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  1. Well there could not be one by definition as all info would need to be local and that’s a lot of places to cover. I know I looked pretty deeply into France when I lived there (one child was in school one was homeschooled) and I found out there were very few, but very few homeschooled teens there. We did not do a single thing with the local homeschool community. besides the world schooler page already mentioned, look for homeschool Facebook groups in each place you’re moving to. It’s called something different everywhere but the best resources would be on those pages.
  2. Yes smoothies every day and my house and it would kill me to throw the pulp out. I do have chickens however. Hmmmm
  3. Your post provides no context, sorry. Is the child 13 or 17? And I don’t know how you go from paying for a hotel room (of course parents pay for vacations, who else?) to “encouraging sex”. I know I don’t want my 17 year old in the same standard US hotel room with me, and sometimes we do take friends on vacation. I would have had a conversation with the other family though and if everyone is on the same page and there no legal consent issues well 🤷‍♀️
  4. I’m specifically NOT doing that though the education would be superior. My son’s BFF currently goes to a school like that. Ask away (but over PM as it’s not my stories to tell 😉
  5. My son has become addicted to fresh juices while we were overseas but I tell him it’s a messy process and I don’t want to take it on 😉 on the other hand, I don’t want to discourage healthy habits. if you regularly do this, can you recommend your machine?
  6. What’s this tincture? Links people. Forget, ahem, delta, rising senior child here.
  7. DH does all that, I keep a general eye. If I found myself alone I would be using index funds exclusively which I would pick myself. So I guess no, we don’t have and wouldn’t have an investment advisor. Eta that if I absolutely needed one I would go through personal recommendations
  8. (Have not read the thread). I like my SQ well enough, but I have to say it doesn’t fill with enough water for me. Maybe all top loaders have this issue, but it’s really annoying to have to submerge the clothes manually.
  9. We wore a mask the entire flight (double masked for me) several times and honestly it was no problem.
  10. This is fascinating to me. Abx are available everywhere. I did take antimalarials when traveling in certain parts of the world but I bought that there, no problem. I think my local pharmacy would look at me sideways if I asked for them. Anyway sorry to derail OP.
  11. Well I’m in a country that everyone who could afford to was treated at home, down to the oxygen canisters. Interesting on the meds, I was not aware of the various protocols even though siblings and parents all passed covid at home.
  12. So what meds are these that help with Covid? I honestly hadn’t heard of this.
  13. Ah, what meds might these be? Doctors wouldn’t be prescribing them proactively, would they?
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