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  1. I haven’t seen it. Interesting. I’ll look it up. When I say I’ve always known I am neuro divergent...I should clarify that I didn’t know the term for it. I have just always felt like I’m on a completely different wavelength than most people. I felt like a foreigner or something. It’s very hard to describe, but I recognized it in elementary school. When I went to college, I was determined to reinvent myself to be a “normal girl”, and do all the “normal girl” things—which required great effort and intention from me. Set the course for my “normal life” lol.
  2. This very well could be part of the problem. It is more difficult that it looks! There are so many muscles he wants you to engage. I need to prioritize my core muscles. I am finding that it helps me to watch the workouts before I actually do them.
  3. You're in Canada? Has the entire country run out or is this local?
  4. I started DDPY a few weeks ago based on the recommendations here. I really, really like it, but I'm finding that my lower back hurts for awhile after a workout. On top of that...I have been cleaning out all, ALL of my kitchen cabinets. Lots of bending, lifting, climbing step ladder, scrubbing on hands and knees--you get the picture. Now my lower back is REALLY bothering me. The pain isn't bad--its just that feeling of I might be about to throw my back out and be in bed a few days kwim? So my question is... do I lay off the DDPY until I'm feeling better? Some of the moves actually feel rea
  5. To be fair she didn't use the term weirdo. She just talked about all of the "not fitting in", socially awkward, "not usually athletic" generalizations. Also, it was 1980.
  6. Pretty sure I’m on the spectrum. I’ve always known I was neuro-divergent. At first I blamed it on “giftedness” because my gifted class teacher told us that basically if we are weirdos—that’s why. Then later I realized I have ADHD inattentive type. I’ve never been diagnosed for that either because so many moms were feigning ADD to get the meds. No doctor would take me seriously. My realization came after my dd’s dx. Both my husband and I have traits. If it doesn’t rise to the level of official dx, when at least have the “broad autism phenotype”. i very much relate to OP/Mrs Tigg
  7. Also, don’t be afraid to get a second opinion!! I was able to avoid a second lumpectomy several years ago by getting a second opinion from a different pathology group. Interestingly, my first lumpectomy/reconstruction was also the result of getting a second opinion. The radiologist who did my biopsy sent me to a general surgeon. She did not want to take the entire tumor because she would be taking “half my breast” in her words. I got some recommendations and found a surgeon who only does breasts. She is an onco-plastic surgery specialist. She’s the one who said—you don’t want to l
  8. I’ve had multiple breast biopsies. The worst part is waiting for results. If they are simple cysts, they will show up as solid black on ultrasound. It’s good that you are getting the ultrasound. And none of mine have been cancer. I did have to have a large tumor removed when I was 40. The biopsy came back benign, but that particular type of tumor had a “high association w malignancy”, so my breast surgeon said, “you don’t want to leave that in there.” But yeah...I have trouble maker boobs. I’ve had at least 3 different types of tumors, cysts drained, etc. Just remember that the VAS
  9. If you are interested in making bread with yeast, I’ve had really good luck with the recipes from King Arthur Flour. ETA You don't have to use King Arthur Flour to be successful with their recipes. I made my most recent loaf with Aldi all purpose flour and it turned out great.
  10. Yep. It’s pretty amazing actually. It’s not terribly difficult, and it’s a fun experiment. The total ingredients for a loaf are water, flour, and salt. And the starter, of course. That’s it. And you get this amazing bread.
  11. I’m not doing sourdough right now also because I got sick of maintaining starter. There are ways to make it lower maintenance—like putting in the fridge. My fam loved when I would make it though. They wish I would make it again.
  12. Other breads use require yeast. That’s the other “starter”.
  13. Chef John on Allrecipes has a video on this. That’s how I started. https://www.allrecipes.com/recipe/260539/chef-johns-sourdough-starter/ I was going to suggest the website The Perfect Loaf, but it does get a bit technical. The site does have a lot of good info though. Oh and Jovial Foods has videos.
  14. Dinner was Zaxbys tonight because my kitchen is still a mess from the big purge. Made a few phone calls regarding mortgage recast, carpet installation at our student property, notary public at bank branch. Paid bills. Otherwise, I’ve been working on the kitchen. I’m pretty excited about how it’s going to function when I’m finished. It’s taking longer than I anticipated. Sometimes I have to just stop and stare for a long time at empty cabinets trying to figure out what to put where. A couple of years ago, I went on a tour of several homes of ladies who own a home organization b
  15. What in the actual hell? 😂She makes money from this??? Granted I’m post menopausal so maybe I should be in the market... um. Nah no thanks.
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