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  1. I have a lot of materials available already that can be tweaked and/or adjusted. This has been a long time in the making. Do you have a timetable? You can also pm me, or contact me via email. I haven't been on WTM much lately.
  2. Yes, this is how I teach alphabet pronunciation in my online classes too.
  3. Hi Elizabeth, I was actually considering doing this. I am working on it a bit and determining format, but has been on my mind for a while. When you say while syllabery first, do you mean like how Blend Phonics does it? I have both BP and La Pita Pita (used them for my kids and tutees) and familiar with both.
  4. Renai

    Ignore this thread!

    Krissi posted the link to the sequel. :D Or, the continuation...and ending, as the case may be.
  5. Renai

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    But, it didn't get trampled by hippos.
  6. Renai

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    Pickled, or the regular kind?
  7. Renai

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    But, probably true.
  8. Renai

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    Um, it's been a while, but I don't remember it happening like that...
  9. Renai

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    Now is a good time to work out. Hey, we can work out together! Gymnast is still asleep. Oh, wait, I'm going to get second sleep. Good night.
  10. Renai

    Ignore this thread!

    We don't have the ability to adjust some notification options because admin turned them off. And the page is blinding! But, I'm glad it's back.
  11. Renai

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    You also can't go back to the last read post. It only shows "first" and "latest."
  12. Renai

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    AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! It's back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And we can change the display name!
  13. Renai

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    Same ingredients as enchiladas. Cut up some corn tortillas (I do it like pizza slices) and saute with onions. Please don't do the shortcut and use tortilla chips. It just doesn't taste the same, and has a different texture. Add your chile colorado. Or your canned sauce. Stir. You can also add your chicken pieces or ground beef or whatever, or leave out the meat. After simmering a while, stirring ocassionally, add the shredded cheese on top. Lots of cheese. It's great. It also tastes good with green chile (chicken only, sorry, I'm a purist :tongue_smilie:).
  14. Renai

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    I'm planning a stealth GS cookie run tomorrow morning. :leaving:
  15. Renai

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    Luuknam, there's a thread with your name on it: (Not literally your name on it, but something you might be able to help out with - Dutch). Pokewalks are about the only kind I do. I finally replaced the dogs' collars and bought leashes, so now they go with us ("us" meaning Gymnast and I).
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