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  1. I picked up my grocery pick up. I'm trying to stock the house with food since my MIL will be here. I got the pantry mostly cleaned out, as well as the shelf that houses bathroom necessities, but all my pick up stuff hasn't been organized yet. That's what I'm working on, kinda.
  2. You can add me to your PM discussion. Maybe because some people are carriers and pass it on? I was just in the vicinity of children receiving the nasal (I worked in a school and was responsible for a class), I didn't even get the flu vaccine myself, and carried it home to my family. EVERYONE - including my husband who NEVER gets sick - came down with it. My youngest was affected first, then me, then my oldest, and lastly my dh. It lasted the longest with my youngest (about 3yo at the time) and the least amount of time with dh (we're in our 40s). I don't remember who mentioned it on the General Board, but there is a library extension you can add to google Chrome. When I opened up the Amazon link, the extension showed me it's available at my library. So, ya'll, check your libraries.
  3. already has a class on COVID19 up. It usually takes weeks to get these courses approved.
  4. Same. This is one of the reasons that I put Gymnast in the homeschool program. She's so darn uncooperative. And she's just one kid. She says she likes being home, but on the other hand, doesn't want to do anything I tell her to do. I told her we are going to have some really good discussion before I bring her back home full time next year. It is so frustrating. I don't think I consider this an EdPo because this isn't something I'd put out on the curriculum board. So, I've been busy. I just realized that I have one more full week before I leave for Texas. I'm not ready to go yet, and need to prep the house for my MIL coming to stay too. 'Nuff said.
  5. I will be there and would love to meet up with other boardies! I will have a booth (Adelante! Spanish for All) and will be giving a talk on 28 Days to Family Language Learning - how to integrate (any) language into your daily routine. I'm pretty excited; it's my first time attending GHC. I was also wondering about if COVID was going to affect the event.
  6. She probably saw the picture of the side of Lysol going around FB with it titled the same thing. Many people called it out though on the original photo saying coronavirus is a family of diseases. I guess part of the error is they didn't give this one a name other than "novel," so people were confused and thought it was the name. In the same vein, a person I know posted on FB that the government always comes up with something during election year, while posting an article about preparation for virus spreading in the US...
  7. That is on my list today too. That and I want the pantry wiped down.
  8. I don't know about your area, but our Walgreens has hydrogen peroxide on sale for buy 1, get one 50% off. Also, alcohol has the same deal.
  9. Tbh, I'm just happy yours stayed in the kitchen. All of my measuring things walk away... to the bathroom (dh puts oil in them for his electric razor), the toy box, outside... It's time for me to buy yet another set, actually. We live in 659 sq ft and space is premium. We only have two drawers in the kitchen, so only things pertaining to cooking go there.
  10. Frankly, regardless of who cooks, things that touch food should not be with things like screwdrivers. That's just unsanitary and would drive me bonkers. Both dh and I cook. His tools aren't in a drawer in the kitchen by the stove though, so maybe the nonfood items should move..
  11. Going by the conversation in our local weekend Chinese school's WeChat, some Chinese feel so close to the situation they feel the same way. Another Chinese family spoke and told her, "This is not a Chinese disease. It is affecting many others." This conversation is coming back up because the program was postponed until March 1st, and now some families want to back out because of the virus. All of their children are in public school though, and have been attending since early January. It really makes no sense (the program is only one day a week). It's almost as though the thought process is, "if enough of us Chinese people get together, the virus will appear..." There was no talking this woman out of her mindset. Yeah... I'm attending two homeschool conferences in Texas: one is March 12-14, the other is April 2-4. I'll be staying with my parents for the month. I'll be driving though (from NM), not flying. I'm trying to project what the situation will be come time for me to go. My husband isn't coming with me, so I want to prepare the house just in case something happens while I'm gone (his mother will be staying here, too, and I began to be concerned about her). There are no cases in NM as far as we know, but I don't think anyone is being tested. Nooooo! I can't keep up with any more threads!
  12. I don't see ITT anywhere on this list. It should have its own bullet point.
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