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  1. Have any of your children sat any SAT subject tests with listening? My daughter has Korean with listening in early November. I'm wondering how these actually work 🤔 We know she needs to bring a portable CD player (my goodness, what dinosaur technology!) and they will hand her a CD, but what then? Is the CD somehow made so that you can't re-listen to a track? Do all students listen track-by-track at the same time? Thanks for your help. I can't find this info on the College Board site.
  2. Graphics calculators are 'required' for a lot of highschool maths subjects here, so at certain times of the year there are heaps available second-hand. We got a TI-84 plus CE in perfect condition with all the cables and manual etc for a third of the price for a new one. Here we use a site called Gumtree for buying/selling secondhand items. I wonder if Craigslist is your equivalent? Might be worth a look?
  3. This reminds me of a few things. 1. The costume party we were invited to way back in the early 90s that had a fairytale theme. My then-boyfriend-now-husband and I wore all black and went as punctuation. 2.. The Christmas that one of our daughters said that her new thesaurus was the best present ever. We have a photo of her hugging it. 3. Another daughter only wanted a rain gauge for her birthday one year. 4. Third daughter used to play chess against herself. Do we qualify for your nerd club? 😁 PS A good stapler is a wonderful thing.
  4. We used them completely self-contained a lot of the time. We open the book, I read out loud the chapter, and then we discuss the quiz together. Book + pencil + discussion 👍 The majority of the time we ignored the 'extras' eg games, videos. For us, they haven't been necessary. I can see that some of the games would be really helpful for use in a classroom or co-op situation. My daughter had an aversion to videos for a long while, and we managed well without them.
  5. Maybe Elements to begin with? We didn't do that one because I hadn't discovered Ellen McHenry when we were at that stage, so we went straight into Carbon Chemistry. You can see some sample chapters here: We actually went through some of the books twice. Our first read through was for general knowledge and enjoyment. Our second go through was more about mastery of the content. I'd suggest you consider Excavating English. It was so interesting - history + linguistics. Sample chapters here: What I did with some of these was to download and print the free sample chapters and then gauge my daughter's interest from there. Each time I ended up buying the book 🙂
  6. Ellen McHenry's units might be helpful. Her units that are printed books (as opposed to video courses) are great for reading aloud together and then each chapter has something like a quiz or a crossword, and there are links to other resources such as short videos. There's humour too, which is a bit like Fred 🙂 A lot of her books are science-based, but not all. We loved her linguistics book (written with her sister, I believe). We've done a range of them, so please let me know if you'd like any more info on these.
  7. I don't think it is rude necessarily, but no thanks. I like my spontaneity well planned.
  8. This is really helpful advice - thank you! Do you mean that she should write her answer on the question booklet? I assume you don't mean the answer bubble sheet next to the question number? This would mess up the scantron process wouldn't it?
  9. Thank you 🌻 I'm actually feeling better about the testing site now because I got in touch with the person who will be supervising on the day. I've been quite concerned that my daughter's home education student card wouldn't pass muster as ID, even though it is actually government issued. Anyhoo, the school that is our testing centre is a small Steiner school, the supervisor has been really friendly and helpful, and he's told me that at this stage there are only 12 test-takers. He even said we could visit and have a look around beforehand if we like. The benefits of doing SAT testing in Australia, I guess - not many test-takers 🙂
  10. My daughter's first SAT is coming up in early October. Not only is this her first SAT; it's her first experience of an exam of any kind. So far she's done a lot of prep on Khan Academy and that's been a fantastic resource. My one niggly concern is that she's never 'bubbled' answers before. I'll have her do some paper practice tests so that she gets the hang of it and doesn't lose too much time in the bubbling. I feel like those grid-in problems could chew up a bit of time. How do your children bubble? Question by question? Or all at the end? Any hints or tips?
  11. Wheezing the juice? Off to look that one up ...
  12. The more people telling me not to worry the better 👍
  13. Hopefully my use of 'harshing your mellow' has unharshified your harshed mellow just a tad 🙂
  14. Talk about harshing your mellow when you're walking into Disneyland 😐
  15. I tried to contact the company (Nordictrack) to ask for details, but because of the time difference there was no one there. Silly me 🙄
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