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  1. My husband has psoriasis in one eyebrow. It is about the size of a pencil eraser. It comes and goes but usually sticks around for a couple of weeks when it shows up (without treatment it stays longer). It gets the traditional crusty look. He has steroids to use on it when it gets bad, but generally he keeps it pretty much controlled by using coal tar shampoo on the spot a couple times per week. He has light dandruff, so when he uses the coal tar dandruff shampoo, he rubs some on his eyebrows too. DD20 gets a similar size patch by her eye, but it only stays for a week or so and goes away before the skin gets too bad. It looks a lot like what you describe. Red patch that doesn't look like acne, but is a bit textured. Her derm flat out told us she doesn't want to label it psoriasis yet since it isn't crusty looking, but thinks it is the beginning of her having it too. Dr labels it dermatitis right now. She has my daughter use a bit of hydrocortisone on it when it flares to get it to heal quicker. So far that has kept it from getting too bad. Salicylic Acid is used to treat mild psoriasis, and my daughters face wash contains it. That also could be part of why hers doesn't get to the point of a full flare before it goes away. We suspect she has an autoimmune issue but it is undiagnosed right now. Her father and I both do, and she has a Huge list of other medical conditions so it is quite likely.
  2. Tap


    What is your budget and what color is your door? This would look amazing on a black or natural dark wood door but is $70. If you order on amazon. look to see if there are customer pix. They often give a good idea of how decor looks in different homes.
  3. That is the exact reason it was suggested to me that I not get progressives. They said, since I didn't really need a mid ground correction, it would just give me less usable area on the lens. As a trade off, I do have the bifocal line, so I don't know which would have been better. I don't mind the line, but it is in the way at work. I wanted the top clear so I could see things a few feet away clearly, but the bottom with correction for close up tasks. When I had my correction measured, I took a tape measure and measured the distance. When they had me read the sample to calculate the correction, I had them move it to my desired distance I wanted it set at (since it wasn't a normal reading distance). I would email Zenni and see what they say about making you a bifocal in reader strength. They may do it without a prescription.
  4. I have a pair of prescription glasses that are bifocal. A +1 on the bottom and clear on top. The bottom is not set to normal reading distance it is set for about 18-24 inches, which is where my computer screen and counter top are at work. I am a pharmacy tech and need them mostly for seeing the imprint on medications. I wanted the bottom to give me a slight magnification at that distance, not normal reading distance. I only need a +1 for reading and everything else is completely clear for me. When I wear my glasses I find that the magnification is great, but the bifocal line is right in the middle of the lower part of my computer screen. I have to shift my head all the time to work around it, and it is a bit annoying. The next time I get glasses, I am having them shift the clear section up to the top 1/3 so the line is more at the top. That way I can still see clearly at out the top in a distance or to talk to people, but have the lower set for reading and my computer. One reason I don't use plain reading glasses, is that I don't want glasses I take off and on all day at work. I will leave them behind and not find them. I have a back up pair of reading glasses, and I am eternally looking for where i left them. LOL Since your correction is so slight, I would go to a place that guarantees the lenses are what you want OR are cheap enough to play around with. If they guarantee the lens is what you are happy with, they will replace them until you get something you like. You will probably have to go to an eye place that has a doctor onsite to get an atypical script filled like you want. Then after you get the script set, you could get future scripts filled offsite. One thing I would consider is having one lenses at one correction and the other lenses at the alternate. Your eyes should shift primary focus to the most clear lenses for each task. You could play with this by buying two (identical style, but different strength) cheap pair of reading glasses and taking one lens from each to try it out. You will have to play with it to give your brain a chance to adapt. Supper cheap to try with dollar store glasses tho.
  5. I would guess psoriasis or seborrheic dermatitis. Or if you have started any new face products or laundry products lately (use one bedding or towels) it could be a reaction to that. If it was shingles it would be a blister, hurt and not heal that quick. So, not shingles. Nummular eczema or Discoid eczema don't usually occur on the face. So unlikely to be that. Cold sores are on the margins of the lips generally so that is not it. Doesn't sound like acne, but there are acne lesions with rosacea/lups. Most people with rosacea also have an all over redness in the form of a butterfly over the nose and cheeks.
