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  1. I continued to sneeze today, so I opted out of going to the BBQ tonight at church. No one wants sneezing going on during a meal. We had a long power outage today, and it was so nice. Ds came into the living room and literally talked to me for over an hour. Most of it was him telling me stuff about Overwatch and the league, but I didn't mind! We played a game, too. He did do a bit of school after it came back on, but I didn't have him do the art project. I want that to be on a day when he can focus on it. I've been watching some stuff online. Dh picked up some food for us mid-afternoon, but I might need to send him to the store for a few things. Today was his last school day with students, but he works two more days next week.
  2. Good morning! I didn't get back on here yesterday because I ended up feeling a bit worse as the day went on. I slept some in the afternoon and didn't do much all day. I don't feel back to 100% and am still a bit stuffy. I don't have a fever, though. We're supposed to go to a cook out tonight with a church group, so I hope I feel like going. figure out food for breakfast and lunch (We really needed some things from the store.) ds do school and an art project I got from Drew's Art Box company laundry tidy house go to cookout (hopefully!)
  3. Happy birthday, Selkie!!! 🎂 🎈 🎉 And welcome to the 50s club. LOL! On the way home from church last night, I developed a fever and achiness, so I guess this is a cold instead of just allergy/sinus stuff. I slept well and longer last night and feel a bit better this morning. Still stuffy, though. meals school with ds laundry depending on how I feel, tackle more of the school records stuff take ds to swim
  4. Good morning! I slept in because my sinuses are bothering me. I'm supposed to go to a co-op mom's house to help her start planning a class for next year because she's never taught outside the home. I don't feel the most awesome, but I hate to put it off. meals (ds going to a friend's house today, so only breakfast for him) drop ds off with friend to help paint the shed at our local pool and then go home to play video games and such meet with friend to plan class stop at church to finalize awards for tonight in Awana tutor 1 student church
  5. These are great summer review programs through our own board member's site, Jann in TX. And they are very affordable!
  6. Good morning! Pink and Green, same weather here! I'm just not ready for these temperatures. The usuals are done. I'm still tutoring, so on with the rest of the day! meals check some of ds' work from yesterday tutor 4 students (2 end next Tuesday, 1 will continue until done with a bit more, 1 will continue all summer) go through/organize some lab supply boxes here that belong to co-op type and publish for co-op current lists of lab supplies available to teachers take ds to swim
  7. Margaret, I'm so sorry for all those troubles and the weather! Our son's girlfriend lives in Colorado Springs, and she comes here in June. It's going to be a huge difference with temperatures next week supposed to be hitting 97. She lived here, though, so she knows it well! I can't seem to edit my list, but I did most of it. Ds didn't actually finish all his schoolwork, and I never got to work on any grades today. He can get up earlier tomorrow and work on some I need to check before he goes on to the next thing. I tutor 4 students, so I doubt I'll get much more than school and essentials done tomorrow. Have a good evening!
  8. I'm sorry for those who are stressed or not able to do all they want to! I hope your day and week improve!
  9. Melissa, surprise visits from grown children are the best! Lisa, I pray the housing situation is resolved in a great way. Good morning! I hope you all had a great weekend. I need to get motivated and moving this morning, but the usuals are done (dh and cats taken care of as well as a cup of joe). I am in the middle of going through ds' school stuff. I did a terrible job this semester of recording grades. I would grade things as he did them, but I just kept putting them in a file. So, I'm going to tackle a subject at a time (already did one this weekend), and get the grade for the semester and year to finalize his transcript. He's actually still working on a few things, so those grade will have to wait until he's finished, but I'll go ahead and record everything I can. I guess my first goal for next year should be to do a better job of record keeping. another cup of coffee make a meal plan list of the week (partially done) meals (breakfast and lunch done) work on grades/records make a school list for ds for week do school with ds tutor 1 student take ds to a doctor appointment see a friend sometime this afternoon or evening
  10. I lost 25 pounds without exercising. I kept all 3 meals a day around 20-25 carbs and ate one snack in the afternoon. I avoided sugar and other white carbs. It kept my total carbs under 90 or so. I didn't want to go extreme like some of the keto diets. That just didn't seem healthy to me. And it was very simple to do.
  11. Thank you! I'm looking for 4-7 year olds.
  12. Would you all give me a list of your favorite pictures books for science related topics, most specifically for gardening, soil, water, plants, seeds, worms, etc.? Thank you!
  13. Good morning! The usuals are done, and it's going to be a full day because I'm still tutoring. meals breakfast and lunch done tutor 4 students 2 students done ds do some independent school work work on last lesson for Awana take ds to swim (in town now at our local, outdoor pool!)
  14. Happy Mother's Day and great to be back! We went to church and ate out lunch. I'm going to see a friend who has a hard time today because she is estranged from all her children. She was a drug addict and in prison, so she has a lot of issues in the past with them. Disney was amazing with my family! We did some things together and then separated to do different things. My dad and one sister had to go back and rest some here and there, so we would meet up in the evenings again. My phone tracked my walking at 41 miles in 5 days in parks plus the first evening at Disney Springs, so I think I'm a bit more in shape than I thought I was because it wasn't really that tiring. We played games last night and probably will again later this afternoon when I get back. Dd is staying until tomorrow, so I'm thankful she is home again. Hope you all enjoy your day!
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