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  1. The French press and our electric kettle are used no less than 4 times every day. And that’s just by me. Everyone uses the kettle. My daughter has a contraband one in her dorm and sweared she’d rather be evicted than do without it. And she is a major rule follower kind of gal 99% of the time. Lol remote control fake candles are my best purchase suggestion. They last years and add just the right low lighting and ambiance to any room. I have multiple sets throughout to the house. They are set on a timer too! The remote let’s me decide to turn them in and set several hour(s) long interv
  2. Some women freeze. Some women get hot flashes. It varies.
  3. What? No. Everyone knows the wifi connection sucks when it snows. It’s been known to be down all day on snow days. 😉 ^I jest but I’d 100% disconnect my wifi if we woke with a foot of snow outside. Because that happens less than 3 days a year in Oklahoma. Damned if we are going to miss it for zoom. Stuff like this makes me ever so grateful to home school and super sad for kids not so fortunate right now. I’ve long said the problem with distance learning/work is how much it intrudes literally into the family home. 🙁
  4. I have a lady bits checkup and a pulmonologist visit later this month. They’ve been scheduled for 4-6months. I will go to them if I can but the numbers are getting so bad that I wouldn’t be surprised if they cancel on me. I really hope that doesn’t happen with the pulmonologist bc it takes months to get in even before Covid.
  5. Are you kidding? I can’t even get my puppy into the vet right now for a well check shots visit because Covid is passing so fast and furious in my area. Seriously. My puppy is due for shots and I had an appt 2 weeks ago that they called and canceled bc their staff was down 50%. They also have a 24/7 hospital and boarding house - staff is typically 20 employees + the 4 vets. Now they are just closed period. There’s no one to staff it. If your pet is literally dying, someone who is asymptomatic will let you drop your pet in the entry, leave, then they can come get it from the entry. Or
  6. Oh wow. If I got a letter/email like that, I’d politely decline to attend. Sooo my friend just declined for similar reasons. Her sil “hosted” thanksgiving. Told friend to bring a veggie tray, deviled eggs and a dessert. Okay. Wednesday at 7pm she says each person needs to contribute $20 ($280 total?!) for the meat. Wednesday 8pm she texts my friend saying she needs to bring paper plates and such. Friend has not responded to either message bc she has already gone to bed. (She gets up at 4am). 8:20 the sil texts that she will just have to pay sil back for them. 5am friend texts
  7. I’m literally looking at color street less than an hour ago and didn’t think there was much selection. But I guess I don’t know how much selection their competition has so maybe they do have lots in comparison. 🤷‍♀️
  8. I used to have long lovely nails and there for a while I paid for professional manicures bc I think I’m mentally challenged when it comes to doing my own nails. but about a year ago I stopped the extra expense and now there’s Covid and now I have ragged short ugly nails. So anyways... I have a friend telling me about Color street ones. But I’m not seeing much selection on colors/styles. Does anyone have other suggestions? Also, I’m thinking my girls would love some in their stockings. So recommendations of coffee, art, or Potter themed ones for short nails would be welcom
  9. So sorry for your family’s pain and sorrow. Prayers for them and you during this already hard season.❤️
  10. It made my day to read this. ❤️
  11. Well when they send out a plea for help needing volunteers and my household cheers bc it’s some thing that should be Covid friendly to help with and sign up and hear absolutely nothing back and send info again via different means thinking maybe they missed it in previous source - and still nothing back - yeah. I feel a bit excluded because it’s happened roughly 4-5 times and never happened before Covid/elections. But I’m working hard to set aside those feelings and instead find alternate reasons to give grace. Maybe everyone is suddenly incompetent at basic communication. Wonder if that’s
  12. I don’t think we are arguing? I think we agree? *I* am saying as long as the vaccine is safe, even 30% effacy would change everything bc even IF people got it - there would be many less and chances are good it would be milder.
  13. Many people already have no symptoms. Even with the vaccine, many people who get it will likely have a milder reaction than otherwise without it. So my saying I think we will all have Covid a year from now is not necessarily a doom and gloom scenario and doesn’t mean anything bad about the vaccines. as I put it this way. When polio hit my dads family as a child, his mother would have fought to be in a line for a vaccine with even 30% effacy. Two of her children died before age 3. My dad had permanent damage from it. A chance at 30% less of that? That’s amazing. We have grow
  14. Idk. I’m hopeful about a vaccine but I think we will all have it by then, vaccine or not. For me the worry is Long Covid and also people keep using the words “mild symptoms”. Y’all. Go read the “mild symptoms”. That can be some serious stuff. Mild in medical terms can still be a rough ride I don’t want to get on.
  15. It is frustrating bc for me, it’s not even about avoiding getting sick. I think a year from now everyone will have had Covid. I avoid not so much out of fear of getting sick so much as worry of depriving someone of a hospital bed or the ability to provide for their expenses. I really don’t think that’s a crazy thing to bother wearing a mask and giving some space for. But I guess it is. 🥺
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