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  1. I don't know which thread you are referring to, but here in Australia a removalist is a person or company that you hire to assist you to move house. They generally turn up with a truck and with muscles.
  2. Yes, same. I agree with you and @Melissa Louise.
  3. In my household, footy would usually mean NRL. If my husband is watching the footy, it's likely to be a Broncos game or the State of Origin. I think we (Australians) have a tendency to change words to have a -y ending. We don't put on sunglasses. We put on our sunnies. We don't go to Woolworths. We go to Woolies. We don't give a present. We give a pressy. We don't watch the football. We watch the footy. You get the idea 😉 It's all part of our bogan charm, I'm sure 😄
  4. Thank you, everyone, for your replies. It's all very helpful, and I'll follow up with our doctor.
  5. The bold bit is accurate. I'll have to keep a close eye on ingredient labels and see if eggs are our culprit. She's never had an issue with vaccines, but I have no idea if egg products are in ours or not.
  6. I'll certainly keep the asthma idea in mind, but her reaction after eggs is more hypoglycaemic-ish. She feels tired, hungry, shaky, can't concentrate etc. She's never had a breathing problem after eating eggs, as far as I can remember, but I'll be on the alert for it, for sure. Thank you.
  7. Asthma certainly hasn't been on my radar, but I'll keep it in mind. Thank you.
  8. She eats eggs very rarely, because she knows she'll feel bad afterwards, so we don't have a lot of data to go on, but the last couple of times would have been fried eggs.
  9. That sounds kind of similar. Do you find that your sugar levels crash directly after eating?
  10. I'm hoping someone here might have some insights into what might be going on. One of my children has an odd reaction after eating certain foods. She feels tired, hungry and irritable, even though she's only just eaten. Sometimes it seems like a hypoglycaemic situation. Other times it presents more like an anxiety attack, with feelings of heart racing and shortness of breath. Within an hour or so she is pretty much okay again. The foods that seem to do this to her: eggs, English muffins, bagels. To complicate things, she does have a range of anxiety disorders, some related to food, but no currently diagnosed food intolerances. There are only a few foods she eats that have this reaction, so it's easy enough to just avoid them, but it would be nice to work out what's going on. It's hard to pinpoint if this is metabolic, anxiety-related or a food intolerance, or maybe some combination. Any ideas will be appreciated.
  11. I have been playing GrabbyWord for years now. It's the same concept as Scrabble, but the points system is different. You get to steal points from your opponent if you alter a word, which makes it more challenging and fun. If you'd like to play, @klmama, my username on GrabbyWord is chooky.
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