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  1. I’m sure what’s happening in Israel isn’t helping this.
  2. Love Okaloosa Island. Gulf atrium is cool if you’re ok with it.
  3. My 12 year old has a sore arm, but was perky and ready to go to school this morning. I expected her to feel tired, since she knew both me and my husband did, and I was prepared to let her stay home. But she cheerfully got ready! I had her do some mild weight lifting in her sore arm - I've heard it helps.
  4. My kid was soooo happy! I think I underestimated how much stress she had about CV.
  5. My husband had one and CPAP wasn’t recommended. Just annoying snoring, no apnea.
  6. I fall asleep first. If that doesn’t work, I kick him until I fall asleep.
  7. My DD12 has an appointment tomorrow at the local university. When I told her, she did a happy dance.
  8. Thank you. I'm trying hard. I think she's going to want to fight fight fight even though chances of that fight gaining her much time are very small. I'd rather her accept and enjoy the time she has and not be sick with chemo for all of it. But I'm working really hard to keep my mouth shut and follow her lead. I'm just making gentle suggestions and trying not pushing anything. I'm not the one facing my death squarely in the face, and I need to keep reminding myself that. She relies on me for advice a lot. Always has. I've been the grown up in our relationship a lot. I can't make these decision
  9. I am a big fan of hospice - they were amazing with my grandfather. She's not ready to consider that currently, but I will be ready to move forward with that as soon as she is.
  10. 12, 10, 7. I don’t think there will be anything noticeable to them, except a port if they do that beforehand.
  11. Thanks. That was my first instinct but then I started doubting myself.
  12. I feel like I can’t get anything done. I met her for lunch and I don’t think she realizes the situation fully yet. I also don’t know whether to tell my kids what’s going on before the trip. She’ll have to take it easy the last day. She may have the port put in before then and they will ask. I have lots of complicated feelings about her and some rocky things. I never expected to hash them out / resolve them, but realizing the reality of that is harder to accept now.
  13. FMLA - I didn't think about that. He probably could retire, but I'm not sure he wants to. FMLA is a great option. She'll be starting treatment soon. We don't have staging yet, so it's possible she may decide not to treat it. But for the now the plan is to treat it.
  14. I think my dad should retire. Don't you? He could probably go back later if he wanted to. They wanted to take my daughters on a trip this summer and I'd been dragging my feet planning it. I'll make that a priority as well.
  15. I wish I had a better way to title this, but I'm looking for advice. My mom has aggressive cancer and is in poor overall health. I'm sure our time together is limited. We're taking a family trip to Disney World next week, which of course will be wonderful, and we'll get lots of pictures. My mind is spinning. What should we focus on during our limited time? I'm an only child and have three daughters. We won't tell them until we get back. Advice for helping her with chemo? Advice for helping my dad?
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