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  1. I will also comment as to another reason a lot of people probably don't want a CPAP machine. Okay, so this is pretty personal, and from a woman's perspective. I felt a bit humiliated. If it were not for my cousin's encouragement from the very beginning, I probably wouldn't have stuck with it. I was embarrassed to be wearing that mask with hose when we went to bed, because it made me feel so ugly, unattractive, and unfeminine--and breathing like a quiet Darth Vader (on the other side if it, of course, is how lovely snoring is, if I didn't have the machine). There is insecurity anyway, due to we
  2. Wow. I think my insurance wouldn't pay for the equipment if I were not under a pulmonologist. (I have different insurance now, so I don't remember the details.) And yes, full auto would have had me gulping and sputtering and miserable. ETA: Now, if I were not having trouble but my machine wore out, I could do the settings myself because I know the range that is working well for me. But I think it is important to have some help at the first.
  3. I'm sorry. I would feel this way too if I were in an area where these new guidelines made any difference in how people were acting. As it is, the only difference is that I felt I could go in a store without a mask. But since I saw about the same number of people in the store wearing masks as before, I will probably go back to wearing one for moral support. (I don't know if my post even makes any sense. 😛)
  4. I didn't have a choice of machines, but I also didn't really know what all to ask. I have the Philips. After I was assigned the machine, they referred me to a pulmonologist who managed the settings, etc. At first mine was a range that went too high, and I had the weird mouth puffing up and too full, etc. He then adjusted it to go from 7 to 12. Most of the time I land an average of 9 or a little over. The pulmonologist monitored me every few months after the initial visits; the machine has an SD card that records a lot of information on it, and you just take the card with you to the appointment
  5. We never worried about specialized sizes. The regular size at the local beach shop or Walmart worked for everybody. The young kids were just able to fit more of themselves on one. We bought 3 or 4 and shared. They should last unless something weird or unusual happens. Ours always lasted just fine, even though they aren't high-quality. You don't want anything expensive, in case it's lost in the waves for some reason (they come with a velcro wristband and cord, which helps). We even took ours home and used them on the lake afterwards, and maybe on the next beach trip, as well. They are just fun
  6. If you have those big plastic castle molder thingys, then just take some things like old spoons, spatulas, etc., to add more details. Another fun beach game is spike ball. We always want boogie boards too, but they can be bought pretty cheaply once you are there.
  7. My church has been awful in handling all the covid things. They made a few minor adjustments at the beginning (I'm not sure why, because they were not the most effective kinds of adjustments, and they were made rather mockingly). Granted, we are in a lower case number area. However, even at the height of things, I was one of only a few (6-7 total?) who masked at church, and the only one in my Sunday school class. There were quite a few people who had all the symptoms, but who refused to get tested, I suppose because they thought it really wasn't a big deal (in spite of some things I know about
  8. It actually took me until about Chapter 6 to really be, wow, this is good stuff. In a few months, I will reread and appreciate more deeply. It's that kind of book.
  9. I found it rich and deep, but not an easy read, just so you are prepared. It's not a book that you sit down and read right through. It's more a chapter-a-day kind of book.
  10. Did my 5K plus stretches today. So that's 5/5 for the week. Woohoo! It's Friday, and the weekend is off. 🙂 Have a great weekend, everybody! And congratulations on your new home, @Jenny in Florida!
  11. While I have sympathy for the shelter dogs, the ones available around here are mostly breeds/mixes that we do not want, or have circumstances that we are not comfortable with. We wanted a dog that was easy to train due to our inexperience, as well as one that would be good with small children for when grandchildren or friends visit. So we went to a breeder with zero guilt. And we are very happy with ours. He is kind of like a cat-dog, in that he likes to snuggle and doesn't like a book or computer taking my attention away, lol. He will sprawl over it so I can't see or use it. I know the e
  12. Yesterday marked the 2-week point after second vaccine for dh and ds. That means the four of us living here are all past that marker, and I am very glad about that! (Other family members are also past it.) That only leaves the preschool grandchildren. The grandchild on the way's pregnant mom was vaccinated, so he/she should also have some immunity. Cases are really low here right now, but, and I hope I am wrong, vaccination numbers are also low. So I suspect the numbers will rise again at some point. Knowing others are not concerned, it makes me even more glad we all have the coverage.
  13. They tell you this, but make sure you use bc until you have the (six weeks? not sure) all clear. That seems obvious, but people do sometimes ignore this advice, and then there is another member of the family who appears so many months later. ETA: And I always think it is wise after someone has been under anesthesia that someone else drive to and from, even if it is for a minor something.
  14. Did my 5K rowing with stretches. I'm 4/5 so far this week! One more day.
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