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  1. I don’t know what is wrong with me, but I have felt this way off and on for the almost two years we have lived here. I just really hate living here. I put the kids in school and went back to work at a job I like (such a blessing after 15yrs as a SAHM). But I still feel so blah. I think it is that I currently have nothing to look forward to-like my best years are behind me. And I have no friends where I live (partly my fault I am sure because I have an attitude about this place). I’m trying to change my mindset. I do love fall/winter and that is only 4 months away!
  2. Yep! Still only 4. Is a homeschool forum the only place people say “only 4”?
  3. Haha! So weird to see this pop up today. I never did have another and my kids are now 9-15. I still sometimes think maybe we should have one more, but I am 99.9% sure we are done. We are hosting two college baseball players this summer, so I will get to see what it is like to have six kids, sort of.
  4. I will post where it is when it is official. Dh was told yesterday, but it won’t be announced until the end of the month. We haven’t told anyone IRL yet. I think we are going to wait until next summer to decide about our oldest ds. I’m hoping he can live with us then come back to play baseball for his club team in the summer. We are so surprised! Dh really thought it was a long shot. Hopefully they didn’t call the wrong person yesterday, lol.
  5. I have posted a few times about how Dh and I don’t really like where we live, but we have moved a few times (and always liked those places) and we want to settle down for our boys. Anyway, back in February (that month you should never make decisions) Dh applied for a promotion in Europe and found out yesterday he got it. We won’t go until the beginning of the 2022-2023 school year. I am super excited for everyone in our family except ds15. He loves baseball and there really isn’t any baseball where we are going. Dh said since he will be 16 when we go, we should let him decide if he w
  6. The price of lumbar and used cars has made us change our plans this year. We were planning to redo our deck, which is starting to be a safety issue, but thankfully it is really low to the ground so we can continue to put it off. I just can’t with the prices we were quoted. My oldest will get his school permit this summer, so we were hoping to get him something to drive to school. We may just get a new car for Dh and pass dh’s to him. Or we may just keep carpooling.
  7. We had it over Christmas. Dh and I were never very sick, but mine lingered for 6 weeks. I would say it was 8 weeks until I felt 100%. DS8 was our only kid of 4 to get it. He had a 104 fever for two days, but then was fine. We did go skiing later in January and it was really cold and he cried that his chest was hurting. I think that was maybe residual from Covid? But who knows.
  8. My middle schoolers play travel baseball (but we don’t really travel) so that is maybe 3 nights a week plus weekends. This is their first year in school and of course Covid made extracurriculars different before baseball season. But, I would say in general, they don’t have a problem with 3 nights a week plus school. Our district doesn’t have homework until high school.
  9. I think most people think everyone who works at the FBI is an agent, but they have intelligence analysts, surveillance teams, linguists, forensic accountants, plus all the administrative staff (and probably more jobs). I am pretty sure the headquarters building has FBI police officers (not agents) who guard the building.
  10. I would have them follow Patrick Skinner on Twitter. He also has a few pieces published in the Washington Post (one April 21). He is a police officer in Savannah, Ga and I think he has lots of good ideas on policing.
