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  1. Northern Chihuahuan Desert: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chihuahuan_Desert It's hardly "mine" though - we'll be here for only a month or so.
  2. It rained here yesterday. In the desert. Which was really nice, because the day before that it was in the 70s and 10% humidity.
  3. Wait, how has it been a week? I just ordered a graphic novel version of The Art of War (Prime delivery takes only 5 days here, w00t!). Now Amazon recommends I follow the author Sun Tzu, lol. EDIT: Sun Tzuya!
  4. I really miss the svengo emoji. I'm surprised they haven't gotten one in the time I've been gone. EDIT: Svengo boeja!
  5. The veggies are doing well. Celery is a teenager, and will be in high school next year. 🙈
  6. I think I've mentioned before we were planning on traveling around the US at some point. So, in April we bought a 32' travel trailer, and we've been living in it full-time since the end of June. First a few months in WNY to wrap up things there, then to AL to visit the in-laws for Broccoli's birthday and thanksgiving, then on to TX, where we're still at now. A couple of days ago we got to Terlingua, and I decided I should look up if Kinsa was still Kinbb, which she isn't, but hey, here I am.
  7. You know you might be in the Middle of Nowhere if... you can't get any FM or AM radio stations.
  8. Just post every 5 min like in the good old days. That way people won't notice as easily if you skip the last post of the day. 🙂
  9. I'm good. How are y'all? This thread seems to be quieter than usual.
  10. I will not be making any quick trips to Target. It's only 232 miles away. I'm lazy. 🙃
  11. He doesn't have a diagnosis, but Celery does, and my brother does, and I've had more than one therapist tell me they think my wife does, and I've suspected for a few years now that Broccoli might too (and so does the nurse who does his annual checkups), so, yeah. And yep, same thing with math. And I do often just let it slide, and when I don't I try to be supportive in an understanding way, rather than in an argumentative way, but, omg, sometimes it's just too much to have him tell me yet again that he wrote the correct answer and I must have changed it, kwim?
  12. I remembered Renai's post when we walked back from the library, so I asked the kids, and Broccoli was like "I've never heard of hyphenation", so, I talked to them about it. Then after we got home we worked a bit on spelling, since, as my mom said, Celery's spelling is 'weak' (um, yeah mom, it's his lowest score, but, 57th percentile is still not, er, 'weak'?). Anyway, I printed out a 7th grade spelling word list and had both kids write down 15 of the words that I dictated. They both got 4 wrong (the only word they both got wrong was 'adequate', lol). So, I had them copy the words they'd gotten wrong a few times correctly, and Broccoli threw a big tantrum. I'm so, so, so tired of him claiming that he wrote words correctly the first time and that I must have changed what he wrote. Like I'd want the extra effort of changing what he wrote just to make him do more work, and like I'd bother to fake his handwriting (which is way different from mine) for that. Uh-huh. It gets old, being accused of that. I'm all like "dude, maybe that's what you had in your head, but it's not what your hand wrote down", but he's adamant *I* changed it. Sigh.
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