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  1. Maybe it shouldn't focus on one person or that event. Maybe a "celebrate our family night" would be more in tune with what you are wanting to accomplish. Tell the story of each person coming into your family and maybe everyone can prep ahead of time, with a favorite memory of each person, favorite trait, or favorite thing to do with them. Nothing fancy (definitely not pressured), but a way to affirm the positive growth that the family has made this year. Sometimes, being an equal part of something real, means more than being special! Especially for our kids that struggle. They get so much "your wonderful and fabulous!" that it can start to feel a bit hollow. But being the same....without the platitudes...can show a real sense of belonging and growth.
  2. I take my kids to a doctor who gives 1 full hour for physicals. Part of the reason I stay at this practice, is that it is doctor owned and there is no rush while there. There is about 15 minutes of discussion of medically relevant information. ie medications, different doctors following their care and updates in those areas, etc. (Ds has barely any, both of my daughters could fill 30-45 minutes). The kids get into gown/shorts with underwear on (depends on what they are wearing). There is the exam which I am present for to a certain extent and then the doctor asks how to proceed from there (especially in regards to undressing). He allows as much privacy for the child as possible, within the parents comfort level. For ds I used to leave for parts of the exam, for dd13 I don't leave at all. He is completely fine either way, but a nurse goes in, if he is examining the girls without the parent. There is a history of testicular cancer in dh's family so there is extra attention on ds due to that. Before they are completely dressed, the doctor lightly talks about development and asks for any questions from the kids. (He asks when I am not in the room, so the kid can ask questions without me being there). After they are dressed, we all meet again, and go over it all. For ds, it is about 30 minutes in total, start to finish. For dd's it usually takes a full hour. Any shots or blood tests are at the end (unless the parent asks to get them out of the way). When ds was about 15, he started going back by himself. At the end, I check in the with doctor to get an 'all clear' and we head on our way. For gyn exams, I have the ob/gyn do them for the girls. We have one who specializes in 12yo-young adults. She only examines what she absolutely has to and has the tools/expertise to make them comfortable. Due to this, the pcp skips this part of the exam once they see the see the gyn.
  3. I don't have an opinion on what others do...but we don't celebrate that day any different. We do celebrate bdays. My older biokids were born by c-section and we don't celebrate the day they came home from the hospital to join our family. It would seem odd to single one out. For her, there would be the day she came to us from foster care (5mo) and the day we finalized on her guardianship at almost 2yo (my older daughter's bday). Too much for us.
  4. Well, it was actually suit, shirt, tie and shoes. LOL He had a good belt already. The shirt and tie were specifically bought to complement the wedding party's colors. I don't think a pastor is usually in the wedding family photos. HaHa. It might be awkward. "Hey there pastor, can I take you clothes shopping for the wedding!" Yeah, that sounds a bit off.
  5. You can just call and ask! It will vary on region.
  6. I am a huge proponent of reevaluating year-by-year of each child's individual needs AND the family's needs. My own kids explored many options for education. I can find flaw with... and extol the virtues of just about any method of teaching/learning! Sometimes, what it best for the student, isn't best for the teacher and visa-versa. I have seen some parents who really shouldn't home school for academic reasons, but I can't say that their kids weren't still benefiting in some other way. One thing that is hard, is when those same kids want to go to college and they really, really struggle. They may be amazing people and have valuable skills, but the transition to traditional college-style-learning (large classes with independent work and deadlines) was too foreign to them. Many still succeeded in their goals, but it was a lot harder than it was for more traditionally taught students. Others, did not succeed and found other careers/paths in life. But, I think that is true across all populations of students! LOL
  7. I bought ds a suit. So, about $250. LOL Ds is a pastor.
  8. There is an import law/rule/policy (don't know which) that requires higher tariffs on clothing. This is why kids costumes are so cheaply made. They have to meet the quality standards of costumes, not clothing. To meet the lower qualifications, the tariff rules requires them to be low quality. This planned sub-par quality essentially banishes them to the trash heap in a few years and they are often not made of recyclable materials. We charge importers less, so they can give us more garbage! LOL
  9. (DD13 is biologically my niece and I am her guardian) I deal with this as well. DD13's biodad is court ordered to provide private insurance for her (if his work offers it). According to birth date rule, I am primary. It is so hard to convince doctor's offices and insurance providers that court orders trump birth date rules!!!! It isn't that complex people!!! Every single year, I have to battle to get the insurances billed in the right order, because someone decides they were entered wrong and switches them. The other screwy thing...he has to provide private insurance and the state takes part of his child support to pay for Medicaid (she is a ward of the state so she has medicaid whether I apply or not). So, he has to pay for both out of his meager pay. 😞 I like her to have my insurance because he changes jobs regularly and doesn't tell me so I have no idea if his insurance stops working until the office tells me. So....she usually has 3 (and for a while 4) insurances. It is a NIGHTMARE!!! It would be so much easier, if they just made him pay for Medicaid and left it at that. They are payer of last resort, so I wouldn't have the bday rule to deal with.
  10. Stay far away! The TrustPilot reviews are 1.2 stars (out of 5) with 520 reviews.
  11. LOL Last night I ordered nice silicone oven mits for 1 of 5 gift exchange gifts I need each year. I have a set and use them ALL the time. Love 😍 I need all 5 gifts for one white elephant exchange (one for each family member) One gift each year is a kitchen gadget....see above My second gift this year is going to be a crepe pan and mix. (in the past I have done waffles, honey/tea/coffee, spice blends/salts, and Le Crueset baking dish with brownie mix) 3rd is usually a Hydroflask or travel mug 4th is coffee gift card and trinket/coffee/etc 5th usually food related or humor. (in the past it has been a themed food basket like all cookies from Trader Joes. Smoked salmon/cheese/olives. Assortment of tiny jams/honeys/coffee syrups etc all in extra small size. Coffee/syrups/pour over mug. Tea pot, tea, honey. Wine and cheap funny glasses. If I can get a good price on black Friday, I may try to get a pillow with adjustable loft. Some of my family live in tinyish houses and some are wealthy, so it is hard to find gift exchange gifts that are suitable for anyone.
  12. DD13 wants a fitness tracker. I would love for it to have the ability to have music downloaded to it. She wants it for school (she walks at school for therapy) and home. At school she doesn't have WiFi so she can't have it connect to her phone. They can't have phones out during most of the day (locked in a metal lock-box, so the watch can't use the phones memory/connection to access music either. I am trying to find one that you can download music to it. Does this exist? Another option would be adding a device to our cell phone plan, but we already have 7 devices and I don't want to add more. LOL $$$ Her wrist is the size of a mans (she is 5'10 and plus sized) so it doesn't have to have a small face to fit her wrist. Thanks in advance!
  13. Woodwick candles has an awesome pine scented one. If you can handle scented candles it is a great pine scent.
  14. Tap


    Yep! Part of the reason I haven't done it yet either! LOL I am just curious if I would feel better/have more which case, it would absolutely be worth it to me.
  15. Tap


    A brilliant pharmacist friend of mine, knows the pharmacist who owns this company. He has great things to say about this company and pharmacist. I have considered trying this product, but haven't yet. Living a high stress life really takes a toll on the body. I am looking for ways to support my health. Buying it, means I have to actually swallow the pills tho....and I am horrible at following through on taking them.
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