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  1. Yes. I’ve gone from a SAHM go working FT. I’m assuming you have a reasonable partner that understands. We prioritized outsourcing as much as possible given the additional income. For us that meant, cleaning person, grocery delivery (we have set meal plans that we repeat), automated bill pay, lots of paid childcare. We have a system for dividing other tasks that have been developed over many years. I’m still doing a lot of the mental load, but I can hand off tasks with the understanding it’s now fully his responsibility.
  2. I just want to peek into someone else's plans...?
  3. I keep getting FB ads for this program, and I honestly am intrigued. Has anyone tried it?
  4. Huntsville is my hometown, so Seattle was the culture shock. You've convinced me - we're leaning toward driving. Just worried about hotels being opened.
  5. So, it turns out my family will indeed be relocating from Seattle to Huntsville-area (my hometown) in about 6 weeks. I am working on convincing my DH to do an RV trip. It will be the two of us, our three kids and our au pair (who will have to leave us after that because of bureaucracy). Given the nature of the trip, my inclination is to buy a used RV and then sell it when we get to Alabama. My DH is concerned that there will be thousands upon thousands of depreciation. Anyone have any thoughts? BDTD?
  6. Thank you so much to everyone who took the time to respond! Our life is in a serious state of flux and unknown, and having at least some time to think and plan a potential HS year (or more, who knows) helps a lot.
  7. Given the craziness of CV-19, it is likely we will be returning to HS next year. My experience is limited to HS a 2nd grader. Now I'll have a 7th, 4th and 1st. I feel ok about picking out curriculum for the 4th and 1st, but I'm intimidated about the rising 7th grader. Could you give me your favorite curriculum ideas, please? TIA!
  8. I'm curious what gossip you've heard about PS?
  9. Let me explain. No, there is too much. Let me sum up. I HSed my oldest for a year in 2nd grade. Loved it. DH wasn't super supportive. Now with distance learning hell, he sees the value. I don't want my kids to spend an entire year in front of an iPad or with total chaos in their learning. I'll have a 7th grader, 4th grader and 1st grader. Please tell me what curriculum you would do with this spread. 1st grader is getting close to reading, so my plan is to focus on Story of the World with her and 4th grader, Singapore Math, 100 easy lessons. Other than SOTW, I don't know what to do for 3rd grader. I don't know at all what to do for 7th grader. I read TWTM many years ago and no longer have my copy. I need CC-aligned, because they would all likely return to PS at some point. I appreciate everyone's advice. Thank you!
  10. The RV idea combines so many life dreams! Never considered it!!! We can make the call closer to.
  11. It would be leisurely in the sense that we would have a long time to arrive. But not just for fun, no.
  12. Well, when the hive is unanimous, I suppose there's no choice. It appears we may be moving, so I'm thinking through logistics. I guess we will have to have all of our vehicles shipped and find someplace to live in AL while we wait on our stuff to arrive.
  13. Hopefully hotels, and maybe camping.
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