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  1. Do you have an old refrigerator you can drag out to your front porch? That might be fun, too?
  2. Good Morning!! COFFEE!!~D Humph Day!! School and work!! Yesterday ended up crazy, but not as crazy as it could have been. I ended up not driving all the way to the far reaches of the County, as the family at the last minute asked for a Zoom meeting. Which was fine. Then, my cousin texted me in the afternoon and said I was inadvertently left off the guest list for her daughter’s bridal shower and could I come? The shower was last night. So, because I wasn’t going on my little trip, I was able to go to the shower, which was delightful. However, today I’m driving and meeting three other families, but that’s fine. I’m leaving earlier and will be home earlier. Baby has cheer camp again tonight. Last night oldest DD went to the girls’ basketball game. They are advancing in post-season play, which is great. They quite handily beat a team in their division from LA last night.
  3. Good Morning!! COFFEE!!~D Tuesday!! School and work!! Gotta drive out to the far reaches of the County today. it’s a nice drive, though, and the weather is supposed to be good. Toto, I’m glad you were able to have a good talk with DD last night.
  4. Good Morning!!! COFFEE!!~D Monday!!😩😩😩😩😩 School and work. I really need another Monday Holiday!! Like….forever.
  5. We churched. DH picked up a peach cobbler at the bakesale. Now I am snuggled up on the couch watching a Hallmark movie and napping. Both at the same time. Simultaneously.
  6. Good Morning!!! COFFEE!!~D Sunday!! Church,!⛪️ So, my bread for the bake sale turned out tolerable. The third and fourth batches did. I was up late. Frustrated am I. You do have to have a feel for the texture of the dough and somehow….I just don’t.
  7. My bread is turning out terrible. I am a pretty good cook, but I am amazingly inconsistent when it comes to baking bread. I don’t know why. it just irritates me.
  8. I worked for a couple of hours outside. It is a beautiful day out, that’s for sure. Sun is shining, temps are perfect. I weeded, fertilized the miniature roses and generally puttered around. My container garden on the back patio is doing all right, in spite of all the damage Lorinda the peacock did. A big fern looks dead, but I cut it back and am watering it, so here’s hoping. Oooh, I got another Booya/h. Two in a row. It’s a gardening Booya/h!!
  9. Good Morning!!! COFFEE!!~D Saturday!! Slept in till 8:00. It was wonderful!! I don’t know what all is happening today. I do know I need to bake for the church bake sale tomorrow. Clean the house.
  10. I’m back. Made it up and down the mountain. Had some delightful conversations and the drive was gorgeous. Much better than sitting in front of my computer all day, which I hate. And back from the AFSA. I hate that place, too. The girls are back from the basketball game. Their school’s girls basketball team won Valley in their division, so I guess they move on to something else.
  11. Good Morning!! COFFEE!!~D Fri-yay!! School and work!! The girls basketball team at my girls’ school made it to the Valley PlayOffs, and the school is taking a rooter bus to the game today, so the girls are doing that. I am driving up to the mountains to see a couple of families. I haven’t seen them since before Christmas because of weather issues, but I am excited to see them today. Got a cut-and-color yesterday afternoon, so now I am pretty again.
  12. I finished “Agnes Grey”. That was an amazing and powerful little book. I’m still just kind of absorbing it, but the growth of the heroine, her ability to discern what is truly of value in a person and in life, her ability to accept and learn from adversity and become better for it…it was really a good book. I have never in my life wanted to be like a character in a book before like I want to be like Agnes Grey.
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