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  1. I'm so sorry, Janeway. I'm so grateful other posters have good information for you! Holding you and yours close in prayers for a good outcome and for finding helpful providers.
  2. A collection of information, quite a bit of it with journal references: https://selfhack.com/blog/supplements-lifestyle-factors-influence-tnf-interleukin-6-il-6/
  3. Was she admitted today and told she'd be in for a few days? (Not sure I'm understanding.) Wishing them all the best!
  4. Sending good thoughts for you both. I'm so sorry...it's the worst, isn't it?!?
  5. I don't know. It's not the kind of thing that I thought to ask of either of the two people I knew, and I wouldn't have asked the one I labeled an acquaintance. I haven't needed their services myself, so I haven't checked out the cost.
  6. It was truly not intended that way at all.
  7. It's not gibberish, and he's not a quack. I've spent some time, because of what they said, reading some of the journal articles on monocytes and exertion: it's fascinating stuff and pre-dates covid. But that's just one of several mechanisms they propose. More is in print on the website than in the one or two videos that were linked.
  8. That's what middle of the night typing does to one...I should have stayed with spelling it out, apparently. :-) If anyone takes it as an offense, that's on them. (Honestly, I'm pretty sure I've seen four letters in various abbreviations, but the full name is just fine.) ETA: No disrespect intended, if that's what you wondered. It's part of our plan for early treatment should we ever need it -- just talked to our doctors about it.
  9. What an journey, and so much work! I hope your recovery (all of the things you are working on) continues very nicely.
  10. So @ElizabethB and @Jean in Newcastle have both mentioned gut health. Would each of you mind sharing your top five or top ten biome-boosting interventions? I'm at about three or four, but I'm sure improvements can be made. I'm trying to think of changes as a way of life, not as temporary prescriptions. TIA!
  11. Jean, you have written out such detailed and helpful posts. Thank you for sharing...it's like being able to attend a masterclass.
  12. There is a lot of data showing that nasal hygiene (neti pot or even nasal sprays) and even gargles are helpful at reducing viral load. That's a really easy, practical step one can take without a prescription. It's an added layer to everything she is doing already. It's something I do daily as a supplement to everything else, since I am around people on a daily basis, and all kinds of illness are popping up en masse. (I suspect our immune systems are a bit out of practice with all the regular stuff.)
  13. Such a pity my friends didn't check with Bill first: his wisdom could have kept them from all the joys of improving health. Then again, they didn't consult with me, nor with each other, so it's unlikely they would have asked Bill either.
  14. @busymama7 I've had two friends and an acquaintance who have really been helped by working with these folks: https://covidlonghaulers.com/ Here's a short simplistic video explaining: https://youtu.be/IvWPT3YA5uY Here's a longer conversation with the lead researcher in the group: https://youtu.be/TZuLLJpLObs Their MO is to have you do lab work to generate a "Long-hauler Index" (a report of dysregulated immune markers), get their report and recommendation, and if your own doctor is amenable, they'll consult. If not, you can be treated by one of their doctors. Often times, the Long COVID clinics don't really try to comprehensively treat an underlying cause. The one at the premier medical school close to me is simply taking a patient's symptoms and treating them by specialty, so it's not terribly effective. ETA: The PEM fits with their monocyte activation theory, because exertion activates monocytes.
  15. I hope that goes well for Americans. The feds, who make everything better [eye roll] are now getting involved in the distribution process. From everything I'm hearing, the mAbs being used work well, but I'd be surprised if having the feds involved will improve access. ETA: edited the abbreviation for monoclonal antibodies to write it correctly.
  16. We have now-deceased family members who created hiding spots in the house to store/hide valuables. In both cases, they sold the house, and then several months later wrote to the new owners telling them where those spots were. I don't think they left anything in the hidden spots. It's too bad, that would have been fun. If it's something you expect to be hidden for decades, small bills and current coins could be fun. It's amazing how much our legal tender has changed since I became an adult. I expect that before my lifetime is over, cash will have been phased out.
  17. @BlsdMama I have no frame of reference to confirm or deny or put in context these figures, but recently the NYT put together statistics from US cities that ARE keeping records on cases (not just those hospitalized as the CDC is doing), showing vaccination status. The composite of three or four of these cities together showed about a 1 in 5K breakthrough rate in areas having high case counts, down to about 1 in 10K in areas with low case counts. To me, that's a pretty reassuring stat. Another thing you could do to make yourself a "harder target" is to implement nasal and oral hygiene measures. (Neti pot, saline rinses on a daily basis, or if you're in high risk situations, povidone iodine or other anti-viral nasal sprays and gargles.) These are not as invasive as systemic medications, but they are quite effective at reducing viral exposure. All the best to you and yours.
  18. Refurbished Winix C535 air filtration units. I love these, they are quiet, and the added ionizing feature which adds to the protection can be turned off, if that gives you the willies. It also has a timer, so I leave it running on high speed for an hour as I'm leaving the office. See winixamerica.com
  19. They're adorable, and I'm SO glad you found him! I hate finding the tiny skeletons inside the house -- nothing to eat. 😢
  20. Oh, good grief. Seriously? What would be the cellular mechanism for HBOT destroying the vaccine? I'm so sorry. I'll send you a package with rhino-skin and bean dip, OK? As far as ds needing a vax for cruises, I get it. Huge benefit there! Best wishes as you navigate tricky waters.
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