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  1. You could try putting a blanket over the seat cushions and tucking it in. Then the blanket can be taken off and washed easily. We do this with one of our couches and it works well. The back cushions are much less likely to get dirty.
  2. I think the leos with legs look great! Obviously, how the gymnasts feel is more important than how they look, but I love the look of the full-length leotards! So elegant.
  3. Longtime Lurker


    This. I always hear negative things about middle school, but I had a great middle school experience (better than high school and MUCH better than elementary school), as did my daughter.
  4. Why don't you want to go through the federal marketplace? We used it for the first time this year and it is very user friendly. We were able to find an affordable plan that participated with our doctors. And premiums were just reduced as part of the American Rescue Plan.
  5. I read tax forums regularly and I have heard that any return that claims the Recovery Rebate Credit (2020 stimulus $) has to be manually reviewed if it does not match with their records. Am I correct that you had a baby in 2020? If so, that would explain the delay. You are unfortunately waiting for an actual IRS human to review your return 😞
  6. I had one side effect not listed. After both shots, I had mild tingling/numbness in my left arm (where I had the shot). I noticed it about 20 min after the first shot, but dismissed it as just finger numbness as it was January in Michigan and I have Reynaud's. Then I noticed it again after the second shot, but this time it extended to my face and legs an hour or so after the shot. It did not affect any functioning (walking, driving, etc.) and was not unpleasant. However, it was slightly alarming so I texted my (doctor) sister who said it was normal and not to worry so I didn't 🙂 Aside fr
  7. I do! I originally regretted my choice of username, fearing that it may brand me as a voyeur forever. But I couldn't think of anything else appropriate and the alliteration appealed to me. So now that I have the bespoke avatar, I will just embrace it. At least it will explain why I recognize everyone even though I am "new."
  8. Better? I don't know how to fix it further.
  9. Can you remind me how to adjust the crop?
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