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  1. They have the right to protest and my daughter who is a nurse (treating covid 19 patients) should have the right to refuse to treat them if they should get sick. While they are protesting to go to gym/beach/restaurants healthcare workers are self isolating at home or staying at hotels to lessen chance of infecting their families. I think they should all be forced to spend a day in the hospital and see what it’s like to be asked by patients “am I going to die’”.
  2. I make crazy big food orders and get about 1/2 of what I order. To improve my odds I order a 2 pound bag of flour and a five pound bag and hope I get at least one. I also order the same item from different brands and cross my fingers. I shop at King Soopers and they put a hold on credit card then charge me after I pickup.
  3. Update: Teeth not done due to vet limiting surgeries due to coronavirus. Daisy (the cat) was not eating so $700 later they think she has a heart murmur plus redid blood test to check for other issues and sent her home with antibiotics. Adding to the stress is my daughter is a nurse in the hospital during this very difficult time. Good thoughts appreciated.
  4. Happy happy update!!!! The bloodwork came back with no issues with thyroid, liver or kidneys!! She is going to keep the cat (Daisy) and the whole family is going to chip in and help cover dental costs. I’m a cat grandma!!! **The $300 fee included spaying. I agree it was high but for her area it is what all rescues charge. Some charged even more!
  5. That is the nicest thought ever! I’m at a loss for words. Thank you.
  6. My 23 yo daughter just adopted her first cat from a local shelter. They had 2 videos online of the cat, one said she was 4 and one said 5. Her adoption paperwork said 2. She took cat to vet for checkup after adoption and vet said cat was 7-8 based on eye condition (comes with age?) Cat also had several cracked teeth and bleeding gums.Surgery is needed and estimate is $800-$1300 They also did bloodwork for $200 plus fees for exam (around $75) She paid $300 adoption fee to shelter. She is now in for $600 plus surgery costs and has owned cat for less than a week.. Pet insurance is not an option because of so many pre-existing conditions. She is a sweet affectionate cat but I don’t want my daughter to blow through her savings in medical bills during the first year she owns the cat. I am heartbroken for her. This was supposed to be this wonderful experience. I advised her to wait and see what bloodwork says but if there are further health complications I would probably lean towards returning the cat. She has been crying ever since. (Insert mom guilt) WWYD?
  7. My daughter graduated from a top rated freshman admit nursing program. She can attest that coming from a strong program, both the NXCLEX and her job at a top 20 hospital are so much easier compared to her peers who did not attend a program of equal caliber. This is preparation and foundation for your entire career. Be sure to go to a school with at least a 90% NCLEX pass rate. At the end of the day nursing school is a marathon, not a sprint.
  8. YouTube has an endless supply of House Hunters episodes. I cut the cord years ago and if you look at TLC, NBC, ABC, Food Network etc you can get tons of free tv. I forgot to add www.dailymotion.com Really good for Below Deck (bravo) and 90 Day Fiancé (TLC) My guilty pleasures!
  9. We have Crohns, gluten intolerance and IBS in my family. I have been dairy free most of my life. I’m just lucky like that!! I have IBS and Lactose free products still make me sick. I haven’t had red meat in 25 years (makes me seriously ill), my crohns child can’t eat red meat either. We try to avoid fried foods. Sounds like IBS to me. Any meal ending with ice cream would send me running to bathroom. I tend to eat many smaller meals to keep the peace. Definitely worth checking in with gastroenterologist.
  10. Caesar’s Palace is my favorite place to stay. Great location and the rooms are beautiful. Beautiful restaurant- https://pamplemousselerestaurant.com/
  11. You need a good dermatologist preferably one who specializes in allergies/environmental stuff. My regular dermatologist sent me to a specialized dermatologist for allergy testing. I’m allergic to gold (plus all metals) It took a year of being jewelry free to be eczema free. My son had allergy testing and milk was causing his eczema.
  12. I have owned both. My Subaru forester was way better in the snow. My Honda was much more mechanically sound.
  13. I mentioned this to my daughter who just graduated with her BSN. She said she is not surprised by the professors stance. She said it was exactly the same with her nursing classes, students had to either change the interview time or take your chance missing class. She has several friends applying to medical school who have graduated and are now working. They are under the same stress, having to miss work to do an interview. One of her friends is scrambling to get someone to cover their work shifts so they can do interviews (three so far).
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