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  1. I probably behaved in some of those ways when I was in foreign countries. Partly this was because we never ate out when I was a child: I remember the two occasions when I went to a restaurant in the UK before the age of 18. Partly I was just bewildered by the menu. Even in the States - I am a native English speaker - I would be continually wrong-footed. I'd order a salad, expecting to end my meal with it, and it would arrive first; I'd order pancakes and be given this stack of 'weird wodgy things' that I didn't fancy that early in the day; I put cheese sauce on my veggies at someone's hous
  2. We've been getting snow flurries for the past week. Weird weather. It's more like tiny light hail really. The temp. Is meant to come up by 10 degrees C this week, so they should stop soon. The Sunday closing is a legacy of strict religious prohibition of games on Sundays. There are lots of other golf courses that are open. Because of the snow, I pretty much had the place to myself, which was fun.
  3. Did you get the flexi? Is it working without leakages?
  4. Well done! I'm deep in my last essay for this module. Three weeks to go of the semester. It's been a lot of fun but I'm quite tired. Good run this afternoon between the crazy snow showers we are still getting. I ran the length of our local golf course, which is closed to golfers on Sundays.
  5. The module is part of an evening degree, so I do the work and get the grade. It's up to me if I want to meet the requirements to complete the degree. I already have two other degrees so it's just for fun.
  6. I have been taking an undergraduate English module for the past ten weeks. I've been really enjoying the research and essay writing.
  7. The only small non-native interlopers in the UK that I can think of are parakeets. Those are really loud but haven't made it this far north yet. Apart from that it's mostly large game birds and ornamental ducks. Sorry about the starlings.
  8. We have had birds nesting in the fan outlet hole after the exterior mesh on it fell down. I would track down the hole. Check your local regs. In the UK you are not allowed to disturb wild nesting birds.
  9. Thank you. I will think about mitzvah. Walking might be good. For now I'm not allowed to leave the room with her, in order to localise any infection risk in the home, nor have her hold my arm, but walking around the garden would be good when we are allowed.
  10. I'm sorry, Soror. You are already doing everything that I would do. Except perhaps: re-reading. I have a few favourite novels and authors that I re-read when things get tough. I find it comforting to enter those worlds.
  11. I enjoyed Portrait of a Lady. For some reason I don't find James hard. Source - doing undergraduate English now. Previously completed BA in French and Drama. Just finished slogging through Trainspotting...
  12. I donated to the UNICEF vaccination campaign to support vaccine delivery worldwide. https://www.unicef.org.uk/donate/coronavirus/
  13. Here are some from NASA but Google will find you more. Essentially you are helping in scientific analysis https://science.nasa.gov/citizenscience
  14. Citizen science online? There are lots of opportunities.
  15. Thanks. Only certified medical masks are allowed. I'll check if I can find some. I think she partially lipreads.
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