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  1. Tap


    Happy Belated Birthday!!!!....since I missed celebrating it with you yesterday, I think we should celebrate again! because mmmmmmmmmm.....cheesecake 😍 and you're worth celebrating twice!
  2. Tap

    Sports and Playing a Grade "behind"

    This is a normal part of sports. I think it is especially true of rec league, where you have multiple abilities and ages all lumped together. DS could have benefited from playing down in soccer (August b-day in a grade based class) because he was young and not athletic. Dd12 is 5'8" and 250lbs. She always stands out where ever she goes in sports classes. She has played year round rec league volleyball for 2 years. So she has experience and height/size. Emotionally, she is younger than her age though, so I wouldn't want her playing up.
  3. Tap

    Swapping dining room w/living room?

    We have a long front room that is living room/dining room. And we have a long back room that is kitchen/family room. They form an L shape. If you start at one end it went Living room, dining room, (turn corner) Kitchen, family room. We swapped the dining room and family room at one point when we were homeschooling. So it went living room/family room (all one room), (turn corner) kitchen, dining room.Since the dining room was now in what was originally a family room, it gave us more room in the dining room for the table and room for our youngest to play nearby. I could also see the dining room table from the kitchen so it was easier to help the kids as I did kitchen chores. It was good for those years, but the proportions were off and I didn't really care for the flow of the house. Once we stopped homeschooling we switched it back.
  4. Tap

    Workers Comp Questions

    I would expect an injured worker, with a non-life threatening injury, would contact the employer and ask what to do before seeing the doctor. If she tried to contact the manager and couldn't (he/she didn't answer phone or return call in a reasonable amount of time etc), then yes, I would go to the closest, most generic public facility. ie Hospital urgent care vs private practice/facility (not all will accept every form of billing/payment). BUT.....I also know that they may not cover every facility and that it would be a risk to do so.
  5. Our main bath downstairs was black and tan (latte color) with cream colored trim. I found hand towels in a really dark hunter green and they looked really good in there. I haven't seen much of the color since then, so it may be hard to find. It was 10 years ago. I painted one wall to a blue/indigo color (dark denim). Still have the black and latte color on the other walls. Now my towels are a mid-denim color. LIke a mid-level ashy blue color. For hand towels I like to go to Home Goods/ TJ Maxx etc. I can find some great colors there that I can't always find in regular stores. On my computer screen, this is the color of green that I had.
  6. What if vowels were phonetically consistent? 😍 💚From my dyslexic family who wishes our language was this simple!!
  7. Tap

    Homeschoolers who work too slowly

    One thing that factors into this for dd20, was that she wanted to be creative and give her best answers. I had the hardest time getting her to just write down an answer, any answer, sometimes. Like vocab tests where she was expected to write a sentence about a siple word. I would tell her just write a sentence that shows you know was the word *means. She would want to show off the word to the best of her ability. So instead of a sentence for the word water being. I drink water with my dinner every night. Her sentence would be: I love to hear the icy cold water trickling from the waterfall, whooshing past the rocks and quietly filling the puddle, before it slips underground like it was never there to begin with. To her, it shows more variety since water in a glass is boring....but a waterfall, stream and disappearing puddle is more interesting and descriptive. I try to tell her that public school teachers, really just want the basics so they can see you know the word, to which she says "I'm saving them from boredom". LOL
  8. I am sure there is some of this going on,especially in the bridzilla style weddings. I see lots of sizes at every day weddings. At my daughters wedding we ordered two size 2 bridesmaid dresses, and the MOH was a size 16. My daughter and most of her friends are sizes 2/4/6 but none of them blink an eye at the friend who is not as thin.
  9. Tap

    WWYD - Bronchitis, Thyroid, Steroids

    If you feel that the issue with your throat that the steroids were prescribed to treat is gone, I would not take the steroids. If you feel the steroids are still needed then take them. I would make an appointment to see the GP to discuss thyroid issues. Steroids aren't used to treat common thyroid issues, only very acute inflammation (at least as far as I know). I wouldn't take the current steroid dose 'for the pain', if you think it is different pain than the doctor was prescribing it for. There are different types of steroids and widely varying doses that are used to treat inflammation. If the medicine you have is the wrong med/dose to treat the undiagnosed neck pain, then you could be over or undermedicated and that can absolutely mess up treatment. Steroids are a very useful medication but not one to play around with. They interfere with the way your immune system affects your body. Which is good if you immune system is being overactive.....not so good if it is doing its job appropriately. They lower the immune response, which is not good if you system is doing its job.
  10. Tap

