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  1. This siggy no longer makes sense for me. It's full of empty boxes and random spaces. I do see a few books and some fire. Oh, well. 😞 Yes, I saw the secret messages, but there's a lot of blank spaces that pushes some things to the middle or off-center. Does it look that way to everyone else?
  2. She just said she can't. 😞 She went through a period that her teacher basically paused her moving forward on more songs, and she started getting discouraged. I told her my thought was, the teacher really wanted to nail certain techniques, and then would start her moving forward again. Lo and behold, that's what happened in lesson this week - teacher mentioned she noticed certain consistency in group, rewarded her, and started her on the next song. I reminded her when we got home about what I said, and her face lit up. All that practice on the same things paid off. She's pretty motivated again. I think she'll start dancing again as she plays. 😄 Eventually.
  3. Oh, my goodness, I remember that! 😂😂😂😂😂
  4. Slash, the comments on the that last video though, 😂😂😂😂😂😂. "Their accurate name 61 cellos, 90 violins, 43 violas, and a cheeky drummer"
  5. I like all that and the hip hop violin dudes, too. We can't look at any violin player anymore without commenting on their bow tip and straight violin wrist. (Gymnast knows the latter as "wall hand," or "not the pizza hand.") Her favorite violin player is Lindsey Stirling.
  6. Yep, it was 11th grade: In looking for this post, I saw how very little I post topics. There were only two pages. On the other hand, there are 492 pages of responses, or something like that...
  7. Same. On all counts. I'm voting oblivious, and conveniently forgetting. I mean, when I went to the high school board for my 12th (or 11lth) grader saying I wanted to drop chemistry because she'd been working on it for a year and was only halfway through (Apologia), I got a bunch of support. I was told to drop it, give her a credit since it's based on time, and gave me suggestions for kitchen chemistry. They were mostly homeschoolers that had been around the block for a while already, and had graduated (or close to) at least one. Are the criticizers mostly younger homeschoolers? It comes up sometimes that some people are just fanatical about their own choices. It's one of the reasons I was told the Bible tells younger women to commune with the older. Not everyone is Mensa-level, and I'm not going to (can't) push mine to be. I can totally work with them where they're at. (It is totally ok that "at" is at the end of that sentence.)
  8. I'm telling you, it's more for me than anyone else. I check it periodically to see if I'm doing what I thought I should be...
  9. I guess I felt the fears were unfounded because I'm rarely on the other boards anymore, and ignore anything that doesn't vibe with what I believe. I have so little brain matter left, anything not worthy of the little I have left is easily forgotten. I'm sorry you all have those experiences (and remember them, that hurts). This siggy is for Servant - take notes! There may be a quiz later (for 1.5 squillion points). I kinda sorta do this stuff. Bilingual homeschooler Dancer - 2018 Homeschool graduate with biliteracy seal Gymnast - 2019-20 3rd grade Part-time public school tutorial class Math - Singapore; Mundo Matematico Reading in English (Sonlight readers), Spanish (La Pata Pita Vuelve), and beginning Chinese AAS 1 & 2; Spanish spelling (alternating trimesters) Grammar - Spanish text Science - Spanish text; STEM baking History/Social studies - Legacy Kits - African American history; Spanish text Cooking - Kids Can Cook Suzuki violin Chinese with Lingo Bus (referral link) and Sunday Chinese school Author of "28 Days to Family Language Learning: A step-by-step guide and journal" Co-author of Amazon #1 Best Seller in 3 categories: "African American Homeschooling Mompreneurs" Follow me on Facebook for up-to-date information on language learning in the home and current Spanish classes: Website:
  10. Our attitudes toward our kids affects in so many ways. I've been exhausted and cranky, and how I was dealing with Gymnast's violin practice and lessons were affected. I had to remind myself of making deposits and the balance to withdrawals. No matter how tired. Even when late to lessons. She likes violin, but I was sucking the love out of it. Being late resulted in her having a hard time getting into the lesson because I was caught up on her being late. I started telling her she can do well, do her best, regardless of how much time she had in the lesson. I'd make a point of writing down the positive things the teacher said during the lesson so I could remind her during practice of the good things her practice was producing. There has been a 180 in her approach to violin. We still have days when I just tell her to put the violin away because I don't want to deal with attitude, but not as many, and she started pulling it out on her own later in the day to practice. Some of it may be because she's growing up (will be 9 in January), but there's no denying the spark in the eye when something positive is noticed and remarked upon. I'm constantly reminding myself of this in other areas as we go through a period of me working way too much and being tired all the time.
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