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  1. I do think there is a difference, (at least in the student experience because I can’t speak to admissions or anything past 9th grade) ,between doing DE at your high school or at a community college that has a program for “early college”, and a 4 year uni where you are the only non-college age student in the class. I don’t think it will matter for my DS because all the schools say “SUNY” but his experience, even the negative ones, have been worth it for themselves. You know, for his current, high school education 😉 not for what might happen down the line...
  2. No, and we run two dehumidifiers anyway owing to the crazy weather last year.
  3. thanks so much everyone. We know he’s allergic as he’s had that testing done as a young adult. He won’t take long term meds for the allergies so that’s sort of a moot point. We are usually able to prevent the worst of it except twice a year it seems.
  4. DH is on abx already but his head still feels full and is so congested. He won’t do the Netinpot, has done some gargling. He’s just suffering, this happens twice a year (fall and spring) but this particular one is just not going away. I have good advice for him on how NOT to get to this point (some of which he even takes), but not sure what to do now he’s at that this point. Thank you for any tips!
  5. How did you know about the Bears book? I wonder how many books I’m missing out on; for eg I didn’t know about it for DS, a pity.
  6. @Penguin A while back I took DS to see Neil Gaiman and whoever produced American Gods. It was great though I didn’t realize (it was a last minute decision) that they would air the first episode too 😬 I got some “bad mother” looks, even at Bard. this week I randomly finished some books I bought at the library sale. A Room of one’s own (apparently I have now permission to write as I have the two things required 🙄), Lady Chatterley’s lover (not a fan. The romance bits not great and the rest also not great. I don’t see the point of this book) and, on audio, A Man called Ove. This last one was easy and great for my long drives and okay, I think my dad in law would enjoy and there’s not many books I can say that about. I also finished Malloy on audio but in true Beckett form I couldn’t tell you a thing about it. I just started The Tartar Steppe by Dino Buzzati. This mostly because I am LOVING reading his children book The Bears’ famous invasion of Sicily to DD. Why does that book not make the kiddie lists? Why?! i also started Pale Fire bc I love Lolita but the writing is very different. I’ve tossed it in bedside limbo. I want to plan a half credit high school class on Paris so I need to start reading on that soon.
  7. Did he interview for the job? Why bother if he’s not interested? I get your frustration, especially about the wasting of everyone’s time (but DH has been trying to hire for a job and the nonsense I hear is beyond anything).
  8. Not in that situation, no, but DS took 2 classes at a local private and I included them in my homeschool transcript. Not the same as he is not enrolled there or anywhere. Would the school give him credit and include in their transcript the classes? I’m thinking how some high schools (maybe?) give credit for CTY type classes that they don’t offer? If you can get outside validation, either via a subject test or a college class, I would do that. In the latter case, you’d be required to submit that transcript anyway.
  9. I had a lavender ice cream parfait in France a few years ago and since then I annually use my ice cream maker to try and recreate with my home grown lavender. It’s never even close, I just have to move to France 😉 I did make a honey lavender ice cream once that my guests found edible but it was not it. I think one needs Mediterranean lavender for this, none of my sad little Zone 5 stuff😂
  10. Would you say this is an all-school year course? I know anything can be stretched to the nine months, but I was wondering if I can “weigh” this class somehow.
  11. I’m going to do this next year, so I’m just listening on!
  12. Neither should they. From where I stand, there is an immense dilution in what constitutes a "college" course these days. DS has taken a few, but they are not even his hardest classes, which should tell you something. I also think guidance counselors at various high schools are doing a huge disservice not advising students that their college classes may not even gain them admission to selective schools never mind have credits transfer.
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