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  1. I think she knows all this. I also think this sort of homeschooling, collecting credits and CLEPing is fundamentally distasteful to what some want to do in their homeschool. I know nothing about CA or Tx but never was my idea of homeschooling a frisson at the great flexibility of driving my kid to community college. Maybe because I’m in NY and our Cc are not great. Maybe because I thought homeschooling was about doing your own thing.
  2. Yes I think you need them. Dd does beast online (even though I got the books 😒) and the text is sort of integrated with the program there
  3. You’re joking? The wealthy “game”* everything, but the kid straight off the boat with parents who speak no English and a tattered library copy of the SAT might get into a Stuyvesant or a UC. Look at the Stuyvesant admissions and see if it’s the “wealthy” winning that game. i wish schools would be honest and say this is not about fairness but about us being free to socially engineer via “wholesome” admissions. I’m practically communist so no one cares more than me about equality, but this ain’t it. * some say game, some say educate their kids k-12. If paying 60 grand a year for your GPA and school name isn’t the ultimate gaming... little old SAT isn’t your problem.
  4. I’m looking at their site and It says the full blood panel is not avail for residents of NY, even though I’d go to a different state for the collection. And I started her on doxy today. Will call tomorrow to clarify, thanks
  5. She’s not feeling bad owing to treatment or anything else yet 😉 so I find a collection site for this lab, yes? There’s one within 45 miles it seems.
  6. I will look for this one. Will just pay out of pocket as I’m tired of my doctor acting as data entry clerk. I’m most grateful to you, internet person, aNd the others on this thread. Thank you thank you.
  7. I just called back and lab will let me know if they have enough blood to run the tick panel. i hate that I need to read here and then call and ask. This doesn’t help my view of doctors (my dad is one so don’t jump me). thanks everyone. Eta that I checked my texts and I pulled a tick off her March 10. But it was intact. Ugh
  8. They only checked for Lyme and did a CBC but they do still have the blood. her symptoms by which I mean spiking that random fever, have been going since early April. She had her first unexplained fever then, and then about every two weeks since (always on days she has an epic 6 hour play outside).
  9. Thanks everyone, I updated in original post. If anyone has anything to add in light of diagnosis, I’d be grateful.
  10. This is our experience with the classes. And frankly looking at rows of text for a couple hours just did not appeal. We continued books on our own for a little while but since no adults here like them, we stopped half way through Algebra I think. Video based classes like Derek Owens or current CC class work better here. I am curious how the summer online AOPS academy classes work, anyone have any idea? Dd has been doing a little beast.
  11. Yes, we follow precautions (and we wear masks for goodness’ sake), but the righteous distancing and some serious damage to critical thinking is also a covid side effect.
  12. So the second time it happened out of 4 total) I took her in and I actually suspected this—they took a urine sample but I don’t think they ran it through bc lab was in process of closing and dr didn’t think it warranted. But it fits with playing outside/ dehydration and yesterday we were in a canoe and she had to hold it a while. Hmm thanks much kgrok and jrap.
  13. I’m on the lookout for this bc DH had JRA—no rash, no joint pain.
  14. Zinc picolonate I do have and just gave her some. Also ordered lozenges mathnerd linked—thank you
  15. Yes I put fresh turmeric in soups and such. Making some tea with that and ginger as we speak. I haven’t been able to find zinc in any sort of of “kid” form since this covid thing started, but will look again. Thanks so much.
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