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  1. I swear I have this book and the unopened kit that comes with it...file under aspirational purchasing. @SusanC Lmk if you want it—I think DH is making his way to the homeship this august.
  2. Noon would be plenty of time. Even 1pm. But I don’t need the additional stress (also bc I’m not convinced this public school will not cancel the test last minute) so I changed the test center to one at a hotel at the airport...(I guess ACT has these pop up sites). Fun and games. He will go night before
  3. Can you remind me when, approx, kids come out? I know there is always an extra session. No essay. I ask because we have an international flight that evening...😬
  4. Doesn’t have to be a formal course. It’s just the skill needs learned ASAP this summer. I know there are a ton of free resources, I was hoping someone would recommend one they have experienced. Many thanks!!
  5. We are planning DE Neuroscience senior year. Now it sounds more like a philosophy class to me, but it has a lab (!!!) and a BIOxxx course description so 🤷‍♀️
  6. Can you recommend any? Can’t be DE as it has to be done asynchronously(time difference plus no time), over the summer. I do know of Training the Street but they are $$$$ and maybe a tad overkill for our purposes. Many thanks.
  7. I wonder if I can just read this out loud (to her not him 🤣)
  8. Want to mix up our long drive routines. Care to share any fun or bearable 😉 non fiction audiobooks? I’ve fiction well and truly covered.
  9. I sometimes set the alarm to wake up and see the sunrise. This necessitates going to bed by 10 🙂 I’m fairly not-social but I make a special trip to see a friend etc. basically connecting with someone outside of immediate family helps me put whatever is happening in context and gets me out of the ruminating loop.
  10. There’s a tyranny of majority that happens here and I’m always amused to see it on a homeschooling message board. Or, on the political left, say (where i firmly belong). There’s this we are either evangelists for the vaccine or anti-science. No nuance at all. I didn’t want to take the vaccine, i took it and against my better judgement let my minor child get it as well but I don’t dare express any vaccine hesitation in person as someone will jump on me with their amazing newly acquired internet science knowledge.
  11. I think Aleks has ACT math. I don’t know that that’s the most efficient option, but it’s one.
  12. I’m skipping Easter entirely. Taking my dd to the Met and pretending it’s not a thing. Normally we have a big egg hunt and eat lamb but can’t rouse myself to do anything this year.
  13. This happened to me for a couple seconds while in the 15 min observational period. I didn’t know if it was the vaccine or the delayed freak out over my son 🤣
  14. Apparently I have one and I had no idea. Can you PM me? Many thanks
  15. It was from the shot, in his arm. I was also surprised. Maybe because he’s so skinny? Apparently it happens.
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