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  1. I don’t think it’s that they are pissed she wants to pay rent. I think it’s that their expenses have often gone up and they see the only positive as being able to finally maybe break even. This is not the case in Oklahoma. Here you can only get up to 100% of what you were making on unemployment. Previously it was 60% of previous income if you had been there at least 1 year. Not that it matters bc Oklahoma isn’t paying hardly anything to anyone new on the unemployment lists right now bc they can’t handle the volume of enrollment on the outdated system with the low staff they’ve always had. ETA: how scary is it to make less than 45k in California and be accused of seeking a windfall on unemployment to get “up to” below that? Isn’t that crazy low for HCOL Cali? So basicly it sounds like those employees were getting dirt wages to begin with and are likely rightly thrilled for the first time in their life to get above that from any source?
  2. That was partly the ending conclusion of the research too. That how the government responds to a financial crisis determines how badly off the people are. And 2020 is not 1930. We have vaccines, vitamins, cleaner water for most of us, we are more aware of healthy practices and safety measures. A crazy number of deaths were due to things nearly unheard of now. Car deaths due to no seatbelts. Miscarriages were more common for lots of reasons. Like RH factor. I know several families that wouldn’t have more than 1 kid if it wasn’t for RH factor testing and treatment. My husband would not have lived past age 6 bc they didn’t have insulin for type 1 diabetics. STDs also caused miscarriages and worse. And keep in mind, what is illegal and what is enforced will flat out change if it gets that bad. I don’t care what the local law is about chickens, if people are hungry and can’t get it at the store, no one is going to call the cops on you for having chickens. And even if they did, worst case is all you’d have to do is give the cop some eggs to take home and that problem will go away. You’d be more likely to have your chickens stolen than reported. Because of the depression I and none of my kids drink milk. My grandmas had goats and a dairy a cow and they rarely drank the milk. Even if they did it was very thin bc it was only the skim milk. Because it was a huge source of limited income! They sold it all as butter and cream and milk. The “house” my dad grew up in didn’t even have indoor plumbing until I was in 7th grade. None of them drank milk growing up. It was a rare treat to have it warm over oats or granola. Same for my mom. And they never bought it for us kids either. And dh and I early in our marriage and child raising were so tight on funds that I had to choose between actual food or drinks so we never bought anything to drink. We drank water. For a brief time we were on WIC and that gave us a ridiculous amount of milk and juice that we couldn’t consume it all and it was nearly exclusively used for cooking and when company came over for their coffee. It wasn’t until about 10 years ago that I ever bought cold cereal for breakfasts and thus bought a lot of milk to pour over it. No one is going to die or even suffer a nutrient deficiency for lack of milk to drink. Most of Asia survives just fine. 🙂
  3. It would not be everyone. There is an income threshold, though higher than we are used to seeing which frankly is a good thing bc there are a lot of families that fall in the cavernous crack between not destitute but not middle class who often qualify for nothing. Part of the concept of a UBI is that it saves the govt money it can pass on to citizens more directly. As for it being a lot, it really isn’t. Aside from that, it would likely not be that much outside of national disaster like Covid, and not that much for everyone pending their income.
  4. It took my dh over 20 years. 🙂
  5. What Mercy said and also... means of doing that in various ways as stated in the works of mercy and the beatitudes. We are called to be Good Samaritans. We are called to love and mercy and justice and hope. We are called to sacrifice. Even unto death. I do not think you have to be Catholic to know or feel those things are true, though when I meet someone who does, they’ve always become Catholic eventually. ETA: I don’t mean to offend. That was just my experience and I’ve seen my experience repeated in the few people I’ve know who knew/felt that way.
  6. I have heard many people saying that SIP is worse bc it will cause more loss of life due to causing another Great Depression. I don’t agree with that reasoning but maybe this will ease some of those fears.
  7. I was building on your own comment, not taking it literally but also not entirely figuratively either. I don't think it is an either or, production or families. I think the government is going to have to funnel more money into the three legs of the economy to spur anything at all. Do I like it? Nope. But the old adage that it take money to make money is not only still true in hard times, it tends to be more true in that it take even more money to make money.
  8. No you misunderstand me. I didn’t mean they should build this week For just this weeks problem. What I meant was someone, anyone, should have planned in redundancy. More places to hold more just makes more sense for lots of reasons. Tornados. Earthquakes. War. Pestilence. It’s not like nothing has ever happened or could ever possibly happen to disrupt supply or economics.
  9. And frankly I think Putin jumped on that weakness like a lion on a wounded gazelle. And I don’t think he will stop there. So if we survive C19 that’ll be a Harry scary problem.
  10. How does giving it to a “machine” do it? What comes before the “machine”? Who thinks of the machine? Who makes the machine? Who decides they are secure enough in essentials to quit “hunting and gathering” to risk starting a “machine” business? Production and work doesn’t just poof into existence. It takes people who have the freedom to do it and are given the support to do it. The production crisis didn’t start with current college grads. And it didn’t start with my generation either. The ability of one generation to create art and science is based on the investments in them started by their grandparents. It’s not about blame it’s about doing what needs done to make it better.
  11. A drop in income alone doesn’t reflect higher costs though. Our income hasn’t gone down but our expenses have definitely gone up significantly. And dh’s work retirement investment is literally less valuable than tp now. Our situation is either the best situation or it’s a steep declining hill from there for everyone I know right now. We can’t ignore that fact and expect the terrain to improve.
  12. Staying home is A point but not the entire point. Part of the concern is not just about while people stay home but what future they will have once they can leave their home. Uncertainty and fear about that is a huge force in how comfortable people feel about staying home. No one works for how they feel about today. People work/produce for the assurance that it will give purpose for a better future. A lot of people are scared that’s not going to be true anymore. And they aren’t wrong to have those fears.
  13. Pretty much my entire state is built on oil. Oklahoma is so f-ed. Texas too probably, though maybe a bit less. I'm so sorry. This is going to be a damned hard decade. Which seriously. For the love of God, that's fixable. Employ the crews to get more storage tanks built and adjust for multiple locations asap. smh Hopefully as a nation we are going to learn many things about mistakes in hindsight and the value of redundancy plans.
  14. We have been in recession for a dang long time and I don’t think it is bc of any one thing. Every administration has been doing piecemeal stuff to slow the decline but nothing to really improve it. Unless blaming various political factions counts, which it doesn’t for me. We create wealth by funding the ability to work, the ability to start productive businesses, or buy from those 2 things. Focusing only on work and production isn’t enough.
  15. But that’s not usually true. If people can’t or won’t distance bc of financial insecurity, that’s not going to help find a treatment or a vaccine or supply front line support either. To be effective we need both proactive means of helping people be able to distance themselves AND medical funding. And just more money in either direction is not enough. Because at some point money isn’t the issue. I mean if they gave the entire world bank to research h it doesn’t mean we would have a safe effective treatment or vaccine. Money sure helps fund science but it doesn’t make the science suddenly poof into existence. It takes time, research, trial and error and the right minds getting the right information to have the right ideas. The stimulus will not replace the need for production and workers. It’s meant to get those two things going and help people who can’t do either live with dignity. Putting money in a research grant doesn’t usually spontaneously make a treatment available. It’s meant to support the right conditions to make it more likely to find a good treatment.
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