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  1. Guess I’m glad to be a good example of something, even if it’s only as a cautionary tale. 😆
  2. It doesn’t have to be racist. It could just be classist and it just so happens a lot more of darker shades tend to be in the lower classes than the lighter shades. I was that kid who knew beyond a doubt that my teachers had written me off by 3rd grade. I was the kid they knew who was never ever getting detention bc buses don’t stay late to take kids home and my parents were not coming to get me. I was the kid that never ever turned in any homework that required after school time in the library and I never ever had any extracurriculars bc my parents never gave a single dime out of pocket
  3. For me? Oh hell no. For someone else? Still hell no but that’s their choice. I get why they would though. Honestly I hated the modern American delivery process for all my babies, even the so called relatively great deliveries. For ME, it was a lot of people being seeming like jerks to me in the name of power tripping and bad science protocols with a bit of thank God someone had a clean knife on hand when I needed one for babies that needed cut out. A less pragmatic more screw that crap personality who has never had to have a cesarean without an anesthesiologist might be more incl
  4. Those schools aren’t even good enough to be daycares. Look at the stats for those schools. I’m telling you right now - schools like that do not want parent involvement. There is a heavy and strong prevailing attitude that those parents are too ignorant to know anything and obviously don’t have any care or brains about their lives or they’d have had the sense to not have kids while poor. Those schools are not interested in communicating with parents and they for sure don’t want parental involvement demanding they do their jobs. I get it. Parents just trying to keep the lights on and peopl
  5. This has been happening for at least 25 years. In every industry that possibly can do it. We have a lot more price controls and manipulation in goods than most people know. Some make it worse, some make it lots cheaper thanks to government buy ins/outs. I do too. I do not care who they are, everyone should get equal pay for equal work. Yep. This is a HUGE problem.
  6. Thanks folks. I think I’m going to go ahead and order it.
  7. I think that would be an error in your vision to view it that way. But that’s your choice.
  8. I don’t think more land is being created so for the next 10 years I think housing will still be needed. If people don’t start having babies though, in 20 years there’s going to be a lot less need for the current houses.
  9. I really want a ton of stuff in life I’m maybe never gonna get, much less get it when or how I want it. Doesn’t mean anyone doesn’t respect me. ETA: and I do make my kids clean their rooms and do chores. Because I do think they need to learn how to live peaceably with other people, the value of bringing physical order in their lives can be a small therapy and certainly a helpful coping mechanism for those who struggle with EF. But I never ever make it about character unless they refuse my minimal standards. Having a problem is not a character issue. Refusing to address a problem is. And
  10. Curacao. Everything you could ever want in a vacation. I want to go back so bad.
  11. Tell me the pros and cons! Did you like it or hate it? Are the full set prices worth it at TAN? (They are on sale atm!) I’m contemplating starting with Vol 4. Opinions or experience with that? TIA
  12. Did everyone miss this bolded and underlined important detail? Really? You rant like she’s a horrible slob and human and she might be but this has happened FOUR times? That’s not going to ruin anything unless it’s left that way. Tell her to clean her own laundry and supervise the carpet cleaning. And then move on already. If you genuinely think your child has a problem that needs medical help - then tell husband to either shut up or get on board with getting your child the medical help they need to manage living in a world filled with humans they need to interact with. I don’t thin
  13. Last Holiday (one with Queen Latifah) Wonder Woman Some tv shows: This Is Us The Mandalorian The Goldbergs Young Sheldon
  14. To be clear - I’m aware of all that you state. And note, that dh already got the vax and I plan to next week. But the entire issue can easily be removed, which is the point I intended to make.
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