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  1. We got bedbugs from someone no longer living with us now. Spread to one of the grown kids household too. Absofreakinglutely have PTSD. Wiped out our savings completely and 8 months of hyper vigilance to finally get rid of them. I swear if a anyone even scratches a mosquito bite my entire family will nearly knock each other down to get the hell away from them just in case it is bedbug bites.
  2. but the one thing I didn’t see was - can your kids actually carry it by the handles with all that stuff in it?
  3. I think a discussion about friends is important to managing expectation and seeing reality. The vast majority of people we interact with are never going to be more than acquaintances at best, no matter how much time we spend with them. Most people only have 1-5 true friendships and it takes their lifetime to build each one, and usually not at the same time. And you just can’t predict where those friendships will take root. If he is going to look outward and only see the social media aspect as everyone has so many friends - he is setting himself up for disappointment. And while he is mir
  4. Parents have final say on that stuff. My kids don’t even get to type until 15ish. No smart devices. At 15ish, they get limited use for school purposes and the devices stay in a common area where everyone can see. But that is never what I thought deschooling was. That definition seems to have changed a lot in the last 20 years. Back in the day deschooling was discussed as a time of adjustment to a new reality. Yes that’s how they did it at the school - but we don’t have to do it that way and it’s okay. And this is mom and dad and our house rules are the ones to be followed now. Ev
  5. I think home school groups should put those “questions to answer before joining” on their groups. 1) If you are enrolled in a public k-12 school with in person or online - this is not the group for you. 2) If you are ONLY covid schooling, we can’t help make a plan for going back to school. If that’s what you need, we are not the group for you.
  6. I just did SF for the first time too. I got 2 tops, a cardi, a dress and trousers. One top I liked but will never wear bc it had too much white on it for my messy life. I joined with a give a $100 referral, get a $100 credit thing. But even after the $100 credit, I paid $77. I signed up all my younger kids and 3 of my grown kids and dh signed up during the $100 credit referral thing, so hopefully we will get a lot of credit to use on future boxes. I was really happy with my first box. I’m dying to know if the kids and dh will be similarly happy with their boxes when they arrive.
  7. Also for materials, you might look at Out Fathers’ House. http://ourfathershouse.biz/shopsite_sc/store/html/page29.html
  8. We could, sorta, but we wouldn’t for that bc I know that others wouldn’t actually do it and so we would likely not do the event. dh is working from home and we can order delivery for groceries. However, if we had to quarantine - 2 of my grown sons who live with us would lose their outside the house jobs. They would not be willing to lose their jobs just to have a holiday dinner and I don’t blame them. However, if we were actually Covid positive, they wouldn’t hesitate to quarantine. They’d be frustrated and upset about it bc they are young adults trying to make a future separate f
  9. Practice HALT 24/7. Do not talk or argue if either of you are hungry, angry, lonely, or tired. Expectations ruin everything. If he is a generally decent person and good father - then recognize that is what matters most. I think it is an error to expect a spouse to meet all our needs. And it surely is detrimental to forming a friendship too. I think of my good friends who have been through so much with me - and there is no expectation there. I’m heartily grateful for them, possibly bc I never expected such depth to our friendship. The best relationships I have are n
  10. I was looking for info on good and beautiful curricula and found this instead. lol But I had to post because I have had my littlest in CGS for over a year now and we love love love it. They do require everyone who assists with it be trained, and the training is not cheap at just under $1k iirc, but it is thorough and mine included a background check too. My girl who is extremely shy around people outside out house adores it and they are learning much about their faith and the history of our faith in a reverent but cheerful environment. There is a LOT of development and psych
  11. I said IN mortal sin, which implies they have not confessed and repented. Just for clarification on my post. idk. It could have been misunderstanding or it’s possible the priest is made an egregious error.
  12. Considering it this way: A person confirmed to be dying of Covid will still be given a priest to come give them last rites. Unless the priest knows the catholic is in mortal sin unfit to receive - he is not supposed to deny them the Eucharist and even if they are in mortal sin - he cannot deny them mass attendance. Now outside of mass though a priest can be much stricter.
  13. Oh side notation for context: the pope tends to be unpopular with the same people who think c19 is a hoax. But even for them seeing an empty Vatican was a stunning thing to behold.
  14. so far my diocese’s official stance is that these mandates are not so onerous as to be fought since they may benefit some with health issues. The wording is that everyone is “strongly encouraged” to wear a mask at mass and ushers will tell you where you can sit for social distancing. If you want to receive on the tongue, our priest is not refusing you - but he will make you be last to receive. He also says anyone that wants to watch the live stream on their device in their car can let him know and he will bring the Eucharist to them at end of mass. Overall, I’m very happy with how accommoda
  15. I’m pretty sure I do not want a disc style. I don’t think I take things in and out much... but it’s be nice to be able to. how many page can the proclick handle? And this may be stupid but it hole punches and binds, right?
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