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  1. This is what my husband would recommend. They are super easy to install during initial construction. At one of our houses dh retrofitted one into our bathroom which was much more work.
  2. Full credit. But why in the world do they ask them to write a sentence using the word, presumably to demonstrate knowledge of the word's meaning....and then give them a sentence. Weird.
  3. Our dog is allowed on our bed but is not allowed to touch our pillows or sheets. And she doesn't sleep there. She has to get in her own bed before we go to sleep.
  4. Hmmm...so you think it is septal not fatal? I wonder which is more likely medically speaking. I have zero medical terminology training. Feels like I am reading Greek.
  5. Yes, it is and just the kind of creative thing I was talking abouit.
  6. So maybe----this? Cause of Death----Acute postischemic fatal myocardial infarction—massive Due to --------Arteriosclerotic cardiovascular disease Other causes---Diabetes mellitus
  7. Can anyone identify that word after acute? I think you guys figured the rest out. Wow you guys are amazing.
  8. Thank you! I never heard of the mellitus part.
  9. I think it might be cardiovascular disease.
  10. Thanks guys that is very helpful. We had been told it was a heart attack, so I guess that was accurate. Do you see below that 'other significant conditions leading to death'? Can you make that out?
  11. I never sleep in clothes. I don’t know how you people do it. Robes and pjs are for being decent in front of my kids...and now that I live in town for in front of windows, ha,
  12. I think you can really make it a nice space for your dad with some creative thinking. Somebody like my dh could figure out the best plan without breaking the bank I think. Not every contractor is good at that sort of thing. I would just keep thinking and brainstorming.
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