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  1. Thanks. Yes. I'm a pretty.... relaxed house cleaner. So I'll be thinking everything looks fine, then suddenly spot something horrendous. Last time it was very obvious greasy brown drips on the inside of the white doors of the top kitchen cupboards. That time we just had to hope the viewers wouldn't open any cupboards.... Husband has been doing all the viewings, so he's been bearing a lot of the stress. I'll bring the dog to work, to get her away: these potential purchasers are not keen on dogs.
  2. Really good news! It's sunny and windy here: lovely walk at lunchtime along the beach, while surfers caught baby waves. I'll try to do a good yoga session this evening; tomorrow evening we will be preparing for another house viewing, so I might not have time for anything very long. I printed out the materials for my 'power yoga' course for March - I'm quite excited.
  3. @parentThinking about pelvic organ prolapse: can you feel with a finger inside you to see if everything seems normal? You are looking for the walls/top of the passage bulging either left-right or downwards. It's extremely common (I've seen figures of 50% of women having it after having children, including some who had caesarians) and not necessarily a big deal. There are non-surgical as well as surgical treatment options.
  4. When I had kids at home, I went out to yoga classes and Husband managed the evening shift. I walked during kids' activities. I took less exercise overall than I do now. Now, I have a short commute, I do some cooking in advance on Sundays, and Husband cooks half the time. My day is roughly 6.40 wake up 8.10 drive to office 8.25 start meditating in office carpark 8.45 work 1.00 walk 1.40 eat lunch 2.00 work 5.00 drive home 5.20 make cup of tea 5 45 do yoga 6.45 make supper or relax 7.30 eat 8.00 tidy up supper or relax. 9.30 prepare for next day 10.40 sleep ETA I have a standing desk at work
  5. I Nordic Walk too - it doesn't seem to be essential to keep the aches away, for me, but it's great aerobic exercise.
  6. Thanks. Previous to deciding to take control, when I was 49, I was pretty sedentary. I theoretically liked hiking, but I didn't have much stamina. I feel so much better now.
  7. Thanks. I've been practising yoga for around eight years.
  8. Yes, definitely. I have been working for some time on Crow pose, for example - I can hold it for about ten seconds now: If you make some of your practice 'flow' style, you will also be going through a number of vinyasas over the course of the session, which include numerous 'push ups'
  9. As far as reduced aches, I was getting that from an hour twice a week. For increased strength - which is my current aim - I've seen improvements with daily practice (30 to 50 minutes).
  10. I'm having a day off today. The yoga this weekend was quite taxing and my muscles need a rest. I'll just run some errands on foot at lunchtime, and do a little light stretching-yoga before bed.
  11. I fixed it for me. Firstly I started practising yoga at least twice a week. I began with a class, but Yoga with Adriene, free on YouTube, is my mainstay now. She has some sessions marked for beginners. Secondly, two miles of walking every day. I invested in Gore-Tex shoes and good waterproofs, and I just do it. I'm about to turn 57, my joints don't ache (even my arthritic knee rarely gives me trouble), I maintain my weight, and I'm stronger than I've ever been. Good luck.
  12. Maybe the rooms were set up with beds but they are actually only used for play, including blankets for snuggles
  13. The three acres include some woods and a nascent orchard, but it all needs some form of management. We bought the house fast after we moved from Asia, and took on more garden than made sense.
  14. It's much smaller. Under a quarter of an acre? Not actually sure. Space for the dog and any future grandchildren. It's mostly lawn with some old fruit trees and shrubs. I'm a much more experienced gardener than I was when I took on our current garden, so I know how to make it attractive but low maintenance.
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