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  1. I would suggest to them that they rectify the misplacement by placing the 10yo in the original camp for free or very low cost. Dwayne Johnson was the Rock. He still is. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. 🙄 Thanks for telling her this for me. I would really like to see some "deschooling" on that side. It doesn't mean there is NO routine, it just will mean there is some adjustment time. A "different" routine. Routine doesn't have to mean school. It may feel like a nice constant in the chaos, but sometimes the brain just needs the break and adjust. Yes to laundry. No to dishes.
  2. I'm still up. I'm working on a handout for tomorrow's workshop, and still haven't come up with a box to put the raffle tickets in for the giveaways. The presentation is done though, and dh cut out all the raffle tickets for me. We leave tomorrow at 7:30am, so I get to sleep in until 6am. Yay! But I'll be at the conference until 6pm and supposed drive back home and then back again on Saturday. Why all the driving you ask? Because Dancer is helping me on Friday, and dh on Saturday. So I have to bring Dancer back, then go up with dh on Saturday. Oh, I need to make a table poster for a couple of things. I just remembered...sigh.
  3. Did someone add this recipe to the ITT cookbook? I...agree. Maybe I should google what this looks like...
  4. I kinda did that with Dancer. Except, she had run out of diapers on Saturday morning, I had no money to buy more, so told her she had to start using the potty. Her home daycare provider was shocked when I went in on Monday and let her know she was in underwear. She only had a couple of accidents that week, so I guess it worked. Me too. Although, I do like to speak languages too. Right now with Chinese, it's interesting to see how some characters fit together to make words, or how I can figure out some characters because one part of it (radical) means something. It doesn't always work out that way, but it's an interesting intellectual exercise.
  5. Yeah, I remember watching a Chinese show, reading English subtitles (second time through show), and interpreting it in Spanish in my brain. It was quite...interesting. I also will mix all three languages, but it's usually a substitution of only a couple of words per sentence. Yes. And, who said it's bad?!
  6. That sounds like a "them" problem. How did it turn into a "ya'll" problem?
  7. I was going to say, then she can pay for the expenses of him doing it (all the fees and stuff), but I guess Junie's answer is better. 😄
  8. Back when we were allowed to post pics in threads, I had a great photo of the Head Ninja Elephant (me). I don't see that you've posted before, but you have been mentioned once (don't worry, it was good)... They're going to Costa Rica???
  9. But, do you actually stand in single file lines like expected in school? Usually we are standing slightly to the side of a person while behind them. Also, when standing in lines in normal places with preschoolers, they are standing beside us, not directly in front or behind us. "They" are telling teachers to stop requiring perfect lines in preschoolers. Single file lines are overrated.
  10. As a prek teacher, I often get asked if a parent should put their child in preschool, or when. I usually just say no. I also like to tell people that I simultaneously worked in public prek while homeschooling my children. 😄 According to research, forced standing in line is not developmentally appropriate for preschoolers. Unless they are a duck. I'm pretty sure your inward laughter came from the fact that since your tot lives in a family, your assurance that everything else is covered brings joy.
  11. "My" team won their first game, despite me being "coach."
  12. Yes, welcome! But please note, if you do continue with the Booya tradition, there is no H. See, the Original Booya Babe, the one who started it all, said so. Thus, it is so. #noh
  13. It will remind you of how much you have grown over the years.
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