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  1. Just out of curiosity, how many grade changes have you seen in your career?
  2. Oh I’m sure there is a process and it’s well articulated on paper. Blessed by lawyers even 🙂 i have never heard of a grade changing for a reason other than what I wrote. Many things can be true at the same time.
  3. From what I understand, grade appeals are very rarely successful here. It basically needs to be a constitutional issue (a prof friend of mine told me she changed a grade when a student would have failed some licensing process without it). It seems crazy to me there is no process to dispute a grade but that’s the way it seems to be, profs have full autonomy.
  4. One Day, listening on audio—particularly great narrator. The drunk voices, of which there are many, are especially well done. I’m not in the space for a book that makes demands and this is exactly my speed now. with DD, reading Count of Monte Cristo. I loved it with DS and really loving it with DD. I wish there were more classics like this!
  5. How do they present? DH had juvenile RA and it’s always in the back of my head that DD might have inherited it. She saw a specialist at Hospital for Special surgery in NYC when much younger and didn’t have any signs of it then, but we were also told it meant nothing one way or the other. She’s complaining of joint pain now (knee/ fingers/ hip) so I’m back to wondering. She’s around the same age DH was diagnosed…
  6. Thanks for this review. I was wondering how the lessons compare to khan’s? I think missing the video component will be a factor here.
  7. Was wondering if you’re aware of any of these reading apps in French. We used to have and love j’aime lire but it merged with another app and we haven’t touched it yet. Doing the old audible/book thing now
  8. lucky mama? Or Luckymom? Her DD studied Arabic and so did my son so I remember her being super helpful and lovely.
  9. Thanks—it seems to be available to teachers only.
  10. Thanks both. So it’s just a calculator? My DD’s school uses Desmos classroom which must be a whole other thing
  11. Following the digital SAT thread, can desmos be accessed privately? I had only heard about it (before the SAT thread) because my daughter’s 7th grade math class apparently uses it extensively and I had seen the link on her canvas. But now I’m trying to see what we will do about math this summer (we have an extra short summer due to a cross country move) and I’m wondering if 1. Desmos is available for private use and 2. Is it a practice type platform like Aleks or Khan. Many thanks for any info (and dropping a link if available).
  12. DS has taken AP English and Lit at PA homeschoolers and was a TA for AP Lang (or Lit? Can’t recall now). Depends on teacher but the one he had was exceptional.
  13. Hot Milk which is excellent in a “dazed in the sun”’sort of way. could not finish Portrait of a Marriage even though I loved Hamnet. The Piano shop on the left bank as need to be in a Paris mood for the book I’m writing.
  14. OP, I’m a little bit stunned at the tone of the posts so far. And so I will throw in my 2 cents. Assuming this is public school, their raison d’etre is to accommodate the community and its idiosyncrasies. There are a ton of accommodations that public schools have to make and an eager and curious child who wants to be there is the least of them. People move, lose or gain jobs, etc. If it’s private school, then I trust them to be big boys and girls and always act in their interest. As regards your kid, I see no downside in your case. 8th grade is in fact not low stakes in my district, two of the classes end up on high school transcript and there are tests. I would also focus if I were you on any placement tests you want/school administers going into 9th. We have 3 math tracks for example and if you care to be on the top one and you don’t have 8th grade prerequisite, you’d need to arrange some testing, etc. best of luck to your DD!
  15. Just wanted to make sure your friend knows homeschooling is now practically illegal in France (very limited exceptions to the rule which come with extensive oversight). I’m sure she knows it’s just a fairly recent development so just flagging.
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