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  1. Yes I would like to know too. It was awkward when I recommended the series to my mom and then 'episode' came up.
  2. What did you end up getting for interest rate? We are still at 3.62. I keep hoping it will drop some since we did the float down option.
  3. Dh had neck surgery a week ago. He is doing ok. Has a neck brace on 24/7 for now....I think it will be on for another month. We close on December 2nd. We hope to be out of our house the day before that and out of the shop 30 days after that. We have removed the pop corn on the ceiling...retexturing and painting EVERYTHING.Painters expect to finish up by Friday. New carpet being installed Monday. New refrigerator being delivered Monday also. Going really well. The big unknown is the appraisal on our house. Appraiser coming today and I am always so nervous about that especially when there are no realtors involved in pricing it or selling it. Getting moved with dh being unable to help at all is going to be so emotionally hard on him and thus us. But we can get through it.
  4. I did not even realize season 3 was out! I will save that for when we get in the new house.
  5. I wore contacts for about 17 years and that was much preferred by me over glasses. One day, my eyes just wouldn’t accept contacts any more....I tried different kinds, different solutions....nothing worked. That was when I had RK.
  6. I guess if wearing glasses doesn’t bother you it would not be worth the risk to have surgery. But for me? I hated glasses so so much. They hurt my face, my ears...,,messes with peripheral vision, swimming or boating was never as enjoyable because I couldn’t see....I think it is why I didn’t learn to water ski.....I could not see and it made it all too scary. It has been close to 25 years since I had RK and I still only have to wear glasses to drive at night. If. Have to start wearing glasses all of the time in the next few years I would still think those 25 plus years of good vision was worth it.
  7. I don’t know what PKR is....I had RK in 1996. Is was life changing for me. I had 20/20 vision for the next 20 years. I now need readers ( at age 54j and also a weak RX to drive at night. It was one if the best things I ever did for myself.,
  8. I missed this post originally. I am very happy to hear of his success.
  9. What expectation? I was simply commenting that things have changed and agreeing with Jean that it is likely due to people being so busy. I don't think anyone's joy is killed....I think the people who bring store bought stuff are fine with it....and I am too.....because the focus is the people not the food. And the gatherings I am talking about are not for strangers.
  10. I think this is the problem. I have noticed our covered dish gatherings have really changed. In the old days, there was sort of a method....older ones would bring a main dish for a lot of people....meatloaf, casseroles, A roast, a ham.....something like that...younger married ones would bring a nice side for a lot of a 9 X 12 pan of corn casserole, or rice casserole, or mashed potatoes, or green beans, or baked beans....Who ever made really good pies would make 2 each. And then for young single adults we expected or maybe even asked them to bring things like ice, or paper products. It seemed fairly painless. But the other day my mom asked me to bring baked beans (which I made from scratch), and another young wife to bring potato salad....that young wife asked if she could bring store which my mom said yes, but complained to me how no one cooks anymore. And then that couple ended up not coming and my mom had to scramble and ask my adult son to bring store bought potato salad. And every gathering seems like this. If I ask a young couple to bring a dessert.....we get cupcakes from Wal-Mart. Things really have changed. I try to not worry about it and just focus on the relationships which are valuable and important to me.....but things are definitely different.
  11. I have the Inspir HR and it tracks heart rate and sleep. It now assigns a score to each nights sleep.
  12. The whole thing is just crazy. The things I never knew before....I wonder how many more of this group are living in Mexico.
  13. Yes this looks very nice and is what I have in mind. Thank you!
  14. What do y’all think about SW 7602 Indigo Batik as an accent wall with Accessible beige over all? Accent wall would be in the dining room that opens to family room....and I am hoping to get a neutral sectional and I could use pillows to coordinate with the Indigo. I haven’t ever used blue, it I need so much new stuff and Dh loves blue. Also a friend of mine just decluttered and she has a Lot of decorative stuff in black which I love and I think would go well with the Indigo and beige.
  15. I helped both boys open checking/debit card accounts and a savings account when they were about 16. At my bank. I had to be on the account when they were underage...and I set them up so that they couldn't over draw. Neither have ever written an actual check. Dss18 has had two jobs, both of which were direct deposit. Ds19 has had the same job for 3 years but he gets a physical check. Also xh deposits money directly to ds for school or whatever. And Dh and I can transfer money back and forth to the boys easily.
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