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  1. Thank you, Arcadia 🌻 The Korean Subject test is on our radar. It is very helpful to know that languages with listening are only offered in November. We're so new to SATs, as you know. Thanks so much.
  2. I hope there's also video of the kids' reactions 🙂 That all sounds like so much fun and the sort of thing I'd like to try but maybe feel a bit too awkward to actually do. Yay for you!! I really hope we get to see the video!
  3. My daughter enjoyed these two youtube channels: Circle Line Art School Mark Crilley Neither of these is aimed at children, but everything we've seen on them is absolutely child-friendly.
  4. Thank you so much for joining in with the fun of maximising the cheese 🙂 I got to tell my daughter that a college maths teacher AND an AoPS teacher agree with her answer. She was truly ever so pleased, as she really really really doesn't like getting wrong answers. Thank you 🌻
  5. I think she's pretty clear on what she's doing and why. When she was showing me her working and trying to work out that lost unit in the final answer, she talked through all of the steps, including why she was differentiating (needing a gradient function) and why she was setting it to zero (stationary points will be when gradient is zero). She also checked that the stationary point she found was actually a maximum, by considering the expected shape of the cubic function and also considering points to left and right of the turning point and checking if they were +ve or -ve gradients. Is this the sort of thing you mean?
  6. I think I've mentioned in some other thread that my daughter is really focused on mastery. So, near enough isn't good enough. If she misses a question, she needs to know why, and she won't move on. If I can tell her that an AoPS teacher got her answer, I think she'll be happy that the answer key may have been wrong this time. 🙂 Thanks heaps.
  7. That's exactly what my daughter got - 1238 cubic cm. The answer key says 1239. Thanks heaps for your help. 🌻 I think we can now put this problem aside and be confident she's got it. Thanks so much.
  8. That's looking similar. My daughter got V in terms of h though, not r. I can't imagine that matters overall though. And yes, it's in an applications of calculus chapter. Good fun 👍
  9. My daughter tackled this problem yesterday and her answer was out by one unit. We can't work out if it's just a rounding issue or if there was something fundamentally wrong with her process. Sadly, her textbook doesn't give worked solutions 😕 I'm wondering if anyone here is willing to give it a go and we can compare answers. @square_25 or @kiana perhaps? Thank you 🌻 You have a sphere of cheese with radius 8cm. What is the largest cylinder of cheese you can cut from this? Give the volume of this cylinder of cheese.
  10. @Gil I see you have financial literacy on your list. One thing that we did last year that was really all shades of fabulous, was the ASX sharemarket game. It's Australian, so I don't know if you can join in or not. Maybe there's something similar in your part of the world? In a nutshell, you get $50,000 virtual money to invest in the Australian sharemarket. It's real-time with the real stockmarket, so you're learning about real strategies for tracking shares and deciding when to buy and sell. There are some great educational resources to go with it.
  11. A little update. We're about 10 days in with the inositol and we're up to about 5g/day. I hadn't noticed any obvious difference, but then yesterday something happened that gives me hope. We were about to go out and usually getting out the door takes a really really really long time, because of all of the routines (ie Os and Cs) related to getting ready. Well, yesterday, there she was, all ready to go. My surprise must have been evident because she told me she 'didn't loop'. I said something along the lines of 'that must have taken a lot of energy and effort' and she said 'I decided to be stubborn and just not loop'. So, progress!! As well as using the inositol, she's reading Brain Lock, so the combo may be the key. I'm not exactly doing cartwheels up and down the hall squealing 'she's cured, she's cured', but I am feeling more optimistic. 🙂
  12. Native bees, I assume? I love it when native bees come to our garden. You get all the buzz and none of the sting.
  13. That one is posing! I hope you've given her a supermodel name. Elle McFeatherson? Linda Eggvangelista?
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