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  1. I have no experience with hornets. We have bees and paper wasps around here, both of which take a while to build nests. And it’s a Dangerous Flying Insect Booya/h!!!🦟 Run for your lives, people!! Run for your lives!!
  2. Jean, that is crazy. I cannot believe the camp did not know those were around and do something about it.
  3. Good Morning!!!!! COFFEE!!!!~D Humph Day!!! We had a very good start to school yesterday. It’s gonna be waaaaay different schooling just the two younger girls. It’ll be good. Awana training tonight. DH got a call from the mechanic yesterday. The water pump has a leak and while they have it out they’re going to do the timing belt, etc. it’s going to be expensive. And we just spent $800 in June on a gear shift repair and transmission flush. Ugh!! But finally, what are you going to do?? It’s still a good car, and still cheaper to repair than dropping $$XXX on a new car.
  4. No, you need a personal assistant. When I was teaching we had a parent who had a personal assistant. It was this young woman who followed the lady around everywhere with a clip board and did whatever she was told. It was actually quite bizarre. But I would love to have a personal assistant.
  5. My response is always, “well, then don’t do that.”😂
  6. Well, I took the car in. A nice boy brought me home. And now, here we are. I need to get prepared. School starts in T minus 20 minutes,
  7. This is my favorite children’s book ever. In honor of your kitchen.
  8. Good Morning!!!! COFFEE!!!!~D Tuesday!!! First Day of School!!! Am I ready?? No, not really, but we’re gonna do it anyway. Curriculum is all here, but mentally I am not. And I had wanted to pick up donuts or do a McDonald’s lunch to mark the occasion, but instead, I get to take the older kids to school, and then drop my car off at the mechanics for 2 days. I have to reschedule a cut-and-color for the second time, too. Maybe we’ll do donuts at the end of the week. My mom is lending me her car, but only on a “real need” basis, which McDonalds and the hair dresser do not fall under, but Back to School Night for our charter, which I am required to be at does.
  9. More like waist deep!! Making lunch now, then heading for the park to meet a new family!!
  10. I can commiserate. Or, I will be able to in a month. DS gets his permit in a month. Right now he is parking my car in our garage and backing it out and driving my parents’ pickup truck all over the back avenues of their ranch. He’s actually a good driver, he seems to have a feel for accelerating and braking and turning. And he’s not a maniac. So, that’s good. But I am not looking forward to driving on real roads with him.
  11. Good Morning!!!!! COFFEE!!!!~D Monday!!😩😩😩 I’m meeting another family today at the park. So, that should be nice. Hopefully the mechanic can take my car in today and my mom said I can borrow hers (a newish GMC Acadia), so that problem is solved. My car (a 2004 Sienna) is starting to need a bit more attention. A bit more pricey attention. We just dropped $800 a couple months ago, and now it’s the water pump (DH thinks). It’s only got 146,000 miles on it. I’d like to keep driving it for another year or so as a primary car (although it is all scraped up, thanks to DS) and then let DS use it and me get another car (preferably a Highlander or a Pilot or maybe even a Traverse). We’d like to get 200,000 miles out of it before we let it go. Grrrrr, cars. It’s supposed to be hot again this week.🔥🔥☀️
  12. Buttermilk has gotten big. And she’s got stripes.
  13. I made caramel sticky buns. The cat is drinking out of the fountain. The girls are running in and out of the house screaming,
  14. Because they don’t do it right. And they have other chores.
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