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  1. Do you get rid of them? We have moved several times, so I have done a pretty good job purging. Dh grew up with parents who are probably not actual hoarders, but they definitely have lots of stuff they will never use. Dh really loves to get rid of stuff. My specific problems are books and games. We read lots and play lots of games around here. My youngest is now 8 and has for sure outgrown some of our games, but I am having a hard time parting with them because I have good memories, I may play with future grandkids, and I still have some young kids in my life (but really not many).
  2. Yes I feel sad today too. I feel like my best years are behind me. I usually love the beginning of a new year. I start a job next week, which is overall a good thing, but I am sad to leave homeschooling behind. My kids are all starting in person school. My Dh is looking for a new job and is applying to one that involves a lot of travel (even during the pandemic). We have 4 boys and they are getting older (will be 9-14) and I just feel like they need their dad more, not less. We are probably moving this year, which is mostly a good thing as I don’t like where we live. I just don’t kn
  3. Dh and I also tested positive this week and my other 3 kids tested negative. Ds8 is back to normal after a rough day and a half and Dh and I so far have very minor symptoms.
  4. My high school son is in school and dh goes to work. Both places are very good about masks and haven’t had any documented spread, but I am wondering if one of them got it and didn’t know. DS is participating in a research study at a local hospital and he was there on Wednesday. He may have gotten it there, but he is in a room with only 2 researchers and everyone is masked.
  5. My ds8 tested positive today. I have no idea where he got it. June-October we were doing more things (outside) than we are now. I think it is just so much more prevalent now so everything is just more risky. He had no symptoms until this morning when he woke up with a fever. Later in the afternoon I felt like he was breathing weird so I took him to the dr. His oxygen was fine, but his fever was 104 and dr said the breathing probably sounded weird because of the high fever. (He explained why too). He says he has a headache and he can’t taste. So far he is the only one in our fami
  6. Would he like the game so Onitama? My ds8 loves patchwork and also likes that one (and it is quick). My DS8 also loves The Quest for El Dorado and I don’t think it takes much longer than patchwork. He got gravitrax for his birthday. He is getting the solo game Dog Crimes for Christmas. Pogo stick, ripstik, and rollerblades get a lot of use here.
  7. I think I have written this exact post before. We had 4 kids in less than 6 years, took a break, youngest is now 8 and I am pushing 40. I got mostly the same answers as you. I think I have decided not to have a fifth. Having older kids is harder and more expensive than I expected, and I am also enjoying getting a little more of myself back. I still occasionally get really sad that we are done, but for me, I think I waited too long to have a fifth. I loved the baby/toddler/preschool/little kid stage and am really sad it is over.
  8. One of my groups is doing a favorite things exchange. Basically just an upgrade on necessary items or more boring ones- pens, cosmetics, chapstick, socks, kitchen items, etc. The problem is I don’t really have any favorite things. I am realizing that lots of my things are very old and could use an upgrade. So what are some of your favorite things?
  9. I have an acquaintance who is a pediatric endocrinologist and one of her soapboxes is that bc pills shouldn’t be called that, but I can’t remember what she likes to call them. She says xxx, which has birth control as a side effect. My parents wouldn’t let me on them until I turned 18 and it was life changing for me. I’m pretty sure my parents regretted it. I am in my late 30s now and I have been on them pretty much continuously other than the 9 years I was pregnant and nursing. If all goes well, I hope to stay on until menopause.
  10. I probably can get away with a cheap one from anywhere, but just curious if you have one you love for regular life-not homeschooling. Lately I have been using apps on my phone, but I feel like I need to go back to paper. For whatever reason, the phone isn’t working as well for me as it used to.
  11. No I don’t think he is underweight. He is in the 25th percentile I think. Part of it is that he has only grown about an inch a year since he was 10 and he has gained about 10lbs in the last 4 years. He has really fallen off his growth chart, but some of that (or maybe all of that) is that he is hitting puberty later. The other problem is he really wants to make the baseball team and he is much smaller than everyone else. And one last problem is that I really don’t think he eats enough. It is possible that his genetics are just going to have him be a smaller guy, but he
  12. My ds14 is pretty small and would like to gain some weight. He hasn’t really hit his growth spurt yet. He is approx 5ft 6 and 100lbs. I was just going to wait for the hormones to kick in, but Dh says he won’t get bigger if he doesn’t eat. So, what kinds of foods should I stock? He isn’t super picky, but he also is maybe a lazy eater? And he has preferences. He doesn’t really like eggs or oatmeal, but he will eat them. There are lots of other examples of that. I do have a picky eater, and this ds isn’t, but left to his own devices he doesn’t eat well. One of my problems is that he is
  13. I agree with the other posters-try searching “why my three year old is crying.” It is a thing. One of my kids at 3 cried because he had no S in his name. And my current 7yr old (who is in general an easy going kid) has started whining about christmas this week. Christmas is too far away! My very hardest toddler/preschooler had lots of drama about all kinds of things. I tried really hard to see it as his immature way of communicating. I don’t really have advice, as all kids are different, but just want to say that I did pretty much nothing about his drama and it went away. He is actual
  14. I’m sorry. That sucks. From watching my mom (this is my observation, so I may be wrong), it seemed like she would always be the one reaching out. She would do it for some time, then either burnout or feel like people didn’t care. She would take a break, spend some time feeling bad/lonely, then she would start reaching out again. It has cycled like that my whole life. I don’t know that anyone has ever initiated anything with her, at least not regularly. But she seems to always decide that reaching out is better than not, even if no one reciprocates. I don’t currently have any real fri
  15. It seems like that to him, which is obviously not how I want my pre teen boy thinking. And it is because of what adults (who are probably well meaning) say and act.
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