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  1. Good Morning!!!!! COFFEE!!!!~D Friday Eve!!! I can do this. I can do this!! I meet with 4 families today. Two are in the Big City. And Bell Choir tonight. I am looking at this day, and I just don’t want to do it. But I have to, go here goes.
  2. Good Morning!!!!! COFFEE!!!!!!~D Humph Day!!!! Busy Busy day today. Fortunately 3 of the 4 families I see I will actually see in my town. I only have to drive to see the fourth family. Somehow I’m going to have to get school in for the little girls, then there’s piano lessons and Awana tonight. I just gotta keep aiming for Friday night. Friday night. Friday night. “What is Friday night?” You ask. Nothing. Nothing is Friday night. That is the end of the busyness. At least work busyness. Then it’s prep for Thanksgiving busyness, which is fine. I do need to get a turkey, though.
  3. Well, I had a good day visiting families. It’s a lot of work and a lot of driving, but I enjoyed it. The one mom I keep forgetting how much I like her. She’s a kick.
  4. There are good tamales and not so good tamales. I make not so good tamales. So I don’t make them anymore. They aren’t so good if they are too dry.
  5. Good Morning!!!!! COFFEE!!!!!~D Tuesday!!!! It’s Jeannie’s Nirthday!!! Epic Birthday Bash at the Island. Pull out all the stops!!! Happy Nirthday, Jeannie!!!!!🎉🎉🎉🍰🍰🍰🍰🍫🎁🎁🎁🎁🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈 Busy day today!!!
  6. I’m back. Busy busy day. We had potato soup for dinner with corn bread. That’s for whoever asked what’s for dinner. Of course, it’s too late now. Bell choir tonight. We are going to play at the Nation’s Christmas Tree Ceremony thingie up at the General Grant Tree in King’s Canyon National Park next month. That should be kind of neat. Handbells in the forest. Hopefully there will be some snow by then. This is like one of the driest Novembers on record.
  7. I don’t think you did, Slashie. You are alive, your family is intact and from what I can tell, reasonably happy and healthy. You seem to have maintained your humor and sensibilities. You’ve had some big changes and some difficulties, but overall, I think you have done very well!!
  8. Last year I made these adorable snowflakes with hot glue and toilet paper/paper towel tubes. And for some reason I can’t put down a link. Anyhow. Just google it.
  9. Good Morning!!!! COFFEE!!!!~D Monday!!! I am dreading this week and I need to stop. Scheduling family visits this Learning Period was extremely difficult and I will be seeing 15 families Tuesday-Friday. And these people are very nice and the visits are all very pleasant.... I don’t know why I dread this. I think it’s because I would just rather be home. And I hate leaving the little girls home. They are fine. There are two of them, middle DD is almost 11 and they are generally only home alone about an hour or two before oldest DD comes home from school. We live in an extremely quiet neighborhood and my mom lives 5 minutes away. But I feel guilty. And my job is just overwhelming. Everyone tells me the first year is horrible, it gets much better in year two, and I believe it, but I still need to get through this year.
  10. I am exhausted. We had our Sunday School class over for dinner. It was good, but as Baby so aptly put it.... “They used me up.”
  11. The Raiders are still ahead, but not by much. Almost the end of the 3rd quarter. They could pull this off. The Bengals aren’t that good (they’re 0-9) but anything could happen with the Raiders.
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