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  1. Yes, landlords should have the right to limit pets. (Service animals are not pets in the typical sense of the word). There are millions of renters who have pets....there are millions of renters that have pet allergies. There needs to be housing for both. Dander is sticky and can't just be cleaned out of a home with a carpet shampooing. It is on walls, window coverings and all surfaces. My son had severe hives over 75% of his body at 1yo due to a cat. He had to be in a completely pet-free home. Subsequent reactions would have likely been worse. If all homes had to allow pets, he would have major problems.
  2. Tap


    Personally, I would rather my kids get used to the feeling of alcohol in a safe place. At home and with friends is much better than a party on a college campus to experience alcohol and its effects. She is a legal age and isn't drinking to excess or causing trouble for herself or others. As a parent it is one thing to say "You having a glass of wine with dinner makes me unhappy and these are my concerns..." vs. adding consequences solely based on hypothetical risk factors. I think that it is going to be especially hard to make much of an impact on her behavior, when, as you said...she was asking to try your own beer. "Do as I say, not as I do" doesn't go far with parenting adults. I know you feel like waiting for a glass of wine with dinner, is different at 19 (than 21), but do you have research to back that up? or just personal feeling on the topic. When I did a cursory search on the topic, studies linked 18yo in with adults. If you want to get anywhere with this conversation, I guess one topic you may discuss is the affect of alcohol on the development of the prefrontal cortex. But even with this, the teen age brains cited are often more in the 13-15 age range than 19+.
  3. Maybe try CLR. (Calcium, Lime, Rust). I would probably tuck some paper towels in the top of the washer and let them hand down inside (like a bib). Then spray the CLR on the towel (so it holds the chemical where you want it) and let it sit for 15 min or so. Some people use CLR to clean the washer itself (not just the tub). This is a link to the CLR website.
  4. For those who feel uncomfortable asking someone to move....just go ask an usher. They will ask them to move for you. I would likely write an email to the manager and ask about the two styles of ticket sales. It is odd that they have two formats for the same seats. In your position, I would likely just start standing in line so I could choose my seats.....or arrive after the previews start to reduce the chance of getting asked to move from random seats.
  5. Is this the one with sleep issues you talk about sometimes? If so, I would wonder if constipation has been keeping him from sleeping comfortably and now that he is cleaned out, he can finally rest....and so can you!!! Hopefully this is a new trend :0)
  6. I work in pharmacy.... Take your bottle by the pharmacy and ask them about it. Lots of things come to mind that can cause this. Please realize that pharmacy computer systems aren't always easy to understand. Some technicians just believe what is on the screen and don't investigate further. People tell us all. the. time that they have a bottle that says one thing but our system says something different. The vast majority of the time the patient is looking at an old bottle. So, if the staff was uninterested in investigating it without the bottle in front of them, this is likely why. Not that it was a correct thing to do, just not surprising. Another idea: Patients quite often mistake the expiration date of the pills, for the rx expiration date. Maybe read the bottle again just to make sure. If you go back in, you can also ask the pharmacy when they show you filled it last in their system. Sometimes that will show the error. If they say you filled it since February, ask them to see a print out of the pick up signature. Maybe you or another family member picked it up and it is at home already (but forgotten about) or maybe there is a signature you don't recognize....and needs to be investigated further. Just a few other ideas. The doctor wrote for a 4 month supply. You got a 3 months supply, so there is one month remaining (hence the the 1). They are trying to run another 3 month supply and they system is telling them that there are not enough refills remaining to fill it. If this is the situation, there may be 1 month left....and you could get that, just not another 90. If the medicine is a controlled medicine (not always obvious) the script is good for 6 months (and a max of 5 individual refills ran through the computer system) from they day it was written. This is kinda complicated to explain briefly. so I will give an example. An Rx was written in August for 60 pills, and the doctor gave 1 refill. Patient doesn't want 60 pills at a time, only 10. The patient fills 10 pills, twice a month. Once the patient fills it 6 times, even if there are pills remaining on the script, it would be void and no longer have refills. This would explain the date and the "1 refill remaining" on the bottle, but the pharmacy saying that there were no more refills remaining. The max number of times it could be refilled had been met...not the max number of pills filled. A technician reading the computer screen may just be reading the screen and not explaining the 'why' part of the equation. Controlled meds aren't always obvious. Some hormones are controlled substances like EEMT and testosterone. Some pain nerve pain meds like Lyrica. GI med Loperimide with diphenoxlate. Allergy meds with pseudoephedrine. Some butalbital combinations....etc Controlled meds aren't just narcotics.
  7. Tap

