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  1. All right, you people. I am out of here for the weekend. Going to Family Camp. We will have no internet access, so you won't be hearing from me until Monday afternoon. Have a great weekend, everyone!!!! Love you all!!!!!!😘
  2. Good morning!! Had the COFFEE!!!!☕☕☕☕ At the allergist for DD1s shots. We're heading to the mountains for family camp today. I'll check in before I go. My iPad is butt.
  3. Tech staff is all on vacation. I just need a new iPad. This one is having myriad issues. But I've been spending money like it was water lately. So, I don't think I'll be getting a new iPad anytime soon.
  4. (((Critter ))) Keep us updated. We're your peeps. We have your back!!!!!
  5. My cousin's kid got married in a park right by the river and boaters were floating by (the specific part of the river is a no-wake zone, so they just float) were heckling them, right in the middle of the ceremony. Who does that????????
  6. I was at the Afsa. But also, my stupid iPad won't let me sign in to the Boards. I have to go to the main computer, which is butt. And, I can't just check-in any old time I want. I have to come into the office and sit down and log in and all that. Bleh!!!!!! JJM, where's the bazooka?
  7. Expensive ones.😩😩😩😩😩😩 We moves into a 25 year old house at Christmastime and it is actually very well maintained and kept up, but there are some things..... 1) Carpeting.... we just had all the carpeting (which we are pretty sure was original) replaced this week. We had planned on that when we bought the house, so rolled that into the loan, etc., but was still hard to stomach. I am an extremely insecure decorator and while I like the carpet, it’s darker than what was here (what was here was very light) and so I’m feeling very insecure about it. 2) Exterior painting.... it’s a stucco exterior and needs to be re-dashed. Lots and lots of cracks from settling. I need to get on that this week. 3) Solar is underway. 4) Lots and lots of yard work. Poor DH, the lawns are all a mess of weeds, several different types of grasses.
  8. Good morning!!! COFFEE!!!~D Friday Eve. Carpet is installed. Now I spend the day putting things back to rights, Yesterday the kids had their piano recital at Memory Care at the local retirement home. They did a great job. Especially DD2 who struggles and struggles, but she learned her pieces and did well. My Aunt B is a resident there in Memory Care. She’s my Grandma’s younger sister. She’s 97 years old and still remembers me. She didn’t remember my mom, though,😂😂😂. I guess that’s what dementia does to you. I still feel kind of carpy from this UTI.
  9. Carpet is done. Whew!!! They worked hard and did a good job. Now we have to put everything back.😩
  10. Well, at least your cat has a good reason. The bowl is empty. My cats think they are starving when their food is not fresh.
  11. I am going to my doctor this afternoon. UTI is still not done. I am tired. My house is a wreck because the carpet layers are here. We’re re-carpeting the entire house.😩 I think the carpet that was here when we moved in was the original. 25 years old.
  12. Seriously?? Now my iPad is letting me sign in and post.
  13. So, my GP got the results of my ultrasound today. Lol. That was quick. See, this is why I love my GP. She called me this afternoon. Everything looks good, says she. Very normal. Nice ovaries. I guess that goes along with my beautiful cervix. I'm just curious as to what my Gyn is going to say. I have an appt. with her in a couple of weeks.
  14. We had chicken pot pie for dinner. I found a really good recipe on And strawberries. My poor strawberry guy. We had over an inch of rain this weekend. Highly unusual for this time of year. All that rain is not good for strawberries. I was talking to him today when I bought some. I felt bad for him, but he was pretty philosophical about it. I like him. I've been buying from him for years.
  15. I am so sorry, Yael. We are going through horrible things with our oldest son (almost 16), things I cannot share on these boards, and not exactly like yours, but similar in intensity and severity. He is not living in our home right now and is refusing mental health help. Everything we have tried has backfired on us. As in, oh, your son is fine, you're the crazy ones Mom and Dad. I have no advice for you, either on this thread or as a PM because we are just feeling our way through this ourselves. All I can say is keep persevering, keep trying, but also make sure you do everything you can to keep yourself and the rest of your family safe. I am just so sorry you are having to go through this, but just know you are not the only ones.
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