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  1. Thanks for the prayers for my dad! All his blood work was great, and the CT scan only showed a really bad sinus infection. He did say he had some dizziness. He is with my older sister, and she says he's almost back to normal. He is staying with her a a couple of days to see that the medicine is working, and then he wants to go back home. The fall really rattled him mentally. She brought up the idea of a medic alert system, and he wasn't opposed to it. We will see if he might agree to one.
  2. Good morning! I was supposed to try and sleep in this morning, but Callie, our outside cat, started scratching at a door around 5:30. I got up and fed her, but I couldn't go back to sleep. I've had some decaf coffee and done the bible study groups. meals school with ds more co-op class prep tutor one student in person pack up for co-op watch the Northern Lights event on Facebook
  3. Mockingjay is the first thing ds said while we were watching.
  4. 4th class done About to look over some chemistry I need to think about when I am starting dinner. I always feel rushed on Wednesdays with church.
  5. 3 classes done. Ds and I were able to watch the inauguration right before my third class. It was perfect timing, actually.
  6. Yes, it can be hard to do. Darin's grandfather got a job at AK Steel, so they were better off than in KY. Dh's dad worked there and did well. They were serious Christians, so that helped a lot I think.
  7. Scout, I saw your post that you grew up in Dayton. Dh grew up in Middletown. Have you read Hillbilly Elegy or seen the Netflix movie? His family is one of those who moved there from Kentucky.
  8. Good morning! The usuals are done. meals teach 4 math classes on Zoom prep for co-op classes school with ds church
  9. Popmom, I need to do this to my entire house. We might need to move later this year if dh can find a job in the area he will be looking. So it would make selling and moving easier if I could get it together and clean everything out. I need to purge a lot! We will have been here 17 years in June, and it's the longest we have lived anywhere, too.
  10. I marked co-op class prep off my list because I have done some, but I will have more to do tomorrow.
  11. Good morning! The usuals are done. meals school with ds ds to swim with friend tutor 2 students in person pick up a refill on my reflux med work on co-op class prep play Trekking the National Parks again (if they will)
  12. Did you get the game? We just got it as a late Christmas gift. We loved it!! I think the strategy is very different than Ticket to Ride. Sure it feels like it since you have 5 cards out to choose from, collect cards by color to achieve tasks, and you move across the US to various locations, However, you have multiple ways to get points, and the game can end quicker than you think it is going to as well.
  13. Math classes are done. One load of laundry is done. I looked and didn't really NEED to pay any bills until later this week, We played the new game and we really liked it! We watched a Madam Secretary, and I finished the Queen's Gambit.
  14. I stayed in one in November. The area did not have a high number of cases then, and the owner laid out specific cleaning measures they would do to help prevent it. I met my sisters there for our annual sister weekend. Both of them have limited exposure to others and are being careful. All our areas were not high then, either.
  15. My sister called about Daddy's appointment. He has lost 6 pounds since his last visit a month ago. The doctor did a lot of blood work and is doing a CT scan later this week. My sister is staying with him in TN and will then take him to her house in north Atlanta. I may get him again next weekend. His thyroid was off when they found his cancer two years ago. He was able to come off that medicine last year, so I am hoping it is just his thyroid needing that again. two math classes down, one to go. (Most of my families don't take the usual holidays off.) breakfast and lunch done
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