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  1. Exactly! Some of y'all would have gleaned from my previous posts that I definitely lean conservative. Not all conservatives are anti maskers. I have tried asking my anti mask "friends" (I use that term loosely) how this is any different than seat belt laws, and all I get is the slippery slope crap. Well if the government can make us do this...blah blah. This particular argument was from an attorney (yikes) who also homeschools (Classical, even). I couldn't believe what I was reading to be honest. That's why I asked here. Sometimes I think I'm going crazy. Thank you for reminding me that I'm no
  2. Thank you! That was my first thought. I'm pretty solid at spotting a fallacy, but I'm not as confident in pinpointing exactly ((why)) said argument is a fallacy. I should have put this on the high school board now that I think about it. Sorry!
  3. An argument against wearing masks goes something like this: {If we are really interested in saving each and every life - while we are at it, we should outlaw swimming pools, french fries, soda, vehicles, etc. "By simply banning swimming pools, no toddlers would drown." One life saved. "By simply banning alcohol, no drunk drivers." Another life saved. It's all worth it. Except not.} My youngest is very interested in debate, and it bothers me that I can't identify whether this is a fallacy or not--and if it is, which fallacy? Is the above a valid argument?
  4. @Pawz4me thank you for the thorough list! It's encouraging that you haven't had much trouble with your new motorhomes. Do you mind sharing what brand/type you have?
  5. Thank you for all the suggestions. Definitely helps with my research. If we decide to go the motorhome route, we may be better off visiting state parks with hook ups. @Alicia64 thanks for the recommendations. Dogs and travel are two of my favorite things, too! We've been pretty limited in our ability to travel for various reasons, but now that dh is working from home--and has 4 full weeks of vacation (YAY!)--lots of possibilities! I didn't know Choice Hotels were mostly dog friendly. My husband travels a good bit for work, and he mostly stays at Marriott properties. I know which of
  6. I’m on vacation. I will miss my church service. Not just being absent—I will miss the corporate worship. Not much to tackle while on vacation except to stay within budget. Otherwise, sleep, eat, beach, repeat.
  7. Our fam would like to take a road trip to the western U.S. I live in the SE, so it's a lot of miles to cover. We have 3 dogs. They are 10, 17, and 28 pounds. They each do fine with road trips. We just took one that was 11 hours one way. We do this a couple of times a year already. But going out west is different because it could be multiple long days of traveling. I'm trying to figure out if this is doable. I haven't even narrowed down our destinations yet. We will almost certainly visit the Denver area because my daughter's bf moved there recently. How can I make a trip like this dog fr
  8. I think this is one of the most helpful articles I've read on this terrorist group and other groups like them. It is written by Fred Kaplan for Slate. ETA: It's about Wolverine Watchmen--the group that plotted to kidnap the governor. "The Face of American Insurgency"
  9. My daughter has a pit bull (pits nortorious for skin issues). And she's in rescue and has tons of experience with this. Everybody she knows uses Science Diet Sensitive Skin/Stomach. It definitely helps. My daughter's dog is much better on it. The vet prescribed a med that worked great, but it was pricey. And we both felt like it was a band aid approach. Anyway, I know Science Diet gets a bad rap, but everyone we know with itchy pits uses it with success. YMMV ETA: my daughters tell me that a surprising amount of itchy dogs are sensitive to chicken--of all things. Just something
  10. I am not a good housekeeper. I battle clutter constantly. I the best thing I've done recently is I bought 2 robot vacuums. It's not just about having swept floors. It's like when you have a paid housekeeper and you have to clean before they come. We have to pick up before running the Eufy. Also, running the Eufy everyday means that it's not a big deal if I want to mop floors. I have a Karcher steamer for that, and it makes fast work of mopping. So those two gadgets mean my floors are the cleanest they've every been lol. I have Adhd. I discovered awhile back that I can't look at cleaning a
  11. We have a screened in porch, and I LOVE it. I would not want to turn it into a sunroom because I particularly enjoy being outdoors. Occasionally, I sleep out there overnight if the weather is nice.
  12. Thanks, y'all. I ordered the Denny translation. I'll look in to an abridged version, too, in case she gets overwhelmed with a deadline. I'm not sure how long she has to read it. I definitely need to check on that.
  13. Plans/to do list have been derailed lol. Discovered that I have a whitefly infestation in my garden, so I had to go to Lowe’s for neem oil. And I’m having a tired day. I’m about to take a power nap then get back to work.
  14. Ok so I'm generally really behind the times on stuff like this because I hardly watch any TV but I'm kinda getting interested in The Handmaid's Tale. It's pretty dark--not something you want to watch to escape--but it's very interesting. I'm still on the first season, but I've heard it gets even better in the 2nd season and beyond. I generally have no tolerance for sitting through a movie or hour long tv show, but it's keeping my attention so far.
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