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  1. The Sister Cities International Inaugural Gala event is online this year; free tickets are available through Eventbrite, either on their website or on their app. It is tomorrow night from 7-9PM Eastern time in the US...adjust according to your time zone. This is a NGO fundraiser, not a political event, even though every incoming president is the honorary, figurehead chairman. (Let's leave it there, please.) I'm posting because one of my favorite up and coming artists, Dimash Qudaibergen from Kazakhstan, will be performing in the line up. He does charity work with other NGOs, an
  2. That reply to you was just rigid thinking. There are many ways to approach exchange of services.
  3. O, sorry. I vaguely remember that.
  4. Heart, what about having the judge keep the kids in the home, and you and dh swap in and out of an apartment that is close by? I'm not sure if that would be helpful to you or not?
  5. My eldest graduated high school in 2013, so that officially makes me a fuddy-duddy. :-) I knew from early on that my kids would not be able to "teach themselves" the way I heard other parents commenting that they did. I'm still skeptical. Two of my three students thanked me later for working hard at homeschooling with them: specifically, one for math and one for writing. And both of them have said they came into college knowing how to focus and work hard, and many of their peers did not. Eldest, on the other hand, is the sheer "smartest", but also underachieving at the
  6. I never would have figured out proofs! 😄
  7. Please don't quote, in case I decide to delete. Thank you! The hiring manager all but told me I was hired. There will be an offer letter next week when I go in to meet the person who is retiring, whose job I'll take over. I am so very grateful! I will not have the same cash value in benefits, but I'll be getting more time off -- that works for me! The intangibles of the new position are fabulous, compared to what I'm in now! What a fun way to close out this year!
  8. For your friend, I think there is also damage control. I find this kind of behavior quite common among the older crowd who is generationally cued to times when people did discuss everything in a town. I haven't found this kind of gossip as prevalent in peers (mid-life) and younger.
  9. Vincent Raconiello on TWiV really isn't convinced of all the hype on the UK variant. He says a lot of the "science" and conclusions based on it are weak, and even some of the researchers are coming to conclusions based on faulty understanding of what the data can or can't tell us.
  10. I'm so VERY sorry! I have found the YouTube channels of Dr. Syed Mobeen, MedCram, the Whiteboard Doctor, and Dr. Yo to be incredibly helpful. I also watch just the very beginning of Dr. Campbell's videos on occasion. (He has a great British sense of humor, but he can go on a bit.) I check our state Covid dashboard for numbers now and then, but do zero, ZERO TV news. The news is too much opinion and sensationalism, and not enough useful data.
  11. Yes to this. Thank you for wrapping words. All of us can choose gratitude and chose our point of view.
  12. I don't have any personal pictures of it, because dd thinks they missed upacking a box of Cmas decorations, but prior to last Christmas, I sent a nativity set of blocks to my then 15 month old gdd. I wanted to see and approve them before they went to her, so they came to grandma's house first. They were stunning, really, really beautiful colors and very nicely finished. Dd says they were a huge hit, and seemed a bit sad when she realized she *really* was missing an unpacked box of Christmas stuff. (She has an infant and an active toddler, so it's not surprising that she's barely hanging on.
  13. We had that one for at least 25 years, but last year we finally parted with it. For whatever reason, we had a lot of breakage, sadly. For years, our donkey had looked very angry because he had no ears. Sniff.
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