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  1. Our pharmacy won't give them. I asked.
  2. Yesterday, I stopped by the nearby Walgreen's to ask about boosters. The pharmacist I talked with was quite adamant that they would not be giving third doses more widely than immunocompromised until official approval was given. (I am over 60 but not 65, and have Type 2 diabetes. I also have a person in my wider family that I am trying to protect for a specific reason.) She said that when it became official, it would be on the news, and then they would be swamped. I am also in a low vaccination area, so that surprised me a bit. Anyway, she seemed a little like she had been asked that question a few too many times, and was taking a hard line. So just because you want it, doesn't necessarily mean you will be able to get it.
  3. I personally know 11 people who have died of covid. Some I haven't seen for years, some quite elderly, but I knew them. Four others I know of because they were close relatives to people I know. And yet, the lies proliferate. Just this week, I saw a Facebook post from a friend that was all about the number of people who have died--from the vaccine. ??? (I don't know of anyone who has died of the vaccine.) It was an article she posted that had lots of replies on it about people who had died from it. I didn't read too far down the list, but one that did stick in my mind was someone's father had had the vaccine and died...three months later. Really? This whole thing is the craziest thing I have seen in my six decades. I fear where it will lead, this kind of thinking.
  4. I was thinking about yellow and wondering about why I don't care for it much, even though I can see how it would make a room look cheerful and sunny. Then I realized that I'm prejudiced because we lived overseas for years. where yellow walls were very common, but due to pollution, etc., it wouldn't take long before they looked dingy and grimy. The yellow was mostly the same shade/yellow every home you were in, and just ugh. Sorry, yellow, it's nothing personal, lol!
  5. This is me (kind of). I prefer neutral shades on fixed parts--flooring, cabinets, walls, large furnishings. We don't like to paint well enough to want to change it more that it has to be. Then I like splashes of color through easily changed out items--pictures, throws, mats, etc. I don't change things out much, but I could if I wanted to, without much work/hassle. Even through the height of its popularity, I never cared a lot for gray, because it feels cold to me, even though I think light gray with white trim looks neat and clean. I prefer either warmer light shades, or cooler light blues/greens. (For ex., our master is painted a shade that looks almost white, but is actually the lightest on a card of sage. It feels so clean and restful, and against the white trim you can see the contrast. Our son's room is mostly a classic cream shade that is quite nice, with a blue wall he painted for contrast.) ETA: Other DS's room is lime green and dark gray, but I'm trying to focus on preferences here...😄
  6. I had an order (a single item) one time that was to be delivered on Sunday. I checked Monday, because that was better for us. It came on Sunday anyway, which made me wonder why they had the option.
  7. (I haven't read beyond this yet, so hopefully I don't just repeat what someone else has said.) I was going to say this same thing. Oldest ds recently ran for city council, and really enjoys it. He cares a lot about his community, and decided instead of griping about the problems, he should get in a position to try to do something about them. He interacts a lot with people who wouldn't have a voice otherwise, and finds it quite fulfilling. He was able to see how he likes it by finishing an open term of someone who had to resign, so it wasn't a longterm commitment for him.
  8. I just got back from spending two+ weeks caring for two of my grandchildren (ages 5 and 3). Four of those days, I was the only adult to care for them, and another week of it, I provided at least 90% of their care. It was hard. I'm getting older. Because they are not my children, I had to try to fit into their home and their way of doing things, at least under these circumstances. But I was glad I could do it, because it was due to an emergency medical situation that none of us could have foreseen. It gave me the chance to love on my gc, ds, and ddil. But this was not because anyone had any frivolous ideas of what parenting truly is or what a parent should reasonably expect others to do for them. It was a crisis situation, and I was thankful I was available to step in and help, as well as get some time with gc whom I rarely get to see. But it was not a normal situation by any stretch of the imagination. In your situation, it looks like someone doesn't understand what parenting is all about.
  9. Similar idea here, though I wasn't working and we never did daycare. Expectations of relatives babysitting, and even help after childbirth, are so different from what I had and experienced--perhaps because we always lived far away from family. My "time alone" was nearly always some quiet time while the kids napped/rested. They went to the grocery store with me, or dh picked things up. If I needed a haircut, I arranged it when dh could watch them. I never had someone watch them while I did household chores; it wasn't available. I don't know if this is a generational change, or a family culture thing. Sadly, we live a long way away from our grandchildren. I love them all dearly, and would love to be able to spend time with them more often. But I don't know that I would want even a standing weekly time of childcare, perhaps because I am looking forward to having time with just dh and me doing things together when he retires. We raised six kids. I did have some housecleaning help some of the years because we were overseas and it was much cheaper to hire someone. But other than 2-3 occasions over all our childrearing years when we had a conference or trip where we couldn't take the children, we managed their childcare ourselves (i.e., either did it ourselves or paid for it). Other times, we had dates at home after the children were in bed. While I love to read to the gc and spend time with them, it wears me out to be responsible for them for long periods of time, and I'm in pretty good health.
