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  1. Well, my temperature is normal again. I used both an old mercury thermometer and an Exergen Temporal Scanner. I'm staying isolated, but hopefully it was a false alarm.
  2. Already done. 🙂 I had already prepared the basement for quarantine just in case. My husband has been down here quarantined because he had contact with my daughter who (most likely) had Covid last week. He saw her way before she started showing symptoms, but he quarantined anyway. So today we had to switch. That daughter lives 2 hours away--so not in my home.
  3. I've never had a nebulizer. I have a rescue inhaler and Pulmicort. I will probably start the Pulmicort tonight. I'm not very sick at all. I thought my upper respiratory stuff was maybe due to pollen. Except I don't normally get seasonal allergy symptoms, so... I only took my temp because after my upset stomach, my appetite has decreased. I tried to eat dinner and had a wave of nausea just as I was finishing up. That's when I decided to take my temp. I will call in tomorrow and see if I need a test.
  4. What's the latest guidance for asthma patients? Any change from what has been posted? Things change so fast with this virus... just wanted to check in since I started showing symptoms today. I have fever--99.9, cramping/loose stool, sore throat, dry cough, but no chest tightness. I have no idea what the chances are that this is COVID. I have been SO careful with cleaning, handwashing, etc. 😞 It's just weird because I rarely get sick enough to run a fever. To catch something while being THIS careful is just crazy.
  5. I really do appreciate this community. Thank you for putting up with my extreme left-brained self. Grace and peace to you all. Lord have mercy. Christ have mercy on us all.
  6. Absolutely. My sticking point is that "incubation period" is different from asymptomatic. Sorry. I said I would leave y'all alone. Somebody just tell me I'm right dammit! 😂🤣
  7. "possible" is worlds away from "highly contagious during incubation period" which is what Dr. Braly was claiming. I'm sorry if this pisses y'all off. I just cannot stand when people latch on to something as fact and spread misinformation when there is little if any evidence of it. Asymptomatic is not the same as incubation period. I'll go away now lol.
  8. ok but (((asymptomatic))) is very different from "incubation period". Right? i did read the article. thanks
  9. yes! but this is in direct contradiction to what someone posted in response to my query earlier. That's why I'm back for clarification.
  10. Why in the hell were they advertising them then? That's just bizarre. What a clusterf***
  11. ok got no time for that. I'm going with the CDC I guess
  12. Also, (and then I'll leave y'all alone) just fyi, Everlywell was advertising yesterday that they were going to start selling test kits for AT HOME use starting today. I sent dd the money and told her to order when she woke up. Well, apparently they have changed course all together. They are only making the tests available to health care providers and hospitals. That is NOT what they were advertising as of Sunday night late.
  13. I'm not seeing any data that supports this. Source? Thank you!
  14. quick update: my daughter is feeling much better. still no tests available. Hubby still quarantined in basement. I cannot find ANY evidence from a credible source that this stupid virus is contagious during the incubation period. All official websites say it's not impossible but the likelihood is low. Also, contradictory to what someone mentioned to me in a comment upthread, the more symptomatic you are, the more contagious you are.
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