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  1. I restarted my blog after a 3 year hiatus. Hopefully, I will keep up with our trilingual language journey.
  2. There's definitely more room for one! I'll take pickle juice over root beer. It's my party! This was one of the issues of the new apartment - old, stinky carpet. The older woman's dogs had been down there. They cleaned the carpets, and the main carpet is getting replaced in two weeks. She even asked my opinion of which carpet to put down. She had swatches there when I went in to sign the lease. Speaking of suicidal ground squirrels. My daughter and I went to the park to get a free lunch, and while she played and I talked to the ladies. While we were talking, we all of a sudden heard a loud screech. We looked, and there was some lady screaming at the top of her voice, at the cars, to the air. She stopped, and we went back talking. She then started screaming again. I asked the ladies if maybe we should call the police for a mental health crisis. Once she started standing and sitting in the middle of the road and screaming for the cars to please hit her, we did call the police. It was more interesting than squirrels. Thankfully, she wasn't hit.
  3. YouTube and Peacock. I had that lesson plan issue every week with my 1x weekly prek class. I did a 3x weekly class Tues-Thurs, then chose from those classes for the 1x weekly on Friday. It's hard when everything is so good! How did she make a birdhouse out of a coffee can? Are there instructions somewhere? So, I didn't grow up anywhere. I identified more with Georgia (3/3), which is where my mom is from but I never lived there. Second was New Mexico (2/3), then Texas (1/3). I also got 1/3 for Alabama, where I spent most of my childhood. I got 0 for 0 for Ohio, where I was born, but only spent 4 years total of my life.
  4. It will be on Amazon. This series is replacing my first copywork books. https://www.amazon.com/Tam-Renai-Ruiz/e/B07V1SR69S?ref=sr_ntt_srch_lnk_1&qid=1627185419&sr=8-1
  5. I found it! I'm done! Coming soon at a somewhere near you, lol!
  6. Well, lookie there....I was one post away from a booya and that eluded me too! 😂
  7. I am one illustration away from completing this book, and yet it eludes me. 😩
  8. It went great! Except we wound up finding a tiger. The kids thought it was funny.
  9. No flunking. The lion isn't in there. We're hunting him tomorrow. 😄 I actually need to go hunting him down because I can't remember which storage room he is in....hmmm..... Oh, my. I hate when I do that. I'll meal plan, have the grocery list, then lose the plan and have ingredients for mysterious recipes. I think that's what I'm supposed to be using Plan to Eat for, but they list EVERYTHING when I only actually need a few things. So, I just write my list. Oh well. Sigh.
  10. You got most of them! What looks like a bee is the raccoon's tail. We lift up the tree leaves to see it. 😄
  11. Did you find the four hidden animals? 😁
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