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  1. If I had millions of peaches, I'd be singing 🎶🎶 😄
  2. Thank you, @Kareni 🌼 It's so lovely of you to think of us 🙂 My Korean learner is still only 14, so I will check out the content - thank you for the heads up.
  3. That's an interesting idea. I'll ask her if she's keen to try that. Thank you for the suggestion. Can you believe that she has never read HP in English? Your son would certainly be appalled!
  4. Oh yes, K-dramas. My daughter watches those. She started off by watching them with English subtitles. Then she moved on to watching them with Korean subtitles, as she found having the written Korean was helpful for fast dialogue. Now she translates in real time for her sister, with no subtitles 🙂 Also, K-pop is a big deal in our household, and it is very helpful to have a resident translator for us all 👍
  5. Thank you. That's very useful advice. Much appreciated 🙂
  6. My daughter's Korean tutor just got back to me, saying that another of his students just bought Harry Potter in Korean. He's going to find out where this student ordered it from. JK Rowling must have a few $$ in the bank these days 🙂 I'll check out Amazon, but we've only got Amazon Australia here and it's not as well stocked, as far as I can tell. I'll certainly check it out though - thank you!
  7. Apparently this is a good middle step - reading something you've read before in your first language, so that you have some familiarity. I'm sure my daughter would love to read Korean novels and I'm confident she will with time.
  8. I'm hoping someone here might have some ideas on how to buy popular novels that have been translated to Korean. Young adult novels, classics or popular adult fiction would be ideal. A Google search has given me Han Books, but the postage to Australia is about $60. @Kareni I'm wondering if you may have some ideas, by any chance? My 14yr old is prepping for the TOPIK II. Thank you 🌼
  9. I'm hoping someone here can help me out. My daughter took the general SAT last year at age 13. Because she was officially in 8th grade, my understanding is that Collegeboard automatically deletes scores. We want to keep the score, so earlier this year I sent a snail-mail letter requesting this, as it says to do on the website. My issue at this point is that I have no idea if this letter was received or actioned. I can't see anywhere on the website to see if a score is officially kept. My second issue is that we're in Australia. I've emailed a couple of times and each time I
  10. Has anyone mentioned the DASH diet? It's specifically for managing hypertension, I believe. All the best to your husband. PS An alligator?? You passed an alligator while hiking?? And people think we Australians are always dodging dangerous creatures!
  11. Regentrude, I suspect that you would be a very interesting person to be sat next to at a dinner party.
  12. @dmmetler I have loved following your adventure. Thank you for sharing all of your activities and all of the photos. And please pass on a huge congratulations to Alli. I hope you all come to our side of the world again sometime.
  13. Thinking of you all and wishing you peace. So so sorry for your loss.
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