  6. Just a few random comments. Pea gravel is a nightmare. It doesn't stay in place as it spreads like a pile of small rough marbles. Don't do it. It is hot and super messy. If the dogs (or the kids) get it stuck in paws, fur, or shoes, you get it in the house constantly and it is like stepping on legos. It is hard on vacuums as well. I would also be concerned about them eating the rocks. Jagged edges and pets don't seem to mix. I would worry about ripping tiny scratches in their pads as well. If you do pea gravel, look for a tumbled form that is smooth. More messy (trying to contain smooth marbles) but I imagine safer for the paws and GI tract. Straw will be less messy than what you currently have but it will need constant maintenance to respread it and because it breaks down, you need a new layer all the time. Anyone with allergies may have issues with the mold/mildew that grows on it. I also assume you will have bits of straw all over the house, since it depending on the dogs coat, I would expect it to get stuck quite a bit. I would wonder about possible eye injuries as well if they are rolling in it. Straw can go airborne for a bit when it is dry so it doesn't really stick to the ground like other options. Regular mulch will be messy and may cause slivers on the dogs, but definitely will on the kids. I hate regular mulch with a passion in areas where kids are playing. If it is a dog only area it may not be bad, but kids and mulch are a painful combination. One nightmare is when a kid falls, they get hands and knees that may be less scuffed, but instead have hundreds of slivers instead. Tuff is hot but I don't think it is any hotter than pea gravel. I don't know the science, but just anecdotal experience makes them seem about the same. I don't know what dog poo would do on turf. Im guessing you would have to pick it all up and then it will be stuck somewhat in the blades of grass. Maybe super easy....I don't know. I am in the PNW where it rains all the time, so I am imagining rainy poo puddles. Yuk. LOL And if you have oak trees then you have to deal with that as well. What about just using leaves? Get them from your own yard or the neighbors in the fall. Put a solid 6+ inches of them down. Maybe you can save some in bags to replenish at other times of the year. At first it will be messy but over time they will form a solid(ish) mat That way they aren't in the mud but on a cooler, biodegradable surface. Around here you can also get pine needles for mulch. I don't know if they are toxic for dogs or not, but they will decompose slower and make a mat on the ground over a few years of new layers being added. If you use rocks, only use rounded or river rocks. Much easier on the GI tract if they decide to eat them LOL. Maybe look at rubber mulch (very stinky in the summer) and it wouldn't be my first choice. It is really durable but a bit expensive to start with. It can be quite hot as well (especially since it is black), but there may be a temperature rating somewhere on line. It is sometimes used under playgrounds so maybe use that for search terms if you are looking. Maybe look at what the professional kennels use as underlayment in their play areas in your area. They will likely know what lasts and what is safe, since they don't want to send home a pet with an injury. Good luck!!!! It is a hard decision! BTW...we just have sturdy grass but our yard is under shade during the heat of the day. We have a mixture of grass seed to maximize hardiness. Under our kids playground areas we used tumbled cedar chips which are great for kids, but I don't know if they are irritating to dog airways or not. They also may cause digestion issues if pets eat them. Other types of tumbled bark chunks may be safe tho, so it is something to consider.
  7. LOL. If you ever want to try (just tell tell your mom on me 🙂 ).... One of my favorite gravy is made by caramelizing sweet onions (or yellow if that is all I have) in a stainless steel pan with the smallest amount of oil I can use to keep them from burning. Then I add chicken, turkey or beef broth and simmer for a few minutes. I strain out the onions and then use cornstarch to thicken. The caramelized onions flavor in the light flavored broth is wonderful! I use salt and pepper for all broths except turkey and then I add a tiny amount of powdered stuffing spices too. (I don't like bits of leaf in my gravy).
