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  1. My concern is figuring out where to put it. If it is in the garage, it thankfully won't be part of the decor. But if it is inside, I will use it more when I just pass by it--constant reminder to just sit down and row for awhile. Dh doesn't want to decorate our house with exercise equipment for some reason.
  2. DD received her second Pfizer vaccine yesterday. I haven't heard yet of any side effects. I'm glad, since she is a HCW in a high-risk area.
  3. Thank you so much! Yes, me too. Looks like it may be late February, but we'll see. I put myself on both Rogue and Concept 2 lists, but I don't have any idea how fast the Rogue list is moving.
  4. This is so encouraging, as I'm on the waitlist myself. Would you mind sending me links to some of the videos you like for beginners, please?
  5. ETA: The last set was about $50 on a big sale, and they were so nice. So I figured there was no way I'd like a set this cheap. Because $17 is just cheap for queen sheets. I don't know how long they will last, but they really are comfy, to my surprise. ETA2: I didn't mean to quote myself, just to edit. Oh well.
  6. I'd want a bathroom with the master, so depending on the layout, etc., I'd make a master downstairs. But I would also convert one of the bedrooms upstairs into a den/sitting room, because it is so nice to have a second living space. I really like our house in lots of ways, but I do wish we had another public spot where one could go to talk with friends or read while others watch TV.
  7. I needed another set of queen sheets. My last ones were quite expensive (not compared to some places though), so I kept putting off buying new ones. I was in a local discount store right before Christmas, and they had sets of sheets for about $17. They were supposed to be "cooling" sheets, and were polyester. I much prefer cotton. But I bought a set anyway, just to try, especially as the cashier told me I could always bring them back if I didn't like them. They are quite thin, but so, so soft, and I'm probably going to buy another set! I'm so pleased that I tried them out.
  8. Did my squats and pushups again. They are getting much easier and my soreness is gone. I got my name on the waiting list for a rowing machine. I don't like going to a gym, and I do like something I can do without leaving the house. I don't really like having to use a screen to give me instructions, as in watching a workout for guidance. I enjoy walking, but it is good for my regular "let's get this done" exercise to be something I can do as soon as I get up and without depending on decent weather. In the meantime, I am working toward building back up to a card workout I used to do. I don't hav
  9. To the one who suggested this book on one of our many book suggestion lists, thank you! I finished it today.
  10. So many yummy looking recipes! Thank you all so much for these ideas! The burgers were tasty, a little dry except I added sauce of sriracha, mayo, and yogurt. I cut up an avocado alongside as well. We had leftovers for lunch.
  11. Those both look really good!
  12. Reader, that does sound good. I have never cooked beans a whole lot over the years. I had a few recipes, but we just weren't beans people. But now I am trying to make more room in our budget, and food is one of those things that I always think I can't change a whole lot. I'm trying, though. By the way, I think the recipe I linked above from peas and carrots would be great also if you just stopped before adding the eggs and oatmeal (I don't have quinoa on hand), and served it in a bowl. It was tasty and smelled great. Overall, the recipe is a bit time intensive, because I started with dry
  13. I think I'm going to try this for tonight: https://peasandcrayons.com/2019/07/homemade-white-bean-burgers.html#comments , tweaked because I don't have any quinoa on hand. And just the patties, not the full burgers. My kale is too old, but I'm going to mark this thread for the ideas above. Thank you all so much!
  14. Oh, okay. I make a version of that, I just didn't know it had a name, lol. It's one of our newer additions to the menu, and we all like it, even the bean-hater.
  15. You ladies' ideas are making my mouth water. I would like a hot dish tonight, rather than a salad, because it's pretty cold today. @Sneezyone, what is cowboy caviar?
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