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  1. Isn't that a crazy thing? My baby doesn't remember being sick either. I am SO bad at being sick, I don't miss it one bit. I had to take my 3 and 5 year old to the doctor for 5 year old dd routine vaccines and a well child visit for them all and my poor baby has no idea what life is like on the outside. She was terrified. She wouldn't even get on the scale or let them listen to her with a stethoscope. She just screamed and buried her head in my chest and screamed no no no and was smacking at the nurses. Totally out of character for her. That same day I took her in the grocery store (
  2. Today is the last day of March!! We are due a rainy day all day today (I did order the kids rain suits, but they aren't here yet), so I'm checking in now. Here's where we are December - 2 hours January - 30 hours February - 27 hours March - 70 hours Total - 129 hours I'm so pleased with how well we have done in March. My goal was 2 hours per day and we surpassed that!!! I'm looking forward to April. We already have 70 degree days in the forecast. We are having an unusually warm spring and I am so thankful! This challenge!! I can't say enough good things. On
  3. Salami sandwich is about the only sandwich that satisfies me as well.
  4. I've never been one to be on any certain diet or anything, but I have noticed the morning I eat eggs, I have more energy, make better food choices the rest of the day, feel fuller, all that good stuff, even affects my mood. Carbs don't bother me the rest of the day, but my body does not like carbs for breakfast. So, I've been eating a lot of eggs lately. What easy low carb breakfast ideas do you all have? Thank you.
  5. , I'm just glad to see people WANTING the vaccine. Too many people I know still have the oh no hell no they ain't vaccinating me stance. 🤷‍♂️ 🤣
  6. I might be doing better, but the 2 year old is very stubborn about staying outside a long time in winter. Sigh.
  7. I bought it not so very long ago. I think it is still available. I'll have to check later.
  8. We are using Treasured Conversations and it's great, it really is. Iam just really really bad with grammar and writing. He's doing great. It's very well done. I just still feel so insecure.
  9. Well I'm not enjoying that my 9 year 💯 has a better grasp on grammar than I do. I mean, I'm happy for him, but I feel so dumb. How did I get this far in life. 😩 So, I love what we are doing for grammar and writing, but I hate grammar and writing. Love the curriculum, but the subject makes me miserable. I'll take math any day.
  10. Here is what we have so far Dec - 2 hours (2 days) Jan. - 30 hours Feb. - 27 hours Total - 59 hours I had a goal of a total of 1 hour each day. We were just 2 hours short. Anyway, never as long as I have lived have I ever spent 59 hours outside during winter so it's a win. Next month I have a goal of 2 hours per day! How are you doing?
  11. Oh lots to think about. I definitely didn't mean books only. My boys love the hands on stuff.
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