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  1. I know there are so many readers here so I'm hoping for some good finds. ! I love love/romance stories, mostly ones with Happily Ever after Endings, but I'm open to great stories. I've been reading lots of good but fairly fluffy ones, which I love, but everyone is young! Are there any good stories out there about marriage love, renewing love after years in a relationships? Marriages that were in trouble and they recommitted? Anything where the main characters are over 30? 😃
  2. I graduated from there years ago, and I'll say I'm in the minority of people who didn't love it. When I went there it was an extension of some private high schools, cliques clearly in place. Greek life was a dominant part of the social scene. The town is small and you are stuck there for the most part. The car rule was in place when I was there, not sure if that is still the case. There is one main street with restaurants and shopping, but the University is the hub of all you will do. That said, I ended finding my people, but my personality didn't lend itself to that type of school. I felt like an outsider that moved into a new high school instead of part of a new college experience.
  3. DS is finishing up his sophomore year and looking at doing test prep this summer/early fall. He would like to focus on PSAT/SAT testing as he was close to NM scores his sophomore year and our state offers the SAT for its state required school testing for juniors. He has been doing Khan Academy but we both think he would do better with some outside commitment and deadlines. We are in a small town and the only SAT prep focuses on math. He needs the help in English/Reading. I found a somewhat local online class with weekly skype or in person sessions to review missed topics, but they only offer it for the ACT. Would ACT test prep help with the Verbal section of the PSAT and the SAT? I tend to think his issues are that he is a very black/white reader and it is hard for him to infer meaning in reading passages. He also has some attention issues which cause him to lose focus when faced with lots of uninteresting - to him - reading.
  4. I am so happy for you! I'm so glad you found something satisfying and I'm sure it will lead to even more. I don't know if I replied to that thread or just started one of my own, but I was in the same boat. I am happy to say I'm much more satisfied today as well. I started volunteering which led to starting a math club for elementary age kids. This semester I am taking classes toward a teaching certificate and a substitute teachers license. I don't know how it will all end up, but I'm so much happier on this current journey. It has really been good for my soul.
  5. This is the brand I've been hearing about. There are consultants but I think you can also buy it from the website Here is a review - the balm is only thing I have really tried and I do agree with this review. My teenage son had really good results with the charcoal cleanser/mask.
  6. Hope your class was better this week. I am a volunteer at an afterschool program for this age group and we started this program this year. We are in season 2. The kids enjoy it and we keep it pretty loose. They do have time afterschool though for a snack and free time before we start. It's completely free and they send all the main materials. Thought I'd pass it along in case you're interested in it for another time.
  7. I am also taking classes right now for an alternative teaching certification. I have a good full time job, so changing careers would result in a significant pay reduction, but I feel called to teach math. Mostly from discussions on this board. DS had always been mathy and has always been in public school. Thanks to learning about what a good math education consists of from reading this forum, and books recommended on this forum, we went above and beyond to make sure he had mastery and a complete math curriculum. As an aside, in my state, AFAIK, there is currently no program available to become a math teacher at any university in our state. I will be certified in social studies and then see if I can find a way in, which given our shortage of math teachers, I think will be possible when the time comes. Right now the plan is to take all my math classes independently and pass the math praxis in addition to the SS praxis I will be certified in. Makes total sense, huh? We're definitely headed to a math education crisis in our state.
  8. I am intrigued with the whole subject of math instruction, which just can't seem to go right. My DS is very mathy and in public school, but we doubled up with after school programs and I made sure he had mastery. I do homework help with at risk 2nd-5th graders and I am blown away by the homework problems they bring. Before Christmas, a third grader brought in a three step word problem with a multiplication problem (8*9) as the middle part. These 3rd graders are just learning multiplication, they draw the groups out in order to solve. The 3 parts combined into one problem was so convoluted I had to read it 3 times just to understand what they were trying to ask, let alone start explaining the math to get them to the answer. I like the different approaches and I have seen kids use different ones depending on which one clicks with them, but when you make math so wordy and confusing and then throw in a difficult multiplication problem they are just now learning, it overwhelms these kids, Then they keep moving on without ever mastering the multiplication facts they need to know in future years.
  9. That's a beautiful spot! I love your idea! I've been putting off the whole resolution thing, but what I really need is to DO more. 52 specific things might be just the ticket. Thanks for sharing!
  10. This is a pretty fun website to start looking around for information. You can plan the whole trip on it - starting point, destination and all the in between stops. It's a time suck:) I haven't planned a trip on it, but did find some good routes and stops for our west coast drive last summer.
  11. I'd like to gift my parents some homemade meals for Christmas - just a few meals for 2 that they can heat up. They hate to cook much anymore. What is the best way to give them meals that makes it easy for them to re-heat and eat? I'm thinking chili, meatballs and sauce, breakfast breads. Any other foods you think freeze well are welcome suggestions. I don't LOVE to cook either, so simple meals work for all of us☺️
  12. So sorry for your son's news! That's rough to be so close to something you want so badly. It is uncommon to have colleges that offer so much more for National Merit vs comparable SAT scores. I hope he can find some other options he's happy attending that will work financially for your family.
  13. Do you have a boys and girls club nearby? Their rates are usually drastically less than other places and might offer something. I'm sure they vary by location but ours has a pool, a big gym and amazing opportunities for all kids up to age 18. We are in an area with very little going on and I'm truly impressed with what they offer for such an affordable price.
  14. I had to show ID. DH forgot his so I had to sign a sworn statement that it was really him so he could vote. I also had to attempt to sign my name the same as I did 20+ years ago when I first registered to vote. DS16 went with us to vote, but they said kids over 14 but not old enough to vote aren't allowed to be with the voter in the little booth area? I thought that was weird. Sticker - yes Candy - yes
  15. When my son was that age he made duct tape wallets in the recipients favorite team colors and logo. Not sure if that's still a thing? They used to have tape in tons of patterns and colors. My husband carried his for years. They held up well.
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