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  1. Ha! Thanks. It's really just about tradition and not the gift. It is fun to see everyone get the same thing but different and the kids are always wondering what it's going to be this year. I LOVE the idea of the nativity set with each person getting a figure for a family one(each family). I could then do a small one for the grandparents and everyone would get something nativity. I am super excited about this. Oh! The married couple would get their own too. And the exchange students could get a small one of their own too that they could take home. One is Catholic and practicing, the other isnt religious so I would need to see what my SIL thinks of that. I can't believe I didn't think of this sooner. Great idea!!!
  2. And here I am for the third year 😊 Last year my sister in law made her family pajamas as their gift and I gave team shirts to mine that coordinated with their pj bottoms that we sewed. They help with those so they can't be the gift but my sister in law was able to make hers while her kids were in school. I gave up trying to keep pajamas a secret with 9 homeschooling kids and just put them to work helping make them 😉 So this is easier now as my sister in law is participating. This means she is not only helping figure it out but she is paying for her family's gifts. This year we will have my family ranging in age from 5-22, oldest is married so his wife, and then of course dh and I. Her family has parents, two kids 6 and 9 and teen exchange students(boys). Grandparents from both sides may also be here. I am leaning towards santa hats with names on them but have to ask her what she thinks. Or travel cosmetic type bags with names on but I don't think that is the best idea for the adults. We have lots of cheap santa hats but personalized nicer ones could be nice and it's not clutter as it gets packed away. I loved the year I did Christmas pillowcases. They use them only for the month of December so they are excited when we pull them out. Another idea I had is nerf guns and bullets just for fun and playfulness that night. I shy away from anything for that night as after our big dinner we act out the nativity and sing songs etc, have a special book to read and the other family has to head back across town so there really isn't time for another activity. Socks with personalized interests is also on the short list this year. I have done Christmas socks before but it's been a long time so I could do socks again. Another personalized item is also a possibility. Maybe nicer pens or mechanical pencils for older ones and a set of like 25-50 regular pencils with their name for the younger set. I'm actually leaning towards this but if she doesn't want to I will use it for stockings. I don't have much longer with kids young enough to think that is fun. If anyone has any ideas I would love to hear them.
  3. I have had some difficult scenarios but have made it each time. One thing I did stood out to me when reading your OP. I haven't read replies. I supplemented first and then switched to the breast. I know that sound counterintuitive but it did work really well. The LC who suggested it said that idea is to get them to be satisfied and full at the breast instead of struggle, stuggle, struggle ok finally a bottle and i can get full and content. It changes the physcology of it and they associate the breast with being fed well and full. I would reduce the amount you know he will take from the bottle after trying at the breast by about an oz, feed it first with paced bottle feeding and then switch to the breast. If he doesn't go to it and seems full then reduce it by a little more the next time. Basically you want them to not be starving but still be a little hungry. You will still need to pump after the feeding. Good luck to you. I've done these struggles several times and in each case I thought I couldn't make it but I ended up being so glad we kept trying and succeeded. In one case that meant one bottle a day from 8 months to 18 months ( and taking domperidone) and that was still a success in my book.
  4. My teens have worked but it has been an extremely difficult thing to accomplish. The state eliminated the work permits after my oldest but the issue has been that places won't hire them. The online apps are the only option and it won't let you fill it out if you aren't 18. I am talking places like teens used to work, fast food, Payless shoes, target, Walmart, grocery stores etc. The only way my teens have worked is to work at smaller mom and pop type place which was a unique situation and one of my daughters did get a fast food job but only because she knew someone. She also nannied which worked out great. So, we do encourage and help our kids to get a job but understand it is not the norm anymore.
  5. I have never heard of cloud library. Our library system uses overdrive and Libby. The nook is just a reader and doesn't use apps. Neither does my Kindle but getting the books is simple.
  6. I find it very simple to check out library books in Kindle format and they magically appear on my Kindle e reader. I have the flip question which is how to get them to show up on an older nook(I know I need the epub format). I've even tried plugging nook into the computer and transfering the files. I am also not techy enough to figure this out and am so annoyed that it isnt as simple as kindle. So I guess if you can already read library books on your nook, kindle would be a piece of cake IME 😉
  7. Raw Apple cider vinegar with the mother made into a lemonade like drink helps me TONS with stomach issues. It stops the stomach flu from spreading in my family and will stop me from throwing up if I have to care for the sick one and start to feel it. I drink it daily but step it up anytime there is anything iffy going on. I would for sure try this is if I felt like you. 1 T vinegar 1 drink packet(I like true lemon and lime) 1 quart ice and water You can also use honey and lemon or anything else you want to flavor it but the packets are easy. I know you are at work but if there is anyway to slip away and get the ingredients, I definitely would.
  8. I don't know your budget but we stayed at the Hyatt that is just south of the mall and had a suite for 6 people. It was walking distance.
  9. My husband was just talking to someone about this this week. He just got back from Hawaii with his family of 5, all paid for either points. He does pay his mortgage by using a website that sends a check for him to the bank. We are looking into getting started with it.
  10. Based on what you wrote here and what I know from my own difficult young adult, I wouldn't allow him to make the repairs himself. The insurance should have deposited the money in your account, not his and I would call them and get them involved, NOW. I might offer to pay him for the repairs once they are done to your satisfaction but only once the money for your repairs is in your control.
  11. No not really. They are having a dinner and then a reception afterwards. The reception will have cake etc but all the necessary people will be fed earlier which was my main concern. The reception is starting at 6 and they aren't planning to leave until 11:30 so I still think people will be hungry after eating at 4:30 but it is what it is.
  12. That is probably true. And we keep telling ourselves that the most important thing is to maintain the relationship with them. But even if it isn't intentional, I am still hurt. I'm very sensitive by nature and feel things very very deeply.
  13. I can have prints made of whatever.of the photos I want I think. They have offered them and I plan to put one up on the wall and they know that. I just don't want to rock the boat by changing up the invitations, even by putting an extra photo in. Plus then it just seems out of place I think. ETA: I realized this sounds confusing since I said up thread I was afraid to ask for the photos. I was afraid to ask to them when I was thinking about re doing the invitations or making an insert. However she has said I can have whatever I want for the wall so asking for them for that purpose would be fine. I just am feeling so jumpy about this whole thing and SAD. I sadder that I can't say anything without making bad feelings. And sad that I just have to deal with not being a part of any of this.
  14. Yeah I wish I had known this was coming. Everyone who told me having a bunch of toddlers was the hardest phase were just plain wrong!
  15. No this isn't how it happened. They know I don't care for the kissing ones (I think it's tacky) but I never said exactly what I wanted on the invitations. I was afraid to because of all the other garbage that was going on and since there was one photo that fit my tastes on the proof I just went with that. It was not necessarily purposeful I don't think although they do know my opinion on the tacky kissing photos. The one on the invite though is just a cheek kiss and is really cute(you cant see much of my son as he's the one kissing her and she is looking straight on and smiling) However, there is a giant full-on kissing one they made for the reception as a decoration I've heard from my daughter who saw it and FDIL made a comment to her about how I wasn't going to like it. So yeah, that one feels like a slap in the face but whatever.
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