    office key - new laptop, vent

    Just call Microsoft. Tell them the other laptop is dead and you need to move it to another laptop. They have always been super helpful when I called for the same reason. We have had the same program installed on so many devices LOL We bought the full Microsoft Office package for 3 computers around 2013. We don't like the new 365 that comes on computers now (and requires yearly fees), so we ditch 365 and reinstall our older version
  11. I have a daughter with significant mental health issues. I have another daughter with a serious health issue, that is often misdiagnosed as a mental health issue. Had we not stumbled across the only specialist in our area in her health issue, it would have likely been seen as mental health related instead. I live with a foot in both worlds. I wish it wasn't so hard to get health issues diagnosed. I wish mental health care wasn't an educated guess so much of the time. In the 5 years of dd20's diagnosis, we saw 30 specialists! 30! Often multiple doctors in similar socialites, but each with a different focus. ie she has 2 neurologists. One for headaches, one for her chronic pain. Some of her doctors/providers are for treatment of her symptoms ie chiro, massage, and PT. Some weren't to diagnose her current issue, but to eliminate other illnesses ie rheumatology, immunology, nephrology, oncology. She has had so much imaging there is very little of her body that isn't on some form of film. We live in a largish city with teaching hospitals. If we lived in a rural area, it would have been nearly impossible to have timely access to so many doctors, and facilities. Lucily my insurance has a $5,000 out of pocket max each year, and I know we will hit it every year, so I don't hesitate when a new doctor has a new idea and wants an expensive test, just to rule something out. I know that most people don't have the luxuries that we have had in getting her diagnosed. Hardly any of her doctors had ever heard of her POTS diagnosis, and only one had any useful knowledge of it. DD12 has had the same advantages, but her issues are mental health related. She has benefited from 500 BT or OT sessions, 2 neuropsych evals, and goes to a therapeutic day school. I can safely assume that most kids in her situation aren't as "lucky." If any one remembers "Denisemomof4" her daughter struggles and my daughter's are very similar but she lived in a smaller community and had to homeschooled her daughter. (((((hugs to them both, If anyone knows them IRL))))) To the OP...I would absolutely LOVE someone to help me figure out a way to help dd's mental health struggles through healing/treating her body. I really, honestly hope that as genetic testing becomes more common, that we can move the direction of truely diagnosing mental health issues with Evidence based science. I hate the fact that so much of mental health care is based on "you have xyz symptoms, take this pill and if it helps, then it must be xyz disorder." Mental health isn't like blood pressure that you can measure. Until the day we can (most likely genetic based) I don't think we are going to move beyond that. That leads to a lot of misdiagnosed people.
  12. My wedding was at a Justice of the Peace in a stip mall. Everything was done super cheap, used or not at all. The whole thing was $450. No honeymoon, nothing fancy. We were 22 and planned it in less than a week. I got pregnant so we got married. Money was not something we had to spare. My parents contributed about $50, the rest was on us. I have really odd stories about my wedding, like my MIL who used mums left from a funeral to decorate the livingroom reception (and left the RIP) picks in place. One good thing that came from that day, is that I realized I didn't know how to stand up for myself against well meaning people who couldn't take 'no' for an answer. That has since changed LOL My sisters wedding was 1981 church wedding in light blue tuxedos, with white roses tipped in blue and ruffles everywhere. Very classic at the time. My mom used to sew so I think the dresses were all homemade by her. I was 10yo so don't remember any of it, but have done the math and it was definitely a shotgun wedding too. My daughter got married in June. Her wedding was beautiful and cost us about $5000. That would have been closer to $10,000 but we had it his grandparents (beautifully landscaped) home, and his aunt (owns a high end florist shop) did the flowers as gifts. His mom did the photographs at a near professional level and linens were gift/free. I spent the day running around as a wedding planner and didn't really get to sit and enjoy, but the wedding was soo pretty, and she was happy, so that was worth it! I have had several people say that her wedding was nicer than some weddings they went to that were much more expensive and formal. Part of why I think that is, was that my daughter didn't get caught up in small details. Invitations we ordered online and fitted her personality. We hand made things like place cards. We rented dishes/glasses/tableware and kept to simple designs. We avoided trappings like balloons, party favors and extra decor. We staged an area with wooden boxes and picture frames to complement nature, and filled in with green plants (instead of florist bouquets everywhere). Her colors were white/black and dark green. Her flowers were tropicals mixed with traditional so there wasn't specific colors that had to be matched. We paid for all the bridesmaid's dresses and men's tuxes. We provided cufflinks and were going to provide jewelry, but the girls opted out and went without. The wedding party paid for their own shoes and things like hair/nails. They are all college students and I didn't want them to be burdened by a huge expense. Fortunately dd is the first of her circle of school friends to get married, so hopefully that sets the trend for the girls in the future (to keep keep the expense off the wedding party).
  13. You may want to add the brand name to your post title. Soriatane. This medicine is rarely used, so it may increase your chances of someone recognizing the name if they used it when it was only sold as brand name. I have worked in pharmacy for 20 years and have only sold it a couple of times. I don't really know anything about it aside from what you can read online.
  14. You are 100% correct in saying you have the right to do this. I read the following line: to mean that it is a simple thing that needs to be done to prevent the over capacity issue. Yep, you are 100% correct. What I am contributing to the conversation, is that while it is a simple task, there are risks involved that make it an unsafe one. I would hate for someone to think "hey that is a great idea, I should do that too" without first thinking about those risks. Many people are not aware of the rapid escalation of the heroin and injectable medication epidemic in our nation, and how it affects the community around them. They see a clean store like the one I work in, and don't think "I need to be careful about where I put my hand, because a person was just shooting up heroin in here." A large part of this issue, is how fast the issue of used hypodermic needles has become a problem. People's perception of personal safety are often skewed by how 'nice' the area around them looks. Discarded Syringes from Heroin Crisis Create Health, Environmental Problems Seattle Starbucks baristas dispose of hypodermic needles left behind by drug users nearly every day Quote from second article: Chains across the US are grappling with how to deal with the impact of the opioid epidemic. New York University's Center for Drug Use and HIV Research found last year that almost 60% of managers had come in contact with drug use in their businesses' public bathrooms, City Lab reported last month.
  15. (Not arguing, just continuing the conversation.) It depends on what information you are looking for. Workers do things to lower the risk of needle pokes because they are aware of the risk. To me that alters the data. They are less likely to get stuck, simply because they are aware of the risks. There should be a low number of needle jabs in this scenario, because the workers should know to not stick their bare hands in garbage cans and push down on the contents. A random person who shoves down the garbage can contents, may not even realize they have been stuck but a needle.
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