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  1. Before I go to a restaurant, I look at them menu ahead of time. I really don't like deciding on the spot, because so many American menus are vast!! (Looking at you Cheesecake Factory!) Maybe doing this and talking about the choices ahead of time would help. Then you can talk about if he would like something with meat, or veg.....breaded or grilled....soup or salad. Then you can look at pictures if he has questions. I would guess that even though he can read the words on a menu, the names and descriptions are confusing. It takes so long to read all the descriptions. What is the difference betw
  2. Sounds like your sister needs an estate attorney to handle the legal options in regards to the house.
  3. and posted it. Which puts a price tag on your hurt feelings.
  4. I'm sure this isn't what you are intending. Posting this, makes it look like you are just after the money.
  5. I don't know why you would expect that to change now? He didn't treat you like a daughter when he was alive. I wouldn't expect him to change immediately before he died....and to have the thought to change his will in the process. My relationship with my mom is very distant. She told me that she purposefully raised me to be more independent than my siblings. It worked. LOL. I don't expect that to change on her death bed. (She has been sent home with a referral to hospice which she declined). She told me recently, that she left the house and the contents to my 4 siblings. Not in a snide way
  6. It sounds like she feels the wife deserves the house. A wife of 35 years (so very, not a newlywed ). Why is that so offensive? I'm kinda stunned that he didn't leave the house to the wife in the first place. The denial of the wife's inheritance is offensive to me. Sounds like a common theme with him. Sorry to hear of your loss.
  7. Being a young teenager isn't easy. They have thier own feelings, thoughts and ideas, but are also completely under thier parents rule. From how I read it, you are taking this one opportunity and only looking at the money associated with it. If he was going to be paid $15 per game....would you think that was worth it? I would never let the accumulation of money be put ahead of my child's mental health. I wouldn't want to put my teen in a situation that they were telling me they are uncomfortable with, when I know that they could be abused by people. He is telling you why he doesn't want to do i
  8. I can reach mine, but at the cabin there was a huge window. I had a window squeegee like they use on a car window. One side soft and squishy that you dip in water and the other side rubber to squish the water away. I put hand towels at the base of the window to catch the squeegeed liquid. I used vinegar on it to make the window squeaky clean. I think they sell them at Home Depot or an auto supply place. For my outside windows I use a sponge mop or Magic Eraser mop and a hose. On the inside, just a super cheap sponge mop may work. You could try a sponge mop, squeeze it out really well
  9. When you look for a new PCP, maybe look for an OD instead of an MD. Thier training is a bit different and maybe the different focus will help. For my dd, the best doctor we have found turned out to be a Naturopath with a pain clinic. Her subspecialty is POTS/Mast Cell Activation which is dd's other diagnosis. She took a year to get an appointment with but she has changed dd's life. Like Kbutton said, keep trying with new doctors until you figure it out. DD22 has over 20 specialists she saw in 5 years. Ironically what helps dd the most is a few specific vitamins, electrolytes, yoga, moderate ex
  10. Do you have a specialist you see for your disordered eating? I wonder if your restricted diet and colectomies could be part of the puzzle, that may be blocking symptoms that a PCP would be looking for. Maybe an eating specialist maybe able to help you figure this out. If you are having food related health issues, someone who can work with you to help identify how you relate to food, and how that food fuels your body in a healthy way, may be useful. I may not be explaining it well but let me use an example to help. DD has POTS when she saw a cardiologist he asked if she felt dizzy sometime
  11. The eating discomfort is interesting in your story. Maybe talking about it more will help us figure it out. Does the act of eating cause the discomfort or do you feel it starting when you are prepping the food as well? Does it happen on the first bite, during or after eating? Does it change anything if you have to stand for a while to prep the meal? How about if you just walk in the kitchen and have something with minor prep like a piece of fruit or premade snack? Does it happen with each meal? How does it make you feel? Does it make you want to walk around because you don't feel good, li
  12. I have postprandial hypotension. My symptoms aren't as significant as what you describe, but that doesn't mean you don't have it too. For me, I get exhausted after I eat and I feel like I am walking in water (takes purposeful effort to move my legs). The first thing my doctor had me try was to increase my salt intake all day long (not just when I felt bad) and to have caffeine with my meals. I can't have caffeine after 4pm or it keeps me awake, but having it before/during breakfast and lunch makes a huge difference for me. I was able to document the blood pressure changes myself that he
  13. That is a great reminder! We have never had that issue with a chest freezer, but I can see it happening easier with an upright.
  14. We have had a chest freezer in the garage for 27 years. I think it is time to get a new one, so I am looking at uprights this time. We used to get half a beef at a time, so the chest freezer with bins was a better choice for long term storage. Now I find I would rather have the accessibility of an upright. I see the same freezer with wire shelves and with glass. Which is better?
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