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  1. Murphy101

    Community college inappropriateness vent

    I’m happy to update that there was a blow up in class where this teacher started screaming, cussing and physically intimidating a student. (A 50+ yr old female student who left the class under this harassment.) Luckily another student caught it on video on their phone and took it to the dean immediately after class. The next class the instructor intimidated the student who did the recording that they shouldn’t how that to anyone else and offered no apology. The next class, the dean brought in a new instructor to introduce. Just. Wow. Glad that’s done.
  2. Murphy101

    Student loans and mandatory wage garnishment

    Colleges do not have an incentive to reduce the student debt. They have lots of incentive to reduce their own college expenses on those students bc that means more money for the school. In theory anyways.
  3. Murphy101

    Student loans and mandatory wage garnishment

    That’s not entirely true. Some countries do that but there’s some more flexible than that. There’s plenty of middle ground. I’m not sure anyone should have to live with any non-life threatening choice for decades. So they took some classes that literally didn’t pay off? Yeahno. I think it’s stupid that people are having to live with their student loans longer than it takes to raise their children or longer than rapists and some murderers get in prison. And what’s more, the only one paying for the decision is the student. The school and the bank and everyone else keeps on getting funded for bad decisions and no one seems to be overly concerned about mandatory drafting a % of their profits to make them live with their decisions.
  4. Murphy101

    Student loans and mandatory wage garnishment

    Yes. Taxpayers should foot the bill. I’m so bleeping done with this notion that healthcare and education for all is anything but a social good for everyone. Taxpayers are already footing the bill. We foot the bill every time we fund schools and hospitals and pharmaceutical companies and medical device companies. So yeah. Fund the students. Or at least demand the schools and healthcare be reasonably affordable for those students since the taxpayers are already paying billions a year in the failing systems and then wagging condemning middle fingers at the students while turning a blind eye to the limited choices most students have.
  5. Murphy101

    Student loans and mandatory wage garnishment

    Not only is it foolish it’s not accurate. College kids are currently being advised that they should expect 3 - 5 career changes before they retire and that most jobs will not last more than 4-6 years, if they ever get to retire. Not job changes. Career changes. I know so many people who got very reasonable degrees who are not working at all in their degree field. But hey, thank God they can at least check the degree obtained box on the automated online sorting of resume applications.
  6. Murphy101

    Student loans and mandatory wage garnishment

    Because it will tank your GPA, which will tank your financial aid. Because basic knowledge of those subjects isn’t BS. Because practicing college level work load and writing load on those subjects rather than directly on upper level courses is helpful to skill and knowledge building. Because 60% of graduating high school students in my state need remedial math and English, so they literally can’t take upper level math/science or language arts/humanities. But that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t go to college. There’s lots of variety in why those students need remedial college classes, but for most it’s not because they are just too stupid or lazy.
  7. Murphy101

    Student loans and mandatory wage garnishment

    My general advice for online classes is they should be for nonmajor courses and or courses the student feels confident solo learning in. Because more often than not, learning it solo is how online classes tend to go. There’s little to no teacher feedback or peer learning and if it’s a difficult subject they don’t have many options for help getting through the course. And many online classes are not enroll and do whatever by end of semester. Many have strict login times and such that conflict just as much with work or living location as any brick and mortar class. Buyer beware.
  8. Murphy101

    Student loans and mandatory wage garnishment

    I’m not sure what your point was then. Bc people can do that and many do. It’s not like onine college classes don’t already exist. And online is often not cheaper than in person classes. Heck, pending the scenario, online can be more than the local community college and not easier to access.
  9. Murphy101

    Student loans and mandatory wage garnishment

    There’s that and also, not all kids who suck at high school are destined to suck at college. Many actually do better, especially if they can get encouragement to make it through those remedial courses. Let’s face it, who a kid is at 16-18 should not determine there entire future. Not academically, not emotionally, not family-wise. And that’s not even factoring in how many, and it’s a LOT, of midlife adults are returning to college for many reasons. Some for second degrees or to pursue doctorates, but many are first time students. And also, those exams being used as a litmus for entry instead of a placement test would effectively blackball entire demographics, from socioeconomic to culture to race.
  10. Murphy101

    Student loans and mandatory wage garnishment

    In general I agree I would never get a parent loan for my kids. But there are families who fall in the gap of my qualifying for funds but not being particularly well off. The federal loan cap presumes the student is getting half or more in grants and such too. But for parents who fall in that gap - their kid might get very little and the expected parent contribution is nuts. So for them it’s 1 - pony up cash they may not have 2 - accrue debt for college 3. - purposely plan several years ahead and for several years while student is in college to make far less than they could so the kid can qualify for more funding. 4. - cut the kid off and not fund college. I can see how many parents might feel some of those aren’t legit options. They are gambling that the country and employment will make it worth it. And 20 years ago, that would have been a good gamble. Now I don’t think it is. Eta. I agree healthcare plays into it. I think health plays into everything in life actually.
  11. Murphy101

    Student loans and mandatory wage garnishment

    Most people are trying to pick the most affordable option they can and still ending up with tens or even hundreds of thousands in debt for an under graduate. Sure some have grandiosity issues, but most don’t. I don’t think anyone should have to take online over in person classes. Many people don’t work well online and many online programs (and brick and mortar too) are crap. And frankly some colleges are pieces of crap who should have their funding and accreditation removed.
  12. Murphy101

    Student loans and mandatory wage garnishment

    The general problem is that this is an example of turning poverty or low income into an individual character issue to avoid confronting that it is actually a social failure to recognize a systemic screwing over.
  13. Murphy101

    Student loans and mandatory wage garnishment

    The problem with deciding education based on monetary expectations is there’s often little to no way to know the future. Most SAHMs I know never really planned on it. A few did, and they used their degrees just fine prior to motherhood. And mothering is only a phase of life and getting a degree later is not easier. But many women didn’t plan on SAHM status. Most have reasons beyond just wanting to. Many don’t want to. Finance, SN of children or elderly, health — life is a real pita to career and finance plans. NM the fact that most people in default are employees. Just like 80% people who file bankruptcy due to medical bills have insurance. And that’s not even touching that many jobs that do need a degree don’t pay diddly. Social work and teaching for a few examples. And insisting on monetary priority would basically relegate all the arts to a financial elites.
  14. Murphy101

    Student loans and mandatory wage garnishment

    This is me. The college bubble and the healthcare bubble can go to hell for all I care at this point. They take advantage of citizens who very often aren’t left with other legitimate choices and frankly I think it’s batcrap stupid that our government refuses to grow some cajones to develop better policies and regulations to everyone’s benefit instead of pandering to the highest lobby bidder. As for specifics of garnishing wages, which seems to be the go to more and more often for many things, you can’t get blood from a stone. Many will decide to simply not work above the table. What I suspect will happen is eventual rebellion because at some point above the table employment will be more akin to indentured servitude than gainful employment.
  15. Murphy101

    Student loans and mandatory wage garnishment

    That’s because it is. With a few exceptions, employers should have never been allowed to access credit reports and should have limited access to back ground checks.
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