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  1. Yes I was going to suggest find my friend too. Also Life 360 will probably answer you in a day or two. That was my experience and they were fairly helpful with my questions.
  2. Have you contacted Life 360 to see what they say?
  3. Such good suggestions already but I wanted to say ((((HUGS))))
  4. Hey!  Would  you delete your quote from my post?  I'm going to address this situation in my usual way and don't want it to get any nastier than possible.

    1. Scarlett
    2. MaBelle


      Thanks.  I should have posted no quoting, but forgot!


  5. I agree. Too many positives to pull her out over 30 min of homework. That isn't too bad any way.
  6. Turns out that is probably not the insurance pay out for the van. We really don't know for sure what it is for. He is not speaking to his parents.
  7. Scarlett


    Oh man. I would definitely tell the parents
  8. As I mentioned above though, three months is not that long.
  9. I am scratching my head and wondering how he has a paid for car worth $10K. If he had a loan on it the insurance payment would have went to the lien holder. But honestly that insurance pay out has nothing to do with the damage to the van.
  10. People file claims all of the time 3 months or more later. I think there is a time limit but seems like one time a customer came in and told me their time was almost up and it had been almost 2 years!!! So anyway, go ahead and file the claim on his policy.
  11. This made me laugh. My kitty has really calmed down in the couple of weeks we have had her. Except most nights she wakes up around 4:30 acting nuts. This morn8ng 8 put her in the laundry room. I expected her to meow but she didn’t. This is a pic I took a few days ago. She is so cute it is hard to stay mad at her.
  12. I am still womdering how he got $9500 out of his car being hit? Did they total it? What is he driving? who is your insurance and have you filed a claim? I would call your insurance this morning and tell them you need to file a claim. He needs to file it on his insurance and not yours. But liability will have to be established which means they will have to talk to him. If he won’t do that your insurance will pay and you will have to pay your deductible.
  13. Yes I don’t understand this either. I work for a collision center and something about this seems weird.
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