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  1. DD21 has horrible migraines. She uses Maxalt during a migraine, but she recently started Emgality and it is helping her more than anything else ever has!!!! It is a once a month injection and she noticed a difference the 1st week. She already does all the recommended preventatives (due to her other extensive health issues) so trying the injection, was the next step. She gets 8+ migraines a month and her last ones were so bad that we were concerned she had a brain issue and she ended up in the ER. She was diagnosed with migraines at 6yo, so she is pretty good at treating them at home, but thes
  2. Athleta. You will pay a pretty penny, but they last for years and are very, very nice.
  3. Usually $50 to 100. I would say $60-70 is typical. Sometimes we add another piece if it is a two piece, so 3 pieces together are usually $100. It wasn't uncommon for dd21 to need two suits in a summer. Her body fluctuates a lot with weight and a 5lb change usually meant a new size suit. She typically had a one piece and a two piece. On the rare occasion that we find a bargain for under $50, she got two so they lasted longer. So bargains weren't usually cheaper LOL
  4. To my house....I rarely have issues. This month I have have had 2 packages get delayed so long, I cancelled them and reordered( each were 2 weeks late). Otherwise, I probably haven't had 2 packages go missing in 5 years. We get a couple packages a week (if not daily), so that is a lot of correctly delivered mail! I kinda took it for granted. LOL To my daughter who lives on a military base in a major city....HAHAHAHAHAHA....USPS messes up constantly. I am afraid Amazon is going to cut me off. Probably 1 in 3 shipments don't make it to her, are significantly damaged, or say they were deliv
  5. That is to protect the shaman. It would be too easy if you could call him. Maybe you need to get clever and go to the business in disguise to talk to him! You need a side kick!! And of course....post pictures. LOL
  6. Can you call the company and ask for the person? Maybe you are supposed to have a conversation that affects the world in momentous ways!! If you don't call them, we are certainly all doomed to perish in a fiery pit of hell! Ohhhhhh Nooooo! Our future is up to you! You must save civilization as we know it. Big boulders are going to fall off the cliff and we are all going to be running for our lives. AHHHHHHHH. The monkey. No, Monkey. Don't get in the way of the boulder. NOOOOO! Only the monkey knows were the key is. Now what are we going to do???? The shaman who gave the key to the monkey. We
  7. I can't believe how inexpensive some of your private schools are! I compared 6th grade at a few schools. This is tuition only (not books, fees, uniforms etc) The cheapest private I know of is almost $7000. Some certified teachers some are not. They are using Abeka and a mix of other curricula. Very, very small in an older church. Catholic is $8500. Middle of the road Christian $8500. Premium schools are $19-30,000.
  8. Our dog got a vaccination on Saturday. It was the 2nd shot (1mth apart) for lepto. It may be coincidence, but she has had a few odd behaviors since then. She bit/mouthed my daughter twice (didn't break skin but left welts), threw up 2x on the day following the shot, seemed edgy a few times, jumped onto the chair to eat food off the table, jumped on my bed (which she hasn't done since the first day here), and a few other seemingly impulsive things. It is almost a week later and she seems to be setting down, but then she does something impulsive again. Otherwise she seems normal (eating/drinki
  9. Covid, a certain person's disregard of risk, and their purposeful actions, was the straw that ended a relationship here. It was inevitable. The relationship was dying a slow death anyways. The day I got into a fight with them because they didn't understand that I didn't want their selfish behavior to KILL me, was the push I needed to end it. I didn't die, so they are surely smug and saying I am foolish to have been concerned. At the end of the day, it wasn't whether or not any of us got sick, it was that they were willing to gamble with all of our lives, just so they could have some fun.
  10. My parents house had an back patio. Between the patio and the house was a small room, like a mud room, but it was only solid walls on 3 sides. The remaining side had 3 large window like areas, but they only had screens. The room was maybe 8x8? It had a door that went into a bathroom, a door to the kitchen and a door to the outside. There was electricity and a fan. I remember growing up, that my mom had a stove out there, a small table and stool. She would do cooking/canning there in the summer so it didn't heat up the house. Once she stopped canning, she just used it as a mud room and h
  11. We are already vaccinating 20-30 people a day in the pharmacy (we started in August). My other job (hospital) started vaxing employees this week. Unless you need to wait for his employer to get yours as well, I would go get it done ASAP. If C-19 outbreaks get bad, it may get hard to get flu shots at community pharmacies due to distancing restrictions. Remember when C-19 first hit and there were lines to get into stores....then add 15 minutes extra for each person due to waiting on a shot. The stores will probably have to move vaccinating outside to the parking lot. If this happens, the e
  12. Not a problem at all. The insurance company won't care either. I bill hundreds (sometimes thousands) of them a year and have never had a single problem in this regard. Each year it is a different formulation, so you haven't had this exact flu shot before. There is expected to be a big rush on flu shots this year, so to avoid shortages, get it as soon as possible. This will also help to avoid delays by waiting till late fall, when we expect massive amounts of people. They used to say to wait until late fall, to make the efficacy last longer in to spring, but now they want everyone to ge
  13. DS did the majority of the dishes daily. He also swept/mopped the hard surfaces flooring weekly. He spent about 20 minutes daily on dishes, and 30-40 minutes for the floors weekly. (I helped with the dishes when I had time and would sweep midweek if needed). We have an awesome dishwasher so most things went in there, and he just had to wash a few pans as needed. DD used to clean the 3 bathrooms weekly. She vacuumed the downstairs, staircase and upstairs weekly (this incudes moving most light weight furniture and doing the edges with an attachment). It took her 2-3 hours, but it was onc
  14. Walmart's new brad is called Free Assembly..... OY! Well I guess if you use sweat shop labor and pay next to nothing for the workers assembling the clothes, they are finally being honest !! Unfortunately, those cheap clothes they are advertising come at a very high human price. I can't believe someone didn't say "hmmmm. Maybe we should revisit the choice for the brand's name ?" Yep, you can make super cheap clothes, if you pay pennies for labor costs!! Quote from the link Free Assembly rounds out our elevated brands portfolio to offer customers incredible market value amon
  15. Just to be honest....we have a large covered patio, but it blocks the sunlight from the family room, slider and kitchen area. Soooo.... while they can be nice, they can also make a house dark if it covers up windows.
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