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  1. Jen, congratulations on your dd signing! Selkie, hope you feel better! I've tutored one student, and will have one more plus school with ds. The good thing is that my classes for co-op are ready to go. school tutor 1 student errand out (food for party at co-op) meals pack for co-op tidy everywhere and clean kids' end of the house
  2. Wow, Wintermom, I'm so sorry about your ds! Margaret, praying all goes well and you feel better today. shinyhappypeople, I won't judge because I'm just as guilty! It seems like forever since I've been on here. It's just been a busy couple of weeks. I am sore today because I met with a personal trainer yesterday for a fitness assessment. I am mostly sore in my upper arms and chest, and I'm having a slightly sore feeling in my upper right abdomen. I did some crunches as part of it, so I'm praying I didn't twist something and it's just strained muscles. Ds was behind in math, so we've been doing that this morning. He's got to play catch up on biology and history, too, because last week was crazy and put him behind. So school and church tonight are really all that's on the agenda.
  3. We have managed to keep our co-op as great supplement yet not take over our lives. This is our 8th year, and we have 85 kids (nursery to 12th) and 34 families. We meet every other week (only 16 total for the year), offering 3 hours of classes (more like 4 for the high school science students). We don't charge tuition, but ask for a donation to the church and a fee for class supplies. All moms teach, co-teach, or help in classes. We've been able to offer great writing and science classes every year to grades 2-12. We've had fun electives as well as some that were extremely helpful. Ds is in a career skills class right now in which the teacher is arranging job shadowing for the students. I'm teaching a math SAT/ACT prep class, and I've definitely seen the "light" come on in some of their eyes in how much more they are understanding. Co-ops can be a great thing if you have a board with a vision that will adhere to it in spite of those who would want to change it. Be willing to let people walk out the door and trust that there will be those who need or want what you are offering.
  4. Good morning! I've been so busy all week. Ds and I went to TN with his best friend and his mom to visit a couple of colleges. I hope all is well with you guys! The usuals are done, so on to the bulk of the day. meals (no idea what I'm doing about dinner) school with ds tutor 2 students possibly go to my sister's tonight, waiting to hear how she feels (She has chronic pain issues from nerve damage in a surgery years ago.)
  5. Thank you! It definitely seems the safest neighborhoods in Cincinnati are to the east of most of the hospitals. What is GoodSam?
  6. Thanks for the info and thoughts, PeterPan. We plan to try and move to southwest Ohio after ds graduates to be near dh's family, so dd is considering that area to be near us. Columbus wouldn't be too far away, though, so I'll mention it to her.
  7. She does want to do graduate work at some point, possibly get a Ph.D. She hasn't been offered a job yet, so doesn't know her pay, but she has a general idea of what new nurses make. I would think she would want to stay at most $1k and preferably under but only if she can get it in good areas. She won't have a lot of bills, so that helps. She doesn't have a car payment, and she only has a small amount in student loans.
  8. If you live in or very near Cincinnati now or recently, would you mind to chime in here and answer a few questions? We have family up toward Dayton, but we've never spent much time down in Cincinnati. Our daughter would like to move to a city and is wondering if Cincinnati might be a good place. She is graduating in December as a nurse (BSN and RN). She would love to not have a long commute to work and would like a safe area that is maybe a great place for young professionals. She'd love to live near great food, art, theater, etc. What are some good, safe areas closer to the hospitals in Cincinnati? She's considering applying to TriHealth hospitals and to The Christ Hospital. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!
  9. Good morning! Pink and Green, I'm glad your interview went well, but I'm sorry if it turns out to not be a right fit for you. I did manage a nap yesterday afternoon and slept very well last night. That could be the lack of sleep the night before or the fact I walked 3 miles during ds' swim practice. The weather was so nice! The usuals are done. meals school with ds tutor 2 students work on co-op classes tidy house laundry
  10. I was not very awake this morning! And yes, it was a scary experience. Selkie, that sounded like quite an adventure! Zoo Keeper, congratulations! Pink and Green, hope the interview has gone well. : ) Scout, it is free emergency assistance in metro Atlanta. I believe State Farm is listed on the trucks.
  11. Good morning! Thank you for the prayers for our trip! I actually had a flat tire in Atlanta while in the HOV lane, which put me in a very tight spot on the side of the road. The boys in my car loved it after I called Hero Assistance. They stopped the entire 75 North traffic for us to cross to the right side and they could change my tire. They said they will be able to tell their grandkids about it someday. I'm glad they could make the best of it! The weekend was great in spite of the flat tire and terrible rain the first day. We are definitely going to make it an annual event for our group. If anyone ever needs a group camping situation in Chattanooga, Booker T Washington State Park has a great group lodge (3 buildings) for a great price. There's also another camping set-up with smaller cabins. I woke up about 3 AM and couldn't go back to sleep, so I'll be tired later for sure. I had extra caffeine yesterday and later, so I think that was the problem. The usuals are done, so onto the rest of the day. meals school with ds tutor 2 students laundry tidy house take ds to swim practice work on co-op classes
  12. Good morning! I would appreciate any prayers you're willing to send up today. I'm helping lead a group of 16 teens from our homeschool group. We are going on a two night trip with them, and it's going to rain all weekend. Please pray for our safe travel! It hasn't rained for 6 weeks, and it does this weekend. Everything planned is outside, so we're working on some alternatives. Thank you and hope you all have a great day and weekend!
  13. This is my favorite non-dairy creamer in my coffee.
  14. I hope those feeling under the weather are better soon! Tutoring is done. One load of laundry is in the dryer and another is in the washing machine. I still don't know what we'll have for dinner.
  15. Good morning! Ds flew back last night, and dd is getting to stay until this early evening! We're going to play some D&D after dh is home. The usuals are done. meals (need to go to grocery store) laundry pay bills tutor 2 students small amount of school with ds (probably after dd leaves)
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