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  1. Yes but I am not reading that he was forced.
  2. Oh my word. Talk about picking on her words. And showing no compassion for how upset she is.
  3. Exactly . Also we can acknowledge a character flaw and expect with some guidance and maturity they will change. For some reason some here act like once the word character is mentioned we have forever condemned them.
  4. No where does it say they forced him to add the second sister.
  5. Maybe you should have kept reading. She did say nice things. She says he is a great older brother and enjoys doing things for his sisters and that he is very close to them. The post was about something he did that greatly upset her and that she sees as an ongoing pattern in him. And she is still really upset. Give her a break. Good grief.
  6. Ty! When I started looking at candy on line I stayed to think maybe I misunderstood him and he was saying chocolate. He was very hard to understand yesterday.
  7. I don’t know . I do know he has it as a result of the medication he takes.
  8. Agreed. But that doesn’t mean his character isn’t evident to BD or that she and her family is not affected by it. If they speak to him they do......I know some parents would do that and others would not.
  9. There is nothing to indicate a) ds22 changed his mind about taking his sisters b) the parents encouraged him to spend a lot of money on his sister. In fact, they paid a generous amount toward a trip that he had offered to pay for himself. He obviously had the money because he went alone. i don’t know why we can’t take BD at her word that he tends to get angry and prideful when he feels he is being told what to do. The parents obviously feel it is a character issue and they have known him for 22 years. Of course ‘his story’ might be different. Of course! He isn’t here asking for kindness and support. BD is.
  10. To answer your question I would be very annoyed and yes very hurt. I believe you that he does like spending time with his is derailing for people to assume that the real problem is he doesn’t want to hang out with his sisters . The real problem is he ruined a trip for his sisters and he broke trust with his parents. Those are not small things. It does sound like he has a pride issue and did not like being told what to do——-which he could have avoided if he had actually just done what he agreed to without having to be told. Adult kids are difficult sometimes. I am not in a position to offer advice . But I do want to say I feel bad for you and your husband.
  11. I have a family member who is institutionalized in another state. He is a diabetic. I would like to send him some snacks...he loves sweets, but anything would be good I guess. Can someone make a suggestion of something diabetic approved that’s I can mail order and have shipped directly to him. He has schizophrenia....I think my words above made it sound like he is in prison. 🙂 I talked to him yesterday and I think he was saying something about coffee candy. ??
  12. And I wouldn’t have known either one was illegal but I know both are wrong.
  13. Why is cheating on a test more illegal than lying about being an athlete?
  14. Doesn’t seem that dark to me but if it is a concern it is an easy fix. I would imagine it is more complicated than that, but what do I know.,,
  15. I found two good articles about managing anxiety. I though some of you might appreciate them. I sent them to my sister who is going through a lot too.
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