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  1. Tap

    SSI questions

    Do you save the receipts from things like movies etc or is just the transaction note enough? Do you keep a separate ledger or use only the bank transfer notes? The later seems wayyyyyy easier and less stressful. Our state counts the income of everyone in the physical house towards income limits for food, so she doesn't qualify.
  2. Tap

    SSI questions

    That makes perfect sense! Thank you!
  3. Tap

    SSI questions

    For this, how do you shift the money from their account to yours? Write a check from them to you?
  4. Tap

    SSI questions

    In the interview, they asked how much she pays us for housing each month. I was on the spot, and said I didn't know, but I came up with a number of $300. He said it would reduce her benefit if I said zero, but it was ok to say zero if I wanted to. Honestly, we would still have the same house and car without her..... but she eats, uses water, uses gasoline for errands, furniture wear and tear etc. But how do I put a number on those? I know I spend the money, but it is interwoven and not a set number. Since I said $300, does that limit the household number to that figure? Ahhh. I am sure it will work out in the end, but right now, it is hard to wrap my head around justifying it all. I am used to money showing up on her card, and just using it as needed. The amount she used to get was minimal compared to her actual expenses, so it wasn't an issue. I miss the simplicity! Those links help. Thank you.
  5. Tap

    SSI questions

    It is all a bit confusing. I applied for dd a year ago. There were numerous delays. I got a letter one week that said they wanted a physical/mental exam, then got a letter the next week saying they approved her case. All the information I have, is from a couple phone interviews and a few letters written in SSA legalese.
  6. Tap

    SSI questions

    From SSA: Representative payees are required to maintain detailed and accurate records of all funds received and spent in order to provide a true accounting to SSA. A detailed record of expenditures may include: Receipts Bank statements (including electronic versions) Leases (rental agreements) Cancelled checks (including electronic versions) Bills Invoices Statements signed by the claimant confirming receipt of funds for personal use NOTE: A payee must save records for at least two years and make them available to SSA upon request.
  7. Tap

    SSI questions

    DD13 has unexpectedly qualified for SSI (I thought she would be denied). Legally I am her guardian; biologically she is my half-great-niece. It gets really complicated because she is legally a ward of the State of Oregon, we live in Washington, and since I am her aunt...I am also related to her. In some legal situations, she is her own household, in other situations, she is part of our household. She gets TANF (instead of child support from her bio-dad since he is not working) and I just got a notice that they are collecting child support from mom now too. I assume she will lose TANF in lieu of SSI, but the child support is going to make things confusing. Her mom changes jobs a lot (so does bio-dad) so the child support will vary month to month. I applied 16 months ago, so she is getting a sizable back check. The rules around that and the two accounts required for her moneys are a bit overwhelming (but also lacking details at the same time). Where can I get good information on what I can use her money on and how to document it all. Plus, do I have to constantly report the varying child support each month? The parents are in two different states so the rules are different for collecting/distributing the payments. The wording in the official online sources are just as complicated as her story. I have hesitated to apply for years, because of these complications. I regret it already and haven't even got her first deposit yet. OI!
  8. He may want to use a wash with Salicylic acid like this one. CeraVe Body Wash with Salicylic Acid | 10 Ounce | Fragrance Free Body Wash to Exfoliate Rough and Bumpy Skin. It is avail on Amazon if you don't want to hunt for it.
  9. nevermind read an update that made this not make sense
  10. When I don't have time for consistent stretching, I go for a therapeutic deep muscle massage. I think it can be done safely with masks and hygiene. Get the first appointment of the day (preferably on a day after they are closed), both wear masks, make sure the therapist uses hand sanitizer before touching you, patient stay face down, take wipes to ask them to wipe down gels etc, and most importantly make sure the therapist knows you have a medically fragile child (so they understand your need for extreme hygiene). Personally, I would go in a few early and wipe door knobs and such down first. Getting a deep tissue massage for me, can undo horrible muscle pain in one afternoon that would take weeks to undo myself.
  11. Start at minimum wage and expect minimally adequate performance/accountability. Go up from there as you add responsibilities and expectations. Put what you want in writing, it will help you assign a value to the duties. If you can't write it out coherently, then don't have it as an expectation. 🙂
  12. If you have been vomiting, I wonder if your esophagus is irritated. I wonder if drinking something icy cold before/during eating will help. I don't know if a person can take it during pregnancy, but maybe Maalox will sooth some irritation by neutralizing acid and coating the throat. Or maybe something like a numbing throat lozenge.
  13. Zombie Thread......spam reported
  14. I was inside most of the day. I heard normal neighbor sounds, but had a really nice chat with ds. LOL It was somewhat cloudy, but now it has started raining. I love the sound of rain, so I am in my room with the window open listening to it (and hanging out here). I am working on painting kitchen cabinets, so I have spent most of my day, watching paint dry. 🙂
  15. When DD needed a vacuum, we bought her a Shark on Groupon. Google for a comparison chart to know what the different models offer. It was a really good deal and she loves it. I have an expensive vacuum, and honestly, I would have been just as happy with hers. I bought my 2nd Riccar from a sewing machine/vacuum repair shop (they sell Singer and Riccar new vacuums which is why I was there.) When I was there, I saw soooooo many Dysons in the back room. I asked if there were so many because they are so popular or prone to problems. He said they are just prone to breaking, but people spend so much for them, they want to try to repair them first.
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