  11. This year we went the opposite direction of everyone else and I went back to work after 14+ years as a SAHM and the kids went to public school for the first time- 9th, 6th, 5th, and 3rd. I think the schools are really good and overall I have been happy with them. They can all walk/bike to school so that is nice. I would really like to send my youngest to a private school here. I am not a huge fan of how public schools operate for younger kids-sitting at desks all day, etc. The private school has smaller classes, has lots of outdoor time, flexible seating, and some student directed le
  12. Lots of good thoughts. I mentioned he was my oldest because I try hard to not expect too much of him-but it really is hard to know with your oldest! He would like umpiring if people weren’t allowed to talk. It really is just the coaches/parents that he doesn’t like. So far he hasn’t had any really bad experiences. I think it is more the constant chirping at him rather than anyone going over the line. I would like him to umpire because it pays at least $25 an hour. Games are between 1.5 and 2 hours and he gets $50 a game. Also, he can pick his own schedule. He schedules his own g
  13. My ds14 (will be 15 this summer-my oldest) is umpiring this year. He plays baseball and loves all things baseball except umpiring. He thinks coaches and parents yell too much. However, he makes $50 a game and most games are right around 2 hours. I told him he needs to do 20 games this summer and make $1000 to put in savings for a car or college or something. He keeps saying it isn’t worth the money and he wants to quit. He thinks he will get scholarships to college and won’t really want a car. So, how to talk to this kid, lol. He really is a good reasonable kid most of the time. Should I
  14. Not for normal life, no. Dh has a work car and we have thought about just having one personal car. But we have 4 kids doing activities and we often need to be two different places at once. Our second vehicle is very old. I’m thinking when it dies our oldest will be close to 16 and we can get a vehicle he and Dh can share.
  15. Nondenominational Christian. Not taking it seriously. I doubt we will go back.
  16. Every time we have moved is because DH got promoted. I think when he came here he thought he might be happy stopping his career progression, but now he thinks he won’t be happy staying at this level for 20 more years. We lived on his salary alone for 15 years, so he makes enough money for us to survive. Thinking about it more, it pretty much comes down to whether it is worth it for DH to stop “climbing the ladder” so that our kids can put down roots.
  17. Thanks everyone for your ideas! I agree that liking the house, schools, and my job are all pretty high on the list for quality of life. I just don’t like this area at all. We have been here almost two years and other than those three things I will miss nothing if we leave. I really do not want to live here 9 more years or longer. Dh really feels like if he stays here he will just be stuck-have no career advancement and he thinks he is too young for that. This is the fifth place we have lived in the last 11 years, so we have moved quite a bit. I really don’t want to keep moving
  18. We have four boys-9, 11, 12, 14 and the hardest thing for me as a parent is deciding what is best for our family-it always seems like what is best for one is worse for another. Anyway, we have lived in our current location in the Midwest for almost two years. Dh and I do not like it here. Dh doesn’t like his job here. However, I just got a job here that is great for someone who has been a SAHM for so long. And the kids went to school for the first time and I am super happy with the schools. My oldest is the starting catcher on his freshman baseball team. My 12yr old has tons of frien
  19. We ended up having pizza for lunch and shepherds pie for dinner. We bought a coconut cream and a cherry pie and I made a cookie butter pie (which if you like cookie butter, was delicious!)
  20. My in laws are redoing their unfinished basement to better fit the ages of their grandkids. Twelve of them are age 9-15 and it is still set up the same as when those twelve were all under 7. They still have four younger grandkids, but they are going to try to have the basement be the hangout space for 10+. Any ideas what they should put down there? It is a decent size, but not huge. We have an unfinished basement and we use it as a roller hockey court, so it is mostly empty space. Would love to hear your suggestions!
  21. Yes, but I don’t know what kind yet. I was going to cheat and get a Marie Callender Razzleberry pie, but it appears they are sold out. I will probably do apple or key lime.
  22. I went to the Get my Payment site and it says status unavailable. I certainly hope that doesn’t mean we don’t get one. We didn’t qualify in 2019, but did in 2020. We filed our 2020 taxes on March 10 and the bill was signed March 11. I was hoping we got it in on time-because $8400 is a lot of money!
  23. We were over the $150000 in 2019 due to just weird tax things. We have never made that much. I am going to try to file ASAP so it will look at our 2020 taxes. We should get $8400 and that is a lot to lose out on just based on timing. I would think there would be a way to remedy it, but I don’t know. I’m kicking myself for not filing sooner.
  24. I had Covid in December and got my first Pfizer shot in February. I had absolutely no symptoms- not even a sore arm. I got the second shot this week and ran a 101 fever and was quite sick for about 36 hours. It has been five days and I feel completely fine now. Dh also had Covid and the first Pfizer shot knocked him out for about a day, but he said he had no symptoms with the second one.
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