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  1. I need to mail 2 new iPhones to a family member. They are going from one US state to another (ie not international). What would be the best way to mail them right now? I used to use USPS and just add insurance, but I am not sure that is the best way to go any more. Any suggestions? They are being delivered to a US military base, but they have had a lot of misdelivery issues since living there. There isn't always someone home to send it signature required. I guess, I could send it sig required, and then just chance that they have to go to the PO to pick it up? On the UPS site, it l
  2. My kids all have platform beds and slats from IKEA. They are the highest quality slats they have and are the type that bow upwards in the middle, to provide a bit of 'give'. They all have higher end, full thickness IKEA mattresses and toppers. They have the bed style with drawers underneath for extra storage. I typically prefer a traditional box an mattress. Dh has a Sleep Number bed. We don't sleep together, so no exercising in many years here. I do not like the Sleep Number bed at all. But I am completely fine with the IKEA beds. DD22 and her husband liked the IKEA set enough th
  3. I work in a hospital and in pharmacy. There hasn't been any chatter about a booster. Some people wonder if it will be needed, but there isn't any official word. It will likely depend on how much the virus mutates and if the body retains the antibody response. That will only be known with time, so we won't know till later in the year.
  4. I got the second Pfizer dose yesterday at 930am. I have an auto immune issue, so I wasn't sure how this one was going to hit me. The first shot was completely fine. Second one was totally different. Had some mild back pain during the day, but felt totally normal until 930 last night. Then my reaction started. 😞 I was really cold. I curled up in a ball, turned on my heated mattress pad, put on heavy sweat pants and hoodie, put on a fuzzy blanket and a heavy down comforter. I slept that way till 2am. Woke up with serious back and leg pain, drank some juice and was feverish. I changed bedrooms to
  5. My 2 older kids PCP did thier diagnosis. He had us fill out a questionnaire and had each of thier teachers fill them out too. It was pretty interesting to see the teachers notes on dd. She could maintain focus in the early morning chemistry, but struggled just a few hours later in history, English etc. The notes were pretty classic for ADD, so it wasn't hard to see why she struggled. He was willing to handle thier medication as well. I know some PCPs are not willing to do the dx or meds, so they may want you to go to a pdoc anyways. My youngest, was dx by her psychiatrist.
  6. Cellulitis is absolutely possible. It can get bad really quick and can be started by the smallest thing. I used to get it when I trimmed my rose bushes and would inevitably get a small thorn prick. I have had it from a bee sting. I know a healthy 20ish year old person who ended up hospitalized due to a cat scratch and cellulitis. It doesn't need to be a big gooey wound to get it started. If he has had anything, even a hangnail on the toe, he needs to be seen (in person or via telehealth) ASAP. If he gets red streaks traveling up the food/leg, he needs to go to the ER.
  7. 1. Look at images of Covid toe. 2. Ingrown toe nails usually hurt but maybe check for that. If the nail is imbedded in the skin, you might try soaking in hot water/Epsom salts, then gently lift the toenail edges slightly to loosen then from the skin. 3. Yes, a broken toe is possible, but the heat makes me thing Covid toe or infection is more likely.
  8. I couldn't get it with an image search either. I would definitely say key though, especially since the key hole is right there.
  9. I would keep the food that didn't require refrigeration/freezer and toss the rest (unless they were delivered with frozen ice packs or at the appropriate temp). To me, throwing the food away compounds the food shortage problem and doesn't solve anything. The food is either safe for consumption or not. Period. If you would feel ok donating it, then just keep it and eat it. Your family is using Instacart and they made a mistake. No biggie. Just keep the reward and keep using them in the future to support thier business. Groceries in someone's garage is no more dirty or clean than: a g
  10. This. Alcohol is a depressant and that is what makes someone sleepy, but it also impairs sleep. I would say time to talk to the doctor about prescription meds. There are many meds that have a side effect of making someone sleepy. Drinking wine that has been boiled isn't going to make someone tired, it would just be gross. From this article: Several hours after that nightcap, the alcohol raises the body's level of epinephrine, a stress hormone that increases the heart rate and generally stimulates the body, which can result in nighttime awakenings. Indeed, alcohol may account f
  11. I get it. Sometimes as healthcare workers, we just get sooooooo sick of the snark. We take little bits all day, every day. We laugh it off and play nice. It is when the accusations get personal that it gets irritating. When people try to accuse me of doing something to them personally....that is when I get defensive. Some people just love accusatory banter and to try to make others squirm. They are bullies and like to watch others feel uncomfortable. That sense of control on thier part, is what it is all about. They want to make others change what they are doing, and since they are impotent th
  12. Thank you so much for your BTDT advice. It is hard to step into this new world, without understanding some of the tests and reasons behind them. It is nice to have someone to chat with about it who understands.
  13. Yep, gas is what they use. The level of gas needed to put her under, requires an anesthesiologist. The amount a dentist or ER person can do isn't enough for her.
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