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  1. I do know of 2 people who tested positive for COVID within a couple of days of getting their first dose of vaccine. So it does happen. Not caused by the vaccine, of course, Just bad luck/timing.
  2. Quoting myself Last night was rough for both dh and dd. My dd said she’s never had her legs hurt that bad. Headache and shivering, too. She called me at 5am to bring her Tylenol. She looked sick. She’s much better this afternoon. Dh also had chills, headache, body aches. Interesting difference is today all of his joints ache. Also, 10 years ago he fell and broke a couple of ribs. He has a hematoma there. He said he kept feeling like somebody had kicked him in the ribs and realized it’s the hematoma. I’m thinking the hematoma thing may be similar to those who had reactions
  3. Dh (53) and dd (20) got the Jannsen at noon today. Dh feels fine. Dd has a sore arm, legs ache, feels cold and tired, and went to bed after just a bite of dinner. eta: spoke too soon about dh. He is now also achy and feels cold. He went to bed. im 48+ hours out from my first Pfizer. I’ve been tired today and indulged in a late afternoon nap.
  4. We must be medical anxiety twins lol. That is EXACTLY what happened to me. 5 minutes after I sat down in the post vax wait chair I started having this weird feeling in my throat. I'm chalking it up to anxiety. That weird feeling lasted a while--kind of a tightening. I just kept telling myself--you can breathe fine--because I was--I was fine. I got Pfizer, too. Otherwise, I'm not even as sore as I was after my flu shot. But I'm only an hour and a half out. ETA... Walmart gave me a sticker to wear. It's about the size of a quarter. I think they should have made them MUCH BIGGER. 😉 I wa
  5. Take it! I take half of a .5mg Klonopin every night. Im adding a whole one before my first dose today. I will take it a couple of hours ahead of time. I also have medical anxiety—especially about taking new meds.
  6. I just got an appointment with Walmart to get the vaccine. One of the questions it asked when I was registering was whether I have taken antivirals for longer than 2 weeks. I’m on an antiviral for CFS/ME. Anybody know anything about this? Is this something I should be concerned about? I’ll call the prescribing doctor about it tomorrow, but I really don’t anticipate that he will know anything about it.
  7. My daughter bled a good bit with her first dose. She’s average build—not stick skinny. I’m surprised she didn’t have a similar reaction. She hates needles.
  8. Research “caveat emptor”. There is no asking to disclose—it’s just understood. It’s on the buyers to have any and all inspections done prior to closing. The buyer always has an “out” of the contract if the home doesn’t pass inspection. I’ve sold 4 houses in these states. There is no “lying” on the part of the seller because there is never any “asking” on the part of the buyer. It’s on the buyer to have a thorough inspection done. But even if the seller knows there is, say, a problem with the foundation—they are not required to disclose that. So it’s incumbent on the buyer to damn sure know the
  9. The two states I’ve lived in were/are buyer beware (caveat emptor) states, so this is not the case everywhere.
  10. Grateful you shared this. 💕
  11. Sure! I will when I get home tonight. We did have river access.
  12. Bacon and eggs here. Actually, now that I’m post menopausal, just 2 eggs is enough. Scrambled. With hot sauce (like tobasco sauce) and/or salsa. I go through spells when I do fancy things with eggs, but I’ve gotten lazy. Regular scrambled eggs is quick and easy.
  13. We just got back from our spring break trip to N GA. It’s only a 4 hour drive. I was very happy with the management company. Completely no contact check in/check out. Fenced yard for our dogs and right on the Ellijay River. This was a last minute thing. We don’t normally travel for spring break. We have a beach trip planned for last week of May in Florida. Driving—not flying. I expect that DH and I will be vaccinated by then. The 2 kids who will be with us won’t be vaccinated. If Florida sees a surge, then I’ll do what I did last year to avoid public restrooms on the road. We made that tr
  14. I’m so sorry that happened! I’m glad you mentioned it because I saw a photo somewhere recently of someone who had just been vaccinated. And MAN that band aid was SO high on his arm. It was really his shoulder. I’ve been paranoid ever since seeing that. I had a flu shot a few years ago that I think was given too high. I felt lucky that it missed my bursa sac. Where exactly is it supposed to be given? When my turn comes, I will be paying great attention to where the nurse swabs the alcohol.
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