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  1. If you want dinosaur game ideas, my ds8 loves both Dinosaur Tea Party (kind of like guess who for 3-5 players) and draft-a-saurus. He is not into dinosaurs, but I would say both of those games are in his top five right now. My ds8 wants all the Mario lego for Christmas.
  2. I would like to get some nicer ones for myself and also for my boys. I’m mostly looking for comfort while writing for my kids and maybe something slightly fancy for myself.
  3. I asked a similar question once and got the sandwich, shower, nap, exercise advice and I think it is true. My hard kiddo is younger than 12, but one thing that helps him a lot is drawing and writing. He does lots of venting though making comic strips, art, and “blogging.” That advice may be more kid specific, but I think it really helps him to have an outlet.
  4. Ha! Ok, now that I know this is a “thing” I feel better. Kinda like when I found out other people’s 3yr olds cry about things like not having an S in their name. I’m much more able to internally roll my eyes and deal, when I know it isn’t just me.
  5. Thanks! You have all given me some good ideas on how to discuss this with him. We have discussed it but I’m afraid I say things like “I don’t want to hear your opinion on winter coats” so these ideas are much better. I know Dh is trying to be helpful. It is nice to get feedback that it can be annoying though. I feel more ok bringing it up with him. I really wasn’t sure if I was being a jerk for getting so irritated at someone who is trying to be nice.
  6. Not really any blow ups, but some people I probably won’t push relationships with anymore. I can handle wide varieties of viewpoints, but I can’t handle “everyone who died was going to die anyway” and “I have to do what is right for me, and if it kills someone else it isn’t my problem.” I have had several homeschooling friends post on Facebook variations of this-they aren’t responsible for public health only their health and their children’s health.
  7. Since we have been parents, I have done the majority of the household management and child care because Dh has been gone a lot with work. We moved a year ago and dh is able to be home much more and it has mostly been a good thing. We have all boys and they (obviously) are getting older, so it has been nice. However, I am feeling like in some ways it has become harder. For instance, some of them need new winter coats and dh wants to know how I’m shopping, how I’m deciding, how much I’m spending, if a hand me down will work, etc. I finally told him to just get the coats. I don’t think it is
  8. Thanks! Maybe I will watch a few more episodes on my own. I wasn’t really planning to make a thing of it, but ds was so adamant it was racist. He kept going on and on. “Black people can play any sport they want they don’t just have to play basketball!” I just want a show our whole family can watch and I thought it might work. It is getting hard as my older kids are moving past cheesy shows and my younger ones aren’t ready for most sitcoms.
  9. Has anyone watched this? Is it appropriate for kids as young as 10? We watched a few episodes as a family and I thought it was fine other than lots of use of the word ass. My ds10 was a little uncomfortable with that, but if it doesn’t get worse I think it would be ok. Also, did anyone talk to your kids about things in the show? Ds10 was pretty convinced it was racist because it made jokes about a black family being able to afford that neighborhood and black people not playing field hockey. I tried to explain it to him, but I don’t think I did a very good job. Last, any suggesti
  10. I think my oldest absolutely would have known that was inappropriate, but he had some friends who didn’t. I am so glad I had his middle school experience, because he handled it well, but I learned how much 11-13 yr old boys still are learning. These were good kids from good families who filmed at inappropriate times. My current 12yr old is much more the type that I have to lay out all the inappropriate scenarios because his brain doesn’t make the leap on its own. And I can’t possibly tell him in advance all the things not to do. In his head, he may have been making new friends and d
  11. I hate being scared! I hope you are able to rest and relax. My ds7 ran a fever for over a week this month. I posted about it here because I was getting a little worried. I thought the same as you-he hasn’t been anywhere, how did he get any virus? His Covid test came back negative and he is fine now. I still don’t really know how he got sick, but he did. My Dh still works out of the house, so maybe he brought something home that didn’t make him sick? I don’t know. It was so weird. I hope you feel better soon and you are able to rest.
  12. Speechless. I haven’t watched a lot of tv and my other favorites had lots of seasons. We watched speechless as a family and we haven’t found another show everyone liked as well.
  13. Ouch! I’m so sorry you fell and then that you were treated like that. That is shocking to me! I hope you are able to rest.
  14. DS7 has been a little bit sick since last Wednesday-so 9 days now. He started with just a headache and a fever, then a sore throat and stomachache came along. He did get tested for coronavirus and it came back negative, but he wasn’t super cooperative and I don’t think the swab actually got where it needed to go. My ds12 was also sick and got the test and cooperated and was also negative. Anyway, his fever was 101-103 the first couple of days then got better then went back up to 101ish. I thought he was better but he just sat on my lap and he seemed really warm so I took his temp and
  15. My ds7 has these exact symptoms right now-fever, headache, tired, sore throat, and stomach feels weird. It is interesting because he has no cough or congestion I didn’t really think it was Covid. I have been keeping him home, but not the whole family. I wish it were easier to get a test where we live. Right now they are only testing kids with severe symptoms.
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