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  1. I read through the charts you posted several times to try to understand them. When I processed what was there, it made total sense to me. The top is reporting total case positivity, using multiple tests done daily. For example if you have symptoms, go to a quick-test place, get a positive result, but later in the day, you're feeling so cruddy that you go to the hospital, where you test, once in the ER, and then on the COVID floor. You've had three positive that day. So the positivity rate for the top graph includes multiple positives for each person. For the bottom graph it only counts
  2. Hi Catwoman! I'm so sorry you're feeling cruddy. Honestly, it really doesn't take much for some people to catch it. I know two older couples who've gotten sick, just one of the pair in each case!, and both couples were very well tucked away from exposure. EMIQ quercitrin is a more absorbable form, found on Amazon. It won't hurt you, and since you are sick, I'd take 4 caps daily. Also CoQ10 (ubiquinol, 300mg daily) also a good regenerator of anti-oxidants. 100mg of thiamine (B1) in split doses daily, since that is a good intervention in bradykinin dysregulation; lysine (I don't hav
  3. Giving someone an idea of what to expect goes a very, very long way! :-)
  4. I live in a suburb of a major city, and we have shared fencelines with our neighbors. Anytime I do anything or they do, we ask or inform each other. We cooperate. I ask permission to pour gallons of shrub killer over the fence to kill the poison ivy that my neighbor will not control. (If it gets established behind my shed, coming from his side, I'm hosed; I'll never get it out.) We have offered to pay for the entirety of our fences, because that allows us to pick what we want: good cedar that we won't replace in our lifetimes. I'd be that neighbor that goes over and very nicely, says
  5. This is the kind of leadership that is just as it should be, but i"m so sorry to say it is rare these days, and it's been disheartening to me to see how rare it is. I thought it would be more common because I'm used to wide, kind, benevolent leadership. That it is missing is so discouraging!
  6. Yep, they are far, far away. His church is starting their second week of having about 160 kids on campus. They have plenty of facility space for grouping kids in small cohorts, and their heavily treed campus also lends itself to outdoor study and eating. They are grouping two adults per small group, and other adults are performing auxiliary functions like food prep, recess (they had to negotiate with the school board for that one!) The church decided early on that they would provide food, because that way all the children would be fed, no questions asked. The kids come from homes that skew
  7. Where do you live, Frogger? My son's church is doing this, although probably many are.... My church is meeting in person, but we have pews roped off so you are 7 feet behind the person in front of you. (I measured.) People are asked to wear masks, although a portion of them wear them in and then take them off; staff requests that people not sit close together, but they don't get in people's business about masks, but ministers and staff wear them faithfully. We still have only a few worship team members, and when they come off the stage, their masks go back on.
  8. I think I could have written your post, including the faithfulness of those giving, and the difficulty of finding solid science to guide the mask/no mask answer. (I know there are some new studies out, but that didn't help most people when they needed to formulate an opinion and they were already sick of the waffling back and forth from the professionals.)
  9. She was upset, embarrassed as heck, and rather plaintive, as in "I JUST tested negative two days ago!!!" She wasn't annoyed or sorry for me, more frustrated. I came hold and told hubby about it, and his immediate question, like mine throughout the afternoon, was, "Why was she tested two days ago?!?" Maybe it was routine testing, but she registered high three times in a row, 100.9, 100.7 and 99.9 on the other hand. (Hands/wrists generally run in the 96/97 for about 80% of people. in my experience.) We test hands because you aren't infrared-ing the pineal gland, and it enable us to keep 6 fe
  10. We had a lady walk inot our office, get temperature checked, she tested feverish three times, and when I asked her to step outside into the outer waiting area, she ran for the door, yelling over her shoulder that she had tested negative for SARS-COV2 two days prior. She didn't show up to the class she was picking up her textbook for, so the teacher called to see if she had picked up her materials, and then later called me to tell me she was down with CV. I wear an N95 daily, and on that occasion I was blessing it instead of cursing it.
  11. If she wants to see people can you all put her on vitamin supplement prophylaxis (D, Zinc, quercetin, liposomal C in moderate doses (3K daily) and NAC) and then go see her? None of those would hurt her, she should be taking them regularly throughout this pandemic, and they would really help lessen the severity of she were to get ill. The point is to keep her out of the hospital, if she does get sick. Everyone of those supplements is widely studied and shown to be beneficial in respiratory illnesses including ARDS. When MedCram, Dr. Marik, Dr. John Campbell, Dr Mobeen Syed and other doctors
  12. I can't tell you, because I love my old Sunbeams (I have one that has the PTO!). But I did notice that the KitchenAid store online has unheard of discounting, at least I had never seen anything like it! Many of their 5 and 6 and 7 quart mixers were in the $65-80 range, give or take a few $.
  13. Yes, I am interested in your opinion and that of others here. I come and engage here on this and other COVID related topics because I am sure to find a good range of perspectives on it. (I don't come here for medical information; the doctors on YouTube are much, much, much better at that than the discussions here are, because it's what they do! Gosh, I love a doc who is a good educator! ) If you are referring to me with your statement that I bolded up above, I am pretty sure I have said nothing of the sort, nor do I think anything of the sort. But I have actually experienced, pers
  14. He is a speaker/doctor/presenter who was invited to come from CA (?) to speak at a day-long educational conference/workshop; the organizers called it a "summit". They chose to have a press-conference at mid-day. Each of the people there had their own presentation and perspective. Again, his being part of a group doesn't make any one of them responsible for her belief system. Susan was an active, repeat participant in this series of homeschool conventions; she was part of a group of vendors and speakers who participated regularly. It's ludicrous that you would think that professional ass
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