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  1. Thanks for the tips! He’s sticking with it for now. This week he was in charge of disinfecting surfaces and Standing outside to count customers so they didn’t go over their number limit. So both less risk than normal cashier duty. I also ordered a happy mask. I love the idea of that! They seem very effective. People here are not into wearing masks to protect others right now, so a mask that protects him would be great.
  2. Right now he is wearing the 3 ply surgical mask. He is comfortable wearing that. But I’m not sure how effective it is. We have some kn95’s I could see if he could comfortably wear that long.
  3. No one in our house is at high risk, but my Parents are in their 80’s. Though they are out more than we are right now except for this job.
  4. The cases are very low in our area, but are increasing some. We only had 50 cases in our small county ( I think around 50,000 people) and maybe two in the last month, but this week we’ve had 7 new positives. So still very low, but increasing.
  5. Covid is just really starting to hit our area, so I have questions:) DS18 works in a retail clothing/home goods store. All employees are required to mask and they do. Right now maybe 20% of customers mask. DS works as a cashier mostly, although now he has shifts disinfecting around the store. He is behind plexiglass but because of the size of the items, customers often move around it. There is a breakroom, but I’ve already told him he needs to eat outside. He doesn’t need this job for money, but it is great for him otherwise. The hours and the structure of a schedule are good for him. Before, our area had so few cases I didn’t worry about it. Someone at his job tested positive, although they told DS he wasn’t in direct contact with them. Would you let him continue working?
  6. Do you think the person would already be contagious Monday and Tuesday, before they were told about the exposure and not quarantining?
  7. Scenario is- you had close contact with someone on Sunday who tested positive on Monday. You took test on Wednesday. If it’s negative, is that enough time from exposure to test to be a valid result?
  8. I like the Wright socks too. Never get a blister with those. They’re basically double layer. You can get sock liners as well.
  9. My 17 year old works in retail that was closed but will re-open in two weeks as part 3 of our state re-opening. I am waiting to hear what their plans are for plexiglass and masks. It's a national chain so I am hopeful they will be pro-active. If they take reasonable safety precautions, right now I am planning on letting him go back. The structure is good for him. He needs some routine. And we have very few cases locally.
  10. Trying to use up pantry items and came across a couple seemingly expired ones - would you eat or toss? Unopened almond butter best by Sept 2019 Opened steel cut oats best by Dec 2019 Unopened brownie mix best by Dec 2019
  11. I kept my DS 17 home from work today. But he is a cashier at a discount type store that no one needs to be in right now. It is not an essential business. i thought to myself, if he were needed at a grocery store, i would reconsider. In your case, I’d call or have her call the manager and see what the situation was. If they truly needed workers and were taking precautions, I’d let her go. Maybe they don’t need her, and your decision is made. Grocery workers are a special category in this situation.
  12. A brunch buffet sounds wonderful. We rented tables similar to these for my moms birthday party. It’s so much easier to eat when you have somewhere to put the plate. Also, if you can afford it, it’s so nice to hire some help for the party to keep the good fresh, pick up plates, etc. it just makes it so much easier to host and enjoy yourself.
  13. Add us to the list of hopefuls who overall scores went down this year. This is what happened to DS. He had a perfect math score last year, but not this year! We were kind of counting on him being able to repeat that and focused on English. He did pull his English up. If only we could super score the PSAT :) He really didn't prep too much though, so I'm hoping this motivates him to put the work in for the SAT. He's interested in a couple schools where the higher score would be helpful.
  14. Those are all great ideas. I love the idea of the picture frame ornaments, but I'm afraid the printing of the pictures would be too complicated. Will have to give that some thought to see if I can make it work.
  15. I am in charge of providing the idea and the materials for a Christmas craft at our local boys and girls club. It will just be a station at their party, but probably the only craft. I could have up to 100 kids, ages 1st grade- high school. I’d say most kids will be grades 2-5, but there is a large number of middle schoolers that come. I have a business that will sponsor the materials, and besides me I’ll have 3-4 other volunteers to help the kids. Now, I just need a cool craft that appeals to a wide range of ages of both boys and girls. Any ideas?
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