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  1. I haven’t read the responses but just to make you feel better psychologically, in another quite civilized 😂 country I recently spent time in, worms (and lice) seem to be part of everyday school life, at least judging by the expat mom groups I joined in for info. So much so that some people prophylactically deworm their kids yearly and said medicine is sold OTC. We managed to escape both but bc price of meds terrify me here I even bought some medicine to bring back with me. I’d send it to you but with my ruined karma I bet we all get them the moment I send out the drugs😂
  2. French grammar is a nightmare. French people themselves spend most school hours on varieties of French grammar. Submission more than conquering is my mode of approach:) I saw a funny gif the other day which had achieving level B2 in French at the very top of the intelligence pyramid 😂😂anyway for grammar specifically there’s a gazillion resources (again, because french grammar is continuously studied), but ones I’ve used and liked are CLE progressive series (you can find a free pdf of this and the answers online if you look hard enough—I prefer paper books), and Practice Makes Perfect. You can assign drills based on what’s being studied in the class. Or ask the WTMa teacher what they recomend. I’ve found entire grades’ curriculum online for French but teachers have particular resources they favor.
  3. I think it’s meant to test potential/proclivity right? I’m not sure but when I gave that test to little DD (part of her year end testing, I don’t know why I gave it because the ITBS would’ve sufficed), she also scored very high in math. She’s not particularly gifted or amazing at math. Maybe I’m not working to the max of her potential 😂
  4. That would be awesome but life currently doesn’t lend itself to extensive furniture shopping 😞 I could ask my FIL who goes to all sorts of auctions and things but again, I’m trying to solve this problem now (they live half way across the country).
  5. I’m looking to replace some IKEA ones that quite literally fell apart. Plus they’re not exactly aesthetically pleasing. Any ideas for me?
  6. Have not personally used her classes but I hear great things. @roadrunner may have more info.
  7. It all starts, if at all, with the junior year October psat right? I mean, nothing besides registering for that exam needs done, yes? Many thanks
  8. It’s snowshoeing trails at a ski mountain, the biggest danger is a skier barreling into me as I cross the piste (though I’m not supposed to do that). I have to get that beaver book for my DH —he is obsessed with that animal 😂
  9. Last audiobook that fulfills this description is Little Fires everywhere. Before then, slightly less fun but we made it, Beware of Pity, Zweig. I don’t read much for myself anymore (work/school) but I’m walking alone in the woods for many hours this week. Which is boring. Anything? I started Fleishman is in trouble on paper, may get the audio for that. What else? Many thanks! 🙏
  10. I know. DH has been asking to go away just the two of us for the longest time. And my kids are old and my in laws would fly here to shuffle them around. I’m like, nah I’m good. How about I take the kids and we go somewhere. For 4 months. You can visit us. Ugh that sounds so bad written down. but I’ve reformed and I found a place that’s very much adult and we are going this fall. I’m already looking into separate flights etc but that’s my other sort of crazy.
  11. Sort of out of the box but DS and I have really enjoyed some of the Yale open courses. There’s two American history ones that might work and I was planning on using next year, though they don’t make a very neat unit like the one we are using now (Merriman’s European Civ one).
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