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  1. Santa Fe is considered high desert. We have tumbleweeds.
  2. Is dual enrollment in that program an option? If so, those classes can count towards her high school. Once my daughter filled out her high school transcript with her dual enrollment baking certificate classes, I graduated her. She was also quite done around 11th-12th grade, but was very motivated to complete the community college program in something she considered making a vocation of.
  3. Do you like the classes? I considered them once upon a time... Snow.
  4. Oh, I wasn't saying it was better than others or not. I haven't used others. Both of my daughters are dyslexic with some comorbidities, the oldest (I graduated her a couple of years ago with a bilingual diploma) more severe than the younger. My oldest felt very successful with AAS, which I started when she was in about 5th grade (AAS didn't exist prior to that, lol!). It also helped her read more fluently. Surprisingly, regardless of how slow she read, she never had an issue with reading comprehension. She loved writing stories, so AAS was done apart from her other writing. The sentence dictat
  5. Just adding to what has been written, AAS also has dictation. It is based on the phonetics being learned, but has worked for us to integrate what was being learned.
  6. Wait, what? I wasn't informed of this when I got back.
  7. I've been mixing heavy and light reading because...I need it. What is "Gentle and Lowly?" No, I don't feel like googling it. 😄 Don't mix up the two creams!
  8. The most gardening we do in 20 degree weather is figure out what we will plant and dream. 😅
  9. I'm working on my booklist. There are several I didn't plan on reading that I did read this year (like Green Ember series with Gymnast.), and several others I planned to read but didn't. And, now, you've added three more...
  10. I just now finished it. I skipped through most of the love letters and didn't read all of the talk and sermon at his memorial service.
  11. I thought you were the one to mention Bonhoeffer. I'm still reading it - I'm about halfway through now, started it a couple of days ago.
  12. I second Grammarly. All our papers had to run through it when I was in grad school.
  13. On another note, what would go good with ribeye steak (with black olive vinaigrette) and orzo pasta with fontina? Remember I did this same dinner a couple of years ago? Recipes below. https://www.plantoeat.com/recipes/22033581/ https://www.plantoeat.com/recipes/22033604/
  14. I remember the graveyard shift when I worked at the juvenile prison. That was 20 years ago. I still sometimes get a second wind around 10pm and want to stay up. Then I come to my senses and remember how much my body actually likes to sleep between 10pm and 6am. How I tortured myself for three years doing ESL at 5am (sometimes starting at 4am) is beyond me... I do, periodically. I don't think it became common in my vocabulary until after I left the south though, but maybe I was just more conscious of it. I use it when I'm teaching Spanish, periodically, when I switch to English.
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