  10. A version of this is a very common recurring dream. Mine are usually some form of: I am enrolled in school (university or otherwise), but I forget about some classes until it is too late to drop them, or even until it is time for the final. I go around all over the place trying to find the classroom, and I never find it before I wake up.
  11. Ed Emberly drawing books are also a lot of fun to have on hand. Our kids enjoyed them at a lot of different ages; just look inside (if possible) to see which ones you think they would enjoy the most.
  12. That's us. We are all vaccinated. If boosters are recommended, we will take them. I am just now starting to wear a mask again in a few places, but probably will not wear one everywhere. We have done some traveling to visit our families, and I am, in fact, flying back home this weekend. One of the reasons I have been masking again is that I don't want covid to prevent me from going home. I am not comfortable in large crowds anyway. So we are doing what we consider to be the most helpful in preventing catching it. But we are not going to quarantine ourselves unless we know we have been exposed. One ds, in particular, will not take precautions, and we know that. So his vaccination will pretty much be it as far as his protection.
  13. Thank you. This realization has helped me a lot, personally. I still feel some burden over people's not believing what I see. And I don't want to have a "told you so" or arrogant attitude. But I can't carry that load of responsibility, either. ETA: to clarify
  14. Exactly. I find the whole situation very sad, and if it would make any difference, I might say something. But where I am, early on, I was one of the few (and sometimes the only one) in my circles wearing a mask. People are now so entrenched in their beliefs, that my saying something won't convince them. At this point, I'm not even sure that people who they know and love dying will convince them. So I have determined that when people fall ill, I will pray for them and express my love and concern for them, but I will not carry the responsibility of their actions on myself. I am saddened because I am pretty sure that there will be terrible consequences to some people I care about because of their beliefs about covid and vaccines. But I can't change them, and can only show compassion when they suffer the consequences.
  15. Well, our house is such that if one of us gets it (also all vaccinated), there is just no way of isolating. So...? If it's in the fall, we can open windows. Before then, not so much due to excessive temperatures. Also, I'm assuming that if one of us gets it, by the time we realize it, it will be too late to avoid exposure for the rest. We can try our best to minimize it, but it will be hard in our house.
  16. I actually did this as part of my job when covid first started circulating. People were so glad to have someone to talk to, and the conversations often went different directions and lasted much longer than expected. I enjoyed getting to know some of these folks better, and found it interesting. So many of them have had amazing lives, and now feel set aside
  17. Vaccination vote here, too.
  18. If you can get a list of shut-ins from your church or even area churches, and go down the list giving each one a call, that will give you some social interaction and meet some needs as well. Nursing home patients may not be able to use a phone as well (thinking of my own mil), but shut-ins probably still can. Lots of them are lonely and love to have conversations. You can ask if there is anything they need, how they are doing, and so on. Then it wouldn't matter if you travelled, and you could just do it as you have time. You may find that there are just a few that you really connect with, and then you can be "phone friends" with them, giving them a call every week or so. Even many who have family still get lonely from day to day.
  19. I seriously doubt it. I like being married, and greatly enjoy the companionship with dh. But as some said, the intertwining again of lives with someone else's and their family/children/grandchildren--well, I have quite a lot of my own, and it is challenging enough trying to keep up with them. I don't want to add others and feel I need to invest deeply into those relationships too. I would want to choose where I live without worrying about his work or other circumstances determining that. I am past menopause, and teA isn't as important to me as it used to be (I used to be pretty sure I would remarry if given the right opportunity). I enjoy my own company. It's possible I might find someone who I was very comfortable with and the circumstances were just right, and in that case, I might be willing for the friendship/companionship. But I don't think so. I don't really want to expend the effort it takes to make a good marriage after having spent almost 40 years on this one. I'd rather expend that effort on the family I already have. As for him, I think he would remarry. I am fine with that, theoretically. Practically, it would concern me as far as our adult kids and how it might affect dh's relationships with them and their families.
  20. Well, we waited, and then had good communication (as well as some helpful books). We've been married 39 years, and it's been good. Because we weren't "experienced," it took a little time to learn each other. If we hadn't been married, I don't think the learning experience would have been too helpful, because learning under the fear of being caught (or any number of other issues, like having someone committed to me), is not the same as learning with someone who has decided to spend his life with you and commit to you. I'm glad we didn't write each other off based on our first experience together. Or maybe you are considering a long-term sexual relationship before marriage in a different context than we had. But I'm glad we waited. I'm glad we weren't being compared to others. Through the years, sometimes we have been more compatible than others. But we've always loved each other and been committed to one another.
  21. Finished a week of 4K each day on the rower. Nothing stellar, but at least I'm doing something. I will be traveling the next couple of weeks, so probably won't be on here much. Have a happy Friday and a good weekend, everybody!
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