  8. For broth gravy, I use corn starch to thicken (not a roux). 😀
  9. My family is Southern so that is where my cooking style is rooted. I don't have a recipe but I am sure there is one with ratios online. I simply brown the sausage being careful to not let the pan burn at all. I pull out the sausage (set in a bowl) and use the grease in the pan plus some butter if needed to get a good bit of fat. I add flour to the fat in the pan and make a roux. I like to have my roux cooked long enough to start to slight change color. I don't like it when the flour doesn't cook long enough and makes the gravy pasty flavored. I add milk and use a whisk to stir like crazy to make it as smooth as possible. I often warm my milk first, but sometimes I don't. I know some people like to slowly add the milk, but I tend to dump it all at once and stir it in quickly. Once the gravy is done, I add back in the sausage. I find it easier to manage making the gravy without the sausage in the way. I just use salt and pepper to season. Now I want biscuits and gravy. Boo Hoo Hoo. 😞 My stove is broke so no gravy for me. LOL My favorite sausage in gravy is the spicy Jimmy Dean. Otherwise, we just use the regular JD.
  10. I will let her pick a new pair of sandals and put them in her Easter basket. She has a few pair of Birkenstocks, so I know she likes those but she may want something a bit lighter for indoors. I think I will let her pick between Vionic and OluKai. I am used to paying $100+ for her shoes so the prices seem pretty on par with what we are used to. She takes excellent care of her things so they will last a long time, especially since they will just be house shoes and not worn outside. Thank you for all your help! I hadn't heard of OluKai and I think that may be the way she goes. 🙂
  11. I would go by the expiration date and even with that give it a generous +6mths leeway. Have them send you pix of the date tag. Car seat expiration dates are for worst case, normal use senerios. Considering the temps in Florida are similar to the entire span of Southern states, I don't think the date is any different there than in Southern California. A seat stored in a car in Florida, is the same as a shed in Florida to me. Same expiration would apply. I would guess that the car, would actually be hotter than the shed, unless it is a metal, air tight shed and then it would likely be the same. If you are really bothered by the idea, then buy new and ask the gparents to sell them on CL afterward. Maybe you wouldn't buy used, but there are many, many families who can't afford seats who would happily buy a newer used seat than have their child go without.
  12. Best for everyone except ds22.....mountain cabin with deep snow in the winter and quiet lakes in the summer. There are a few lakes by the cabin that ban gas motors, so all boats are electric or human powered. Blissful nature :0) My absolute least favorite is Disney. Too. much chaos. Hawaii is blah to me. Too touristy. I've been, multiple times, to different islands and aside from the warm weather, I don't get why everyone loves it so much. DD20 and Dh LOVE Hawaii. I honestly don't plan to go back. DS doesn't like it either (aside from the art museums LOL)
  13. DD20 has chronic pain. She just move to Las Vegas (Nellis AFB) and her new-to-her base house is all tile. Her feet, legs and back were hurting the first day. What kind of shoe do you recommend, other than regular outdoor shoes? She is usually a barefoot girl (inside) unless she is getting ready to leave the house. Her shoes always have orthotic inserts so she will need an indoor shoe that has at least some basic arch support. I was going to send her some good slippers but then realized they may be too warm for her. Due to her health issues she is often curled up on the couch or in bed, she would like a simple slip on, so she doesn't have to tie, and retie all day long. Any suggestions?
  14. I have personally seen this used in two different formats. 1. Employee has a set amount of duties. They are responsible for their own work. If they go home early one day, there is more work to do on other days. This often means working longer hours or at least harder hours on the other days. It makes payroll simpler to say "only put in for sick pay if you are gone for a full day". It obviously is an honor system. I would say a few times per year would be ok. More than that depends on the culture of the company. It is common in some companies to work 4 10 hour shifts M-Th and to leave early on Friday. This is the same concept, just framed differently. 2. Company that has a super tight budget which includes payroll. If the person who is off for the day is salaried, and is in a vital enough role so they have to be replaced this causes budget issues. In my company, they have to pay a non-salaried person to fill in. Paying two employees instead of one, really hurts payroll so people are less likely to go home sick, because now you have to pay two people. Salaried employees are often in management, so that is why have to replace them. It might sound confusing, but lets say a company has $1000 for payroll per day, and everyone makes $100 per day (just to make math easy). If one person comes to work and then goes home sick, they have to call in a replacement. Now the company is paying $1100 in payroll that day. So for the next few days, they have to cut everyone's hours to make up for that extra money paid in payroll so they can stay in budget.
  15. I have a few dresses from WHBM. They are excellent quality, fully lined and well designed. The dress I wore to my daughter's wedding was from there (tropical colors). It was a great raspberry/fuchsia color that was fun and bright...without being too bright. :0)
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