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  1. Does anyone know the rest of the story on this? Does this child live with them? Was a custody dispute involved? Was it really just a random stranger abduction attempt? I have so many questions.
  2. I have a cousin who complained endlessly about the young family with many kids because the babies were all paid for with Medicaid. Now never mind that they qualified for Medicaid. And the dad worked and they were good people. She was just annoyed that they were getting benefits just in general. My mom finally asked her, 'what do you want to happen? Do you want these babies born at home alone with no prenatal care?' Cousin at least stopped complaining to us about the family.
  3. Right, and I see your point....that maybe the OPs mom needs it for other reasons....I think what I was saying is that is what we do....we know enough about someone that we think we know enough to judge them. And maybe we do. Maybe the OP knows enough about her own mother to feel certain this is a WRONG thing her mom is doing. But in most case we really don't. And honestly, I don't even begrudge the OP's mom getting MoW. She may be a user and a taker, but she is still human and needs to eat. I am a little on edge today....MIL texted us and said the end is near for FIL.
  4. As is often the case it has gone down the bunny trail.
  5. And this thread is just proof that we should all stop judging people based upon the little bit we might know about their life. I mean, sure we have heard plenty about this OP's mother and we ALL agree she is a taker, but not EVERYONE who accepts help is a taker. Because it seems like some on here are upset with people taking MOW if they don't actually NEED it even if they qualify under the guidelines.
  6. Me too! Why is so hard to just be happy that fellow humans have access to what you (for whatever reason) have access to? Why do we need people to be homeless and cold and starving before we help them as a society? Ugh.
  7. The bolded. Everyone makes mistakes. People can go off the rails and get back on someday.
  8. I asked my MIL about it today. No income limits in her area. To qualify you fill out a form.....seems like inability to cook for yourself or drive were the main ones that let him qualify...her husband has never been able to cook for himself...lol....but in all seriousness he is now bedridden and definitely qualifies. She said she also would qualify to get one but she just takes it for him. They accept donations and she donates regularly. She said it is a wonderful provision for people who live alone....if they can’t get you to the door they put a call in for a well check. If she won’t be
  9. So cute.little guy just fell over asleep.
  10. Maybe it would help if you let him know it is hard for you to understand too. And that free will is involved p.
  11. Also one of the things I told my son when going through our divorce was that his dad had the ability and option to stop his bad behavior at any time. That even though we make mistakes, sometimes serious ones we don’t have to keep on. And that I hoped his dad would stop . And that we could pray for that
  12. Dss19 made this last week. It was soooo delicious.
  13. Yeah, I have trouble getting all worked up about it but this particular mother is apparently doing a lot of financially shady stuff so I can understand the OP being upset by it because it is just one more thing to add to the pile. My MIL gets MOW because her husband is a late stage Alzheimers patient....she can cook and she can afford food. It would never occur to me to think she is cheating the system.
  14. Is is what I was thinking.....maybe what she is really asking is how should she deal with her Dh who is running their finances into the ditch.
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