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  1. We registered my daughter in law for a kinda virtual baby shower through my account. I can see what has been purchased but not if it's shipping to me. We put my address as the shipping address as the packages are probably safer here especially since we are stuck at home 😬 Is there any way for me to see what is coming here and when?
  2. According to the website they use LabCorp to process the tests. How can they do them in hours? According to the news everyone is waiting a week
  3. It was urgent care and no they aren't answering. I suggested calling our Dr and see if he could get access to the tests even though he didn't order them but we haven't.
  4. Masks yes. And isolated from their father of course. He's still stuck in our room. But one is in a work environment that would be very high risk for him spreading it to other employeess. He does woodwind instrument repair and would have to remove his mask to test instruments of course. The other is construction and would probably be fine as he's outdoors a lot and such. Both bosses have told them to stay home until the results come in but I don't think anyone was thinking it would take this long.
  5. Is he staying home from work? Is the whole family quarentined? I'm trying to figure out if this is the right/practical thing to be doing. I mean for the good of society I get it. But I mean who is going to pay the bills? The boys didn't get the first stimulus checks and won't get another if there is one (One was dependant last year and the other was on a mission and not working so didn't file taxes). We didn't get one either. But that was based on last year's income. Not what we are making (or NOT) now.
  6. I am a homebirth midwife and have seen marginal insertions quite a few times. Even a few velamentous which are for sure riskier. They have all been fine. Really and truly, it has some potential but try not focus on it or stress about it because we know maternal stress causes issues and a marginal insertion only has the potential to but usually does not.
  7. Nevada. News says it can take up to a week. Someone we know had a test at the same location and time as my husband and theirs came back positive yesterday(to be clear it was a different exposure. He just happened to see but not interact with them) We heard that positive tests get bumped to the front for notifying which kinda makes sense but.... My husband's income was cut in March. It hasnt gone back. He's mostly able to work from home but without his normal pay we can't last forever. My boys have good jobs and they need to make money because especially now we can't help them with college etc much. We can't sit here not having them work for 2-3 weeks on a maybe but probably not that he even has it
  8. And I just had to cancel my daughters Dr appointment for her broken toes. It's a follow up and she's doing ok but we really want to know if it's healed etc. My son who is preparing mission papers bad three necessary appointments this week he's also had to miss which will continue to delay him. I just wish there was a way to contact someone to make sure the test wasn't lost or something. I mean how long do we sit here?!??
  9. Zyrtec isn't really adequate treatment for all over hives like this. She needs benadryl. Watch breathing too.
  10. We are so incredibly frustrated. No one can work. We haven't seen dad except over facetime for a week. Kids are stir crazy and my adult sons just want to go back to work My husband is fine. If he has it is was even more mild than a regular cold. Pulse ox has been normal the whole time. Chest x ray the day of the test was clear etc. Sigh Dr office won't answer phone. Lab won't answer phone. Been checking patient portal. New recording at dr office said to check another lab but nothing there either.
  11. Because all their other ventures take a lot of time and this way the kids are independent enough that mom can be canning food etc while the kids work alone. That's my guess at least
  12. For me? I would rather just wait until his results come back. If transmission is that low in a household then what are the chances he got it from being in the same office for 30 min? That doesn't make a whole lot of sense. Either it's super easy to catch or it isn't. We are doing it but it isn't fun and I'm annoyed. That's all.
  13. Thanks so much for all your thoughts. We are just chilling here and bored. Mostly him but I'm kinda hanging out in the guest room a lot. I wish we just knew. He really doesn't feel sick. Just that nasal congestion and some chest heaviness. But again clear xray. Anyways that makes it super hard to feel like it's serious. I understand logically that it could be but he really isn't sick. I'm tired but that is pretty standard for me. And it could just be stress making me feel like laying around which is also standard for me 🙄
  14. My husband pointed out that they have very few cases. Or at least it appears that from the case map he looked at. What are they doing right or is it a factor of reduced population density which was my guess?
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