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  1. Finished a week of 4K each day on the rower. Nothing stellar, but at least I'm doing something. I will be traveling the next couple of weeks, so probably won't be on here much. Have a happy Friday and a good weekend, everybody!
  2. I think I missed the thread yesterday. Did 4K of rowing both yesterday and today.
  3. https://www.al.com/news/2021/07/im-sorry-but-its-too-late-alabama-doctor-on-treating-unvaccinated-dying-covid-patients.html Sad article.
  4. @Jenny in Florida, you are an exercise machine! I'm always amazed at how much you are doing. I bumped up to 4K this morning on the rower.
  5. Yea for Fridays! I did 3K on the rower again. I always do a little stretching before and after, but I don't want to fool with putting that on here everyday. It's not a lot--just enough to try to avoid injuries. Have a great weekend, everybody!
  6. We can get them at a nearby urgent care. Have you checked at those? (I don't know if all of them do it, but this one seems to be really good about lots of things.)
  7. Thanks for this info. We were wondering. I was a little afraid we'd end up having to make some corrections by them sending too much and our having to return some, etc. Didn't want the hassle.
  8. I did my 3K on the rower this morning. I plan to move up to 4K next week. I'm gradually feeling more myself these days, which never meant I had tons of energy, but I feel like I'm getting back to my normal. And then, hopefully, I'll be building up more strength and energy.
  9. You are juggling so many things! And it's impressive. Hang in there!
  10. It's too late for last night, but my dd and sil had a form of this when I went to help them with their new baby. I've made it in several forms since (can vary it a good bit, depending on what you have on hand) and we all really like it, even my bean-hater. It is very filling, much more than it looks like it's going to be. I think some versions are called cowboy caviar. This could be served as a salsa for appetizers or at a party as well, but we make it a meal. Leftovers are enjoyed too. Oh, and last time I made it, I hadn't had enough green veggies that day, so I mixed in some salad greens. can black beans, drained can small white beans, drained (or black-eyed peas) small can corn, drained bell peppers, chopped (halves of several colors--green, yellow, red, orange--depending on what you like and have) halved grape tomatoes (or chopped other tomatoes) jalapeños, chopped (I just add some canned ones), optional onion, chopped minced garlic cilantro, optional salt and pepper Mix and add Italian dressing, homemade or store-bought. Store-bought Zesty Italian is really good with it. Chill. Stir and serve in bowls with mini-sized round tortilla chips.
  11. I am so angry on your behalf. Even my 17yo neurotypical ds would be extremely upset if something like this happened to him. I am so sorry.
  12. Yes, keep us informed, @itsheresomewhere! I forgot to sign in yesterday, but yesterday and today I have done 3K on the rower.
  13. I grew up with KJV. Then when NIV came out, I used it for awhile, and have intermittently used it on occasion. But NASB is the one I use the most and always go back to, ever since I was in seminary. I could see that the renderings were practically word for word, and I liked that. Our last two churches have mostly used ESV from the pulpit, but I have never read through it, though dh uses it. I think I'd like to read through an RSV next time, but I don't have one. But I expect that afterward, I'll go back to my NASB. Since I grew up with KJV, that is what I memorized verses from growing up. Ever since, it has been really difficult for me to memorize scripture, sadly. The old language made it easier for me to remember, and back then, since everybody used KJV (I'm old), the memorization was reinforced whenever the verses were read. When so many different translations began to be used, each one was just enough different to be confusing to me in memorizing.
  14. Yes. I'd been doing 5K for weeks when I got sick with this respiratory virus thing. I think that is why it feels so slow to me.
  15. Got in 3K this morning. Making slow progress.
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