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  1. Night blindness would be really debilitating as we live in Scotland. Husband is already unable to drive at night due to night blindness; if I had surgery and developed it (it's a fairly common occurrence) then I wouldn't be able to drive between 3.30pm and 9am in winter.
  2. Husband uses a normal pillow and mostly sleeps on his side. I suspect he will drop the CPAP for a few days when he has a cold.
  3. I'm a strongly habitual person - I tend to eat the same things a lot. I had to replace those habits with others, rather than trying to stop the habits. So I'll have a cracker with marmite and pumpkin seed butter instead of butter; a corner of protein cheese rather than cheddar. I've actually tried oat cream and it's pretty nice - I might get some to have with pumpkin pie on the 30th. I often come back to the office with quite a red face after my windy walks!
  4. Is he sure on portion size? People very commonly assume that they are eating 'a portion' when they are eating 50% more. Perhaps he could weigh his food for a few days to see.
  5. My dad had high cholesterol but I don't know how high; mine has never been high enough to be considered likely to be a solely genetic issue. There might be a mild propensity however, and I didn't want to be on drugs for it for the rest of my life. I really love butter, cheese and cream, so this year I have had to face that square on. Instead of butter I eat pumpkin seed butter. I rarely eat cream. And when I need a cheese-umami hit, I have a corner of protein cheese: Glad you slept better - it makes all the difference.
  6. Fascinating story about how the world is designed regarding snow ploughing and its effect on different people:
  7. For health, I would concentrate more on high quality, nutrient dense foods. It's entirely possible to get excellent or very poor nutrition from the same number of calories. The Mediterranean diet is a good starting point.
  8. For most of my adult life I had high cholesterol but I now have a very good ratio, based on exercise, lots of oats, and not much saturated fat. I use a fair bit of oil, including flax oil, but not much animal fat. Protein and fibre fill me up. I don't peel aubergine. Do you think your gut needs some time to build up the bacteria that can deal with it?
  9. A long meditation session in the parked car before work; 45 minutes of brisk walking at lunchtime with a friend; another brisk hour of walking after work. I got shaky hungry after the second walk and had to grab a sandwich. The energy in the sandwich and the walk cancelled each other out, and I still ate a light supper. My weight is back down where I want it, and my resting heart rate is at 59. I don't normally post my meals, as they are pretty boring, but here's one day: Breakfast: Overnight oats made with oat milk, cinnamon and vanilla, with zero fat Greek yoghurt. Snacks: handful of unsalted nuts and a cup of carrot sticks Drinks: three mugs of tea, one of coffee; a litre plus a large glass of water Lunch: cream of veg soup made with mushrooms, courgette, fresh mint, and pureed silken tofu. Pre-supper: prawn sandwich Supper: pinto beans cooked with ham shank, plus grated cheese, fresh tomato and sauted cabbage
  10. I'm sorry. That's so disappointing.
  11. It was around freezing last night. When I went out to the car, there was ice on the inside of the windows - a guy came and cleaned the car yesterday and it must still have been humid inside. It reminded me of when I was a child and we would commonly find ice on the inside of our bedroom windows in the morning: I grew up in a house built the year after the adoption of the American constitution; tall ceilings, single glazing, it was cold. Luckily it was a terraced house, so the houses on either side kept some heat in.
  12. The founders have excellent backgrounds
  13. I like grilled or roasted. You could just use olive oil, salt and pepper, or you could add a scatter of cumin and coriander.
  14. I just ran some errands on foot at lunchtime, but I had a good 25 minute meditation session this morning, and 40 minutes of yoga with Adriene this evening. Kedgeree for supper, which is more white rice than I normally eat, but it was good. I was really sedentary at work, so I need to concentrate on that tomorrow.
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