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  1. I decided to get song school latin for my sons to do together next year. I do not know latin. It says in the teachers manual you can choose between classical or ecclesiastical pronunciation. Which pronunciation you choose to teach your children and why?
  2. If so, can I ask you a few questions? The best I can tell, it basically a more conservative boy scouts?? Right? How often does your group meet? What do they do on a regular basis? I see that the main focus is the father in this group, do mom's do anything? There is not one super close by, I wanted to see about starting one in my area (or having my dh do it anyway). It needs to be affiliated with a church? Is that right? If you have ever started one, was it a very difficult process? Any thing else I might need to know?
  3. I am still working out what to do with my son for next year. I have never really considered AAS, but since he will be done with Abeka phonics for 2nd this year, I thought AAS might be a good option for spelling since it reinforces phonics rules. I was wondering though, since he learned phonics with Abeka, will AAS mesh well with this or will it be confusing in some way? I just didn't like the thought of a workbook for spelling, I'm trying to lighten up on workbooks this year. My second son is working on Abeka Phonics K. Would reading eggs be a fun supplement for him? I just don't want anything that might confuse them with the way they are learning phonics with abeka. Any thoughts on any of this is appreciated!
  4. Background: planning for my son's 3rd grade year, he will be a young third grader. He will be 7 2 months of his third grade year. He has done fine working at this grade level, but we are feeling a bit of burn out this year. This was the plan I was aiming for for next year MP literature guides Something for grammar?? R & S spelling ZB cursive Writing - I am torn. I am looking at CAP W&R, MP & IEW. As I look at mp, the things they have for third grade say they are for grades 3-4, cap writing and rhetoric tables is for 3-4. I was thinking of putting off these plans until his fourth grade year and trying out ELTL as a bit of a gentler year. I feel he is so young I just am not sure either of us are ready. I don't know, as I plan, it just looks like a lot, it looks hard lol. I guess I am asking "permission" to slow down a bit for third grade. Do you think ELTL would be the gentle year I am looking for? Do you think the plans I have made will be fine to pick up in 4th?
  5. So glad you asked! I'm not sure. I like the idea of it, but I can't get a good feel for what a days work would look like. I'm a bit intimidated by latin and if it takes up too much time I just can't. My 3rd grader is my oldest. I will have a 1st grader, a wild, crazy, demanding 3 almost 4 year old and a 1.5 year old next school year so...yeah I'm feeling crazy just teaching the basics to my boys, I'm not sure I can do latin even though I would love to.
  6. Thanks. I was considering FLL. I Have not taught grammar formally yet. He knows what a noun, verb, adjective adverb is from doing mad libs stories, but that's it. From what I understand, I should be able to jump in at FLL 3, would you agree?
  7. Can I ask what you are using for grammar? That's the other subject I just can't decide on.
  8. I'm making the same decision. I have an upcoming 3rd grader with no writing background. I am really drawn to mp these days and I am really interested in introduction to composition especially since it ties into the lit guides we will be using, but I am more drawn to cap so, idk. I am not at drawn to iew, but still have it on my mind. Also, just feeling really nervous because he will be 7 for the first 2 full months of school, he is a very young 3rd grader. Sigh. I think I will do mp intro to composition for 3rd and then start CAP for 4th, BUT the mp dvd's sway me toward choosing mp though.
  9. I have used abeka phonics 1 and 2 for my first son and am halfway through k5 with my 2nd son. I love it, it works for us. I modify it some to make it not so busy for us. I know not a lot of people love abeka, but we do. Anyway, I was just curious what other abeka fans do to make abeka work for them. Also, do you use the language along with the phonics. I just feel the letters and sounds, language and spelling all flow wo nicely for grade 1, but I'm just not sure I will have ds 2 to do language 1 workbook, maybe just the lessons as it was pretty basic ,stuff and quite repetitive the best I can remember . Thoughts? Do you do tests? If you don't do you skip the workbook that day too?
  10. Great. This is what I was hoping. He won't be going to private school until 7th grade at the very earliest if at all.
  11. I have hesitated asking, but I must ask you all about this. I cannot decide on writing curriculum. I have always been a traditional homeschooler. I never really looked at the classical approach very much. How I ended up on these forums? I'm not sure. lol Anyway, recently I have been looking in to CAP Writing & Rhetoric and MP Classical Composition and IEW. These programs look much better to me than what I had been planning on. Here's the thing. I just honestly don't understand the big picture of it all. I have looked at the lower 3 and 4th grade levels and it looks great to me. The part I am unsure is how this approach compares to how kids would do things in school. For example, if I decided for my son's 7th grade year, if I enrolled him into the local Christian school (which has been my plan all along, just homeschool k-6, but who knows) would he be able to jump right into a traditional curriculum with no struggles or should I include typical writing assignments too like book reports and such. Are book reports and research papers and typical school papers included in classical writing curriculum like this? I guess I just can't get through all the levels and really understand what all is covers. Like I said, I apologize for being so dumb, but I am NOT a writer. I hated writing in school and struggled. I just don't really know what all he needs to know. All I know is he needs to be a better writer than me. lol Thanks I hope I was able to get my question out clearly. I am sure CAP and MP produce great writers, but I just wasn't sure if it was a slower and more gradual approach than what is typical for schools. I just want my guy to not struggle if or when he goes to private school.
  12. BJU Math 1 Abeka Phonics (Letters & Sounds 1 & Abeka Readers) I am unsure if we will do Abeka Language 1? Abeka Spelling 1 ZB Handwriting I think we will watch Liberty Kids for history Science – He will likely tag along with older brother using Apologia Exploring Creation with Astronomy, but won’ t be required to. We will read Let’s Read and Find Out Science Books . Geography – Little Passports + Supplements and maybe an EM workbook I am considering getting the MP Enrichment for 1st grade Gym Days 2x a month Considering something for Bible/Character
  13. Math – BJU Math 3 DL – We are VERY content with BJU Language Arts – I am still all over the place, but this is the plan for today. Things could change, I can't commit. MP Literature Guides MP Introduction to Composition FLL 3 R&S Spelling ZB Cursive Feel free to weigh in!! lol History – Veritas Press Self-Paced Course New Testament, Greece & Rome Geography – EM Geography Workbook (maybe) and continuing to work through Little Passports + supplementing Science – Apologia Exploring Creation with Astronomy P.E. – Twice a month homeschool gym days and hopefully some swimming lessons this year Bible - AWANA & ? I am still thinking what we will or if will do something for character, art, foreign language or anything like that. I want to do ALL KINDS OF THINGS, but I have 4 kids under 7. lol I’m barely going to get all the main things done daily. Sigh.
  14. I keep thinking grammar might not be a high priority for us right now. When do you suggest picking up grammar? What does an ideal third grade look like to you?
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