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  1. This was our first time at church since March Everyone was masked and distanced and there was no singing. The organ played hymns and it was beautiful to listen to it play. My 5 year old commented that she didn't recognize this place so I know it felt weird to her. Communion(which we call the sacrament) was passed in individual cups to each person with a clean tray and a discard tray. Ours is always passed but we usually take the tray at the end of the row and pass it down to another deacon who picks it up and gives it to the next row. We sat skipping rows so he walked along to each person so no one touched the trays but him and he sanitized his hands before picking them up. We maintained the 50 person limit by assigned services. We were able to partake of the sacrament in our own homes during the time we were away from church as all men are ordained to the priesthood which was a very nice to be back in church. I think they were being as careful as they could be. I felt safer than at Costco etc so there's that 😊 ETA: I forgot to say what was difficult. Mostly not singing or being able to great people or be able to see everyone as we were split. My 5 year old struggled with her mask even though we had practiced. But overall it was nice. I did really love our home church too.
  2. I have two college kids. One has stayed in her apartment in another state this whole time and working although her college was all online. The other is an incoming freshman and is going (different school). He is a music major and trying to do that all online is not going to work. There are no large ensembles and most classes including generals have a hybrid kind of set up. He will be able to take in person lessons though. All classes online after Thanksgiving. He is on a full scholarship so can't not go. The rest of my kids are homeschooling as they always have. Debating about co-ops and such. We are highly social people and only staying home would be really hard so balancing that in my decision.
  3. That's what I understood from your first post. And it would make sense. He may be fluent in Spanish but only on a conversational level. I know there is very little in the way of academics at home, no(or very little) books or reading etc. Just what the school requires. So all of his education happened in English not Spanish and now he's switching. I can see this being a problem although the mom said he was fine until the shutdown.
  4. It could be. I don't really know. I will see how he does now that we have a starting point but since he's going back to school in Mexico I will use the link above and see what happens. At least they will have a resource for going to for help when he goes back.
  5. Yeah that's what I thought I knew but wasn't for sure. His mom indicated that he was doing fine while school was in session but that trying to learn from a zoom type platform was really hard once they went to distance learning. It seems that most of what was at the end of the book and what he was struggling with was geometry topics. I honestly think all the kids are going to more or less be in the same situation when they go back but she wants to be proactive and make sure he didn't fall too far behind.
  6. So that is an interesting idea and might be true but he is very fluent in Spanish and only spoke it at home. I am sure it's more like pre algebra because there just didn't seem to be enough algebra for it to be algebra 1. But if I use Khan for pre algebra there also won't be a lot of geometry.
  7. Wow thank you! I had no idea there was a Mexican section. That would make it more difficult for me to help him but if I just get him started then that might be the best I can do.
  8. I know a super strange question. There is a boy visiting from Mexico with some of my family and he struggled greatly in math after the shutdown. His mom is asking if I can help him a bit while they are here for a few weeks or more. She is greatly dreading a return to online school as it was difficult and she says he fell behind. I looked at his textbook and all it said was Mathematics (in Spanish) 2. I flipped through briefly and it looks like some algebra 1 and geometry but it was a lot of word problems (I don't speak Spanish) and it was hard to tell for sure. I was going to have him begin by working through some topics on Khan while I am nearby to assist as needed but I'm not exactly sure where to begin. He is 14 and I'm not sure what grade although I heard his mom say something close to secondary and the interpreter said high school to me. He is the age for going into 9th here. There was enough Geometry that I don't think it was just a straight algebra 1 course. He went to school in the states until about 18 months ago when they moved back to Mexico so communicating with him is not a problem.
  9. Negative. Took 21 days. I'm pretty angry at the monetary and emotional cost to us personally especially as we were only trying to do the right thing but TPTB can't get their act together.
  10. Yes. Generally I see examples around me that make me shudder. Once a 12 year old boy was up in a small tree with my son when his mom came to pick him up. She lost her mind and ran over to help him down. Ok put this foot here and ok be careful ok ok ok come to this branch etc. I was so embarrassed for him. Please note that I live in the desert. This was a SMALL tree. He wasn't more than 10 feet above the ground. And he was 12! Then there is getting yelled at for letting my teens climb over and on rock formations because "Its dangerous!!!" I have definitely heard from parents who don't want their teens or young adults to have a job so they can concentrate on school. Ok to some degree but then they support a lavish lifestyle and the kids are spoiled without a good work ethic. Similar parents don't have the kids do ANY chores. My college kids can tell some doozies of roommates that have never washed a dish or done a load of laundry and do not know how. Not everyone is like this of course. Plenty aren't. But I do see a cultural acceptance extended adolescence and I do not think the teens/young adults are benefiting from this but rather it stunts them.
