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  1. Nope. That's mass produced. I'm a sorghum snob. 😉😂
  2. Good to know! thx! What about Sorghum? Any good sources for that? My grandmother buys her sorghum from a Mennonite community in TN, but she doesn't share lol. It's really good though.
  3. My husband and I were just discussing this last night. He was reading from an article--apparently it's a very poor match. As in the "expert" was saying it's not worth it. I'll try to find the article. Edit to add...I don't think this is the same article, but it has good info.
  4. When I read this--truthfully--my knee jerk reaction is anger. I've got a 14 yr old with binge eating disorder who is overweight because of it. THAT'S a real issue to me. It was the unattainable beauty standards that are foisted upon us at every turn in part that caused this. Most of my daughters, even at a very healthy weight will NEVER have a flat stomach. So I guess I'm the one sensitive to this topic. I just wish women could be free of all this. It makes me sad. My girls have suffered so much. To clarify: you didn't do anything wrong in posing the question. I don't think that at all. It's a pretty universal frustration--one that I share. just complicated by my heart for my girls.
  5. Don't delete. It's an important topic. I've been raked over the coals on here a couple of times for crazy things because people don't know your intent. They make assumptions. And this is a somewhat sensitive topic.
  6. I will tell you what I'm doing for my own health. 1) Cleaner eating. Minimize processed foods. 2) Regain the joy of cooking. 3) Growing my own veggies. 4) Nothing is off limits. So occasionally indulging in potato chips happens--just not the whole bag. I put some sugar in my tea, okra should be fried in Crisco, etc. I just don't eat fried food on a regular basis. It's a treat. 5) Heavy work--I'm limited somewhat on this due to some health issues, but heavy work is good for your mind and body. I've had two go rounds with nutritionists in treating my daughters and the emphasis is on mindful/intuitive eating. Maybe Google that and see what you get.
  7. You are definitely at a healthy weight. But I feel your pain. I am post menopausal at 49. Over the past 3 years I went from 115 to 150. I am 5'5". I have lost a little bit--down to 144. I have always been a healthy eater , so it wasn't my eating habits, it was my metabolism. I struggle mightily with acceptance. I have 4 daughters. 2 are recovering from an ED, so I'm very mindful of how I talk (or preferably don't talk at all) about my size, shape, etc. When you are post menopausal, it's normal to have more fat around the middle. Normal and even healthy. But I understand the frustration of finding clothing. I'm considering HRT, myself. I wouldn't if weight gain were my only issue. Menopause has wreaked havoc with my body from head to toe. Bottom line is ALL BODIES ARE GOOD BODIES. And yes, you can expect to get some feathers ruffles on here complaining about being 115 lbs. 😉
  8. Would you say that the area is dog friendly? Do you know if there are any bans on breeds like pit bulls? My daughter has a tiny chi mix and a large pit mix. How difficult do you think it would be for her to find housing? Do you have any suggestions on a neighborhood? Thanks!
  9. Thanks for the help! I had searched google, but I couldn't judge how far away that cluster of hotels was from campus. (east of the interstate) The campus is on both sides of the interstate though--I think. Dmmetler, thanks for that insight. I'll share this with my daughter.
  10. My daughter has an interview scheduled with JMU in Feb. (grad school) I'm driving her there. I know nothing about the area. Where should we stay? Any sights to see while we're in the area?
  11. All of this. My kids are the same. If they are too sick to watch Netflix, then they doze the day away. Otherwise, it's screen time. Lots and lots of screen time.
  12. I have bulging discs in my neck. I also do better with ice than heat. In addition to Tens look into Estim. Once you can get out of the house....The right physical therapist can be magic. Especially is you can find someone who specializes in myofascial release. Some physical therapists do "dry needling". It didn't help me, but it's something else to consider. Anything that's more conservative than injections and surgery is worth considering. 🙂
  13. PeterPan! I love this update so much! Sounds a lot like how my dd learns best. I'm seriously very happy to hear this. My dd's interest is psychology--specifically right now the MBTI/Myers Briggs. I give her as much computer time as she wants to explore her psychology stuff. She has pretty much come out of her "burn out" "shut down" thing she went through before the holidays.
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