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  1. I just went back and read more posts. With kids at those ages it's even more important that they don't have free access to the internet and YouTube etc. Especially since someone has already proven to be sneaky about it. And especially because youtube is sneaky about showing inappropriate content in what looks like safe videos.
  2. I would place passwords and such on the TV so that youtube could not be accessed without my permission and knowledge. That is incredibly dangerous to have free access. We password protect everything. In their later teens they have the passwords as sometimes they are babysitting and such but they have to have earned it and they know we would take that privilege away. I would be more concerned about that then the actual act of staying up too late watching something presumably acceptable. I might address that or I might not but I would for sure make sure no one in the house can access
  3. I had someone post on FB that putting a mask on a child is child abuse. Sigh. I also got into a heated discussion with someone who is generally logical and rational about loss of freedoms and how stupid masks are because there is no way they can work and everyone just wears dirty ones from the floor of their car anyways. So yeah it's lots of fun over here.
  4. Title says it all. Leaving in 8 days. By best I mean most protective to *me* although I assume that if it's protecting me well, it will be protecting others from me as well. I am very concerned about catching covid on the plane and giving it to an at risk family member.
  5. Im dealing with this with my close contacts. They absolutely think the death count is not accurate. There are a lot of people in my experience who think the death counts have been messed with. I can't figure out who they think would do that since drs would get into a lot of trouble for lying on vital records. I actually called someone on it yesterday when they said the lines about only people with pre existing conditions are at risk. I said "do you not realize that I am one of those? And lots of other people you love?". No good response just some muttering about most people reco
  6. Thank you! I've never used MM although I see it recommended all the time. Is the instruction right in the book?
  7. After using teaching textbooks for 2 years and realizing too late that it wasn't really working (I still don't understand why as they got good scores daily and weren't cheating or anything) we are back with CLE. I placed my 12 year old in 7 even though it is a bit of a stretch. We are almost done with 701 after going slowly to teach or review parts he was shaky on. He's done well but could use a boost on percents. I am considering the Key to series and maybe use it along side CLE 7 as we move on but we've spent a lot on curriculum this year and don't really want to buy more. Is there som
  8. One of my sons Sunday school teacher brought in her new baby to show the class, and asked if there were any questions. He raised his hand and asked "Did you have a vaginal birth?" I am a midwife and my kids just hear it ALL. He was 8 and probably didn't entirely know what it meant. I recently told him (he's 20 now) and he died laughing. He has no memory of it . The church teacher thought it was hilarious but I was embarrassed when she told me and kept apologizing 😂
  9. Yes. ☹️ Exactly that. We are a week past potential exposure, assuming student was contagious 4 days before symptoms.
  10. He has not been asked to isolate because it's not considered close contact because they were following guidelines. Yes they removed masks temporarily but that was still within acceptable. I will check to see how easy it is to test.
  11. I knew it was probably coming. He went to campus as he has a full scholarship for music and couldn't lose it. Most of his classes are online but he had an in person workshop for his instrument and found out one of the students at his table (apparently they were still 6 ft apart) has tested positive. There are only 2 options for students who it could have been and one of those was also in an in person (distanced and masked) class the next day and was the person sitting the closest to him that day. The classes were wed night and Thursday am and the student developed symptoms on Sunday. Th
  12. This was our first time at church since March Everyone was masked and distanced and there was no singing. The organ played hymns and it was beautiful to listen to it play. My 5 year old commented that she didn't recognize this place so I know it felt weird to her. Communion(which we call the sacrament) was passed in individual cups to each person with a clean tray and a discard tray. Ours is always passed but we usually take the tray at the end of the row and pass it down to another deacon who picks it up and gives it to the next row. We sat skipping rows so he walked along to each pe
  13. I have two college kids. One has stayed in her apartment in another state this whole time and working although her college was all online. The other is an incoming freshman and is going (different school). He is a music major and trying to do that all online is not going to work. There are no large ensembles and most classes including generals have a hybrid kind of set up. He will be able to take in person lessons though. All classes online after Thanksgiving. He is on a full scholarship so can't not go. The rest of my kids are homeschooling as they always have. Debating about
  14. That's what I understood from your first post. And it would make sense. He may be fluent in Spanish but only on a conversational level. I know there is very little in the way of academics at home, no(or very little) books or reading etc. Just what the school requires. So all of his education happened in English not Spanish and now he's switching. I can see this being a problem although the mom said he was fine until the shutdown.
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