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  1. Hold on. You really want to open up the government being able to inject citizens without their permission? Holy heck. I have been totally behind the covid restrictions(masks, distancing), support the vaccine and have thought the deniers were crazy. But no. Just no. This is the US. We have the right to bodily freedom and the right to make our own medical decisions. That right has to be protected. Where in the world would we be next if we no longer have the right to make our own medical decisions?
  2. I have loved magnetic ones in the past. The brand I was using changed their magnet placement and now they don't work well for me. I don't mind gluing on strip lashes. I also wanted to try the magnetic ones that stick to the eyeliner. Semi permanent don't work for me because I sleep on my face LOL. Learned that then hard way. They looked great until the next day 😜
  3. My husband is in the industry and the word is that supply will begin to be closer to normal come September. If you can wait then I would. I suppose he meant on new cars though. But if there are new cars being bought then used cars are often being traded in too.
  4. It is complicated because our lives are very intertwined. And she isn't actually denying that I am sick and that it's from covid. She just thinks the mitigation efforts are stupid, including masks and distancing, and that the whole thing is totally overblown. She has been completely worry free the whole time, didn't care if her family got it, was never careful etc. Then I, who was being careful and taking it seriously, got it. And have long term effects. Doesn't seem fair but such is life. It has changed how I feel about her(as much as I don't want it to) but I can and will continue to be friendly and such. I just know what not to talk about 🤷‍♀️
  5. I am still surrounded by people downplaying covid. Like to my face. I try to be thankful they just don't understand but it is hard. One friend in particular has been a very close friend for 15 years. I'm trying to not let it ruin our friendship but it is so hard. I can't figure out after knowing me for so long how she can't see what covid did to me. Granted I *am* overweight. So she probably just justifies that in her head. But yeah. I don't think she really knows how I feel now and what being chronically unwell is like.
  6. I love those! They look very nice and I can see it being much more comfortable than wedgie inducing leotards with only a small strip "down below". I also didn't mind them when I was young but didn't do gymnastics after puberty. I really don't know why they have to be so high cut in the bottom area with their cheeks hanging out. I hope this option being seen on the world stage will give other gymnasts who wish to be more covered the courage to be different ☺️
  7. Magnesium, especially if in a form that is absorbed through the skin, is effective at calming an irritable uterus. Since she has had such close pregnancies it is likely she is deficient or at just less than optimal levels. Also, hydration is essential as well as even mild dehydration can cause contractions. Make sure to be replacing electrolytes and not only drinking plain water. Epsom salts in the bath are a good first step and easy to find. A magnesium oil/spray can be ordered online. Possibly bought in person at a health food store.
  8. We had some people over swimming in our backyard pool. I was nursing my youngest and my next who was 2 came and told me he needed to go potty. I told him to ask his brother to take him inside. Apparently said brother told him to pee in the pool 🙄😡. Anyways he walked right up to the edge of the pool and dropped his drawers and sent a nice arch of pee into the pool. In front of everyone 🤣
  9. It is orgain. I use one scoop of vanilla and one of chocolate together.
  10. Yeah we are pretty sure that is what is going on with me. Autoimmune is all over my family. I actually started a medication that I am pretty sure is helping. I'm not anywhere near 100% but I have some improvement in pain. Still have other symptoms but pain is decreased.
  11. Carbs and fats together. The vegan protein powder at Costco is really good IMO. I would add something fatty to it though. Cream if he could handle it. Coconut cream or creamer maybe? Or a large spoonful of peanut butter if he would like it in the shake ok.
  12. My Dr suggested I try CBD for some of my long covid symptoms. He said it is better absorbed through the skin than the digestive system and suggested a cream or patch. I haven't yet researched to find one. Curious if anyone who has used CBD has used that form.
  13. But how does it follow that so very many who were not very sick originally end up with long covid, like myself? I thought the viral load being larger made for more serious sickness. But I would almost say the majority of long haulers on the support groups were not hospitalized and say their initial illness was mild or moderate. I have major brain fog so if this doesn't make sense, just blame that 😂
  14. It was so reassuring to hear my husband of 25 years state clearly to extended family that there was no way this was in my head or anxiety. He knows me best and knows I don't slow down for anything. It's only my physical limitations holding me back.
  15. I am so sorry again about your husband. You are correct. It is a folly to believe that we have ultimate control over this. We can do our best but still much of is is/was out of our control. While no one close to me died, I have long covid and am not sure when I will recover (or if). I have gone the rounds and the reality is, sometimes bad things happen. People want to believe otherwise as a protective mechanism.
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