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  1. Oh I just meant the lay out. I think I had in mind that the closet was going by the stairs but that was probably before you had contractors out to help decide. I think it looks great.
  2. I agree. I don't think the sink is too big either. That is a bit different than what I had in my mind.....but it sure seems nice. I think he will be happy.
  3. I just wanted to say I am sorry and give you a hug. I think a few people have been a little hard on you, but you have also gotten some good advice. It is difficult to making clucking sounds of sympathy rather than blurt out the very OBVIOUS (to us) solution to their problems. Also as someone else mentioned there might be more to it than they told you. Of course that may just worry you more....hang in there!!
  4. Oh boy. This made me LOL. But that would be very difficult to take.
  5. Same with my son. He was very much like @Dreamergal describes her son, but abruptly went in to full 'I am an adult mode'. It was very disconcerting, but I could 'see' what was going on. He is 21 now and he IS an adult so I have no desire to make decisions for him. But the shift is hard to take at times.
  6. Grilled chicken and broccoli is my go to eating out....well back in the day when we actually ate out. Having pizza tonight so I dread that. Mind set is key. I chatted with a friend yesterday. She is 10 years younger than me and one of the most fit friends I have but even her weight is creeping up. She was actually taking a brisk walk when she called me. She said she has to do something. So when I was telling her about WW she was shocked and amazed that 1/4 cup of nuts is 1/6 of my daily points. And that the eggs I had yesterday would have been 1/2 my daily points if I had eaten a
  7. I am thinking it would be too low. Our kitchen had to be reconfigured (by us, just the bare min for now) because we took out a non working wall/microwave combo and put in a gas stove with full vent hood. I dislike microwaves above the stove very much. But dh took part of the cabinet that had been above the former cooktop and added a shelf to it and now our microwave lives there to the left of the gas stove. It is not as high as the ones above the stove but still higher than the bottom of the other cabinets so there is extra room on the counter below it for things that are tall.
  8. I agree talk to her doctor. And would your dad join forces with you to get her declared incompetent ? Would help to have an intervention and try to really impress upon her that what she wants (you to drive 12 hours to bathe her) absolutely cannot happen and another choice has to be made so she can be cared for and safe.
  9. Me too. But since neither of them are working it seems foolish to be buying another vehicle right now. $2500 for a 1996 truck. I just.....not what I would do, but this young man is not the type to take advice very well. Very frustrating.
  10. I think she meant OUR access to the baby has been restricted. They have got their own place now but we haven't been invited. Probably because it has just not occurred to them to do so.
  11. Exactly. Dh knows they are being immature and thoughtless, but his mom is driving 5 hours to see us this weekend and we all just want to see the baby.
  12. I am frustrated at the moment. MIL is coming to visit this weekend. She has not seen her great grand son (dss24's baby). For weeks dh has been asking dss24 if he will come to see us when MIL is here so we can all see the baby. No response. So because she is working, we assumed if we did get them to come Saturday would be the day they would come. My mom wanted to cook for us on Sat and I said we needed to leave that day open for Dss24 in hopes he would come. So she said she would cook for us Friday. Finally Dss24 answers and says they can come today (Friday). DIL has been l
  13. Very flattering. I don't think it needs a jacket unless it will be chilly.
  14. Scarlett


    Me too. 😞
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