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  1. My son has similar dx to yours. Although he does not need treatment in the major medical sense, he does have to take extra care with his back. He sees a chiropractor every week and likely always will. Partly bc he, like most of us in our youth, is harder on his body than he should be and partly bc he has a physically demanding job. He has to be reminded on how to properly lift things. And he can’t wear cheap shoes. He has to have a quality orthodox shoe or he ends up with referred back pain. Also, lots of driving is hard on his back too. Muscle training would do wonders for him, but he is 6’2” and a string bean and just not interested. I suspect necessity will make him more interested as he ages and I pray there won’t be too much degeneration before he gets that enlightenment.
  2. Suggestion other than the wicking shirts... hats Lots of sunblock. If she likes makeup regardless of conditions, waterproof, sweat proof, spf is a must. (For me anyways.) comfortable sports bras (I find a good one is less yucky and irritating to work in the heat in.)
  3. I live in with a swimsuit with coverup or shorts and a tank top or T-shirt. And sneakers or sandals. And usually by mother’s day I’ve given up on containing much less straightening my white girl fro unless it’s Sunday mass or a special occasion. Eta: I agree ranch work clothes will be jeans no matter the heat and a T-shirt. Wicking under armor is awesome. The 32° degree knock off brand at Costco is nearly as good for 1/3 of the cost. We have tons of both for everyone here.
  4. We did and we loved the first book. The projects are thoughtful and involved, they take effort but aren’t stressful. The projects are assigned weekly to go along with the text, I don’t think they’d do as well as a come and go as they like craft, but I’m sure they’d still be enjoyable.
  5. There’s no way they will ever rebuild in the sense of recreating what it was before today. The materials and the craftsmanship for so much of it simply no longer exists. But it can be rebuilt in the sense that The Church can and likely will rebuild a Cathedral there.
  6. I’m so sad. We were making plans to go there next year. It is awful. I have a friend there now. She posted to FB that people are filling the streets singing catholic hymns in sorrow. So that tipped me over from really sad to a blubbering mess.
  7. I always have an extra copy of Little Stories for Little Folks bc it’s my favorite phonics program and I live in fear of it being discontinued or the company going out or or what all has happened to other companies over the 19 years I’ve been home schooling. MCP math and Life of Fred Our favorite reading books will be kept for grand babies.
  8. I’m not even half way done yet. If I ever am done, I’m just saying now that my “boss and coworkers” better go all out on my retirement party celebration. 😁
  9. No, not far she’s going to stay in state on an art scholarship. We had a bit of a tiff because she turned down a paid 14 day trip to Europe. So her rushing to leave the state wasn’t even discussed. But she is very happy with the university choice so I’m hoping some time there will encourage her to explore more the world.😆
  10. I've graduated my 5th kid from home school high school. She has decided her college choice, gotten accepted and received an excellent FA package. She will be moving to campus in August. So excited for her. My husband is becoming Catholic this Easter! You could fit a small human in that man's first easter basket this year. And at some point after Easter, the husband and I are going to the Caribbean all by ourselves for 7 glorious days. I don't know what he is going to do. I'm going diving and snorkeling every day. LOL I'm one happy happy woman this week.🐠🏝💕😁
  11. Math Lial's BCM Life of Fred Language Arts Writing with Skill Booklist tbd Science Kolbe's Holt science Stratton Home Science Adventures History Light to Nations Art CHC's Ever Ancient, Ever New 2 Religion Baltimore Catechism Extracurricular Clarinet Choir Ice skating Swimming Hiking
  12. Math MCP Life of Fred Language Arts Hillside's Intermediate Language Arts Kolbe's Cursive Booklist tbd Science Kolbe Harcourt Science Stratton Home Science Adventures History tbd Religion Baltimore catechism Art Art with a Purpose OLVS's God's Magnificant Garden Extracurricular Flute Iceskating Swimming Hiking
  13. Math MCP Life of Fred Language Arts Hillside's Primary Language Lessons Kolbe Cursive Finish Explode the Code series Booklist tbd Science Kolbe Science Stratton Home Science Adventures kits History Five in a Row. Maybe nothing more formal, just a booklist and joining in older kids history stuff. TBD Art Art with a Purpose Draw Write Now (just the art parts) Five in Row Religion Baltimore Catechism Extracurricular Ice skating Swimming Hiking
  14. That has nothing to do with whether they also are on the spectrum. One of mine LOVES all the stimulation, he gets super excited and talkative and just super everything. It's SUPER!!!! It's like watching an addict delightfully OD completely unawares. If he wasn't on the spectrum, he'd be able to regulate and pick up on that, without years of my guidance. It's exhausting for him to contain and manage that energy in a socially acceptable manner. Again. ASD people re like everyone else in that they have their own personality and free will. They can be introverted or they can be extroverted, but they often still have sensory and social problems. How they express those problems can differ greatly. No argument from me. I often contemplate that God called it straight when he told Noah he couldn't find two decent people, much less a dozen or more.
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