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  1. We had my daughter's dog trained to use an old push button bell to go outside. He was great about it and she still uses it for him. I taught my dog to use the bell and she rang it constantly!!!! She wants to do a 30 second perimeter search for squirrels and birds about every minute and a half. LOL I was still working on training her to be a bit more selective on when she wanted to go potty. Then one day I found her being bored and chewing on the bell. 😞 It had to go away.
  2. Maybe it is the type of teeth different breeds have. My goldendoodle has very rounded teeth. She broke bits off a rawhide and chewed them until she could swallow them. She is a rehome and the previous owners sent her to my home, with some as a 'favorite treat'. I gave them to her one time as a comfort item and found quarter size chunks laying around the floor she had chewed and dropped. Honestly, after the first night, when I gave them to her again, she had zero interest, so I tossed the bag. She has chewed a few nylon toys and got bits off them, but I tossed those. The ones I linked she has had for 6 months and aside from roughing them up, they are entirely whole. A soft toy....she will happily shred and destuff! My daughter has a smaller dog with sharp teeth. His toys last forever unless they are real meat/raw hide and those he will chew until he bloodies his mouth.
  3. Have you looked at any of the Nylabone or similar products? My goldendoodle loves these and these There are always a risk of breaking a tooth on hard chew toys, but there are choking hazards on ones that can be eaten. I go with the ones that will only cause discomfort and vet bill lol. Anecdotally, my vet agrees. We also use Kongs filled with peanut butter and frozen. She loves those as an occasional treat too.
  4. I didn't give your post a 'like' as much as I gave you a heart. You can tell a mama who has been through the trenches, when even in pure chaos, they can say "but wait....look....there were happy things that made the horrible, not so bad!!!!" Lots more hearts....πŸ’›πŸ’™πŸ’›πŸ’œπŸ’›πŸ’™πŸ’›πŸ’œ and (((((HUGS))))))
  5. Can you spray the inside with bleach? Then wash and dry a bleach-appropriate load of laundry? I would absolutely start with Pawz5me suggestion to clean all the old lint. Maybe there is some old lint harboring the odor.
  6. I will preface this by saying I live in a state that everyone makes at least minimum wage and think that should be a federal law. I refuse to tip at locations that I do everything except prepare the food. I refuse to make the tipping situation worse, by letting store owners think they can pay less wages and the employee can make it up in tips. Pay the employees a fair wage, make the food at a fair cost and I will frequent your business. BYW...I see tip jars on the counter with little signs on them like "tip here if you had great service today!" as begging. I know they are not intended that way. don't chastise me. But that is how they feel to me. I hate the American tipping culture!!!! and will not encourage it at more businesses that it is already expected.
  7. That is how it is here too (outside Portland Oregon). When my xh was shopping for houses, his realtor told him to not bother putting in an offer unless it was $50,000 or more over asking price. He wasn't looking at very nice houses...Just a standard house 1500sqft+, regular size lot (apx 6000sqft). He wasn't too picky about neighborhood since he doesn't have young kids. He finally stumbled on to a house before it went on the market in a lower-mid-level neighborhood. The deal with the seller was: ASIS, no inspection, no delay. His friend knows the owner, so he knew the owner wasn't unethical. He just had to pay the overinflated asking price and go. He went for it and got a house for $425,000. He is just happy to have a house! I think he still got an inspection, just to make sure there wasn't anything grossly wrong with it. But if he backed out at any time, he would have lost his substantial earnest money. The same house would have been *maybe $300,000 2 years ago.
  8. For me: Redfin was lowest, Realtor mid, Zillow highest. There was a $30,000 spread. When I had my house appraised in winter for a refinance, Zillow was within $10,000 off the appraisal. Houses in our area have been going for well above appraised value for the past year, so it is skewing the appraisals right now. For people who want to take out cash to do household projects that is great! But for me, who was giving my x-h money for his share of the house, it was bad timing for inflated value.
  9. The CDC medical exemption is pretty much 'if you are allergic to Covid vaccine". LOL And, if you are allergic to just one component, like polysorbate 80, then you should get the vaccine, just a brand that doesn't have Polysorbate 80. It will be exceptionally difficult to get the medical exemption from the vaccine. I can't find it on the CDC website, but pretty much anything that is normally a risk factor for a vaccine, is now a Covid risk factor.....so those people are urged to get the vaccine, instead of discouraged from getting it.
  10. Both of my employers already did this in the beginning of Covid vaccines being available. It didn't really change anything in rates
  11. The VA announced this week, it Is requiring vaccines unless the person has a religious or medical exemption. The medical exemption is very, very, very limited, so that leaves religious exemptions for people who don't want to be vaccinated. For those who are able to get the exemption, they will have to stay masked and get tested 1-2x per week. Not all employees are in the list required to get vaccinated just title 38 employees. It is predominately nurses/doctors etc, that provide prolonged patient care. (ie More than a receptionist ) I expect there to be a whole lotta converts this week, to faiths that discourage vaccination. I am sure there will be more than one new religion by the end of the year, based solely on vaccination theology. Vaccination cards aren't enough for this mandate, the vaccination needs to be verifiable.
  12. Hmmmm. I would call the insurance co. Ours are free if done by a medical provider (ie not at home kits) but My xh had to pay for his. We both have BCBS but I have decent coverage and he has a catastrophic plan.
  13. My son-in-law is stuck in an airport overnight. He is active duty military and was supposed to be at work tomorrow. The USO is closed so they can't help him. He was on a Southwest to Southwest connecting flight with arrival home tonight. He will fly out early AM, which means dd will have to get out of bed in the middle of the night to her (he works midday shifts so she is on that sleep schedule). What I am shocked about.....Southwest is only giving him a $100 inconvenience voucher. They are still charging him the full ticket price and he is sleeping in the airport overnight (they wouldn't do a hotel or any other sleep accommodation). Does this sound normal? It is worth calling Southwest after the fact and requesting a refund?
  14. I work in a pharmacy, so I get it early to avoid getting the flu before people realize it is in the community. We get exposed early because we work with the patients who just got diagnosed and have a prescription or need help buying OTC items. I get it in late August/early September.
  15. I am applying for a promotion at work. I have the support of my immediate supervisor and his supervisor, but there are others who will make this decision as well. I am not the most qualified, but have the most applicable diverse qualifications. When I was talking to my boss's boss, she said I need to ace the interview because it will likely come down to interview points. Do you have any recommendations for websites or videos? I need to put serious effort into this area. Please help!
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