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  1. IDK but I am considering IEW for next year. Can't wait to find out. Also my 15th wedding anniversary tomorrow.
  2. Ugh, I know. I LOVE Christmas cards. I get about 5 each year and 1 is from a real estate agent we bought a house from 8 years or so ago. Lol. We always do a family photo for Christmas every year and I adore this tradition. I mentioned it to dh the other day and he got grumpy about it and said whatever I wanted to do. I said him that I thought he loved doing our Christmas photos and he said he has never like having to do pictures. (Which is a total lie, he used to adore this back when we had 1-2 kids, but now we have 4 nothing is special or needs to be documented anymore according to his actions anyway. If it involves more than getting out of his chair and away from his phone/laptop/tv, he just doesn't care. I'm darn close to getting one done of just the kids and me. He says he likes looking at our pictures, but he isn't interested in doing them. That's just dumb. Sorry if I'm off topic a bit. I also am struggling with my distant family too . They all used to be so close and care so much. No one has time for anyone anymore. No one cares. No one does Christmas cards. Blah. I miss how things used to be
  3. Thanks. We won't be buying anything until February or March. I'm just trying to decide now. Thanks for the heads.
  4. So, I understand the difference between copywork and handwriting. My second son is finishing up his 1st grade ZB handwriting book pretty soon. He started it before the school year and did extra pages just for fun...😕 Really. Anyway, he has all his letters down. He knows how to form them. So, I looked at a reason for handwriting and draw write now for when he finishes ZB book. They both look like copywork which seems like that would work for handwriting practice for the rest of this year. I had planned on using WWE 1 next year. I know WWE contains copywork. Would I need to add more copywork for handwriting practice on top of this? My instincts say no, BUT ya'll know the reason certain things are done that I don't know so that's why I'm asking.
  5. Cute about the little one watching. This happens at our house with vp self paced history and bju math. They all want to watch. We won't be starting until next year, so my son will be 8 turning 9. He will likely take off with it. I'm th nervous one. He so far as excelled at everything I put in front of him. I'm the one that needs to step up. So, yeah I just need something that makes me feel confident.
  6. Well I'm not opposed to learning and watching the training DVD's with my husband. It's just the time dh works on writing with ds is NOT a good chance for me to do that. I would be willing to do the lessons, it's just a struggle with the little ones. Dh does writing while I'm prepping dinner and keeping the little ones entertained. Keeping the little ones happy during the day while doing school is about all I can do. Dh gets home at 3 and does writing sometime between then and dinner. I am all about the iew teaching videos. I thought they would be helpful to me for sure. I just imagine d watching them during our summer break or something.
  7. That's not a bad idea at all. I want to say a million excuses why this won't be an easy thing, BUT I know I should.
  8. I understand that IEW SWI-A is for grades 3-5. What I am unclear on is how it is scheduled. Is SWI-A a one year program? Do you divide it up over those 3 year?
  9. Writing is the one part of homeschool that has me really stressed out. I am NOT a writer. It's the subject I always struggled with in school. It's the class I got my first C in lol. My dh has agreed to do the writing portion of our homeschool because that is his strength for sure. I just have to supply him with curriculum. He doesn't know what's out there, but will teach whatever I choose. I feel I have looked at every option out there and I still just do not know what I want to do for my son. He just turned 8 at the end of September. He and dh are working on Memoria Press Introduction to Composition this year. From all dh is saying, our son is doing pretty good. I just feel that I need a good solid plan for the next several years. I do not want to be jumping around trying different things. I know I may have to if we try something and it doesn't work, I just really want to think about it as much as possible to hopefully get it right the first time. I've posted before and got a lot of information. I've researched a lot of suggestions. I guess my biggest question is the what is the difference between a progymnasmata based program and the WWE/WWS curriculum. I kept hearing progymnasmata over and over and what a great method it was. I had looked at MP and CAP. I believe I had read that MP was more handholding and step by step than CAP. Now I could have this ALL wrong. I've read so much I just am not sure anymore. I was thinking we would just stick with MP CC all the way through if it works out, but it just makes me feel nervous. It seems so foreign to me which is probably a good thing, the traditional writing we did in school didn't help me any. I hadn't ever spent much time thinking about WWE/WWS. I don't know why. I wish I had started ds out with WWE when he was younger. I've read the chart that show the 4 different paths you can take using WWE/WWS, but what do you do if you are starting out with an 8 year old. Where do you pick up? I also hear so many say WWS is