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  1. I I never made it to the store! I think I may go in the morning after I make dh's breakfast and pack his lunch. I tutor at 9:30, so I've got plenty of time.
  2. Margaret, that is so beautiful! My ds is visiting right now in Colorado Springs! I can't imagine dog sledding being part of my life. My toes get cold easy now (post menopausal thing I guess), so I might not want to do that! Stay warm if you can!
  3. Good morning! I'll definitely be praying for the other kiddos who are having struggles! Done: breakfast and lunch for dh breakfast and coffee and bible study for me finished study guide answer key for economics To Do: go for a walk when it gets a bit warmer tutor one student make a grocery list and go to the store go to tea at a friend's house (I used to go just about every week and don't have time with ds' swim.) dinner out with dh more work on co-op classes
  4. Good morning! Yes, it was so great to meet Pink and Green Mom!!! It was the best part of being at the conference! I hope to be on here more, too. Ds made it Colorado, and I made it home from the convention late last night. I'll still have tutoring this week, and I hope to get some cleaning out projects done. Dd is dealing with more depression and anxiety than she has had, and she is in counseling. Please pray for her! Today: Church lunch out get a plan together for this week work on co-op classes work on Wednesday night Awana lesson go to dinner with a friend to celebrate her birthday
  5. I found it when dd was going into middle school and used it throughout middle school for her. She went on into high school math and did very well. She scored very well on her math ACT, went on to do two math classes in college with As and had a very high average in her chemistry for nursing, which she says is because she could do the math. I used it in elementary and middle with ds, too, until we started Algebra 1. I do have a math degree and could teach any program and make it work, but I feel it is a very solid program. I'm sort of the opposite than a lot of people on teaching math. I feel math should be taught more like classical education, memorize the algorithms when they are young and dig more into the whys and deeper thinking about it when they are older, unless a child is very curious and wants to know why. And I always introduced lessons with conceptual teaching, but we spend the bulk of the time on getting the algorithms down pat to make upper math much easier. In tutoring several students the last couple of years, I see the results of kids who didn't memorize important steps along the way. It makes it so much harder on them than it has to be.
  6. Ds isn't sure what he wants to do at all. He doesn't love school, but he likes math. So I'm focusing on meeting our state requirements right now and try to help him enjoy it more. I'm trying not to put pressure on him because I'm seeing so many of his peers who are stressed to decide what to do. Some of them have done a lot of dual enrollment, and it's time to start major classes when they graduate, yet they don't know what they want to be. So we aren't even talking DE yet. He may not do much or any. At co-op: Apologia Biology (mainly labs; will do Virtual Homeschool Group AYOP course here) Literature (When Worlds Collide by Sharon Watson) Career Explorations class (job skills, career tests, guest speakers, etc.) At home: Algebra 2/Pre-Calculus World History using Oak Meadow's latest guide (research, writing, project-based course) Health (Glencoe textbook) Art (using Drew's Art Box sets') Other: swim team (not very competitive, more fun and exercise) drama ministry team and church possibly get a part-time job
  7. I was going to recommend Glencoe's WH by Spielvogel, too. It is a great textbook. I had my dd read in it as well as a Christian text. I'll do the same with my ds next year. I'm going to use Oak Meadow's curriculum, which allows you to choose your own text.
  8. I don't see how you could have one shoe for all four seasons, and I know you said non-athletic, but these are one of the most comfortable shoes I've owned. I have the light gray pair and have found them fairly versatile as to what I can wear them with. I put them on one morning to go outside, and I normally don't wear shoes around the house. I realized hours later that I had worn them all day without even thinking about it. They are not waterproof, though, so I am careful and the toe area does get wet in much rain.'s%2Bair%2Bcooled%2Bmemory%2Bfoam%2Caps%2C147&sr=8-8&th=1
  9. Jean, I'm so glad it wasn't something worse! Happy birthday, Scout!
  10. Good morning! Jean, I'm sorry I missed about your dd getting whiplash. Were you guys in an accident? I'm so sorry and will be praying for her recovery! hopeistheword, I understand the online time thing. It's definitely where I am right now and the reason I'm not on here much! This week is going to be hectic because I leave town to work at a homeschool convention. Ds flies our to Colorado while I am at the convention so he can spend spring break with his girlfriend. He'll have to get all the homework for his co-op classes done this week. I hope you all have a great week ahead!
  11. I like to have a lot of grades because I like more assessment along the way in a course. I think it helps me know they are ready for a test by the time we get to it. My dh teaches public school, and he says he'll easily have 30-35 grades for a course. I chose to use the same grading scale as the local high schools. A = 90-10 B = 80-89 C=73-79 D=70-72 F=69 and below For most subjects I count grades this way: Tests 1/2 of grade; Quizzes 1/3 of grade; Other assignments of less importance 1/6 of grade (Some assignments, such as projects or writing assignments will fall as quiz or test grades, depending on the assignment's depth or length.)
  12. What does the grading system look like in the program? Are there suggested percentages or points for each assignment? I think my son will also like that it is not test based. What sources does she use for most of the reading? Have there been topics that are difficult to find?
  13. Is anyone using this or did you use it last year? I would love to hear a review of it and how it's going.
  14. He is doing well! In early February, he completed 15 radiation treatments as a precaution. He will have another pet scan at the end of April to make sure it hasn't come back. He just had a second cataract surgery and hopes to be volunteering on the local excursion train as soon as he can. He has tremors in his hands and can't do the drops himself, so he has been staying with me and one of my sisters. He drove himself to my house (3.5 hours from his) the last time he was here, so I can't complain with him being 81.
  15. Good morning, everyone! I'm still having a super busy, somewhat stressful time, but I hope you guys are well! I'm going to tackle today, so here goes: meals (breakfast for ds, lunch, dinner?) school with ds prep work on co-op classes (these end April 12th!) look over tutoring for next week start assessing my tutoring schedule for next year and how many students I can take lesson plans for next week pay bills/update checking meal plan/grocery list/plan day to go shopping watch Umbrella Academy and play a game or two with the guys tonight
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