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  1. I know that somehow some of my medical information is getting out there, because I get ads for medical paraphernalia as well as articles on Facebook that are applicable to me, even though I post none of that type of info on Facebook. 😡 It's infuriating.
  2. Even with just surgery, the feelings you have described are not uncommon; yet, you have gone through a whole bunch of stuff lately. Going back to the "just surgery" part: Years ago, I became quite ill, was hospitalized for a week, then in the process it was discovered that I also needed surgery (and the surgeon offered to combine another needed surgery with the initial one). So I went back the next week for the combined surgery, done laparoscopically (so a 'lesser' surgery, in a way). A few weeks after my surgery, I was losing a lot of my hair--not outwardly noticeable, but it was falling out much more than normal, and skin was peeling off in places. Whether a response to the sickness or to the surgery, or to both, I don't know. I'm sharing all that to say that those physical changes are a big blow to the body (to the extent that hair can fall out and skin can peel off). And that includes to the parts that govern emotions. It is common for people to be depressed for awhile after any surgery. And your surgery and the circumstances surrounding it involve emotionally-charged feelings about all the things A from Texas mentioned in her last two posts. Gently here, it almost sounds like you are not wanting to allow yourself to be human and feel the emotions that are so normal--maybe they are not normal for you, so you think you shouldn't be feeling weak and weepy and maybe very vulnerable. It's okay to feel those things. In fact, I'd think it would be healthier to lean in to them and really grieve, than it would to reject those feelings because you think for some reason you shouldn't be feeling them. Hugs to you, Jenny; you have been/are going through a lot, both physically and emotionally, and the lines between the physical and emotional are related and blurred.
  3. So...I read this as "Meet" Raffles, and clicked on it expecting to see a fluffy new pet of some variety.😜
  4. Does it matter which Pine Sol? Or should it be the original? My dh is a runner, and his running clothes could probably benefit from this.
  5. When one ds was about 12-13, maybe 14, he was a bit rank. But it was because he didn't care to take the time to get really clean. I think he'd just get in the shower because he was suppose to, but wouldn't soap up or shampoo well. It took several experiences of being sent back to the shower, a threat of one of us going in there with him to make sure he did it right, etc. But then he got older and more interested in girls...He smells pretty good now except right after soccer practice/games, or a big outside work day.
  6. I'm kinda tired of the everything gray trend. I mean, some of it is really pretty, but it still feels cold to me. And it's too popular. Last year, we bought a house and kids wanted accent walls. I'm not too crazy about them, myself, but we let them choose the colors they wanted. I really really really like the paint we chose for our bedroom. I can't remember right now the shade (I'm not at home); it's Sherwin Williams, and I'm not seeing it in the search I just called up. But it is the lightest in the sage line--almost white--but if you put white next to it you can see the difference. Our furniture is dark and bedspread is a quilt with shades of sage. It has the most peaceful atmosphere, like walking in a forest. If I moved right now, I would be tempted to paint the whole house that shade! (I probably wouldn't, because I like a slight variety, but still...)
  7. I find DC fascinating. There are so many things to choose from that can satisfy lots of different interests. The types of museums are so varied, plus I like hearing the history. The last time we went, we stayed at a very reasonably priced place with a short shuttle to the Metro. (Sorry--can't remember the name of it, but I think it was part of a chain like the Comfort Inns and Suites--comparable, anyway.) Outside the country, another option would be Iceland. I haven't been there, but I know someone who went recently and had a blast. They rented a car, drove around and saw the beautiful scenery, sat in the hot pools, looked at the glaciers, and ate the great bread. The trip was very reasonable price-wise, as well.
  8. I'm a pretty good judge of character. Interestingly, I have had a few people where I saw the red flags and admitted it to myself, but I was willing to consciously risk it anyway. Because I had seen the flags, I wasn't terribly caught off guard when the person showed their true colors. But I have a weird way of sharing a lot with a person while still inwardly keeping a distance, if that makes any sense. Maybe that makes me insincere, I don't know, but I'm not sure it's terribly uncommon when one has moved around a lot. It's like I can put a lot out there--that may even be used against me--and how it is handled determines whether I inwardly give my friendship to the person. I'm an okay driver. Pretty careful, but not very smooth and not very confident.
  9. For the gift exchange, either B&N or Books-a-Million (probably both) have boxes of very pretty blank note cards for about $10. I love keeping those on hand, as they can be used for thank-yous, birthdays, or thinking-of-yous. Also, nice pens, etc., are something I always like to have. So maybe a pen and note cards? But I'm not a girly girl, so there are things that many women like that I don't care for a whole lot.
  10. I agree with pp. If you want to send something, I'd probably send a local treat as just a thoughtful gesture, but not wrap it as a Christmas gift. That way, it might lessen their feelings of reciprocal obligation. Our family is so large (immediate and extended), that it's hard to financially cover the bases during the holidays, as it is. There are lots of people I would love to give gifts to, but we just can't afford to do so, even if I feel a reciprocal gift should be given. 😞
  11. Wow! Congratulations--yes, that's a lot of hard work. (Hard work that I need to do. 😞 ) Good for you!
  12. We've lived a lot of places, so have moved lots of times. I'm not crazy about where we are now, but it's not too bad, and we were not really settled in where we moved from--though we wanted to settle there, just no job. Generally, I'm pretty up for adventure. But reading the above does not sound appealing to me. Maybe it's just my personality where I prefer a more laid-back lifestyle. My dh enjoys being busy and is a very hard worker, but neither of us would enjoy the kinds of pressure this sounds like. Maybe I'm too ignorant about what is available in high-paying tech fields, but we don't want to be "owned" by a company. It also sounds like the financial benefits might not actually end up being near as much as they seem, once everything is figured in. I'm pretty sure we'd keep looking, and hopefully find something in the area where we already loved living. There's a lot of value in what you have mentioned you have there. I don't want to be a downer; I'm just looking at it through our personalities and preferences.
  13. I've used Dawn dish liquid before. Put it liberally on the stained areas and rub it in thoroughly. Let it sit for awhile, then wash.
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