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  1. So how do you perceive that now? Will your practice change?
  2. Sadly, this is pretty much every workplace ever. I'm really hoping COVID will make a difference in this part of US culture: if you're sick, stay the heck home. If you're an employer, for God's sake, give you employees some sick days.
  3. Dd played a lot of tag football and ultimate frisbee with (mostly) boys in high school. She went to college and joined the co-ed ultimate frisbee group there, but no one would pass to her. (She was tall but quite thin and not particularly fast, so I can understand people not thinking she would be their first choice.) Finally after a couple of weeks, she jumped high and hard to catch a pass, colliding mid-air with a bigger dude. They both landed hard, but the frisbee was in her possession. She called me later that night, bubbling with happiness, saying, "I was the first one up!" She never had trouble being one of the team after that.
  4. If you go back to jrichstad's post, I thought she meant workers having better options and taking those jobs instead of the ones they left. For anyone who needs to work to make ends meet, it isn't going to get any easier unless they are willing to change lifestyle in some way. I'm already seeing a pretty steep increase in food prices locally.
  5. Just out of curiosity: what better options do people have now? I'm not seeing that much has changed if a worker is unskilled, but then I haven't been out and about and actually looking...work and caring for my family keep me busy.
  6. Yep, I think you're right. It's a really complex mix of factors.
  7. Exactly. It's a bit of a problem, but we have vaxxes now, so everyone should be back to work. /I need an eyeroll emoji./
  8. I thought stores/restaurants didn't have enough employees because no one wants to work when they were being comped so much unemployment money by the federal government, not because so many were dying. I could be wrong, but I swear I saw a headline that job recoveries are much better in states that had refused ongoing federal money for extending unemployment. Anyway, as to stocking, I'm making sure we have condiments. :-) This time it will be harder (food in general) because someone in my house is eating low carb. I think I may have to buy an air filter for my office. 8 hours of masking is really hard.
  9. I think the hardest part is eating and drinking. Airplanes have high filtration rates, but still, taking off a mask for eating and drinking increases your exposure. I'd wear an N95 and be sure I had it on while in the restrooms. And because this is the way I roll, I'd be taking prophylactic medications, given the increase in Delta which is more transmissible even if one is vaccinated (low chance, but still). (I'm not going to defend that statement to anyone who wants to argue. If they want a well documented rationale, they can go check the FLCCC website, which is one of many such sources.)
  10. There are any number of medications that are being used, usually in combination as the "stages" of the illness progress: anti-virals in the beginning, steroids and anti-coagulation beginning in the middle (sometime around the end of week 1 of symptoms), and antihistamines and SSRI's (notably fluvoxamine https://jamanetwork.com/journals/jama/fullarticle/2773108) later on, although some doctors are starting fluvoxamine early. I'm of the opinion that one should find a doctor who is treating COVID patients in the office or via telemed in your own area, and is passionate about keeping them out of the hospital. S/he will know what s/he has learned and what seems to be working for patients in your area, and will advise accordingly. The plan would then be to take suitable meds with you, and then phone "home" for monitoring/consultation if you were to become ill while overseas.
  11. Yes, oftentimes doctors will. It's more common for doctors to think about prescribing either prophylactically or for post-exposure treatment when you are heading to places where tropical diseases are a concern, and if your doc isn't used to thinking about international travel, much less treating COVID patients, it is twice as hard. But often times doctors can be persuaded when there is good logic and information involved.
  12. YMMV with this one, but I'm a "have all the meds you might need for mitigation" gal. If I get COVID anywhere, vaccinated or not, I'm going to want to have any meds my doc would prescribe in my suitcase. I'm all for staying out of the hospital in a foreign country, and doctors have figured out a number of meds that help with COVID in early treatment. I'd also take an extra month of any routine meds you or hubby take, in case you had to quarantine or lock down somewhere. That said, I'd probably go, because it's a once in a lifetime event. (ETA: but my hubby wouldn't because the risks outweigh the benefits; so there you go: even within families, there are differences.)
  13. Jenny, With everything you've described, I'm wondering if a pretty scarf over a black top that you already own (and like) with whatever black pants you like best, wouldn't be your best option. I love long cotton gauze scarves: they dress up many solid-color separates, and when knotted or doubled in an interesting twist, they add dimension. Amazon has bazillions of such scarves. I hope you enjoy the occasion!
  14. This is really good, but not one of our "everyday" items, since it contains more sugar than we like to eat. It's marvelous for a treat, though! https://www.delish.com/cooking/recipe-ideas/a27920478/blueberry-buckle-recipe/ I'm with the poster above who said to make blueberry sauce. It's really yummy over healthy muffins (whole grain oats with superfood add-ins).
  15. My favorite baby-welcoming card, which is out of print, said, "Congratulations on your new little someone to love." That feels so appropriate! I hope Barnabas has just as storied a place in the family as Lucy did. ❤️
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