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  1. There’s regular math tutor and there’s AOPS-competent tutor. I’d expect the pricing to reflect that.
  2. has been great here but all the major stores, like Monoprix (which is like a Target with better clothes I guess)? have home delivery too. I haven’t personally tried bc I love grocery shopping but I’ve heard the moms talk about it. FNAC is a major bookstore place here, I think they also have online delivery.
  3. We’re having the most gorgeous weather, does that help? 🙂 And the kinder chocolate advent calendars are at the store already so I imagine Christmas isn’t far off?
  4. I don’t hate the college board, just wish instead of a private enterprise there was a utility, national exam system, available, but want to say this same issue is what prevented us from studying AP art history. DS has asked to do this class for a couple years but I could never find a place for the exam to be taken. It’s fine because we are doing our own version of semester long art history through xyz museums with no proof whatsoever that we did it (no exam) but i want to mention, without reading the thread, it’s possible to pay $$$ to have an exam proctored. Private schools here do it, your kid may be the only one in the room. A local mom prefers it so much she will do this now for even the commonly given exams. FWIW.
  5. That's very helpful, thanks so much. Have you signed up for the exam with the college board yet?
  6. Because I think I am an amazing partner otherwise. I feel like I go above and beyond in everything else, everyday. These token displays of affection are empty to me and I refuse to play. I give a lot (too much!) thought to our daily life as it is, i mean would adding a store bought card with my name signed at the bottom be an improvement to the 20 cups of tea and homemade broth etc that I made that day? I don't think so. I agree that if it was super important to him I suppose I would fake it and fall in line. But he accepts I am just not that person, after many years of "oops. I guess we did nothing again." I think being taken for granted is part of this lifestyle. I struggled with it for a long time, even went back to work for a while. I am okay with it now, I mean, I know what I do.
  7. I am that person in this relationship, and yes, I know I suck. But I can’t bring myself to buy a card at the store, nope. This year I’m actually doing something—I’m surprised it came together. I plan to milk this forevermore.
  8. I’ve signed up for exam with the local school via total registration, I’ve paid, I have the email. I haven’t spoken to a live person nor have I registered for these exams with the college board yet. This because I understand I need from the school the exam-only code and it will be a pain getting anything from that school, especially because I’m overseas at the moment. I also don’t have the class code for the class I’m teaching myself but that’s on me to send the syllabus on for approval and get that ball rolling. i guess my question is: how long do I have to sign up for exams with the college board? Considering I have a seat for exams?
  9. It’s going to be miserably hot at the Olympics.
  10. Um. I only use VPN to access Netflix when overseas.🤷‍♀️ I’m going to assume my bank updates their ap as needed.
  11. Since non fiction has been suggested, a few years ago I read out loud with DS Do No Harm, a British neurosurgeon’s memoirs (I believe last name is Marsh). I recommend though it’s dark and sad. It’s clear a US doctor could not have written that book 😂
  12. thanks for the fennel tips! I’ve been wanting to make salmon
  13. I don’t have a grater which is driving me bonkers but one will be procured this week as the situation is untenable. i found a quinoa gratin type recipe on the NYTimes cooking ap, which recipe has the advantage of being a full meal too. I will also use some of the recipes on this thread bc it’s a lot of squash...
  14. I’m living in a furnished apartment that’s not mine and managed to join some version of a CSA (long stories both), and I’m the beneficiary of three summer squash/zucchini things. I make all sorts of things (winner is a goat cheese gratin—which I may still make), but they all require a food processor or mandolin. I have no such things. What can I make with these? oh and fennel. What does one make with that?
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