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  1. I am thinking of re-instituting afternoon quiet time this summer. I’m thinking an hour of quiet, alone, screen free activities. My kids are 8, 10, 11, 13 and all boys. I’m thinking of purchasing things like tinker crates, origami paper, and crossword puzzle books. Any other ideas for things along those lines especially for the oldest.
  2. I have homeschooled my four kids until this year when my two oldest went to school (8th and 5th). My 5th grader has what I think is the perfect amount of work. It took awhile to figure out all the different platforms, but after the first week I am very pleased with his distance learning. My 8th grader (who is a strong student) has been very stressed. His last day is May 14, so almost there. He has had about 8 hours of work Mon-Fri. Almost all of it online. It is way too much. He has less free time and is more stressed out now, then when he was in school. He is very creative, but by the time he exercises and does his school work he is zapped for the day. My two still at home are doing well. They love having their brothers home.
  3. Early last May I got an itchy rash on my forehead-mostly on the hairline but creeping down some. It lasted through September. I finally got into the dermatologist in November, but by then it was gone. Yesterday was the first day I was really out in the sun and the rash is back. I think it has something to do with the sun or maybe sweat (it is right where a hat would sit). It is itchy and just looks like pink bumps-like pimples I guess. Any ideas what it could be or what I could put on it to help with the itching?
  4. I’ll be following this as it is beautiful weather here, and I am kind of running out of ideas. We are also planning to summer school for the first time. Here are some things we have been doing outside this spring: 4 square ( a lot) kickball/wiffle ball ripstik bike rides cornhole/ladderball/bocce frisbee golf Hiking Painting outside (mostly watercolors) jumping on the trampoline playing basketball (if your courts are still open-we go early in the morning before anyone else shows up) The kids set up some sort of mini golf course with no holes-just a target to hit
  5. Dh works in an office. He is working 50% there and 50% at home. They have some kind of crazy schedule-some work one week then from home one week, others work every other day. I don’t really understand it. No more than 10 people in a room and they are supposed to stay 6 feet away. Everyone has to wear a mask. They also have hand sanitizer. Dh takes the stairs so he doesn’t have to push elevator buttons. So far no cases there that they know of.
  6. Yes. And I was bummed because we didn’t get the whole thing like I was expecting. We don’t make close to $150,000 so I didn’t do any calculations. Turns out the move dh’s employer paid for last year did in fact put us over the max. Kind of a bummer and I didn’t realize moves were so expensive! Dh still has his job, so we will be fine, but despite not paying for our move, we did spend quite a bit extra last year on moving related expenses and I was hoping to replace some of that savings.
  7. It isn’t too bad here. I think the ages of my kids helps- 4 boys, ages 8-13. So everyone is self sufficient but we haven’t really hit the teens yet. They all play together pretty well. I was thinking this reminds me of my life 8 years ago- 4 ages 5 and under. We didn’t really go to many places and the days were just ours to do what we wanted. But, now I can cook dinner without kids hanging on my legs. We definitely miss our “real” life, but so far it hasn’t been too bad. We have found lots of things to stay busy with.
  8. I agree that it isn’t a big difference in what states are actually doing. We are in Nebraska and the two biggest school districts have been out since March 6. My oldest is in school and his last day was March 12. The churches in Omaha (that I know of) were closed March 15. The parks are closed. I’m not sure what else a stay at home order would do. I haven’t been out since March 28, so it is possible more people are out than I am aware of.
  9. Add me to the list of those so glad I have older kids (4 boys ages 8-13). Not old enough to be alone if dh and I were both in the hospital, but old enough to fend for themselves for a week while we were sick. I have about a weeks worth of food my 8yr old can make himself in case everyone is sick except him. I’m hoping that was overboard, but it was something I was worried about. He can open cans of fruit and vegetables, make himself peanut butter and crackers, and microwave frozen food. We also have a stash of paper plates and other paper products for in case both adults are sick. I am also staying caught up on chores and stuff so the kids will have a clean house, clothes, dishes, etc to start with. If dh and I were both sick enough to be hospitalized, I think one of our siblings would come get the kids-they all live a few hours away. He has one 20 something brother with no family-he would probably do it.
  10. I went early Saturday morning and the only thing on my list they didn’t have was yeast. They seemed fairly well stocked-low on canned soup and ice cream. They didn’t have any ramen noodles, but plenty of rice.
  11. I feel really lucky that dh’s job hasn’t been affected. I feel like we should be doing things to help, but I don’t know the right thing. Dh doesn’t make a ton of money, but we probably have some extra. Should we be buying gift cards from local businesses? Getting take out once a week (we very rarely eat out in normal times)? Give to charities? Save in case one of our family members needs help (several own businesses that have shut down). I have still been paying my kids teachers for their classes-I feel like I should continue to do that. It is hard to know because it isn’t like we have lots of extra money and usually I try to be frugal, but I think we should do something since we do have steady income. edit: the beer thing? I don’t even know how that got there. I should read before I post
  12. This is a very minor problem in the scheme of things, but I haven’t been sleeping well and dh is insistent on keeping to the same schedule as before. So even though he is now working from home and working fewer hours (though getting paid the same) he still sets an alarm for 6am and gets up and works out and it wakes everyone up. Last night I fell asleep at 12:30, woke once, and then up for the day at 6 and it is just not enough sleep for me. It is making me crankier by the day. I also would rather have a more relaxed schedule during the day, but he still wants the kids doing all the things. It has been a source of strain. I haven’t watched any tv or read one page of a book because I feel just as busy as before, on top of the grief/anxiety. I guess I see this whole thing as a national emergency to get through and dh sees it as an opportunity to get more done at home. And I am tired and don’t feel like doing all the things. Our immediate family is fine, but I worry about our extended family who have lost jobs and others with health problems or who live in areas with higher virus spread.
  13. No, he didn’t have a match. The coach just wanted him to go in case someone got hurt or sick. But, yes, I do think we are over scheduled and it makes me on edge. Mostly it works out, but when it doesn’t I feel guilty because it is kind of my fault.
  14. Yes this does help! I feel like this is advice I give to my kids-no one is thinking about this as much as you are. Now I need to apply this to myself
  15. I think what bugged me about my response was that I felt like I was asking permission instead of just saying what was going to happen-he isn’t doing band, he is going to debate. While I was typing dh called. He said I only get like this about stuff with the kids-I’m worried if he misses wrestling he will have to sit out and so I want to word the email in a way that the coach won’t take it out on my kid. I want the band teacher to still work with him, even if he quits band next year. And that probably is the problem. So, lol, maybe I should have just talked to him
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