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  1. Jordan. i took a solo trip with DS to Vienna when he was still umbrella stroller age (3?) and that was a fabulous time. One thing for him(zoo), one thing for me (museum), coffehouse, rinse repeat. HP world at universal was fun.
  2. We did a bit of Mr. D geometry when travelling, fell behind on live aspect of it because of the time difference but DS competed the various modules. I’ve realized (really late I guess), you really need to know well how your student learns. Because watching videos online, live or otherwise doesn’t really work for mine. He’d just tune out. Now DO by design demands you work in the notebook while you go along. I’m using alg2 to supplement a live class than I don’t think it’s rigorous enough and I will say I was correct about that 😉 we plan to use DO exclusively for precalc next year
  3. Looking at the bright side. At least he didn’t commit insurance fraud. So sorry 😞
  4. I don’t wade into college confidential but this matches, to a T, a bundle of anecdotes I hear from my nearest urban area.
  5. Realistically, our sole college search criteria should be whether they permit the mini instantpot in the dorms. Anyone want to mine the data set for that one? 😂
  6. For those that have researched Restrictive ED, have you found any info as to what percentage of ED admits are legacy, etc? I haven’t delved into the data sets yet (shudder) but I read somewhere on a college’s own website that they encouraged legacy applicants to apply ED to demonstrate interest....
  7. And I’m just curious, who is checking that the standards set are actually being followed? Versus just copying a syllabus and doing 1/3rd of the work or some such? I still think, personally, that even a syllabus followed to a T doesn’t make that a college class, but it doesn’t matter what I think 😉
  8. I’m pretty sure that’s how it works here too. Credit and transcript for a class taken at the high school. I stand by my statement that it’s confusing what “college” means in that context.
  9. in my area, it seems every decent student is taking college classes, either at the CC or some course designated as “college” at their high school. I think”college” is becoming like “honors”—no one knows quite what it means. At least with AP, there’s a standardized test that everyone knows the scoring for. Of course, if you have an exceptional student that’s nationally ranked in something or 10 grades above level you do what you want and none of the above applies. 😂
  10. True, though there was a nominal charge and a booking required for the highlights tour that I mentioned above. This was very good to have because there’s too much to see otherwise and I needed orienting (5 yr old DD would have reavhed expiration if I went wandering all day).
  11. I guess what I am saying is that there is a learning style at play that is a lot more than how much time you spend on math. My DS was doing quite well for long stretches, and time spent was whatever it took because, homeschool, but then nothing would be retained. Time on task, when you count alcumus, class time and all the book problems was not the issue. I would guess most Aops users are actually brinck and mortar students, so again, not unlimited stores of time to ponder deeply all the math. When I said majority, I meant that Aops must work for the majority of those that continue using it. We used it for quite a long time when it was not a fit and I imagine we are in the minority, that’s all.
  12. Have not read the thread, sorry if a repeat. My two favorite things we did in London when we took kids and their grandparents were the Churchill War rooms, and the highlights tour of British museum. I wish I had done that one without DD in the ergo but you do what you can. Anyway I’ve been to so so many museums, that one was special for some reason. All the, ahem, “explored” stuff maybe? 😂 Empire and all that. Rome, sigh. I love it but last time I went this past summer I had reached maximum tourist mob tolerance “look kids, that’s the colosseum. Looks similar on the inside. Let’s go get gelato”. The one semi-smart thing I did was book a night tour of the Vatican versus a day tour. Still somewhat mobbed but bearable. And the windows were open and it was just pretty all round.
  13. I obviously don’t know, but something you said in your post reminded me: One reason AOPS was a pretty unqualified failure here was that even when DS was doing well in it, moving on to the next topic meant everything fell out of his head. It was pretty astonishing to witness, and something I’ve heard several people comment on re: AOPS. And then there’s those (majority?) for whom it’s clearly and demonstrably a success, translating very well to “regular” old math like standardized test scores. So there must be some math-learning theory at play but with just two kids at hand I’m not that curious about it....
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