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  1. A school librarian rewrote the entire Hunger Games series (including some prequels) from Haymitch Abernathy's point-of-view. I love her stories even more than the original series. They are smart, fill in so many gaps since Katniss is an unreliable narrator, and are more mature. Fernwithy, the author, posited that religion would have to go deep underground in Snow's Panem because he wouldn't tolerate loyalty to anything but himself. She also had this whole theory of Deistric 4 having underground Catholisism and District 8, deeply committed to Judaism. I think she wrote an essay on it. I adore what she did with the series and am still in awe of all the work she put into it. The rewritten Hunger Games and prequels: Her essay on the History and geography of Panem (but alas, sans religion theories) Her LiveJournal Page:
  2. Sending healing thoughts to you and your boys.
  3. Yes, the part where Serena gets the pictograph schedule was deeply humiliating for a well-known author; another in a series of humiliations that character has encountered lately which hopefully, will lead to some changes in perspective. And another stronger yes to the second part. All of these attacks on women are taking place, actively, around the world. It's easy to read about it or watch it on the news and say "that's terrible" then go on with your day. But the show brings it home, bringing perhaps, a more visceral understanding. There are and were university educated women in Afghanistan that were forbidden to read or write under the Taliban. Women who were as use to literacy as we are here; then threatened when they wanted to do so. That should cause outrage. Seeing an American woman circumcised in a show is just a small reminder that millions of girls are circumcised, including the U.S. That should cause outrage.
  4. The show and the book are in great part about the subjugation of women by men and by other women. The author and the show both demonstrate this by adding different scenarios that are happening and have been happening to women in at least one different part of the world. Women not being allowed to read and write? Afghanistan and other Taliban controlled areas Genital mutilation? parts of Africa Rape, domestic violence? Everywhere. Violence towards the LGBTQ community? Everywhere. Children being separated from their mothers? .... They aren't all necessarily happening to the same women as they are in the show, but the situations they've been in aren't fiction. I wouldn't say the rapes are sensationalized either. In fact, due to the reason for the rapes (supposedly propagation) the rapes are very clinical with absolutely no nakedness shown. This doesn't make them less horrible, the psychological effect is quite clear. It would be difficult to say I enjoy the show. After watching it I feel as I did after watching Schindler's List and Boys Don't Cry: that I need to write, that I need to take action. I believe that is intended. It's powerful show with amazing actors and in my opinion, well worth watching, but it will never be a show I buy and watch repeatedly.
  5. I started Lukeion 1 almost two years ago as an adult. It was very good but I needed a solid two hours a day to get an A from the class (maybe 1.5 on the weekends). There's probably people who would be able to do this in less time but for me, it was very time-consuming. I asked if they might come up with an adult class that could be stretched out more. She said they hoped to, someday.
  6. Sending good thoughts to you, your friend, and hope that the doctors will figure out the issue and be able to treat her, soon.
  7. Just skimming through the city paper when I found that both the King County and Seattle library systems are streaming a video service known as Kanopy. There are many independent type movies but another neat thing is they have a lot of PBS material and many (all?) of the Great Courses. According to my search, there are 3,437 GC videos. An excerpt from the article: "Kanopy was founded in 2008 by CEO Olivia Humphrey as an educational tool for colleges and universities. The service has recently become available in public libraries and access is rapidly expanding across the United States, Canada and Australia."
  8. The swelling will go down. Your sweet boy's face is still there. Many, many hugs.
  9. Sending good thoughts for you and your son.
  10. Thank you so much Susan. It is very kind of you to host the forum and put so much time, effort, and money into creating this space. It is truly appreciated.
  11. I am so sorry Melissa. The "charges" are completely ridiculous. For one, you cannot "require" someone hug someone else. What about your bodily autonomy? Not to mention the implication of having physical contact with a child who may have been trying to gain sexual pleasure in watching you. Hugging him would have been completely inappropriate.
  12. Another historical fiction book is Year of Impossible Goodbyes by Sook Nyul Choi. It covers the end of the Japanese occupation and the beginning of Communism in North Korea. The subject matter is somber but it is written for middle grades.
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