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  1. I love this, I'm writing it down.
  2. I don’t want them visiting. Dh is just feeling upset. I’m concerned for dh. And really I needed to vent. I wasn’t looking for advice or anyone to take up for my in-laws🤣
  3. She NEVER ever stirs up ANYTHING. Back off my mom. I was visiting her yesterday and she said to me “I saw ____ at ______ yesterday morning and he asked me when I had seen the babies. I said, “wait, he was actually inside restaurant.” She said yes, I asked if he had on a mask, she said no and that was it. She doesn’t know the drama.
  4. I doubt they want to meet up anywhere, if we went to their house, we would likely be in the barn anyway, that’s what we have always done. And it’s not a short time, fil and the old men in town sit around together all morning drinking coffee every. single. morning.
  5. No. With only 30% of our area vaccinated and like about half masked even before vaccines existed and even though it is a law. No
  6. Yep, that’s why I was venting here. I’m as pro vaccine as anyone, but I can’t make dh and I don’t understand parents like his.
  7. Yeah, I know it’s his business, but he does NOT know they are hanging out with other people.
  8. Restaurant inside vs 100 acre farm. Nope.
  9. I guess you all just don’t know how they are. They are straight up abusive and manipulative about EVERYTHING. This is nothing new.
  10. I guess because I’m a piece of shit, idk. 🤣 Because dh is hurt his parents are not seeing him and that they are doing things with strangers they won’t do for him.
  11. He’s going in public places with unvaccinated people, but he won’t see unvaccinated children or grandchildren. (30 some % of area is all that is vaccinated still)
  12. What? He doesn’t have to mask, I know. BUT he isn’t seeing his son, but he will be near strangers.
  13. Dh’s dad will go into a restaurant with unvaccinated people, but he won’t be near his unvaccinated son.
  14. For sure. We ask dd if there is any milk and she rarely says yes.
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