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  1. I know exactly what I´ve accomplished: Nothing. Absolutely nothing. As of this upcoming Monday, our state is also open to 16 and up. Since my child is under 16, however, it doesn't apply to our family...😅 Yes, there are some things I can task switch on, but as a probably-undiagnosed ADHD adult, it is an unwise decision. Put ADHD Gymnast and ADHD Maestra Renai together, and neither tutoring or dishes will get done...well maybe 2 hours later. 0% gain. 🤣 Yay! When will you get here? Which one are you getting? I had the Pfizer and most si
  2. You are not multitasking. You are task switching very rapidly. Each time costs the brain a few tenths of a second, so it isn't really noticeable. It can take up to 40 percent longer to complete tasks when done this way, however.
  3. Yeah, I didn't read his letters either. On the same note, Gymnast found an old purple calendar I had and went through it and came back teary. She couldn't tell me what was wrong so she opened a google drive file and voice-to-text told me. She had read something she said was so beautiful that it made her cry. I didn't bother telling her about how it usually is uncouth to read others' thoughts. I did ask why she had been reading something that wasn't hers. (because it was just there)
  4. Same. I always prayed my daughters would hit at least 5 foot. So far, Gymnast is at 4'4". Almost there! There is no such thing as multitasking.
  5. Yes. She confirmed with me the other day that she wants to be fluent.
  6. You're not working with a good crew. Every crew my husband has worked on had a time to be at work (usually 8am), and a time to leave. The last crew my husband worked with (2 weeks ago) had workers that were too slack with time, and he left them after 3 weeks.
  7. I mentioned YoYo Chinese tone videos. They really are very helpful. I had decent tones after using them (before I got a tutor for myself, which I only used a few times), they are that good, and free. I just have trouble distinguishing between 2nd and 3rd tones sometimes when listening.
  8. We are a bilingual English/Spanish family, and Chinese is the foreign language for the youngest, now 10, (oldest did Japanese), with a goal of fluency. I would say to start with a tutor just to make sure to have the tones correct. That is not something you want to have to relearn down the road. Also, you can't just read Chinese using the pinyin because the phonetic system is different from English. My daughter has been doing Mandarin for a couple of years, although not consistently, and is conversational. We use LingoBus, which is a 1-1 tutoring platform. They have the main program, a pinyin p
  9. Yep, I did. With my oldest, I taught several subjects in Spanish since we are a bilingual family. I used some R&S, as well as a mix of other things, and home made materials. We also did Japanese, but not to fluency. I graduated her with a biliteracy seal. I am doing a lot of the same with my youngest, but adding Chinese instead of Japanese. I have a clearer goal of fluency, and integrating the language into our daily routine. That's what I teach families to do as well. You and yours can always join my Family Time Spanish class to learn Spanish together, too! edit: I can't beli
  10. Which I'll never qualify for because local MVD doesn't believe federal info, or something like that. No matter our family has been here since the time of slavery... Ooohhh, THAT'S the book I should read next. I'd forgotten I had it on my mental list. I didn't put readalouds on my Goodreads list this year, but now rethinking that decision since they are turning out to be the only books I finish...
  11. I forgot to ask, with the CBR, do you read the books in order listed?
  12. I got mine on Wednesday. I didn't have my daughter to hold my hand, but the guy was in Army garb, so I felt comfortable (military brat here). Sore arm 2-3 days, a mild headache first day, very high blood pressure that first day (took 2 doses of meds to bring it down). I went from the shot to teaching an hour class, then stayed on the sofa because I felt a bit tired. Not bad, not fatigue, just blah. Lasted one day.
  13. So did I. It was weird. I just all of a sudden felt tired, walked back home from our short jaunt in the river, laid down and passed out for 2 hours. It was between 4:30p and 6:30p though. And I still slept last night. Wait, you don't read Greek?!?! 😅
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