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  1. I saw some people were assigning temperature ranges for certain colors. I wish I had done this, but I didn't.
  2. For sure. I usually feel so down and have no energy in winter. I guess my body craves the great outdoors. I thought it was the sun I craved, but I guess it is because I used to only go out when it was sunny.
  3. We are up to 19 hours. My winter time depression is not a thing this year all because of this challenge.
  4. I didn't see an updated week for this challenge. How is everyone. We are up to 19 hours! Guess what? Every year I get really down and out in the yucky weather and I am not feeling this way at all this year. I usually sit around and say how much I can't wait until it's 70 degrees, but I'm enjoying the different weather each day. My kids aren't enjoying it, but I don't care because it's so good for us.
  5. I never heard spit. My dad always said something else that rhymes.
  6. My dad was finally able to get the vaccine. He got Moderna. He has only had the first dose and he only had a sore arm. Praise God!!
  7. Well that's a nice suggestion. I have had people swear by volvo after a disastrous vehicle accident, but I'm still stuck driving a Kia. So if y'all are poor like me, unplug your stuff. 😂
  8. I didn't go figure. I just thought I'd ask.
  9. I see. Wonder what I should do about it?
  10. That's terrible. I almost didn't get up to plug in my phone that night. I am so thankful I did.
  11. Well I went to get mine last night and it was hot and melted and burned my finger. I online chatted with the company and they talked as if leaving a phone charger in was a fire hazzard and I was just supposed to know that.
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