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  1. I think where I live now, people will say their views, but in general they do it in a respectful way because they know people on the other side. I have no problem with that. I am worried about people assuming everyone is on the same side as them, and then not being as careful with their words and using more inflammatory language. Then I have trouble keeping my mouth shut because what they are saying likely isn’t true. Especially when they talk about the other side’s beliefs and I feel like they exaggerate them or misstate them and I have trouble not saying “I don’t know anyone who actually believes that.”
  2. I think one of the benefits of a purple area is that people can easily see that others with a different opinion aren’t “evil” or whatever. At least in my bubble here, people don’t say things assuming everyone agrees with them. Neighbors, members of churches, kids sports coaches, etc all likely have very different beliefs and everyone respects each other. I just really like it. It isn’t that politics comes up or that I want to talk about it all the time, I am just worried that I won’t be able to keep my mouth shut when someone says something outrageous and everyone nods along. Dh is already living there and some nice people took him to dinner. He was very surprised at the things they said to him the first time they met him. They were obviously sure he agreed with them. I think these people are great and wouldn’t want to offend them, but I also don’t agree with the things they said so I would have a hard time smiling and nodding.
  3. I have lived several places in my life and I feel like I have always had friends with various political views. For sure where we live now is a “purple” area and I like it that way. We are getting ready to move somewhere that I believe is much less purple and has one more dominant view. Can anyone share experiences living where their views are the minority? Do people know what you believe? Has it even affected your life much? Do you feel accepted and part of the community?
  4. A teacher friend maintains pools in the summer to supplement his income. Does your dh want to move into administration at the school? An out of the box possibility is FBI agent. I have seen news stories that they are heavily recruiting people from various fields right now. It would start at less than 80,000, but I don’t think it takes too long to get above that salary range.
  5. Me too! I am 37 and had all my babies in my 20s. I have been having baby fever so bad. We are getting ready to move to a lower cost of living area, so I have really been thinking about having another. I was tired with my pregnancy at 27, how would I be at 37?! Best of luck everyone!
  6. We started our unofficial summer vacation on Friday. My oldest is going to school next year, and Friday was 104 days until his first day. So in honor of Phineas and Ferb, we are doing 104 days of summer vacation. It won’t be all vacation. We are moving 1200 miles away in about 6 weeks, then we have a vacation that was planned before we knew we were moving (which will be fun, but one more thing for me to organize). My kids are going to do math over the summer-mostly because I want to make sure my oldest is completely ready for algebra next year. I don’t really feel relaxed, but at least I don’t have to worry about school for 101 more days.
  7. I have tried to look at old threads, because I think this gets asked a lot, but I am not having luck. Any recommendations for washer, dryer, and fridge? I am not really picky, but we have 4 boys so I would like a fridge with plenty of space and a washer that will hold enough for our family. Anyone know about the new speed queens? Are they still supposed to be good? Anything else I should look at? It seems like everyone hates their appliances these days, so does anyone have something they like?
  8. They aren’t really behind on the taxes-it is just the amount they owe from January-May of this year. Our realtor is looking into it. I feel like that is money owed at closing, but isn’t really a cost of closing. I don’t know if it matters what I think though.
  9. We close on our house next week and overall I am happy with it. Dh’s company will reimburse closing costs, so we are paying a few thousand less than asking price and we are paying the sellers closing costs as well. I didn’t realize when we offered that, that it included their unpaid property taxes from this year. That is a few thousand more than I was expecting to pay and we have to have it in cash at closing. When I said closing costs I thought it meant title fee, appraiser, inspection, loan fees, etc. Dh’s company doesn’t reimburse for property taxes and homeowner insurance fees. I didn’t realize that when people said closing costs they included things other than the cost of the loan. So, it will be a bit tight this summer. I am just so irritated with myself for not doing more research. I feel like when we bought a house before, the sellers paid our closing costs and I am sure they didn’t prepay our insurance and taxes.
  10. I decided to call the police. I talked with the person who answered the phone and she said an officer would call on Monday to take a report. About 10 minutes later, 2 police officers showed up. They said it was the second report they had about it this week. They think someone is using Zillow and delivering things to houses for sale or rent and assuming they are empty. I wasn’t too much help because at the time I didn’t really think about how weird it was, so I didn’t really pay attention to what they looked like or any other details.. The police do think it is probably related to identity theft.
  11. At first I did think it was just a mistake, but as I thought about it more it just seemed fishy. My parents live on a “terrace” and there is a “street” of the same name a block over, so that often gets mixed up. But our house isn’t like that. Our address isn’t easily mixed up. Also, while we have a few subdivisions near us, there are very few houses on our street and I know the people who came to the door don’t live on our street. We are moving so there is a sign that our house is for rent. Dh thought maybe they thought the house was empty so they could have things delivered here and pick them up without being noticed.
  12. Today we got a package delivered to our address, but to a name we don’t know. We had other packages (from the amazon games sale, lol) so my ds opened it without realizing it wasn’t ours. It was a cell phone. About 20 minutes later, 2 people knocked on the door to “pick up their cell phone that was delivered here.” Is that super weird? Is there any kind of scam like this? I thought maybe they ordered a phone they didn’t want people to know they have, but dh pointed out that they could go to Walmart and get a phone people wouldn’t know they had. So, anyone have a theory as to why they had their phone delivered to our address?
  13. Amazon is having their board game sale today. We still have games that we haven’t played. I don’t even want to admit how many I bought-and I may have just saved a few dollars on each. We are moving this summer, so I am supposed to be saving money and getting rid of things. At least all the games were on my “list.” Too bad my list has way too many games on it, lol. If anyone else has a board game addiction, you should check out the amazon sale :).
  14. Would he want to work for the federal government? State department, FBI, secret service, etc?
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