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  1. They are travelling dinosaur exhibits. They have life size dinosaurs with movement and sound. Various crafts and activities. Bounce house, face painting and such. My sister mentioned us taking my kids because my 6 almost 7 year old had been really into dinosaurs, but not as much lately. The tickets seem super expensive for what it is. I've read reviews and many say it's a rip off for what you get, insanely lone lines and such. Other reviews said it was awesome. I can't find anyone in real life that has been. How about you all? Have you been to either? Was it worth it?
  2. Math - BJU Math 4 & Reflex Math Literature - Just reading from a book list Spelling - Spelling Workout Grammar - FLL 4 Handwriting - I'm not sure what he will need just yet. He has not finished up cursive for 3rd yet, so we will see how he is doing at the end of the year. Writing - Ugh. I'm not sold on anything. Writing is my weakness. I think I will try out CAP W & R Fables. I am also going to purchase Writing Lessons for Today A just as another option. I think we will try them both out and see what sticks. I'll see what he likes and what I like. I was considering IEW, but it seems like A LOT to me, at least for level A grades 3-5 to sit through those videos. Eek. History - VP self paced history R R and MA Science - Apologia Exploring creation with Botany plus I planning on some side unit study about fungi. My sons loves mushrooms particularly the dry land fish (morels) that grow in our area. He is very curious to learn more about edible mushrooms and plants. We informally and sporadically do geography with little passports and supplements Extracurricular: We go to our homeschool group gym day 2x per month, once a month homeschool library program, AWANA and maybe get back in Trail Life. We do a field trip once a month with our hs group too. My son isn't into team sports, but we hope to do a lot of hiking, swimming and playing this year for keeping active. He ran a 5k with his dad last year and he might try more this year. We never fit in art or music, but that's ok with me. We started song school Latin, but never find time for it. We may do it a bit when we find time. My son enjoys it quite a bit. It always looks like a lot when I type it up, but we just get as much 3R's done before lunch and 1 non-3R subject after lunch which is usually history since he does self paced. We do this 4x per week and we usually do science on the 5th day only for a light day. We just do what we can. My big goal for 4th is to really just enjoy playing with all my kids because time is going by to fast. I'd like to do something for bible too, but I'm not sure what.
  3. I thought about patterns of nature, but I couldn't tell if it looked enjoyable or busy work from the samples.
  4. Math - BJU Math 2 & Reflex Math for math facts Literature - MP literature selections, but no lit guides + whatever other books we decide to read. Nothing formal, just reading this year. Spelling - Spelling Workout A Grammar - FLL 2 Writing - WWE 1 Handwriting - ZB Cursive This is what I'm thinking, I reserve the right to change my mind before I buy everything. This will be what he is required to do. I'm not doing anything formal or required for any other subjects for 2nd grade. He always tags along with what his older brother does for science and history and other subjects. Tag a long, but not required subjects Science :Apologia Exploring Creation with Botany History: VP Self-Paced History MA R & R I'd like something for Bible, but I don't know what. This may be all we do. I want to leave more time open to follow interests a bit this year. We may not even go with all I have chosen. I still have to think about this.
  5. Yes, this. Dental insurance is not very good. A savings account is better and most dentists do offer a cash discount.
  6. Yep, they are all baby teeth.
  7. Right, and if she needs them later that's fine too. We do not have dental insurance, so if she needs them later, I'd rather pay later. I didn't mention in the original post, but she will be under anesthesia because we have tried twice to get work done and she is terrified and won't let it happen. She's 4. I'm not sure if I mentioned that either.
  8. Yeah, our old dentist was definitely conservative in treatment options and was all around wonderful, but he just retired and finding another like him has been impossible. Sigh.
  9. Not really. They looked it over and just wrote up a treatment plan. I know for sure she has 5 cavities, I can see them.
  10. You all find Americans annoying because they are loud and in the way and thin skinned. I just found out my husband isn't annoyed by people,but by Americans. He hates all this stuff. Maybe he is living in the wrong country. 😂
  11. Did needs some dental work. We saw a dentist and we also got a second opinion. One dentist said she need crowns on all 8 molars. The other dentist said she needs 4 fillings and 1 crown. I'm just not sure why one dentist wants to put crowns on 3 teeth that he other dentist didn't even think needed anything done to them. I am feeling like someone is trying to rip us off. The difference in the bill would be about $2,000. 😬😭😕 ETA I'm just posting to vent because I'm annoyed.
  12. Trying not to hijak this thread, but I'm curious how long you take this read and discuss approach. I'm working on relaxing my homeschool and I think this sounds like a great plan for little kids, I just feel unsure how long it is good to do this for? When do they stop being little kids and get textbooks? I know there is no set rule, I'm just curious what your "rule" is.
  13. What is it with MP? It totally draws me in with all those lovely books and then it sucks the joy out it.
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