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  1. Too early here too. In other news, our potted apricot and peach trees are still alive!!!!!!
  2. Oh, shoot! I know who it is. Mr. G, right? That used to be on Currclick Live. He was there for years, and has a great reputation! You guys mentioning all the different languages he teaches helped. The other teacher I mentioned only taught Japanese and was on Outschool a very short time (less than a year).
  3. We have 45 minutes to get out of bed and be on the road to watch the last show of the school year of the School Time series at the university. This show is by Sonia Somebody and her band is called "Música de las Americas." (Cognates are words that are similar in English and the target language. Since that title is mostly cognates, and know ya'll can figure it out. 😁)
  4. Bon Voyage World Languages Academy. She used to only teach French, but hired other native teachers and offers many languages now.: Luma Learn: Outschool:
  5. I wonder if this is the same Todd Godwin that used to teach on Outschool. My older took Japanese with him. He seemed quite thorough, but after several parent complaints about yelling, insulting, and otherwise bad behavior towards the students, he left the platform (or was kicked off, don't know). What platform is he on now?
  6. Well, one of the youngest's experiments DID turn out edible, so there's that. She has created her own edible cinnamon cake. I'm so proud. She just needs to remember the baking powder and salt, the only two ingredients I had to tell her to add (instead of her putting in dirt like she originally wanted to do). So, I guess the potions thing did turn out to be a worthy pursuit after all.
  7. Thank you for your response. I haven't really received any sort of guidance like that. The teacher sent me the daily schedule, so I can see what she covers. Looking at it again, the focus is on math and language arts. Most math is in the morning meeting with the number study I mentioned. Another half hour is the study hall in which they work on math from home. Language arts is studying a poem, as well as some spelling, dictation, journaling. I don't see science or social studies on the schedule, but I saw a lot on the walls that the children worked on together. It may have been part of their afternoon project. I haven't received any information other than that, and we've met the teacher and spent time in the class visiting a couple of times.
  8. 8 hours of reading 7th grade essays is not fun. Just sayin'. lol!
  9. Carve soap into interesting sculptures, surprising mom Fold rolls of paper towels into origami figures, surprising mom Make potions with a mix of kitchen and outdoors materials/ingredients, check edibility, but not with mom Train dogs to climb ladder, surprising mom Howl like a wolf at random times, annoying mom I've got a few more like these, if you like...
  10. I'd never heard of broccoli salad before this thread.
  11. Slash, I have a special gift for reproducing...inventive children...
  12. Free time with Gymnast usually leads to some type of trouble...
  13. So, I have homeschooled since my 19yo was 4. She spent two years in charter schools (7th & 9th), but for the most part she continued to homeschool even as I worked in and out of the home. I just graduated her last year. My second child is currently in the second grade. I knew from the beginning I would probably put her in some type of school, whether full- or part-time. She is just very different from her sister, and even working from home with her is hard. Her anxiety was too much to put her anywhere for any amount of time (unless I was there), but now she is ready and excited about attending somewhere. Our district has what they dub the "homeschool program" (although they are considered public school students). My daughter will be in a mixed class of 1st to 5th graders (no more than 12), Monday through Wednesday, 4 hours a day (10-2). The teacher does math activities, like number of the day (based on days in school), is it prime, finding factors of it, skip counting by factors, etc. so the abilities range all grades. The regular math supposed to come from home, so I'll be sending Singapore. I figure I can teach the textbook before she leaves for school, and my daughter is pretty self-sufficient in doing the workbook. The teacher focuses a lot on language arts: poetry, writing. I think they do a lot of it in combination with a social studies or science topic. I'm trying to decide what to do with her the rest of the time. I don't think the teacher sends homework. I was thinking to do spelling with her, as it won't be a focus in school next year. I will also need to continue Spanish (her other native language, so not optional), and we'd like to continue Chinese. I'm tempted to let that be it and just let her follow interests and do field trips and park days when she's not in school. But, I also have at least a couple of hours of work on one of the days she's not in school, and she'll need a specific activity to do when I'm working or she'll get into mischief. What would you do with a child that you have for two school days a week?
  14. I have two 4-hour test rating shifts today. It gets a bit boring, so I'm glad the shifts are two hours apart. I'm currently listening to 100 Must-have Bach Masterpieces (Amazon Prime) to help me concentrate. I slept 8 hours last night. I don't think I have much to say right now, actually.
  15. What de que?!?! I didn't think there were child-sized bazookas... If I were that teacher, that book went straight to the trash without even looking at it! It takes longer to thaw. Me neither. Me too!
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