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  1. So has the US pre-ordered enough J&J or other vaccines to cover everyone, assuming some success in trials?
  2. My potential liking for yak dairy products was kaiboshed by the overwhelming smell of fermented yak butter lamps in Tibetan temples when I visited in 1986, and the fermented yak butter tea on the same trip. I recognise that this is a prejudice but I haven't yet pushed past it.
  3. When we lived in Kunming in China, we went up into the hills of Lijiang to see snow, pat a yak, etc. We came back to the city and it promptly snowed. Which it very rarely does.
  4. Equitable means fair or impartial. It doesn't mean identical. I believe that funding schools equally, and then adding extra funds based on the deprivation scale of the pupils, would be equitable. It doesn't mean that the outcome for every pupil would be identical, but the process would be fair.
  5. It was emotionally brutal for him, but I suspect it was physically brutal too. Farm chores in Saskatchewan in 1940? Can't have been fun.
  6. I bought myself some new shoes. The shoes I use for NW are shamefully old (left over from my last running round). So whether I run or use them for walking, it's a good investment. @wintermom Husband actually has some hiking poles that I could use for ice. I seem to prefer hiding inside and waiting for a thaw. Good thing I'm not Canadian and that my father didn't decide to stay in Saskatchewan where he was evacuated during the war!
  7. @Dreamergal you talked about Tai Chi being cardio. The times I have done it, it was extremely slow and controlled. I can imagine a higher heart rate perhaps due to the effort of standing on one leg and slowly extending the other withough falling over (you get high heart rate in yoga from that too), but that's about it. Is yours a different style? This is the kind of thing I think of: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UrF4zgdjWzQ Today wasn't too icy so I managed a slow dog walk. It felt good to be outdoors. I'll do some yoga after work. This weekend I'll go to the beach. I'm wo
  8. London hospitals overwhelmed https://www.theguardian.com/society/2021/jan/14/struggling-london-hospitals-sending-covid-patients-to-newcastle
  9. National rather than local funding, with supplementary funding and feeding based on deprivation.
  10. I've order crampons but they haven't arrived yet. Our sacrificial lamb (son) is walking the dog for us and I did another Sansone indoor walk at lunchtime. I slept late this morning. My old Fitbit used to repeat the vibrating alarm every nine minutes until you switched if off. The Garmin just seems to switch off automatically after a bit. The buzz isn't as strong and I slept straight through it. I now have four alarms set at five-minute intervals. Let's hope that works. I suspect I needed the sleep though. I'll do a quick yoga after work and before my module. Grilled veg
  11. I've ordered tomato seeds (Ailsa Craig and Black Russian) and mullein (Verbascum Polar Summer). We live in an area with really good veggie farms, so I don't feel the need to grow much. But I've yet to find great tomatoes (the nights are too cool, so they have to be grown under glass). I grew this verbascum (it's a biennial) in my last garden and I really love it. I'll plant it later in the year to flower next year. I also ordered salad seeds in case Brexit interrupted green veg supplies. So far things seem to be working okay, so I haven't planted the seeds. I'm busy with an evening
  12. I live in rolling countryside, half an hour to the beach, an hour to the beginning of the mountains. Perfect for me.
  13. Yes. My body just doesn't recover from unusual activity as well as it used. On the other hand, my joints don't ache regularly now in the way that they did eight years ago before I took up yoga. @Carrie12345 take it easy - you have some good plans. As I really, really don't want to end up in hospital at the moment by slipping on frozen surfaces, and I don't have time to go to the ice-free beach during daylight, I went against all my instincts and did an online fitness (as opposed to yoga) class. I find classes at the gym (apart from yoga) incredibly boring - I'd just so much rather be
  14. Well done on the job @wintermom. PM me if you want some links to what the uni offers. Good start @Carrie12345 @FarmingMomma your rest days would wear me out! Cute dogs! @Soror any time I post a specific workout, it's usually to increase the pressure to get it done. Social embarrassment as a driver. ETA Re sun: I grew up in the south west of the UK, where the weather comes straight off the Atlantic. The weather seemed much more consistent: either the day (week) was sunny or it was cloudy. Here in the north east we seem to get a bit of sun almost every day, which lifts my h
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