    S/o funerals

    I have a personal belief that people shouldn't take up space on the earth after they are dead (no offence to anyone...just my own belief). I will be cremated and scattered if my wishes are honored. I have told my husband and children I will do the same for them, unless they specifically tell me otherwise. My daughter has a similar belief to mine, but her I know her husband has other ideas, so I will let him decide (without objection) if she preceeds me in passing. He asked her to change her donor status (to not donate her organs) according to his religious beliefs so I assume he would prefer a full burial for her as well. She believes in donating organs, but since he would be the one left behind, she changed it to honor him.
  8. I am old enough to know who I am and to know that certain traits aren't going to change. 🙂
  9. Adding to others.... Outside door mat. Game (two person or group)
  10. DD12 has thick hair that is part straight and part wavy. The best things we do....wash in Nexus shampoo/conditioner (Costco has decent prices). I use 4 pumps of each to get through her hair. I comb it with the conditioner to get all the tangles out. Then I squish the water out, (not rub) to keep it brushed when she gets out of the shower. We have turban towels for her to wrap her hair when it is wet to get excess water out and to keep the drips off her shoulders. They help her a lot to keep it from getting too tangled right out of the shower while she gets dressed etc. I keep it cut between her shoulders and bra strap. It is long enough that I can put it in a soft braid down her back every day (even when sleeps). It keeps it out of her face and keeps it from getting too tangled. If her hair is too tangled and I can't brush it, I just divide the mess into three sections and braid it anyways. LOL It works and keeps it from getting worse. Then I deal with the tangles in the next shower. At 12yo she can technically wash it but it is really hard for her to get clean, conditioned, and rinsed! She prefers I help, so I help her most of the time, but still have her do it some so she can get better at it. Dd has beautiful hair, so it is hard to keep it tied back all the time, but right is the best answer. BTW.... for dd, her hair does best only getting washed a couple times per week. It is so thick it just absorbs the oils so it doesn't really look greasy even after 2 days, but it keeps it so much healthier....which equals... easier care.
  11. Minimum wage in our state is $12, so $15 wouldn't get anyone to apply who is more than a teen here (low tax rate). Anyone who pays self employment taxes, would be making less that minimum wage.
  12. I would assume mopping also includes sweeping first....because, well, that just makes sense to me. LOL Maybe some people don't though...It would save time, but wouldn't you just leave bits behind after you mop?
  13. Sounds like a cyst. I would mention it at your next doctors appt, but I wouldn't make a special trip for it, unless it gets really painful and needs to be removed. I have had a few friends who had something similar. They required a surgery to remove the cyst, but it wasn't big deal to recover from. More of an annoyance that a critical issue.
  14. Ask you OB if you can take Gaviscon. It works differently that other antacids because it forms a floating barrier to keep the acid out of your esophagus. Have you tried sleeping a bit upright? Sometimes that can help with acid reflux that is worse when you sleep, but alas, sometimes baby doesn't think it is a good position and the kicking will you up instead. Restless leg can be from a ferritin or B12 deficiency. If you have any blood work done you might ask them to run both of those. CBC will catch an iron deficiency, but not a ferritin one. It is a separate test. I would personally ask for a full iron panel, just to see if that is the cause. Otherwise due to blood loss during pregnancy, you could end up worse for a while instead of better after your baby is born. I have had insomnia most of my adult life. I went to a neurologist to talk about my back pain issue and he ran many blood tests. A full iron panel was one. He deduced that a big part of my sleep issue was Restless Leg Syndrome. Lack of sleep, was making my back worse. It wasn't bad enough to fully wake me, just disturb my sleep. Sure enough, after supplementing with iron/b-12 I felt much better during the day and started sleeping better too. Just a thought, but maybe worth looking into.
  15. Tap

    how do i?

    I mistakenly accepted a damaged, free piano once. It was a friend of the family, and they didn't realize it was water damaged on the legs (from time in the storage unit) until after the offer. I assume the sound board was ruined as well. My husband went to pick it up, and even though they told him at that time it was damaged, he felt obliged to bring it home anyways since he already had the Uhaul rented. I put it on Craigslist for free and a family came to pick it up. I was honest in the ad about the damage. It was a very pretty piano, so I thought someone may want parts of it for an art piece. The family who picked it up from us wanted to do a project of restoring a piano, so they were elated to get it for free. I have no idea if they completed it or no, but I hope they did :0)
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