overwhelming. I know I'm not there yet because it starts in 5th or 6th. It just looks more "normal" to me?? Maybe not?? I don't know. We started FLL 3 this year for the first time. We are loving it, so I am starting to lean more toward WTM curriculum. Also, I cannot really figure out what type of student would be better suited for each type of curriculum? What type of child would do better with something like MP CC or CAP W& R vs. WWE/WWS? My son doesn't seem to mind writing for fun, but when it comes to having to do it formally, I don't really think it is that natural for him. He writes little stories and things for fun all the time, but it's nothing outstanding. I see IEW mentioned too. IEW appeals to me, but it seems I hear many often say they don't like the type of writing you get with students using IEW. Another thing on my mind is that when I look at traditional programs such as EIW or BJU, things that look like what I learned in school, I can't help but feel lost looking at curriculum like MP CC & CAP W&R. I've been told if my son does well with the progymnasmata that the traditional school writing would come easy to him. Do any of you do a simple traditional writing program here and there to supplement a progymnasmata curriculum? I've got all year to think about what to do next, but I feel so frustrated and lost. I hate writing. I hate curriculum choices. I'm sorry if I sound like a broken record with this. I read and read old posts here discussing similar things, but I'm just not sure. I feel we are on a great path with all our other subjects. DS is excelling with all his classes. We had a rough start this year, but now that we are in a good routine we are loving our choices. I don't want to screw him up with writing. I guess I just need to know what kind of parent and child would be best suited for each curriculum choice I'm considering. Pros and Cons of each. Progymnasmata - MP or W&R WWE/WWS path (I don't what else to call it) IEW Traditional - EIW, BJU, other Anything else??? I hesitate to post because I ask and ramble over and over. I know you all are tired of me. I guess I just have to jump in and try and change what does not work.
  10. Can I sidetrack the conversation for a second? I plan on doing FLL with my second grader for the first time next year. Is it right I start with FLL 2. I am thinking of doing WWE as well. Do I start with 1 or 2?
  11. We start FLL 3 with my 3rd grader this year. He had no formal grammar before this besides the funny fill in stories in Nat Geo kids each month. We have had no problems starting here. It assumes your child knows no grammar. I was nervous about it, but it has been a great fit for both of him. He truly enjoys it and so do I l. I had him review his curriculum this year to see how he liked everything and he gave FLL 3 10 out of 10. He always looks forward to the optional follow up exercises and asks to do them. I always hated grammar in school, so that's nice he enjoys it. We are diagramming ( I never did that in school) and he loves that part.
  12. The thing with my 4 year old is I can't just let her watch a show, it just ruins her mood and she wants more. One is never enough. If I say,no screen today, she whines around a bit then she finds something to keep her busy all day. I had my oldest 2 watch screen as a distraction so I could do stuff a lot and now they would watch a screen 24/7 if I let them. If we go a few days without dd watching screen at all, she never asks. Then she will wake up really early one morning and I ask her if she wants to watch a show and then she asks all day. So, I am no longer a fan of screens for kids. Lol.
  13. Thanks. I can never quite get my thoughts written out, I was hoping it would make sense. Another thing I meant to say was, I don't want to choose distance options to NOT spend time with my kids, I am pleased to spend every day with my kids. I was (still am a bit) terrified of ruining my kids. If I didn't have my dh each fall saying "you got this, you want this, don't give up on them" I would have already sent them to school. It's just hard to convince myself I am capable of being an adequate teacher.
  14. I can relate as I feel pretty new at this. My oldest is only in 3rd grade. I am only now at the point I am feeling more confident in my choice. I guess I felt so brainwashed that he public school system was really top notch. I felt I wasn't good enough to teach my son. I searched and searched for some magic bullet, some distance learning program, but you all kept saying don't do distance learning and I mostly listened. I am doing bju math dl with my 3rd grader and they both doing vp self paced history. I know it would be ideal if I taught everything, but I need to know at least 1 thing will get checked off every single day. My baby girls need so much attention too. I looked at things like time 4 learning and such but conclude d it didn't look very rigorous. IDK where I'm going with this. I guess I totally understand where us new homeschool moms are coming from, BUT I found out the truth too so I guess they might. I mean, after I have started homeschooling I realize my education was kind of sub par. I've learned things already and my oldest is only in 3rd. Coming from subpar public education, I know many like me just don't feel smart enough and are scared of getting their kids behind. I totally get it, but I'm coming around. Just keep encouraging us newbies, don't hate us.
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