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  1. Well, if my event is in the US, community centers and buildings funded and built by christian organizations are the most numerous choices, so it's a matter of odds. For those following this saga, we have narrowed to two possibilities, both of them paid venues but within our budget.
  2. Pertussis is endemic among adults in many areas of the US. All other things ruled out, our family practice treats a persistent cough as though it is pertussis. Sounds like a doctor visit is in order to find out what it really is, instead of having the hive ladies, me included, guess. :-)
  3. Funny thing, our insurance agent, for a *major* US insurer, always told us which driver he would put on which car, to get us the total overall lowest rates. All drivers were allowed to drive all the family cars, and he was doing what was standard for the insurance company. On another note, when someone in the family has had a fender bender, the increase has been about $25-27/month for 3 years. That's in the ballpark of $1000 total. Not exorbitant unless you are the college student paying for the increase, when someone side-rear-ended you (ran into your right rear side panel) with their right front corner, and the small-town police found it was your fault...never did make sense to me. Sometimes life bites.
  4. I've been watching him for 2 years. He's pretty consistent. I've been know to "fan" for opera singers, too. One of my very favorites is Hailey Clark, but she's in Germany now. Sigh. Fair warning, you may fall down the Dimash rabbit hole. :-)
  5. Pen, do you live there now? I'm "cooking" on another part of this idea, one that would be very meaningful to "my" artist. He and his family are huge on giving back to the community, and one of their preferred methods of doing so is visiting and encouraging disabled community members, shut-ins, and so on. It occurred to me that if there were a catering company that primarily was staffed by or employed disabled or differently-abled adults, that would be a very American and a very "my artist "thing to do, to hire them for our event. (We have something similar here, a catering company staffed by differently-abled adults--and my former church used their catering services regularly for events.) I'm not sure where one would even start to find something like that.
  6. No, but I've been in the opera and classical crossover world for quite awhile, actually having met some of the well-known names. I hope to meet Dimash someday (maybe on Dec 8)...he still flies commercial airlines and makes a point to lovingly greet, sign autographs, and take selfies with his fans in airports. Igor Krutoy is a NYC & Moscow based composer who writes for Lara Fabian, Andrea Bocelli, and others in that loose genre, as well as for Russian pop stars. He was on the verge of retiring, when along came Dimash, and Krutoy has found his new muse. Seriously, the two of them are made for each other: a composer who can write stunning music, and a singer who can sing everything Krutoy can imagine. I've just never heard anything quite like Dimash in 50 years of listening to music. And as a human being: well, I'd be proud to have him as a son.
  7. Hi all! My kids are all grown up, and I don't get back often, but every now and then, something is so spectacular that I have to share it with my boardies! ❤️ There's new musician on the scene who is a genuine phenomenon. His name is Dimash Qudaibergen (pronounced /Dee-MAHSH/ ). He is operatically trained, and he has an outsized gift of a voice, the kind of voice that is something you only hear very, very rarely: vocal coaches and opera voice teachers say this kind of vocal gift comes along once in 100 years -- that kind of rare!! As a person, he is the kind of young megastar we can really admire: he's kind, diplomatic, humble, generous, and yet determined not to be pushed around by inappropriate interview questions. His adoring family surrounds, and often accompanies, him. He is a megastar in China and Russia already, and we finally, finally have a first US concert date. Hooray! Here's the promo for Dimash's First Ever US Concert (promo created by his fan clubs) . His concert is at Barclays Center in Brooklyn on December 10th. The most expensive tickets are $126 bucks, I kid you not! There are also General Admission and second tier (up) tickets for $46 if you like the energy of the fanzone. (The entire floor of the arena is "fanzone" so we are pretty sure he is planning an extended catwalk/stage.) He will also be singing a few songs at the Igor Krutoy concert at Barclays (Oct 26) , in a Krutoy birthday gala celebration with a number of Russian singers. After that concert, when the crowd hears Dimash, you won't be able to get your hands on a ticket! Tickets are available through Ticketmaster, and there aren't a whole lot left because they are most likely planning the "arena cutdown" concert, so every seat will be a good one! Finally, if you want an idea of what the concert will be like -- it's almost a cross between a vocal concert and Cirque Du Soleil!! -- you can check out his full June concert from Nur-sultan (Astana), Kazakhstan: Dimash's Arnau ("Dedication") Tour -- June 29, 2019 -- Astana, KZ Of course, for the US, it will be in English! :-) If you think you might seriously be interested in going -- it's December in NYC, ya'll!! -- post below, and I'll message you a link to a FB fan page dedicated to helping fans plan for everything they'll need in NYC: group rates at hotels, and everything else for NYC newbies. (Also, if you don't see any seats you like, come to the fan page, as there are a dozen or so people selling extra tickets they bought at face markup.) Happy, happy!!
