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  1. Some of the people there the first day you were could have been getting their second if they were in a higher tier, right?
  2. I have allergies and am prone to sinus infections and honestly have caught every bug ever (feels like!). The loss of taste and smell with covid was not like anything else I've experienced. I had zero nasal congestion and only a light cough. I could feel the air moving straight into my sinuses but couldn't detect any scent. It was a very disconcerting feeling. I thought I had read it was actually in the brain. That the brain wasn't getting the signal. It certainly didn't feel like not being able to smell great or food tasting off because of being sick. Like not at all. My dad ran over a s
  3. We were sick end of Feb 2020. Friend and kids were also sick. (Dont remember who gave it to who). She was convinced that it had been covid. I was skeptical. However my parents were visiting and my dad went home sick and was very sick all spring. X-ray showed his lungs in very had shape but they live rural and I doubt their dr knew what covid lungs looked like in March/april 2020. I didn't find out until the fall that my dad has not been able to taste or smell since then. He still can't so over a year. So then I thought maybe it was covid that we had but then myself and my daughter had a co
  4. Take off the pedals and use it as a balance bike. There is ZERO need to use training wheels because the whole point is the gain balance. Not learn to pedal. My last two have completely taught themselves after using an actual balance bike from 2-4 or so. My youngest picked up her cousins bike and took off down the street. My neighbor, after seeing my success, took off the pedals of an older (8 years old?) Girl whom she was helping. She rode it around a few times balance bike style and that was the end. Of all the things I wish I have known about with my older one
  5. I isolated for 13 days. Even then I didn't want to hug/kiss. I was totally freaked out but my husband was not. He gently helped me relax enough to be ok with it. He didn't catch it.
  6. Congratulations! Have you religiously followed the Brewer diet to try to prevent BP issues? If not I would give it a try.
  7. Yeah they really don't know yet. I think the theory is that if bits of the virus are hanging around and causing long haul symptoms then the vaccine could help get rid of the virus. But if long haul symptoms are autoimmune in nature then not as sure if it will help or hurt.
  8. Massive headache for 2 days Fine for two days Diarrhea, slight fever, body aches Slight cough (2 days), loss of taste and smell I don't remember when the massive fatigue kicked in.
  9. Christmas of 2019 we were having a little music performance at the house for family. We wanted a hot chocolate bar. I ordered two boxes of the mini candy canes. My husband did the pick up and accepted the subs. When he got home we have the same amount of regular cherry candy canes. Either 100 or 200 I can't remember. They were 15 cents a box and not worth the hassle of returning. There were SO MANY candy canes 🙄. Even for our big family. My kids ate some but then we packed them away and hung them on the tree the next Christmas and I didn't buy any new ones. That is the most major mix
  10. I get it I'm just explaining what co-op means to me. If that is not how they are running it then great, it works for your needs. I would think it should cost more and the parents teaching should be paid or otherwise compensated if the duties aren't shared evenly.
  11. I co-ran a successful co-op for 10 years. Parents were expected to be present and assissting. That's what made it co operative. Everyone was working together for the good of the students. Two deep in each classroom plus a nursery for teachers little ones as needed. Each year we met to discuss upcoming classes and parents, after having been there for a year at least, were expected to jump in and teach classes. Towards the end we could not get enough families who were willing to do that (they wanted a drop-off for their kids) and we dissolved. So, ask. What you are describing wanti
  12. Early/late cycles. Long cycles. Skipped cycles. It can be anything really. The posts are frequent on the long haulers board. Women wondering if it is normal/common. Apparently common since it gets asked all the time and lots of women reply that it's happening to them too. I thought I was ok as I don't have cycles anymore due to taking bioidentical progesterone And being peri-menopausal(ugh so hard to spell too) But I had one this week for the first time in years. And I had my blood work done last week and my progesterone levels are half of what they were last time despite continuing to tak
  13. Thanks. I did not get regular headaches before having covid. I know so many people who suffer from them but I really only got them if I was severely sleep deprived. Not even with my menstrual cycle. Speaking of which, I am having issues with that too which is a common issue with long haulers. 🙄
  14. I shouldn't have spoken so soon. I have had a headache for 24 hrs. 😔
  15. I had it in November. Caught if from college age son who came for a couple days without realizing he had been exposed (and had it). There were 8 of us living at home when he came and only 2 of us caught it. Myself and my 6 year old. We PCR tested everyone at 5 days post exposure. He caught it at a small family event (less than 10 people). All the adults present caught it and one 15 year old. No idea who had it first as everyone mostly got sick on the same day. He came home in between getting it and getting sick. He shared a room and a bed with two younger brothers who did not get it from
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