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  1. Yes! The dam held though. I heard the barges were loaded with fertilizer. We are suppose to be going to AR tomorrow....if that I40 bridge is still closed we will have to go an hour out of our way.
  2. Oklahoma weather is currently insane. This just happened.
  3. I agree. My little rescue kitty is so smart.
  4. I well remember the steps that sometimes seemed silly. Before a year old you show them a book...teach them the right way to hold it. By the time they are two, you run your finger along the words as you read. You show them the cover, the title, the author, the title page. Meanwhile you are teaching them to recite their ABCs. Then show them that each letter has a sound. Then you show them how the sounds go together to make words. Then it got more complicated and there was a specific order of teaching phonic sounds. It was fun! I wish I had a kid to teach to read. LOL
  5. I remember that statistic! Shocking. I am so glad my mom helped me with teaching my son phonics. My dh struggled in school because he wasn't taught to read the way he needed to learn. I saw the exact same thing in his son (at age 13) My dh taught himself to read by sheer force of will in his early 20s.
  6. Jenny I just want to say that I know a young woman in a similar situation. She does drive, thankfully, but she is 19 and still dependent upon her mom. They have a very unhealthy dynamic imo and I keep repeating over and over to her that what she needs to do is move out and support herself. And in her case, her mom doesn't really fully support the young adult. I believe she really is working toward that goal, but she has had a few physical issues that have held her back for now. There have been a few times where I felt so sorry for her that I wanted to offer to let her stay with us, but since I have two teen boys in my house it was not an option for our family. I try to remain respectful of the mom but it isn't easy.
  7. That just makes me sad. And MAD. I mean what the heck. Who is in charge of the curriculum, or lack there of? That makes me wish I was a teacher! In 1972 my mom read a book on teaching kids to read by phonics. She (born in 1945) had learned that way. So even though she was only 27 teaching my brother to read with phonics at age 3 was a piece of cake for her--especially with that book she had on how to teach it. I was 4 years older and had not learned phonics at school. But listening to my mom teach my brother and just the exposure to mom who was a big reader was enough for me. I never had trouble. And also, by the time my son was born I fully knew from my mom, SWB etc that phonics was the way to go. It was nearly effortless for my son to learn to read. It is difficult for me to believe that in this day and age people in charge of academics for children still can't figure it out.
  8. Pretty sure this is it. Edited to add--ok this article was only part of what I listened to in the car one day. There were a bunch of stories of people who never learned to read in school and a few law suits. It was so interesting.
  9. I listened to a really long NPR segment on the history in this country of the methods to teach reading. I was gobsmacked. I mean, I knew a lot of it already but to hear it all in laid out like that was so interesting. And disturbing! TPTB have just flat out ignored the science behind how people learn to read.
  10. I guess if it were horrible enough to everyone the entire world would be vegetarian. Someone has to do it. And I got the sense that the family has an existing relationship to this family with this he has probably previously been exposed to that business and also who knows what his actual job would be.
  11. Well I wasn’t talking about it being kosher. Just that some people have never seen an animal slaughtered so it seems horrible .
  12. Scarlett


    I agree. Xh and I have a pleasant relationship these days. I am helping him with the dna search for his bio grandparents. I rarely find myself even thinking of the trauma he put me through. Also, eventually I began to feel sorry for him. I would hate to have to live with what he has to live with. .
  13. I have been reading along and frankly OP I am not sure what to think. Part of me believes he could spiral down to doing something horrible. And part of me thinks he is just a bright boy disillusioned with the world who needs to find some purpose. I would have to know more about who his friends are on line especially but IRL too. I was thinking earlier that the young man probably needs his father around more...then I got a little angry because hey everyone has a less than perfect life situation.....some boys his age are living in poverty without a father. And the bottom line is we all have to come to a place of realizing we are responsible for ourselves and our actions. Probably his life of relative privilege has kept him out of jail so far. But that won’t last for ever especially in the current climate. i would definitely focus on filling his life with good things instead of punishing him. And good things can be a menial job....boys that age need a lot of physical exertion. It is good for them. I am glad he is open to realizing too much internet and electronics might be harmful to him.
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