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  1. I’m interested but haven’t listened yet. I was always Very, VERY leery of Driscoll. I’m not sure it is a good use of my time. I’m sure it’s a good and needed documentary. I just think that my current circumstances dictate that I shouldn’t listen right now. I’m grateful that it’s getting an audience. Whatever it takes to build up, edify, sanctify the true church.
  2. So I’m very interested in all of this. What are your thoughts about the drive through testing that Walmart does. I have done it once. Self administered. Not a “brain swab”. At the time I was pretty sure I had a stomach bug, so the negative result wasn’t a surprise. I guess the main difference in at home vs drive through at Walmart is that WM reports positive results??? I don’t understand why at home tests wouldn’t be reported though—if they have to be sent off to a lab. Eta... I see that BINAX is a rapid test that doesn’t get sent off. are there any other options for at home testing?
  3. I love Pinterest! I guess my most unusual boards would be "Overlanding" or "Off grid" Most pins is "Yummy" with 116. Then I have a "Yummy 2019" that has almost as many pins. So now I've started boards for different food types. Easier to find recipes that way. Least pins is tied between several boards about different travel destinations where I save Airbnbs, etc.
  4. I'm really sorry he's sick. I'm late to the thread but wanted to mention in case it helps anyone else out in the future--A single hose portable AC unit actually creates a negative pressure situation. Just a thought.
  5. This is good to know. I realize that this is somewhat a psychological issue for me. lol I’m going to pour a glass of wine and catch up on Lorain Furniture videos tonight. I’ve got some research to do before my 22 year old Whirlpool gives out on me. As I mentioned up thread, I’m actually leaning toward an LG front loader because of its capacity. (And I’ve used them in vacation rentals with good results. I go back and forth on this. @Spy Car so does your Miele stay damp or get mold? That is the one thing about the LGs I’ve used. They always have a little water in the door. Gets a little grungy.
  6. Same for their used car reliability predictions. I totally agree. It's a shame.
  7. I feel the same. That's definitely part of the appeal of the SQ. I do not want my nasty, stinky yard work clothes swishing around in a few gallons of warm water. And the thought of cloth diapers...just no. Sounds like a Petri dish.
  8. I forgot--we have bought glasses there several times. Tires. We always get new tires there. Any big purchase you are thinking about, check Costco first. Whether its car battery, lawn mower, raised garden bed, computer, Fitbit, etc. They don't alway have what you need, but always good to check.
  9. I always check the flyer for what has a coupon. I buy Tide powder detergent when they have the coupon. Batteries when they have the coupon. Paper plates with coupon Trash bags Scott TP with coupon We all LOVE the "street tacos" ready to eat meal. I pick one up every time I'm in there! Most food I can do better at Aldi, but I do get their ground beef to freeze. The meat is good there.
  10. I mostly used fans to pull the air out of the cooled room and push it into other parts of the house. It worked well for us. It was a little bit of a pain to have a box fan sitting in a doorway/hall, but it definitely made the other rooms tolerable. eta to clarify--you don't want the fan close to the ac unit-- you want it at the door to pull that cool air out and move it into other parts of the house. We actually still do this in our current house with central ac. Our master bedroom is the hottest room in the house. I sit the box fan in the hallway just outside the bedroom to push cooler air from the living room/foyer into my bedroom.
  11. I totally get the love for Speed Queen, but after much consideration, my next washer will be an LG front loader. For efficiency, load capacity...I want to be able to wash down comforters. My second choice would be Speed Queen. My current washer and dryer is Whirlpool circa 2002. My husband had to replace a part last year, but it’s still serving me well. Hoping it hangs on for a few more years. If you really want to geek out on washing machines, check out Lorain Furniture and Appliance on YouTube. 🙂
  12. That was my response!! That cannot be true!
  13. My youngest is 15. She was formally dx'ed with autism and dyscalculia at age 11. She would like to go to college, and I think it's a reasonable goal for her. I'm guessing she needs a more current evaluation in order to receive accomodations for standardized testing. I know that the ACT isn't as important as it used to be, but it may be her ticket since she's not going to have a transcript full of AP classes. My fear is that she has made so much progress that she won't require the ASD diagnosis anymore. Is that possible? I'm pretty sure she will still test as having dyscalculia. I mean she's made a ton of progress. We are finally moving into pre-algebra, but she still counts on her fingers sometimes. ETA: She sees a psychiatrist regularly because she takes Vyvanse for binge eating disorder. This psychiatrist also puts down ADHD as one of her diagnoses. When she had her initial evals at age 11, that dr said she didn't have attention deficits. Current doctor sees attention/executive functioning deficits in real life scenarios as she has gotten to know my dd. Hence her adding the ADHD dx. How recent does the dx need to be in order to get accommodations?
  14. Regarding summer of '22--I'm seeing this mostly on the Alabama Gulf coast and Florida panhandle beaches. But I'm also seeing it in other beach communities in the short term. I have a friend coming to visit me in August from TX. She and I were thinking of driving down to the beach for a few days. In the past late Aug and Sept had lots of availibity and low prices. Not so this year. We can find a place to stay, but the prices aren't much lower than peak season. Normally, after mid August, prices drop anywhere from 30-50% of peak rates. This year Sept is maybe 10-20% lower than peak, and many properties I've looked at are booked well into October. Supply and demand at work. I'm adding my specific example. We stayed at this little cottage about a block off the beach on Anna Maria Island in May--which is off season there. Our cottage was $1800 all in--taxes fees and all for 7 nights. I just checked the rate for May of '22. $4400 all in. https://www.annamariaparadise.com/anna-maria-island-rentals/angelfish#rcav={"rcav"%3A{"begin"%3A"05%2F21%2F2022"%2C"end"%3A"05%2F28%2F2022"%2C"adult"%3A1%2C"child"%3A0%2C"eid"%3A"210"}}
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