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  1. So from what she wrote, once you have osteopenia, it's too late for non-pharmaceutical interventions. But does the usual advice that I follow - excellent diet and weight-bearing exercise - not work to avoid osteopenia? My mother took hormone replacement until she was ninety and has very strong bones. However she also had a very good diet and didn't drive a car.
  2. We did a big move between countries hen the children were younger. I made a photo book for each of them all about the old place. They found them comforting in the early days. For our recent move, labelling everything that wasn't boxed with tie on labels worked well. They were visible and easy to remove. I made maps of each room that related to the labels, so the movers knew where to place the heavy furniture.
  3. I'm from the UK and lived in Northern California for two years. I have heard the term, perhaps in a documentary?
  4. Lovely swim. I made it two thirds of the way across the reservoir. Its harder than the swimming pool and my swimming muscles aren't in great shape. I hope to book for the local pool this week to get some training in - it's just two swimmers at a time in very distanced lanes. Husband is going on Monday, so I'm looking forward to his report. The split peas are taking forever to cook, so I just threw them into the instant pot for ten minutes.
  5. I'd go for clean-ish. I mop it once a week. That's it, even if it begs for more.
  6. FWIW both of my children have learned to cook as adults. They learned when it was important to them.
  7. The soup sounds great! I'm making split pea, sundried tomato, rosemary and mushroom soup tonight. I did a quick yoga session this morning and I hope to swim at the reservoir in a bit. It's a bit windy but I'd like to try. The water was clear when I was there yesterday.
  8. @wintermom your work has really paid off
  9. Managed some yoga and an eight mile walk to the reservoir with a friend. Porridge, stewed apple and yoghurt. Leftover tofu curry. Burgers and veg.
  10. New structure for restrictions in Scotland. We are roughly at level 2. Glasgow and Edinburgh are roughly at level 3. Positivity overall is around 9% BBC News - Covid restrictions: How will Scotland's five-level system work? https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-54659056
  11. I'm in the group of lower risk people. Husband is higher risk so he's having the vaccination today. I will be able to have mine in a few weeks.
  12. I've been getting the flu shot every year since I was in Hong Kong for SARS. The medicines they used to treat SARS could be damaging in themselves, and my doctor recommended the flu jab to reduce the likelihood of being mistakenly diagnosed with SARS when it was flu. The tests for SARS were not quickly available.
  13. What do you use apple butter for? I have too many apples...
  14. Shared electronic shopping list. It's on Google Keep Notes. Anyone who notices we are out of anything puts it on the list.
  15. Yes. A government advisor suggested that we prepare for a digital Christmas. I think my son might make it home from university - that seems currently to be in the government plan - but I'm not sure about my daughter and her partner, who are working and live 400 miles away. The positivity rate is currently 9.2% in Scotland as a whole but lower in this county.
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