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  1. My husband said no because it's easier to change out. Maybe things are just done differently here... Wait, I thought I was first! I know, right?! @Slache, where DO I fit in all of this, eh?
  2. Chick fil A didn't impress me the couple of times I went. Maybe I should try the Cobb salad. We really like BK here, but I suspect the last time we ate there it made me sick. It could be we were driving, and I started reading something, though. Reading in a moving car makes me sick. It's been a long time since I've had Wendy's. They must not have impressed me either. I've never had Whataburger. But, if it's anything like Carl's Jr., I'll agree with you. We like Sonic - it's Gymnast's favorite. There are three Sonics just in Santa Fe. The best one is housed in one of the Walmarts. I think there is a Whataburger in Albuquerque, but I don't remember... I don't accommodate for the kids either, unless it's chile in the food. Then I just cook the food like normal, set some aside for the weird non-chile eating person, and continue with adding chile to the bulk of the food. My kids grow up hearing, "This isn't BK; you can't have it your way.' I don't know if I'm judged for it, but that's probably because I don't care and don't pay attention to what people think about me. Now on page 3589.
  3. We all did 20, 30 years ago... Apparently, they macerated the head. It soaked in water until the meat fell off, then bleached the skull. It's all pretty gross when you read about it. Which I did, because I was curious, and now deeply regret it. I read this yesterday (9/13), and had had an egg/bacon/cheese biscuit from McD's that morning.
  4. That's a good idea. The only pattern I've noticed so far is that the words are more than one syllable, and usually a more complex word of a simpler concept. But, I can't recall any of the words right now... She is just really getting into audiobooks this year. She was so visual, she had a hard time following audiobooks. I worked with her on visualizing what she hears to help with her listening comprehension. I have Audible picture books she's been listening to the past year (on Kindle fire, some pages turn). She currently listens to the dramatized Bible in Spanish every evening. I have quite a few Audible books. I'm going to try to reintroduce the Winnie the Pooh series. She didn't like them unless I read them and she could see the pictures. Yes, I do correct the misused words. I'm glad she likes words so much, because she just keeps trying to use these big words and doesn't give up when corrected.
  5. I'm on page 3587. I may or may not ketchup. Edpo: I didn't touch a vocabulary program with Dancer until around 6th grade (required for K-12) because she already knew so many words, could figure things out by context, and used words well. After being in K-12 and doing Wordly Wise, I continued with it for a couple of years because Dancer liked it, not needed it. In comes Gymnast. She has often used incorrect words, or made up a word close enough to the needed word. I am always correcting her; it just seems she lacks so many words to communicate how she wants. I admit I did not read aloud as much with her as I did with Dancer, and I'm thinking she's lacking this input. She does like words though. I'm considering buying a vocabulary program for her, I'm thinking words chosen each chapter could be random. I'm not sure how to put together a vocabulary program for her, but imagine I'd want to approach it in a similar method as I do foreign language - integrate it naturally. Which is kinda hard when I'm not really sure exactly what she needs until I hear her misspeak. I don't know what I don't know Suggestions?
  6. I understood none of this, other than you could have a lucrative at home job. I'm glad someone does. Dead at 81??? I mean, I don't want to be having babies then either, but it's not that old. The oldest relative that we know of was "94" when she passed. It's in quotation marks. because I found an old census with her name on it, which made her more like 98 when she passed. One of my preKer's dads was 65. I never said anything out loud, thankfully, but I thought it was his granddad. I was so glad I hadn't said anything out loud... My mom and grandmother were pregnant at the same time. Mom with my middle sister, grandma with my youngest uncle. Her husband had never had kids, so this was the one. My middle sister is a month older than that uncle. Grandma was still pretty young at 47, and that was her 9th and last child.
  7. I talk a lot about Macs. Funny, it's the only thing I own of Apple. I have no i-products; they cost too much. I understand this sentiment... One of the first things I teach in my family time Spanish-meals class is how to compliment and help the cook. 😄 Yes, Dells are only good if you know someone that can fix them for free (or have lots of money to throw at it). for the rest of humanity, they last less than 6 months. (humanity = my household) My main complaint is the plug. It loosens up and loses itself inside the computer. Fixing it costs as much as the computer. I did it myself once, but it just loosens back up and falls in again. I can't work on a dead computer, and I can't charge it. I also got a refurbished HP from a friend. It lasted about 3 months. It kept beeping, then it died. I never have stupid problems with my Macs.
  8. I've gone through 3 Windows machines in 2 years. Dell especially sucks. I've gone through 3 Macs in 15 years, including the school one I'm typing on now. And one of them I still have would actually work if I just went out and got a power supply.
  9. Oh! I remember what I was going to say: chilaquiles - enchiladas in a pot. Cut up corn tortillas (we stack them and cut them like pizza slices, about 8 per tortilla). Fry them with a little oil with some onions. Be generous with the onions. Add red or green chile sauce (we make our own). You can add shredded chicken or ground beef if you want. Add the cheese. Then top with more cheese. There are no shortcuts! Please do not use ready-made tortilla chips. Those are a different flavor and texture altogether! It's sacrilege! Don't do it! (We also don't fry the tortillas until crisp, so there's that.) I guess you can use ready enchilada sauce if you must...(I didn't think it was too bad; my husband hated it, lol!).
  10. I was thinking of checking out, or something like that.
  11. I have to buy ME one first. I still have the school's computer...
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