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  1. Just wishing you well. We have a relative with TBI, and it has been a life-altering journey. She, too, hits a wall where he brain is just "done." But she's so, so much better! I don't think she has done HBOT, but I might suggest it to her.
  2. I'm so sorry! I feel ya, but for a different reason. Same disillusionment, but not with people around me who've been pretty conscientious.
  3. Golly, I have to raise a hand here. The anti-science thing is a hasty generalization. There are many anti-vaxxers/vaccine hesitant people who are very much into the science, me included. Some of my favorite vaccine hesitant, vaccine questioning people are pediatricians. In fact, it was my midwife and my pediatrician (chief of staff at a large metroplex hospital) who looked at our vaccine reaction and shook their heads, with the pediatrician saying, "We probably shouldn't do that with X again." The ped went on to a much more vaccine hesitant stance over the years, and no, you wouldn't know hi
  4. I prefer wire, with a caveat. When you freeze something in a bag, make sure your bag doesn't sag through the wires. Not matter which you get, try to avoid rupture of contents, cleaning it out of a freezer, any freezer, is the pits. If you are tight on space around the freezer, think about making sure you can swing your door open far enough to pull out the shelves.
  5. I really, really hope you are able to encourage your sister as she does her level best to make a good decision. She deserves to be treated kindly and not "persuaded at" by everyone who has an opinion. It's called r-e-s-p-e-c-t. Have you taught her the "pass the beandip" strategy yet? PM me if you need an explanation. 😉 Best wishes!
  6. Nicely put Paws. It's really important to pass this truth on to the next generation, too, because if not, they are then cut off from the wisdom that lives in the gray area.
  7. You poor thing! That's a shock to the system! I hope he does very, very well. It's wonderful they took care of him that quickly!
  8. Congratulations! I'm so happy that your new baby will be coming into a home as the little one that fulfilled the dream in his/her mommy's heart. What a wonderful start for a baby! Best wishes for your health and for your next youngest -- I hope the love for the new baby will be a comfort and a hope for the seven year old, too!
  9. Corraleno, you've compiled this data in a concise and meaningful way. Could you provide references? I need to share this with decision-makers at my workplace.
  10. https://www.rutgers.edu/news/rutgers-require-covid-19-vaccine-students
  11. Ktgrok, I didn't say that anyone said I should quit my job, you extrapolated that. But the things that put me at a slightly higher risk because I'm doing a job are things that people were complaining about. Being around other people - check. Being out and about - check. Having interaction with people who are not in my pod - check.
  12. Feel free to read the thread. People complaining about every damn thing, and casting all kinds of aspersions on others who don't do e.x.a.c.t.l.y. what they do.
  13. Dh lost his best friend to COVID, so it's not as though we've been untouched by it either. Best wishes, Bambam. :-)
  14. Dh is high risk and has been advised by two of his specialist docs not to get vaxxed at this time because his father developed guillain-barre after receiving an influenza vaccine. We have a plan for treatment should any of us in the family contract COVID, so I'm not particularly worried, although we are taking serious precautions to avoid it if possible.
  15. I had to quit reading the other thread. It had a ridiculous amount of judgement and negativity in it. I don't have any choice. I have to work, and my work doesn't allow me to be cloistered at home. I've taken every precaution I can possibly think of, wearing KN95s 8+ hours a day being the most burdensome, but apparently for some folks in that thread, I'm not careful enough. Frankly, no one needs that kind of judgement.
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