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  1. That came across as very sarcastic and belittling. I don’t know if that was your intent or not. If the topic was anything else, I’m pretty sure most parents would completely understand that this is a very common problem in most non-homeschool education settings. (I’d agree it’s an issue even then too at times.) Compared to the school parents don’t get nearly as much time to learn about what’s going in their kids’ lives between the hours of school and sleep. I don’t think it comes as a surprise to anyone that kids and adults struggling with speaking up when they disagree or feel marginalized
  2. I read about that lawsuit too. Good for her for suing them. My biggest problem is that there is no critical race theory. As in there is not a well stated detailed explanation of this “theory” and exactly what the steps and processes are of it and how to explain that in an appropriate manner in k-12 environment. So in essence, implementing it has become a free for all hellhole that can be anything from stuff like this lawsuit to just renaming what they have always done. And like always, it’s the kids who pay the price.
  3. Just saying most scuba divers die with plenty of air available. No amount of air will save him getting a case of the bends going down and then up too fast. Glad he is okay! I’m mildly amused it says there’s not much evidence of whales swallowing people. And I’m like, welllll if the whale swallows you and does NOT spit you back out - what evidence would there be?!
  4. I have. I know people who have parents who have kicked them out or cut them off for all kinds of supposedly biblical bs. Some of those young adults who have stayed with me over the years are kids whose parents have said they can’t associate with their own child. They can understand viewing something as a sin. They can’t understand not even wanting to be around a sinner given they are literally everywhere. They can’t understand why even if they aren’t dating or having sex, their parents can’t love them. There’s hurt as in wishing their parents didn’t think that way but knowing they are stil
  5. People who love each other hurt each other deeply every day. It’s not a new concept. Men who love their wives still cheat on them. Children who love their parents still break their hearts. Parents can be hurtful or neglect their children bc they just can’t get their parental crap together. Love is a difficult sacrificial act we choose to live every day. And on any given day every single one of us fails to love as fully as we could have. But it doesn’t mean no love abides there. It just means we are not saints yet and we have to practice loving more and better to become saints. This is th
  6. Myself and many people I know and the RCC still has the same view of all those things as possibly grave sins. Doesn’t mean we don’t help and love them. In fact, we help them all a lot. In case anyone else needs to hear it. Your loved ones are human and have sins. Love them and help them as best you can or as best they will let you. And pray for them always. And I hope they bless you by doing the same for you. The thing is, the RCC does not view any sin as harmless to others. And I agree with that view. I don’t think it compares to interracial marriage. If my kids dies
  7. I would not do anything that would get him out of jail or reduce his sentence. Because if they cannot control that tendency (and many claim they were also born that way) then jail is the safest place for them. It would be unloving to set them lose upon the world knowing they couldn’t control that. I would probably visit them on my own. But I would discourage all my other children from communicating with them. But I also don’t seem to believe in unconditional love like others seem to. Others seem to think unconditional loves means being accepting of anything someone does. For me u
  8. How do you come to that conclusion? Did not the rich man turn from Jesus bc he didn’t want to live as Jesus commanded? Did Jesus say oh wait, never mind I’ll change it all for you? Many didn’t like the words of Jesus and were very likely hurt by it bc it pricked their conscious or they didn’t agree with it. I mean. That’s basically why they had him crucified. In our imperfect world, hurt and sacrifice cannot be avoid if we love others. It’s not that we want to hurt each other just to hurt each other. It’s that pain is often an unavoidable side affect of doing the right thing. And not do
  9. And if they voted for some Proud Boys guy? What then? Because you know some such relatable issue is bound to happen.
  10. I don’t think not having them make one speech removes any of their achievement to that point. Usually they have lots of credit for it along the way. I didn’t say to do away with graduation entirely. Just the val. speech part.
  11. Right?! LOL. I have told people I love that I would not bail them out for stuff. Such as DUI. Nope. I told them point blank that I hope they lose the license. Yes I know it means they will lose their job. And maybe their kids. I also know I will not give one dime towards perpetuating their self destruction. If they get sober, they can live at my house until they get their life back together. I’ll personally drive them to counseling and rehab. But I’m not giving them money and helping them with legal issues doesn’t seem to have actually helped them, so I’m not going to repeat what didn’t wo
  12. Many times someone being charged with a crime may not be able to even access their own funds. So if family won’t step up with money, they are basically defenseless. But also. I would want my loved one to have a lawyer. That doesn’t mean I don’t also want justice. In fact it might be because I want justice. There’s a lot of people who get some seriously out of proportion sentences for their crimes compared to those with a decent a decent lawyer. If I knew they committed the crime, I probably wouldn’t pony up bail money though. It helps that I simply don’t have money for all that anyway
  13. I keep coming back to just do away with the speech entirely. If the speech can’t be one that mostly everyone in the school can be okay with. and The school cannot impose deterring or punitive measures for going off script and we all agree this is just a very likely thing to happen then it follows to my mind the solution is to just do away with the insipid speeches altogether. Much like how many schools have decided that proms just aren’t worth the hassle and and it saves money and time/staff resources to just not have it anyways. Or at least not have it s
  14. Nah. Of the atheist I have known, they aren’t any more kind or better for it. Idk. So much depends on so many other factors. But I guess so. It’s never been an issue. A few days ago we had someone over who just got married for the fifth time. My initial thought upon learning that was Good God - WHY?! And my second was well God help and bless them for their try again positivity. I don’t remember anything being an issue. I think the affect of that on their children has been really hard and that’s sad to me but I’m not listing that out for them. My dad had a couple wives and girlfr
  15. I’m way to sleep deprived too. Aside from that, I think this conversation has run its course. All I can say is I’ve had to learn to love people who have made some pretty serious mortal sins over the years. They don’t think I’ve stopped loving them.
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