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  1. I try to do my job well, and go the extra little mile for people. I work in healthcare and see so many people stuck in the system, not knowing where to go for the next step. This sounds like a "um, of course all employees should do that!" type thing, but honestly, I see so, so many people who don't. Many of my coworkers just want to punch a clock and go home. The do the minimum adequate to complete their task, and call it a day. There is no pay difference between the employee who goes out the way to help a patient.....and the employee who just does the minimum. There is nothing on a performance eval (as long as you 'meet expectations') that does anything more than is a note in a folder. I once had an employee laugh at me, telling me I was stupid to stand out, because then I would be the 'go-to for the bosses when they didn't want to do a task themselves'. She was right, but I didn't care. I would rather go to work and feel like I made a difference in someones life, than just punching a clock and collecting a paycheck. As a total aside....she was my coworker who use to brag about not nursing her kids because "these are fun bags....not feed bags"....yeah, she was a real klassy lady. She never did anything that was the slightest inconvenience to herself.
  2. Gosh, what didn't we send to my son-in-law in the Air Force. LOL We used the pre-paid USPS boxes but printed the shipping labels on Pirateship (saved a couple dollars per box) Jerky, books, popcorn, protein bars, drink powders, candy, nuts of soooo many varieties (individual packs or the small Diamond brand cans), pretzel bites, trail mix, dried fruit, favorite personal products, gum, a t-shirt, pretty much anything that would fit in the box. One person in his room lived on ramen and would cases delivered periodically. One time we sent fresh avocados and pack of guacamole mix (he could get chips on base). LOL They only had a small place to store things, so we made sure he used what we had sent before we sent more.
  3. I used to work for the school district. This is on par with what I would expect. Some office staff worked all summer, but very few. (Typically in district offices to accommodate student transfers, new school or college request for records, questions and employees immediate needs). Most office staff in the actual schools worked 5 weeks or so in the summer, split between the end of year and beginning of new year. A few minor employees only worked on student days, and had the same summer vacation as the students plus a couple of days to wrap up tasks related to their position or training. This position sounds like the middle option. The extra 2 days are so you can take a couple personal days in the school year as you wish.
  4. I have one checking account and then various savings accounts attached to it. I use the titles to keep things straight. So the title may be "tuition $10,000, fees $1500, clothes/supplies $2000". Once that savings reached $13,500 I knew it was funded. Sometimes I would continue to let money go to that account anyways (building the next years balance) or I would stop the contributions for a while and put extra somewhere else. For things like holiday shopping or tuition, it wasn't hard to mentally keep track of, what needed to be funded and when I needed to access it. I don't like keeping track of making monthly payments, so I pay all my bills that I can upfront like tuition, but things that were a bit more variable (ie daycare) I paid in 3 month increments or set up as bill pay out of the respective savings account. I have certain amounts moved each week out of my checking account and into each savings, so I don't even have to mess with much month to month.
  5. Well....Easter came early to her house LOL She got a 6qt Dutch oven today A 9" Banneton and supplies A digital scale 2 metal bread pans ( I may replace with stoneware if she wants in the future) Her sourdough starter came as well and jar to store it in. She is sooooo excited to start baking! Thank you for the great advice!
  6. Look at your schedule and make some categories ala pro/con style. You are absolutely over-scheduled and need to cut. To help decide what needs to be dropped, put a few notes on paper. What do you find is the most valuable 'pro' for each of you? What is supposed to be a 'pro', but is actually a 'con'. Make a chart with each activity in your schedule across the top, and each person's name down the side (like a multiplication chart). Circle the combinations that are positive and cross out the combinations that are negative. This will help you identify which activities are the most valuable and are worthy of you time. It will also help you see if one child gets more benefits than the other kids. Write a list of what each person really needs to have a good day. What is draining on each person. Looking at the above chart, think about what each activity costs the family. Not just financial cost, but also time/stress/commitment etc. See which activities are a hidden positives and which are hidden negatives. Since you are the leader of you family during the day, what time of day are you most productive? When do you like to do seat work? Write? Cook? When are you most disciplined...when are more likely to give in? Plan your day accordingly. One thing to remember, is that just because one person gets benefit from something, doesn't mean it has to be year round. I would rather have something that I love to do, a few times per year, instead of something I only like to do, on a regular basis. One of my daughters (and dh,) likes so many things, it is easy to fill her schedule, but that isn't fair to everyone else. My son has to be around people, but after a few days at a place like summer camp, he needs a full day of quite introvert time to recharge. His activities need to involve time actually interacting with people (he was a competative swimmer, but pool time wasn't counted as people time). My youngest daughter craves people, constantly. She also likes sports and the praise that comes with it. If she doesn't have a coach that gives lots of verbal praise, she may as well skip practice even tho that means she has people time. It will actually take away from her day and leave her in a negative funk, even if she likes the sport. Try to find what is the most valuable and what only seems to have value. Then cut accordingly. 🙂 I find when I make lots of styles of pro/con lists, the valuable activities become very apparent and the garbage sticks out like a sore thumb.
