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  1. Lamb chops, steak, hamburgers Just say no. My mother cooked them (badly) several times a week.
  2. I got my period at 12 and went on birth control at 14/15. It was the best thing ever for me. I was in such severe pain, missing class, just miserable for 7 days every month. Birth control did nothing for my acne. A good dermatologist, pills for acne and Retin A made all the difference.
  3. Final final update.........aka the thrilling conclusion The good news he is in his room and happy happy happy. It took some vacuuming and lots of sweeping but it is finally clean and he unpacked and is ecstatic. The bad news is that from 2-4:30 he was locked out of the dorm (technically) because someone deleted his student id number from his student id card and he could not access the elevator or stairs. So basically his stuff was in his room but he wasn't allowed in. Then he was allowed in, but I wasn't. And someone said we should wait several days for it to be fixed. Long story short I may have raised my voice slightly louder than normal, left repeated voicemails with 2 hall directors and 1 person working from home. All is well now, my blood pressure has returned to its normal low, I'm in zen mode and all is good. My son has loved hearing everyones comments about this incredibly strange journey. Thanks for listening!
  4. He’s finally out!!! i watched them deactivate his student id so I won’t worry he will return. Oddly enough I saw him in his car. I am happy for this to finally be over. Waiting for my son to get out of class to happily unpack car.
  5. Monday afternoon and the saga is not over yet!!! The kid squatting in the room is still there. He has less than an hour to vacate before campus police pack up his room. While I feel bad for this kid my son who is paying for his room I feel worse. I am sitting in dorm lobby waiting for the thrilling conclusion.
  6. My son has had difficulty finding a summer job. Plus he is taking summer classes on campus from June-August. He is interviewing for a job at school bookstore which would be temporary but at least it’s a start. It used to be so much simpler.
  7. Update #99 Title: I can’t make this up I arrive to help him move. We get key to new room. We pack up old room. We go to new room. There is a kid living in the room. We call hall director. He says room has been empty for months, he will be right over. Turns our kid who is no longer enrolled has been living there. He lives out of state so they are giving him till Monday at noon to vacate. in the meantime my son was encouraged to call campus security and report his roommates threatening behavior which he did. I can only describe the roommates mess as hoarders meets mentally ill college student. Everyone who entered the room was shocked. So we packed up his stuff in car to take home for the weekend and bring back on Monday. Wish us luck!! I don’t think it can get stranger.
  8. Happy update!!! After class he moves into a single room in the same dorm!! He is super relieved and happy.
  9. Well since I last posted my son told me more, told hall director he felt unsafe to sleep in room so I headed out to pick him up ( school is an hour away) Tomorrow I’ll take him back for class then help him move to new room in the afternoon. I can’t wait till this is a distant memory.
  10. Thanks for the suggestion. My son says he knows how to use. 27 days left of school so I am hoping this will be resolved tonight. I’m beginning to wonder why this person moved from their previous room. On the plus side I have seen a side of my son I never knew about. Mature, confident, outspoken and just taking charge. Making me proud! ETA: He just asked RA about a room change.
  11. RA is meeting with roommate tonight and he has number for campus police in his phone.
  12. His first roommate moved after about 6 weeks. Then no roommate for over a month. Next roommate moved in for short time before dropping out of school. Then no roommate again. So he has been pretty lucky until now. Because of medical condition he could have gotten a single room but he wanted the college experience of having a roommate. His sister and I warned him but he wouldn’t listen. On the bright side he learned how to advocate for himself which he is quite proud of. Roommate left room around 5am (after videotape) came back and was silent. Hopefully the nonsense will stop.
  13. My son (freshman) has only had this roommate for about 3 months but he is a bad egg (to put it nicely) With 30 days left of school my son reached his breaking point and met with his RA. She gave good advice, he discussed with roommate. Roommate has now been slamming window shut and banging his desk chair against desk for hours (starting at 3am). I told my son to put phone to video, roommate saw and left the room. Ugh. RA says she will elevate to meeting with hall director. I can’t even make sense of roommates behavior. Ugh.
  14. I also think some impressions of schools are tainted by a good/bad tour guide. We left one tour guide to join up with another group. Sone schools we visited numerous times and 1-2 we cut the tour short knowing we had no interest. It is an exhausting process.
  15. My daughter is graduating in May with her BSN in nursing and a minor in global public health. She was in a direct admit program (freshman year) She plans on working for a year before pursuing her masters/doctorate.
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