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  1. Well any excuse will do for my dh so...😊
  2. Slightly TMI of a marital sexual nature! Updating that I won my wage! Super excited to plan what fun I’m going to have with my winnings! I got up to pee at 2:30am and decided to weigh in, was super bummed to be 144.4, exactly .1 ounce from my win goal. Really?! Are you kidding me?! So I crawled into bed pouting and dh asked how far off I was. When I told him, he said he could work that off me - and he did! Got up an hour later and was getting ready to get dressed and decided to weigh again - shouted 143.1! And dh of course claimed to be quite proud of his 1.2lb contribution and helped video my official weigh in at 4:30 in the morning. Then he went back to bed and I went on a walk and then showered and am now all packed and ready to fly to Curacao tonight for a scuba/snorkel vacay with 2 of my best friends. I’m a happier healthier woman today thanks in no small part to this weight loss journey. I’m going to keep tracking my food and walking and swimming and ice skating. I don’t want to gain it back and I know it will take vigilance to avoid that.
  3. I’m just saying you and I have completely different personalities. Because I’d totally have told my kids they are on their own finding the test guy because I need to follow flipper man and the piper. My kids would have known they’d lost me the second flipper guy showed up. Cannot believe you didn’t stop him and ask what was going on?!
  4. If it were the brother of my best friends? I’d call and ask what I can do for them. Maybe they want me to go with them. Maybe they’d rather I babysit their kid/dog. Whatever they asked, I’d happily do regardless of how many funerals I’d just finished. Partly because they would have done the same for me for those funerals.
  5. One, not all sins are equal. Two, if it matters, I’ve cut ties with my FOO for numerous sins not related to sex. Go figure all of the capital sins also make people act in ways that damage relationships. Three, this is weird bc the actual people the wedding was for are not the ones being shunned if I understand correct. If I started avoiding people based on the sins of their extended family - geez, we’d all have to live in isolation.
  6. If she has reached a point of cutting ties with her parents, there’s not much you can do and it may not matter how close to death your parents are. People think that the elderly/dying get forgiven everything simply bc they are dying but the truth is that’s usually not how it goes ime. It sounds like your parents and sister have had a rough relationship long before your parents started to decline. And that isn’t likely to miraculously be wiped clear in their old age unless they decide to make reparations. If your sister feels she’s always giving a pass and has reached her limit, again, not much you can do about it. It sounds bizarre to me to ostracize an adult because of things a related grown adult is doing, but then again if your parents didn’t think they could be civil then they shouldn’t have gone. And not being open and honest is a problem. I think you should plan to spend holidays with your parents separate from holidays spent with your sister. And I disagree about taking sides. If you agree with her, say so and explain you just can’t bring yourself to cut ties with your parents though. If the parents genuinely aren’t mentally stable, there’s no point arguing with them. If not, I’d tell them my POV and leave it at that bc it’s between them and sister.
  7. Nissan NV hands down. That was my dream car back when I needed a big family van.
  8. For my perspective. My ‘07 Toyota Tundra pickup has 489000 miles on it. My ‘02 12 passenger Chevy express van has 212000 miles on it. They've ruined my expectations for everything else. We didn’t even treat them well. lol
  9. I am desperately hoping my 12 passenger van will make it about a 6mo to a year and then I’m going to get something 7 passenger. The only thing I’m going to be wistful about is the 17 years without a car loan or needing to get a new car. She’s been a great work horse of a van and I wish they made anything half as durable in a 7 passenger.
  10. Scuba dive! Snorkel! Swim!
  11. According to what I have been told by my professionals, it’s when people dip to the lower end of good BMI range that they start to add years to their face. It doesn’t have anything to do with whether they were previously much bigger or not. You aren’t in that category, your BMI would be in the middle good range. And it isn’t all about weight pr environment, bc of course genetics plays a role too. Some folks just age better than others. My dr was simply pointing out all the scenarios for me to consider. Basicly instead of doing Botox and fillers, just keep 10lbs more than I want so the natural collagen and fats can do it for me. I’m not really too worried about it.
  12. I adore the Sansone programs. It’s very effective and low stress (both physical and mental). Also, just walking is effective. Doesn’t have to be a race. Just walk.
  13. I do feel great but I just have to say that this is damned hard. It is NOT just in your head that it's hard. And I did not do this on my own. It took teamwork and investing some $ to get me here and it'll take teamwork to keep me here. I've commented many times irl that I don't know how people do it when they don't have professional advice, friends to encourage, and a supportive family. And then there's outside factors. I spend roughly 2 hours a day on just losing weight. Walking, food prep, muscle work, dr appts, making sure I take my supplements and water 4 x a day. I'm not sure I could have done it if I had a sedentary 8 hour office job plus sitting in the car commuting. As it was, I often find it a hard balance to just manage homeschooling and taxi kid service. There's a reason I get up at 5am and it is NOT bc I'm a morning person. It's the only way I can add a solid 10k in steps to my day bc once everyone else is up and we are at the table doing math or in the van going wherever, I don't have another block until after 8:30pm and I want to be in bed by 10 bc lack of sleep affects weight too. My point is not to discourage you. It's to encourage you to make a team that will support you and encourage you, because it is hard. Don't think it's hard because you are weak or whatever else crap. It's hard because it's hard. We aren't created to do hard things alone. Or anything else alone for that matter. /end of soapbox 🙂
  14. I was talking to my doc literally the other day about my weight goals and she told me point blank that if I want to look good and have muscle tone - my clinical ideal weight no longer accurate in her opinion & is not actually ideal or realistic. That if I want to do cosmetic things she can make it work looks wise (to reduce the aging appearance) and will be glad to take my money, but the better thing is to be okay adding 10lbs to my weight bc it will do more for making me look and feel good. My goal is 130/135 and she says I can get it, but it won’t look as good on me as 140/145 and it will be a constant battle to maintain that 130 AND have muscle tone. antidotally, myself and several friends have taken care of older people somewhat frequently in our lives and will say maintaining the lower ideal weight line is no longer ideal starting at about 55ish in our opinion. We’ve seen many older people, especially women, who with a bit of cushion room would have been better able to handle physical therapy and illness but when a 60 yr old gal comes in with the flu or bc she broke her hip slipping down the step into her house and she at 5’6” and 120lb - she’s likely going to lose 10lb. And she literally doesn’t have it to spare and no muscle tone either. It just adds one more negative factor to recovery. She’d have been far better off to have 10 or even 20 lbs more weight, preferably muscle, but even not would have been helpful. Otherwise she has no fat stores to work from and no muscle tone to protect and assist those more fragile bones.
  15. The menopause has made this exponentially harder than the first time and it’s made me even more determined to keep it off. No way I want to go through this again.
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