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  1. I am sorry too Jean. I have no knowledge of what would help, but I did want to tell you what my friend was told recently by her doctor....she is the friend who spent 17 days in the hospital with an extreme case of psoriatic arthritis. Anyway she is also struggling with her weight and the doctor told her that until they get these autoimmune things under control she has zero chance of losing the weight. Although in one way she felt a little hopeless she also felt better. BeCause she had validation that it wasn’t her fault.
  2. I noticed that too about the Vit d counsel.
  3. I was referring to the boardies who said it happens/happened often to them or their spouse or their dad. MedicMom, and someone’s husband who delivered pizza 20 yeas ago.....I can’t remember all the incidents. And of course my mom but that’s as a one time thing.
  4. But several people up thread said they have e perimeter of it happening in their jobs A LOT.
  5. It did make sense, although they need a proof reader and editor. I do always worry about the info I get from people selling a product though.
  6. We had a money conversation this morning, including the bolded above. He had not a word to say to that part. I showed him we are on a shoe string budget for an indefinite amount of time and that he needs to seriously be thinking about how to get rid of one of these vehicles. His solution? Sell the Prius and get a Dodge Charger that gets 30 mpg . 😱. He literally said ‘get one for $1200, or $4000 or even $8000.’. So after I explained that that was NOT an option AT ALL, we agreed to buckle down hard for the moment and get through these next few months. We have a lot of expenses coming up....we owe State income taxes, we are helping a bit with dss24 wedding, need a gift for that wedding and 2 others by end of May, and one of those involves a trip to Houston for my nieces wedding... We also worked out the details of the HSA...we are going to run $1000 through his paycheck next pay period and then after that $150 each pay period ( every 2 weeks). The debit card for that has been mailed to us, should get that next week. And I can reimburse us from the HSA for all of the medical incurred on the day of or after I set up the HSA which was 2-14. That leaves just 2 PT visits that were before that date which we can’t be reimbursed for. Plus my check up from January which was several hundred. Ongoing this should solve our medical/deductible issues unless of course I end up with something going on. Beginning in June dss18 (he will be 19 by then) will start paying his own car insurance and cell phone so that will help us a bit. I feel better putting it all on the table. We are going to get back to recording everything on the Every Dollar app.
  7. My boss has me on a mission to help him recreate a drink he had called the Church. He said it was amazing. One of the alcohols in the recipe is not even sold by any distributor in our state! So I found a close substitute for that. And the Gomme syrup I also can’t find. I will probably make him a batch of it
  8. I don’t remember. I think they had a sponge but I don’t like using a sponge unless I know how long it has been used. I don’t even buy them. But there was no towel in the kitchen for drying dishes or hands. In my own kitchen I have white towels and cloths only and they go to the laundry at the end of each day. Theoretically kitchen hand towels should only be used for drying clean dishes or clean hands, and thus could be used for a couple of days, but I don’t trust the other people who use my kitchen.
  9. It appears to be the size of a cedar or hope chest....I have the same issue because I have mine that I got as a graduation gift from my mom and dh has the one that his dad made in high school (so 60 years ago)....and his dad died when dh was 12. So we aren't getting rid of either one, but we only have one bed where it will fit at the end. The second one is awkwardly infront of the window. It gets piled with dh's junk.
  10. One time dh and I house sat for his cousin. Nice family. Clean home. Not a single kitchen towel or cloth to wash dishes with in the house. I am still perplexed by it. And one time I came in late to a rented house on a business trip. My co-workers had arrived before me and so I was stuck with the sofa. I arrived at midnight and everyone was asleep. Someone had' thoughtfully' put a sheet and pillow out for me. No blanket. I was freezing to death all night. I was so distraught I almost called another co-worker who lived in that town and asked for help, but I was afraid of how it would look to his wife.
  11. When mine was 19 I felt horrible. I would definitely give her some more Vit D.
  12. I just did in early January. Earlier I said I did it in early February, but I was mistaken. It was January. My Vit D is low. And it almost always is especially in Jan/Feb. So no it isn't an excess.
  13. I just realized I have been taking the 1000 since the first of January. And I do not feel good. I feel like dropping over from exhaustion even though I got plenty of sleep last night. So I think I am going to bump it up now and if I don't feel better in a few weeks I am going to go back to the doctor.
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