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  1. I did our big meal at lunch at one point too. I need to get back to that.
  2. Kids underwear in the bathroom since my dd kept streaking down the hall for fresh underwear. It doesn't make life easier really, just a good idea I had. lol
  3. This is how it breaks down for us. We are being careful, but my dh working in a setting that would. Be disastrous is covid broke out, but luckily it has not. My parents are high risk and staying safe. My extended family (one with a lung transplant) are living life, traveling, putting down mask wearers. We will not see the extended family this year. We won't be seeing my parents at Thanksgiving. We will likely see them at Christmas because dh will have had a week off work leading up to Christmas day. We are all aware a week might not be the safe zone or whatever, but a week away from work
  4. That's kind of gross imo. I have been guilty of calling my developing children parasites. I feel that is pretty accurate though. My body does not tolerate pregnancy well. I also just say this is front of dh and my mom. I never REALLY called them that in front of people.
  5. Staying Home!!! I'm like 100 time happier keeping myself and the kids home. I apparently despised the kids commitments. I'm very much introverted and I've never been more content. I'm actually feeling nervous thinking about getting back out into the world. I have so much more quality time with my kids and I love it. The only thing I have made a point to do is I get out twice a month when she is off work and one the kids comes with me to thrift stores. I'm enjoying this a lot.
  6. IDK but we have the exact winters. The cold isn't necessarily bad, but it is so yucky and muddy. I never know what to do either.
  7. We say huh, now long has it been? Well, Happy Anniversary!
  8. I do too. I craves them during my last pregnancy. I like dates too.
  9. My favorite healthy sweet treat is a cashew cookie Lara Bar. Made of cashews and dates only. It feels like dessert.
  10. No problem. I'll admit I haven't read anything else. I just saw the headline and felt totally frustrated. We have savings, but it just sucks. It sucks to others that don't have money saved up. The government shutdown just brings up bad memories. Just a hard time each time.
  11. No problem. https://abcnews.go.com/Politics/threat-government-shutdown-looms-talks-fail-produce-deal/story?id=73150443
  12. Yep and every time my husband works and doesn't get paid and every time it sucks.
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