  7. So there is no reason for you suspect he swallowed a pencil? Or there is? Other than he had a chance? There are a myriad of things he could swallow every day, what makes you think he swallowed a pencil...enough that you thought to post about it? I am guessing there is something that makes you suspect it????? If it was just that he was acting off....was it because his hand hurt? Have you given him pain meds to see if it helps?
  8. I would be more worried about the pencil than the finger at this point. That could cause severe internal damage, if it hasn't already. Contact PCP or drive to the ER and get him seen. The broken finger is distressing, but aside from deformity, it shouldn't kill him. A pencil on the other hand could get lodged or perforate his intestines....This could end in a traumatic, horrible situation. I assume it was tiny, like a mini pencil? Did it have a metal ferrule on it? Depending on the metal, that itself could cause trouble.
  9. All students have hidden holes. One of the great parts of homeschooling is that we can often see them and fill them in. DS21 started in public/private school. He loved math but struggled in 4th grade with simple 'find the circumference of a cube' type problems. He was easily 2 grades ahead in math so struggling with simple addition/multiplication problem issues were odd. When we started homeschooling the next year, I figured out that he didn't know what the definition of a cube, a triangle, or rectangle etc. Somehow over the years of changing schools, he never learned that a square had four sides of equal length etc. He knew what a triangle and such were by looking, but didn't know the details. He was starting algebra and learning this at the same time. LOL
  10. My friend and I snuck out of her house all the time. We would walk a mile or so to the store, buy Reeses and go sit on top of a parking garage talking. It was a smallish city maybe 40,000 or so people and no major gang activity. But there were homeless people mucking about and other people walking to the store etc. It wasn't safe, but not as dangerous as it would have been in other cities. My husband once kidnapped me. LOL We were about 18 at the time. I had a friend over and were were in bed. He threw rocks at my window and we went outside to talk to him and his friend. They picked us up (gravel driveway) and put us in their car. We thought it was a joke and we were just going to sit in the driveway talking....but nope, they planned to take us to the hot springs about 1.5 hours away. We had no shoes and were in night gowns. It took my about 30 minutes to convince him to turn around and take us home. DD13 has snuck out twice. We now have a security system on the house to alert me when the door/windows open at night. She is going to be my teenage rebel. One time she just walked around our neighborhood, and the other time, she met someone outside. I don't think my older kids snuck out of our house, but I wouldn't put it past dd21 that she snuck out of someone else's house. We live in a suburb with nothing to walk to, so she wouldn't have gone out to just wander like we did, she would have been going to a party or such. Horrible story... stop reading if are prone to triggers.....I have a friend whose young teen daughter and friend snuck out (inner-city) to walk around a park. My friend's daughter was caught by a gang and gang-######. The other girl ran away to escape. My friend's daughter didn't know how to get back to the house so she was left wandering. I don't remember how she got home. The daughter didn't tell the parents and it was a year or two later before the mom found out (when the daughter was having major psych issues related to the assault). This girl is now a heroin addict (in an out of treatment) as she self medicated the trauma away. This girl was like a sister to my daughter, and it was so very sad to see her spiral from a sweet home schooled girl, to where she ended up. I never told my daughter the name of this person for privacy reasons, but I did use this story to warn her of the dangers.
  11. Looks like hives, dermatitis or early eczema (possibly nummular eczema). I would have him take an antihistamine and see if it affects it at all. The consistent red color with white border makes me think hives or allergic dermatitis. Especially since he possibly scraped his foot and a chemical could have got past the skin barrier. A steroid cream won't hurt and can relieve some of the redness/irritation for any of these conditions. (Steroid creams aren't used in fungal rashes, it can make them worse). From the picture I don't see a center point like you would expect in a bug/flea bite or folliculitis. No red ring border like you usually see in ring worm (but maybe it is too early to see it). Athletes foot isn't usually circles and is generally dry/flaky looking. Pityriasis Rosea is a circle rash, but it usually forms a more distinct ring as well. PR can start anywhere, but I wouldn't expect a foot...usually torso. I hope the doctor can help you figure it out!
  12. She has a regular wood rolling pin, and 4 sheet pans with silpats, apron and her herbs/spices are stocked (blends from Penzys and individuals from other stores) and less than a year old. A press would be interesting to look into. Thanks!
  13. I love my Dutch Oven and have been looking for an excuse to send her one. LOL This may be just the reason I need. :0) Do you find the 6 quart a good size for bread?
  14. I sent her a Polish Pottery bowl last year. I think it is 10"x10" or a bit larger (160oz). If she covers that with a damp towel, do you think that will work?
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