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  1. Can you shift the schedule at all? If his can't, can you feed the kids 30 min before he comes out for his break? Then maybe you two can eat together while the kids play outside or in another room?
  2. Noooooo!!!!! Please please don't let them screw this up 😩
  3. If you sew, I suggest making it yourself. I have had so much drama getting dresses for our first two weddings that I've made everyone promise to not let me even try but to just start on a custom dress from the beginning. I have fit issues due to being petite (but overweight) and also strict modesty requirements per religion. Starting from scratch would have been worlds easier than what I went through. My dress from JJs house was lovely. Didn't fit, but was lovely 😬☹️
  4. So these are actually two different issues. A frenulum that is visible at birth and can be clipped like that easily is not the same as a posterior tongue tie although they can occur concurrently. Those types should still be being evaluated and fixed. It is terrible that so many babies have trouble feeding and no one is screening for this. (well midwives and LCs are, but that doesn't catch but a minority). A posterior tie is more complicated and takes a different procedure. Both should be taken care of when diagnosed for all the reasons in the OP.
  5. Yes it is often found in babies with breastfeeding problems and honestly all babies should be evaluated. It sounds so tough but absolutely worth it. It is only a few weeks for long term, life time really, benefits. Stock you freezer, clear your schedule and pretend you have a newborn. When my son broke his arm I was up every 3 hrs around the clock after his surgery. When my niece had hip surgery my sister in law was up every few hours all night for much longer than me. It isn't fun but at least you can know it is coming and plan for it. Good luck!
  6. I have hesitated to update about my condition but I will in case it helps anyone else. I did a video call with a doctor who suggested that anemia might be the route cause of my lingering issues. I had previously come across some info that anemia is fairly common after covid because of the way the red blood cells are affected. The doctor did suggest I go in for blood work but that left me with only an ER option and I just wasn't willing to do that at the time. I am comfortable treating anemia naturally and have before such as after child birth and I figured it wouldn't hurt. I would
  7. I shut my finger in a door last year and the doctor told me it was bent. Strangest thing I had ever heard. Treatment was the same as a break(cast etc). She said that the bone had almost broken but only "bent"
  8. I have always been so thankful for those items in houses when visiting (pre covid 🙄). I have a large family and it is rare that we have friends with the same range of kids. If there are only older kids but they can pull out some things for the younger ones it is so helpful! Same with grandparents house. So my vote is keep for sure but a limited amount.
  9. One if the doctors videos I watched from the UK was recommending a low histamine diet and to take anithistamines. I can't remember what she was calling the problem but it sounded promising. I do have allergies although no obvious symptoms at the moment. Usually just seasonal or some animals.
  10. It looks like the UC davis long covid clinic will see non locals and it's closer if I do have to travel. Not sure how it will work if I need tests like an echocardiogram locally but I'm going to call them for an appointment and see what happens.
  11. Yes. But I don't know how to find that. I looked at Johns Hopkins but it looked like you needed to be either local or able to travel for follow up which I can't do at least at this point. I mean I suppose I *could* fly there and stay at a hotel and maybe since I'm likely immune for another month it could work. Maybe. But I don't really want to do that as my first choice
  12. I am not near john's hopkins and there is no post covid clinic near me. At least not that I can find and I have looked. It would be easier for me to go if I knew the doctor had experience treating long covid for sure because I feel like I will either get the run around of not really believing me OR run up thousands of dollars of tests that also won't show anything. The deductible isn't really holding me back from seeing a doctor, like I can afford an appointment 😉. It's just if they want to run a billion tests to rule everything out because they really have no idea and have to cover themselv
  13. Ok so I have had a hard time doing the test today because I ended up spending more time downstairs (oximeter was upstairs and my married kids came to visit etc) and I even made most of dinner etc. For sure like a marathon though as I just did bits and pieces in between resting. This am when I tried it, it went up only about 25 beats(76 to 100ish) and only stayed up for a 10 seconds or so and then went most of the way back down. When I started walking around (putting in contacts etx) it went up to 120 and that is when I felt faint. I don't feel faint usually when getting up. It is more when
  14. Thank you. Yes I have the thorne ar supplement in my Amazon cart. But today I just didn't take anything and I'm kinda holding off until I have more direction. I really don't want to go down the path of a million cardiac tests because of a high deductible but I guess I'm going to have to.
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