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  1. Ok, I looked it up, anyone with a RS license has access to group tutoring sessions. A group session can have up to 4 students, including yourself, and is 25 minutes. They practice what has been learned in the units, and will expand some on them. You practice using the language in conversation in role plays with the other students, or the tutor if there are no other students booked. There are two live sessions per unit, after lessons 2 and 4. A person can also purchase private sessions separately. I have a system - RS for role play and practicing the sentences, etc. My other tutors on another platform for specific help on things I'm working on. I haven't had a private session in a while though...😬
  2. Yeah, the ice cream comes out good; we did a practice run last night. I have a vague memory of doing it before, but don't remember well. I bought a bunch of heavy whipping cream so it would be creamier, but a lot of recipes say to use half and half, which works just as well. Here is the recipe site I passed on to the parents in my classes:
  3. I got another computer for Gymnast, since she'll need one once we turn in the school thing. Besides the school one has stupid blocks on it and she can't access some classes. Shhhh, don't tell her it's hers.
  4. Don't believe the hype. You absolutely can and should cancel it and get a refund. She is tired. And hot. And crampy. And apparently, still on call at her job even though she's on bedrest. I get to make ice cream in a bag 5 times in a row today from 9:30am-12:00pm. Yay me. Gymnast gets to help; she's excited about that. I'm already tired and feel like I'm falling asleep. But I need to prepare the bags of ice because there won't be enough time between classes.
  5. Yeah. As a RS tutor, we are there to help practice the vocabulary they are learning in the lesson, but we also will scaffold to the next level, so it is stretching their abilities. I tutor English, and I am studying Chinese. I think the live tutoring is what is seeing the most results (tutoring works in conjunction with the RS lessons). A person has to be able to practice with someone - hear the language in different ways, respond appropriately, have someone that can correct language, etc. But, I'll say that with any program. Just reading or listening to a language without having someone to practice with will only get a person so far, if the goal is fluency. I'll have to check which ones, but some of these RS deals come with the live tutoring, and some the live tutoring is extra.
  6. I tutor adults that are doing the Rosetta Stone program. It seems with the live tutoring, they are doing well with it. (RS is one of my part time jobs). I don't think any program without a live component - someone to talk to and practice with - is going to have very good results.
  7. I did some things in my absence. I've set up a drive by baby shower for my daughter, and created a FB private group for attendees and non attendees (like family out of state) for live gift opening. I ordered some things. Dh teased me and said I was grandmothering. Or at least, that's how I interpreted his Spanish. Work has picked up. I opened up a couple of online immersion Spanish prek classes for summer camp, then opened a couple more, then a couple more...and a couple more. I can't meet the demand, and I won't wear myself out though. Gymnast wants to help me when I do the lemonade and the ice cream classes, too. That should be fun! She doesn't know that I'll pay her as my assistant. 🙂 I should go to bed now.
  8. He'll probably chill, and possibly nap. I'm glad our Afsa has pick-up. Although, the past couple of times they really messed up. It got fixed though, and I still will use it. No, not weird. Caffeine has the opposite effect on children. This is why some people "medicate" their really energetic (or AD/HD kids) with caffeine.
  9. @Servant4Christ, how do you make bean/corn salsa? I'm pretty sure I have a vague memory somewhere, but tell my your recipe. Your mention of it made me want to make some, lol!
  10. Ok. So this just may be coming together. Bible - Bible Study Fellowship Math - Singapore Primary Science - self-designed Spanish zoology course, starting with birds (teaching on Outschool) Social studies - self-designed Spanish course on community and basic geography (teaching on Outschool) Spanish - integrated grammar, spelling, and writing with above courses English - meh, er, All About Spelling Suzuki violin Chinese with Lingo Bus (referral link) and Sunday Chinese school, integrating in daily routine, and character study She apparently also wants to go back to learning German - TBD
  11. He can play with them - in French. 2 birds, 1 stone. Play lends itself to showing while speaking, learning while doing, and no need to conjugate verbs. 😄
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