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  1. I found our error. It was a little algebra oopsie in the midst of all that calculus 🙄 Thank you Kathy and thank you RootAnn. Your help is much appreciated. We can put this one to bed now 👍
  2. We got x=0 and x = -2, doing it exactly the same way you did. We also tried expanding the bracket first and then letting the gradient function =0. When we did it that way, we got x=0 and x=2. Because x=2 is within our domain, we assumed that would have to be the correct x value to plug back in to the deflection formula. I need to back and see where we went wrong to get a positive 2. Thank you so much for your help 🌻
  3. Thank you both. I don't have the notebook with the working here with me at the moment, but hopefully I'll get a chance to post that later on, if need be Yes, it's part c that is the trouble. The answer is 54cm, which we get with logic - ie if you're at the end of the diving board (x=3m), that would cause the biggest deflection. BUT, our problem is that when we let the gradient function equal zero (to find a max or min), we get two options: x=2 and x=0. When we plug these into our deflection function, neither gives the correct answer of 54cm. 🤔
  4. We've gone kind of broad for civics. We've done the Australian government system and how our voting works, how laws are passed etc. But we also looked into other government systems around the world: democracies, republics, monarchies, theocracies, communism, autocracies, dictatorships etc. I thought it would be dry, but it was actually very interesting.
  5. The Mythbusters guys did a show about chain reactions. There were maybe 5 or 6 episodes. We enjoyed it. ETA: Found it: Unchained Reaction
  6. My daughter (13) and I have both had a crack at this and we're stumped. It's question 3; the one about the diving board. The bit we can't work out is part c - the finding the maximum deflection. Logic gets us the correct answer, but the maths gets us a wrong answer. I feel like we've been looking at it so much that we're missing something key or maybe repeatedly making the same mistake. Any help is appreciated 🙂 ETA: Wowsers that's big. I have no idea how to make it smaller.
  7. We didn't use BA, so I can't comment on that, but I can relate to much of what you're saying. At about ages 9-10, my daughter was doing maths that had too many steps for it to be feasible to do all in her head any more. She had the idea that it was somehow cheating or showing a weakness to jot anything down. She's always been a perfectionist too, so the thought of writing down something that was incorrect was really really really stressful for her. This was quite a rough patch, but we got through. Hang in there. It does get better. My daughter is 13 now and actually does a great job of showing her working when I insist on it. She'll still do most in her head (she's doing areas between curves at the moment - integration) and just jot key bits to remember a lot of the time, but maturity has kicked in. If I say that I want a particular problem written up fully, she'll do it beautifully. This would have resulted in a full meltdown a couple of years ago. Progress 👍
  8. I've never ever heard of this! Salt on watermelon? Really?? 😨
  9. So Dawn isn't magic? Everything I've ever read about this specifies Dawn and blue Dawn at that. ETA: I think I'm looking for my shower to magically clean itself 🙄
  10. What if you can't get Dawn brand? I just can't find it here in Australia. Any other brands that work as well?
  11. Hi 🙂 I'm in Queensland homeschooling a highschooler. I can't help you with NSW education department rules I'm sorry. There are a few NSW-ers that are on these boards though. Maybe try @StellaM and @LMD There is also @Ausmumof3 and @Melissa in Australia - I'm not sure if they are in NSW or VIC though 🤔 There are a few other Australians on this board too, but I think they are either not in NSW or not homeschooling highschoolers. All the best 🙂
  12. I was just about to say it's great on top of a pavlova. Oh yum.
  13. Linguistic problem solving is fun:
  14. My goodness, that looks perfect! Huge multiple thank yous to you 🌻
  15. I would say that modelling how to plan a project and break it up into manageable chunks is a good skill. In years past, I'd help draw up mind-maps and then assign a portion to be worked on in a given week. This scaffolding is getting less and less, as my daughter is now not overwhelmed with how big a project looks at the outset. Depending on the scope of the project, learning to develop a time-frame is helpful too ie setting yourself due dates for each of the manageable chunks. My goal is that when my daughter hits tertiary study, she'll be able to tackle assignments and projects confidently and efficiently, and avoid initial overwhelm and also any last-minute panic.
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