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  1. Laura Corin

    Worst directions you were ever given (just for fun)

    The first time I took the new bridge to Edinburgh, Google Maps was freaking out. 'Turn around, turn around!' Calvin, who had my phone, could see that Google thought we were in the middle of a field. It took six years to build and it was a much-talked-about project. Surely Google could have worked it out in that time!
  2. Laura Corin

    Weight Loss Accountability Thread :)

    Looks great, thanks
  3. Laura Corin

    Weight Loss Accountability Thread :)

    Thanks Ok, that sounds fine. Which Club thread should general chat go into?
  4. Laura Corin

    Weight Loss Accountability Thread :)

    Thanks, I signed up. Do we need a general chat and check in thread over there too, or will that continue here? I'm down this week's half kilo, so more than half way to goal, currently wearing some undies that I bought a year ago that didn't fit then. Is anyone working toward a particular event? I mostly just want to get back into healthy eating and a fitter body, but I also want to arm myself for my 'beloved' stepmother's seventieth birthday in April. Yes, she will be 70 and my eldest brother is 63. Some history there.
  5. Laura Corin

    Weight Loss Accountability Thread :)

    Sorry, weird formatting. Redbush is the South African herbal tea also called rooibos. Well done for resisting temptation.
  6. Laura Corin

    Weight Loss Accountability Thread :)

    It was a very simple version: just a little olive oil, a few smashed garlic cloves and some chopped cabbage. Saute slowly until tender. If it seems dry or looks as if it's going to catch, add a little broth/stock. I often add fresh ginger at the beginning too, but strong tastes are catching in my throat at the moment.
  7. Laura Corin

    measles outbreak...

    Thank you. The board was taking too much space in my head and I needed to step away. We'll see how it goes.
  8. Laura Corin

    measles outbreak...

    I remember an elderly doctor talking about the rise in asthma diagnoses. He said that in his earlier career, much of what is now described as asthma was written up as 'non-specific bronchitis'. My brother has been diagnosed with ASD in his sixties. As a child in the early Sixties, he was just that awkward kid who didn't fit in.
  9. Laura Corin

    Would you see the doctor?

    I've had a cold for almost two weeks. It's rotten but i'm getting slowly better. It wouldn't occur to me to see the doctor. They would just say it was a virus and tell me to rest and drink a lot of fluids. If I start to get better and then get worse in a very identifiable way - sore chest, throat, ears - then a bacterial infection seems possible and I might see the doctor or practice nurse.
  10. Laura Corin

    Weight Loss Accountability Thread :)

    It's hard when they are away, and you just want to pick them up and make it better. Making a pot of hot tea helps me. What can you do to feel better?
  11. Laura Corin

    Weight Loss Accountability Thread :)

    I have two packets coming in my delivery, but they are for my boys at university. One for each and not to be opened. Oh, and fresh toothbrushes for each of them too. This is what I had in my shopping basket for delivery this evening, but I had to take them out. I can put a whole round in my face at one go. I'll be at just about 8,000 steps again today. Having a dog who needs exercise to evacuate helps: it's walk the dog or clean up the accident. I remembered to pre-eat this evening. The delivery is between 7 and 8 and there's a lightly-smoked salmon fillet coming and some samphire. But I can't safely wait that long, so I sauted a big bowl of cabbage to munch on while I wait. If it's too long, I'll make some Redbush too.
  12. Laura Corin

    Weight Loss Accountability Thread :)

    Thanks. I have a grocery delivery scheduled for tomorrow evening. I just removed one item that has been involved in extra snacking. There are lots of veggies to snack on, after all.
  13. Laura Corin

    Weight Loss Accountability Thread :)

    Hang in there - day by day. Well done! Starting to feel better after my cold. I'm still having to sleep sitting up to avoid coughing, but daytime I'm okay. I managed to walk a very gentle 8,000 steps today and do a full day's work (busy at the moment because of of my colleagues is off work). I've been snacking too much - I need to take a deep breath and remember my goals.
  14. Laura Corin

    Weight Loss Accountability Thread :)

    Was there lots of hot milk available at breakfast? I don't know if it's the same, but when I went to France on an exchange when I was thirteen, it was expected to have a small amount of coffee in a big bowl with lots of hot milk. Then the rest of the meal was the carbs. My lunch and supper are about the same size. Husband tends to have a sandwich for lunch then joins me for lean protein and lots of veg for supper.
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