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  1. Just prayed for you and the situation.
  2. Her name is perfect, too, to go with those wise little eyes.
  3. Jaybee

    Chia seeds?

    I recently bought a pack of ground "superseeds" (can't remember exactly what it was called and I'm too lazy now to go look). It has flax and chia seeds, plus some others I believe. I am enjoying it sprinkled on salads--very satisfying and adds great flavor.
  4. Oh my, that is one beautiful baby! She has one of those "old soul" faces. Beautiful eyes.
  5. Congratulations! Praying both of you recover quickly, and also that all goes well for your sil and baby.
  6. No, I learned early on that as long as I kept my parents informed as to where I was and who I was with, things ran smoothly. So I respected their need to know so they didn't worry. I was only hanging out with my church friends playing Rook or Spades, anyway, at one of our houses. I also said no as to my kids, because of the circumstances where we were living at the time.
  7. Mine all loved Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow--watched it numerous times, but it might not be what you are looking for.
  8. I haven't, but I'll put it on my "read" list.
  9. I have monitored in the past, quite regularly for long periods of time. I haven't monitored regularly in the past year or so, but my A1C has ranged from 5.4-5.7, more often 5.4-5.5. The only wheat I know of that I've eaten since I started this was the couple of times I have eaten pizza. I didn't notice any reaction at those times. I haven't had any other grains that I know of. (I.e., it would only be in trace amounts in something, if so).
  10. I don't know--we eat a lot of whole foods anyway. I am eating more green vegetables.
  11. So I'm going to start this thread and then be out most of the day, but I wanted to get some thoughts down. About five weeks ago, I started eating keto-ish. I am diabetic, though my A1C has been below 6 most of the time for years. Different doctors (in different places) have disagreed on whether I am actually diabetic or just metabolic resistant. I've been on metformin for about 18 years. My body is diabetic shape--big belly, etc., and I've always struggled with my weight. I didn't really plan to start eating keto, but needed a jump start because I couldn't seem to get going on anything. I am, for the most part, trying to eat a healthy keto, that is, not so much of preserved meats, and include lots of low-carb veggies. I do eat some of the low carb "bars" occasionally, usually to help tide me over when I feel extra hungry, but would like to eventually leave those only for emergencies. Most days, I am also fasting from after dinner to lunch the next day, but I'm giving myself the option to break the fast earlier if needed. Twice, I have eaten regular pizza on Friday nights (family tradition), and one day I had a really bad cheat day with lots of sugar. Apparently, today I have just finished a discouraging plateau of not only no weight loss, but even weight gain, without any consistent reason of why. Today, I am encouraged again. If what I weighed this morning is "true," I have lost 12 lbs--not too shabby at all. I know I always need to eat lower sugar, but wonder off and on about what my healthy and under control levels should be as per things like fruit other than berries, oatmeal, etc. Anyway, I have heard people mention here things along this line, but I'm beginning to really wonder if I have a wheat allergy or at least sensitivity. Or is this due simply to carb reduction? There are some changes that have slowly happened over these five weeks that are interesting, and somewhat unexpected: *I had been having headaches fairly often--I contributed them to sinus headaches due to seasonal allergies. I haven't had one in several weeks. *The swelling under my eyes has almost disappeared. They are still a bit puffy sometimes, but it is much less. *TMI--Sex drive has returned more like earlier years (last week or so). I haven't lost enough weight to make me look different, and it doesn't seem to be to be psychological due to simply self-control in eating, and therefore feeling better about myself. *Sense of well-being. I don't know how else to word this one. It isn't exactly like just feeling better. But in spite of some heavy emotional loads due to things some people dear to me (not family) are going through, I have noticed this past week that I just feel better emotionally. This was completely unexpected and is a little weird, to be honest. Anyway, I've got to head out, but would be interested to hear the thoughts of others who have done something similar. Though I knew there were some discomforts here and there that I was experiencing, and mostly considered them age/weight related, I would not have said I felt bad before, or was sensitive to grains or anything. This has happened gradually, and is also not one of those, "I've been eating this way and everybody else should too, because it is the solution to all your problems" post/testimonies. I just find it interesting and would like to know if others have experienced anything like this.
  12. That's really pretty--and I think it looks much nicer than any of the earlier ones you linked.
  13. Aw, I think you are overthinking it. Seems harmless to me. Really, there are so many ways people can read cover letters that it would be almost impossible to provide the exact tone in them to please everybody. You showed light humor that reflects your personality, but it certainly wasn't over the top or anything, so I wouldn't worry about it.
  14. As far as putting meals in the freezer, depends so much on your dad. When I have travelled, there have been times when I made sure there were meals in the freezer that required minimal preparation, usually only being thawed and heated. Even so, my guys would end up going out to eat or something, as if I hadn't planned everything all out. So it's possible that even if you put meals in the freezer, he might not take the trouble to cook them, as I think a couple of people above mentioned happening with family members.
  15. I agree with the others: Meals on Wheels, then an occasional meal from you. Your schedule is already so full, that it seems like you will enjoy his being closer a whole lot more if you can just drop by and visit with a few groceries rather than waiting until you have a full meal to take. He will enjoy an occasional meal, but will probably enjoy the quick visits now and then even more. It will also help him not feel like a bother--something all of our older family members have worried about. This is something he can do for himself that will not require extra work from you, and that will probably help him feel more useful, which is a big deal when you get older.
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