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  1. Has anyone mentioned the DASH diet? It's specifically for managing hypertension, I believe. All the best to your husband. PS An alligator?? You passed an alligator while hiking?? And people think we Australians are always dodging dangerous creatures!
  2. Regentrude, I suspect that you would be a very interesting person to be sat next to at a dinner party.
  3. @dmmetler I have loved following your adventure. Thank you for sharing all of your activities and all of the photos. And please pass on a huge congratulations to Alli. I hope you all come to our side of the world again sometime.
  4. Thinking of you all and wishing you peace. So so sorry for your loss.
  5. Do you have a time for Alli's talk? I'd love to listen in.
  6. There's a John Green young adult novel with a tuatara as a main character (sort of). It's called Turtles All the Way Down, if I remember correctly.
  7. Will the talk be streamed somewhere for us to see, by any chance?
  8. I was trying to think of bands with reptiles in their names to be playing at your opening ceremony. My list started and stopped at Whitesnake 😅
  9. I love this thread. There's so much to ponder. Heading into my daughter's final official year of school, I'm mulling over a lot of these things. Thanks Ruth 🌻
  10. How's your daughter feeling about the congress? Nervous? Excited? A mix of both? We're all cheering her on!
  11. @dmmetler Did you see a kakapo? They were featured in the documentary Last Chance to See with Stephen Fry.
  12. Where I am in Australia, we have a lot of bicycle lanes and also bridges that are 'green bridges' ie only for pedestrians, cyclists and in some cases public transport.
  13. I hope you've all enjoyed your time here. All the best in NZ at the Congress.
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