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  1. Well I’ve been exercising pretty steady for the last two months, and although I have seen progress, it seems pretty slow. So in addition to minutes exercising, I’m going to pay attention to my heart rate and try to stay in the zone for at least 40 minutes. Today I ran/walked to keep my heart rate up. Hopefully this will be a more effective workout.
  2. This is where I am. I can feel the funk starting. I hope you find some good motivation!
  3. DH and I did a short two day backpacking trip this week. This is kind of the motivation I’ve been using to keep up the exercise. It went well. We hiked about 8 miles each day with a pack. It was a beautiful hike. We also tried a new park Saturday. Other than hiking though, it’s been hard to keep myself motivated. Rowing isn’t doing it for me right now. I’m looking for good workouts to follow for my mini trampoline. Good music usually gets me through that. But I can feel the need for variety getting pretty strong if I’m going to keep up the 90 minute a day goal. Eating is the same, whi
  4. We just started hiking a few months ago, and longest hikes are 9-10 miles a day, so I went with trail runners as well. I got a pair of TOPOS, the have a wide toe box, narrow through the rest, good support and Vibram soles. I have been very pleased with them. Depending on the terrain, many hikers have moved to trail runners from boots. Boots rub my ankles wrong and are not comfortable to me. https://www.zappos.com/p/topo-athletic-ultraventure-navy-plum/product/9379046/color/96228
  5. Hike, rowing machine, arm workout. Extra long stretching routine. I think my Legs might need a break, but I don’t know what to do to get in 90 minutes without using my legs. The trees are starting to turn here, so the walks are so nice. This morning it was chilly, but sunny and bright. Definitely makes getting out easier.
  6. I did manage another 5 mile walk. Food choices, not great. And there was wine with dinner😀
  7. I am going to join in for the month, hoping it keeps me motivated! I started exercising more Regularly about 4 months ago, and saw some progress. About 6 weeks ago I upped it to try and average 90 minutes a day. I’m mostly sedentary otherwise, so I need to do this. Thankfully DH gets me out walking most mornings. We go for about an hour and then I either row or do a workout on my mini trampoline to get the rest of my time in. But I can feel myself starting to get bored, even though I really like all of those activities. I’m training for long hikes, so that is help
  8. I have not permanently lost weight, and the only time I was really successful in the past was when I was basically on the verge of a nervous breakdown and just didn’t eat. But, I turned 50 a few months ago and basically decided I didn’t want to be out of shape. I might not be skinny again, but I could be healthy. So I started exercising 90 minutes a day. It has done so much for my mental health and my self confidence to be able to hike with my husband and bike with our friends. I have no idea If I’ve lost weight, because we threw out the scale. I would get so frustrated when I felt like
  9. We didn’t eat it. Even after I cooked it. Even DH got nervous in the end.
  10. Well they’re in. I’m nervous about it. I honestly never do this. I’ll have phantom stomach pains all night worrying about it. Probably wasn’t worth it in the end. I guess we’ll know tomorrow. they were sealed, no smell at all.
  11. Chicken thighs left out in car for 4 hours. About 70 degrees outside today. Bottom of package is cool, Not cold. top not cool, not warm. Making them in instant pot tonight.
  12. This is awesome! I am so impressed and happy that you had such a great experience. I've been walking a lot and trying to incorporate lots of hills in order to be a better hiker and start backpacking. The pack seems like a heavy addition. I'm glad to hear you had a great day.
  13. I admit, we have gotten pretty lax thinking we’re safe outdoors. We have minimal spread in our area, so DH has been golfing with friends, DS has been bike riding with friends, and I’ve been walking and meeting up for drinks outside with friends. We try to stay at least 6 feet away, but we are not masked. Are there any new studies about outside transmission? Have you heard of anyone who thinks they got it outside that couldn’t have gotten it any other way?
  14. I am with you in spirit! The unknown makes it so hard to Plan. I only have one rising high school senior and he has decided to do virtual school since he only needed 3 classes to graduate. It’s a great decision for him and he’ll probably be happier too. He was so over the whole high school thing.
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