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  1. Thanks so much for this. They’re using Ni Hao, simplified.
  2. Thank you. I wonder why my school is doing things differently this year and keeping fingers crossed. I mean I already paid but tell that to all the cancelled SATs 😞 anyone know how onerous it is for an AP coordinator to go get a code?
  3. Sure but it’s not correct to say he’s in that class because he’s not. As a last resort we will use the codes but it wasn’t an issue last year and I’m not sure why it is this year.
  4. Yes that’s how it worked for us last year. But this year, the very same person at the very same school gave me a code that when entered, enrolls my kid in both the class at the school AND the respective exam. I thought these double duty codes were new. I’ve asked for exam only codes, obviously, it’s just I’m nervous if they have to complete an extra step for my kid they’ll tell me to pound sand...
  5. DD grade 4 is taking a class but it’s clear to me she needs support outside of it. I obviously don’t have any Chinese and don’t intend to learn with her (doing that with French). what I would need right now are some very basic, write and say this character/word, and then the ap or program corrects you...Does it exist? Any other resources you loved for early on? Many thanks!
  6. I was gone a while but I’m back now for the fun and games. We don’t have the class join codes for some of the classes DS is taking, but it’s still the case that we need a class code and an exam code, yes? When I asked the local coordinator for exam join codes he sent me a list of the class codes. It’s the same person that helped me last year so I’m wondering if the issue is on my end. And if he manages to send me exam codes, can I register those codes in his account on myAP? Because the way the directions are phrased it makes it sound like you just join a class. Argh. eta that the school
  7. Don’t tease. Not quill but always looking for easier things to listen to while driving 😂
  8. Supposed to be very hot, we are 1.5 hrs outside NYC, but what does it matter: We are not taking advantage of anything because we have to live somewhere and this house has been perfect for quarantine. Huge garden, fruit trees and berry patches and Chickens and a creek my daughter spent quarantine in. Had my son’s friend from NyC for weeks. So I’m staying put a while.
  9. There are some of those reading comprehension books by Teacher Created Resources (some for social science, some science, some fiction I think) that have fairly decent page of content and then multiple choice questions. Some even have words to be copied down and learned. Good for 5 min or so 😂
  10. And very long. since classics are covered i will add some modern stuff I like Lincoln In the Bardo (very American), Elegance of the Hedgehog (French) and early Elena Ferrante (Italian-she is famous in the US for her Neapolitan triology but I prefer her earlier stuff. All the same themes).
  11. I have the Brother recommended here which has a million good reviews on amazon, but it doesn’t cut it anymore. It’s okay for a form or article but I want to print equivalent of entire books. Basically I want what I had in my office at home 😂 friend recommended cannon laser imageclass but seems discontinued. any ideas for me?
  12. Fleabag, Call my Agent (this one is French)
  13. one is literary fiction, one is a middle grades fiction...thing. (part fictionalized travel memoir, part art history, illustrated and such. It's odd). My question relates more to the adult novel, the middle grades project is done.
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