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  1. DS is taking “regular kid” math and science at a local private. Financially, it makes zero sense but it solves other issues for us so we are glad for the option.
  2. I’ve said it before but one of the few reasons we still homeschool is the CLRC great books sequence. However, I would not consider that a writing class as such, even though a minimum of two pieces of writing are produced each week. We do that class because those books are literally not being studied anywhere else that I’m aware of.
  3. Yes, I’m grateful to Rootann for the introduction to Lange!
  4. Same. LSAT too. English is not even my first language, and it was learned via what I guess you’d call whole language approach. I’m sure my own kid will fail the thing, but I’m not teaching grammar rules I don’t believe in learning.
  5. Very much second this.
  6. madteaparty

    Snorkeling advice & questions

    I snorkeled so much with little DD this year, and she was not a strong swimmer. I was essentially having her hold on to me but also used a floatation device. my advice has to do with getting those masks that go over your head, putting the mask on and off DD was a pain (literally. The hair would get caught). And then she’d want to talk to me “mama this, mama that” and displace her tube, and rinse repeat. So worth it though. She didn’t want to, I made her and it’s one of the cutest things to hear her little voice shocked at the manta rays and the colorful fish, etc. Oh, I was holding a gopro in the other hand while swimming. We were a sight 😂
  7. madteaparty

    Is my 10th grader not doing enough?

    I know my kid should be working some on the weekend. But he loves to ski, so we are skiing every single weekend day, all day. I realize the price will be paid for this. But he loves to ski, so there it is. And taking a week off all school and going overseas for more of that. And it’s not competitive or anything, so it’s not like I’m building a resume 😂. I and especially he need to internalize that there is a price.because, for him, for his goals, there is.
  8. We have Netflix and prime, and DS also has a kanopy account. He had to watch a few for his french civ class but I’m not sure I can recommend those 😒. Last french movie I watched with him and really enjoyed was Chocolat (the 2016 clown one, not the Juliette Binoche one). He has already seen Les Revenants. I’m not really interested in watching English language movies in french. Thanks for any recommendations!
  9. I don’t know what it takes to be successful on the SAT math section, but I guess the one question I would have that I haven’t seen asked is: how many hours a day can this kid do math? I’m being extreme now but if she had every waking hour to dedicate to math I suppose she could ace the test even. That’s kind of the thing we don’t talk that much about. How many hours on task it takes to be good at anything. If she had unlimited time you could set her on those topics you posted above on khan or Aleks.
  10. Tomato sauce, broth (chicken and beef), cleaning solution, chocolate syrup for hot chocolate, bread just once a week to eat warm with soup (it doesn’t keep), bit of jam, orange juice (everyday), tea/lemonade drink. i am able to make and have made before: yoghurt, granola, soaps, vit. C serum for my face and such but I prefer the bought version. I’m about to get some bees but I won’t be “making” the honey as such 😂 i like the idea of Christmas bags. But I don’t sew...
  11. If you want to stick with Dostoevsky I would try Brothers Karamazov next. Actually I would just read the Great Inquisitor chapter if you don’t get to the whole thing. It’s my favorite piece of writing ever and I can’t wait for DS to study it next year (though it will be with a Christian-inclined class, so very interesting)
  12. madteaparty

    Spanish or French curriculum for K-2

    My son has been teaching my DD french using Skoldo and very simple books.
  13. madteaparty

    Ivy League Interviews- What to Wear

    I don’t think I would’ve noticed the jeans but for the torn bit. I’m sure she’s fine!
  14. madteaparty

    Great article on why kids are filled with anxiety.

    I don’t know what we are talking about when we talk about “children of the US”, or for that matter “high stakes testing” etc. I only know what I see in my area, and I can assure you no one is losing any sleep over academics.
  15. madteaparty

    Great article on why kids are filled with anxiety.

    Any my second grader has no HW at all. i don’t think we can generalize about “kids these days” as there are very different local realities at play. I have family that live approx 2 hours away and their elementary school experience is vastly different from ours. I personally think my own area could do with a bit more targeted anxiety, but alas.
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