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  1. So what is the difference exactly? I used to use overdrive and then switched to Libby but not sure why.
  2. Ok awesome! I was hoping there was something like that but didn't know for sure. I will look at both
  3. Our system is already multi branch. It's the whole large county except one neighboring city. I have that card too but because it's not my library I can't access the digital stuff(only physical) It's a stupid system because those who live in that area can't access the digital of the larger one either.
  4. My library system moved all of it's juvenile and YA books and audio books to a new app that doesn't sink to Kindle. You have to read in the app. My young teens/tweens do not have smart devices and I don't want them reading on tablets etc anyways. We have e ink kindles for reading. I have complained and spoken to the electronic services people but as of now this is what they have. I am so sad and frustrated because I used a ton of e books before. In 2 mins my kids could have a new book to read. Getting to the library for hard copies is difficult right now due to my health challenges. We have Kindle unlimited but there is so much they don't have. Is there another service? I see scribd but that doesn't sink to Kindle either. Is there any library system that can be joined from outside the area, even for a fee?
  5. Both. Beans or meat in IP and rice in the rice cooker. Or beans in the crockpot and I can set the rice cooker on delay time to be done when we walk in the door.
  6. We buy almost nothing except thifted clothes and new shoes and very rarely new clothes for our kids during the year. Christmas and their birthday is literally the only time they get wanted items. Sometimes I feel judged by people who think Christmas is too commercial but it is the only way our kids get things they want. We have never had extra money available for just spending on toys or interests. Honestly it's the same for me. I don't spend money on myself for things I want so Christmas is the time when I can gratefully receive some things.
  7. I made my 9 year old daughter walk on her broken foot. For 5 days 🙄😬. She's never let me live that down. To be fair it was a TINY crack that the Dr missed the first time he looked at the x-ray. And she didn't do anything serious. Just landed on it sideways. She kept telling me she was sure it was broken and I kept telling her to just see how it was the next day 😫
  8. I believe I read that it is only accurate if there are symptoms. PCR is accurate without symptoms at 5 days post exposure.
  9. This is what I use. It is pricey but has been so incredibly helpful. I have my kids on it now too. We have thyroid and hormones issues like PCOS and our Dr is hopeful that correction the B12 issue will help those things. https://nutrascriptives.com/products/methylcobalamin-b-12-spray
  10. I think that if you are low on B12 and not vegan that there has to be something going on. Which is why the mutation made so much sense. B12 is responsible for so many systems in the body that having adequate levels is crucial. I think the addition of synthetic vitamins into medical practice is such a mistake. Using a bio available form is so much better when you have low levels.
  11. There is a generic mutation similar to MTHFR but on a different gene that causes you not to be able to get B12 from your food (or not well). My Dr switched me to methycolabalimin form (I may have spelled that wrong) and my number quadrupled in 6 weeks. I had been taking a b complex for six years and hadn't gotten to a good B12 number during that time. The mutation was new information for my Dr and he told me just to try the drops and see what happened. It was obvious quickly that it worked and then we confirmed I had the mutation with a genetic test later. Anyways, taking that form wouldn't hurt even if you don't have the mutation so I would start there personally. I would see what the injection is but I would guess it is synthetic. It will probably work temporarily but not in the long run (that was my mom's experience with the injections)
  12. In our case, difficult and easy kids have kinda alternated. Our first two were super hard but the next two I think watched them and decided they wanted more fun/less stress in the teen years and they were a piece of cake compared. All 4 were born in 5 years and now we are on our next set. But those 4 are adults and lovely to be around so there is hope 😉
  13. Ok this is such new news for me. I had always learned that cal/mag/pot need to be in certain proportions and getting a supplement with all 3 in this proportions was the ideal. I can remember what they are but I know I did it when I was pregnant. This sounds infinitely more complicated 😲
  14. I want those trolley bags except I order groceries at least 95% of the time and was before covid. It saves me so much time and effort. But they waste SO many plastic bags. I wish they would just pack my groceries into the cardboard boxes they are crushing in the back. I could recycle those easier (at the curb) and would just be less of a hassle. It annoys me every week but there really isn't anything I can do about their use of plastic bags. I'm curious what they do where they are banned for pick up.
  15. Like a touch? Or a shuffle? I don't want an iPod touch and we've had shuffles before but you have to own the music. So I'm specifically looking for something more like a Kindle but for music. The mighty player might be the only option.
  16. Yeah I am really not wanting them to have smart devices. We did that with our older kids and learned from it. We are waiting until they are older.
  17. Yeah they have these already. Just looking for something they can carry with headphones. And trying desperately to find Christmas gifts for tweens and teens 😜
  18. They do have Alexa's in their rooms and a fire tv in the family room. They also play from my phone in the car and will listen through the computer sometimes (when I open it so it's supervised) I should have clarified that we wanted something portable like for in the car etc. Like an ipod but able to access streaming instead of just stuff we own. One kid had a SanDisk mp3 player but found it frustrating that she could only load stuff from CDs we bought ages ago 😜 or that we bought electronically but that is limited. I'm not really wanting to purchase indefinite amounts of music on MP3 but wouldn't mind adding Spotify streaming if it made sense. The mighty player looks like a good option. Thank you!
  19. I am looking for a dedicated music player that doesn't require owning the mp3s. We use Amazon music a lot and I have kids who would like a music player but we don't allow internet devices (so no smart phone or tablet) to be owned by them and the ones we have are locked down and they have to have special permission. They have kindles (e ink style) for reading and I got to thinking that maybe someone has come up with something similar for listening to music. Thanks for any help!
  20. I am not a soda drinker but do drink an ACV concoction as well as a lemon drink with tumeric for inflammation etc. I was thinking it might be easier to wait to eat if I was sipping on one of my drinks. But I can do the water only and see what happens. How long until you started losing? @livetoread
  21. What do you drink before your eat at 11? Just water? Would a drink with a tiny amount of calories be ok? Or can you not have any calories before your time starts? Also do you take vitamins? That is one of my hold ups because I have to eat to take them or I get nauseous qq. I suppose I could wait to take them at 11 but always just think I need to take them with breakfast.
  22. We created a practice room in the corner of the garage. It helps a lot. Kids can practice while others are schooling. We have a piano out there and one in the house as well.
  23. I can't believe I watched the whole thing 🤣. It was really good! I wish people I know who are so against the vaccine would watch with an open mind but yeah that's not happening ☹️
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