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  1. Yes, same here. I even have in my mind I'll try the geography one when my little girls are in that age range. I don't know if we will like it, but I want to.
  2. I tried the American history with my 1st grader and the first book bored us to tears and we never did anymore. Lol.
  3. Same. Dh and I are not formal enough to say Mr. And Mrs. to in-laws, but we feel weird about first names, but use them if we have to. So, we both call each other's parents and our own Mamaw and Papaw once they became grandparents. We would never call our in-laws mom and dad and I'd feel super uncomfortable to have future sil or dil call me mom and dad. It feels fake as all get out. My parents super close sil and dil always used their names and that was fine. My sister's pos 2nd husband called them mom and dad and I HATED that. It feels fake and forced.
  4. I'm all ears. We are doing SOTW 2 too.
  5. Oh yeah, see I can get on board with this advice regarding grammar and spelling. I am asking for my cousin who is just starting homeschool this year with her first grader. She lives in KY and according to the law you have to teach certain subjects, spelling and grammar were two of the subjects. I would tell her to just skip it if it weren't for this, BUT I'm not sure how to get around it. From what I understand no one will be following up, but I don't know I don't live in KY and it's not done like that in my state, so I don't want to give her advice that isn't good advice.
  6. Does OPGTR suggest certain readers? If not do you have any suggestions? Also, is there a certain point in OPGTR that you should get to before adding in spelling and grammar?
  7. It's been a while since I looked at horizons. Is it conceptual or procedural or spiral or mastery.
  8. She said she is open to both. For math I was thinking R & S or Math Mammoth. I'm having her read about conceptual vs procedural math to see which she might prefer.
  9. So does anyone ever ask to see portfolios and such?
  10. Great! I was thinking the same about timberdoodle. She says she reads well, but they did sight words so she needs to go through a phonics program for sure. I was thinking of Ordinary Parents Guide would be a good choice.
  11. Yes, she is just planning temporary homeschool for the 8th grader. She says she might go longer for the little one.
  12. Well the first grader us her child and the 8th grader is his child.
  13. I'll find out if she has any long term goals or if it will be temporary. Can you fill me in about charter or cyber. Is cyber school something like k12? I know nothing about this kind of option. Would you suggest this for the first grader as well?
  14. Thank you. I feel so overwhelmed thinking about giving advice for 8th grade to her. The thought of 8th grade scares me lol. I am not at all familiar with curriculum past elementary school really.
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