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  1. I would take him to his primary care doctor. I can’t imagine you can get a same day appointment to a dermatologist-if you can you are very lucky. Everywhere I have lived it is a months long wait. I think just try not to touch too much at the office and wash your hands when you get home and you should be ok.
  2. I get it. We just left the kids for a weekend away for the first time and my youngest is 7! But, we never lived near family. Maybe tell him when the youngest is done nursing?
  3. Speaking for myself, I don’t have a problem with individual families sharing a video of a reunion on their social media. I don’t have a video, but I am pretty sure I put the pictures on Facebook of dh at the airport with our kids when he came home for leave. I was talking about sharing videos of random families or obviously staged videos. I don’t even hate those-they just make me a bit uncomfortable.
  4. This bothered me about the SOTU too because the president is the commander in chief, so I doubt the soldier could say no. I guess he probably could have, as I am sure they could have found someone who would want to reunite at the SOTU, but I do wonder how much real choice there was, how that family was chosen, and if other people had to stay longer to accommodate it. And, if it was truly a surprise, the kids/wife had no say in it. Also, I wonder if the gold star families there had a heads up. Hopefully that soldier knew his family well enough to make the right choice for his family. However, he had been gone for 7months (I think) and kids change so much in that time. Who knows if he had the information to make the right choice for his family. I know even with dh’s most recent deployment, where communication was fairly easy, he still didn’t know everything happening at home. And, again, I wonder what real choice the soldier had.
  5. I admit I am having trouble explaining it. I think it is great that you and lots of other people do those things. I am appreciative. It isn’t completely the individuals that I am talking about-more that as a society we learned our lesson from Vietnam and we now treat soldiers with kindness and respect and gratefulness. But, we often think that is enough without actually making sure returning soldiers and their families are supported/cared for/ok.
  6. I get that. During dh’s first deployment, I had a coworker who was pretty anti-military. She mostly kept her opinions to herself, but she did occasionally say some hurtful things. But, she also did kind things for me. For some reason, the kind comments without the support were harder for me than the unkind words with the support. Also, once I had kids, I do think I was a bit of a mama bear. It was hard for me to hear the kind comments about support, while watching my kid fall apart because he didn’t have the actual support he needed.
  7. Ok...and this is my bitterness showing. And maybe why I should get off Facebook, lol. But I do see the reunion videos shared by people with sweet comments about supporting the troops-but they don’t actually support the troops, other than by sharing these videos on Facebook. And, that is fine, but I do feel like sometimes it lets people feel like they are doing something or being supportive, when they are actually not. See, dh is not like me. He thinks it is nice when people are happy about homecomings even if that is all the support they ever give.
  8. The one currently making the Facebook rounds is the one from the state of the union address this week. I’m not sure how many people in that family knew about the surprise. If it were truly a surprise, then I assume only the military member knew about it. I doubt the military member planned it. How does one go about reuniting with your family in that way? Again, I am not judging the family for choosing to do that. It just rubs me the wrong way. Like it is a stunt to manipulate people’s emotions.
  9. I should clarify that I am talking about the staged for tv videos and the surprise reunions set up by people other than the military family. And, also, the way the videos are later used. I have no problem with a family making a video that later goes viral.
  10. I’m trying to think through this. I have mixed feeling about these military reunion surprises. I get that they are heartwarming, but part of me gets annoyed that they don’t tell the whole story. There was an article today in the Washington Post about it. The article itself wasn’t all that good and didn’t capture my thoughts completely, but there were parts of it that I agreed with. One quote said something like “I wish people would think about the families ripped apart as much as they enjoy seeing them put back together.” I have told my dh (who doesn’t really agree with me on this) that I feel like these things are a cop out for our country. Instead of doing the hard work of figuring out why the same person has to go to Afghanistan so many times or how we can actually take care of our soldiers and our families, we feel good for feeling good that a soldier was reunited with their family. The last time dh was deployed, one of my kids had a terrible time with it. It was so awful. I called everyone I could think of to help and no one did. Someone even told me it was just a part of the life we chose. Things did get better over the 15 months and we finally settled into a routine. Then, dh came home, and the child had another super hard 6 months. Thankfully, the child is now totally fine and doesn’t seem to have any long term effects. It was still an awful two years. Then, ime, reunions are not always the end of the journey. My dh has twice come home to kids who were born just before he deployed and were now walking, babbling toddlers. He has come home to a preschooler who didn’t want anything to do with him. Once we had even moved across the country. So much changes in a family while a soldier is gone. The reunion isn’t always seamless. I don’t know. I’m babbling. Dh has been deployed 4 times-3 since we had kids. He is in the army reserves so we don’t live the military life daily. He kinda thinks I am a killjoy about it or bitter from his last deployment. But, I do think, in a way, that these videos are selling something that isn’t real. And the deployment experience was not my favorite time in life. It bothers me that my not good experience is sold as something to make other people feel good. Otoh, I have never had a surprise reunion so it isn’t actually “my” story. Perhaps I am way off base. And I will admit his last deployment made me pretty bitter about the whole thing, so I am sure I don’t have an unbiased view on things. I’m interested to hear others thoughts.
  11. If you have read the Inspector Gamache series, can you tell me what seasons the last 6 books are set in? Or if the season plays a very big role? I have read all of them in the season they are set in so far and I really like doing it that way. I am only up to How the Light Gets In. I was trying to figure out the seasons on my own, but I kept reading spoilers. Thanks!
  12. I am looking at my DS7 shelf right now: Dory Fantasmagory series (not graphic novels, but some pictures and bigger font) 24 story treehouse Zita the Spacegirl Babymouse Queen of the World Bad Guys series Chicken Squad series by Doreen Cronin Binky the Space Cat Cleopatra in Space Fable Comics Klawde evil alien warlord cat Cave boy Dave Giants Beware Mr Wolf’s class I have not read any of these. They are all either graphic novels or books with pictures and white space.
  13. My 7yr old is really into Hilo The Boy Who Crashed to Earth series.
  14. I get the stage of life thing. We moved this summer and our kids are 13, 11, 9, 7. I feel like I haven’t met anyone at my stage of life because everyone-just like me-is busy running their kids to activities. I have met people with little kids and empty nesters, but no one with middle schoolers. I’m sure it is even worse in high school. I am really busy, but still lonely. I do text my friends from our previous home and that helps.
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