back home, and everything is put away
  5. Good morning! Storms are moving in this morning, so I will put off my grocery shopping until this afternoon meals lesson planning for next week do our taxes grocery shopping continue going through school books deciding what to keep and what to sell (the unknown of future teaching makes it difficult) play a game, watch something
  6. I got a lot of planning done for my math Zoom classes next week. We got KFC for dinner. It's close and we had some money on a gift card. My upper back is sore from all the computer stuff I just did on the planning. I need to sit in a better position or something. I need to go to bed! See you guys tomorrow.
  7. mom31257


    Thank you so much for thinking of her! The Covid situation has improved greatly at her hospital, so she's managing her regular floor patients. She's struggling in her personal life. She is very convinced that she has ADHD that is making it hard for her to accomplish the things she really needs to for a better life on her own. I'm so glad she is able to function well on the job. I'm not sure it isn't more depression than ADHD, maybe it's both. She does have a cat, but living alone leaves little outside motivation to do things. I want her to get in with a good doctor. Her thyroid wa
  8. Ds just had a Zoom session with his new advisor and registered for classes this fall! I really liked the guy and think he will be a good person to work with ds. Ds has just 5 weeks left until he's done (or earlier if he gets work turned in ahead of due dates). It's an exciting time!
  9. mom31257


    If you like, I could make up an interesting story or question to post. 😄 But it was just a tackle the day thread. TravelingChris and I started one at the same time, so there was no need to leave both up.
  10. Reader, those are some crazy dreams! I rarely remember dreams on my own, but I remember more if I need to take an allergy pill. Ds' meeting went very well! I listened in to some, but then ds had me come in at the end of it. I really liked his advisor. He has 15 hours, and I think it's a good first full semester schedule.
  11. Good morning! I'll move this post over here with the rest of you rather than be other there in a corner by myself. LOL! Today would have been my mom's 80th birthday. I don't think anyone can prepare you for losing your parents. You know most likely it will happen while you are alive, but it seems so far off in a realm you don't consider. I loved her so and miss her dearly! But today is still an exciting day. Ds has a Zoom meeting with an advisor to schedule his fall classes. His college has an online event for their preview weekend today and tomorrow. There are drawings for scholar
  12. Reader, the closest to us is 30 minutes away, so we don't get it often. It is SOOOO good. I love to get the bell peppers grilled along with the onion. Scout, that is great news about your mom's things. I got some motivation to do some deep cleaning in the main living areas. Dh has a friend coming over to help with a project and his wife may come with him (friend of mine).
  13. Scout, I hope things have gone well with the move! SKL, I'm not being productive, either, and I feel a bit guilty about it. I ended up watching a movie and an episode of Madam Secretary. Christina, I'm so sorry about your leg! I am praying for healing of the wound and answers about it as well! They called about my blood work, and it is 0.1 away from normal (continued to go down), so I don't have to be retested for the RMSF. Thank you for praying! I need to do something tonight, but I had a sinus headache this morning and have felt lazy. We did go find the garage door op
  14. I'm sorry this has come during such a hard time. I hope your transition is smooth and you find new meaningful relationships. I think the end of anything significant has its sadness, no matter what is going on in the rest of our lives. Change is never easy even if the end result is good. My last senior is weeks away from graduating, too. I took on more hours of teaching this year to help the transition to him not being home and the possibility of me going to work. I teach math classes online and a couple students in person. I have been involved in our local co-op, though. We meet ev
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