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  1. He also did not bring his dog to the office….always a sign he is stressed…..it was a quiet day as far as customers coming in and phones ringing…..but he had a lot of work,to do to catch up….which he could do easier because owner was in the shop all day. We often will chit chat about our weekends, or dogs, or what is going on in the town……yesterday was all business. But I will say he has acted that way other times that he has had little temper tantrums….it is typical of people who throw fits and then try to do better.
  2. It was definitely ok. Very weird. I don’t think the owner talked to him yet but I can’t be sure. Manager was very subdued all day. Owner was in the shop working all day. New tech started…..manager stayed in the office while owner was in shop with new guy.
  3. Isn’t it the worst? I always one of my friends are building a house to never do a corner sinkI always one of my friends are building a house to never do a corner sink
  4. QFT. I think this says it best. Sorry you are dealing with this @popmom
  5. Sometimes he will clean everything except the counters and stove...he knows I am super picky about my stove so he leaves that to me after he gets his part done.
  6. Our kitchen is small, but worse than that it has a corner sink that makes it near impossible for two people to work together to clean up. We cook together....and lately that involves me reading Hello Fresh instructions to him....he follows my instructions and I sit at the bar. 🙂
  7. This is my husband. We actually exchanged heated words last night because each of us wanted to clean the kitchen. LOL. I won. He had cooked and I insisted he let me clean.
  8. Oh my word! Yes wait to hear from doctor before you decide. Kids bounce back from things so fast.....hard to say who might need you more at this moment.
  9. This is an amazing update! Thank you so much for sharing. I have always had a soft spot for you over the years and I have felt so so bad for you dealing with K's mental illness. So thankful you found some purpose and that you are feeling better.
  10. Well I’m hopeful. Because I know the owner well . I honestly do not care if the manager knows I complain. He has to know he’s completely out of line. In fact twice he has made a comment to me that he needs people around him who are easy-going because he’s not. also because The owner witnessed managers very bad behavior on Friday….I do think that he will be dead serious about fixing things. Owner was running the shop himself before he had a manager and he can certainly do it again
  11. So Friday night after I sent the text Owner responded immediately I felt really good. Now that it is Sunday afternoon my anxiety is starting to creep in as to what will happen next. I do feel I made the right decision but I still feel very anxious. Friday night owner said he knows a way to talk to discuss with manager without telling him I complained.
  12. Yes I think I agree with you completely. I am amazed that my dog runs out in to the yard where she left her ball but she probably is just smelling it.
  13. Nylon bones don’t work for my dog either. Nothing really holds up to her except her Kong…I suspect she likes it because of the puzzle of getting the food out of it.
  14. That debunking article was interesting. Makes sense. I also taught my dog a hand signal command without realizing it. I taught her to sit and wait for her food. In the beginning she would stand and wait, looking at me the entire time. So I would say ‘sit’ while doing a very small down movement with my index finger. One day I noticed I did the index finger down movement without saying sit and she sat! Pretty exciting to me….I have never been able to train a dog. Not sure if I am just trying harder or if she is super smart…..I suspect a combination of both.
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