  8. Jenny, I haven't been on here in months, and i'm so glad I popped in just now. I will hold you close in my prayers tomorrow and over the next few weeks, and i'll check back in here to see hwo you're doing. I'm glad you decided on a bilateral surgery. Under the circumstances, that will give you some peace of mind. Know that you are loved, appreciated, and cared for. Valerie, also a BC survivor, with my 5 year marker this month. :-)
  9. That's a great idea, but not possible. I don't know exactly how not possible, but I'm a peon, so there it is--I'm back in high school. 😥 Thanks so much all your input. :-)
  10. The church building didn't pan out. It was St Paul's Chapel in Manhattan, part of the campus of Trinity Church, which is Episcopal. Trinity's main building is being rebuilt, so everything is being held in St Paul's right now: all the daily services. Under those circumstances, *I* am not comfortable asking, because it's not just a hall for community music functions, a lot of which are sacred music. Right now it's main function is as a house of worship.
  11. Thank you, Pen!! Brooklyn Botanical has the Palm House but it's $$$. NYAS has a gorgeous view from their 40th floor digs on the se corner of 7 WTC, but also about $250 per person for a reception with light refreshments. I'll look at your other suggestions. :-) Thanks so very much! ETA: it will be in December at night, so not a great time for outdoors.
  12. No, but suggestions are so very welcome. St. Paul's Chapel was what I had in mind, until I found out yesterday that since the main buildings are under construction, St Paul's is being used for all their service right now. That makes it a "don't ask" for me, because it is a sanctuary in use, not primarily a music venue. Does General Seminary have a banquet hall or meeting space that would house 250? (crossing my fingers...) At this point, if we could get a single large space that was clean and decorate-able, easy to get to by subway or train from Barclays center, and where we could bring in the entire cost at $80 a head, it would be a miracle. I'm NOT going for a strip-mall style party venue with polyester satin and balloons. I'm just not. See below. My primary emotion at the moment is a lighter version of anguish. (Not to be confused with people who have real tragedies going on.)
  13. So, Pen. It could definitely be in Brooklyn. Do you know Brooklyn? We are centered around Barclays, but if it were an easy train/subway ride to a different borough, that would be fine. It can't be a hard trek because only a handful of these people are New Yorkers. Our "fearless leader" 😉 wants the total ticket cost to be $80, tops for a really nice venue like waterfront would be $100. (Insert hysterical laughter.) My pricing for really creative penny-pinching at BAM is probably $135. She is looking at the cost around the world for previous pre-parties in London and Moscow which were $60. I just don't think it can be done in NY. She is thinking of splitting the party into two consecutive time slots to get us into a strip-mall-style party place, so people who have (in her mind) spent their last penny on travel costs can come. If you saw what people who do this are used to, relatively nice hotel ballroom rental parties, I don't think they will buy a ticket that 1) isn't evening, 2) isn't all together, and 3) is at a strip mall looking space. They *will* google the location, and if it were me, I'd walk away and not buy a ticket at all. [i'm tearing my hair out.] So that said, you have any suggestions? I loved the Roulette Theater in Brooklyn-- it probably would have been doable -- but it is booked.
  14. Interesting that you mention this. I guess it shows how wide a range of Muslim beliefs there are, because the artist is Muslim, and many women go to the pre-parties and concerts wearing their head-coverings--they come from all over the globe, not just western Muslims. And as I think of it, the artist was recently at a four-day "lifestyles of the rich and famous" celebration for someone, well, rich and famous. 😉 Alcohol was present, but the artist and his family who were also there, were not drinking. The artist's concerts are most definitely secular. Every pre-party thus far has had alcohol, but ironically ours may not, as a cost-containment strategy. Sigh. Thank you, Kate, for your valued input. The above is just musing...
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