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  1. Sounds like fun. I'm considering going car camping in the Highlands in a few weeks, just overnight, depending on the midge forecast. I think I would find that kind of cycling alarming. I'm glad it felt good. I ran slowly this morning on some grass by the beach. It was high tide so there was no sand to use, and my usual park was set up for ParkRun, which I didn't want to join. The run was fine. I spent the afternoon bringing my mum home from her care home for coffee and strawberries at our house. She's really quite frail now and it makes me very nervous. Afterwards I had a n
  2. She was chasing it and grabbed it. I don't think you could say that she intended to kill it exactly. It was all instinct and then oooops. She once picked up a vole in her mouth and waited to be rescued - retriever instincts, I think. The vole survived .
  3. I suspect they don't have confidence in the vaccines developed in China and Russia, and AZ got caught in the crossfire.
  4. Blondie's eyesight isn't very good but in general she doesn't have much of a prey drive. She chases pigeons and has actually caught two that got trapped in shrubbery. Then Blondie stood mewing with a dead bird in her mouth until we saved her from it.
  5. Thank you. That's the burn (stream) that runs through the centre of the village. Just beyond it is the village green, where the highland games have been held for over 600 years. Fairytale stuff. The path was deeply pitted until a couple of months ago when a local business donated materials and some village residents came with their own wheelbarrows and shovels to repair it. Nice to see. It was good to see the heron, because the stream was polluted around six weeks ago when a piece of farm machinery slid into it upstream and diesel escaped. If the heron is back, there must be some fi
  6. Horrid heat. I'm sorry. I dreamed last night that I needed to exclude light from my bedroom because the life of a neighbour's child depended on it...
  7. Today will just be a dog walk as we are busy this evening. I need to go and get a Covid test this morning so that I can pick my mum up from her care home tomorrow afternoon to bring her to see our 'new' house - we moved in a year ago. I hope to run tomorrow morning and do some gardening on Sunday. Eta photo from yesterday of Blondie and a heron ignoring each other.
  8. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2021/jun/17/netherlands-offers-free-pickled-herring-as-covid-jab-incentive?CMP=Share_AndroidApp_Other
  9. Dahl is just a way of preparing lentils and isn't veggie-heavy. You could substitute another form of mildly hot sauce for the harissa - it's just to give the carrots a slight zing. Tabbouleh relies on the flavour of parsley, so if that’s something you don't like then it's probably better to skip the dish.
  10. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2021/jun/17/previous-covid-infection-may-not-offer-long-term-protection-study-finds?CMP=Share_AndroidApp_Other
  11. I think of it as a courtesy to address people as they wish to be addressed. I believe that homeopathy is dangerous and false. But if someone wishes to be addressed as a doctor of homeopathy, I would bite my tongue and do it.
  12. This is a hit here https://www.falklandkitchenfarm.co.uk/recipes2/2020/6/10/slu89r1wfvw3nnvvlslgi05lgf5ppy It would work well with a green salad. How about tabbouleh? Or Dahl?
  13. You've had so much on your plate. Are you still moving house later? Yes, things have opened up quite a bit. My birthday friend came over for lunch last week. It felt so naughty! Masks are still required when you move around public indoor spaces, but that's easy to do. The university is assuming some students will be studying remotely still - their choice - and those who are in residence will receive a mixture of spaced in-person teaching and online large classes. Scottish students traditionally went to university at 17, and vaccines haven't been provided for that age group, so prov
  14. Thank you. I wasn't hoping to match the colour but go in the direction of a grey-ish red, more like the blind, so in the same range but distinctly different. I like Robins Egg Blue but most of the rest of the house (so far) is painted in colours similar to that. Would a grey-red work?
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