  11. We are planning to return to normal life at 14 days. We could not have caught it from the original case. My husband could have but not us. He has been back to the DR and stood in a long line of people looking for their results. Some had been waiting longer (more days not just in the line) than him. Whoever took his ID and checked in the computer said it wasn't lost and that the lab was just way behind. We basically have no hope of this not doing intense damage since we can't even manage to have adequate testing and results. Contact tracing is 2-3 weeks behind per a family friend who works at the health district. I mean what's the point except maybe to study retroactively where the spreads were. They obviously can't even pretend they are trying to control the spread.
  12. Update. Kinda. Still waiting. It will be 13 days tomorrow. No recourse. No one to talk to. Auto recording from Dr office saying to check the lab website as they don't have them.
  13. I had a cockteil growing up. I loved her ♥️. We got her when I was about 7 or 8 as I was allergic to cats/dogs. She died the morning after I got engaged (I was away at college in another state). So we didn't have her 20 years, only about 13. She was hand trained and so sweet. She loved to ride on my shoulder and sit on the towel bar in the shower with me and get sprinkled. She was such a lovely pet. I don't remember her being noisy though. We covered her cage at night but during the day I just remember it being a big deal. Man she was a great bird 😭 She figured out how to lift the slides where her food trays went and one day flew into the dining room and landed in the bowl of spaghetti! We were so confused as we knew her cage was closed. We had to hide around the corner to see how she did it. She as so social she just wanted to be where we were. After we saw we used twist ties on feed doors and just opened the big door when it was fine for her to be out. I have chickens now and they are fun but I would take an indoor bird like that again any day.
  14. We registered my daughter in law for a kinda virtual baby shower through my account. I can see what has been purchased but not if it's shipping to me. We put my address as the shipping address as the packages are probably safer here especially since we are stuck at home 😬 Is there any way for me to see what is coming here and when?
  15. According to the website they use LabCorp to process the tests. How can they do them in hours? According to the news everyone is waiting a week
  16. It was urgent care and no they aren't answering. I suggested calling our Dr and see if he could get access to the tests even though he didn't order them but we haven't.
  17. Masks yes. And isolated from their father of course. He's still stuck in our room. But one is in a work environment that would be very high risk for him spreading it to other employeess. He does woodwind instrument repair and would have to remove his mask to test instruments of course. The other is construction and would probably be fine as he's outdoors a lot and such. Both bosses have told them to stay home until the results come in but I don't think anyone was thinking it would take this long.
  18. Is he staying home from work? Is the whole family quarentined? I'm trying to figure out if this is the right/practical thing to be doing. I mean for the good of society I get it. But I mean who is going to pay the bills? The boys didn't get the first stimulus checks and won't get another if there is one (One was dependant last year and the other was on a mission and not working so didn't file taxes). We didn't get one either. But that was based on last year's income. Not what we are making (or NOT) now.
  19. I am a homebirth midwife and have seen marginal insertions quite a few times. Even a few velamentous which are for sure riskier. They have all been fine. Really and truly, it has some potential but try not focus on it or stress about it because we know maternal stress causes issues and a marginal insertion only has the potential to but usually does not.
  20. Nevada. News says it can take up to a week. Someone we know had a test at the same location and time as my husband and theirs came back positive yesterday(to be clear it was a different exposure. He just happened to see but not interact with them) We heard that positive tests get bumped to the front for notifying which kinda makes sense but.... My husband's income was cut in March. It hasnt gone back. He's mostly able to work from home but without his normal pay we can't last forever. My boys have good jobs and they need to make money because especially now we can't help them with college etc much. We can't sit here not having them work for 2-3 weeks on a maybe but probably not that he even has it
  21. And I just had to cancel my daughters Dr appointment for her broken toes. It's a follow up and she's doing ok but we really want to know if it's healed etc. My son who is preparing mission papers bad three necessary appointments this week he's also had to miss which will continue to delay him. I just wish there was a way to contact someone to make sure the test wasn't lost or something. I mean how long do we sit here?!??
  22. Zyrtec isn't really adequate treatment for all over hives like this. She needs benadryl. Watch breathing too.
  23. We are so incredibly frustrated. No one can work. We haven't seen dad except over facetime for a week. Kids are stir crazy and my adult sons just want to go back to work My husband is fine. If he has it is was even more mild than a regular cold. Pulse ox has been normal the whole time. Chest x ray the day of the test was clear etc. Sigh Dr office won't answer phone. Lab won't answer phone. Been checking patient portal. New recording at dr office said to check another lab but nothing there either.
  24. Because all their other ventures take a lot of time and this way the kids are independent enough that mom can be canning food etc while the kids work alone. That's my guess at least
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