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  1. KrissiK

    Ignore this thread!

    Don’t feel too bad, Junie. I stuck at science. And I used to be a science teacher back in the day. I was a really good science teacher. We did experiments all the time. We shot off water powered bottle rockets out on the playing field and calculated height and distance. We made boats powered by baking soda and vinegar and raced them and applied it to Newton’s Three Laws of Motion. I ran a rocket club after school. I was a awesome science teacher. And I totally suck at homeschool science. We have done basically no science this year. I did order Apologia, so we’re going back to that because it gets done. #isaidsuck
  2. KrissiK

    Ignore this thread!

    We dinnered. I made chicken in a pot. But I didn’t have fresh onion and had to use dried, not nearly as good. The kids spent the whole time quoting “A Series of Unfortunate Events.” I think i’m Going to die, they were hilarious.
  3. KrissiK

    Ignore this thread!

    Yes. Drain and rinse. Then put them in a little sauté pan with some butter and sauté them till they are brown and crunchy and then put some seasoning salt on top. I like to nibble on them plain, but they are also good as toppings for salads, etc.
  4. KrissiK

    Ignore this thread!

    Can you have chick peas/garbanzo beans?? Sauté them in a little butter and season them and they are crunch and tasty. I like them on top of salads instead of croutons. But you have to use them right away. You can’t make a bunch and save them. They’re really yummy.
  5. KrissiK

    Ignore this thread!

    Good Morning!!! COFFEE!!!~D Monday!!! But it’s a holiday Monday!!!👍👍👍 I slept horribly last night. I think it was the COFFEE!!!~D We had dinner at some friends house last night and the guy roasts his own COFFEE~D beans. And get the beans from exotic locations. Like Ethiopia. So, yeah, of course I’m going to have some. But I didn’t Sleep well as a result. Oh well, the price we pay.... We had a storm last night. Lots of wind. Well, for us it was a lot of wind. I’m sure for many of you it would be considered a slight breeze. 😂 There’s all kind of debris on the ground from our trees, but everything is soggy, too, so I guess I will wait to clean it up. DD has an appt. with the allergist today. Then I am going to try to make good use of my day by getting school stuff done and tackling some of the piles left from the move.
  6. KrissiK

    Ignore this thread!

    I am back. The Chiefs lost. 😥 I guess I will cheer for the Rams in the Superbowl because I just cannot abide the Patriots. No offense to any Patriots fans. We went to dinner at some friends house tonight. It was very nice. Had salmon. Delicious. I never cook salmon, though. Hmm. I've always been a little afraid to. This was grilled. Very tasty. Didn't see the blood super wolf moon. It's slightly rainy out. Tomorrow we are taking the holiday off. I have so much to get done around the house.
  7. KrissiK

    Ignore this thread!

    Although, as my IRL-BFF pointed out, the Rams have a very cute head coach, so that makes a difference. My reasons for choosing teams to cheer for can tend to be very shallow at times.😂😂
  8. KrissiK

    Ignore this thread!

    Football. I’m going for the Saints in the first game. And then it’s the Chiefs all the way in the second.
  9. KrissiK

    Ignore this thread!

    Totally not insulting, JJM!!
  10. KrissiK

    Ignore this thread!

    I know, I keep getting them and feeling all left out.😂😂😂 indon’t know if my phone counts steps, but I never have it on me. DH’s phone does and he gets zillions off steps every day.
  11. KrissiK

    Ignore this thread!

    My Fitbit died about 6 months ago. It got banged up a lot being on my wrist and I don’t think it liked that kind of treatment. I haven’t Replaced it.
  12. KrissiK

    Ignore this thread!

    So, we stopped by the old house yesterday to get some stuff out of the backyard (picnic table, pots for plants, etc) and peeked inside. Wow. Those painters are miracle workers. Seriously!!! They aren’t close to done, they had a lot of repair work to do, but the rooms they got done..... wow!!! DH is always one to say, “why pay someone if we can do it ourselves?”, but these guys are really good. For what they are doing, I definitely think we are being charged a reasonable price, although it is a lot. But we need to sell our house, and I just know what my initial reaction was when I stepped into the rooms they painted.... I am convinced that paying a professional to do the painting is worth it.
  13. KrissiK

    Ignore this thread!

    Good Morning!!!!!! COFFEE!!!!~D Sunday!!!! Church!!💕 Football!!! Go Chiefs!!!!
  14. KrissiK

    Ignore this thread!

    They say it should be a baseline. When my FitBit was working, I struggled to get 8,000 steps just doing daily routines. If I wanted to get close to 10,000 I always had to take walks in the evening or something. So, to me that is not baseline,
  15. KrissiK

    Ignore this thread!

    Tonight I helped my Baby make banana fritters from Susan Branch’s cookbook. They turned out pretty well.
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