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  1. I’ve thought about what music to play (Frank Sinatra), what color everyone should wear (pink) but not the food. Definitely black/white cookies. Now I have to get menu planning! 😆
  2. Ithaca College has an automatic acceptance into their grad school program if you do speech as an undergrad.
  3. I paid $$$ to a lice place only for them to come back. Personally I don’t think they ever left!! Google using Cetaphil soap, Dump a bottle on your hair, comb through, leave on overnight, rinse, pick out dead nits, repeat in a couple of days. I did no extra washing, vacuuming, etc and they were gone forever.
  4. We have been to that Friendlys many times. I grew up with Friendlys and was so excited to have my kids eat at one. Makes me miss Howard Johnson’s. Anybody remember them?
  5. I would go for an x ray if possible. My dog ate two socks and they showed up on the X-ray. You couldn’t tell it was a sock but it was an obvious foreign object.
  6. I’m glad I’m not the only one who had to deal with craziness! I bought my previous house, show for walk through and nothing had been packed up. In fact, the sellers were annoyed with me. We had to move the closing up several hours. I go back for walk through and they had left several pieces of furniture covered in inches of dust. No. Then they dragged one dust covered piece of furniture down the carpeted stairs, leaving a huge mess. We landed putting money into escrow to cover the cleanup. Then for months they told a neighbor that I had stolen items from them. Ridiculous!!! When I sold that house the buyer was a royal pain, would look you in the eye and flat out lie. At closing her mortgage company delayed one day and the next day demanded she come up with $100,000 cash. Her response was she was going on vacation and she would deal with when she got back. Umm NO. I was so happy to be rid of that house!
  7. I'm flying cross country today. I hate flying. I'm excited because I'm going to my daughters college graduation. I just dread getting there. I read this last night- Several times a year now you hear about people getting kicked off flights for the most ridiculous of reasons (even parents with children). I think its just adding to my anxiety. I'm afraid to request a diet soda for fear I may offend the flight attendant 😉 Several years ago I was flying with my kids and had my new ipad with me. Flight attendant barked at me that I needed to put it in airplane mode. I turned to my daughter and asked her to do it for me. The flight attendant looked like she was going to blow a gasket. My daughter grabbed the Ipad and hurriedly did it. It was so uncalled for but thankfully I kept quiet. I probably took my first flight around 1969/1970. I miss those days. People actually got dressed up to fly! I even miss those foil covered meals they gave you ( I never ate them but I liked the tv dinner aspect about them) Tell me I'm not alone.
  8. I have an update! My son got hired as a math tutor at his college for the summer and during the school year! I am one proud mama!!!
  9. My daughter is 22 and was last in dance 18 years ago. Things have not changed!!! I could have written your post. Total insanity.
  10. My son is in college planning on being a high school history teacher. I’m not feeling so good about it. I’m in Colorado and a local middle school is currently on lockout after a reported threat. A Denver high school is closed today because someone called a hotline to report a threat. Thus has got to end. Time for some drastic measures to be taken.
  12. My son just got a job!!! His first job!!! He’s going to be working at his school bookstore. I’m so excited!!!
  13. It’s rental agent on site at building. Those fees are nothing compared to the rent! Update: She got lease with the wrong dates! My poor daughter is trying to finish college classes and deal with this at same time. She is weeks away from graduating with BSN and has not a minute to spare.
  14. My daughter went to see an apartment to live in after graduation. Paid application fee, paid credit check fee, passed everything. Told apartment is hers, they will send lease. They send form to pay rent. They send form to pay security deposit. No lease. Its been 3 weeks of her calling and calling. Rental agent keeps insisting she will email it to her. She leaves school in 3 weeks and won’t be back for 2,months when her job starts so she needs this resolved. Plus she has already paid $275 in fees she does not want to lose. Her last resort is to go in person on Saturday (but she needs to get buzzed in, they may not be there, etc) Any ideas we haven’t thought of?
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