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  1. In case anyone is interested, this top-tier university is looking for participants. They can take participants from overseas who already have DNA data. I know some won't be comfortable with this, and that's fine - I'm just making the opportunity available. The link includes FAQs.
  2. I was just surprised, because the OP is in New Zealand.
  3. Fwiw UK universities, if that might be a goal, will probably be partly online in order to facilitate social distancing. Social contact may be limited too. Here's one
  4. If it were here, he would talk to a driving instructor about having a couple of lessons, then use that car for the test. He'll need to get used to US roads and possibly automatic gearboxes anyway. If he manages to get a US licence, can you rent a car at age twenty?
  5. A carpark was shut near here recently because the popular trail nearby was too narrow for social distancing. All the visitors parked illegally in the nearby village, obstructing traffic on the medieval streets. They walked the trail anyway, even though there are wider trails nearby.
  6. I should have said: my university is setting up so that people who can't get here can study completely online for the first semester at least. All lectures will be online, as will all assessment. There will be online and in-person options for all small group teaching.
  7. We don't celebrate. If we stand two metres away can we come and share your food? I can bring roast beetroot salad with yoghurt/preserved lemon/mint/tahini dressing.
  8. I personally would be very surprised if he was barred. Scotland needs overseas student fees. That's just my personal hunch, though.
  9. My university is set up for quarantine as necessary - segregated accommodation. It's hard to know if the UK will impose the same restrictions. Brexit again. The EU is recommending quarantine for people coming from the US, but it's not binding on member states, so I just don't know. If it is a Scottish university the likelihood of quarantine is higher - our numbers are better than in England, and the First Minister wants to keep them that way.
  10. One city in England with worse data is having lockdown extended. That seems sensible to me. Meanwhile Scotland is talking about quarantine for people coming from England. ETA death rate is back to normal for the UK, but the situation still feels fragile to me
  11. I never used to soak them but my favourite cook at present, Rupy Aujla, does, so I've started. I believe that pulses that have been on the shelf longer cook more slowly.
  12. Quick drop in. Managing the short walk and short yoga each day. A success for yoga strength: today my son and I had to carry a table downstairs, including lifting it over our heads to clear the banister and newel post. It wasn't easy, but it was fine. The charity furniture pick up is only collecting from garages at present, not houses, so we had to shift it ourselves The house sale is close to irrevocable now. We toasted it this evening. Still waiting on the same for the purchase. Best wishes to all.
  13. Scotland has had no deaths in the past few days and had five new cases yesterday. Weekend reporting is always low, but it's looking hopeful. There are ten people in intensive care. The population is 5 million.
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